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Special Christmas Spanking Offer

I want to stress this is for a very short period of time and will be pulled not long after Christmas – you may have seen my angry tweets recently about one particular individual, a professional copyright thief, a content sharer from Eastern Europe who uses stolen credit cards to “purchase” a membership which eventually causes both myself & Sarah a great deal of pain with chargebacks or a high number of voided transactions when we spot the obvious fake sign ups. At AAA alone this month, I guess he has used at least 5 different cards (maybe more, I lost count) in between the dozens of failed sign ups when I personally kicked him out. So he is intent on ripping this site, just as he has done to the rest of the SG sites and countless other hard working spanking sites out there.

So I want to say a big F*CK OFF to him and offer you the chance of getting access to AAA Spanking on an initial 3 day Trial Offer for less than 10 Bucks. What do you get? You will have full access to 400 Films, and all their huge video galleries, including complete photo sets, all zipped for your ease of use and if you have a favorite model, check him/her out on the cast page for your added convenience. If you are one of those who always try to get your stuff for free *sigh – whatever*  well, just once try to help us and help yourself too! Seriously, I am talking just 10 lousy Dollars via the most trusted card processing network out there… and you don’t have to worry if the file you want (when you frequent those piracy forums) is still there or beg some other uploader for the file and wait. Treat yourself and at least HELP those producers like ourselves to continue producing content, as I can tell you, seeing all our content ripped just tears the spirit and joy of running a website from us all. Sarah and I have invested a lot of money, time and effort in getting content that we know many love (even those who want it all for free – sigh). Margins on any website nowadays are slim at best.

So I say again, go check out our special offer. This costs LESS than almost all the clips via the usual stores we also upload to, so go check out the offer and sign up on the special Xmas Banner (which looks like the one below) located on the front tour page or on the join page (it is only clicking on thise banners) – don’t see the Xmas banners, then ensure you REFRESH the webpages 🙂

What are you waiting for? This offer won’t be around for very long. Merry Christmas!

Want a reminder of what’s available?
Below are some much older galleries from our 7 years being in business!
Click on image to access the free gallery page. Enjoy!


spanking offer


Take advantage of a Special Offer

Just to remind you all… I had been mulling over how to reward those that wish to remain a longer term member and then decided to reprise this offer until Xmas… well, this option via CCbill should do the trick, I usually advise you to chose your own currency option, moewso now as the the site is priced in US Dollars – so in the Dollar zone you get exactly what you see and as about 70% plus of my membership are from North America, I can’t argue with that (thank you, by the way). I also have managed to remove the unfair rate fixing that was set by CCBill, however, this will remain only if there is interest from Europe – as I have realized that the difference in my revenue is considerable, so might switch it back on again like many other sites obviously do and I can see why. Well, we in Europe are used to paying more for everything, aren’t we? There is also the news that there are some tedious law changes happening in the UK which only affects new UK customers and UK based websites… you can now no longer use your debit or pre-paid cards issued from the UK as there are laws coming into force which can make sites liable that we are somehow corrupting under 18’s who have managed to find our kinky sites instead of jacking off to gay or straight porn on tubes, freesites and downloading pirated content (as I’m sure kids don’t actually pay for porn as such… but what do the lazy UK authorities know?) So I have decided to comply with their law and am also in the process of moving all my operations out of the UK although I will promote and update a site if I am in the UK, I have no editorial control whilst there). You’ll no doubt hear more of this over the coming weeks…

Anyway, I am digressing – back to this super offer!


Some will see that what I am doing might be folly, but I think this gives YOU, the decent paying customer… flexibility, I had trailed it out last year so those that do chose this option will be taking advantage of a deal FIXED until their cards fail to rebill or when they have had enough and decide to move on, saving a lot of money in the process! I am offering an initial month payment of $32.95 (it sounds a lot but continue reading) you choose this option as if you remain (and you should… otherwise choose the non recurring option of $28.95 or the lower standard recurring monthly subscription) as once the initial 30 days are up, the Reward Membership rebills at the same price… BUT FOR 90 DAYS! Work that out over a year, or for longer or as long as you feel you want to remain (it’s that choice thing again!)… this then starts to work out at an incredible $11 Dollars a month – and you start to see the massive savings you get! Now I’m not sure if I will continue to use this and have the right to pull it at any time as it’s a fairly long time until Xmas but for the next few weeks at least, I shall keep this option open and see how it goes 🙂

My way of giving something back to you guys! Hope you appreciate the offer and please do take advantage of my generosity (again) 🙂

Go to the site and see for yourselves, have a good start to the weekend!

click here to view AAAspanking.com

Don’t forget you can view the current Wheelbarrow spanking movies separately as a one time download option from the AAA Clips Store (see below) – the films are shown in 3 formats of your choice…

The 3 films (you can download individually) making up this week’s WHEELBARROW FESTIVAL



This was Lily Swan’s very first spanking in this revealing and intimate spanking position. She was intrigued and fascinated to see just how she might feel herself when put into such a position, especially as the cameras were there. What you will see is Lily’s untouched, unblemished white bottom turning red in this revealing position with no hiding place!



18 year old Rosie Ann asked if we could perform this most intimate and revealing spanking act in her school uniform as she had seen many other girls perform this and wanted to see if she could handle the embarrassment factor. We will let you be the judge, all we will say is she is a very naughty girl in need of a darned good spanking!



This stars Sarah Gregory as you have never seen her before in such a close up and very intimate spanking position. It is sexually explicit as Sarah’s bottom and cheeks are pulled apart during her spanking and her obvious excitement can be seen as her pussy is clearly wet and stringing. The camera doesn’t miss a thing in this unique position as you see what the spanker sees and we also get to catch the awkward position that Sarah finds herself in… all exposed and open like that plus she’s getting a red bottom spanking as well.



It’s that time of the year again when we all think towards Xmas and what naughty Spanko Santa has hidden in his huge sack for us this year! Well, as all our supermarkets are going crazy for the festive season, I thought I’d join in and bring a little Xmas cheer of my own. Not only is there the Loyalty Membership (more on that in a moment) but for those who want to purchase DVDs – now is your chance to at a limited fantastic price with lower shipping costs too, (this is an experiment of mine as I WILL put the prices back up and I’m doubting I will repeat this too often in the future!) – So I’d get these in quickly to avoid disappointment before Xmas as they are dependent on all our overstretched postal services bringing you your naughty movie discs on time before you have a Joyful Noel! I have some FAQs on these as well.


I won’t go into detail on the DVDs as you can check out the DVD page HERE – however, there are interesting sets to collect, including 2 Schoolgirl Volumes, and other themes like Cheergirls, the Spanking Bench & Wheelbarrow Positions (both the current best sellers as there are a couple of films on there not seen yet!) and also by actress such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Kami Robertson or Mishka Devlin….


Then there are a few additional membership options which are great deals… the Loyalty Membership options are best shown on the join up page – CLICK HERE and you will see what is available. The best mid to long term recurring deal is the $32.95 first month sign up followed by the same amount then recurring every THREE months meaning membership after this costs just $11/Month until you cancel… the longer you stay the more you save as the site gets bigger and bigger. It’s the last time this offer is made at this price and you can get locked in if you sign up BEFORE Xmas!

Don’t like that? Then there’s also a Non Recurring ANNUAL Deal from my secondary billing agent too – CLICK HERE (works out at $12.50/month)



& to show you what is coming in addition to this week’s updates (click on images for the latest free galleries below)

aaa1 aaa2

The following week there’s another fantastic “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” meaning you get 3 full films next week as well as the conclusion to the long play Zoe Montana Cold Caning Film… that’s an impressive amount of content coming your way (well over 1.5 – 2Gb of data next week alone!) – I am going to give you 4 images of each film so you can see for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory

aaa001 aaa002 aaa003 aaa004 aaa005 aaa006

Lily Swan

aaa007 aaa008 aaa009 aaa010 aaa011 aaa012

Rosie Ann

aaa013 aaa014 aaa015 aaa016 aaa017 aaa018



& just so you know what should be coming up over the following weeks…
Check out the images taken from these films!

In no particular order what you can expect, just a few of the films, there are many more with new girls stunning Candle Boxx & Isobel Wren I filmed at Fetishcon in Tampa… Angel Lee  in Chicago & Stevie Rose in Las Vegas which will see us through to the New Year in style plus the Xmas Film I will be making with Sarah Gregory for this site too!

comingsoon001 comingsoon002 comingsoon003 comingsoon004 comingsoon005 comingsoon006 comingsoon007 comingsoon008 comingsoon009 comingsoon010 comingsoon011 comingsoon012 comingsoon013 comingsoon014 comingsoon015 comingsoon016 comingsoon017


A Very Busy Week at AAA Spanking!

In a couple of days, I will be flying from New England to sunny Las Vegas… and of course the build up to this year’s Shadowlane Party which ends by Monday, Labor Day. After that, we will be relaxing and unwinding on The Strip… and so what I have done in advance – is update my site all this week and prepared it for well into next… that means if you go in right now, you will be astonished to see how much content has been updated including 2 NEW films – the reason for that is because of the Freaky Friday event I had been putting off and had no choice this week… so I will let you know EXACTLY what is out and you can see for yourself.

Monday’s update saw the full HD MP4 and WMV versions of the very popular “3 Sassy Schoolgirls” with Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Maddy Marks being so deliciously bratty and nearly uncontrollable, it was fun to bring them back into line (finally) – Images and a free clip are below reminding you of just how sexy these 3 girls were in their tight school uniforms. FYI – this was filmed at last year’s Shadowlane Party… I had Dodgy Dave assist me on this after we had an incredible roadtrip to Death Valley & Arizona… we were pretty tired as we rocked up late to the party on the Friday and filmed the majority of the content including this film all day Saturday in our suite. Incidentally, Dodgy will be there this year, I’m looking forward to seeing him again and the fact that he is rooming with Amelia Jane Rutherford (lucky fella!)

3 sassy Schoolgirls – now available to download in full HD-MP4 & WMV


Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie & Maddy Marks had been summoned to meet the new English teacher, Mr Osborne, who was assigned punishment duty for these repeat offendors for his very first time. Talk about dropping him in at the deep end! The girls were real brats, proud of their irresponsible behaviour and were even caught comparing their flagrantly non regulation panties to each other when Mr Osborne arrived for their detention punishment. The girls were near on impossible for him to discipline effectively together like this and he had thought about taking them one by one to the basement for a real tearful one on one discipline session but it would be time consuming and he didn’t want to come across as too strong during his first day on the job. So he decided to try and humble the girls by spanking them in front of each other and making them just a little more contrite. However, the girls continued to brat and laugh until it was the turn of Alex and he brought out the bathbrush when his patience wore thin which soon silenced their giggling and sniggering. The final act saw all their bared bottoms placed together when they were finally starting to understand that their continued poor behaviour was unacceptable and he had them kneeling on the couch and had a good look at his handiwork. Mr Osborne asked them to remain silent and contrite whilst he went away to fetch the discipline paperwork which they would sign at the end of their detention.

002 004

005 007

009 010

011 012

CHECK OUT THE FREE CLIP BELOW – full film available at AAAspanking.com

The 1st new film showing this week features a welcome return of Joelle Barros and a NYC debut for Robert Shore in this comedic “Bronx Tail” (yes, I named it tail instead of tale) – Joelle plays a bratty spoilt schoolgirl on a trip to better herslef with her stepfather, Robert… who is far from pleased when he finds out what she did to her new uniform that he had bought to ensure she’s get noticed… oh she’d get noticed alright… in that new short dress she had made!!!

Check out the image screen shots and a free HD clip which is the actual update for Tuesday/Wednesday, but of course, as I said, you can see that NOW!


bronx022 bronx028

bronx046 bronx060


It would seem you can not always take The Bronx out of the girl when Joelle was on a special school vocational study well away from the NYC suburbs that she so loathed, she was even given a smart new uniform to better represent herself and make her folks proud of her. Oh she did that alright, by shortening the dress to a very unacceptable standard. This was something that her long suffering and well meaning stepfather, Robert, had struggled with and he felt ashamed to be accompanying her when he had seen what she had done to the uniform! The only way he knew how to manage this naughty girl was to ensure she’d remember more of his old fashioned values that she seemed to have quickly forgotten from The Bronx. He felt compelled to remind her that her actions had consequences as Joelle received a rather long and humiliating spanking punishment across her bare bottom with his hand and a hairbrush to teach her respect and decorum!

bronx086 bronx098

bronx105 bronx130

bronx133 bronx136

Check out the FREE clip of Joelle’s bare bottom hairbrushing by stepfather, Robert!


Another FULL film update you can see this week already at the site, stars Sarah Gregory looking so very hot… coincidentally, this was filmed at the Shadowlane Party event last year too… it was a film that both sealed our intertwining fates… I didn’t know it at the time, but how could I resist such a sweetie as Sarah? Just look at her in this film, she is absolutely stunning… the full HD MP4 and WMV films try to do her justice. A reminder of some images you can see below… I have also to put up a full stills set of this film (there’s a ton of video images) as well as the other film with her in a red dress we shot previously… so these will be added soon to the site on top of other updates… wow, my site is looking good value this week, eh? (LOL)

Chip ‘n’ Pain – with Sarah Gregory, now available to download in FULL

001 (1) 002 (1)

004 (1)

005 (1) 006


009 (1) 012 (1)

011 (1)

Filmed at the Shadowlane 2013 casino hotel venue, this film proved to be the catalyst for the eventual pairing of Sarah Gregory and John Osborne outside of our kink! Neither of them realized at the time just what would happen but you will get some interesting hindsight previews from this final film they made at this party event. Set at a casino, it was a plausible storyline to have them in a loving discipline relationship filmed in their hotel suite… so when Sarah decided to play and brat by hiding some of John’s casino chips before he wanted to visit the tables, she knew he would search her and find what she had taken. Her ploy that he would pay more attention to her than the gaming tables paid off after he did find the missing chips on her person and he gave her a memorable “naughty girl” spanking and intimate cropping punishment that is shown in this film. Join them both at the start of their journey together that begun here.

Finally, on top of the usual updates for this week, there is the additional “Freaky Friday” bonus… once a month, members get an unannounced extra film ON TOP OF (and not instead of) the usual Friday update – my way of rewarding those who stay and I don’t have to do this, of course… the FF event is random, it could be any Friday of that particular month… so far I have had some nice feedback from members about it, and there have been some nice short films shown that you wouldn’t have seen… this week sees a NEW girl, Rosie Ann, who you will be seeing a lot more of very soon, featuring in a slightly surreal spanking schoolgirl film, it’s almost like a fantasy film… the poor girl asks her teachers to go to the bathroom and ends up making a real mess, thus ensuring that teh remainder of her punishment is focused and humiliating… check out the stills images and screen grabs which both accompany this short sharp shock film… your Freaky Friday bonus for this month (out early!)

Rosie Ann stars in her debut – “Caught Short”


Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!

cs007 cs010

cs014 cs016


cs023 cs024

So as you can see, this is an action packed week at AAAspanking.com – and what’s more, for a very limited time, you can also purchase the Quarterly Rewards Membership which effectively works out at just $11/month the longer you stay… how cool is that? Just check out the sign up page and click on the banner that you see below and you can be inside the site in minutes!



Be aware that ALL the films I have shown here ARE available to download at my popular Clips Store… I know that there are those that prefer or wish to download the odd movie from time to time, so I have made them available int he best quality formats at 1920x1080HD where possible and in MP4 WMV or even MOV if those of you require it! CLICK HERE for the full download list!



Well, it goes without saying that I once again didn’t bring you the Fetishcon pics but I really wanted to get this post out as I thought my site deserved this mention… seriously, this is an AWESOME line up for this week and I just know no site this week comes anywhere clse to giving you as much in one go… for those signing up on a Trial or short term deal… well, this is your chance, eh? have a good one… I’m now counting down the hours to my departure to Vegas! BRING IT ON!




Ok, this is a little experiment to see if my extremely competitive pricing will attract any more members. Now you can access 100% original British style spanking content with a new American twist which is one of the most self deprecating spanking sites out there with a good sense of humour/humor (see what I did there?). Quality and pricing is always an emotive issue, so I have reviewed what I can take as a minimum with operating costs/shoots planned and travel etc and if this works then I hope that those of you attracted by my lower rebills or longer term loyalty memberships will take note… I have also lowered ALL pricing, whether it is the standard 30 day non recurring membership or the monthly rebilling membership, these are all priced in excess of 10-15% less than before… the longer term memberships can work out to as little as $12.50/month – that isn’t bad at all, is it? If you’ve never joined than I now have over 180 films, lots of fantastic image stills and every film has an extensive video gallery which captures the action and I have ensured this site is one of the easiest spanking sites to navigate around and find what you want! There is also a featured trial offer too, use it as intended to view a few films, get a taste of the site and continue at the lowest rebill rate I am offering or maybe use it to catch up on some content you had missed. Rebills are easy to cancel, just contact me here or via the CCBill support link or my own webmaster at aaaspanking.com email address and I can sort it for you thanks to my legendary customer service that I can offer – simples!


Just CLICK HERE for the full 7 page tour that has over 60 free video clips and 180+ film reviews for you to check over… or if you know all that, Click HERE to access the join page and sign up to the cheaper top value membership of your choice!

This is not a special offer, just a review of our pricing so take advantage of it while I see if this is a feasable permanent option for the website… all rebilled memberships will remain at this locked in lowered pricing regardless if I change the pricing in the near future…



Valentine Spankings


Christ knows what has got into me… maybe it’s because I’m in love or some such nonsense… (lol) but I am feeling unseasonably generous, I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite me on the bum! As you can probably see from the Ads on the blog pages… or if you visit my site AAA Spanking – you will currently see a banner advertising a very reasonable offer – access to the site for 5 days for the reduced fee of exactly $12… also, if you decide to stay you are getting what is basically a $5 reduction per month off the already discounted rebill price, paying just $20/month for the life of your membership. Cancelling is easy-peasy… or just contact me if you have any problems, I pride myself on trying to answer mails as fast as I can and you can always talk to me here if there is a problem, as some of you do! Anyway, this offer is only available over the long holiday weekend and ends close of business on Monday 17th on President’s Day (in the US). All in time for the glorious Wheelbarrow Festival and if you stay at the discounted fee then you’ll get another month for just $5 a week and you’ll be able to see the updates shown HERE!


Later today… the conclusion of Cheeky Cheerleader!



Another site that is running a special Valentine’s promotion is SpankAmber.com – and if you haven’t been there for a while, then the internal design of the site has changed vastly… I think in part because Amber now has so many films, she started this site exactly 7 years ago today (happy 7th anniversary, Amber!) and it is still going strong.


Being a member there you get to access the “Amber Spanks” section, the 2 sites have been amalgamated into one, with her nude vanilla site, chances to catch her webcamming and more bonuses thrown in for free making this an engaging experience. Also, Amber happens to be the hottest spankable redhead out there with a huge magnificent bubble butt now measuring in at 42″… and with a trim waist, you won’t want to miss Amber getting all naughty and submissive to her lucky Daddy… sucking and fucking him as she is told, or doing it for her pleasure…. just as the spankings are very real, good girl spankings, and of course the tearful ones when she really is being punished! Then of course there are the other girls Amber has worked with… almost all are totally unique and most come from the SF Bay area, showing us all that the scene up that way is well and truly “buzzing” with hot female talent! You’ll see Amber spank and be spanked by these girls, and of course, Amber is bisexual, so she gets her cake and eats it (and the girls out) which is highly addictive viewing! Don’t take my word for it, check out a couple of films I have for you, Amber being spanked and Amber having her way with a pretty girl  #NomNomNom!

Amber spanks and plays with Crystal Cat – some great split screen action too!

crystalcat001 crystalcat002

crystalcat003 crystalcat004

crystalcat005 crystalcat006

crystalcat007 crystalcat008


crystalcatbonus001 crystalcatbonus002

crystalcatbonus003 crystalcatbonus004

& of course here is the latest good girl spanking and resolution video for this year as she tells us in a POV style movie what she’d like to do and have done to her… features some of Amber’s fave pastimes… sucking cock and getting her bubble butt spanked a beautiful red colour!

amber001 amber002

amber003 amber004

amber005 amber006

amber007 amber008

amber009 amber010

See MORE of Amber for LESS whilst you can! CLICK HERE



See what’s going on at Sarah Gregory Spanking


Christy Cutie is the latest feature at SarahGregorySpanking.com – and of course Christy has made a few films here which are all utterly adorable and hot. Sarah filmed this with her delightfully pervy take on what happens to a girl who has crossed the line and gets a deserved punishment… in the Principal’s Office!

0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal1-008 0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal1-010 0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal1-018


0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal2-004 0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal2-008 0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal2-011

0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal2-018 0151_punishment_in_the_principals_office_gal2-021


Principal Rogers has had it with Christy and her poor behavior. After giving her a good scolding in his office he calls in her dad to witness her punishment. Christy is soundly spanked over her panties and on her bare bottom by the principal and daddy. Her punishment ends with a hard paddling bringing her close to tears… you can see the whole film HERE



Naughty Spankings to start the week!

I’m not sure how many of you follow me on Fetlife or are even aware I have an account there… you can always check me out or befriend me HERE – why not chat to me there, I won’t really refuse a friend request… it’s a nice place for like minded fellow spankos and those into our niche can meet and share ideas, meet up and such… I have only really started using Fetlife properly these past few months so my profile is not as well developed as some but I now have my mobile phone synced so it’s rather funny to receive friend requests at work when I (like so many of my co workers) abuse the company’s free internal wifi hotspot… this site somehow passes our workplace filter (my blog and website doesn’t for example – boo! I’m a pornographer… lol!) so I find it hilarious that I can access some good old fashioned smut (like my Tumblr account as well which passes the filters – yay!) and it’s far more interesting than Facebook or snapchat that my fellow vanilla colleagues seem so pre-occupied with during their breaks! I feel so delightfully subversive on my smartphone… so keep me occupied and send me messages and make “friends” – Ok?

There is also something else you might see on the FL page – it states I am “Play Partners” with Sarah Gregory, well, the cat is out of the bag now, eh? You might remember me saying I was visiting America in December? Well, that… my good people, is my sole purpose of my visit… as I shall be seeing Sarah… and I can’t wait and now I don’t care who knows!!! 🙂

We will also be doing lots of filming, naturally, but I won’t mention who we are filming with just yet (though I promise you she is just AWESOME and as a clue, I have worked with her previously!) so I would still like to tease you that little bit more if you leave a comment here who it is, I won’t confirm or deny if you’re correct… I’m so mean, eh? However, I might just mention it on Fetlife before here… just in case you didn’t get that I’d like to increase my friendship portfolio… lol! But I am really excited about the whole trip, there is so much to do and catch up.

Talking of which, here is my catch up of a few sites starting with SarahGregorySpanking.com – these 3 most recent films don’t have Sarah as a sub, however, when you see who is featuring in the latest films, you will NOT be disappointed at all!

Sister in law takes charge!

sis001 sis002

sis003 sis004

sis005 sis006

sis007 sis008

Sarah is being a sneaky little wife and when her sister-in-law finds out she is not happy at all. Sarah get a spanking from her sister-in-law to teach her to be a better behaved wife.


seconds001 seconds002

seconds003 seconds004 seconds005

seconds006 seconds007

seconds008 seconds009 seconds010

seconds011 seconds012

Daddy has already spanked his naughty girls and told them to face the wall and kneel on the couch. He leaves and comes back to find them fighting again, so it is a second spanking for them both.

The Bad Room Mate

badroomie001 badroomie002 badroomie003

badroomie004 badroomie005

badroomie006 badroomie007


Sarah is not very happy when she finds that her roommate is wearing the outfit she was planning to wear out. She also doesn’t like Amelia’s attitude when she asks for it back. A good spanking is in order for this naughty roommate of hers.


& now to the Fonda group of sites with some cracking new updates recently showing and to Spankedcallgirls.com in this 2 parter that has these 2 new girls unable to behave when they are waiting for an important meeting with their brothel madame!

004 005

006 007

008 010 012

014 015


Vicki Chase and Giselle Mari are two new girls who both are scheduled to meet with the madam at the same time. These are two girls with attitude, so a spanking fight breaks out and only stops when they see a shocking event (that will continue in the next episode). See the latest film HERE

& over at My Spanking Room Mate the spanking soap opera continues this time with Kay Richards and Rose who annoy the hell out of Mr Ford who has to step in and give both these girls a damned good thrashing… the reason is explained below after the images!

msr-p151-0301 msr-p151-0311 msr-p151-0321


msr-p151-0011 msr-p151-0131 msr-p151-0181

msr-p151-0211 msr-p151-0221


Mr. Ford needs to get into the cabin for a photo shoot, but his new assistant/model Veronica Ricci says she doesn’t have the key and he should try getting it from Kay Richards (played by Kymberly Jane), who he must spank in order to discover that Rose (Ashley Rose) took it. So he bends Ashley over a pool table and spanks her round bottom then canes her with a pool cue.

Then there is the 150th episode which stars the gorgeous Isobel Wren, looking for a new roomie… only she finds this prim and proper “churchie”, Kitty… who disapproves of her wanton ways and decides to spank the love of Jesus back into her… images and full story are below:

003 007 008

009 013

014 015 016

Isobel Wren is slightly promiscuous and desperately needs a new roommate to share her one bed apartment. Kitty is a prim and proper religious girl who is compelled to spank Isobel for suggesting they share a bed. Isobel gets her revenge by spanking Kitty’s big bottom, even if it means she will be without a roommate.

You can see all the roomie episodes right HERE

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Don’t forget what is still coming to my site over the next month or so… these are HOT updates and I shall be bringing you news of film upgrades starting with my most recent filmshoot as I have been working out a way to bring you the highest quality spanking films at a rate and resolution that is practically blu ray quality at no extra cost! Stay tuned, folks! It’s exciting stuff, and you will hear more of this on Wednesday with the release of the new film starring naughty Katie (below)


the following are films (in no particular order right now) which you will be able to see before the end of the year!!!








You may also want to know that some of my older films uploaded as one offs for those who don’t want to view a whole membership site can now start to download even more HD Quality films at 1280×720 MP4 and WMV playback… most notably the latest was one of our most watched and also one of our faves to make with feisty Donna davenport caught watching spanking porn on her boss’ laptop… oops! It’s 16 minutes long, contains some great spanking and caning scenes and I loved the banter too… now available as a low priced MP4 HD download… see below:


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Spanking News & Update Deals

Right… I have started this late and have lots to do, the Missus (‘Er Indoors) has already bleated to me once to get to bed… sigh, so I better get on with this, eh? As the title of this post suggests, here are yet MORE new releases this week… and as promised, I will start with my own site and the naughty madam from Holland, cute Leandra James, who plays a school nurse in some real trouble… as you’ll discover below:

Leandra James is the school’s Nit Nurse!


There had been complaints from some parents about the school’s new Nit Nurse wearing highly provocative panties and inappropriate uniform when she was tasked with her duties of delousing their precious ones! It was a delicate matter, as Leandra was sent over from The Netherlands on a nursing exchange program to this quiet English High School establishment. She was brought to the attention of the only teacher that dared bring up the subject, the one they all relied on for some special “in house” discipline… the one person the other teachers called “Dodgy Dave”. His methods were a little offbeat, some would say, perverse, but he got results… and Nurse Leandra soon learnt what she should be doing correctly with the aid of some old fashioned spanking methods when ol’ Dodgy had heard that she got spanked at home in her relationship… this was the perfect ruse for him to carry out his own private Nit Nurse investigation. Enjoy this quirky but severe discipline film that involves the use of hand, leather strap and paddle with unwarranted use of a riding crop!

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nn004 nn005 nn006

nn007 nn008

nn009 nn010 nn011

nn012 nn013

nn014 nn015 nn016

nitsIn case you’re wondering what a “Nit Nurse” is – I remember these from my far flung youth, they were actually travelling nursing staff assigned to schools to help identify if kids had head lice or not… what a great job, eh? Employed by teh Health Service to ensure us kids wouldn’t spread those horrible “nits” onto each other. I only had it once and can remember the terrible smelling shampoo and metal comb that my mother used on me… I am forever mentally scarred by that, lol! Yukk! I can’t remember if I explained to Leandra what a nit nurse was… i think she understood… not the best of pressions, I guess. So having her play a sexy one was just weird and far fetched as I remember the nit nurses that visited me were old, miserable and dumpy. I’m actually scratching my head now, the thought of these things… oh my! If you want to just download this movie only then that option, as always, is available at the CLIPS STORE HERE

I have decided to show you a few more films that will be coming up over the run up to Xmas… why? I want to show you what awesome  films we have, these are just a few coming out, and the reason is because it’s this time of year that the Loyalty membership comes into it’s own. I ditched the ANNUAL Deal I had been running thanks to some abuse from dodgy credit cards, so came up with this deal instead which is pretty damned well near the same. It’s slightly more overall but that reflects the higher costs I now pay to run the site as I have to upgrade the server soon (yet again) as so much data from all the films is accumulating quickly! However, if you buy the Special Deal, you pay $32.95 for the first month which recurs automatically at the same price… but for THREE MONTHS and then does so at this same price every THREE Months after meaning you are paying the equivalent of around $11 – yup, that’s it and you’re locked in at that price until you decide otherwise. Easily cancel via CCbill or write to me in advance and I’ll cancel for you, my online customer service is excellent so you should never ever have a problem 🙂


I have produced a few fun banners which you’ll see in between the upcoming updates starting with next weeks great film with a stunning double debut from Maddie Marks and Christy Cutie alongside Alex Reynolds in a Halloween fancy dress spanking special!I had a lot of fun making this film, can you guess why from the image below?


From left to right: Maddie Marks, Christy Cutie & Alex Reynolds.












These are in no particular order right now, but I think you get the idea of what is coming and with the Loyalty Membership, you will see ALL these before the year is out!!! OK, I have to go, the missus is getting REALLY pissed off, it is 12.30am and I am being shouted at… literally! *sigh*

Oh… if you want to read MORE (not my site but another great schoolgirl spanking site)
then check this link HERE or click on the image below, cheers! Good night!



As promised, I have done it again! I have been mulling over how to reward those that wish to remain a longer term member… well, this option via CCbill should do the trick, I usually advise you to chose your own currency option, the site is priced in US Dollars so in the Dollar zone you get exactly what you see and as 70% plus of my membership are from North America, so I can’t argue with that (thank you, by the way).


Competitors will see that what I am doing might be folly, but I think this gives YOU, the decent paying customer… flexibility, I shall be trialling it out so those that do chose this option will be taking advantage of a deal FIXED until their cards fail to rebill or when they have had enough and decide to move on, saving a lot of money in the process! I am offering an initial month payment of $32.95 (yikes… it sounds a lot but continue reading) you choose this option as if you remain (and you should… otherwise choose the non recurring option of $28.95 or the lower standard recurring monthly subscription) as once the initial 30 days are up, the Reward Membership rebills at the same price… BUT FOR 90 DAYS! Work that out over a year, or for longer or as long as you feel you want to remain (it’s that choice thing again!)… and you start to see the massive savings you get! Now I’m not sure if I will continue to use this so might just trial it now and see but for the next month, at least, I shall keep this option open and see how it goes 🙂

My way of giving something back to you guys! Hope you appreciate the offer and please do take advantage of my generosity 🙂

Go to the site and see for yourselves, have a good start to the week!

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I am pleased to announce that a review of the site’s pricing has taken place, we still have our fantastic pricing and simpler memberships in our much vaunted “Fair Price Deal” that is giving something back at no extra cost to YOU! During the build up to Xmas and the New Year this is your chance to book something special as a one off cost which works out at under $8.50 a month to be a member of AAAspanking.com – now with even MORE films and our promise of giving you at least one new film each and every week without fail (we haven’t broken that promise since our inception and nearly 2 years since we started we now have well over 120 films (I haven’t counted, but it is probably many more than that!)

To start with and to suit every pocket… There are categories of NON recurring: pay once only for a month or 3 months… or back by popular demand, the ANNUAL Loyalty Membership! All the prices are extremely fair and this annual membership will be the LAST time we offer it at UNDER $100 for the entire year – our lowest ever offered by us per film ratio and update schedule so it’s extremely and very competitively priced. This membership rewards loyalty by giving you access to the site for as little as under $8.50 per month. A Fair Price Deal, indeed!

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My Special Focus on all things OTK!

My, another weekend approaches and as I seem to be freed of the fun of some website promotion elsewhere (thankfully) I’ve had a load of family issues to attend to yet again which need my attention so this has helped me no end… (thank God for someone like me for the others to depend on, I say!) Please bear/(bare?) with me as I’m having all sorts of niggling time consuming issues outside of my control recently but I aim to get this and my other blogs updated as often as I can. This is why today you will see this post written at Teen-Spankings blog as well as SpankingBlogg as it still appears some of you don’t want to check out both blogs so this is the sort of content you can expect at either today (in fact, it’s identical this time and hosted from the teen spankings network!) However, I do add extras at both these blogs and many others I write for as you know…including special free previews that no other blog network ever shows.

Anyway, enough of my boring waffle, let’s get down to business and a back to basics as I focus on some interesting and sexy OTK spankings from around the internet!


OK, onto OTK spanking and as I waffled on about the offer above, why not choose a brand new unseen movie from OTKspank.com with a very sexy slinky wife getting a spanking from her pervo husband who enjoys having his wife over his lap! When you see the images and a short clip which is not shown anywhere else, then you’ll understand just why this husband insists on spanking his beautiful missus! Check out her pert bottom, long “lonnnnnnng” legs and I know this girl is very popular and caters to fans of those who love seeing ladies wearing glasses getting a good hard honest thrashing at home! Enjoy – I know you will!

See some video images from the longer full length movie of delicious Pattie’s bared buns getting a home roasting this Yuletide!


The above offer is only available from my group of blogs and free sites, however, the prices for this OTK specialist spanking site WILL ALSO go up in a week or so from my links too – so I urge you to make the most of this site’s many amazing OTK spanking films, if you choose a recurring option or the longer term better value option, you keep this low price until you cancel, can’t say fairer than that! – if that is your kink (and why not?)


Another of my favorite OTK spanking sites has to be PunishedBrats.com – I’d say about 70% of their films feature the poor beauties having their bared butts tanned over someone’s lucky lap (that’s probably a poor conservative guess as it’s probably more like 90% as these girls all end up over someone’s lap usually!) and, like the above site OTKspank, I find these spanking scenes very exciting to watch!

I have got you a very special instant viewing long play video clip of possibly one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen getting a spanking, Miss Juliet Valentina – if you haven’t seen Clare Fonda (who guest starred as Mom in this 2007 classic) with Juliet, then you are in for a treat! See below and some of the HQ images that I have from my hard drive!

Beautiful images and a fantastic film, eh? There’s a ton more films like this with Juliet from the past with her blonde look and of course she made a re appearance earlier this year and is currently being spanked in one of the latest new movies at Punishedbrats right now with her equally ravishing brunette look! I’ve got a few images of this below so you can see for yourselves!

It’s also nice to see Beverly Bacci back again and shows why she is not to be trusted if you go over her knee (as Juliet discovers) in this movie “Home schooling”
Here is the storyline >> Beverly is trying to teach her sister Juliet at home, but the brat is showing her nothing but attitude and disrespect. Pushed to her limits, Beverly takes Juliet over her lap for a thorough hard spanking. Juliet is sure to be a lot more attentive and properly addressed when reporting for homeschool lessons with Beverly after this painful punishment! & you can see more FREE samples from the HOME PAGE HERE as well as all the latest movie release updates in detail! This site is available from just $17 a month! Stunning value from the vast archives!


OK, to end today’s update I got a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!

Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com

Have a good weekend everyone, I have Christmas trees and other such nonsense “er indoors” wants us to search for tomorrow – oh Festive joy! Regards, Chief