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The vast & varied archives of SpankingDigital!

Hi everyone, told you I’d be back today with a new update and I wanted to show you something from the perspective of a SpankingDigital member. Now this site is the video powerhouse addition to the network, as it contains tons of videos going way back, and so far back in some cases that the movies are in RM format, by no means the very best quality as these were probably filmed in 2002-2003 when the quality of these videos at the time were industry leading…but nonetheless, as you’ll see, these videos are still very watchable and make an excellent bonus addition to the newer contewnt which is filmed on HD cams, for example.

OK, enough waffle over…I was looking back over a few varied punishments and thought I’d cover something for everyone today, all from the one site. First up, for lovers of girls with the fleshier wobblesome buttocks is this filly by the name of Bridie. Poor Bridie! As this (from memory) was a sort of audition, and when she was told to take off her clothing (rather slutty clothing at that), her oversized breasts plopped out, then her chubby bottom heaved inside her knickers as she bent over…

This feeling of shame was nothing compared to what was happen next as she finally got over the lap of the dreaded “Judge” and his firm experienced spanking hands! Bridie’s awkwardness is what makes this spanking film a beaut, watching it you will feed off her uncertainty and then…those buttocks and breasts as she is practically naked over His lap…wobbling, jiggling…with each impact of his hand…there’s a special free clip after the images below, I urge you all to take time out and appreciate a young lady and her wobbling globes punished for our viewing pleasure!

As you’ll see by the end there’s the telltale signs of a sore red bum…she really felt this and bravely took her punishment but was close to tears…this movies was filmed around 3 years ago and I’m not sure if I ever showed this before, as you can see it’s a great OTK film and of course SpankingDigital members will have no doubt viewed this!

Going back a little further into the vaults and the past here is a girl you’ll all recognize immediately, Sara Bergman. Now I’m not sure, but I don’t think this movie has ever been re edited – it should be, but I know that this film of sara was done soon after her infamous Cellar scene (well, it’s back IN that cellar) I can tell you it was damp, nusky and not very pleasant to be in there, and this strapping was the LAST thing that Sara needed after being caned so severely an hour or 2 before!

You’ll see her bottom in this full film redden very quickly as the strap is first used across her crisp white knickers then with them removed all remains of any protection or modesty make this a humbling punishment for Sara who is treated harshly then told to “Get Out!” straight after she’s been dealt with! I cut these images myself, so the quality isn’t as good as expected (so they are exclusive to this blog) and check out the free clip that I have here giving you an idea of the force of the strap and Sara’s sore red bottom!

This is one of many films with Sara, many in far higher resolution, however, once again, this is a film I think that hasn’t really been given publicity (probably the owners who I know will read this blog will get their finger out and think “yeah” that’s a good film to remaster and re edit to its former glory…I hope they still have the original DV tapes!!!) But until then, this is another great exclusive movie at SpankingDigital

& finally, a film with Paige and Hanne in what I think is another old classic (this is even older as it’s in Real Player format) – I don’t think this has been remastered either and I’d love to see this someday re edited if they still have the original DV tapes (the editor, I know, often finds extra scenes from the original DV tapes…but if you take a look at this film below, it’s a great caning double girl classic…and that naughty Paige – as you’ll see, has a massive tampon string hanging down as she takes her punishment whilst surfing the crimson wave) Yee-ouwch…I know many girls find taking a punishment at this unfortunate time of the month more painful…oh well.

Camera…Lights….ACTION! “”swish!””

I have once again had to cut some images from the movie scene I have for you, this features both girls spanked OTK and then caned in front of each other, lots of grumbling and complaining from Hanne and lip biting and misery from Paige! Enjoy this hidden classic from the SpankingDigital archives!


These movies shown here are just the tip of the variety spanking iceberg that members will get at SpankingDigital. Of course, all films from about 3 years back are now filmed on HD cams and edited on HD editing decks so the quailty is unsurpassed really…but of course, it’s still good to see these old classics included withthe membership and they still hold up well!

here is something random… check out these amazing “Offers”… LOL!!

wowee…incredible – a WHOLE 0ne cent off!!! 😀 Seriously cheaper

Jeez…these ridiculous signs are for real!!! Fire the store manager FFS!

My fave! What a bargain…punished for buying 3! Do the math!

Valkerie Spanking & Caning Previews

Not that this spanking blog condones the use of SEVERE Spanking and caning Discipline (cough cough!), if only the poor girls shivering with fear, bottoms bared here today were Icelandic blonde bimbos, but alas, they are not…
So, as our great country is brought to a stop by a hovering volcanic cloud ready to cause havoc to us Brits….here’s the very latest update coming out at CanedSchoolgirls and it’s a joy to announce the sadistic Miss Valkerie has been lovingly remastered with tons of new video images and HQ pics as well as the actual movie, this is the best film by far I have watched for cruelty and the severity of the cane inflicted on poor Sarah’s buttocks below!

First, enjoy the amazing HQ images I’ve hosted in a new gallery…

I’ve watched the whole remastered movie and it’s a Back to SEVERE Basics in this marvellous film! Sarah is a unique girl that can take a hell of a punishment and not many girls could take this sort of caning without breaking down in tears, check these exclusive first show images from the movie:

Just check out the concentration and pure joy that Miss Valkerie relishes when wielding the cane, she is surely one of the most fearsome and most beautiful Dommes ever to have been filmed giving such severe punishments? I had often fantasized about seeing her stripped and gagged then humiliated with a bare bottom caning, but als, she is no switch or sub so this would never happen…but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about it 😉

Below you will see part of the ferocious caning, this scene is milder than many in the film, I think members of CanedSchoolgirls deserve to see it in full for themselves!


As it is Valkerie Appreciation Day, in case you haven’t seen this Free Gallery (another set of beautiful images) I had this made earlier, not knowing that the above update was coming out…SpankingOnline has a load of her movies in their archives, so if you were thinking of checking out this site, there’s another incentive and also, there’s a great deal advertised on the HOME PAGE HERE

This poor girl suffered with the strap by Miss Valkerie
(she didn’t do mild or patty cake spankings!)

This is Chief, hunkering down under the blanket of volcanic ash 😀

Jodie & Lottie (unseen & behind the scenes)

There’s a brand new movie which has been out this week at SpankedSchoolgirl and seeing both Lottie and Jodie in this brought back all the memories of that day when it was filmed in January. Yes it’s April 1st today (and I will NOT be posting any “hilarious” false news or headlines, that is sooooo lame)…what hasn’t changed is the freezing weather! They say it’s now British Summertime here in the UK, it’s cold, it’s STILL snowing up north…brrrr, reminds me of this chilly January day when both these girls, in their lovely uniforms, were punished in turn and in front of each other by both Mr & Mrs W who really humiliated them by the time these 2 urchins had learnt their lesson!

This update today features some images behind the scenes I took during filming, as well as some excellent vid grab images from the actual movie and a link to Lottie’s hard strapping as well as an EXCLUSIVE snippet I cut showing you Jodie trying to answer back and getting punished hard for it! It’s easily the best movie shown this year at SpankedSchoolgirl and the images and clips below will reinforce what I’m saying! Enjoy!

Answering back is NOT an option and Jodie’s punishment, as you’ll have seen, is all the more severe for it! Lottie is forced to look on and knows her turn is coming up!

Lottie’s turn is no less severe, and in fact, I reckon her punishment is worse as she knew what would happen if she dared to question or answer back, yet that is what she did so the strap bit harder into her flesh and the verbal chastisement became all that more personal! There’s a FREE Sample clip if you click on the image below (located on the home page, well worth viewing if you haven’t seen it yet!!)

below I have got you a few bonus images I took during the filming so you get an idea of the lighting, the number of people around the set etc, the quality isn’t that great as I couldn’t use a flash otherwsie I’d have got my arse tanned for interfering with the movie 🙂 (height of discretion…me!)

You can download this Full Schoolgirl movie HERE – Highly Recommended!

I will be back later with other site updates & insights very soon! Regards, Chief.