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AAA Membership Prices


News Announcement

One benefit of being a part of the SG Group (now owned & operated from the USA!)

This is a take on an older announcement from last year so it has been slightly amended to reflect the more competitive pricing which we know will attract more members. Quality and pricing is always an emotive issue, currently, so a review of what can be taken as a minimum with operating costs/shoots planned and travel etc. means there is a new pricing structure. This will particularly interest those who have taken out longer term and loyalty memberships in the past… ALL pricing is lowered: whether it is the standard 30 day non recurring membership or the monthly rebilling membership, these are all priced in excess of 10-15% less than this time last year… the longer term memberships work out to as little as $12.50/month – (New Annual Subscription) *now available at both *CCBill AND *Epoch billing agents – that isn’t bad at all, is it? If you’ve never joined than there are currently 290+ HD films, lots of fantastic image stills and every film has an extensive video gallery which captures the action –  this site has one of the easiest membership areas to navigate around and find what you want! The films are also shown in HTML5 formats for instant viewing without downloading too! Rebills are dead easy to cancel, just contact me here or via the CCBill/Epoch support links or via the webmaster at aaaspanking.com email address and it will be easily dealt with…


Just CLICK HERE for the full 9 page tour which still includes over 20 quality free video clips and well over 290 detailed film reviews for you to check over on the tour pages… or if you know all that, Click HERE to access the join page and sign up to the cheaper top value membership of your choice!

This is not a special offer, just a review of the pricing so take advantage of it while it remains… but it could stay as a permanent option for the website too… as well as that, some of you may now notice that non American currency sign ups were always a little pricier in the past (Euros and Pound Sterling especially for prospective members from those country blocks). Not any more! The exchange rates now worked out are far more equitable: This has been changed after consultation with CCBill so this is in fact another incentive to join up too as we noticed that prices in the past could be bumped up by as much as 5% – see that at another website, then ask them to change it – as this is a default setting which favors the billing agents to make more money after producers set their prices… that’s all changed! Just because you had to choose Euros or Australian Dollars! We recommend that you look up currency exchange site XE.com who will show you what the interbank rates are for a fair guide of what the conversions should come close to – New Rebilled memberships will remain at their new lowered pricing regardless if there are changes to cost of joining in the near future … This notice is oputdated as i used to own this website but naturally have feelings for it and help promote it as an affiliate, but of course this policy was brought about by the fact it joined the fab sites of Sarah Gregory – which also has the same policy!


sarah Gregory Spanking

Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass



It’s that time of the year again when we all think towards Xmas and what naughty Spanko Santa has hidden in his huge sack for us this year! Well, as all our supermarkets are going crazy for the festive season, I thought I’d join in and bring a little Xmas cheer of my own. Not only is there the Loyalty Membership (more on that in a moment) but for those who want to purchase DVDs – now is your chance to at a limited fantastic price with lower shipping costs too, (this is an experiment of mine as I WILL put the prices back up and I’m doubting I will repeat this too often in the future!) – So I’d get these in quickly to avoid disappointment before Xmas as they are dependent on all our overstretched postal services bringing you your naughty movie discs on time before you have a Joyful Noel! I have some FAQs on these as well.


I won’t go into detail on the DVDs as you can check out the DVD page HERE – however, there are interesting sets to collect, including 2 Schoolgirl Volumes, and other themes like Cheergirls, the Spanking Bench & Wheelbarrow Positions (both the current best sellers as there are a couple of films on there not seen yet!) and also by actress such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Kami Robertson or Mishka Devlin….


Then there are a few additional membership options which are great deals… the Loyalty Membership options are best shown on the join up page – CLICK HERE and you will see what is available. The best mid to long term recurring deal is the $32.95 first month sign up followed by the same amount then recurring every THREE months meaning membership after this costs just $11/Month until you cancel… the longer you stay the more you save as the site gets bigger and bigger. It’s the last time this offer is made at this price and you can get locked in if you sign up BEFORE Xmas!

Don’t like that? Then there’s also a Non Recurring ANNUAL Deal from my secondary billing agent too – CLICK HERE (works out at $12.50/month)



& to show you what is coming in addition to this week’s updates (click on images for the latest free galleries below)

aaa1 aaa2

The following week there’s another fantastic “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” meaning you get 3 full films next week as well as the conclusion to the long play Zoe Montana Cold Caning Film… that’s an impressive amount of content coming your way (well over 1.5 – 2Gb of data next week alone!) – I am going to give you 4 images of each film so you can see for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory

aaa001 aaa002 aaa003 aaa004 aaa005 aaa006

Lily Swan

aaa007 aaa008 aaa009 aaa010 aaa011 aaa012

Rosie Ann

aaa013 aaa014 aaa015 aaa016 aaa017 aaa018



& just so you know what should be coming up over the following weeks…
Check out the images taken from these films!

In no particular order what you can expect, just a few of the films, there are many more with new girls stunning Candle Boxx & Isobel Wren I filmed at Fetishcon in Tampa… Angel Lee  in Chicago & Stevie Rose in Las Vegas which will see us through to the New Year in style plus the Xmas Film I will be making with Sarah Gregory for this site too!

comingsoon001 comingsoon002 comingsoon003 comingsoon004 comingsoon005 comingsoon006 comingsoon007 comingsoon008 comingsoon009 comingsoon010 comingsoon011 comingsoon012 comingsoon013 comingsoon014 comingsoon015 comingsoon016 comingsoon017


Get this Pricing while you can!

This post was written a few months ago but I wanted to remind you all as it is still relevant… and because of the continued decrease in the US Dollar against the Euro and Pound – it would appear I am being priced out of keeping a promise I made. I have tried, I really have… to all those locked into lower recurring or existing memberships, then you are fine and these won’t change for the life of your membership (or until your card expiry or some bullshit changes it) – I had even thought about changing the currency to UK Pounds Sterling… But I know that this sometimes causes confusion so as I used to work in Retail ForEx I’ll take away some of your confusion (there really are some people out there that believe there is only the Dollar and any other pricing is just wrong – sigh) so I will keep it as it is… but I think within the next month or so I shall have to up the pricing again… even at just a Dollar extra, it’s still amazing value, however I think it is more than likely to be a couple of Dollars at this rate. I have upgraded the dedicated servers that the sites I run are hosted on at considerable cost too behind the scenes (believe it or not… the transition went so smoothly no one has noticed!) Anyway, just wanted to forewarn you guys… get in NOW while the pricing is cheaper, I don’t think it will be at the price it is currently ever again…. unless of course the Dollar gains considerable value and gives me a chance to offer concessions where possible… these are the joys of being a European based webmaster!

Check out my original post (below)
A new post with what is coming up THIS WEEK will follow shortly!


I know the Dollar is starting to become weak and rubbish again… typical, just as I had introduced my special lower price promises too which some of you have been taking up, including a new trial promotion which you can only find out about by clicking on the sign up page (I’m not going to tell you so you will just have to see for yourself). I will honour this new pricing structure for as long as I feasibly can… I can’t say fairer than that! I have approx 75% of my sign ups now from North America, so I shall continue to increase this share where I can as you lovely people seem to like what I am doing. However, because my site is based on the US Dollar as the primary currency, for those accessing from outside America, you are always encouraged by the billing software to use your own currency and I know some people moan and bitch that it appears slightly more expensive (it deliberately marks up the US rate to encourage you to use your own currency as you are not from America), but the fact of the matter is your market share of sign ups to my site is nowhere near what I have from North America… it’s a fact of life.



One good thing is that sign ups have become remarkably cheaper for you all without me doing a single thing, in fact, over the past 4-5 months signing up from Europe, Japan or Australia, for example, means you already are paying around 15% less than you were before (yay!) – Add to that the recent lowering of prices across ALL options and the site has not been this cheap for years and the content and archives are growing at a fantastic rate… so naturally I am pleased that I think i really am offering you one of the best priced independent and originally produced content sites out there with the customer focused as number one. All new filmshoots now have HD1080 MP4 films and the older ones will all have MP4 and WMV720 as standard by the end of the year (I am going to go back and re upload the older 960×540 sized WMV films into 1280×720 formats where possible in my own time) these are mainly from the first year and within that time period I stopped uploading them in this smaller size, though of course they still look very reasonable, I want better – I won’t say anything, it will just happen over time.

ms-exch3-2873So what does the cheaper Dollar means to me? OK, not so good for me, of course as I have to get the processing companies to wire me the amounts weekly and that costs in the region of 50$ a week between banks (sigh) just for that privilege alone… nice eh? On top of the extra fees (around 20% off gross) on average plus increased hosting costs, as my hard drive space is running out fast, makes it more difficult to break even when I have to pay models on top of all this as I don’t do that much trade or am a model that can waive “her fee” like some, and of course I seem to be using all my spare time to update the site and write on my blogs etc… so why do I do it? It certainly isn’t for the money, of course, even though I wish it was – as this is now my only source of income (frighteningly) so when I see my stuff pirated , it depresses the hell out of me and makes me want to stop there and then, go find a regular mundane job again and just continue on with my life and make some real money… it’s something those leeches don’t understand. I do this for the love of it, I get a thrill out of making porn and spanking content, I love the whole process from planning through to editing and promotion in general, it’s like a drug… this is my sole job now, how would they like it if I took a portion of their income away, threatening their very life they lead, worrying if they can afford the mortgage or dreading the next car repair bill? That’s what I go though each and every month at the moment, I try to be upbeat about it as I chose this lifestyle when I left my regular job a few months back.

Remember all prices at my site ARE LOWERED across the board
including a secret Trial Offer I had placed up there!


As you will know, I am spending more time seeing Sarah Gregory in America. I love this girl and want to spend the rest of my life with her, that’s how I truly feel… that’s who I am at the moment… sgregoryso in case I know she will read this, it certainly is not your fault, baby… I made this decision and together we will work it out in the long run… I am rather hopeful as Sarah is a clever girl, full of ideas and we feed off each others… It’s just hard when I sometimes look at the current figures but I am upbeat about my future. Anyway, sales have been much better this month, I don’t mind telling you that I had a terrible February (one of the worst months I ever had since starting) and it got me really worried… I ask myself all sorts of questions, pore over stats, check like for like against last years etc… so this year, thanks to February, I am doing the same as last year… so March has saved my quarter… again I look at what went out in March against February, are there signs or was it just a winter blip? Did you know I go through these insecurities ? LOL! The joys of webmasters and producers! It’s a challenge but I get off on the fact that what I might make is what others, from both sexes, might want to view and support what I do by taking that plunge and becoming a member.

Well I have come up with another little “wheeze” for my valued members, it’s the sort of thing I’d like to see if I were a member, so I have decided to go for it and see if this helps at all. As you will see below starting from April (until further notice) I am introducing a “Freaky Fridays” event once a month (I was going to call if Fappers Friday… but do women fap?) I decided against “fappers or fapping” in case this was offputting (if you know me you will know from my films as well, that I am probably one of the most self deprecating guys out there, I am usually laid back and joke a lot… make fun of myself… maybe get a little emotional at times… it’s something Sarah finds hard as she told me she is “literal” – I could tell her nonsense and lies and she would take it seriously (literally) whereas my English counterparts would know I am joking or fibbing outright, so I am teaching Sarah to deal with my “un-literal-ness” – if there was such a word!


A brand new unseen film, uploaded in full on one random Friday without notice every month! I will announce it on Saturdays what was uploaded, but I want these to be nice surprises for my members. This rewards those who are on longer term memberships, but those one month fees should see at least one film too!

As I said, I have also noticed a pleasing increase in lady customers and emails sent to me supporting what I do, giving feedback, as requested from the members area, which I am acting on. Perhaps too, that is Sarah’s influence, I don’t know… in some of our films she has certainly changed what I do on occasion as you will see soon enough (spanking in onesie pyjamas, for example) – and I like the variety that I am producing now… you are going to see another new girl very soon in possibly one of the hardest films I had ever made – and that looks really good! I also have a vast archive of content that has not been released, so in amongst the new stuff there will be films from a few years ago popping up, I like to keep things as varied as possible 🙂

If you have any feedback, it is always best to mail me at the official web address:
webmaster (at) aaaspanking dot com <<< I think you can work that one out!


 I will be back with my usual promotional blurb later… until then, I hope you are all having a great weekend! Feel free to support me and my efforts HERE to bring you far more Anglo American spankings that I know many of you do enjoy! Chief x


I like to think that  as the site gets older, bigger and better, it provides us all with real value
unlike some things I’ve seen in our time, eh?