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Stepmother Spanks Apricot

momma spankingsIf you didn’t already know from the name – Momma Spankings is a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. the site has also been diversifying within this genre, so you’ll see everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spankings, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping and so on. Sarah is in a real life relationship with both Dana Specht & Miss Elizabeth and a lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play.

Sarah also enjoys playing “mommy” in many of the videos to some of the younger models who appear at the website. She has nurtured and discovered many females who also enjoy these roles (as top or bottom) which also includes stepmother/daughter scenarios (which I personally like and these are features a lot at AAA Spanking as well). There is nothing Sarah enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure, it’s one of her true passions.

& so to this week’s fantastic Momma Spankings film which has Delta Hauser play the rock chick type younger step mother to a resentful “daddy’s girl” spoilt teen Apricot Pitts. Both these young ladies are perfectly matched and I really – REALLY enjoyed filming this and helping Sarah to edit the video grabs, of which you can see some below which showcase the action! Enjoy… I know you will, this is a “Momma” film with a difference, yet still keeps to the traditional style mommy/daughter role plays. I added some GIFs for added entertainment!

Stepmother Spanks Apricot

spanking her step daughter

Apricot has been posting lies about her father’s girlfriend on Instagram. Then, when confronted about it, she has a severe attitude problem. Just because Delta dresses “young and hip” doesn’t means she deserves to be treated like this. Apricot and her dad are living under her roof, so therefore it is her rules. It is time that this naughty petulant girl is taught a lesson the old fashioned way in respecting her elders, no matter how close in age they are to her. Apricot is given a good hard spanking on her tight shorts, thin panties, and finally on the bare bottom from stepmommy dearest. Her punishment ends with the hairbrush. Poor Apricot ends up one sorry and very sore contrite little girl.

spanking over shorts panties need to be removed spanked over her panties knickers taking down her panties otk spanking hand spanking spanking spanking otk


hairbrush spanking

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Stepmother Spanking Diaries

Hello everyone, I have a couple of rather interesting new spanking film updates today with the theme of “step mothers” – and in this respect, two very different scenarios. the first, from Momma Spankings features a recent film that Sarah Gregory filmed with the amazing Elsa Svenson. She doesn’t work for other companies as a rule but as they both know each other pretty well, Sarah reached out to Elsa and she was more than happy to make a few films… and this is a fantastic stepmother film with Sarah as the bratty American daughter sassing her new European “step mom”.

Then… the second update is a role reversal film from AAA Spanking featuring beautiful Dutch girl, Leandra James. She is a young stepmother to a daughter who has been consistently in trouble (with punishments etc) at school and the teacher interviews her and discovers that SHE is the root of the problem and faces a humiliating choice… I wonder if you can guess what that could be?

Anyway, first up is a great bedtime spanking punishment with Sarah in PJs spanked by (who she thinks is) her “evil spiteful stepmother” (Elsa Svenson).

Stepmother’s Disciplinewith Sarah Gregory & Elsa Svenson


Sarah’s father has passed away and left her in the care of her stepmother. Sarah acts like an ungrateful spoiled American brat and step mommy has had enough. Good hard old fashioned discipline is what this naughty brat needs. Strict stepmom, Miss Svenson, takes Sarah over her knee for a spanking with her hand and hairbrush.First over her pajamas and then on the dreaded bare bottom. It doesn’t take long for Sarah to start to promise to be a good girl and listen to her stepmom.

momma-228-003 momma-228-006 momma-228-011 momma-228-021 momma-228-024 momma-228-026 panties down spanking momma-228-039 momma-228-043 momma-228-049 stepmommy spanks hard momma-228-063 momma-228-090 spanked by stepmommy momma-228-112 momma-228-115 momma-228-122

Check out the free clip of this latest spanking punishment film at the link below


Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass


Then to the second featured update today from AAA Spanking starring beautiful Leandra… when it was discovered that she was the root cause for a once promising pupil’s poor behavior, she was given a punishment by the girl’s teacher like a naughty little brat. This was a way of ensuring she took more responsibility of daddy’s precious little girl when he was away on business. Leandra played the aloof and selfish young stepmother perfectly… (as you can see below)

Disrespectful Stepmotherwith Leandra James & John Osborne 

step mom gets a spanking

Young wife Leandra had no time for her new step daughter’s education and wellbeing when she was supposed to be in charge of her when her father was away on business. This showed with the failing grades and continual punishments.that she had received but her teacher had guessed that Leandra was the cause of his once best pupil’s erratic behavior. Leandra was summoned for an urgent meeting and it soon became apparent how aloof and selfish she was so he gave her an ultimatum: To take a similar style humiliating punishment or he’d inform her new husband what she had been doing! He gave her a bare bottom spanking and leather paddling then remarked on her style of dress which was far too provocative… Leandra felt ashamed that she had put her new daughter through these punishments too as her punishment was finished off with an embarrassing cornertime, panties down, like a very naughty little girl.

leandra_disrespectful002 young stepmom spanking leandra_disrespectful004 leandra_disrespectful005 leandra_disrespectful006 leandra_disrespectful007 leandra_disrespectful009 spanking a young stepmom leandra_disrespectful010 leandra_disrespectful011 leandra_disrespectful012 leandra_disrespectful008 leandra_disrespectful013 leandra_disrespectful014 leandra_disrespectful015 spanking leandra_disrespectful018 leandra_disrespectful019 leandra_disrespectful020

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Spanking Mom – Step Mommy Dearest

This is the title to the latest video now showing at MommaSpankings.com – it’s a little different from the usual spanking films as it is shorter but just as intense as you’ll see. Adriana Evans plays an interesting role as a young step mother to Lily Swan, a rebellious daughter who stays out all night and wears slutty clothing. Is it a cry for attention? Is she protesting about the new “mom” in her life? These are the types of stories going on all over America and this video highlights how some Step Moms, whatever age they are, should not be tested when faced with a bratty “step daughter”. Here is one such story told by Sarah Gregory at the maternal spanking discipline site.

Step Mommy Dearest – now out at MommaSpankings.com
Starring Adriana Evans & Lily Swan

“You look like a hoe-bag!”

Adriana is Lily’s new step mommy and Lily is being a little rebellious brat. Step Mommy will not have this and after Lily has stayed out all night she awaits her in her bedroom with hairbrush in hand. She gives Lily a spanking she won’t soon forget with hand and hairbrush. At first Lily struggles and fights back, but is soon the contrite girl she needs to be.

momma-204-050 momma-204-051 momma-202-001 momma-202-003 momma-202-010 momma-202-008 momma-202-009 momma-202-011 momma-204-075 momma-204-086 spanking with the hairbrush momma-204-100 momma-204-117 otk spanking momma-202-024 momma-202-025



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