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Bribery Allegations & Spankings!

Well, as the countdown to the wonderful event that is the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Braaaaaa-zil continues for the start in a couple of days… you can always rely on the Argie-English baiting… our teams may not even meet each other (I think we’d both have to make semi finals) but of course, Madame Presidente Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina (the world’s sorest loser and woman in most definite need of a damned good spanking) has once again ignited ill feeling towards us Brits (or English as it is the only part of Britain being represented in this tournament) claiming once more that The Falklands (I won’t mention the Spanish name of this group of British islands as it is not what the indigenous and legitimate population call it!) belong to Argentina. Get lost, you stupid mad cow! How dare you use your (admittedly) good football team to pull off this cheap stunt so I have made up my own image from that as you can see below!

Argentina Slovenia

Of course, scandals and corruption go hand in hand with who gets to host the World Cup – arguably, the world’s finest collection of journalists working for the esteemed Sunday Times have also caused a stir by quietly digging and investigating, as decent journos do… to suggest that there was rife corruption and bribery involved after the ludicrous award of giving the World Cup to Qatar (a real surprise) to host in 2022 beating off excellent bids from Australia (who I honestly thought would get it) and even the USA (I know they hosted it in 1994) but still… that still stands as the most watched tournament…  I of course still am pissed off at how FIFA treat England, we haven’t hosted it since 1966 and could host it tomorrow without building new infrastructure if we had to, but still… who gives a flying fuck about the home of football, eh? So he is accusing the British press of being racist… oh do please shut the F*CK UP, Sepp Blatter… or Septic Bladder as I prefer to call him… something is rotten and trust me… those journalists WILL uncover and expose the FIFA bidding process for what it is, utterly corrupt. If it goes ahead, footballers will have to contend with playing as late as they can in Qatar as daytime temperatures in June/July reach over 50c (122f +) which is simply ludicrous!


Anyway, enough of me ranting on… some of you won’t give a flying fig about the World Cup… so I will get on with the reason you’re really here… spankings! & LOTS of them! So I promise to make it up to you with a varied and interesting round of updates today. I promise, no corrupt FIFA officials or Argentine presidents were smacked on their bare bottoms for being exceedingly annoying and very naughty before bedtime! Pity… instead, we have gorgeous women baring their naughty rears instead!

I have missed 2 incredible updates at Spankedcallgirls.com with 2 ladies I like very much… ignored no more, let’s visit my favourite Fonda group site as we see cracking debuts for both Joelle Barros and Pandora Blake #yay!

Pandora Blake’s Undercharging Mistake

003 006

009 011

012 013

Pandora Blake doesn’t really understand the exchange rate between pounds and dollars and has been undercharging. Courtney Shea is at the office to explain the difference and spanks Pandora to help her understand. Turnaround is the English way, so there is plenty of spanks with hand and paddle.

001 004

009 006

010 016


As I mentioned, Joelle Barros makes her debut, this is the latest film update from earlier last week!
Joelle learns a spanking lesson!

002 004

006 008

013 016

Joelle Barros is the new girl who is naive and a bit of a prude. Veronica is tasked to teach her the way of the callgirl. But when Joelle shows her ignorance, Veronica uses spanking as a teaching tool. Joelle is a quick learner and gives Veronica a solid spanking as well.

003 005

006 008

012 015

Veronica gets a good whacking in this film, as you can see! CLICK HERE for the full film!

This site is part of the amazing value 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass
Giving you a combined monthly cost of these sites for a fraction of the cost!



I am a big big fan of Aleesha Fox, I know there are many others who feel the same, she’s HOT… how apt that she turns up the temperature in this self spanking hot tub special that you can see exclusive to NorthernSpanking.com #mmm

NSI100-A002 NSI100-A004

NSI100-A008 NSI100-A016

NSI100-A018 NSI100-A020

NSI100-A021 NSI100-A024 NSI100-A029

Aleesha spends a warm summer afternoon in her hot tub, in her skimpiest bikini with some wine and her favorite toys for company. We watch from an (in)discrete distance.


See MORE of Aleesha’s many films including this latest update from NorthernSpanking.com


Sarah Bright’s own site has some beautiful girls getting spanked and this young thing makes her debut here after featuring at the sister site English-Spankers.com previously. It’s a simple story and excuse for a spanking… webcamming naughtiness and getting caught!

Depraved Deception – featuring Belle Calder

npp7026002 npp7026014

npp7026041 npp7026044

npp7026047 npp7026051

npp7026053 npp7026058

npp7026059 npp7026063

This is what Sarah had to say about belle’s appearance for her own site:
I sometimes really surprise myself, I found the very beautiful young Bell Calder some time ago but did not feature her on my own site, She did a couple of films for English Spankers. Well I thought I am not leaving it at that and I asked Bell if she wanted to come and make some more films and to my surprise she jumped at the chance. Now Bell is not a spanking model and the spankings she gets in my films really do get the message across. Her beautiful young bottom soon turns pink and then red under Mr. Sterns and then mine administrations. I do love the films I have made with her and I know you will love her.



One of the new site features at Spanked-in-Uniform.com takes us to a catholic school set up including nuns and teachers who don’t escape any punishments when things go wrong behind the scenes… here we see the story of Sister Manuela getting an almighty hand spanking that God himself would be concerned about!

Sister Manuela – At the Bellview Catholic School for Girls #naughty

Bellview is a very strict religious school where only the very naughty of girls are sent to be reformed. The nuns, and the principal, believe strongly in the use of corporal punishment and hard hand spankings, birchings, strappings, paddlings  and the cane are handed out  frequently and severely.


ep2_3 ep2_6

ep2_7 ep2_8

ep2_10 ep2_11

ep2_13 ep2_14


Sister Manuela was called into the Headmaster’s office because some of the parents had complained that she wears shoes and stockings that are not appropriate for a catholic school and she is a bad influence on the girls. Sister Manuela was given the option by the Headmaster. Dimissal or a sound spanking just like the girls get. She wisely chose the spanking.

CLICK HERE for this spanking niche and over 15 other types of uniform style spankings


Finally… the conclusion to Sarah Gregory’s very sexy girl on girl discipline session with Adriana Evans is up… and it is really hot. I had mentioned this before, the images below are vastly reduced in size from the original 1920×1080 HD screen images, but you get the idea, I should know, it was filmed on my cameras, looking good, eh? 🙂

Weekly Session – Sarah Gregory with Adriana Evans #schwiing

001 003 (1)

007 011

012 (1) 013

003 004

007 009

012 014

015 016

It’s Adriana’s regular session time and she shows up for the usual with Mistress Sarah. This consists of stripping down before straddling the spanking bench for a hand warm-up spanking followed by numerous leather implements. Next she is cuffed to the cross for some sexy strapping, paddling, caning, and flogging. This is a super hot and hard spanking video you don’t want to miss!

See this film and more of Sarah’s great punishment and erotic spanking site HERE


On a sad note, one of my favourite British comedians died earlier today, his loss to British comedy (I had grew up loving his anarchic style of  comedy) is massive: So if you’re from America or further afield, you may not have heard of Rik Mayall, (he starred in many subversive British comedies of the 80’s and 90’s) … but here in the UK, everyone knew him or of him and would identify with his many characters from the last 30 years! Below was news footage from the BBC as they discussed Rik’s life in  comedy… it’s a sad void he has left – R.I.P. Rik Mayall, you will be missed by me and many of my countrymen! Goodnight.

Spanking Updates

As promised, here are the updates I’ve missed this past week and some new ones I had planned to do today, so it’s a bumper post that I hope you enjoy! Without further ado, let’s just get on with what you are all really here for, the industry news and gossip, revealing images… and if you’re lucky and I have time, some exclusive free videos to this blog too!

Eli Harrison from Firm Hand Spanking is one of the new breed of models I have really enjoyed watching get spanked… below are a few reasons why I think you’ll agree too!

In the ongoing “Miltary Discipline” series






Beautiful naval cadet Elli Harrison waits in front of a mirror, butt out and hands on her head for Military Discipline. She admits to Mr Reed she did not study for her last exam, and that means only one thing: a sore ass. First a humiliating OTK spanking and then a leather strap is used across her bare sore bottom. So will this improve her academic work? Unsurprisingly, the FHS folk are NOT convinced which means yet more punishments are guaranteed for this stunning girl!

Check out the stunning free movie previews of Elli HERE


It would appear that schoolgirls, wherever they are, will try and cheat in their exams if they think they can get away with it. I, for one, would not try to cheat in Russia, known for their severity, this unfortunate girl, called Masha, is caught by the house mistress and sent to her form master for a good old fashioned tearful thrashing at what is one of the more severe and long play spanking specialists – Russian Discipline – with a gorgeous doe eyed girl like this, how could anyone not like seeing what happens to a cheater like her? Images below compliment the HD film Russian Discipline members are able to watch!




… the aftermath of this snivelling schoolgirl is just amazing, the images don’t do the film justice!


Continuing the schoolgirl theme for a bit… “Caned at St Justs” is the latest full film from my compatriots at English-Spankers.com who have another great film starring Lucy Manning, with teacher Nick Nightingale & Matron Sarah Bright (of spankingsarah fame, more on that site in a mo)

After Lucy had tried to seduce her teacher which also resulted in him almost losing his job… she has to report to Matron. There she is informed that she will be punished by her teacher AND by Matron. She is placed over a gym horse where she is spanked and paddled by them both and then her teacher removes his belt and gives her tight young bottom a real leathering. He then chooses a long whippy cane and delivers a stinging lesson to her already sore rear end, a fitting punishment for this naughty schoolgirl! Images below compliment the HD spanking film.




Click HERE for a special free HD spanking preview of this film


& there is a stunning intro for Jessica Jensen, who I had the pleasure of working with 6 months ago (gosh, seems an age ago now) … however, she is a very popular porn actress here in the UK, young and up for it… and has now also dabbled in a few spanking films, I recall her telling me she was naturally submissive before she got hired… seems Sarah and co found out what she was capable of producing too as well as me. Hmmm, Jess loves being filmed in the bath tub as I did one too, which I shall naturally leave for a while as you wouldn’t want the same girl in bath tub scenes all at once, would you?… No matter how darned cute she looks… be like waiting for a bus, either none arrive or 3 turn up at once… heh heh! Anyhoo… please do go check out this lovely new film at Sarah’s site where “bubbly” Jess infuriates David de Wolfe!

Images below are from the film “Badly behaved girl”





See a free HD spanking clip presentation of Jessica’s 1st punishment at SpankingSarah.com

Jessica Jensen works hard all day as a naughty porno model and when she gets home she loves nothing better than having a soak in the bath with a cigarette and a glass of wine. This is not the sort of behaviour favoured by her guardian who makes his displeasure felt in the most painful way. He gives this glamorous young lady a real hard spanking on her still wet bottom and despite her protestations he continues until her tender bottom is well and truly beaten.


Staying in England… and of course to one of my next victims.. um, I mean models, finally I get to shoot with Amelia Jane Rutherford on Tuesday (alongside Molly Malone, a pairing no one has done until now, so I’m really excited about that as well as both girls who are genuinely pleased about working together – and we have lots planned) – BUT I DIGRESS (lol), now where was I? Oh yes… Michael Stamp playing the part of the “Night Master” (haven’t we all done that? heh heh) at a school where Amelia can’t play with herself quietly after lights out. This is a disaster for her in the making, isn’t it?

Every night he is on duty someone gets punished. More often than not it is Amelia Jane having her lovely bottom smacked in his room. She cannot help what she does in her bed at night, when the lights are out and the other girls are sleeping. She is lonely, far from home and the warm feeling of ecstasy spreading from what her fingers are doing takes her to a much happier place. Unfortunately for her bottom, Amelia Jane is a little noisy when she comes. And he always hears…

Ahem… “right up my street!”





Another cutie I love seeing punished is young madame Kelly Wilson at SoundPunishment.com – and this time she faces a testing interview with Miss Strickland for a position as an escort, which is highly prized… but of course, there are consequences which Kelly must take on board as she discovers… across Miss S’s lap!



Her cocky attitude and slutty dress do not make a good impression as nubile young Kelly has to prove to Miss Stricktland that she has the ability to absorb severe spankings from some of her clients and so she submits to the spanking of her life… Kelly Wilson feels the power of Miss Stricktland’s hard hand in this new film!



You can see a free video of this film below…

For this and all the other great films starring blonde Kelly Wilson – Click HERE


Stateside again, and this time for the very latest update coming from Spanking Sorority Girls and I liked this film because there is a great OTK spanking scene, some great use of the hairbrush and that nasty looking sorority house paddle, not to mention the long walk of shame upstairs with the cam catching every movement of some sore red cheeks jiggling as Christy went to her room! Check out the images and you’ll see what I mean! This is “Hawt!”





Christy snuck out for a Halloween party even though Sarah warned her not to. So Christy is in for some extra hard discipline from sorority president Roxy Jezel. Roxy starts with an over-the-knee hand spanking, then uses a wooden hairbrush and finishes over with 10 hard whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle.

Check out the full list of long play films now available HERE in this ongoing sorority spanking special!

Christy does the walk of shame (below)


The next update from this great network features one of my fave stars they use, Kay Richards, one of THE original roomies HERE, still getting up to no good all these years later… this is one naughty gal and she is so good at spanking other girls… as you’ll see!





Anita was drugged, gagged and dragged into Kay’s apartment. Kay puts her over her knee and spanks information out of her as she continues her quest to find er ex girlfriend’s new date Sarah. Anita gets her curvy bottom smacked hard over and over as she swears she doesn’t know Sarah.


Check out MORE of Kay’s adventures in the naughtiest apartment on the West Coast!

You can also view the 2 sites within this network as part of the fantastic value CLARE FONDA PASS


Still in America… and this is a great sassy film with the lovely Kat St James, looking oh so spankable in that very short skirt and with her freshly dyed blonde hair looking the part of that very naughty girl next door that I love so much… and of course, Uncle Paul here has the perfect excuse to tan that pert tushy as you’ll discover, the images below compliment the HD film which is available at Sarah Gregory’s wonderful site HERE





Kat is complaining to daddy that her computer is broken and won’t work. She admits to spilling soda on the keyboard. Daddy is very upset that she has not taken care of her belongings. She is spanked hard on her bare bottom, then with a hair brush…


Don’t miss this film which you can download in HD formats of your choice – HERE


& finally, in case you didn’t know, my next film is with the adorable, but alas, already retired “Spanking” actress… Mishka Devlin. & it’s the continuation of the “Spanking Fantasy” series of mine where this coming week, members will be able to download the full HD film of her dressed as a girl next door gingham dress wearing schoolie… and she gets the bath brush across that pert behind of hers and some lingering and loving dollops of cream rubbed into her bottom whilst her dress is hiked up, her parts fully splayed and all with a big beautiful grin on her face *sigh*

Some teaser images are below… and if you can’t wait, see what film is currently, or is about to be my best seller at the CLIPS STORE this week… oh , yeah, it’s this one… Already available a as special one off cheap download! Yay!

For the full list of films available as one off downloads – go to this link or click on the banner below

Saturday Spankings – pt2

OK, before I go out tonight, here is the second part of my update… this is some of the stuff I have been viewing this weekend, and it’s well worth a look!

From Clare’s quality sites, I checked out her Spankedcallgirls.com site (via my CLARE FONDA PASS – which is better value) and do you remember me showing you the diaper girls recently? Well, Tegan was a new girl to Clare and now she is appearing (alongside the gorgeous Missy) at all of Clare’s sites and she plays a hooker babe called Daisy who fell asleep on the job!





Tegan Summers plays new callgirl Daisy who fell asleep on her “date.” Momma Clare gets Daisy’s pert buns very red. The California blond wishes she had never agreed to be one of Clare’s girls as she did not know it would be so rough. She learns the hard way to be a good little slut.

You can see all of Momma Clare’s naughtiest classy hooker babes and sluts getting what they deserve at the site she once admitted to me that she loves filming in… and I can see why as Clare has a lot of fun spanking these hot girls and this role is so suited to her being their bad ass “Momma” – See for yourself HERE

& don’t forget to check out the best value pass with no replicated films at her sites (see banner below for the various sign up options of 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice!)


& In England, the spankings don’t let up as Redstripefilms.com have some fantastic girl next door type spanking films and the latest of Honey Wells in her school uniform getting thrashed by Aunty Katie is excellent! I have a free preview clip as well as some choice images of the blubbering Honey in her authentic English uniform.





The school bully arrives home and her Aunty wants to know why she is in tears. After listening to the girl?s story and looking at the cane marks on her bottom she phones the headmaster. Once she knows the truth about the bullying and general bad behaviour she decides that more punishment is needed and bends the girl over the table for a blistering spanking on her marked bottom. Her tears and cries do not stop the punishment.

Check out more from this site that not only contains girls next door getting spanked but situations of real life sex and spankings which are an addictive mix – the tour pages have plenty of free previews to let you decide for yourselves just what it’s about – CLICK HERE for more


The next 2 sites I’m featuring here have had some fantastic new movies recently, mainly because I have absolutely fallen for these 2 girls, Scarlet and Paris… you’ll recognise them as I had featured them virtually everytime they appeared… so I have combined some of their most recent updates – images shown below are from Sarah’s site SpankingSarah.com where she finally canes the girls out of their cute gingham dresses…. and the free clip is one of the latest films to come from English-Spankers.com that has Mr Stern getting all the luck as he thrashes both girls after watching them flog each other naked (it’s a hard life but someone has to do these things!)




Sarah knows all about the cane, she has been caned many times but never to tears. Her object today is to cane these girls till the tears start to flow and boy do they get a caning. Their small pert bottoms are raised for the swish of the cane expertly applied…


See all the free previews with Sarah and the many girls like Paris & Scarlet HERE

I can assure you that next time I am up their way I will be barging in with our cameras and making some films but in the meantime please do check out why poor ol’ Chief here has some serious wood watching these girls continue to spank and flog each other below at English-Spankers


Seeing schoolgirl Elizabeth recently at SoundPunishment.com reminded me of one of her earlier films and I just loved the way she got treated in this film I’m about to remind you of… especially as the exasperated headmaster (in full authentic old school mortar board hat and gown had run out of ideas without resorting to severe corporal punishment) but nowadays, our feral girls will take a mile if you give them an inch… so it’s time to thrash bad girls like her to tears!

The Headmaster has run out of disciplinary measures for dealing with naughty schoolgirl Elizabeth. Detention and writing lines have all failed to curb her waywardness and inattention in class. Now only lines of another kind are left.



Don’t forget to check out their tour pages that contains recent free movie previews… they’re pretty good and show you exactly what you’ll get!!!

Girls like Elizabeth & other naughty brats are punished the traditional way at SoundPunishment.com


OK, I’m off out to the fireworks display – be good and hope your weekend is fun! Chief

Happy Canada Day & other spankings

In celebration of Canada day, for which I haven’t forgotten…. the only amazing Cannuck spanking model I could think of… off the top of my head, was the very beautiful and very spankable Catherine Corbet…. long since retired, but not forgotten. One of my favorite films she starred in was a bonkers movie with a great cast as she played alongside Pandora Blake and both girls were punished by one of Pandora’s fellas, the excellent Master Tom Cameron, who looked every part the religious nutter he portrayed! A mad, bad storyline of 2 girls playing in what can only be described as a “cult” and are caught by their “pastor” who then instills his own brand of corrective therapy to get his girls back on the path of… hmmm… righteousness! I think it’s a darn good excuse to see both girls play with each other and then get spanked and this is available as a special one off download (with a great free preview clip) HERE from pay per download specialists NaughtyBottom

Check out the full listings of all the films including this offering HERE


OK, the rest of today’s update has nothing to do with Canada but perhaps we should return again to the colonial roots on our small island that seems to sprout so much deviance, which I like…. so many naughty ladies and who better to demonstrate how English girls can take a punishment, wheteher they like it or not… is Amelia Jane Rutherford in this latest movie now out at FirmHandSpanking.com

Remember I said English girls do NOT like the wooden paddle yet find our American chums worry about the cane odd? Well, here we see Amelia not like the school paddle, she took some damn hard smacks with this in the ongoing “Definitive Guide” series (some select images below).

Don’t miss the blistering free preview of Amelia’s paddling HERE


A chance to download one of my fave movies with the slipper should be around the time this post goes live at the new AAA Spanking Clips store – the latest addition is the slippering punishment of Kami Robertson in that hot red flamenco dress! This was one long excuse to tan the tushy of a girl with one of the most spankable bottoms around! Now you can just download this movie as a one off cheap payment for those that for some reason hate memberships or the idea of them! Reminder images are below of what lucky members of AAAspanking.com (check out their NON recurring deals, these are some of the BEST around) have been able to view as part of their membership for months, a great film of Kami!!!

See MORE & be able to download this film and check the full listings of the other clips HERE


Before leaving … I had to share this latest naughty but fun movie at SpankingSarah.com – Basically Old man Stern had gone on vacation leaving Sarah in charge and she’d be able to do as she liked (like spanking Clover her village spanko friend) but the mean old man had left their troublesome housekeeper, ol’ Katie to keep an eye on any shenannigans!  Sarah even tried to involve katie but the old bat had threatened to get straight on the phone and tell his lordship of her behavior so sarah and Clover concocted a cunning plan to get rid of her so they could spank each other in private as they had before… they set up Katie, getting her drunk and left her in bed with a naked Clover with all manner of rude strap ons to suggest she had been up to no good! Oh my… you can see what happened in this naughty but fun spanking film below:

The FREE movie clips of what Clover & Sarah get up to is available to view HERE

OK, have a great weekend everyone, I know there is that little holiday also coming up just south of Canada very soon so I’m sure many of you good folk reading this will somehow be involved enjoying get togethers with family and friends – have fun… oh, and to the people of Canada… thanks for making Wills & Kate feel at home, aren’t they just an adorable couple? (excuse me… I have something in my eye) *sniffle*

See Clover go naked over sarah’s knee for a good hard sexy spanking HERE

Sarah – Spankings Blowjobs & Switching Fun

Hmmm, it’s a nice sunny day here in Chiefsville… so before I’m forced to go mow the lawn, I thought I’d gather together a little compilation of a very naughty spanking model here in the UK who has her own  site, I’ve featured it before and I often check it out as you’ll see from the set of images here… I felt compelled to write about her after recently showcasing the model Shannon at English-Spankers.com yesterday (a sister site to this one – are websites feminine? hmmm)

Anyway, Sarah is a remarkably versatile actress… she is incredibly tall to start with, a whole lot of woman that needs taming… and fortunately she has a massive submissive streak… but Sarah also likes to switch and she is dishing out more of what she has got in the past… so it’s an excellent opportunity to get in other girls and of course Sarah is rather a wanton hussy that loves gobbling cock, playing with herself and generally having sex whenever she can (which is all good, of course)… this invariably leads to more punishments so for me it’s a “Win-Win” situation! I’m highlighting Shannon’s entry at this site first… Shannon can play the foolish schoolgirl with ease but here with Sarah she is the thieving secretary who submits to Sarah’s own brand of discipline (below):

“Secretary in trouble!” – Sarah’s secretary has been stealing money from the office and Sarah has to deal with her. Shannon the beautiful trusted secretary is to be spanked and punished hard in Sarah’s own unique way over her lap. Shannon’s bubble butt bounces and reddens beautifully as she is taught a lesson not to steal from her boss again!


As I said there are often guest appearances from the regular crew of English-Spankers.com so you get the same HD quality playback and you’re in no doubt as to the punishments the girls on here will get like Shannon (as a schoolgirl here) first punished by her Headmaster then dealt with at home by her irate mother… a special double feature film I’m sure you’ll love seeing!

“Boys mean Trouble!” Shannon has been caught doing rude things with the boys of the upper 6th at her school. After a telling off she is spanked hard on her regulation school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Headmaster takes her back to Mother who informs her she is going over her knee for another spanking & a dose of the heavy school paddle. Shannon is in real pain & a world of misery as those swats turn her exposed bare bottom a burning red!


OK, now back to the star of the site and what she does best, being VERY naughty, showing off her bottom and refreshingly womanly pussy (trimmed, not shaven, for once… which I like to see, personally) and if she has the opportunity to play sexually… she’ll do it and of course, she always gets caught out… which means… Yes… a punishment! Sex and spanking… it’s the staple of many of Sarah’s films as you’ll see in the one below where she seeks solace from the Chef only to get thrashed again by her restaurant owner boss! D’oh!

“Messing with the Chef!” After a spanking from the boss Sarah looks for solace with the chef. This comes at a price… after giving him a long satisfying blow job she is caught and is paddled on the bare bottom until she finds it difficult to sit down!


Finally the below images are taken from the newest movie released at the time of writing, I’ve featured Sarah spanking & being spanked alongside the voluptuous Holly before, I’m glad she’s back and this time punished by both Sarah and the capable but fearsome Mistress Katie too!

“You spoilt my party!” Holly came to Sarah’s first spanking party and would not take a good hard spanking letting everyone down. Sarah and Katie were now going to get even with her by giving her a spanking and other nasty punishments she should have taken earlier… & what’s more, she proves she can take a hell of a thrashing as Sarah really lets fly with her strap stating, “I can’t hit her any harder!”


OK, it wasn’t a review as such, but I think you get the general idea as I have taken some scenes from some movies that are featured at Spanking Sarah – you will be glad to know that all films shown here are totally exclusive and you won’t find them at any of the other networks such as the equally excellent English-Spankers.com

Costings for the site are reasonable too, considering the film quality (there are tons of free clips for you to check out on the tour pages to help you decide) and the variety of the girls and spanking stories available, for less than $30 a month this British themed sex and spanking site is hard to beat! For those that want a little naughtiness with their spankings with a rude theme surrounding one girl’s naughty life… then this could be the site for you!

Oh… and below is a bonus clip of Shannon getting her audition at Spanking Sarah… Enjoy! Chief.

A Bonus Spanking Post!!!

I was about to add this to one of my other blogs but felt that it would be more appropriate here since these set of movies from Sarah have a far more grown up feel about them so I felt it wouldn’t be ideal to place on the Teen Spanking blog (but go check out that site as I shall be updating it afterwards with other material!)

Anyhoo… Sarah is the sort of woman that is an amazing switch with the girls, she is so so naughty… and if she gets the chance nowadays, she’ll take control where she can with any unsuspecting girl… which I really do get off on… but of course she is still extremely submissive when it comes to men and that side I love too… seeing her chastised and then thrashed and put in her place in such a quintessentially English style spanking site makes this a rather unique site and I have ALWAYS enjoyed reviewing it. Her range & tastes are quite varied and if you throw in some very naughty sex scenes… then we have an unmissable site that has grown over the years as Sarah shows no sign of slowing down, and in fact her behavior is getting more and more disgraceful… fortunately! 😀

Random, I know… But I could imagine Sarah & Verity above! 🙂

The below series of films are taken with Sarah and Verity… which involves female lust, revenge, punishments, embarrassment and a double punishment when both these horny females are put in their place! let the review mayhem begin… below images contain some delightful sexual female foreplay, making out and good hard scenes of good old fashioned trouser rousing punishments!

spanking spank related fun

Early in her spanking life Sarah was taken advantage of by Verity but now the time has come for a spanking revenge on this young madam and Sarah allows Verity to think she has the upper hand before reminding her of what happened in the past and gives her a hard grown up spanking that makes Verity cry out in shame and sheer embarrassment of this role reversal! See the free preview below:

Continuing on with Verity’s punishment, Sarah explores Verity’s beautiful wet pussy which is so so inviting and this almost distracts her from carrying out further punishment but eventually pulls herself away from that amazing sight between Verity’s thighs to punish this sex mad girl for all the abuse she had received off her in the past. Sarah used a thick black leather paddle that covered all of Verity’s beautiful big bum perfectly, making it red & sting like hell in no time…

rude girl on girl punishment

& finally in the very latest new movie which is now out to download in full, Sarah gets really dirty with Verity… pandering to Verity’s wanton needs, Sarah decides a bit of Fem Dom play would sort out this slut and uses a strap on dildo much to Verity’s obvious relief as her swollen wet pussy gratefully accepts Sarah’s piece as she humps her… but the girls are caught and to add further embarrassment they are both thrashed with the paddle and then the cane by a furious Mr Stern who ensures there’s no more mucky behavior going on behind his back! As it’s the latest film I’ve covered a few more images as there’s a lot of action going on as you’ll see below! Enjoy… I most ceratinly did!

If you’re after a naughty grown up girl who enjoys sex and serious spanking punishments with this British twist… then please go check out the further extensive tour pages HERE (if you haven’t already) and decide for yourselves. SpankingSarah.com is from the makers of the excellent English-Spankers.com – so those who like that site will no doubt already be well aware of sarah as she appears often here too!

Have a great evening… Chief

Spanking & Sex

Ok, this is something I don’t always feature but it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it and I’m sure you all know the site I’m about to let you in on… it features a real life spanko called Sarah (from England). Her site has really well made films that revolve around her and her many scrapes (or should that be spankings?) she gets into and her many guest stars. It nearly always co stars the long suffering Leo and the lucky fella with a surprisingly large member (ahem) that is always getting sucked off in between him spanking or getting to also fuck some of the naughty women on this site! It’s a typical British no nonsense reality spanking and sex site, no glammed up Hollywood starlets or slutty bimbos faking orgasm etc – just the way I like it! The more you check out the amazing  sample vids, the more you realize just what an excellent real life explicit spanking site this is, and we all know that spankings and sex easily go together, whether at the same time between loving couples or for the pleasure and later pain of a punishment that follows.

The below images show Sarah and her friends either getting spanked or performing some wonderful sex acts. If you click on any of the images below these will directly download a sample HD spanking punishment and/or sexually themed movie clip! I hardly need to mention the state of my trousers watching this, it’s mucky, it’s horny, it’s downright filthy, but above all it’s addictive spanko viewing! I think you will be seeing me regularly review all her forthcoming updates that this wonderfully hot British MILF Spanko has to offer! “I haz wood!”  😀


Sarah the waitress takes a spanking from the boss then she looks for solace with the chef. This comes at a price. After giving him a blow job she is paddled on her bare bottom till she is unable to sit down!


When young Rachel goes for a job interview she is determined to get it. She does alright!  A stiff cock in her mouth as she gives the hotel owner a blow job however it’s not long before the new waitress has been disrespectful to the breakfast guests and now she must be punished and she’s disciplined, bent over with her big delicious bottom thrashed in the kitchen!


Sarah is on the look out for a bargain and a spanking then the glass salesman calls. She shows him what she has in mind then shows off her body then sucks on his cock! Sarah never knows when to say no. Now the salesman is demanding more so Sarah has to bend over his knee for a blistering bare bottom spanking as well!


Young Ellie wants to be a spanking model and Sarah wants to be a spanker. After spanking Ellie she is in trouble and both girls will be spanked and paddled. Both she and Ellie they are bent over and given the paddle on their bare bottoms. This will teach them a lesson!

There is so much more but these sample vids and cute storylines and some guest models give you a great idea what this site is all about! HOT spankings and plenty of naughtiness too! Check out the HOME PAGE as it contains shed loads of promotional and movie reviews – decide for yourself, it’s well worth a look!!!