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Weekend of Severe Spanking & Caning

Hope you are all well this weekend – Want to know what I was watching today? Firstly, I watched a classic old movie which I hadn’t seen in ages but when you take a look at the pictures from it, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate why I liked this! The film is taken from Long Play & Classic Movie Specialists CALSTAR – I checked out their tour pages and they’ve added a ton of long play films since I was last a member so this is one site well worth taking a look at if you’re into realistic spankings and proper storylines!


Wow…love the before and after images? Well, when you see what poor Callie take in this old Brit long play classic, she’s spanked and caned hard downstairs, and her aching buttocks are finally relieved with some cream, I’m not ashamed to say this movie was rather “Trouser-rousal-riffic” ™ Chief. I’ve also got you some naughty punishment pics which accompanied this film below! Retro-tastic spankings!




Anyone who has had a membership at this site will realize just how big a long play movie site it is and what you get with your membership is a massive archive of movies, some are in better quality than others, the older ones are starting to look dated by today’s high standards but the newer films added reflect this and more than make up for the older films that have, say a 500kbs playback rate which was fine in 2005 but nowadays many want HD quality… but of course what this site had an edge over the HD sites is that this stuff is “vintage” and if you’re into seeing a variety of proper long play discipline movies with good storylines then Calstar is a must see!!! 

There’s 100’s hours of long play movies, if that won’t keep you busy downloading, what the hell will? See for yourself more on what they offer on their new look Tour Pages HERE


More rooting around another site’s archives and came across this l’il beauty at the SpankPass – this as we all know by now, is a specialist multi spanking movie and image site, it’s all they do, and is loved by spanking movie lovers for their vast archives with one set of codes. A bit like this oldie from way back in 2004! How do I know? Well, it stars teenager Debbie Fraser, one of my all time favorite stars, and what’s more, I have a great story about Debbie, but I’ll let you guys in on that at the end. The bonus in this movie is she stars with the equally wonderful Cat, now sadly retired from “the Scene”, but not before she filmed a whole lot of stuff EXCLUSIVE to the Xerotics sites.

Cat (left) & Debbie with her Princess Leah hair-buns 🙂

So rambling aside, take a look at the images taken from the movie, these girls are hot and I never tire of seeing them punished, love the outdoors bit as well, it was freezing the day that was shot, they couldn’t wait to get inside, only it meant a warmed bottom instead, but I think they were past caring by then! Members can of course see more, but enjoy these snippets!





Chief’s snippet of the day: I remember Debbie well becasue I had to go pick her up at Manchester Airport and take her to the filmshoot 2 hours drive away. The poor girls was suffering from a cold but was game and a real trooper… I think she was a little nervous, stuck in the car witha stranger in a foreign country… but she opened up on day 2 of the weekend filmshoot and made some of the most memborable films! I had heard the poor girl got fired when she got back to the states as she viewed herself in a film online at work (oops!) yup, Debbie… your films definitely were NOT worksafe! Debbie: If by chance you are reading this, I certainly hope you are fine! 😀 


Finally today one of my fave girls from Holland and I was so taken with watching this great humiliating and severe spanking from REAL-LIFE-SPANKINGS that I sent a clip up on Teen-Spankings Tube – I have made it available for immediate viewing below with the embedded clip here and I have added a free gallery that showcases Angel’s very tearful punishment throughout as she sobs and cries beautifully during her discipline and the ultimate in humiliation at the end – sitting on Mike’s infamous punishment stool with hard sharp rubber edges making her already sore red bottom sting just a little but more!

Her crime? She failed to pay her bills on time!!! Check images and clip below





See the largest EXCLUSIVE Archive past and present of Angel only from Real Life Spankings


Halloween Spankings Update

Happy Halloween Weekend, I’m actually not a big fan of the kids “Trick or Treating” so have set bear traps outside our door, if the little blighters want to venture further, they are most welcome 😉

Well, I suppose that means I can post some odd images to start with, including something I just don’t get, who the f*ck would SERIOUSLY wear these shit costumes? I know these are taken from American stores etc, but WTF??? Seriously! WTF! (I think you’ll see below)

These people need to get out more, apart from buying yet more pumpkins to slaughter!

that’s more like it on a spanking blog… though I think I’ll keep my hands to myself! LOL

Ok, I got bored, I did this one… heh heh. Jack & the redheads having a “Happy Halloween”

Then – seriously… WTF are these below all about? Are you really supposed to wear these and get drunk? I may have become a grumpy ol’ git but whoever bought these as a good idea ought to have their genitalia removed to prevent reproduction, ’nuff said!


OK, so here we are, it’s Halloween, my only themed one I’m going to cover is something a little different, so bear with me, but fair play to those at Divine Bitches (a Fem Dom site) click image below for a look at this new movie review!

Hmmm, it’s hardly “True Blood” (my fave vampire series by far) but it’s an interesting attempt at something quirky and of course it’s from the folk at KINK.com Network who have a massive plethora of sites that cover submission, bondage and spankings, something which I’m sure you’d easily find to your taste!


OK, I just watched the full length movie of carla (below) and I think you’ll enjoy some of the screen grabs you can view of this teenager caught getting in late, drunk (probably wearing one of those lame costumes!) and then daring to argue and cheek back so here she is the following day, hungover and feeling sorry for herself as she is given a very humiliating punishment with her big bottom stuck high in the air, and her most private parts splayed like a “bitch on heat” as her ample buttocks are seriously welted with the belt! Ouch!!!

Check out the Free Belt Clip of Carla’s sore red bottom HERE

This movie and all the other movies are EXCLUSIVE and not found elsewhere, which is nice – from TheBareBottom.com


Now below is something I was looking at earlier today, checking out the archives of the 4 Site Spankpass (the SpankingDigital section) and watched this old movie again, a couple of girls are given a hard time for loafing about in the country house and not attending to the irate owner’s water feature outside in the rear garden… all will become clear as this spanko uses this as an excuse to bare their bottoms and have his way, all enjoyable nonsense to watch, of course!

The choice of the 4 Site Spankpass is that you can pay for this monthly and of course it works out vastly cheaper than the 4 sites combined! Click on banners below for more info and options!


OK… onto the next round of site networks and Amber Dawn has been busy recently but before I continue, be prepared for some serious trouser rumblings as if you’re into viewing girl on girl discipline and sexy nastiness then this latest update from Amberspanks.com with brunette Marlena will be right up your street! I’m standing to attention already as I’ve seen this movie! Amber plays with Marlena’s ass and pussy with her hands, rubbing and stroking the sexy model, kissing and caressing her body and pert bum whilst also using some vibrating toys to bring off this gorgeous hussy, but Amber is visably turned on too, spanking and strapping that sweet red bubble butt of super sexy Marlena! & I’m loving the pigtail look too! Wowsers!!!

Ok, must stop posting more images…I am aching “down below” heh heh! Seriously, I am liking the naughty nasty Amber and this update is no different, giving us ol’ pervs what we want to see! Check out MORE only from Amberspanks.com

Don’t forget to check out Amber’s excellent blog as she has posted a load of images like the one below where she got published with Hustler – isn’t she HOT???


Finally today, I had to make a choice as it’s been awhile since I showed you what Sarah Gregory has been up to, so I have included a free clip (playable on VLAN Player or REAL Player if you need to download these) and as it co stars the very naughty Sinn Sage this movie is well worth a look here, then seriously take a look at Sarah’s TOUR PAGES and check out all her recent updates, this site is getting hotter by the day!

Sarah tried to fool her strict and jealous girlfriend, Sinn Sage, by pretending to go to work but she is in fact sneaking off for a “date” with a guy which infuriates Sinn when a mis placed phone call from the dumb chap alerts her to what is going on, she orders he tell sarah to get home as she is CHEATING on her! So cue Sinn making Sarah strip all her clothes off and get over her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking with her hand, strap, and leather paddle in more than one sexy position until Sinn herself gets hot and horny and removes her top to get a little more down and dirty with her subdued girly, sarah who we see her make out with at the end! Mmm, very naughty and of course Trouser Arousal Alerts are natuarlly at MAX!

Seriously, check out the site if you haven’t already, some of the more recent stuff of Sarah really is worth a look! CLICK HERE for the tour pages review


Ah yes… before I go, I mentioned yesterday my extreme annoyance with one Miss Elizabeth Simpson! The reason I got fed up was because I had been bombarded by her asking me to help out with her blog time and time again. Now, as I pointed out, I don’t mind helping out but I am very busy myself and haven’t been updating some of my blogs etc as I had wanted, but the abuse I got for not helping her when she clearly couldn’t be bothered herself really pissed me off! So I told her I would be posting and making up a special gallery and free clip in her honor. At first she was impressed until I told her it was her most feared film CANED AND BUGGERED then she got really stroppy again with me. I politely pointed out I didn’t WORK for HER or the company she is with so if she didn’t like it, go complain to them. They just said so what you have to do, as I have more than helped out in the past, so the result of it was that Elizabeth was found out to be lazy, got stroppy when she didn’t get her way, now it’s all blown up in her face as this is the one movie she thought she could keep under wraps. NEVER piss me off, Elizabeth, there’s heaps more embarrassing goodness out there! She relented in the end and I will help her out when I can, but I will not be pressured into anything, my time is too previous and I have other shit going on in my life besides helping her out have more time to put her feet up and glug back a bottle of fine red!

So there you have it, thanks to Elizabeth’s petulance, we all get to remember her most HUMILIATING FILM! 😀

She should also be responding by way of apology on her own blog (I see nothing yet) but she has all of tommorow to get to it or she knows the score 😀

If you all want to see some new and amazing films from my spanking theater, remember it’s free to sign up and you get free time as well! Take advantage of this, below are some selected movies that people have been downloading!

“Happy Halloween” – if you’re into that sort of thing 😉

Friday Spanking Classics

Click here for more free content

Alrighty tthen, I’m a little pished cos I’ve had too much vino but here are some classics that I hope you enjoy! I’m sure I’ll post here some point this weekend before I collapse, but feel free to continue wishing me a happy St George’s day! heh heh

This is a great punishment movie classic from Girls Boarding School with one of my all time fave gairls there (Lisa) which at nearly 1000kbs playback is a nice and clear resolution. You can see for yourself with the 2 FREE Clips I have provided below along with some stills from the movie so you’ll appreciate the bare bottom story. Trouser arousal ratings are at MAX as it features Polish girl Lisa with a cracking lithe body and a perfect snivelling mideset! Watching her makes me “ache!” Some of you may know that I adore some of the East European girls we’re lucky enough to get to punish – Lisa certainly doesn’t let us down.

The Story: Lisa was told to clear up the kitchen but she ignores this & selfishly enjoys herself by the pool instead. Come sundown, and return home from work, her partner sees that she’s done absolutely nothing! He fetches his cane and waits for her to come in as the sun starts to set.

See the clip below of the first part of her caning whilst doing the washing up

Click here to play

This is only the start of what is to come as she really does get humiliated. Imagine cleaning the floor on your bare knees, bottom exposed and the cane biting into your exposed cheeks! Check the pics below of the story in brief!

I love the way she snivels as she is pursued around the hard marble kitchen floor, an excellent punishment movie! Check out the second clip below as Lisa tries to clean the floor on hands and knees whilst trying to avoid the cane! Good luck girl, Mr Lewis hardly ever misses!!!

click to play here

I’m not sure if this movie has been shown in such detail before but if you liked what you saw here, take a look at the FREE Tour Pages of Girls Boarding School and decide for yourself.

click here for the FREE Tour Pages

I decided to let you check out some older content I had from Spanked Cutie. This femdom punishment caught my eye so I watched the entire movie with glass of rioja about an hour ago! Although Tom’s missus Sophie from GBS stars in over 30 films, there is also some great content they get in. This Thief film was filmed in Budapest as I spied the newspaper “Pesterzsebet” on the cabinet! Yeah – I wondered what language they were speaking, but you get to understand EVERYTHING that is going on! There’s plenty of hard hitting and red welted bottom action..

Spanked Cutie tour pages HERE

Sadly I don’t know their names, but the dark haired girl is caught stealing cash from the cupboard and the striking blonde thrashes the living daylights out of her with a horrible looking tawse! Check out the EXCLUSIVE FREE Clip that I cut myself for you (below)
There are also bonus pics and images from this movie so you get to see what it’s about!

click here to play

Doesn’t she cry beautifully? & check out those quivering buttocks!

It got me all of a quiver watching the entire movie, oh my..LOL! I quite like seeing these waif like East Euro teens thrashed, see the images below.

There are also some higher res photo stills taken from the movie below.

click here for more films

Finally, I wanted to remind you of this naughty religious nutter spanking classic from SpankingOnline delves into the murky world of catholic discipline of errant females as recounted by our models with this fantastic classic. I loved the set, the costumes, the film work and the image set which was perfect. Check this out below plus a couple of Exclusive pics courtesy of SpankingBlogg

click here
Check out the exclusive images below (reduced in size from the originals)

Yes, that’s a huge bible opened at Ezekiel from the Old Testament with some damning chapters of retribution! Check out more images available from the very latest update at  SpankingOnline.com

click here

OK, have a great weekend everyone! I’m rather worse for wear… 😉 Chief