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Give Suarez a Spanking!


COME ON ENGLAND! In less than an hour we will know if we are staying or sending Uruguay and Luis Suarez home… I won’t be up to much the next 12 hours or so, I will be either celebrating or crying like a baby… but feel free to perv over some little seen galleries of my work to celebrate all things English… and some pictures of Suarez upset and crying…. I hope he remains that way in a few hours! Just click on the images and they all lead to a seperate gallery chosen by me… COME ON!!!



Click any pervtastic image for the FREE gallery Presentation c/o AAA Spanking

01 02

03 04

05 07

08 09

10 06



“Damn… I should have checked out the free galleries at AAAspanking.com“, thought Suarez.

01 02

03 04

05 06

07 08

09 10



& finally!








Germany v England: 2010 FIFA World Cup - Round of Sixteen

Spanking galleries to keep you amused!

No Oscars mentioned here, & no mention of another Oscar (Blade Runner as he has been affectionately known from South Africa). Nope, just spankings today, after all this is a spanking blog (of sorts). So here’s a quickie today, I will be bringing you news of my latest film tomorrow which co stars Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone – it’s a cracker with a very sexy lingerie spanking and some seriously good bath brush “incidents” : members have already seen the preview pic, you all will be able to see some sneak previews yourselves of what is coming later this week (I’m such a tease, eh?) 🙂

But until tomorrow, here are some galleries from those producers who care to make them available to you… the baying public who might just want to see what is available on the sites at present! Enjoy!!! there are some great images for you!

Kordelia Devonshire & step daughter Nikita


courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl


new pledge Cheyenne’s double spanking


courtesy of Spanking Sorority Girls


New callgirl Cassie Ramone taught the ropes by Veronica


courtesy of Spanked callgirls


Miss Kane’s School of Manners


courtesy of Sarah Gregory Spanking


Clover & the Tortoise


courtesy of Spanking Sarah


& finally… Masie Dee is “The Spanked Housemaid”


courtesy of English Spankers


Thank you “Come again!”


Spanking Galleries & Other news

I have just uploaded the latest film at AAA – as it promised inside the members area, a nice little film about a naughty pupil (Emma Brown) nosing on the recent history files of Miss Davenport’s laptop whilst waiting for her detention… and of course, she gets caught (naturally). There is a brand new promotional gallery that shows this and like any image you see in today’s post, they all link to some special free galleries and there are links to show you movie clips too! So enjoy… as we build up to the over-hyped and overly expensive Olympics starting officially tomorrow (despite the Scots angering and dishonouring the North Korean ladies football team by placing their players images next to the SOUTH Korean flags on the big screen before kick off… oops!) What else could go wrong, eh? Will it rain? Do you care? Do I care? Ah… let’s just look at some excellent spanking smut instead, shall we?

From AAA Spanking – Latest film “Emma’s Detention”

Click HERE to see a FREE WMV Caning Clip of this film


Next up from the CLARE FONDA PASS Network

The 4 most recent films in the ever growing spanking soap opera that is…


Check out ALL the episodes at this spanking soap opera HERE


& from the gorgeous Girl Spanks Girl comes the full length film “The Naughty Tutor”
It’s an excellent long play film typical of what you find uniquely at this site in the network!

See more of these 2 stunning girls getting a tearful spanking off the “Naughty Tutor!”


The latest site to be added to the network is Spanking Sorority Girls and the 3 galleries below show off what is on offer most recently… full explanations of the films are on the gallery pages.



All the above films from the Clare Fonda group of sites can be viewed as a special multi site pass at a vastly reduced price – for more info on how to grab this amazing deal – CLICK HERE


& finally back in the UK, 3 great films from my friends over at the Strand Group of spanking sites

Danielle Hunt at English Spankers (full storyline on the gallery page)

There is a great freeview clip of Dani’s punishment HERE


laura getting a medical exam and a darned good spanking at Spanking Sarah

Click here for the FREE Movie Clip of this naughty scene!


& the 3rd and final part of a fascinating Dungeon Trilogy starring Pandora in one of her first ever spanking shoots

There is a FREE movie clip only available at Red Stripe Films


Apparently, these are the Olympic mascots? O-M-G! What the hell are they???