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Ups & Downs of Spanking Shoots

Those who think what we do is easy, please do think again: I know there are some people who think it’s all just “turn up on the day, set up cams and away we go… everyone all having a jolly marvellous gay (in the 1930’s sense) old time!” Well, it can be, if things go smoothly, but there is always something at the back of my mind that I personally fret about… that’s just me 🙁


THINK AGAIN! Personally, this is my experience of a build up to a film shoot that is always a little anxious for me… this recent period was no different as my dayjob hours have been intolerable these past weeks when it comes to spending time on the blogs and site updates. My employers  have demanded more of my free time and expect me to agree to the extra overtime and not bitch about it and such… this fucking recession is an excuse for many employers to screw over desperate and fed up employees who face uncertainty about jobs in many sectors and the job I’m in is no different, so I have to appear willing on many occasions which I really detest as it’s a cover for someone else’s incompetence. So with my Monday film shoot looming and working all bloody day on a Sunday, I rushed home to pack, get organised (I really had no time to do this beforehand as I had needed to try and update blogs or update the sites/clips stores and such) and then drive 2-3 hours to the venue for the next day. I met Dave again and we had a bottle of wine, a good catch up chat and talked about some future stuff and I went to bed fairly early for once and got up reasonably refreshed to set up the cams thinking what a great day this was gonna be! Mila was due to arrive with Paul, but I got a call off Paul to tell me she was ill, in fact she had been sick in his car on the way over, she had been filming the day before for Northern and I was told she wasn’t that well that day (incidentally with Amelia… I can only imagine how awesome that pairing was, just as the pairing of Aleesha with Mila would have been *sigh* – So now I was one girl short, all my plans went up in smoke as I had formulated what I had wanted to do with both girls, Zoe, myself and Dave. I had not envisaged for one moment cancellations or no shows, this hasn’t happened to me in quite a while and I had felt safe beforehand. What a wake up call that was… I hope she is better, I’m sure she will understand, (and Paul too) just how pissed off I was, as she will also be filming with others after my date, I had put other girls on hold because of Mila since she was here and had planned this ahead. I know these things can’t be helped, I guess… so I just had to put out a distress call on Twitter (no help) and told Aleesha what was happening when she got to the venue… thankfully, Aleesha is a star, I really wanted to work with her again and she’s fun to have around on set. Working with her, Dave and of course, Zoe… made up for the early disappointment.


Several cups of Coffee, replanning and starting much later after I had recovered from my panic attacks (lol, kidding) we got down to business. I didn’t do as many films as I had wanted as it was just one girl, naturally – so it was unfair on her to work non stop, that is the beauty of a 2 or 3 girl shoot… if you are personally up for it, then you can make some great content, but with one person you must be more mindful of breaks, which I hoped I was 🙂

Zoe had to leave early that day so we filmed a lot of content with her and Aleesha, as Alex Reynolds once remarked… “Zoe is a hot bully” – she sure is when she wants to be. Aleesha felt doing a whole load of schoolgirl stuff wasn’t ideal which I had agreed, I had only intended to do one scene originally with her as a schoolie, I “had” planned to have Mila do those (oops) but since my next filmshoot should be half schoolgirl at least (I have learnt NOT to say anything more for fear of jinxing it) then I wasn’t too bothered.

So what did we do? I don’t have all images of what we did, so the ones I do, here is what is in store (eventually) at AAA Spanking and I can tell you some of these films are fucking awesome… they will look great when they come out – trust me! (If I learn to sort out the glare I got on one of the cams early on until I manually reset the iris control (fucking thing, that so pissed me off!!!) I have checked both cams raw data and one cam had been playing up ALL bloody day, it was OK when I finally sussed out what was going on, so I hope in the edit stage that some of the early footage won’t be too bad as the other cam angle was rather good and the quality of the pictures were pretty much all there as anyone would hope for!

Zoe punished her flatmate & humiliated her for refusing to pay the rent on time!

*be aware most images below are unedited for the most part.



Aleesha’s 1st ever Wheelbarrow Spanking – Zoe liked this one!



Doctors and Nurses are always so much fun, especially seeing snooty junior Docs like Aleesha put in her place by Nurse Page, who also happens to be Aleesha’s landlady (I see a theme here, lol) We also goofed about with some props I didn’t use this time, some tacky “Ray Beri” glasses… actually the kids love ’em… don’t they? 🙂


Zoe testing out the table…


#Yay! Rey Beri/Rayban fun!


Getting down to business…

A cool Revenge film where Aleesha bullied & attacked Zoe for sleeping with her boyfriend… only to regret this horribly later on in a dark film where Aleesha is drugged and wakes up in the cellar bound to a punishment bench, unable to escape then ball gagged and punished against her will! This was my non consensual film I had planned a longer one with both Mila and Aleesha, but this worked out pretty well in the end, trust me… it’s going to be a good one!


We also did some fun ones with Dodgy Dave as Aleesha is caught snooping in his tool shed, out of bounds to nosey girls… but she was looking for a fuse for her hair dryer! Hmmm… I also liked the lesson about power/amps and watts… (very educational, Dave!)


Then there was my highlight as we started off a “Morecombe & Wise” tribute style start with both girls chilling out in bed… sorry, UK viewers will get this, so I shall explain, I wanted to have 2 girls, who are not having “sexual relations” as one ex Pres once said… to be sleeping in the same bed together, reading books talking and such… just like old pals Morecambe & Wise, the great British comedy act (below).



until you get to see the reason Zoe has to punish Aleesha, Zoe is touting poor Aleesha out for spanking work and is displeased when Aleesha returned home that day with not enough money and not a very red bottom. can you guess what happened next? heh heh!

I did a request movie too… and in fact put several requests into one film where I could for those that wrote in with emails and such. This covered PJ spankings (spanked over the PJs, no knickers underneath) before they were pulled down for a spanking on the bare… there were also mirror punishments, Aleesha got to see me swinging the implements and she could see it all coming (this was a bitch to set up, btw!) and also use of the carpet beater as 2 people had requested its use. All in all, I think you will like this film.



Oh no… not the heavy hairbrush… AGAIN!

I also did a sexy spanko secretary and her boss scene… and I can only tell you just how irresistable Aleesha was in that outfit! O-M-G!!!


We also did some POV films, and the one that sticks out for me was the “peeping Tom” one where the viewer is caught out looking at a very sexy domestic spanking scene – damn, was Aleesha hawt in that!!! & Dave was superb in delivering his lines. POV ain’t easy to do… but I hope this one works out well 🙂




Well, that’s about it for the shoot updates, so you can see we got some good looking content
so it worked out well in the end, eh? 🙂


It just so happens that Aleesha is my spanking update for THIS WEEK on the main site, however, you can see this film EARLY as it is on the Clips Store already, it’s part 3 of the Uncle Knows Best series… and this time, Aleesha is in BIG TROUBLE!!! It’s a good hard short sharp shock movie with use of the composite paddle (very ouchy!) and the cane!

 See below for more details:


I shall go into this in more detail tomorrow when the film is available for members… in the meantime, I updated the site a day late (earlier today) with the concluding part of Spankopoly… this film can also be viewed now  IN FULL at the Clips Store (click image below for a free preview)



Good night everyone!