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Incredible Sophie

I have a great Friday update for you today and wanted to share it with you here, the reason is because viewing this amazing film, of which it appears that RealSpankings.com and the rest of Mr Masterton’s many excellent sites are adding new viewing options, like MP4 and Wmv alongside the more traditional Real Media formats (that have been this site’s staple viewing platform). I welcome the fact that this long play movie which you can see in full (below) shows the quality and thought that goes into making his films and with this girl, Sophie, who I have to say has a high tolerance for receiving the switch across her ample bottom and thighs! (Oh, and also looks incredibly cute in her maid’s uniform). I once gave this punishment out jokingingly many years ago to a former GF and she cried from the pain… nature’s various twigs out there should be respected and i think I was a little too vigorous! Anyway, enough of my waffle, I really want to let you see this film in full below then check out some screen grabs I made, the facial scenes near the end with Mr M’s continual use of the Switch is an awesome scene… breathtaking, in fact!

Caught Drinking on the job, housemaid Sophie is required to go outside and cut some switches for her own discipline. She cleans and prepares the switches and is then severely punished by Michael. This is a long and hard bare bottom punishment that leaves her bottom and thighs covered with welts.



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The above movie from RealSpankings was hosted by the daily updated  Teen Spankings Tube

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