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Naughty Girls Spanked & Naughty Diaper Girls!

I have some exciting extremes across our wondeful fetish including naughty girls having fun in diapers being extremely submissive as well as naughty ladies and schoolgirls that deserve a punishment spanking, which is right where I shall start today with a cracking NEW update of a genuinely missed old movie never shown before. I asked about this movie and was graciously given the whole film to review and, wow… members of SpankingOnline have an amazing film just released which will be approx 600Mb in length and stars a very naughty Kirstyn Gold caught stealing some cash – she was in a position of trust as Housekeeper and is easily caught out by the owner!

Now seeing as I’ve seen the whole movie there are some nice (naughty) scenes, such as Kirstyn thinking that she can hide her money somewhere private, like in the rear of her panties but she hasn’t banked on this guy knowing EXACTLY how much he squirelled away and he counts it religiously giving him “Wood” counting cash… yes there are people like that, we all know people who do this, lol! Anyway, it soon becomes obvious that he *knows* Kirsten has stolen the cash and decides to order her to strip, and in the ultimate humiliation he pulls out the missing cash from her buttock cleft – seriously, imagine the shame of being caught hiding money “there”. All I can say is cue a very long and humiliating spanking, strapping and caning, I have featured a strapping scene below as well as some early images of what I have descibed so far. Trust me when I say the caning scenes are long, sustained – AND SEVERE! This is Kirtsen Gold receiving a damned hard thrashing at her best! In a way, I’m glad they missed this film ’til now – no remasters, just something out of the blue and a bloody good long film too! SpankingOnline members – get downloading, this is a good ‘un!!


Click on the image below for MY special EXCLUSIVE Free Strapping clip!

Good, innit? 😀 I promise you the rest of this film is amazing!!!
Remember that SpankingOnline is also part of a The 4 Site SpankPass network

OK, in case you’ve missed these galleries and excellent movie clips check out what is being offered FREE at the moment, I particularly love the image below, don’t you, so inviting, imagine approaching that from her blind spot and surprising her!!! Mmm 😀 Just click on the images below which lead to very special galleries

Loved the above gallery and long play movie clip? Check out more sample galleries below including the elusive but amazing Heather Stanton thrashed as she ALWAYS deserves to be!


Now from girls that got their much deserved spanking punishments (above) to something a little bit naughty (but nice). Clare Fonda has really embraced “the adult diaper fetish” with her girls and has become “quite the expert” in this interesting niche! Her wonderful site NAUGHTYDIAPERGIRLS covers most of her spanking models that she now uses who love to take part in something a little different. Imagine dressing up in and wearing diapers, and as Clare once told me, you MUST have the tape up ones, it’s essential for those “in the know” and so she caters expertly to lovers of this fun and erotic niche.

You’ll see grown women acting like pacified babies, see them get turned on wearing them under their short skirts, playing with themselves whilst wearing them, getting pampered like a baby with their legs in the air or bottoms fully exposed with rectal thermometers and talc powder used, even drinking milk like a baby from a bottle, lol! It’s incredibly submissive for those girls that cry out for their “mommies!”

Adult actress Hollie Stevens has just about done everyhting possible in the fetish industry online and she is incredibly sexy, I’ve witnessed her train to be a slave, taken severe thrashings and of course she takes cock like a good adult actress is expected to! So now she fools around in her diaper, well done to clare for bringing something new into Hollie’s life!

Check out Hollie fooling about in her diaper on the bed!

Remember there’s also spanking scenes, ever seen a girl spanked in a diaper and then have it removed for more spanking? It’s incredibly sexy to watch! Check out some more galleries in the thumbs below that showcase what this site is about!

1st 2 galleries has model Riley treated like a baby as she is diapered and fed

Business woman Clare is a lover of AB (Adult baby) girls. She calls her preferred agency and asks them to send a sexy girl over for her viewing pleasure. Leggy blond Riley comes over with a diaper poking out from under her tight dress. This gets Clare very excited and she wants to pull the sexy diaper girl onto her knee but she knows the agency rules. Riley takes off her dress and shows off her perky tits. She crawls around on the bed and pouts while she sticks her bottom out. She sucks on her bottle and shakes her little tushy that is clad in her snug fitting diaper. Finally she lays on her back and reaches into her protetive panties and touches herself for her and the wealthy lady’s pleasure. Clare cannot help reaching under her own dress when she sees the sexy AB model with her hands in her diaper touching her naughty little pussy! & that’s only the start as you’ll have seen from this series! 😀

More sample galleries of spanking and AB girls below:


Oh, I haven’t featured this in a while, check out some of the hottest selling vids that many people are viewing at my Spanking Theater below – well worth taking a look, I can tell you, I’m so happy when people have such good tastes 😉

A Severely thrashed bottom takes some more!

Forgive me if some updates every now and then appear not as often, I am out and about all over the damned place at the moment and currently have internet access so am able to bring you this fine update at last which showed up earlier today! Anyway, won’t bore you with my personal and family stuff so will continue on with today’s fayre. You certainly don’t want to hear about my little worries… However, what we can and should try to avoid with our loved ones is seeing repeatedly poor behaviour embarrass us from those we thought we could trust. Now take Carla, the brand new girl out now at SpankingOnline.com

She is the sort of girl every father would dread… the shame of a slutty daughter, so it goes for her guardian here, her family long disowned her and sent her to England to finish her education to become a “young lady of repute” however this is miserably failing despite the attempts by those that care and only want what is best for her. they give her hard regular thrashings with everything at their disposal in the carrot and stick method, even a severe caning is not getting through to this tearway as evidenced by her recent thrashing which we all get to see the results of here!

I have reviewed this movie in full and this girl is worth viewing for sure, she is more than capable of taking a very nasty caning as you’ll see from the images below and the reason for her slippering on top of this becomes clear when her filthy lewd behaviour on the independently run school bus even throws the service into chaos…something really has to be done as you’ll see below!

As well as these exclusive 1st show images there is a scene of the slippering as Carla is told to bend right over so her wobbling globes can be properly thrashed with one of my fave items, the slipper, and of course, such an iconic piece of footwear, a red Converse All Star “Sneaker” (or “Trainer” as we call them here in the UK).

If you actually want to see the other angle of her slippering (as shown above) CLICK HERE

This new movie is out now to download only from SpankingOnline

Midweek Spanking Mayhem pt2

As promised here is part 2 (if you’ve just signed on, you’re in for a treat as if you scroll down you’ll see part 1 from earlier today!!! OK, enough of my waffle, I have a tedious night ahead of me so i want to get this done befor e I ensure it (see my previous post and you’ll understand!)

What about Lottie Kinsade? She appears to be that model that is everywhere but for good reason, watching her get thrashed right now at the various sites is quite addictive! I shall choose SpankingOnline in this post as my destination for Lottie as it currently has a really hard caning movie where she is humiliated into “thanking” Him for the cane strokes after each one lands on her very sore bottom! Check the images I have for you below and also the free movie clip which is only available at THIS Blog! (where you can see her doing the embarrassing “thank you” scene) – what you will also note is that her red bottom has started turning white from the cane strokes, the skin is welting, basically… try it on your loved ones and cane continually on the same spot and if you’re good enough, without breaking the skin, this is what will happen! It’s a particular skill and you can be assured that the swift strokes of rattan against Lottie’s fabulous derriere are hitting the mark!!!

Click the image above to download my free clip of lottie’s caning!

You can see the FULL caning movie of Lottie at SpankingOnline


OK, who wants to see Kami Robertson thrashed wearing a uniform? Do bears shit in the woods? Of course you would and at Spanked-in-Uniform that is precisely what you’ll see in one of their latest and very hot movie updates! I must admit I have a thing for seeing Kami get disciplined, and so it seems do a lot of other spankos as this girl has become very popular, I wonder why??? 😀

Nurse Kami Robertson is one of the latest girls to appear at St Elizabeth’s Hospital – check out her episode below!

A famous movie star Jim Blond visited St. Elizabeth for a regular check up and nurse Kami was told to keep any paparazzi and screaming teens out of his room. Naughty Kami decided to secretly take a few pics of him herself so she could send them to the tabloids and make a bit of money. Dr Johnson caught her in the act and let Jim Blond give her a good spanking first! Later Dr Johnson spanked Kami with his hand and a nasty looking hairbrush and in a humiliating twist took some pictures of her sore red bottom and sent them to the tabloids which made front page news: “Jim Blond spanks paparazzi nurse!”

Don’t miss Kami in her nurse’s uniform getting humiliated with a bare bottom spanking! & you just know she will be appearing at more sections of Spanked-in-Uniform very soon too!!!

Have a good evening, especially if you check out any of these movies/sites I’ve featured today. OK, I have to get ready to go out now…sigh 🙁

HOT New Spanking Updates!

Are you in for a treat today, these are some of the most recent and brand new updates that I’ve found which must be viewed with extreme caution for my gentlemen readership as they will cause SEVERE Arousal in the Trouser Regions! I have everything from wives, girlfriends and just plain barmy spanking updates which all make a fascinating mixture of very erotic punishment viewing for yours truly, I’ve been maxed out this morning reviewing what is just released at the following 2 sites, and have managed to grab hold of some images and a couple of 1st show FREE Clips from the various member areas (with the permission of the sites featured) that aren’t available anywhere else, naturally – as this is The SpankingBlogg!

Enjoy my following earlybird Exclusives!!!

Out at SpankingDigital comes a new full length movie starring one of my all time faves, Jasmine Lau who shows us in a documentary style what turns her on in her life as she tells us what a young lady of leisure like herself gets up to in private! She’s starred in hard core porn movies, she’s starred in many a spanking movie and really got off on getting her delicious ass thrashed and now that she’s come into some money, she can afford to fund any lifestyle she wants…and that is the spanko-life, my friends! Blessed be the Spanking Gods of Joy!

As you”ll see from the above image Jasmine is no stranger to spanking and boasts a wicked looking collection of spanking and punishment instruments, she introduces us to these and of course has no inhibition about telling us how spanking genuinely turns her on, not waiting to be asked she starts to remove her clothes as the cameraman and the film producer start to get hot under the collar. Imagine if you were in this room with jasmine, a temptress if ever there was one, showing you how she likes to be dominated and then inviting one of the film crew to crop and cane her tight buttocks! You’ll see her play with her beautiful engorged pussy labia that I love so much as she admits that the “punishment” is turning her on! Exclusive images and a scene of her being cropped are courtesy of my loins…er, I mean blog – please enjoy whilst I once again take a much needed cold shower!

Jasmine can’t contain herself as she fingers off her dripping quim! Genuinely getting off on feeling the stinging strokes of the cane against her tight buns! You can see the full movie out now EXCLUSIVE to SPANKINGDIGITAL.COM


There is a brand new film at SPANKINGONLINE starring a new girl getting a special punishment off a very stern Miss Elizabeth Simpson! This new F/F Domestic Discipline treat stars newbie Lucy who is called “Wendy” in this film and she can take quite a thrashing and is genuinely excited to be the latest addition to “SpankingOnline” as she wears their vest and panties! She really is quite petite and slight in frame but if you check out my exclusive image grabs from the movie, you’ll see the welts across her well toned cheeks! Lovers of more mature ladies like Elizabeth and Wendy, who obviously look after themselves, will be in for a treat, I have to say, it makes a fantastic change to see real grown women involved in a fine butt blistering punishment movie like this which is out NOW exclusive to SPANKINGONLINE Members!

You can see more of Wendy and Elizabeth at this new film HERE


& finally today there is also a new movie just released at SpankMyBottom called “Elizabeth is very Angry!” (also part of the Spankpass Network – are you getting the idea that this network is worth taking a look at?) – and as it’s Elizabeth Simpson’s site, it naturally stars her as the Domme and here we see new girl Wendy again in this delightful domestic friend flatshare movie where Wendy makes the mistake of ironing AND ruining Elizabeth’s expensive top – Elizabeth will go spare, and of course – SHE DOES!!! The last thing you ever want to do is piss off Elizabeth Simpson!!!

I’ve got a few images below and I notice that for those wanting to check out the site, if you take a look at the link at the bottom there’s a long play intro of these girls and you’ll see how the story starts!


Don’t forget to check out all of the tour pages which shows Elizabeth disciplining her girls and of course from the archives yoru chance to see elizabeth receive some of her own medicine when she used to be a complete  submissive slut! You get the best of both worlds!



Friday Spanking Classics

Click here for more free content

Alrighty tthen, I’m a little pished cos I’ve had too much vino but here are some classics that I hope you enjoy! I’m sure I’ll post here some point this weekend before I collapse, but feel free to continue wishing me a happy St George’s day! heh heh

This is a great punishment movie classic from Girls Boarding School with one of my all time fave gairls there (Lisa) which at nearly 1000kbs playback is a nice and clear resolution. You can see for yourself with the 2 FREE Clips I have provided below along with some stills from the movie so you’ll appreciate the bare bottom story. Trouser arousal ratings are at MAX as it features Polish girl Lisa with a cracking lithe body and a perfect snivelling mideset! Watching her makes me “ache!” Some of you may know that I adore some of the East European girls we’re lucky enough to get to punish – Lisa certainly doesn’t let us down.

The Story: Lisa was told to clear up the kitchen but she ignores this & selfishly enjoys herself by the pool instead. Come sundown, and return home from work, her partner sees that she’s done absolutely nothing! He fetches his cane and waits for her to come in as the sun starts to set.

See the clip below of the first part of her caning whilst doing the washing up

Click here to play

This is only the start of what is to come as she really does get humiliated. Imagine cleaning the floor on your bare knees, bottom exposed and the cane biting into your exposed cheeks! Check the pics below of the story in brief!

I love the way she snivels as she is pursued around the hard marble kitchen floor, an excellent punishment movie! Check out the second clip below as Lisa tries to clean the floor on hands and knees whilst trying to avoid the cane! Good luck girl, Mr Lewis hardly ever misses!!!

click to play here

I’m not sure if this movie has been shown in such detail before but if you liked what you saw here, take a look at the FREE Tour Pages of Girls Boarding School and decide for yourself.

click here for the FREE Tour Pages

I decided to let you check out some older content I had from Spanked Cutie. This femdom punishment caught my eye so I watched the entire movie with glass of rioja about an hour ago! Although Tom’s missus Sophie from GBS stars in over 30 films, there is also some great content they get in. This Thief film was filmed in Budapest as I spied the newspaper “Pesterzsebet” on the cabinet! Yeah – I wondered what language they were speaking, but you get to understand EVERYTHING that is going on! There’s plenty of hard hitting and red welted bottom action..

Spanked Cutie tour pages HERE

Sadly I don’t know their names, but the dark haired girl is caught stealing cash from the cupboard and the striking blonde thrashes the living daylights out of her with a horrible looking tawse! Check out the EXCLUSIVE FREE Clip that I cut myself for you (below)
There are also bonus pics and images from this movie so you get to see what it’s about!

click here to play

Doesn’t she cry beautifully? & check out those quivering buttocks!

It got me all of a quiver watching the entire movie, oh my..LOL! I quite like seeing these waif like East Euro teens thrashed, see the images below.

There are also some higher res photo stills taken from the movie below.

click here for more films

Finally, I wanted to remind you of this naughty religious nutter spanking classic from SpankingOnline delves into the murky world of catholic discipline of errant females as recounted by our models with this fantastic classic. I loved the set, the costumes, the film work and the image set which was perfect. Check this out below plus a couple of Exclusive pics courtesy of SpankingBlogg

click here
Check out the exclusive images below (reduced in size from the originals)

Yes, that’s a huge bible opened at Ezekiel from the Old Testament with some damning chapters of retribution! Check out more images available from the very latest update at  SpankingOnline.com

click here

OK, have a great weekend everyone! I’m rather worse for wear… 😉 Chief