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Server Upgrade finally complete

Sorry about my absence on here, I couldn’t post anything and the damned transfer of data took longer than expected but I have just got news from the Hosts that it’s all OK (despite this poor blog having a 403 Forbidden error best part of a day… did you think the blog had gone? sheesh! I did!!!)

So, where do I start? I am MASSIVELY behind on everything, I couldn’t update my own site   AAAspanking.com – and am doing so right now (yes, girls… I am multi tasking!!!) This is just a brief post, and I just wanted to let you know… “I’m back.”

I also saw in my mail that there were a few comments received… as the transfer was started on March 30th (I just got news I can update now, so that’s a LONG time!) I will try to find the comments and reply if poss! Those comments are now dust in the wind on t’interwebz… innit?


Check out the new update from CutieSpankee.com

What I love about this site, apart from the uber gorgeous girls of Japan is that even their regulation school gym knickers tightly spread across this amazing girl’s ass is a total picture of erotic imagery!!! See what I mean below… I’m gobsmacked, CutieSpankee do it again with some stunning photography (there’s more of this for members of course!)

OMG! I am in lust!!! Those red knickers are like a rag to a bull… or a raging “Chief”… More stunning imagery & Japanese stunning, erotic and schoolgirl punishment spankings can be found HERE


Sorry it’s a short update, but I will be back later this weekend! have a good one. Chief