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Angela Sommers: Spanking Showcase

If you haven’t checked out the latest new film at AAAspanking.com this week and love all things “girl on girl” in this niche, then you are in for an absolute treat! Stunning & beautiful fetish model/performance artiste, Angela Sommers, is the showpiece stopper this week with Sarah Gregory as the lucky spanker. In fact, both ladies LOVED making this, Angela actually DOES enjoy spanking but wanted something less “roleplay” and less “punishment” so I came up with a showcase special to highlight the beauty of these two girls enjoying each other. Angela has played roles as a top but she is definitely more sub and loves to have others take control in a situation like this. Angela enjoyed Sarah pushing her to her limits and also taking a more sensual spanking with Sarah having an amazing range to bring Angela to her peak tolerances before taking her back down with erotic play in this film (it’s about 25 minutes long with no intro and gets down to action from the start!).

Angela hails from San Diego (another reason I love that place!) – she describes herself as:

Mistress of the Erotic…  Self Expression, Exotic Dancer, Newcomer Entertainer of the YEAR for PlayBoy, CyberGirl, PenthousePet. Also Pet of The Year Runner Up!

Angela has her own naughty and very sexy website (visit the banner below) and of course you can easily follow what she is up to along with her huge Twitter following HERE (& yay… she follows me!)

& back to the reason we are here today!
The Spanking Showcase of Angela Sommers!

Angela Sommers spanked by Sarah Gregory

Some behind the scenes info on this film: We were fortunate to even get Angela this day, it just happened that between our busy schedules our paths crossed when we were in Los Angeles last year… and Angela knew a mutual friend of Sarah’s (which really helped break the ice) so the shoot date was arranged and she did NOT disappoint! I remember seeing her at one of the Fetishcon events a few years back and she was one of their “Guests of Honor” … and she is as stunning and beautiful in real life (more so, I’d say) – and very down to earth. I hope that Sarah & I can work with her again in the not too distant future – as she is rather special!

This film is in 3 distinct parts as you’ll see from the images and official site description. Honestly, if F/F spanking is your thing, then this week’s new film update (always in super clear HD1080) is a “Must See”. Check it out for yourselves. 

Stills images from Angela Sommers: Spanking Showcase

OTK spanking Angela Sommers at AAA Spanking bare exposed ass and pussy spanking wheelbarrow spanking spanking

This is a very special showcase starring one of the fetish world’s beautiful stars, Angela Sommers. Spanking her throughout this 24 minute sensual and erotic video is “Female Spanker of the Year 2016” (third year running), Sarah Gregory. She knows exactly how to push Angela’s buttons and take her to her limits with a wide range from sensual and erotic to relentless bottom burning. Sarah keeps Angela guessing how each stroke or swat will play out in three wonderful positions. The film is divided into three distinct parts: The first covers the OTK spanking and a fantastic warm up. There is no dialogue or story, we just witness the spanking of a beautiful young lady in very sexy lingerie getting spanked by an equally alluring female spanker! In Part Two, Angela assumes the Wheelbarrow Position, sprawled out on the bed. Her bare bottom and pussy are fully exposed, our camera angles capture all the action in detail including Angela’s wonderful facial expressions. The final scene sees Angela spread on All Fours, as she is given various leather implements. This includes a sensual cropping, leather paddling & a stinging slippering. All parts come with bonus footage & slower motion captures making this a visual treat – a “Must See” for lovers of beautiful female spanking erotica.

Below are some screen images and a GIF from each scene:

The OTK Spanking

 OTK AAA Spanking grabbing her spanked ass

Wheelbarrow Spanking

 wheelbarrow spanking of Angela Sommers spanking and groping ass cheeks soothing a well spanked bottom

On All Fours – Leather Implements

leather strapping spanking and cropping  pussy cropping Sarah and Angela at AAA Spanking


AAA Spanking - Triple A

If you just want to download this movie right now as a one time option, then you can do that at the link below (via the AAA Clip Store).


Angela Sommers at AAA Spanking Clips Store

Spanking GIFs for the weekend

Here is some of the work which Sarah Gregory was up to today (she obviously had far too much time on her hands), but I think these are all very good and they do take time to make. The animated spanking GIFs all showcase her work and I have attempted to track down each film and provide a description from the relevant website which in this case is Momma Spankings – part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – and there should be more links to view the preview clips if you’d like to see more.


The Naughty Little Girlwith Sarah Gregory & Miss Elizabeth 

In this Custom film, I play a 20 year old still living at home with my strict mommy. I keep having accidents in bed and mommy is very upset with me. Because of this she humiliates me and treats me like a naughty little girl. This entails hard over the knee spankings, diapering, and pants checks. How humiliating!! In this film, mommy is always scolding me, spanking me, and of course she puts a diaper on me.


Cure for a hangoverwith Sarah Gregory Amelia Jane Rutherford & Dana Specht

Momma is very annoyed to come back from Church to find her daughter still passed out on the couch and Amelia, Sarah’s friend from England, sitting next to her. Amelia tries to explain why the two ladies weren’t at church and her lies just keep getting her deeper and deeper in trouble. First, the story is shell fish, next it’s that Sarah has rabies, well Momma Dana knows these are all lies. She knows her daughter went out the night before with Amelia and got drunk. The best cure for a hangover is a trip over mom’s knee for some good old fashioned discipline. After a long scolding, Sarah is spanked while her friend, Amelia, looks on in disbelief. Then Amelia is spanked for allowing Sarah to get this out of control and then lying about it. Momma switches them back and forth spanking one, while the other watches, etc. At the end of their spankings, they are very sorry and contrite little girls.


Spanked for Stealingwith Sarah Gregory, Harley Havik & Dana Specht

otk spanking

Sarah and Harley have been caught stealing and mommy is pissed. Momma Dana sits these two criminals down for a long scolding sessions before spanking them each on their panties and bare bottoms. She then makes them kneel up on the couch to be spanked side by side before taking them back over her lap for a dose of the wooden hairbrush. Sarah and Harley are spanked until they are crying real tears!


Spanked before Schoolwith Sarah Gregory & Samantha Baker

Introducing new top, Samantha in this traditional mommy daughter film. Sarah doesn’t want to go to school as she didn’t study for her test. Mommy takes her temperature rectally (how humiliating!) as she says this is the most accurate way. Sarah is lying, she has no fever and mommy is very upset. She takes her naughty daughter over her knee for a spanking over her PJs, then on the bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Then she puts her on all fours for the slipper. Sarah is humiliated, and one sorry little girl. I don’t think she will be lying to mommy again.


Spanked by Mommy & Daddywith Angel Lee, Miss Elizabeth & Paul Rogers

Angel has been a very very bad girl. Since she was caned at school for missing class, she decided to stay out even later hoping her parents would be in bed already and she wouldn’t have to explain. Well….she got that wrong. She came strolling in late and they were both waiting for her, both royally pissed off. They sit her down and confront her about where she was and she has attitude and a sassy mouth. Mom and Dad will not have this behavior. Angel is in for the punishment of her life that brings real tears of remorse to her eyes. Over Mommy and then Daddy’s knee for a hard hand spanking it is, then she is to get the wooden hairbrush from mom and the belt from dad. Angel will not be lying, sneaking in late, or having attitude again.


I hope you liked these GIFs – I will be bringing you more soon in between regular updates 🙂

Spanking GIFs Revisited

Hello, as I am preparing the next stage of the Spanking Awards (Most Improved Website is next) I thought I’d find some of my hard work I did which is still on the server from when the hacker-bastard f*cked about with the blog. I just found some GIF files from November in my FTP upload folder and transferred them not knowing what they’d be (with file names like am1.gif etc.) So what I’ve done is re upload them here, found some images from the films, where possible, that went with them, and got you a description (if i have it still) of said GIFs and images and to what it relates to!

It;s all a bit of fun, so let’s begin… not surprisingly I had a fair few from AAA Spanking but I narrowed it down to 2 films – so I’ll show you those first…


This starred Adriana Evans – although released last November, we actually filmed this way back in May 2014. One of the “lost films” – I have since found one more lurking in the unedited raw files (I’ll keep you in suspense) so expect to see that one later this year. Adriana is one of my best female spanking friends. I love this girl, from her warped sense of humor to our love of humiliation and talk of diapers (yeah, yeah… I know!). We goof about and of course she has THE Most Spankable Brazilian Booty! I have plenty more excellent films of her coming out this year which I can’t wait to get released! Another film with her is coming out this very week – but as a top! She is nominated as Best New Spanking Top – the voting in this category ends very soon, results are on Friday – Please check out all the contenders HERE


Adriana thinks that she has been left alone in her after school detention to write her lines, so she sneaks out the vintage spanking magazines that she had stolen earlier from her Form Teacher’s desk. This is so she could satisfy her own curiosity! She is so engrossed in the kinky literature that she fails to hear Mr Osborne returning early. He is far from pleased when he sees her enjoying this highly inappropriate reading material for a schoolgirl of her age! Sir questions her about how she obtained such explixit vintage magazines and decides a fitting punishment is to give her a spanking and caning just like the stories and pictures she was enjoying just before. Adriana is sassy to start with but soon feels embarrassed after the spanking begins and her panties are pulled down making her feel vulnerable and scared! Now it IS a punishment and worse is to come as Mr Osborne makes her look at the pictures of the canings whilst he did the same things to her bare, exposed bottom again and again! This is a very painful reminder that theft and reading such iliicit material is forbidden to all the girls in school and a tearful Adriana has the dubious honor of being able to report to her classmates that a “Punishment Detention” is far from enjoyable!

[jwplayer mediaid=”51301″]


Late last year we had finished a special long play custom shoot and I got to meet the very lovely Lexi Ellis (finally!) – I had so wanted to film her way back but Lexi was out of the scene for a couple of years and then (luckily for me) got back into it… I hope, for longer this time! I only got to film with her in one film at AAA Spanking so far, but what a film it was… It’s been well received. It’s a great domestic discipline film with good hard spankings, strapping and some seriously stinging wooden paddling. Lexi has an amazing booty as you’ll see and I honestly hope we get to meet up again, she is a lot of fun to hang out with!

AAA Spanking AAA Spanking AAA Spanking

Lexi returns home far later than she had arranged and had also turned off her phone. This made John suspicious but he had waited for her and was concerned that she had been out to a small spanking party hosted by a man he had forbidden her to play with. He gave her room and knew she liked to play and had no issue with that, but he did with the man that he named “The Weasel”. So when she did stumble in late, her explanations were full of holes and John picked through them until he discovered the evidence on her bottom that she had been at the party and the tell tale sloppy marks of the Weasel’s woeful play. Incensed that she had lied to him, John takes his wife over his lap for a further painful hand spanking, then gets a small stinging leather strap to seal in those marks before using the “Liar Paddle” on her quivering, sore behind! This is an edgy humiliation and shaming video that includes lots of expletives, severe scoldings & punishment resulting in a very sore red bottom for a tearful Lexi the Liar.

[jwplayer mediaid=”51306″]

Amelia Spanks Sarah

This is taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking and how could I ever forget this? Filmed, I think, in October (last year) Amelia & Sarah had been plotting to do something like this for some time. They flirted with it in a film that isn’t yet released at AAA when we were all in Houston last year (it’s an excellent film which you WILL be able to see in a few months or so). Anyway, Sarah was genuinely turned on by this spanking. I was so happy when I heard they were planning this as I knew it would be a visual treat. Amelia learnt some naughty tricks which Sarah and I found hilarious during the film… you’ll have to watch it to understand (it’s naughty!). She admitted to me later that although very sensual and erotic, Amelia knew exactly what she was doing and gave her some perfectly timed stinging hand swats to make sure Sarah’s bottom was glowing at the end. Of course Amelia plays the topping and scolding roles so well nowadays – you can see her in a few scenes (and more to come) at POV Spanking

However, you can also order a special custom from Amelia directly, (or Ariel as many of you will also know her) and she is rather popular and in demand. I know that we are filming a custom shoot with her later this year and it will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Hardly surprising!
Her Custom Website is HERE and she also has a personal Clips Store HERE

Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory

Ever since the day that Sarah met Amelia, she has dreamed about being over her lap. Finally, the day has come and Sarah enjoys every minute of it. Amelia gives Sarah a nice warm up and then spanks her a bit harder. As this sensual and erotic domination continues, Sarah is made to spread her legs for some humiliation. As Sarah gets more turned on, Amelia enjoys spanking her even more and it gets harder. Amelia’s dominant side sneaks out more as she has Sarah raise her bottom high in the air so she can spank even more of it. Amelia states that Sarah would be the only person she would actually be comfortable spanking.

[jwplayer mediaid=”51316″]

Impact Forces

I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Kitten, I haven’t seen her anywhere else and this was shot at a spanking party (which I wasn’t attending). This is from Northern Spanking and I do love the scenario and the cute uniform and of course Paul Kennedy does a marvellous job with one of his favorite implements that I am sure Alex Reynolds knows so well! *ahem* 🙂

Just the one animated GIF I could find that I made, but there is a free spanking preview clip below. This will be the last of my efforts today as I want to bring you the next part of the spanking awards! (So you get a couple more images from this video instead, okay?)

a spanking and a tawsing

Having scammed her way onto a school physics trip to an amusement park and been caught, Kitten is subjected to a practical, hands-on demonstration of impact forces, with the help of the physics tutor’s tawse!

northern spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”51325″]

Northern Spanking


Spanking Awards 2016Many of the folk I have mentioned here today are nominated in various categories so far for the SPANKING AWARDS – Do your bit and ensure that your favorites (and I know that there are not many listed here today) get your vote before some categories close for counting and the Winners Announcements are made.

Best New Spankee and Best Newcomer Spanker categories close Thursday and Friday this week – the winners will be announced shortly after! So be quick if you haven’t already done your bit! 🙂

More Spanking GIFs & Updates

tinkerbellspankedHello again. I get so addicted to making Spanking GIFs – I love them. I know that Sarah and I had fun comparing what we made when I showed her how to do them… I think in essence they capture a moment in time and you can see it played out… again and again, like yesterday’s mesmerizing hand spanking of the lovely Audrey Sugarsmak’s bum! Oh my, I really could watch her bare jiggling bottom getting spanked non stop! But I digress… another girl who has an awesome spankable butt is Casey Calvert, and couple that with her dressed as a schoolgirl in a yellow Gingham Dress and it really gets interesting. This is a traditional father/daughter style spanking with just a stern lecture and plenty of spanking including Daddy’s belt which is waiting for her at the end of her punishment. This video is now available as the latest update (I forgot to mention it here before) – there is, of course, another NEW film coming out tomorrow… but you will have to wait and see who it is… it’s of a girl not seen at AAA Spanking for a while and it was one of the older films not put out. I watched it earlier and decided that it *had* to go out sooner rather than wait even longer (it was made over 3 years ago!) – & I digress again… so heeeeeeere’s Casey!

Beyond Disappointmentfeaturing Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert disappoints daddy

Daddy was waiting for his daughter, Casey, to return home from school. She had already been grounded for previous infractions & punished for them so returned home in a timely manner but this day she would find out he knew something far worse which she had been keeping secret. Her mistake of texting Daddy instead of her boyfriend (in error), with highly inappropriate sexual acts she was recalling, meant that this awkward situation required swift & humiliating punishment. This time Casey would get spanked over daddy’s lap without the protection of her panties, with a hairbrush & his belt that he had ready for her! This would be one punishment that Casey wouldn’t forget as you will see how this domestic discipline session brought her close to tears from the pain & sheer humiliation.

beyond002 spanked panties punishment beyond004 pulling down her schoolgirl panties for a spanking knickers down for her spanking otk hand spanking beyond007 beyond008 beyond009 beyond010 hairbrush spanking beyond010a beyond011 beyond012 Casey Calvert belting daddy's belt beyond014 beyond016


This film is also available as a one time download from the Clip Store located HERE



The scene below was taken from a special long play movie (of which there are many) at Girl Spanks Girl – this was in the “Discipline” section of the website and you may recognize the type of storyline as it was a special custom video, made long before custom work became far more prevalent nowadays. This has a great script, storyline and some neat camera work as you’ll see when you’ll feel involved watching as poor Beverly thinks to herself whilst being lectured and you can hear her thoughts. A nice touch!

Punished Schoolgirl – with l-r: Beverly Bacci, Lana Miller & Clare Fonda (below)

Beverly Bacci Lana Miller Clare Fonda

In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci took a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point where she was driven to real tears. She was lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and a heavy, wooden paddle. Finally, she received a spanking at home (a spanking at school would always mean a spanking at home too!) from her mom, played by Clare Fonda… who, at the time, also made one of her last appearances for some time. So this movie was a bit special in that it saw an end of an era with Beverly spanked as a bottom! This movie had also been remastered and enhanced for better viewing quality.

bev001 spanking beverly bacci bev003 bev004 bev005 pulling down her panties bev006 pantyhose spanking spanked and put in the corner bev009 bev010 bev011 spanking and paddling bev012 bev013 bev014 bev015 bev016


 otk hairbrush spanking

Girl Spanks Girl is a massive site in its own right (easily the largest single site within the CF Pass network) but it is also available as part of the Clare Fonda Pass giving you up to 5 sites together with one set of codes for a fraction of the combined monthly cost! CLICK HERE or on the banner below for more information.

clare fonda pass - spanking site


Finally today, a site I haven’t covered in a while, through sheer volume of work and travel (of course) … but it is definitely NOT forgotten. Check out the newest girl, Tara, who currently features as yet another foul mouthed, bratty model for Bun Beating Fun – You’ll see her get a good old fashioned lesson in discipline and manners!

Tara – now showing at Bun Beating Fun


This is what the good folk at BBF had to say about Tara:
“Not long after prancing through our doorway, Tara’s behavior was such that she found herself unhappily sprawled, bottoms up,
across our man’s lap. Upon taking a firm grip of the young lady’s waist, he then raised his right hand whereupon he focused his
gaze upon the anatomical center of his immediate interest. And oh… what a fine, fine sight it was!”

Tara is earpulled for her spanking 02 05 06 07 09 impact hand spanking 14 OTK spanking tara spanked at BBF 23 30 36 painful hair brush spanking 37 spanked hard hairbrush otk discipline


See MORE of bad girl Tara at Bun Beating Fun


Animated GIFs are fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Strict Dorm Discipline Spanking

I have been a little tardy with my spanking updates and such recently, both Sarah & I had been traveling extensively throughout the UK, and I helped her fulfill a lifelong ambition to see lots of castles from all over the UK so we pretty much went everywhere from some of the finest remaining examples of castles dating back to Edward I in North Wales to the grandest of castles in Scotland such as Culzean or Inveraray to the classic ones you see on the lochs such as Eilean Donan (Google these as I won’t post any pics of us here today but you’ll get the point). & of course England has some amazing castles too… Bamburgh on the north east coast is one such stunning example we visited!

However today was back to business as we updated the sites and I am going to quickly cover AAA Spanking and a fantastic dormitory discipline film starring 2 sassy young ladies, Lily Swan and Joelle Barros.


Lily Swan has stayed past curfew and was caught in Joelle’s room with alcohol. Both girls were lectured on their inappropriate behavior by the Dorm Master who had the duty of ensuring all girls were tucked up in bed after evening prayers. This Boarding School had strict disciplinary measures in place and both girls were spanked, strapped and given the wooden hairbrush that the master had found in Joelle’s room. This is a no nonsense severe and strict schoolgirl pajama bedtime discipline movie done in a traditional style.

dorm_disc002 dorm_disc004 otk spanking dorm_disc003 dorm_disc006 dorm_disc007 dorm_disc008 dorm_disc009 sore red spanked bottoms dd1 dd2 dd3dorm_disc011 dorm_disc012 dorm_disc013 panties down punishments dorm_disc015 dorm_disc016 spanking and strapping dorm_disc018 dorm_disc019



aaa spanking

This film is also available as part of the Clips Store – giving you access to 1000’s of clips to view and download as you wish. This film can be downloaded HERE


Spanking on Throwback Thursday

keep-calm-its-time-for-throwback-thursdayI think this should be a regular feature, what I am going to try and do is feature spanking images, GIFs & clips from series/videos from various sites (when I have time) that I know I have never shown here before. This could be anything from over a year ago… far enough gone that you may not have noticed either!

As Mary Poppins & Burt would say: Let’s “Step back in time!”
I’ll be starting this off with a visit to Firm Hand Spanking and a bare bottom paddling for Charlie Brandon by Krista Taylor (do these names ring any bells? It’s from over 8 years ago!)

Bare Bottom Paddling for Charlie Brandon


“I had never been paddled before,” said pretty blonde Charlie Brandon . “So when Krista smacked me with it for the first time, it felt as if I’d sat on a hotplate!” After caning her Pageant Punishment competitor, it was now Charlie’s turn to be disciplined. Ten swats with a wooden paddle for bribery, five of them panties down. This was a satisfying revenge for Krista!

cbc_i001 cbc_i006 cbc_i009 cbc_i010 cbc_i011 wooden paddling cbc_i018 cbc_i019 bare bottom wooden paddling cbc_i023




Lila is Exposed and Spanked (in 2012) – At Real Spankings Institute 

Lila Exposed and spanked

The Dean confronts Lila about her constant uniform infractions. She obviously is seeking attention by not wearing a bra today. So The Dean puts Lila to the test as she is told to strip, and follow his directions to display her body. Betty, Roxie, Ivy and Syrena are invited in to watch the display. Lila is spanked in front of the girls, and then her bottom is inspected by them.

exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked



This site is also part of the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass
Real Spankings Pass


Back to 2008, this was Irelynn Logeen’s debut on Hallowe’en that year. I’m sure I haven’t ever covered this… which is a shame as this was the first time she appeared in the vast collection of her films at Northern Spanking – Irelynn picked the wrong door to knock on when it was Hallowe’en for her Trick or Treat as Mr Grumpy inside couldn’t see the funny side…


This is what they said about her at the time! – As you can see from her glowing bottom, it’s a VERY WARM welcome to the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen making her spanking model debut. At just 18 years old, she’s cheeky, energetic and a bundle of trouble and fun in equal measures! We’re sure you will all LOVE our new young model as much as we do. We believe Irelynn is a spanking star in the making!

NSI080-IV004 NSI080-IV023 NSI080-IV029 NSI080-IV030 NSI080-IV034 NSI080-IV038 NSI080-IV048 NSI080-IV050 NSI080-IV051 NSI080-IV061

INDEED SHE WAS! Irelynn was one of the first people I had wanted to feature at AAA back in 2010. She has now retired from the scene but has given us all so many memories… and Northern Spanking has more than most of her! CHECK OUT ALL HER FILMS HERE



Remember how that “Retro look” and feel for something is better??? 🙂


Lonestar Spanking party

Thursday’s Spanking Tempters

Hi there, my next post will be the Spanking Producer’s Choice Film Nominees for you to vote on, but here is just a quick post to bring you some more glorious updates from across the world of online spanking! In no particular order, here are the latest batch of hot spanking updates for you to check out today!

Dani Daniels ends her awesome Legal Penalties series with Firm Hand Spanking in the UK on a high… literally! Check out this request from her to her lawyer mentor, Richard Anderson, to spank and strap her to orgasm on the small vaulting horse that she was provocatively sat on. Dani Daniels is a well known porn star… so of course she wasn’t shy about letting go or processing the sensations of pleasure and pain. This is a hot finale film that you don’t get to see that often at FHS so I guess it won’t please everyone but they do update with 3 small films per week so it wouldn’t be long to wait for the next if you were a member and didn’t like this less than “traditional” spanking film. Moi? I loved it, of course!

Totally nude, straddling a Vault, Dani Daniels is turned on by a Belting!


Super hot Dani Daniels pushes her limits as a young lawyer craving discipline in the finale of Legal Penalties. Stripped nude, she straddles a gym vault to be strapped by Richard Anderson in a sexually charged scene that has her panting for more. “I wanted to do a scene showing the sexuality of a stripped spanking,” she said.

legal_be002 legal_be003 legal_be006 legal_be008 legal_be012 legal2 legal_be014 legal_be018 legal_be021 legal_be028 legal_be031 legal_be033



The full “Legal Penalties series” starring Dani Daniels HERE


I don’t think I showed you this previously, it came out during my busy period before Xmas, however, I made a few GIFs too for today’s post, which I am sure I didn’t do last time if I did indeed post anything about the lovely tearful Syrena (shown below) getting an additional punishment.


Syrena begs not to be spanked again – Taken from Real Spankings Institute

13266_009 13266_016 13266_028 13266_035 13266_051 13266_054 13266_064 13266_068 13266_079 13266_082 13266_088 13266_091

After being spanked and paddled, Syrena is sent to see the Dean for being 25 minutes late to her class. She begs him not to spank her bottom, as it’s just too sore. The Dean grants her wish, and instead, hand spanks the backs of her thighs until they are bruised and she is in tears.




Last week I helped Paul Kennedy & Alex Reynolds in their big filmshoot of this year which had plenty of new and unseen girls not seen anywhere before, as well as some old regulars like the gorgeous Jadie Reece. Jadie said she hadn’t filmed for years and was keen to get back… I loved spanking her amazing bum… oh my! This was my first time I met Jadie and she was every bit as fun as I had been told. The film you see here was the first she did as a sub and it has just been released at NorthernSpanking.com earlier today! The set was an amazing house, it’s been used a few times for Northern in the past and I now see why! Fans of Jadie, tight leggings, pretty panties and a good old fashioned spanking and strapping scene with an amusing story behind it will love this film. Here are the first parts to the film, the spanking scenes. (I can tell you part 2 will be good as she got a good hard strapping!)


spanking Jadie Reece OTK spanking Jadie Reece panties panties spanking Jadie Reece panties down panties down spanking spanking spanking Jadie Reece close up spanking Jadie Reece on her bum Jadie Reece spanking Jadie Reece again OTK spanking

When John was out of the office at lunchtime, he was terrified when a reckless driver nearly ran him down as he crossed the street. He was more shocked when he realized that he recognized the car, and the driver: it was his own wife, Jadie!
Jadie had a reputation for being a menace on the road, but when he saw for himself just how dangerous she was, he had no choice but to punish his pretty wife. Waiting for her when she arrived home, with a leather strap in hand, he reminded Jadie of what had happened that day. Her excuse of I never ran YOU over before! didn’t go very far.
Jadie ended up across his knee, being punished first over her tight leggings, then her cotton panties and finally, much to her chagrin, on her bare bottom. Then she was made to kneel on the sofa and present herself for the strap. Even worse, John told her that he was taking her car keys for a week, and that she’d have to take the bus!




This is an eye catching spanking between Bianca Rose and Adriana Evans – I loved the excessive use of red… which matched the color of poor Adriana’s bottom at the end of this hairbrush spanking! This is the latest complete movie available to download at Punishedbrats.com


Spanked by Stepmomfeaturing Adriana Evans spanked by Bianca Rose

1 2 3 4 5 6

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Bianca went back to check on Adriana when she witnessed some of her stepdaughter’s self spanking activity. A furious Bianca took the girl who recently failed out of school over her knee for a hard spanking with the hairbrush, stopping on occasion to chastise her for the colossal waste of money that failing out of college to gain attention is. After her spanking was over, Adriana was made to sit on the hard bench with her bare, well-spanked bottom placed firmly on the hard wood.




& finally for today, since it’s the 5th Birthday week of AAAspanking.com – Here are a couple of interesting OTK spanking films with girls not normally seen on many sites. (I’m sure Joey had never appeared anywhere else, actually). These 2 ladies were filmed at Shadowlane 2013 and hailed from Texas. At the time this was considered a big step for AAA to start filming more American girls and signalled an increased global reach. This shoot onwards was a defining moment for the site which is why I chose these 2 girls (yes, I could have chosen Sarah as I met her later at this party…) but at the time this was the start of the big day’s shoot with only good buddy Dodgy Dave assisting in the mayhem of our Vegas hotel suite! 

Joey’s 1st online OTK Spankingfeaturing Joey Delilah


This was the very 1st film for Triple A at the 2013 Shadowlane Party. Two lovely “Texan gals” were contacted in advance and we caught up with them both on the opening nights to arrange a time and place in amongst all the serious play that went on at such events! Joey, featured in this film, was our 1st Texan lady to appear and had a “mighty purrty” bottom. She had never been to a large event like this so was enjoying all the attention of getting her bottom spanked on a regular basis for being naughty, something she proudly showed us before we got down to business, bringing back all the red bottom marks from the previous night back with a good solid OTK hand spanking and hairbrush punishment. Meeting Joey was a genuine pleasure from a real player who could take the punishment she was given without too much talking back or bratting which she had admitted she was often guilty of and was learning quickly what happened every time she got real sassy!

joey_02 joey_08 joey_13 joey_15 joey_19 joey_21


See the full film of Kaye’s hairbrush spanking HERE


Bratty Kaye’s Introduction to Triple Afeaturing Kaye from Texas


The second film features Texan gal, bratty Kaye. It contains some nice angles and Kaye truly had a very spankable butt that was perfectly shown off to the cameras! She was the 2nd of the two lovely “Texan gals” contacted… & we caught up with them both on the opening night to arrange a time and place in amongst all the serious play that went on at such an event! Kaye had a “mighty purrty” bottom too… and meeting her was a genuine pleasure from a real player who could take any punishment she was given even with all that brassy, bratty Texan talk-back to which she was known for… and in fact we loved her sassy attitude. It only made her get spanked even harder!

kaye006 kaye010 kaye020 kaye022 kaye025 kaye030


To see more films with Kaye getting spanked – Click Here

All films available at these websites or stores (below)

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Kitty Kitty Spank Spank

Whilst scanning channels recently I came across an American sitcom series called 2 Broke Girls – it’s cheesy at best, but the 2 actresses are hot, brunette Kat Dennings and blonde Beth Behr (you can Google them for their acting credentials and other modelling images if you so wish). However, I decided to check out the series and found this little spanky gem in what was called the “Kitty Kitty Spank Spank” scene… I’ll let you watch the clip below… this appeal to lovers of F/M and F/F spanking persuasion… LOL!

 More images and gifs are found below from this series… this has also fueled my fetish for waitressing uniforms like this… and I will no doubt be scouring the internet for something similar to get my girls spanked in at some point, well… why not? Back later with more updates to start off your week that I know you will appreciate!


241510-2-broke-girls-2-broke-girls 241511-2-broke-girls-2-broke-girls





brokegirls brokegirls2