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SG Sites Spanking Updates – pt1

Here’s a first post on a round up of all the very latest films as we have been away on vacation after the Fetishcon event last weekend, however, the updates were planned in advance so I thought I’d put them all in one post for you to check out… they are all pretty good, as you will see! I’ll start with a new girl (since she is so cute!!!) – then I’ll follow up with posts of other spanking films from the SG sites.

New Girl (next door) Alice Michaels made her debut at AAA Spanking with a memorable OTK punishment and strapping of this cute young brat. This video is also available at the AAA Clips Store for those that like to download the odd film without a membership and is available in full HD1080 as standard.

Social Media Junkie – starring Alice Michaels

s007 s013 s015 s022 smj004

Stunning new girl next door, Alice Michaels, makes her debut in this discipline movie about the growing trend of today’s young ladies who are obsessed with their mobile devices, ignoring all those around them! Alice was about to find out a very painful lesson not to ignore others when her father gave her a tough love reminder spanking about how rude and ignorant it was to keep others waiting by immersing themselves in so much social media update statuses! This would be one update status she wouldn’t forget in a hurry! #Spanked & #StrappedByDad

s025 otk spanking s037 s047 s051 s060 smj011 s068 s069 s073 s077

Check out the freeplay clip of Alice’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”42648″]


Click HERE for the FULL MOVIE of new girl Alice Michaels



Later… I will be updating the latest news on the other Sarah Gregory sites and then finishing with a third post on the new film at the POV Store. Stay tuned!

Strict American Spankings

I booked my flights back to America for later this summer today – it would appear my procrastination, for which Sarah has berated me privately, got the better of me as I waited and watched for the best deals only for the last few weeks to go to hell and the prices rise by nearly $300-400 on a return (round trip) multi stop ticket! “Shit!” I thought… as I frantically searched the best of what was left today, checking a few travel brokerages I knew on the phones and they all said spaces were drying up and the last minute offers would be few and far between for my dates… so without telling you just how much I paid for a flight to Boston and one back from Las Vegas (these are not direct either, I have the dubious honour of stopping off, albeit briefly, via Zurich in Switzerland!) – I am also not looking forward to the flight on the way back since it is some sub company of Air Swiss that some of these large airlines now like to run as charters or holiday flights that I will be flying back from Vegas to Zurich on “Air Eidelweiss” … I kid you not! I checked their reviews (mixed) and although my flight is a red eye (so I should try to sleep) I am one of those that like to watch the latest movies on the inflight entertainment screens and also to avail themselves to several free rounds of red wine or Jack Daniels… as one might – but I have a sneaky feeling that the films will be sparse as the planes they are using are older and on a trans Atlantic flight I will have to PAY for my booze which is a bloody liberty (Like I had to with Aer Lingus) – you don’t get that on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic (or even Delta which I have used in the past) … anyway, that’s coming back and that would mean my summer odyssey would be over, I’d not dwell on that so instead to celebrate I thought I’d find some American spanking entertainment you might all like! (well, I did anyway from the memberships and access that I still have at the moment).

First offering today is courtesy of RealSpankingsInstitute.com with a 2 Girl Bare Bottom Strapping


Mr M pauses takes a break from punishing two students in order to make a phone call. They are left on display until he returns. Monica is then bent over with her breasts exposed and takes 50 full force strokes while Lila waits and watches

strapping005 strapping007

strapping012 strapping010


strapping016 strapping018

strapping026 strapping022

strapping024 strapping029


You can see the full film HERE featuring Monica & Lila – 2 girls who can take a very severe strapping!

This site is part of the amazing 8 Site RealSpankings Network Pass (see below)


Greg at BunBeatingFun.com got hold of me earlier in the week and it is only now that I had fully seen his latest film, the short story arcs with the ever bratty models and the shitty agents they used to send him these brats continues with new girl, Alexandria Adair, Greg promised me that this was another storyline arc and if you see the latest film then you will understand… I like it when these sleazy female agents get their comeuppance too at some point!

Alexandria Adair – the latest victim model at BunBeatingFun.com


This punishment film sees this typical model brat “get what’;s coming to her” and I liked the fight in her for a while, squirming and mouthing off, until she was eventually leg locked, stripped and of course soundly thrashed with TMS2’s hard hands and, what I like now, finished off with the hairbrush for good measure…. the added humiliating scenes of making her go get the implement didn’t go un-noticed from this viewers eyes! All in all, another excellent Bun Beating extravaganza – I’m a big fan of the un-PC way in which Greg & co deal with their girls… the “old fashioned” chauvanistic way. (You know it’s all in good fun really!!!) – Check out the images from the film and the short spanking clip you can see!

alex-06 alex-07

alex-08 alex-13

alex-17 alex-18


A blue eyed beauty she be, but sadly one afflicted with a very much advanced case of narcissism. Fortuitously, albeit unknowingly, when Alexandria strutted through our doorway a lasting cure happily awaited her. And though the wench wasn’t too keen on taking her medicine, our devoted caregiver determinedly dispensed it just the same… every last bit of it!

alex-30 alex-31

alex-34 alex-36

alex-40 alex-56

alex-58 alex-65 alex-72

alex-73 alex-75




Hope you had a great weekend… & for no reason whatsoever, here’s some bird on a rocking horse with a cock attached and her riding it and sucking a lollypop for the sake of porn – meh!  Goodnight! *fap fap fap!*


Brit Spankings

As the title suggests… some British themed (& European, if I get the time and they get to today’s stage of events) and I will start today with my friends over at NorthernSpanking.com and a redhead theme I hope you like, starting with the lovely Scarlot Rose (below)

NSI110-DSF029 NSI110-DSF032

NSI110-DSF033 NSI110-DSF036

NSI110-DSF038 NSI110-DSF047

NSI110-DSF050 NSI110-DSF054

A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David was a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot was his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. With the help of Scarlot, David helped retrain one such individual, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom but it seemed that Scarlot was a little overcritical in her note taking and David felt it necessary… as her Mentor, to correct her most thoroughly over his lap!

In another recent update featuring Scarlot… here’s an interesting scene. Do you know that feeling that everybody is talking about you? Well Scarlot certainly does in this film as you’ll discover below, I like this outdoor scene because, as the weather is changing and starting to behave, I get to thinking about filming outdoors too!




Another cracking redhead is Irelynn Logeen (if you want your Irelynn fix then this is the site to visit) … Stephen needs to keep an eye on her as she just can not be trusted to make him a decent supper… so she is punished instead (I think it was a deliberate ploy on her part!!!)

 NSI086-SI054 NSI086-SI077

NSI086-SI121 NSI086-SI130

NSI086-SI129 NSI086-SI109

Of course, with Paul now living in America most of the time with Alex… the influence of LA based models is starting to creep in (and I approve… that place is a vast wealth of spanking talent) so check out a new trend developing, Alex discovering her toppy side on film as she introduces Ginger to the members of Northern Spanking, this is what Paul had to say about Ginger:

And at last, we have new spankee to introduce to you! We filmed and photographed pretty little Ginger just yesterday in Los Angeles. Hows that for freshness? Here we see Alex having some fun with our new starlet, prior to two films, (one a caning), and a lovely outdoor stills set. Watch this space for more of Ginger!

NSI124-AG005 NSI124-AG011

NSI124-AG012 NSI124-AG015

NSI124-AG021 NSI124-AG023

You can much more of Ginger and all the other girls featured above in full – CLICK HERE


I love seeing Aleesha Fox getting punished and I have 2 great updates I want to show you from 2 different sites. The first is a slightly different take… away from the cells at Bars-and-Stripes.com as prison officers Page & Dodge sneak into her room in the middle of the night and try to extract some information from her… all will become apparent when you see the images and the plot line (below)

aleesha_nicked-0270 aleesha_nicked-0350 aleesha_nicked-0470

aleesha_nicked-0680 aleesha_nicked-0750

aleesha_nicked-0820 aleesha_nicked-0950

aleesha_nicked-1140 aleesha_nicked-2190

Aleesha is just going to settle down for the night, but before she does she makes an urgent phone call to her boyfriend Billy Smith. She warns him to stay away from her because they’re on to him and are likely to come back to her place. She then gets into bed and settles down. The nightmare begins when her bedroom door is pushed open and two prison officers run in. Prison Officer Zoe Page and Prison Officer Dave Dodge drag her out of bed. They insist they need her to tell them where Billy Smith is. She insists that she does not know. For some reason they don’t believe her. Her wrists are handcuffed together behind her back and she is flung face down on the bed. Officer Dodge brings a paddle out of his pocket and starts spanking her with it. All she has to do is tell him what he wants to know and the spanking will stop. She tells him that she can’t tell him where Billy is, as she doesn’t know. Officer Page is eager to have a go, so he hands the paddle to her. But still Aleesha repeats again and again that she doesn’t know. Therefore, the two prison officers are enjoying spanking her and causing her pain – so they take turns. Poor Aleesha’s bottom is looking very sore. To add to her misery, she has to thank whoever is spanking her after each stroke. But all good things come to an end and when Officers Page and Dodge eventually realize the fun is over, they march her off for further interrogation.


Check out a free preview clip of Aleesha’s punishment (below)



There is a new film with Aleesha Fox just released today and it is HOT! I love the way Aleesha is held over the table in a most revealing and humiliating way… check out these superb images and the plot of this movie from the often under rated Red Stripe Films website – this site shows you a lot of severe stuff as well as some older films shown previously on this network of sites and I recommend you take a look for yourselves and decide!

Strapped for Cooking the Books!

npp6074023 npp6074025

npp6074031 npp6074034

npp6074043 npp6074045

npp6074049 npp6074054 npp6074055

Aleesha Fox works for Strapped For Cash – a loan company – and she is in front of her boss for cooking the books and unlawfully punishing Nicky Montford one of the company’s customers. She is defiant but in view of the complaint made against her the boss decides she will be severely punished. She has to remove her panties and kneel up on the office table. Once in position her bottom is subjected to a long and painful thrashing with a leather strap. Nicky watches on with delight that Aleesha is being made to suffer so much pain.

See the free clip of Aleesha’s punishment and review the other films HERE


I’m not quite sure what to make of Sarah Bright’s latex nun costume… but of course it’s kinky as hell in a return of the “Unladylike Manor” series… it’s good that Sarah shares this with people she knows well to start with as it’s a “bit out there” then again, plugging Casey Calvert with an anal hook whilst she is dressed as a cheergirl isn’t? (lol – my next film coming soon) – so just ride with it… so coming to the stage this week is Suzy Smart, the victim in this takes a hell of a strapping from both Sarah and Katie Didit… as you will see below:

npp6078019 npp6078036

npp6078044 npp6078047

npp6078050 npp6078068

npp6078074 npp6078078

This is what Sarah had to say about the return of this series: My Unladylike Manor series proved to be so popular that I have decided to continue with the story. The new series ‘Return To The Manor’ The poverty Years follows the family into some new and exciting adventures starting with the enrolment of Lady Suzanne into the household staff. This turns out to be a very painful return for Suzanne, it may in face prove to be the very hardest beating I have ever given out. See what you think.

It’s also best if you see a clip of this (featured below) and it will become clear!



An old school classic is shown at SoundPunishment.com – there are some real gems here from time to time and this old classic deserves a mention… Student Emily Jayne has been caught by the caretaker reading pornography during the break when she should have been outside wiith the other pupils. Rather than risk the cane from the headmistress she accepts a roasted bare bottom spanking from the caretaker.

P8017787 P8017793 P8017813

P8017824 P8017832

P8017834 P8017841

P8017853 P8017859

Don’t miss the full film available to download HERE



Finally today… a “First date” spanking film from Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking website in this nice and very “couple-ly” sort of film that has its own special intimacy… with Nimue Allen and first time spanker, Andrew Shada… who is normally a bottom at this site.


Dating can be nervewracking when you’re kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking – and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn’t waste time, and as soon as they’re back to her house she takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not horrified… and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he soon gets the hang of it.

Dreams-of-Spanking_date043 Dreams-of-Spanking_date018 Dreams-of-Spanking_date024

Dreams-of-Spanking_date028 Dreams-of-Spanking_date033

Dreams-of-Spanking_date036 Dreams-of-Spanking_date039

Check out this movie along with a great free clip and all the most recent films that  Pandora has uploaded



At the risk of boring you further, I have decided to stop today, that has somewhat got me caught up, a little… from the Brit’s perspective… if I have time later, please do go check my other blogs as I intend to update these both next and I know that there will be some excellent spanking content and news updates coming your way!

Fantastic Friday

Yay! The weekend is here and it’s time again to gaze upon beautiful females getting spanked and dishing out some in return! Today’s focus is from America and if you haven’t seen these already, then here are some great images… I have tried to choose images not seen elsewhere so to make it more interesting for you 😉

Gonna have to be quick as I wanna watch my Skyfall DVD with several glasses of red wine tonight! LOL!

PAST PRESENT & FUTURE presentations from the excellent Punishedbrats.com

I saw that David (owner of the site) was reminiscing about the movie they did ages ago with Pixie and Juliet Valentina, a fairytale spanking which his brother Rick wrote and directed, I have this on one of my external spanking hard drives and it’s a blast… I located it and replayed it. The images from this production explain how Pixie has earned a tougher sentence and a dose of the hairbrush for her crime of attempted fairytale homicide – she smashed the spider that sat down beside her *giggle* Now featured as a “Classic” (taken from Snow & Muffat)

muffet1-1 muffet1-2

muffet1-3 muffet1-4

muffet1-5 muffet1-7

Currently there is another awesome girl spanking girl film co starring Joelle Barros as the spanker in this film with Pi feeling the full force of her swift and lethal hand! Is it wrong of me to say that I got seriously turned on watching this girl on girl spanking erotica? This pairing (for me, at least) is a perfect punishment combo… I’d have got Pi in for my American Shoot too alongside Joelle if she was available at the time… so well done to David for having the sense and good taste to film them together instead! 🙂

Current full film – “Unprepared”

unprepared2-1 unprepared2-2

unprepared2-3 unprepared2-4

unprepared2-5 unprepared2-7

Pi shows up to an important meeting with a potential advertiser completely unprepared. Joelle is insensed at her cousin’s continued irresponsibility. Joelle bends Pi over a stepstool for a hard hairbrush spanking. The hairbrush sends a painful message to Pi that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared in her work!

Charlie Skye is back at Punishedbrats and one of her films are already out but there’s a sneak preview of MORE to come (below) this is one Baltimore brat I really should have gotten hold of whilst I was there (but again she was unavailable at the time) otherwise I would have done a separate short film shoot in my hotel room! (ahem!)




See all the very latest films previews and what these talented guys are up to at Punished Brats!


Next from Firm Hand Spanking are 2 recent stunning updates from the American side (yes, I know I have seen the very latest one featuring Leia Ann Woods filmed in the UK alongside Thomas Cameron and directed by Amelia Rutherford by the looks of it… hmmm, if that’s an incentive… more on that soon then, eh?). So, not withstanding that FHS always change the girls names unless it was Danielle Hunt (that soon changed back from Rhianna Parsons as she is everywhere, lol!) – Sorry, was I a little cynical thinking it was some sort of ruse to put off other spanking producers? Personally I respect teh girls and ask them what name they go by as they often want to include you in a portfolio and don’t want yet another alias –  but we get to know who the girls are in the end, heh heh!) Anyway, Sabrina Scott, I mean.. “Valerie Bryant” looks as stunning as ever in her latest film in the “Learning Curve” series!

tlc_bb001 tlc_bb005

tlc_bb007 tlc_bb010

tlc_bb013 tlc_bb017

tlc_bb018 tlc_bb020

tlc_bb021 tlc_bb023

Valerie Bryant” bares her round bottom cheeks to kneel on a chair for a jiggling red, fast 245 swats with a leather paddle. Richard Anderson teaches her about corporal punishment in Learning Curve, covering all over both buttocks and upper thighs. Ouch!


& if that wasn’t stunning enough, the very popular Carina  Thompson – um, also better known as Karina Kay, a voluptuous and versatile porn actress… shines in this latest “Paid in Full” series really and really looking shocked when she gets her latest punishment (gotta admit that turned me on!) … this is one girl genuinely not used to a spanking and it shows but the guys at Firm Hand pull it off and the spankings and strappings are quite hard. She takes what’s given… but HATES every stroke! That is what a punishment is about, my dear!

paid_k001 paid_k003

paid_k006 paid_k008

paid_k013 paid_k016

paid_k018 paid_k021

paid_k022 paid_k024

Buying clothes for cash seems like a plan to heiress Carina Thompson when her credit cards are cut up in Paid in Full. Family lawyer Patrick Bateman takes a firmer line with a leather tawse. Will 21 strokes bare bottom, then stripped nude, teach her new values?

You can see both these great films in full for members – CLICK HERE


Finally today from the Real Spankings Institute – Michael Masterson spends some extra time thrashing these 2 girls for reasons that you’ll see below!

Caught sleeping naked together in their dorm room, Allison and Abigail are marched fully naked downstairs by the Dean for a long and hard handspanking. Allison is punished first as Abigail is made to watch… knowing her turn is next! Then… the girls punishment continues as the Dean requires them to get on all fours on the floor, and one has to bend over and place her hands on the other’s back. This final scene of the 4 part movie series features a long and hard strapping! Images and vid grabs from the movie are below to show you more about this excellent and severe punishment series. I also happen to like seeing these 2 girls punished together 🙂


str01 str02 str03 str04

str05 str06 str07


str08 str09

str10 str11


str12 str13 str14


See all the severe institutional punishments HERE


That’s it from me… the weekend is here so have a great time to those that are fortunate enough NOT to have to work through it… as for me, I’ll be at work tomorrow (sigh) but that’s the way it goes, eh? Now off to watch my Skyfall DVD and drink a horrendous amount of red wine!

Cheers! *hic*

Super Sunday Spankings

Xmas is fast approaching, tis the season of many work related meals, I have another tonight, all the good work I have done by losing 20 Pounds these last 6 months has gone undone in a festival of gluttony and excessive eating these last few weeks! Another reason I loathe this time of year, to be honest. If you know me, you’ll know I hate this time of year. I have just prepared my Xmas film at our site (sigh) and in the spirit of giving, our members will get a massive 25-30 minute film in one go, no broken parts in gorgeous HD, featuring 4 lovelies spanked needlessly in some extremely tacky and festive gear. Danielle was one of those girls… and after her filming came up with the idea you are about to see below! This is also advertised on the front of our site and it was mainly her idea, so anyone bitching about me exploiting the poor lass… think again! It’s also a nice extra and a “thank you” to the lucky winner… what do you have to do? Click below and see how to enter and be a part of the draw.

& this offer is available to ANYONE who has purchased a Year’s Membership, we are reviewing our pricing structure very soon so this annual deal along with the current pricing WILL change as we are now so much bigger than when we had envisaged the site to start with… so if you also want to take advantage of accessing our site for under $20… which, to be honest, is waaaaaay too cheap, then get it while you can as we will be upping the prices very soon! Not because we are greedy or mean, but because we have no choice, being based in the UK, the Dollar exchange rate is killing us, hosting costs more for the extra bandwidth of all our extra films and it covers the costs of wasting time tracking down pirates and costs that this involves as well as funding for new models and such. I have thought long and hard on this and hope you won’t be too upset, so I’m giving fair warning: I will probably raise the monthly fees in a few weeks, but will still seek to encourage those who want to support us with pay per view options and kick ass longer term deals like we have now!

Get it ALL for under $20 while you can – ALL JOIN OPTIONS HERE


& so onto my next fave theme, seeing drop dead gorgeous Japanese girls spanked in mother/daughter type roles and who better to start this off than Cutiespankee.com who have 2 amazing films with this stunning actress who whimpers beautifully when her tight bare bottom is paddled out of her cute school uniform! *swoon*



OK, if you thought this mother/daughter spanking and paddling looked hot (the movie is fantastic, btw) then check out the 2nd featurette as this girl prepares for her punishment when mother calls her for the inevitable!!!



You can see much more of the latest free movie previews exclusive to Cutiespankee.com


Staying in Japan, I loved this role reversal movie and can imagine this happening in such economically challenged times… it’s called “Stupid Office Worker” and stars a real hot cutie called Anri who threatens her boss she and many others will leave for better paid jobs unless they get a pay rise… but the boss can’t do that and offers up her ass instead as punishment (done in typical Japanese style which I absolutely love! The female boss really looked ashamed!)



However, boastful Anri sent an email to her boyfriend about making it all up and foolishly sent it to the company’s chief exec who forwarded it to her office boss who exacts a suitably humiliating payback spanking!



Click HERE to see the latest special free movie previews & more!


I have had some requests about Samantha Woodley recently, and she filmed a ton of content at FirmHandSpanking.com – even though it may have been filmed a few years back… it still hasn’t been released until now so to all intents and purposes, it is of course “brand new” and unseen… I have to say, her latest bratty episode they are showing during breakfast in her “Learning Curve” series was one of the sexiest punishments I’ve seen – with her spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen, with her tight pink panties still on… all this for not being able to make coffee and burning the toast! Enjoy her humiliating & sudden hard breakfast spanking as you’ll see below!




Of course, this site isn’t just about featuring some of the hottest Sam Woodley films… oh no, even long established players like Alison Miller with probably the jiggliest, wibbly-wobbliest bottom that can take a really hard thrashing still features on a regular basis… and that’s good news, as her films are amongst the most popular and for good reason… watching Alison getting spanked on her bare bum is an event in itself… check out the images below then check out the short preview clip I’ve cut which covers the slo-mo action replay of her spanking/paddle brushing and you’ll fully understand what I mean!




Warning for my gentlemen viewers: Miss Miller’s jiggling bottom WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

More fantastic jiggly ass spankings can be viewed in full at FirmHandSpanking.com


Here’s a site I haven’t featured for a little while, keeping it to myself again (lol) and this headmaster is stern as hell, as he always is, taking no crap off any of the girls at Spankedcoeds.com and this tearful girl has yet another semi naked spanking across his lap as he reminds her that this pre bedtime punishment is for her own good (ahem!) and there will be more of this when she wakes up (how awful!) – Please do check out some scenes bel0w which showcases what she endured!




More hard spanking action from the Headmaster can be seen HERE


Finally today, I thought I’d feature a model I hadn’t seen in ages, and so I decided to peruse her section inside Northern Spanking and here area few choice images taken of Samantha Johnson… one of my all time fave English girls in The Scene that I would *love* to spank personally…

below you can see some of her many films she starred in at NorthernSpanking.com – Enjoy!






Check out the many films of samantha and of course so much more from one of the longest established spanking sites from the UK! NorthernSpanking.com


Have a rest if you are not working on the Sabbath and enjoy the countdown to Christmas that is under full steam here in England, as I am sure it is wherever you are (well, unless you’re in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates and suchlike… and I’m sure my site is blocked there anyways!)

I’m off out for my meal – I have the special “Cakeboy” pantaloons on for added comfort 🙂

Real Naughty Spankings!

Whilst perusing through Sarah’s marvellous archives, I came across this “mature” stunner called Conchita who is my ideal MiLF… she’s a good looking older lady that isn’t scared to show off her charms, perform sexually on film and able to take a spanking too! Ideal! What’s more, she doubled with Sarah in a strapping movie after having been thoroughly fucked. Now if sex and spanking sites are your thing, this real life girl next door British spanking site is definitely one to look out for! Sarah seems to have changed her direction as she admits she is late 30’s but still a hell of a sight to behold! Over 6 foot tall, Sarah is impossible to ignore in a room… Nowadays, Sarah seems to prefer to play the dominant partner and still sub, of course… but it may appear that her very naughty sexual play may be over… at least giving blow jobs and the such, but the archives, like this one with her and Conchita are what makes this a site very much well worth visiting for a hell of a lot of variety. Sex with your spankings? Why thank you… go visit SpankingSarah.com for more info and all the latest free HD movie previews! I have provided you with a few images of Conchita fucked and then leathered later alongside Sarah, enjoy!





See MORE of Sarah’s special site and the excellent tour pages and previews (click banner below)


OK, here’s a girl I haven’t seen until now as I had been impressed with one of the other unique girls called Sophie to this site, well, I have to tell you I rejoined this site on the strength of their new girl Devin, who is another amazing beauty able to take a variety of withering and stinging punishments! The site? GirlsSpankedHard.com – a site I haven’t been back to for a while and am now regretting why I hadn’t gone back sooner! See what I mean from the stunning images taken from some of her punishments below!

Only 19 years old, Devin has never appeared on a spanking site before until now! She makes no secret that the money helps towards her tuition fees as a student, but she isn’t doing this just for the cash. She reveals in an interview before her spanking films that she IS a lifestyler (the best kind) and this shows in her films as she can take, albeit tearfully, a damned hard spanking, cropping and pretty much anything that her bare bum can handle! She cries and cries out loud during her punishments but more in endurance, and she is proud that she can take it! Her fresh faced girl next door looks makes her addictive viewing and the images below show you a glimpse of what she experiences!






Check out more of girl next door Devin at GirlsSpankedHard.com


& here’s a round up of some pretty hard punishments you’d expect to find from Michael Masterson’s Real Spankings Pass network, the individual sites are also noted for your further advised perusal 🙂

Bailey filmed a lot of content for this network and even though she’s retired, (with the amazing exception of seeing her perform for NorthernSpanking last year!) Bailey’s stuff still comes out and she looks understandably timeless! They are also upping the quality of the movies making this a great site to revisit on it’s own or as part of the Real Spankings Pass



Finally from the Institute comes a couple of updates, very popular college girl Lila is spanked and strapped naked with her legs spread invitingly with her sex gaping in this humiliating film that really makes her cry out loud! & you’ll see a few images of new recruit Lyndsay as she is introduced to the Dean’s Office and what happens to naughty girls in there! Fans of Michael Masterson’s work, as ever, will NOT be disappointed!

Lila (below) feels the sting of her latest humiliating punishment




Lyndsay quickly learns to avoid angering Dean Masterson


The 2 sites featured here (above) are part of the Real Spankings Network

Classic Spanking Memories

I was bored yesterday, bored of seeing my football club let me down again at Charlton after an epic win mid week… making me believe in a foolish notion that we may well survive with the few players we have left… I’m bored of the fact the club might go out of business on Feb 9th when it goes before the court for a final winding up petition over unpaid tax to HMRC (The British equivalent of the IRS, to my American chums)… and of course, I’m boring you moaning about this, so I’ll shut up and let you know what cheered me up when I checked out the archives of NorthernSpanking.com instead – I decided to see what some models there had first shot way back and Leia-Ann’s first few scenes were quite memorable as you’ll see below. I’m sure even Leia will smile as she remembers this (if she is lurking here!) as it was made well over 5 years ago, maybe a little longer! However, it has a really interesting storyline, something which the good folk at Northern have always been good at doing!

Leia is “Caught at Customs.”

The humiliating inspection & punishment is about to begin!

This, in a nut shell (where did that expression come from, btw?) is the story with accompanying images: Leia-Ann had been stopped at customs for a spot check. Refusing to co-operate with the guards and generally being a bit cagey, she found herself in a little room, alone and scared with a creepy Customs Officer. Determined to find out what she was hiding, the officer insisted upon a humiliating strip search, until he found what he was looking for and could decide on her punishment when she’d be naked and vulnerable!



Leia-Ann’s ordeal was only just about to begin! Led firmly to the corner and shackled, she was about to learn just how this country punished drug smugglers!  The caning of Leia-Ann’s bottom continues mercilessly, before the Customs Officer instructs her onto her back for some judicial caning…on her feet!



The scream inducing caning upon Leia-Ann’s bare feet continued, as she was brought to breaking point by the mean Customs Officer… before being left naked, helpless and huddled in the corner wondering what fate would hold for her afterwards.


Yikes… pretty good stuff and something I admit I hadn’t delved so far back to check (mental note… MUST do this more often). There is a massive archive of Leia-Ann’s content shown here at NorthernSpanking, lots of it with original and interesting themes like the above judicial style caning punishment – if you wish to see more check out NorthernSpanking.com


Back to the present: Recently, I featured a new film co-starring Leia-Ann (with Pandora Blake) in a breakfast spanking scene. I can tell you that she wasn’t best keen on the bread (it was in fact high quality “Soya & Linseed” bread) and Leia poked at it with a long face noting that the dark seeds looked like flies! & I thought she was highly bred/bread (hmmm, awful pun… move on!) – the producer had laid on a nice breakfast (well, bread and spreads with cereal and OJ for the girls to pass the time with – luxury!) before Miss Bradley interupted them for trying to avoid school… check the previous post for more on this movie – however you can see a decent free preview clip of this HERE or clicking on the image below 🙂

Apart from being late for school – playing with her bread was a spanking offense in this house!


My next classic spanking memory is courtesy of quality brat spanking site Bun Beating Fun – the website that features uppity self centered models lured to sleazy motels on lingerie photoshoot contracts and given exactly what they deserve, a good hard sustained bare bottom OTK spanking, when they play up and act like spoilt little madams! There are well over 80 divas on here now thrashed on camera and I decided to check out this olden but golden beauty… a girl I haven’t featured so enjoy the special free clip I placed on my Spanking Tube and the images from the film (below).


Jill Cannon: This movie has been completely remastered in full screen Wmv glory
(the full length download is 479mb)

This is what Greg of BBF had to say about Jill: “The first thing we noticed when this stunning fox arrived was that she looked every bit as good as her publicity photos led us to expect. Then, when she spoke it only got better. Her voice, soft and sweet like a robin’s song. It was only after we took note of the actual words lilting off her tongue, that our expectations sank…. like a lead weight.
“It’s hot”, “This place is a dump”, “I want more money” and so on.
To her credit, it should be noted that Jill did show up on time and – best of all – clearly displayed under her tight dress was irrefutable evidence of why the young lady had just recently won the “Best Ass in Texas” contest!”





 See ALL the models spanked by The Infamous Mystery Spanker – FREE previews HERE


Finally today I had lost this old movie taken from SpankingMags.com e-zine archives but soon remembered where to find it and download it again to one of my new external hard drives and it was a belter. A 3-some school girl discipline movie where prefect Joanna Pritchart is punished alongside 2 foreign exchange students from Poland (Caroline & Angelina). The combination of these 3 girls together, and also the severity of this punishment with the slipper, tawse and cane was indeed a very satisfying and authentic discipline you could well imagine naughty girls receiving years ago in educational establishments! See the images and also a free clip I just had to cut and place up on the Teen spanking Tube today! OK, that’s me done today… I’m off out for some fresh air and a nice walk… simple Sunday pleasures in the Chief household 🙂

Check out this awesome scene of schoolgirl punishment from yonder years 

Severe spanking, slippering and use of the cane is what makes this 20 minute film (with a limited intro so there’s MORe action) one of my favorite films takens from the excellent e-zine movie and classics site – SpankingMags.com – You might also be interested to know that this particular e-zine contained loads of extras with a full size image shoot as wellaas the screen images )some which I have shown below) and there was also a bonus movie not shown anywhere else. Worth the entance fee alone if you have never seen this schoolgirl punishment movie!





Click here to see this full length movie

Naughty Girls Spanked & Naughty Diaper Girls!

I have some exciting extremes across our wondeful fetish including naughty girls having fun in diapers being extremely submissive as well as naughty ladies and schoolgirls that deserve a punishment spanking, which is right where I shall start today with a cracking NEW update of a genuinely missed old movie never shown before. I asked about this movie and was graciously given the whole film to review and, wow… members of SpankingOnline have an amazing film just released which will be approx 600Mb in length and stars a very naughty Kirstyn Gold caught stealing some cash – she was in a position of trust as Housekeeper and is easily caught out by the owner!

Now seeing as I’ve seen the whole movie there are some nice (naughty) scenes, such as Kirstyn thinking that she can hide her money somewhere private, like in the rear of her panties but she hasn’t banked on this guy knowing EXACTLY how much he squirelled away and he counts it religiously giving him “Wood” counting cash… yes there are people like that, we all know people who do this, lol! Anyway, it soon becomes obvious that he *knows* Kirsten has stolen the cash and decides to order her to strip, and in the ultimate humiliation he pulls out the missing cash from her buttock cleft – seriously, imagine the shame of being caught hiding money “there”. All I can say is cue a very long and humiliating spanking, strapping and caning, I have featured a strapping scene below as well as some early images of what I have descibed so far. Trust me when I say the caning scenes are long, sustained – AND SEVERE! This is Kirtsen Gold receiving a damned hard thrashing at her best! In a way, I’m glad they missed this film ’til now – no remasters, just something out of the blue and a bloody good long film too! SpankingOnline members – get downloading, this is a good ‘un!!


Click on the image below for MY special EXCLUSIVE Free Strapping clip!

Good, innit? 😀 I promise you the rest of this film is amazing!!!
Remember that SpankingOnline is also part of a The 4 Site SpankPass network

OK, in case you’ve missed these galleries and excellent movie clips check out what is being offered FREE at the moment, I particularly love the image below, don’t you, so inviting, imagine approaching that from her blind spot and surprising her!!! Mmm 😀 Just click on the images below which lead to very special galleries

Loved the above gallery and long play movie clip? Check out more sample galleries below including the elusive but amazing Heather Stanton thrashed as she ALWAYS deserves to be!


Now from girls that got their much deserved spanking punishments (above) to something a little bit naughty (but nice). Clare Fonda has really embraced “the adult diaper fetish” with her girls and has become “quite the expert” in this interesting niche! Her wonderful site NAUGHTYDIAPERGIRLS covers most of her spanking models that she now uses who love to take part in something a little different. Imagine dressing up in and wearing diapers, and as Clare once told me, you MUST have the tape up ones, it’s essential for those “in the know” and so she caters expertly to lovers of this fun and erotic niche.

You’ll see grown women acting like pacified babies, see them get turned on wearing them under their short skirts, playing with themselves whilst wearing them, getting pampered like a baby with their legs in the air or bottoms fully exposed with rectal thermometers and talc powder used, even drinking milk like a baby from a bottle, lol! It’s incredibly submissive for those girls that cry out for their “mommies!”

Adult actress Hollie Stevens has just about done everyhting possible in the fetish industry online and she is incredibly sexy, I’ve witnessed her train to be a slave, taken severe thrashings and of course she takes cock like a good adult actress is expected to! So now she fools around in her diaper, well done to clare for bringing something new into Hollie’s life!

Check out Hollie fooling about in her diaper on the bed!

Remember there’s also spanking scenes, ever seen a girl spanked in a diaper and then have it removed for more spanking? It’s incredibly sexy to watch! Check out some more galleries in the thumbs below that showcase what this site is about!

1st 2 galleries has model Riley treated like a baby as she is diapered and fed

Business woman Clare is a lover of AB (Adult baby) girls. She calls her preferred agency and asks them to send a sexy girl over for her viewing pleasure. Leggy blond Riley comes over with a diaper poking out from under her tight dress. This gets Clare very excited and she wants to pull the sexy diaper girl onto her knee but she knows the agency rules. Riley takes off her dress and shows off her perky tits. She crawls around on the bed and pouts while she sticks her bottom out. She sucks on her bottle and shakes her little tushy that is clad in her snug fitting diaper. Finally she lays on her back and reaches into her protetive panties and touches herself for her and the wealthy lady’s pleasure. Clare cannot help reaching under her own dress when she sees the sexy AB model with her hands in her diaper touching her naughty little pussy! & that’s only the start as you’ll have seen from this series! 😀

More sample galleries of spanking and AB girls below:


Oh, I haven’t featured this in a while, check out some of the hottest selling vids that many people are viewing at my Spanking Theater below – well worth taking a look, I can tell you, I’m so happy when people have such good tastes 😉