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Dropseat Productions: Mother-in-law Discipline

After my recent successful (and enjoyable review of another Dropseat Production movie – See HERE for that review) – I decided to view the movie at my Spanking Theater and review a film I’d long waited to see as it starred Clare Fonda and Sinn Sage, who filmed this together around 4 years ago and this combination in this full length movie version is damned HOT!

All the films from Dropseat Productions are available at the Spanking Theater

I’ve split the full film into 4 parts and will also show you where you can buy this as a DVD at the end if you are feeling flush otherwise this has been taken as a cheap download option where I downloaded it for under 6 Bucks! (You can also use your pay per minute options at the Spanking Theater HERE and just choose to download parts of this movie and you’ll see some scenes I’ve split for you to help you decide, how helpful can I be, eh?)


The reason I was excited about this film was because I know just how naughty Clare can be and she uses all her best witty put downs and humiliating verbal chit-chat to a very submissive Miss Sage, who plays her daughter-in-law, called Tammy – who has been caught cheating on her husband by Clare (who plays her Mom-in-law, Sue) – You’ll see many spankings, humiliations, temperature takings and panty inspections as well as lazy Tammy being told to call her pissed off Mom-in-law “Mommy”

Sue has photographic evidence of Tammy’s filthy lewd behavior of her cheating on her son and decides to treat this trampy wife of his a lesson she’ll NEVER forget and drags the lazy slut out bed to confront her withthe evidence she’s compiled starting with images of her caught with other men! & so begins the endless humiliating discipline you’ll see below – in typical Dropseat “fashion” you’ll also see their infamous clothing, little girls dresses and school uniforms used to great effect by this sadistic mother in law…

Tammy will do anything to not allow her husband find out – which suits Sue just fine and she treats her daughter-in-law like a baby little girl, making her call her “Mommy”, spanking her, promising her that this is the start of the behavior modification and she makes her wear a revealing school uniform that Tammy thought she was way beyond but this only served to humiliate her more. A great introduction and all images here are only meant to serve as a guide (the actual image quality is impaired as my image grabbing software is simplistic at best!)

I forgot to mention that towards the end of this scene is an amazing drawn out mouthsoaping scene which just shows you how much trouble that Tammy is in and the way that she will be punished like a baby little girl by her “Mommy” (the mouth is cleansed as Sue is aware of just what she has been putting “in there”) as the other promised ritualistic punishments are to come! You can see a free clip of this mouthsoaping below:

Scene 2: Temperature taken and spanked

Along with the regular inspections and spankings that “Mommy” had promised was a twice weekly temperature taking, which of course is utterly humiliating… this is a side of a punishment I like, so if you were happy seeing a mouth soaping alongside spankings then this early scene of Tammy having her rectal temperature taken should fit the bill! After this, Tammy must wear that uniform again and make “Mommy” her breakfast… but of course Tammy is no good girl and soon ends up over the knee of Sue for another weepy spanking and more cornertime! Lovers of Sinn’s amazing jiggling bubble butt will, like me… be mesmerized… it really is something special!!

Part 3: Little Girl dress & More…

This is where the use of yet more humiliating sissy-wear is used to great effect as “Mommy” makes her daughter-in-law put on the little girl dress and of course she takes her out to the shops where Tammy had a tantrum… no doubt frustrated by trying to comply to her wicked mother-in-law’s control over her! This is the scene where panty inspections are carried out and Tammy is made to ask properly if her “Mommy” can inspect her panties… of course, the attitude earns her another spanking and paddling allowing us to see this amazing bare butt thrashed again! The end scenes are awesome… having Tammy shove her face deep into the crotch of Sue as she decides she needs some pleasuring since Tammy’s mouth is allegedly so talented!

Final scenes: Punished for Dirty Panties

Tammy is accepting her punishments and is hopeful that these won’t go on much longer so she can get her life back on track, however… what she fails to realize when she is on a humbling cleaning exercise of the kitchen, set by Sue… she is summoned for a panty inspection… the dirty marks on her white knickers earns her a final humiliating bare bottom spanking and a paddling until her arse was very sore! “Mommy” wasn’t finished with her though, as she wanted her to place her dirty knickers on the mantlepiece then sniff… yes deeply inhale the aroma and continue sniffing so Sue could be sure she’d get the full waft emanating from those white panties! My oh my… what an interesting finale to this 45 minute film!

Conclusion: Once again this film proves that when you get the right characters together and some approriate, humiliating punishments lined up… a girl doesn’t have to learn from a very sore red bottom (it helps though)… in the 45 minutes you get to see some real verbal humiliation, mouth soaping, anal temperature taking, panty inspections and of course the various spankings and bare bottom paddlings which are not brutal but they aren’t patty cake either and contain lots of slow deliberate removal of knickers and that uniform and dress… supplied for Dropseat Productions by their clothing and DVD store (which is where you could purchase this in DVD format if you so wished)

For clothing and pajama wear as well as the DVDs – visit Bobbies Drops Seats

If you wish to view this movie as a pay per download option or see the other titles from them then just click this link HERE which takes you to their download page. Of course, I didn’t say if I liked the movie or not… um… absolutely! Sinn has one of the best bubble butts in the biz and this movie shows if off to perfection!


You can of course see much more of Sinn at her own site if interested

& of course Clare has her own excellent group of sites as you should know full well by now (banners below) and I’ve recently featured some of her latest updates with some incredibly HOT new girls she’s brought in!

Dropseat Pajama Spankings

I’m on a mission to buy some dropseat pajamas, I hope to have these by the next time I have our next film shoot… Yes, I will hardly say that I’m totally obsessed by them at the moment but they do make for interesting viewing and as I have never had the “pleasure” of having a young madam present herself over my lap and have that “drop seat” lowered to reveal a bottom ripe for spanking – however it is a delicious thought. Anyway, remembering some of the movies I had viewed and downloaded at the Dropseat Studio on my Spanking Theater, this little movie sprung to mind as it contained an incredibly cute girl I hadn’t seen much of called Artemis Antoine – though I thought I had recognized her as a spankee at a the Shadowlane Studio (and I was correct – I’ll show you where later) the reason I’m showcasing this is because this incredibly cute brat was both naughty and perfect for this Dropseat movie… as you’ll see.

Now I think she is normally a more dominant character (I could be wrong) but if she was (I think she does more BDSM and is aka Mistress Artemis) then this is an incredible turn around like the Shadowlane films as she was beautifully submissive in this – & the hour long movie I’m reviewing here is in 4 parts and is called “A Helpng Hand” suggesting what sort of help is needed to discipline your girl when she has “done wrong”.

Part 1: Disciplining your partner when she hasn’t cooked and cleaned up properly at home

Artemis is given a dressing down for the lack of housework, her staying out all day instead of cleaning and cooking for her hard working man… so he knows just the solution by spanking her right there and then and getting his belt out across her tight pert bottom! She reacts and moans as you’d expect, the spankings aren’t brutal but they’re hard and believable and this is a great start to view an incredibly cute girl!

Part 2: The present, playful spankings & make up sex

Feeling a little guilty about thrashing his girl earlier, Aretmis’s partner buys her a very pretty nightdress that she had always wanted, they kiss and make up and one thing leads to another on the bed as his hands wander down to her warmed butt… this is a hot scene with lots of hard carressing and groping of her fabulous bubble butt, he spanks her cheeks but not in anger, more in lust as she grinds her ass into his crotch in approval… the scene ends with them… and us, the viewers… hot as hell!

Part 3: The Dropseat Pajama Punishment (images & free video clip)

As you’ll have seen from the free clip and the images above, it’s Dropseat Punishment time… Artemis is brought in and told to wear the pajamas, she knows that wearing these means she’s going to be spanked and this scene features a hot OTK spanking scene, her bottom visibly reddens, you can almost feel the heat of her bottom as it is strapped and she spends some lingering cornertime afterwards as the camera lingers on her bared buttocks! I can’t stress how this full scene is HOT!

Part 4: the Punishment Dress (a very cute spanking discipline)

I think the folk at DropSeat productions thought they’d add this as a bonus scene as it’s a 11 minute film which doesn’t really tie in with the previous 3… Artemis is made to wear this “Punishment Dress” – I suspect mainly because she looks incredibly hot (as you’ll have seen) bent over with the frills and those lacy knickers peeled down and I can vouch that this OTK scene is highly erotic! I did laugh when I found out why she’s being punished… for dissing her man’s Aunt and the fact she was overweight… oops! Artemis is one amazing girl and this bonus rounds off this film perfectly! You can download this only from their page HERE

If you liked this film, check out the rest of their films at their location HERE at the  Spanking Theater

Artemis Atoine also starred in the Shadowlane films below – click on the posters to read her full storyline if you liked the above movie (hard not to) all these movies can be viewed courtesy of the Spanking Theater and are downloadable as cheap streaming or downloadable wmv content!

If you haven’t viewed any films via this method then this is a great way to start… take your pick from 2 of my favorite studios featured above, new email sign ups also get at least 10 free minutes to view ANY film of their choice… yup, go check it out!! ūüôā

Saturday at the Spanking Theater

I felt compelled to write something a little different today and to show you just what is available via my¬†Spanking Theater after going out last night I finally got to watch “The King’s Speech” and it really is Oscar-worthy, hell, I’m so ignorant, I didn’t even know George VI’s 1st name was Albert (but during the 1930’s anything “Germanic” might have been a bit of a no-no – so he chose George, his last name, after his father for continuity when he had to take over from his brother and that “awful” Mrs Simpson (just kidding) during those hard times… (anyway it was an uplifting and often humorous film – please do go watch it!)


Now back to spanking – I occasionally treat myself to rare spanking films or stuff I know I can’t get from a membership site like the one below from Tasha Lee’s private network of Bum Rap Productions – it’s not a membership site but you can easily access her long play films which contains plenty of M/F and F/F humiliation, domination and spanking punishments to satisfy most of us pervs out there! Take her latest film “Behaving Badly” you can check out the way to download this and also if you sign up for an account you get FREE 10 minutes so you can at least watch part of this movie for free!

Below are some image stills from this movie and Tasha has brought in 2 girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll see! The story of this 52 minute movie is as follows: Tasha Lee is having some serious roommate trouble. Between the blasting of music, as well as their stubborn refusal to clean up after themselves, both of her roomies, the adorable Dawn Soul, and the sultry Magdelin Rose, are driving her crazy ‚ÄĒ not to mention, challenging her authority. In two incredibly red hot scenes, Tasha teaches her misbehaving roommates just who’s in charge in this household. This film mixes hard spanking action with an intense underlying sensuality between all three participants!

& indeed it does as you’ll see below from a few sample images which shows you what you can expect!






You can check out this movie alongside all the many others from Bum Rap HERE or at the banner below – I just highlighted the above movie as it was the one I’d seen and I can safely recommend these if you haven’t before! OK, it’s not HD quality but it’s immensely rewarding to watch and it’s a cheap fix of viewing Tasha Lee’s interesting films! Try them out as a tester if you’re one of those connoisseurs into buying DVDs only¬†– I tend to avoid DVDs as they just seem so expensive but this alternative is a great way to view any of the films from the Spanking Theater…

This production company is just 1 of 100’s featured, check out the Spanking Theater¬†and search for your favorite spanking house in the studio listings, there is a menu that is alphebetic so if, say you wanted to find “Drop Seat Productions” (another of my faves) check out the studios under letter D and you should locate it – you’d end up with the page below – and so on…

Dropseat Productions – (found by the studio search!)

Full listings at the Spanking Theater below

Don’t forget if you want shorter and cheaper clips then you can also check out the Teen Spanking Clips Store which are featured HERE or on the banner below.

OK, have a great weekend –¬†I am writing up something special on my other blog right now about our new format MP4 movies at AAAspanking and will¬†show you a comparison – it’s a simply stunning difference in quality! Don’t miss it!

Classic Multi Girl Spankings

So here we are, a new year and I’m trying to get used to writing ’11 instead of¬† ’10 for the year end , oh and make sure those writing you checks/cheques (wherever you may be) if you are lucky enough to get any payments owed etc are written in the correct year as I had discovered yesterday (Luckily it’s a friend so I got hold of him and he wrote me a new one). As a first post of the year, I thought I’d delve way back from a classic long play film¬†produced by RealSpankings.com starring some of RS’s biggest spanking starlets (like Jessica and Brandi). Here is a brief introduction (with some excellent movie images) taken from the long play classic called “ROAD TRIP” and the 2 ways in which you can get to see this epic which in total can come up to nearly 4 hours (yes… I said up to 4 hours) of viewing from this one film alone!

The RS Institute for Learning is a school for troubled girls, aged 18-21. There is strict code of discipline that the girls must adhere to. Any deviation results in Strict Corporal Punishment. Four young ladies, who have proven themselves, earn a vacation to the mountains of Colorado. They quickly learn that any infraction of the rules will leave them with very sore bottoms!

Punishment at the Colorado Chalet for the Girls’ Road Trip is swift, humiliating and depending on their infraction… severe! Here you’ll see Brandi lectured, pants down with her delightful tuft of girl-hair showing, but as you’ll see after a severe paddling the girls are subdued and more demure and ladylike (if that were possible!) One feature of this film is that all girls get to see the other punished, there is no hiding place, and often, if one is punished then they all are as further deterrents for bad behavior!



The girls can smile, after all, they’re supposedly on a Road Trip, learning about the great outdoors and as they discover, learning about various trees, branches and suchlike, they soon discover other useful impromptu tools of correction can be used if they play up outside in the beautiful Colorado countryside… where only hardy hikers and bears (probably) can hear their cries as they are thrashed with a makeshift Switch!

The girls learn about the fact they should never “act up” outdoors as nature has a habit of providing us useful tools of correction to provide us spankos with the ammunition to¬†carry out stinging discipline to a girls’¬†bare exposed bottom! As ably demonst



The following punishment (I have to be brief here as there were so many scenes I could choose, but as I am a confirmed lover of redheads, then I couldn’t miss out Jessica!!) stars a fantastic scene of a tearful Jessica spanked and paddled in the kitchen with a wooden spoon¬†in front of the other shocked girls and to this day Jessica STILL remains one of my favorites when she is spanked on her bare bottom as you’ll see below!

Jessica’s pale skin and red hair contrast perfectly with her toned tight sore butt cheeks!



The girls are given time off, of course, as the object of the trip was a reward from performing well at the Reform Institute but again when they misbehave, as they do in the outdoor hot tub, they are dragged inside, after being made to stand up in the chill early evening cold to remind them of their place before their bottoms are given a further spanking!


Finally there were many scenes that included all 4 girls thrashed together, especially when they were bent over for the heavy RSI Paddle which you will see below! Enjoy some choice images and then the 2 ways in which you can view this movie series (as I said, it spans out in the archives of RealSpankings and is also available as a movie download option too!)



Option 1: You can view this Road Trip series from the vast archives of RealSpankings.com

This site is also part of the excellent Real Spankings Pass!

Of course this option means you also get to view all the very latest movies and get to view the entire archives for the same reasonable price! Or if you just want access to this film then it is available from my Spanking Theater which has the option to download ROAD TRIP¬†for a very fair price compared to the amount of data it contains including bloopers and out takes as well as close to 4 hours, and you can also just view your favorite scene/s (some of them are described above) and from just 8c a minute (if you sign up with your email account then you can get a 10 minute free preview of your choice which is a special way to introduce you to whichever movie scene you’d like to view in full!)

CLICK HERE for the Road Trip page or click the image below

Spanking Theater Movie Galleries

Whilst I am planning my next update (which I hope you will all find interesting featuring an American spanking starlet I haven’t seen in quite a while) please feel free to check out these fantastic peeks into what those who wish to just view on a per movie basis can watch.

Each of the images below leads to 4 free clips for each film/package advertised so they’re well worth taking a look. If you also find a Studio or film maker that you particularly like from these, the search fucntions are availanle in the side bars – all in all, a perfect way to waste some spanking time online ūüėÄ LOL!




Remember that you can sign up for FREE and get free viewing time at my Spanking Theater below!

Back soon with a real kick ass spanking update I promise you will all like ūüôā