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Medical, Intimate & Spanking Fetishes

sunday_school_dunce_catOne of my core kinks within the spanking genre is humiliation – nothing quite gets me off when there is a genuine submission and acceptance of one’s fate, no matter how embarrassing or intimate. I brought that about facilitated by the person’s behaviour in the first place… perhaps he or she wasn’t playing ball or being defiant or cheeky, unwilling to accept they had done wrong, seek forgiveness… or accept their responsibility. That’s fine by me, I role play this a lot in private and will think nothing of awarding boring cornertime to make my subject realize that they will not win… I have all day, I’m not the one stood naked in the corner looking foolish… want to play up? Fine! That’s an extra 15 minutes naked cornertime followed by the knowledge I just placed a heavy wooden paddle on the floor in front of them… they will get that when the time is due! Pretending to be ill? Even better, “Fetch me my rectal thermometer… and no, it’s too late to say sorry”. Base this around varied and unexpected spanking style punishments and I will always get my way in the end… I did a male spanking session recently based around these core values and the gentleman concerned LOVED the humiliation and hard punishment which he said were a relief in the end! Yes… I punish both guys and girls. I enjoy the different dynamics that this brings. men always can take punishments harder (in general) that’s not to say the ladies don’t get whacked good when needed or agreed to in advance… but I also want to move away from beating guys senseless (which I have, thankfully) … there is so much more to their overall punishment than that (however, I’ll happily cold cane you and beat you if that’s what you want, of course, lol!)

Oh, by the way… if there are any of you subs out there (male or female) who think they can handle a different punishment perspective from me, do get in touch. You know you want to – want to be thoroughly punished and cleansed of your guilt only a good session will do? It’s something I think I am rather good at (I have learnt a lot from Sarah G’s topping sessions) and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Just drop me a line at webmaster (at) aaaspanking.com << join this together and substitute the (at) for an @ – title your email “session”. We can discuss requirements and anything else further.

So to today, as well as some spanking updates I enjoyed viewing… I have a few of my core kinks as mentioned which are covered in a variety of situations… you’ll see these at the end of this post!

OK… let’s start with Sarah Gregory’s latest update in which I played her “daddy” in the true sense for the first time… I can remember feeling a little uneasy at first but soon brought my own unique perspective to the film but kept it believeable (no touching up Sarah, or groping her inappropriately as I might do if we played a couple, lol). No, I had other means to embarrass and humiliate this daughter verbally and ensured by the end of the punishment that she was genuinely sulking and contrite… this was new (and exciting) for me to film alongside Sarah (Daddy and Mommy/Daughter style punishments are one of her core kinks) and I enjoyed filming it!

Out now to view in Full 1080HD at SarahGregorySpanking.com – Social Media Spanking


Sarah has been letting all her friends know via Facebook that she has been grounded. Daddy doesn’t want their business posted all over the internet, especially since she is not supposed to be using her phone to begin with. He marches up to her room to chastise her, taking her phone back, and for posting that she is grounded online. He gives Sarah a humiliating spanking she won’t quickly forget for her naughty behaviour.

0180_social_media_spanking_stills-002 0180_social_media_spanking_stills-008

0180_social_media_spanking_grabs1-034 0180_social_media_spanking_grabs1-036

0180_social_media_spanking_grabs1-040 0180_social_media_spanking_grabs1-043

0180_social_media_spanking_stills-018 0180_social_media_spanking_stills-027




One such young lady that revels in her humiliation of her peers through her unique punishment style is Zoe Page… as I was talking about medical fetishes earlier, this film and excellent image still set that accompanies the movie “Doctors and Nurses” taken from my site AAAspanking.com

002 003

004 005

007 008

009 010

012 013

014 015

Nurse Page had come far in her short time at work & had all the qualities of the classic Matron patients & staff knew from the glorious days of the National Health Service (NHS). She knew her job, she took no nonsense from staff & lived for giving unruly patients wet, uncomfortable bed baths, she was also a stickler for strict discipline! Zoe was often resentful of the junior & trainee doctors who thought they knew it all & were disrespectful to her nursing staff. Miss Fox had no choice but to rent a room at Nurse Page’s place when accommodation elsewhere was full & she had had to put up with some rather bizarre discipline sessions! This punishment involved Zoe’s wonderful trumped up excuses, Aleesha’s bewilderment & acceptance of these naughty rituals unique to Zoe… this time with an array of several hairbrushes & a stinging wooden ruler that would be used across Aleesha’s bared anatomy whilst still dressed in her medical Scrubs!

See MORE of Zoe’s varied and interesting punishment styles HERE


At DreamsOfSpanking.com – this week Erica Scott learns what a humbling experience it is to go over Paul Kennedy’s lap when she seriously pisses him off by destroying his precious paperwork. Images and the preview scene are taken from the HD film – Workaholic:

Erica Scott needs attention from her workaholic husband Paul Kennedy, but a hard spanking isn’t what she’s after. When she tears up his work, he punishes her with a hairbrush and leather strap.

Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic004 Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic015

Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic009 Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic031

Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic048 Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic056 Dreams-of-Spanking_workaholic064


Incarceration and prison style reformatory punishments are always interesting to me, especially when it involves pretty naughty young ladies such as Leandra at the “Masonfield Prison for Women” which means I have just checked out and viewed the latest movie update from Spanked in Uniform – it’s pretty darned good, of course it would be…. I have a lot of time for Leandra having had the “pleasure” of spanking her amazing naughty bottom myself!

The Shoes: Leandra in Masonfield Prison for Women


ep7_3 ep7_4

ep7_5 ep7_6

ep7_7 ep7_8


During an unscheduled inspection, a pair of black high heel shoes were found in prisoner Leandra’s cell and she was summoned to the Warden’s office. When she was asked how the shoes got into the prison, she refused to answer so the Warden took her across his knee and spanked her soundly until she confessed that her boyfriend had smuggled them in.



Finally today… as promised earlier, humiliating punishments and  compromising embarrassing positions (from some sister sites) makes up this little known but rather more interesting of Russian punishment sites (for starters they don’t beat the crap out of the girls which is refreshing!) – check out Spanking Them in this typically embarrassing time for another young lady flouting strict dress codes and being punished in front of her detractor too!


Tjana feels what it’s like to ignore the strict rules of the establishment – her most embarrassing punishment yet… stripped of her clothing and then spanked, strapped and flogged in front of her colleague until she dare not flout the regulations again!

003 006

007 008

009 010

011 011A

Check out the freeviews available and see for yourself what Spanking Them offers


I have also decided to showcase a couple of sister sites of theirs which covers probably the most humiliating and embarrassing acts which also covers medical fetish play and intimate examinations with clothed people/naked girls. All deliciously wicked and hot!!!

004 004a 004b

004c 005

006 007

009 010

012 014 (1) 015



& in a similar site, this one deals with the humiliation of strip searches and the embarrassment of being naked and undressed in front of those who are not! I get this fetish and there is of course a pervy twist of a theme of interrogations and powerplays… the girls are totally submissive in this circumstance, naturally. Take this example of Leyla…

001 (1)

001 (2) 002 (2)

003 (1) 003 (2)

006 (1)

004 007 (1)


008 (1) 010 (2)

010 (3) 011 (2)


Check out TotallyUndressed.com for all your dominant and submissive needs…



New Spanking Site News!

As I promised yesterday… I am getting back to you but only with one site update as I have run out of time (working all bloody day!!!) so here are some catch up images from a new fave site that I know will do well even if it isn’t in English… it is rather promising – it really doesn’t matter too much as you’ll see 🙂

I really think you should take a look at it… mainly because I have been in touch with the guys that run the humiliation and examination sites I have shown in the past… so when I saw this they let me take a quick nose around! They film out of Russia… which means the girls are NOT seen anywhere else on spanking sites… and unlike some Russian sites I could mention, they are far from brutal… instead concentrating on a sexual and humiliation angle with some good decent spanking action that leaves every girls/ladies bottom perfectly tanned and reddened… they have concentrated on their niche that they already know so well and got in some nice ladies that I’m sure you will approve of… so let’s take a quick peek at the new site SpankingThem.com (from the makers of Special Examinations that I shall remind you all of in a mo).

I will introduce you to 2 of my fave girls from this site today that I have enjoyed watching… and if you stay tuned you can see more or take a peek on their home page (links coming up)

The 1st is college girl Tanya… who faces a rather humiliating session with her professor who has ways of ensuring his girls never fail in exams again by stripping, cuffing, whipping and spanking them naked over his knee followed by some toy play for his viewing pleasure… and in case Tanya should say anything, he takes some images to ensure she’s a good little girl! This is hot humiliation and discipline, it’s Russian… and best of all, it ain’t nasty or brutal!!! Check out gorgeous 18 year old Tanya first of all!

tanya0 tanya1 tanya2

tanya3 tanya4



tanya7 tanya8

tanya9 tanya10 tanya11

[jwplayer mediaid=”27225″]

CLICK HERE to view more downloads of beautiful embarrassed student, Tanya!

There are also femdom and lezdom humiliation spankings with a frightening dyke type ma’am (I don’t know her name, it isn’t mentioned) who really gets off punishing her girls for her own wicked self gratification… but as you’ll see, I don’t blame her for getting unsuspecting Ester’s kit off too when she goes in for a routine examination on yet another trumped up excuse and is subjected to all sorts of unfair discipline… “Spanking Them” style! Ester has the most amazing pair of jiggling natural large breast! So refreshing… and a spankable ass to die for!!!

ester0 ester1 ester2

ester3 ester3a



ester6 ester7

ester6a ester8 ester9

Check out the free clip of Ester’s humiliating punishment – that also involves some forced toy play!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”27240″]

To see more girls like the 2 above, check out new site Spankingthem.com


This new site is from the makers of Special Examination!
click the links and images below for special preview gallery pages

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATION






Nom Nom Nom! 🙂


Spanking Punishments…”something something” Dark Side!

Every now and then I like to view something a little more gripping, a little more nasty, just a little more edgy at times and with the punishments and/or humiliation/tears that follow… well today is such a day and I wanted to share with you what I have been watching, mainly institutional stuff today, so forgive me if this isn’t quite your thing… there will be plenty of other days where I will post my usual offerings and reviews!

So without wasting any further time, one punishment I watched again this morning was that of Caroline Grey (I seem to be watching a lot of her recently…. not that I’m complaining as Caroline has pretty much experienced all the highs and lows of spankings and incarceration, which is partly a theme I have today and where better to show some of her most tearful work than at Bars-and-Stripes.com where she is dragged out of bed at night, half asleep and hauled over the lap of a masked spanker and his accomplice and they proceed to thrash the living daylights out of Prisoner Grey until they leave her a blubbering mess to contemplate their actions…. it’s quite a grim film but one which I thoroughly got into and Caroline’s tears at the end looked quite real after that ordeal! there’s a great long play clip below and I have managed to find some (ahem) security screen stills from the entire gruelling 15 minute ordeal she went through (shhh… don’t tell the prison about it!)

 A selection of CCTV shots taken from the moment they woke her up until they left her in a heap on the floor…




I had also managed to sneak in a few images, especially at the end where Caroline is back in bed and a mass of tears… something something “dark Side” indeed, eh?


This episode is just one of many with Caroline at Bars-and-Stripes.com


Cripes… how do I follow that? Well, Mood-Pictures.com have something a little more interesting than their usual “flog em to death” routine which I’m pleased to report (yes, not all their movies are so mind numbingly severe, thankfully). & now we can download the HD versions online of many of their top selling films at one new membership site – & as an example I particularly enjoyed this film (below) as they had put a lot of thought and effort into a Roman/Slave type scenario!

Women were bought and sold like cheap throwaway commodities as slaves and sexual objects back in the heyday of the Roman Empire… so as you’ll see from the images below, these girls are 1st used and groped by the various males of the household withtheir new purchases but are then thrashed by the new mistress who takes a dislike to the new attractive girls fearful that her husband will use them for his own sexual pleasure! Although some of the canings are really severe (they leave the trademark “Mood welts”, as I’d call them) they aren’t blood curdingly awful as some of their films which is why I actually “enjoyed” watching this film. I know there are those that “get off” on seeing a girl thrashed to pieces… but that’s not me, I still like to see spankings as somewhat sexual in nature and I just couldn’t “get off” personally seeing a girl thrashed beyond her levels and in obvious distress… but each to their own, I guess.






There are also additional options at the new site where you can choose just to download a movie of your choice or perhaps purchase a DVD for a one off fee, of course. Check out their new look if you haven’t already.


I had to sneak in at least one institutional schoolgirl type punishment and as I had missed the very recent update of Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford I thought it best to check out the second part of their ongoing punishment for daring to defy Mr Johnson…

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake have been given detention till the end of term every Wednesday afternoon untill they give the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was forbidden. This is the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom and Pandora was given the same when she comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute.







You can also check out the other uniform niche punishments being updated this week HERE


& to finish today, something a little different, it’s not spanking but covers the aspect of humiliation of females in the context of medical examinations. I have been asked about this before (why I liked this)… maybe it’s me imagining myself as the Doc or knowing how embarrassed the girls might feel as they go through a variety of intimate and unwanted examinations? I loved playing a Doc recently in an Examination Room Set… although I actually spanked the patient/nurse (delete as applicable) it just seems rather erotic and pervy, maybe harking back to the days of playing “Doctors & Nurses” perhaps… but here there is a dark side to these examinations, I think. Being from Russia, I can only imagine these (admiteddly gorgeous girls) are doing this purely for the money… why else would they do this on film? Anyways, I have some of the latest galleries below which should show you just what they get up to… and I have a link to an old established gallery that has a whole ton of further very naughty examination content!

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS






Readers of one of my other blogs might have seen me review a great film from Lupus Spanking – it’s, ahem… set in an Examination Room, click on the image below for the full blog review I did and a further look at the movie with free previews/images you’d expect etc…

Hope you enjoyed the darker side of what I’d been viewing recently, comments and such are always much appreciated
Regards, Chief.

PS. Tomorrow I will be reviewing some damned hot spanking entertainment which I’m looking forward to downloading later this evening in a darkened (locked) room, with some fine wine and a big fat cigar & loose fitting trousers as I decide on what to review! It’s a hard life, eh?