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Weekend Hot Spankings Pt1

Just catching up on one of my favorite sites – FirmHandSpanking.com – there are some awesome new series from some fantastic American girls, of which I can tell you (from memory) at least 2 out of the 3 girls featured here WILL be voted on in the “Newcomer Spankee” category when voting starts soon. Hardly surprising when you see the sheer breathtaking beauty of these girls and their red bottom punishments and spankings that they receive!

So without further ado, let’s marvel at the (as ever) excellent photography and links to where you can view and download these latest films starting with Stacy Stockton in the 2nd part of the Truly Madly Deeply series with co star and husband, Jonny. For my money’s worth, probably the best looking young spanking couple currently out there and their domestic series of films ROCK!


Stacy Stockton gets a good long bare bottom spanking for making Jonny late to work

“You’ve burned my croissant!” complains Jonny Stockton to his hot young wife Stacy in Truly Madly Deeply. Her big blue eyes won’t save her from a 350-smack bare spanking before he heads off late to work. Instant coffee too? It’s too much: “Bend over!”

tmd_b004 tmd_b006 tmd_b008 tmd_b010 tmd_b012 tmd_b015 tmd_b018 tmd_b020 tmd_b021 tmd_b024



19 with the cane – Jodi Biltmore learns the price of vandalism in Reform Academy

With her bubble-butt bare and stuck out, pretty Jodi Biltmore admits “I was scared to be caned.” At Reform Academy the penalties from Mr Strickman are severe. See Jodi’s perfect, round bare bottom flinch under 13 strokes, with an extra six for insolence: 19!

academy_j004 academy_j006 academy_j010 academy_j015 academy_j017 academy_j018 academy_j020 academy_j021 academy_j022 academy_j023



Tara Somerville – totally nude finale, breasts and bottom bouncing with a spanking

Pert 34C breasts bare, beautiful blonde Tara Somerville makes out with Tiffany Bennett in the exec lounge – until Mr Reed walks in! Tara is stripped nude for the spanking of her life, jiggling cheeks blushing a sore red from 87 swats with a ping-pong paddle!

intern_cg006 intern_cg010 intern_cg014 intern_cg017 intern_cg020 intern_cg023 intern_cg025 intern_cg027 intern_cg032 intern_cg033


All the films above can be previewed with FREE HD clips HERE


Wet Dream Spankings


I have a treat for you today… I’m still buzzing after watching the Netherlands destroy Spain in last nights superb football match in the World Cup – 5-1!!! Those crazy orange Dutch were stunning (even though they played in dark blue) … I can only hope that England do the same to the Italians, but because of the oppressive heat and humidity in the middle of the Amazonian jungle in Menaus… this isn’t really going to happen. I predict a 1-1 draw, like the Spain v Netherlands game… each side dare not lose, so will it be cagey and tight, or open up if one team scores early? To be honest, I’d accept a draw right now, but I have a feeling we could do well in this tournament… time will tell and I’m just excited about tonight’s game. To celebrate early… here are some equally amazing and outstanding spanking films and updates for you all to check out! I’m starting with Clare Fonda and Zille Defeu in a double spanking film-fest you can only find at Shadowlane.com – So here starts my spanking wet dream of today. I missed filming with Zille a few years back in the UK and am still annoyed about that… as well as meeting Clare and her current restrictions, I would love to do just one eeny-weeny little film with her, even if it wasn’t entirely spanking related… you never know, eh? So for now, see these 2 in a fantastic 2 sided film, a tale of revenge and jealousy that sees both women get one over on the other!

“The Starter Wife – Trophy Revenge Match!”


When a beautiful suburban housewife (Zille Defeu) invites her husband’s first wife, Iris (played by Clare Fonda) to her home for mojitos, she harbors a diabolical hidden agenda. Having long felt cruelly snubbed by Iris, Zille informs the “starter wife” of her desire to return the humiliation by spanking her. Naturally Iris laughs at this suggestion, until Zille blackmails the somewhat shady lady into submission, threatening to close out the one credit card Iris still holds and constantly charges to, without her ex-husband’s knowledge. Iris agrees to take a spanking rather than give up the free income and Zille falls to with mad energy. She’s been secretly furious with Iris for her interior decoration choices as well as spending all of Duncan’s money so there’s none left for Zille to play with. This is the desperate housewife style spanking you won’t see on TV!

zillespanksclare002 zillespanksclare004

zillespanksclare005 zillespanksclare006


zillespanksclare009 zillespanksclare010 zillespanksclare011


But lo and behold, Iris displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking!

 clarespankszille001 clarespankszille004

clarespankszille002 clarespankszille006 f930fb3ef5f5aba45a5c9ad5db9b7652


After her over the knee bare bottom spanking, Clare subjects Zille to penetration by large, phallic toys in both of her dainty private places. In one of the most dramatic woman tops woman scenes ever, Zille accepts her invasive discipline with humility and shame, a willful spoiled brat undone in the most embarrassing way. Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy movie.

 clarebuutplugszille001 clarebuutplugszille003

clarebuutplugszille004 clarebuutplugszille005 clarebuutplugszille007

clarebuutplugszille006 clarebuutplugszille008

CLICK HERE to see MORE of this film and the other movies that both Clare & Zille have featured in!



There are 2 sites that might still get overlooked since both ladies have retired, however, they filmed an awful lot of content and the sites are under the stable of Michael Masterson’s multi site Real Spankings Network – so you can have confidence these are quality sites…

However, if you don’t want to pay for all those sites at once, there is a better option if you’re into Brandi & Jessica (like I am!) and there’s a secret sub group of sites which gives you access to each other that I am  showing here plus a couple MORE – all for under $25 a month if you join up at any of their respective pages AND of course you get access to all their massive archived data. If it’s a first time venture to either of the “Teen Brandi” or “Teen Jessica” sites, then you indeed are in for a pleasant spanking wet dream surprise! Check out a few recent examples from each site and decide for yourself! These are from May and June this year! #schwiiing!

Spanking Teen Brandi – I love the way she can take a spanking, with a cracking butt… her archives go back approx 15 years! there were rumours that she was to make a comeback as a young woman now around her early thirties… we can but hope this becomes a reality one day! See her timeless butt spanked for our viewing pleasure below!

Brandi spanked by Cindy in the Office

6476_011 6476_014

6476_019 6476_020

6476_032 6476_035

6476_041 6476_045

6476_077 6476_080

Brandi is given a spanking on the bare over Ms Baker’s knee after she is caught snooping through Cindy’s office. CLICK HERE to see the full remastered film and all the other recent updated of Brandi!

Jessica Caught having sex!

1717_002 1717_011

1717_021 1717_027 1717_065


Ms. Burns comes in to find Jessica having sex. She lectures her and the pulls her OTK for a hard hand spanking then places her in time out before returning to finish off the punishment with a hard heavy wooden hairbrush that brings tears to Jessica’s eyes!

1718_019 1718_029

1718_035 1718_043 1718_051

1718_095 1718_099

CLICK HERE for more info on Jessica’s site – remember that you have access to both the sites shown here plus 2 more FREE as part of the special unique 4 site package.


Here are some outstanding recent movie updates with their latest new girls is just getting better at Firm Hand Spanking – what can I say? Just take a look for yourself, these 2 young ladies are HOT!

Tara Somerville’s pert, smooth round bottom strapped red by request!

intern_cf001 intern_cf002

intern_cf004 intern_cf006

intern_cf010 intern_cf016

intern_cf021 intern_cf024

Gorgeous blonde Tara Somerville returns to college with a red, sore bottom after time as The Intern. She asks Frank Reed to punish her one last time! 30 strokes of the strap across those wobbling, athletic cheeks is hot! Slow-motion replays and an out-take too.

Sassy college freshman Amber Davies spanked bare for disrespect.

sisters_bb001 sisters_bb005

sisters_bb011 sisters_bb013

sisters_bb015 sisters_bb016

sisters_bb017 sisters_bb022

Sassing a senior costs freshman Amber Davies a sound spanking with a ping-pong paddle. Dressing in private school uniform and asking “Is that all you got?” earns her more swats, panties down – 226 in all! Watch for a butt massaging out-take too…



& finally we go full circle and to the remarkable girl/girl punishment film that Clare Fonda admitted to me she just LOVED making when she had made a brief but welcome return to help out Denn the cameraman’s sites with some much needed stern direction as only Clare could give… you will love this film if you’re into your Aunt/Niece or F/F style spankings… this is a must see at the aptly named GirlspanksGirl.com


This is part of their “Classic Discipline” series of films. In the first part, Aunt Jessica (played by Clare Fonda) lectures young Ashley Rose about the errors of her ways before giving her a long number of various and humiliating punishments which included varied and sustained hand spankings and an unwanted and terrifying mouth soaping.

002 005

007 010

011 013

015 016

017 018

…then later, Aunt Jessica spanked young Ashley Rose in the sanctity of her bedroom, with her own hairbrush, while Ashley’s friend (Snow Mercy) watched from the other room. This is where we’re at and don’t miss the altercations between Snow & Ashely as well as Aunty dishing out yet more scoldings and punishments coming very soon to GirlSpanksGirl.com

002 004

005 006

008 (1) 008

014 015


Don’t forget that this site (as massive in its own right as it is) – is part of the infamous and amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS giving you access to 5 of the sites for a fraction of the combined cost! See banner below for more details!



OK… that’s it from me, I am now preparing everything for the game tonight – England v Italy… I really hope we stuff them, one can but dream!



Spankings this Weekend

I thought you deserved to check out something current and also a few films I have been watching which I know you will also enjoy! So without any waffle, let’s just get down to what is out there and what has been causing me uncomfortable #TrouserArousal ™ Chief.

Here is a fantastic reminder of what you can find in the archives of SarahGregorySpanking.com – since I shall be going to Fetishcon later this year and will be filming Candle Boxxx (amongst others) here is possibly what I could expect… I can’t wait!

Sexy Adventures at Fetishcon


Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


candle001 candle002


candle003 candle004


candle005 candle006


candle007 candle008

candle006 candle007 candle008

You can see much more of this and similar naughty erotic spankings HERE

Or via the great value Sarah Gregory Pass giving access to 2 sites for less than the combined cost


The next is one of the new film and photo updates from a filmshoot I attended in Los Angeles… Sarah Gregory makes a return to Naughty Diaper Girls – she and Clare love working together and as always they produce great stuff… there’s no actual spanking in this, but if you fancy seeing Clare play a pervy Aunt finding some excuse to strip search her niece (Sarah) with some rather intimate inspections… everywhere, then you will see what I mean below… this was filmed at Clare’s place and was a lot of fun to watch, I was holding my breath and keeping very quiet in the corner as I know not all producers like to have the model’s partners present, so it’s a lot of trust for Clare to let me watch this in person, for which I am rather grateful – oh and of course Sarah gets diapered in the end!!  🙂

001 003

007 008

009 010

012 014

You can more of what is showing at NaughtyDiaperGirls.com


The 2 most recent updates from Punishedbrats.com are contrasting and excellent punishment videos… including the long awaited upgraded film quality in 1280×720 resolution. I’m hoping to film a few scenes with tearful Mandie Rae at the BBW party, I’ve really liked her footage I’ve watched so far! & another PB lady, Audrey should be there too so I am hoping I get to meet her too, she has possibly one of the most spankable bubble butts anywhere on film…I’ll let you decide as she is currently appearing in a more severe spanking film with Pixie.

Concerned Father, Little Anarchist

concerned1-62 concerned1-43

concerned1-52 concerned1-32

concerned1-72 concerned1-91

concerned1-101 concerned1-111

Mandie had just been arrested for underage drinking and the theft of the alcohol in question. This was her third offense . In the past she had gotten away with her misdeeds, using her innocent looks and cuteness as her defense. Her father confronted her about her behavior but she felt that he was overreacting. ‘ Your lawyer’s will get me off again silly’, she quipped. Her exasperated father explained that as this is her third strike and that under the edicts of the newly formed government she is facing Discipline Camp. She responded that she wasn’t afraid of Discipline camp. Her father then took her over his lap and spanked her bare bottom to give her but a sample of the punishment yet to come.

Math Tutor (with Audrey & Pixie)

Audrey was doing poorly in calculus and enlisted the services of the best math tutor at the university. Miss Wells will not tolerate anything less than her students best efforts. When Audrey failed to do her assignment , she found herself over her tutor’s lap for a hard spanking with a hairbrush over the seat of her tight jeans, panties and then, bare bottom. As she was being spanked, Audrey was required to keep her eyes on the paper containing her undone assignments

math1-42 math1-103

math1-82 math2-51

math2-41 math2-71

Pixie instructs Audrey in the basic laws of mathematics as the hairbrush falls upon Audrey’s bottom in intervals of 2.3725 seconds. Audrey promised her stern instructor that from here on she will be putting forth more effort. Upon completion of her punishment , Audrey is left to stand by the chair upon which she was punished and work on math problems with her bare spanked bottom exposed.



From Firm Hand Spanking comes the next installment of the new Intern Series with new girl Tara Somerville and coach Frank Reed (Ralph Marvel)

Hot butt-rippling strapping for beautiful blonde Tara turns up the heat!

intern_cd001 intern_cd005

intern_cd006 intern_cd011

intern_cd012 intern_cd013

intern_cd018 intern_cd019

intern_cd020 intern_cd023

A perfect bubble butt, 31 with a stinging leather strap on dress, panties and bare for blonde hottie Tara Somerville, The Intern! Her cheeks bounce and ripple spectacularly as Frank Reed spanks her for a late project. Awesome, hot as hell slow-motion replays!

You can check out MORE of new girl Tara’s punishment HERE


Remember.. for us in the UK, the clocks have finally gone forward and now it is officially British Summertime (ha!) – the rain gets ever so slightly warmer.


1st part of the Spanking Catch Up!

I have just spent a tedious hour trying to book a flight, all for the sake of a few Quid cheaper on one network I was sent to… their useless rotten server kept timing out and also I didn’t know if my card was getting charged, so in the end I paid about $10 extra just so I could get the damn thing sorted, it just pissed off that this had wasted my time faffing with that site’s useless connection. Frustrating, isn’t it? I felt so helpless and so angry… I have enough worries on my plate without crap like that! So already I am an hour behind on what i wanted to bring you as well as get some other writings up on the other blogs! So I won’t bore you with the detail and will limit images per site to a maximum of 8 and bring you all the relevant info you will need to see what is out there this past week or so… if I have time, I will write extra on my other blogs! I will give you links to those or announce them on Twitter so you will know they are updated. OK… let’s get on with the spanking goodness and in no particular order, coming to the stage today we have updates from the following sites:


English Spankers – Spanking Sarah – Spanked in Uniform & Sound Punishment

Followed by appearances from Firm Hand, Amber Spanks and Sarah Gregory Spanking … and if I have time I will also add a fine update from my good friends at Northern Spanking too! I’m gonna be busy, so I better get cracking!

English Spankers – “A Well Deserved Punishment”

Young Jess fancies herself as a cat burglar but she does not have nine lives and unfortunately picks on a house owned by the London Tanner and Spanking Sarah. Now she is caught in the act of going through the cupboards and punishment is to be swift and very painful. After a real lecture and telling off she goes over the knee for a spanking but then the wicked pair decide to give her a nasty double caning. Bent over she has to take a long and very hard thrashing from two very accurate and hard experts with the cane.

npp6087035 npp6087051

npp6087068 npp6087074

npp6087079 npp6087090

npp6087093 npp6087100

Check out the free HD Clip of thieving Emo Chick Jess’s double caning HERE


Spanking Sarah – “Paddle for Ashley”

It’s the second part of Ashley’s audition for Sarah’s site and she wants to use her paddles on her bare bottom. Ashley is so lovely that she really does have to force herself to give her the hard paddling that she knows we will expect her to receive but thankfully Sarah is able to do this. Once she sees her bent over with her bottom right in the air she has no hesitation and Sarah gives her a jolly hard punishment paddling. She picks two nasty stingy paddles and these do make her jump around a bit, but it was worth it though as you will see!

npp6094007 npp6094011

npp6094026 npp6094032

npp6094038 npp6094039

npp6094044 npp6094050

See sexy brunette Ashley’s first paddling from this free clip HERE


Sound Punishment – Amelia Jane Rutherford is the “Sorry Secretary”

Amelia Jane Rutherford, her name is a impressive as the position she holds as personal secretary to the Chairman of the Board. When she really messes up the correspondence between two customers it costs the company dear, and the Chairman exacts his revenge in a way she will always remember!

_DSC4302 _DSC4306 _DSC4307

_DSC4313 _DSC4317

_DSC4320 _DSC4323


Check out a free clip of stunning Amelia’s punishment HERE


Spanked-in-Uniform – Army Cadet Section “Letter Home parts 1 & 2”

18 year old cadet Vanessa is writing a letter home how she is doing at the Academy. She mentions in the letter that in that morning she was soundly spanked by her commanding officer during inspection for having her toothbrush in the wrong place. During the spanking he noticed that she was not wearing regulation panties so he told her to wait by her bed, bottom bare, until he had finished the inspection. She then got a sound paddling. later that week in part 2, her commanding Officer decided to give her a traditional salute birching whilst still dressed in her formal uniform. She received a hard 12 stroke bare bottom Academy Salute Birching which left her bottom very red and sore…

ep19_7 ep19_6

ep19_10 ep19_13

ep20_1 ep20_8

ep20_10 ep20_11

Go check out this double film update as part of the whole spanked in uniform thing!


OK, I know the next update well, as poor Sarah Gregory had to edit this whilst we were out together in LA… it wasn’t an easy edit either and no one will know how hard this was to complete unless you saw some of the raw footage… OMG! This is one of my pet peeves whenever we film and if I am not on cams then I have less control or direction. We don’t always get the cam guys we want… & we only have one chance to get it right after we finish filming for the day so for her to edit in between constant “cuts” and cam angle re arrangements or zooming in and out unreasonably…grrrr. We live and learn. It’s easy to overlook something at the time, it can’t be redone and makes life difficult later… so what Sarah has done with this footage, when you see the movie, you will never notice anything… and it is in fact an editing marvel! She worked damn hard at this and I’m proud of her, I know couldn’t do that! Well done, baby… oh, and it’s also a really good film with Chelsea Pfeiffer too, as you’d expect! Check it out below!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-017 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-027


In this video Sarah plays a young innocent girl who has only read about and seen videos of spankings. She is curious and would like to try it. She contacts Chelsea Pfeiffer who has put out an ad looking for a submissive to spank. Sarah quite enjoys the sensations of her first spanking, strapping, and flogging, though it does sting and make her squeal!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-021 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-023 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-027

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-029 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-026

Check out MORE of this film only from SarahGregorySpanking.com

or via the Sarah Gregory Pass (click banner below for her special 2 site pass saving you money)


Another lady I love to bits doing what she does is Amber Dawn from the Bay Area on the west coast, this hot redhead spanking model has been making her own unique and often much passed over spanking porn (in my opinion) since 2007… sign up to her network and you get 3 sites, 2 of which are entirely devoted to spanking, One features Amber getting spanked by her (lucky) Daddy and various switchy girlies… and the other site she gets to dish out some naughty punishments of her own… and of course the bonus site features a lot of her vanilla modeling stuff as well as recorded cam shows and all manner of extra perviness that I know you will all adore!

OK, enough of that… here is Amber dishing out her spankings to Amy on her birthday

AmberSpanksAmyBD1a AmberSpanksAmyBD1b

AmyGH1a AmberSpanksAmyBD2d

AmberSpanksAmyBD2k AmyGH1c

AmberSpanksAmyBD2q AmberSpanksAmyBD2s AmberSpanksAmyBD2t

Click here to see just how HOT Amber’s site is!


Finally from Firm Hand Spanking (I ran out of time thanks to a nasty piece of piracy that took me a fucking hour to remove and it’s a Saturday FFS!) I think you’ll like this last update I have for you today, it stars Tara Somerville, one of the gorgeous new girls featuring presently at this site! Here she is in her ongoing “Intern” series. I have to give a “shout out” to Ralph Marvel here (aka Frank or Coach Reed at Firm Hand) he’s an awesome guy and a great top who I have met a few times now!

intern_cc003 intern_cc009

intern_cc011 intern_cc013

intern_cc015 intern_cc018

intern_cc022 intern_cc023

A perfect, jutting bare bottom and a beautiful blonde! Tara Somerville comes to the office in her college cheer uniform – hot as hell! Mr Reed’s paddle spanks her bare butt 40 times for disrupting the office, leaving her cheeks red and sore! Attitude adjusted? Briefly… there is plenty more to come in this hot series, that is for sure!

& you can catch up on all the latest updates incl. another with Samantha Woodley HERE


OK, thanks to the pirates, I had to cut this short, it has really pissed me off… but what am I supposed to do? Let these greedy leeches suck the life out of my site? I promised to make it as unprofitable for them and that is the point… I’m sure some of them and their freetard lackies read this blog, seriously do they not know how much it hurts to see your hard work, the agony of those filmshoots when models don’t turn up or something else goes wrong… the chargebacks from STOLEN cards they use… no, they just take and try to make as much profit as they can. There is less and less incentive for smaller producers like myself to “produce” nowadays when this happens… I seriously predict in a few years that the paysite model will be drastically changing, and that model will involve big changes most probably punishing those that try to support our work now… as without income, we die, that’s a fact. It will mean other ways of trying to protect what you have built up and most probably in fractured sites/clips and one off downloads but to name some ways as getting into sites like mine and ripping it is far too easy nowadays. Sure, we often stop stolen cards, they are normally easy to spot… but we are not always online… how sad would that be… I do try to have a life, unlike one guy based in Holland (one of about 4 or 5 determined individuals across the glove) who is determined to release every film I have produced… it is truly sickening and soul destroying. So if you can put up with my ramblings, have any sympathy left after this little rant, then please do try to support my site with a membership, or any of the others you see, as this affects us all. I’m still keen to continue but seeing site rips on any site destroys that hope and fun that I and other producers once had making content! As I said, it is an emotive subject, I hate the fact I have to spend more time devoted to rooting this crap out when I’d rather be spending time on my site and blogs instead or even enjoying a break as I had planned to. So have a great weekend, I will be back tomorrow and trying to update my other blogs and sites of interest too! Night all!



Tuesday Updates

I’ve been rather busy writing and planning elsewhere today, so I won’t bore you all with this and just catch up on some missing updates and new stuff you are gonna love!

A new film has just been released at Pandora’s excellent site DreamsofSpanking.com co starring the wonderful Lola Marie… getting a tawsing in some vintage Victorian style bloomers! Check out the free sombre clip and images which should whet your punishment appetites as it has mine!


Lola Marie is the scholarship girl at a Victorian school founded to educate promising young women. She works hard and tries to behave herself, but the rules are very strict and she keeps breaking them without meaning to. Normally she is clever or lucky enough to not get caught, but this time she’s really done it. She has formed a close friendship with one of the grooms from the stables, and they have been caught together. Lola finds herself standing in front of the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction – corporal punishment.

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl011 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl024

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS001_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS002_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS003_thumb

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl034 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl042

See all of the full film and the exciting image gallery HERE


More beautiful F/F spankings always come courtesy of the impressive Hand-Spanking.com – being a Japanese language site, it helps that the owner knows how to translate into English subtitles for the majority of us… it does help greatly as some of the plots at this site can be a little complicated, believe it or not… and we all understand the spanking actions and consequences, but it is nice to know what the dominants are saying as the poor victims plead and beg as we would normally expect! Take this very recent new film update… I love the authentic mother/daughter aspect that Japanese spanking sites ALWAYS get right every single time!

w13-05 w13-10

w13-14 w13-23

w13-27 w13-30

w13-34 w13-43

w13-49 w13-53

Taking advantage of her time off, Manami decides to go back home. However, she receives an OTK spanking from her angry mother who comes across her poor marks and finds her behaviour unacceptable…

You can see a free HD clip of this on the site tour pages, along with other recent movie updates for your perusal. CLICK HERE for more info…

handspanking - click here


I have a special treat for you from Firmhandspanking.com as I give you a double update since I missed them last week on my round up… this is from both sides of the Atlantic and features British beauty Belinda Lawson in the UK and new girl Tara Somerville given a harsh reminder paddling with a ping pong bat in California!

Belinda Lawson grabs her ankles for a 12 swat paddling
(in the Executive Privilege series -part H)

privilege_h002 privilege_h004 privilege_h005

privilege_h010 privilege_h017

privilege_h011 privilege_h015 privilege_h022

Stripped stunningly nude, secretary Belinda Lawson is punished for hiding Earl Grey’s paddle. His discipline is strict, his authority complete. Belinda has to strip and hold her legs, then her ankles for 12 bare swats with a wooden paddle in Executive Privilege

intern_cb002 intern_cb006 intern_cb007

intern_cb017 intern_cb018

intern_cb019 intern_cb012 intern_cb023

Beautiful newcomer Tara Somerville is back as The Intern in Mr Reed’s office for those perfect, jutting bare butt cheeks to be soundly spanked 71 times with a ping-pong paddle for disrespect. Hands on his desk, it’s a teeth-gritting spanking to remember!

View both these films IN FULL and check out all the films now showing HERE



There is another film starring newcomer Ally at SpankingServer.com – I still haven’t guessed her nationality yet, but she forces peter to speak to her in his broken English, which I like… and of course there’s nothing suspect about the strapping he gives her as it makes her eyes water as the leather licks into her sweet bottom! Check out these image stills and see for yourself what you are missing this week!

ally001 ally002

ally003 ally005

ally006 ally007

ally011 ally013

ally016 ally018

See MORE of Ally only from Spanking Server

Ally2 (4)


Finally coming to the stage for today’s updates there is a great girl fight spanking film from SpankingSarah.com – with Darcy Leigh and Bow Jangles (aka Kissy/Kissie etc)

npp5082005 npp5082022 npp5082038

npp5082048 npp5082058

npp5082067 npp5082068 npp5082073

Darcy & Bow are instructed to bake some cakes whilst Katie goes about her business. They soon get into a fight, throwing the ingredients at each other and making a mess of the kitchen. Bow decides it’s time she taught Bow a lesson and takes a spatula to her bare bottom giving her a real hard whacking and leaving it well marked. They are sure to get into more trouble but just what?

& if you thought Sarah has been neglecting her spanking and punishment duties… fear not as there is a terrific caning film coming out with Belle Calder with a gorgeous soft bottom which marks far too easily for the nasty cane! You’ll love the film!!!

npp6044010 npp6044017

npp6044023 npp6044034

npp6044039 npp6044045

Belle Calder is in more trouble. She says she has been in school all day but the truth will out and when it does trouble is not far behind. After a severe lecturing bell goes over the knee for a spanking on her white school knickers. These are then removed and the thing she fears most is about to happen. Her first caning. It is delivered hard, accurately and the pain seems to go on forever. Her bottom is left sore and well marked and she is close to tears.

Check out the HD previews of these films and more HERE


That’s it for now… but don’t forget tommorow at my site there’s a fantastic loving domestic bliss discipline films between Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds that you will not want to miss… it’s just full of “awwww!” and such… I’ll let you know more tomorrow 🙂



Oh… and do go check out these sites that I also run, I have found a great reason to update Barebottom.biz again and am really excited about the direction that will take… I have updated there the last 2 days and promise much more and it’s got some great stuff featured…

Also I have finally found a way for all mobile devices to view the Free Spanking Tube Site –  it’s only on the clips I have started updating the last month or so… as the others are uploaded in my pet hate – Flash… this will be a dead format in a few years (thankfully) but of course there is HTML5 which easily embeds data… so do go check it out, there’s a fair few additions the last couple of days if you wanna perv and play with my bandwidth and usage 😉

 & do not forget the other blog… it’s got a great F/F feature today that I highly recommend you go take a look at! (it’s very spanky and naughty!)

I will be looking at the designs and themes of these sites over the coming month as I need to bring them up to 2014 instead of being stuck in 2008! Exciting times! Good night everyone… sleep tight, see you here tomorrow with my new site updates 🙂

Monday Spankings & Punishments

Apparently, today is supposed to be the most miserable and depressing day of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere). Why? Studies show that after a long (ish) break, for most people, it’s back to work today… obviously, this wasn’t polled for the poor schmucks like me who happen to have a job in the retail sector which sucks BIG TIME as I had Xmas Day and the following day off and have been back at work on and off since then (sigh) in between hellish busy periods with lowered staffing levels. However, I’m glad the general population are feeling my working anguish again… so with that in mind, I have trawled The Interwebs and a few of my lovely archives to bring you some cracking updates today to cheer you miserable depressed legions up! Only another 353 shopping days until Christmas 2014! & only just over 6 weeks until I fly back to Vegas (& LA too) – I can not wait!!!


A New Year brings in a new girl at Firmhandspanking.com – and I have to say, Frank Reed is a darned lucky guy to have had this beauty perched over his lap for a good hard introductory spanking (her first, by the way) …. I know members of this site will LOVE this girl’s continuing series, as I do already after viewing this! Welcome Tara Somerville, as “The Intern”

intern_a003 intern_a004

intern_a005 intern_a006

intern_a014 intern_a015

intern_a016 intern_a022

Blonde stunner, Tara Somerville, gets her first-ever spanking! Huge grey-green eyes don’t stop boss Frank Reed from spanking her delicious, jiggling bare booty cheeks for inappropriate comments to a male colleague in The Intern. CLICK HERE to see more of this new series!


Here’s a great 2 parter you’ll see here and the next installment in my next blog post… if you can’t wait then go check out MommaSpankings.com as this is in their archives… why did I like this scene so much, you wonder? Check out the images below and I think you’ll know why… heh heh! (This has given me an idea for my Vegas trip, ehem!)


Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn’t much fun and she’d rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she’s sick, then informs her that Sarah’s mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes.

momma001 momma002 momma003


momma005 momma006

momma007 momma008

momma009 momma010 momma011

Check out MORE of this film HERE or via the Sarah Gregory Pass (saving you money on both sites)


Coming to the stage next today is a new film update with a very naughty slutty young madam called Charlie – courtesy of English-Spankers.com – I have done a few of these delightfully mucky movies myself and enjoy seeing some other naughtiness from time to time (ahem) and what better way to thrash a filthy rude girl than catching her in the act of making money whilst doing some porno stuff in the home of her strict aunt (in this case, Miss Bright… oops!) Check out the stoyline and images below!


Young Charlie wants to earn some extra money and so she models for sexy film makers and photographers. She is well into a real dirty scene involving her wet open pussy, a vibrator and a photographer when her Aunt returns home. After kicking out the photographer Charlie has to take her punishment and it is a real hard long one. First she is spanked on her tiny bare bottom and then she has to bend over for a severe whacking with a four stranded cane, very painful and she does not like it one little bit!

npp6064011 npp6064015

npp6064019 npp6064022

npp6064034 npp6064038

npp6064044 npp6064049

See the special FREE preview of Charlie’s lewd behaviour and punishment HERE


Meanwhile… you will be able to check out what Miss Bright is up to this week with a fantastic girl on girl punishment film starring Belle, who certainly doesn’t fool Sarah at all, and it has dire consequences for Belle’s rounded bottom!!!


Belle is on the phone boasting to her friend how she has faked an illness to get her out of going to school. Unfortunately her conversation is overheard and retribution is not long in coming. She goes over Sarah’s knee for a spanking on her tight shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets turned red. Then she kneels in the chair as Sarah lays into her bare bottom with a nasty and pain giving leather paddle. This young lady comes to the stage as a new spankee but that does not stop Sarah giving her a real punishment.

npp6043011 npp6043019

npp6043027 npp6043034

npp6043037 npp6043047

npp6043056 npp6043057

npp6043066 npp6043080

You can see naughty this girl next door, Belle, punished severely HERE


I have been fascinated by Dropseats (or dropsies) and Onesies recently thanks to the fashion trend for them over here in the UK – so the following is from my archives from a site STILL updated with cute “ageless” Jessica’s punishments even though she retired years ago – fear not though, as it is well worth the entrance fee largely for the fact you get 4 sites that includes the Bailey and Brandi “RSN Teen franchises” too which are also updated and contain some awesome remastered films and imagery – as you’ll discover with this fantastic trip down memory lane seeing redhead Teen Jessica spanked in her dropsies in the humiliating diaper position then given an almighty wooden paddling that brought real tears to her eyes! It’s still one of my fave movies to this day and never far from my mind as you will see below!


1066_031 1066_045 1066_079

1066_059 1066_087

1067_010 1067_015 1067_025

1067_050 1067_073

1067_045 1067_088


Click Here to view more of Teen Jessica & 3 more vast content sites & see how cheap it really is!


Finally today from Eastern Europe some outstanding filmwork from Spanking Server as this gorgeous new girl, Ally, undergoes the rigours of the various contraptions and devices and also takes a caning to her delicate rear as you’ll see from the latest film now showing of her!

Ally2 (6)

ally001 ally002

ally003 ally004

ally005 ally006

ally007 ally008

ally009 ally010

More work of Ally can be seen below at SpankingServer.com

Ally (4) Ally (7)




Girl Guide Kami Robertson gets a good whacking in private for cheating!!!


Triple A Spanking – the real home of specialist Girl Guide Uniform spankings!