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Spanking Updates

A few spanking updates to catch up with… of course I have a big day tomorrow following my team at Wembley stadium in London which I am both nervous about and very excited. Okay, I won’t bore you with any of that… unless we win (LOL). So here are the spanking updates as promised… I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend. (I’ll be in the top right corner!)





Beautiful Alice Michaels makes a very welcome return to Cheerleader Spankings

cheerSarah is Alice’s mom, waiting for her to return from her “cheer practice”. What Alice didn’t know was that her mother had already found out that she hadn’t been attending practice for sometime after the Coach had called home to find out what was going on! So when Alice returned home, Mom gave her one chance to come clean about where she really had been but Alice continued to lie until she was taken over Mom’s knee for an old fashioned hand spanking. Alice had been seeing a boy that her mother had forbidden her to be with as he was a bad influence. Alice got spanked hard with Mom’s hand and hairbrush on her bare bottom until Mom thought her lying daughter had learnt her lesson!

CLS-67-001 CLS-67-004 CLS-67-008 CLS-67-009 CLS-67-010 CLS-67-015 CLS-67-016 cheerleader spanking CLS-67-019 CLS-67-021 CLS-67-029




Daddy Spanks Alex – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-004 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-019 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-021 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-043 spanking 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-055 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-061 daddy spanks his daughter 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-082 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-086 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-091 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-098 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-101 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-104 0255_daddy_spanks_alex_grabs-107

Daddy is not happy when he receives a phone call from hotel security that his 18 year old daughter has been at the bar drinking. When confronted, Alex lies to his face. Now, she will not only be spanked for the underage drinking, but also for the lying. Daddy takes his naughty daughter, Alex, over his knee for a hard spanking over her cute dress, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her punishment ends after daddy takes the belt to her. She is one sorry little girl.


sarah Gregory SpankingSarah Gregory Pass


Mommy Spanks Bianca – from MommaSpankings.com

momma-221-002 momma-221-014

This is a special early release feature from a massive custom film shoot filmed earlier this year… Sarah is editing the full movie which might be over 2 hours in length! It will appear at Sarah Gregory Spanking later this year (part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – of course). However, this long play scene is worthy of the promise that SG Pass Members will see as Bianca and Tasha are awesome as daughter and mom in this hot but traditional “1950’s” scene.

momma-221-020 momma-221-023

This is a short scene from a long play 1950s discipline film to be released late in the summer on Sarah Gregory Spanking. This is a very hot mommy daughter scene and I was so excited to give everyone a sneak peak into the huge project I am working on. Bianca plays Jennifer and Tasha plays her strict mother. Jennifer has been breaking many rules at school and now mommy must deal with her naughty behavior. Jennifer was made to change into a “punishment” outfit and go over mommy’s knee for some hard spanking. She kicked and cried out in pain until her bottom was sore, hot, and red.

stripping for her spanking momma-221-026 momma-221-027 momma-221-033 momma-221-054 OTK spanking momma-221-068 momma-221-075 momma-221-085


sarah Gregory SpankingSarah Gregory Pass


Finally today… Michael Masterson told us (recently) about how cool Reverie was… and I know there are plans for Sarah to film with her very soon. She is adorable and LOVES to be spanked and punished! Michael advised us that this is a fantastic new spanking star in the making… and from what I have seen so far at his excellent sites, I incline to agree! I can’t wait to meet her in person… but until then you can check out some of her best work currently at Real spankings Institute

Reverie gets a Follow Up Spanking Punishment

13510_007 13510_008 13510_013 spanking 13510_019 13510_023 13510_037 13510_039 13510_043 13510_050 13510_056

As a follow up to her morning spanking in class, the Dean bends Reverie over in an exposed and embarrassing position and blisters her bottom with a small leather paddle.





Spankings for the weekend!

Well… that came round quickly! Far too quickly, in my opinion… or perhaps my life has been one hectic blur this week, I suppose with the film shoot earlier (the one featuring Leandra) and a 500 mile round trip for me in my car… I guess that took up pretty much most of what I had been concerned with earlier this week. My new passport has also just arrived (I had to get it renewed as my trip to America later this year was put on hold as the old passport expired less than 6 months from the start of the short vacation… so I had to wait… and watch the air fares rise, which was massively frustrating: So I will book that flight this weekend to secure a seat on the plane(!!!) and ensure that I am going to do what I had planned to do – The Shadowlane Party in Vegas… that’s just a few days over the Labor Day Weekend, and I have some vacation ideas and a proper studio shoot idea planned with girls I would never usually have a chance to film with… I’ve been told that it’s not a massive chance to show off your wares as a vendor, so am unsure what I could possibly do… I’m not a pretty toppy or subby model, I don’t have t-shirts or pictures to sign or panties to sell. It would be just DVDs or blu rays – which would be a mundane vendor’s stand at best… so I may pass on that one (I will consult with a few that have been before I make my final decision on that) but will probably book a Suite for a few days for any interested parties to come and share in the fun with a few of us Triple A misfits that may turn up along with a few others I know! That will be exciting (and costly if I lose heavily in the casinos!) *stick to Black Jack*

I also dare anyone to try and drink me under the table… you will lose! *hic*

& back to today! I would have liked to have said that the offer I made, which is THE BEST for any independent small producer (I have checked everyone else!) started well enough and I got some encouraging sign ups, but that… and more worryingly… overall sales the past few days, have dried up, I don’t know whether it’s CCBill once again scrubbing too hard and preventing sales, I have seen a few refused sign ups (along with the dodgy ones) which suggests that they are being ultra cautious yet again (sigh) – it’s bad enough I am being charged a $100 a week extra to pay off the needless and exhorbitant annual fee from Mastercard, so that… coupled with a drop in sales makes it a tough time for me currently! In case you’re wondering, does $500 over a month make a big deal to me? Answer: yes it bloody does! So before I show you what else away from my sites is out there… please do check out my own site HERE and if you can support what I do, please help it with a membership sign up…currently every penny earned just goes back into production and day to day site costs, there is absolutely no profit at the moment (which is a concern for me, thank you Master-bloody-Card) – it would be rather nice to make a little something for all my hard work!

But enough of my bleating… sign up how you wish… but remember I will remove the offer NEVER to repeat it – it will not come back in this form ever again! & that’s a promise! I will just ignore any mails in future from anyone asking about it, I have stated here it only came back now because I needed the additional income short term, looks like my poor credit card will get hammered instead, disappointing… but I half expected it, to be honest ūüôĀ

Current members who read this who have an annual deal from last year, I would honour an extension of their current deal (see inside member’s area something I have posted for you all) … as I will not be doing any future annual memberships like this, it’s up to you guys… mail me or write into the support desk at the site if you have any questions about it.


& on with some great updates and news from other sites I have seen earlier today ūüôā

Amber Dawn – co owner with her daddy of AmberSpanks.com and SpankAmber.com (join either site and you get a 3 site pass with access to the others) Now features Crystal Cat, a petite college girl pocket rocket with a bangin’ body. First, curious Crystal is filmed teasing and stripping for the camera. On the next visit, Amber puts her bubble butt over her knee and gives her a first time spanking! Turns out she likes it, and Amber proceeded to give her a second whipping, followed by a solo masturbating with a Hitachi. Crystal is also spanked OTK in public over Amber’s knee as her cries are echoed off the buildings in San Francisco! All this contains over 90 minutes of new video footage with the beautiful Crystal Cat! Images and teasers are below for your enjoyment and preview for yourself!

CrystalCat1a CrystalCat1b

CrystalCat1d CrystalCat2b

AmberSpanksCrystal1a AmberSpanksCrystal1c

CrystalCat2c CrystalCat3c

CrystalCat3d CrystalCat4a CrystalCat4b

AmberSpanksCrystal2c AmberSpanksCrystal2e

AmberSpanksCrystal2f AmberSpanksCrystal2i

CrystalCat4d CrystalCat5a

CrystalCat5b CrystalCat6c

CrystalCat6f CrystalCat6g


AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1a AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1b

AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1c AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1d

See more at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com (join either site and get the other FREE!)

Trial membership starts from under$5 & recurring memberships at just $24.95 with 800+ films in the archives!


I’ve noticed that some people give Kyle Johnson a hard time over his spankings of girls… maybe they are jealous… I don’t like all his films, but I wouldn’t cite him as being so bad that I’d not visit a site because of him… here is a website I haven’t promoted in a while and it has grown massively. OK, Kyle haters, there are quite a few of his films there, but there are also the usual suspects including what I used to affectionately call “Hovel Man” usually spanking Kisa & a couple of other girls (probably had them captive for a few months) in his redneck shack somewhere out west! But I rather liked the Kyle film below, which has just been released and he has bigger moobs (man boobs, lol) than me (which makes me very happy!!!) – the spanking is good and I like the domestic boyfriend/girlfriend scenario… and Sam’s ass turns a very angry red!!!

665_0001 665_0004

665_0006 665_0010

665_0014 665_0019

665_0022 665_0030

What Women Want: Girlfriend given hard nude spanking for unspecific nagging!

Sam and Kyle are making out nude in bed, trying to set the mood for the night, when Sam turns around and says goodnight. Kyle is confused and asks whats wrong, to which Sam says “You are not giving me what I want or need”. Kyle tries to reason with her, only to get the same confusing response, and getting irritated, decides to get up in his boxers and pull his already nude girlfriend over his knee for a long and very hard spanking to get to the root of this problem…
See the FREE previews and more movies in the “Amateur Niche” at Markedbutts.com


I love seeing Sarah Gregory getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking… and I’m glad she got it off Aunt Tasha, who we haven’t seen for a while on the site, I have a sneaking feeling this is a rather old film just released… but it’s rather good and as they say… “all good things come to those who wait!”


Not only is staying over at a boy’s house a no no, but trying to lie about it on top of that will get Sarah Punished for sure. Sarah is staying with Aunt Tasha and being spanked is not something that happens with mommy. Auntie won’t have her niece lying and trying to cover it up. She uses good old fashioned bare bottom spanking to teach her naughty little niece a lesson she will never forget.


015 015a

015b 015c

015d 015e


See MORE of this rude sassy brat getting the spankings she deserves HERE


What happens to noisy giggling girls who disturb others on sleepovers? Please do read on…


Alex and Pandora have been bad girls, staying up too late talking and laughing loudly under the covers. Poor Tom was kept awake half the night, even though he came in and told them twice to be quiet. So the next morning, before breakfast, he orders both girls to lower their jeans and come over his knee for a long, thorough spanking on their upturned bottoms and even the sensitive backs of their thighs. Pandora begs him not to spank Alex – she’s her guest! – but Tom is adamant that they had fair warning to be quiet, and both of them are old enough to know better.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover037 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover062

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover061 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover080

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover088 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover090


Once they have been soundly spanked, the girls must lie down side by side on the bed…
then lower their knickers for a whopping total of 80 strokes of the long leather strap!

See the FREE preview of this most recent film from Dreams Of Spanking


That’s it for now… I shall be back over the weekend, so have a good one, wherever you are ūüôā

Friday Spanking updates continued into the weekend…

Right, as I said in the Friday post, I got caught short, so wanted to continue… and since then you might have seen me come up with a distracting idea about my little “All about the ass” images – if you see any that you like, by all means send me a link or email me at my address in my “about me” section HEREand I’ll post them seperately without links to paysites and such unless it comes from a well known site and I’ll let everyone know where it came from (likewise if it’s from a Tumblr site or whatever, let me know so I can credit the original poster where poss… ’tis only fair! There’s never enough time, and too much ass out there to enjoy, so help me out! *wink*

Oh… in case you are ignoring my crass advertising
“here’s another to rub you up the wrong way!” (lol) before I continue!


OK, I had to leave it with the naughty Sarah Bright yesterday, and another within that network is English-Spankers.com– which is really Mr Stern’s domain and I love the way he chastises his girls, rather like me, I’ve noticed some frightening similarities so I am bound to praise the guy and have only good things to say… 1st to be featured was the recent full movie now available of Xela Chaste, who I rather have a “spanko crush” for and I , too… amd hoping she will film with us early next year, after seeing her at this site (and one I will feature a little later) I am in no doubt Xela would fit perfectly over my lap *ahem*




Xela has borrowed money from Strapped for cash, a money lending company with very strange ideas on the repayment of the loan and the interest applied. After being spanked and paddled for non payment the supervisor bends her over and canes her bare bottom hard, a no messing straight forward punishment caning.

There is a FREE Clip of Xela’s Punishment shown HERE

& next is something I get off on too, when ladies write in, genuine amateurs, there is a thrill to spank them 1st, as anyone will tell you, I have had a few of these most recently and I know seeing hellen below spanked on film for the 1st time (and she has a hell of a body for her age, I must say!) I love the contrast, I’d never turn down 18 year olds (of course), like Taylor at my site most recently, but I’d also never turn down a curvy or MiLF-tastic real life spanko like Hellen either! See what I mean with this casting that Mr Stern “handles” rather well!




Check out another FREE HD spanking clip of this movie HERE

Don’t forget they also have a Special Xmas deal going so do check out the join pages to see exactly what offer you will get!


This site is independent but they have often collaborated in the past and are also offering some similar deals which makes a visit to SoundPunishment.com all the more worthwhile, especially as it also stars Jasmine in the latest update! See for yourself in this Special Xmas edition! *mmm!*

Gold panties, Jasmine in a Xmas outfit? Was this just a dream???


If you didn’t need reminding, it’s Xmas next week (sigh) however, as I flipped through the archives of SoundPunishment.com I found this appealing Czech trophy wife spanking dated Xmas 2009 which I am sure you will adore too!



Because of her beauty, Natalie is a spoilt trophy wife to this tycoon. He buys her a Jaguar (car) for Christmas, she buys herself lingerie and tries to pass it off as her husband’s present! She soon finds he is made of sterner stuff! She gets a sound spanking but then he takes pity on her and soothes her reddened cheeks with cream before spanking her moistened bottom again… well he is a spanker and it is HIS Christmas present!

& yes… there is a Special Xmas Offer here too so please do go CHECK IT OUT!


To America next and a visit to Sarah Gregory’s great site where she meets her match withthe awesome Tasha Lee (I was hoping these 2 would get together again), check out the images as a sleeping lazy Sarah gets a “Rude awakening” (which incidentally is one of my fave spanking themes as I have done this a few times at my site).




Sarah has promised Tasha, her girlfriend, that she would not speak to her manipulative ex. Tasha finds Sarah’s phone and notices that Sarah has been speaking to her ex. She awakens Sarah with a very hard spanking that will not be forgotten.

& in news JUST OUT! Sarah’s Xmas Movie has just been released and I have got some special EARLY preview pics from the naughty Xmas spanking movie (Ho! Ho! Ho!)





It’s not quite Christmas morning yet and little curious Sarah sneaks downstairs to spy on Santa. She is just so excited for her presents. Santa is very unhappy to see Sarah up this late not only spying on him, but also giving him a sassy attitude. Santa spanks this naughty little girl and then takes away all her presents! Ho! Ho! Ho!

You will of course notice Sarah’s new blonde look which I have to say suits her… looking forward to many more films of her in this look, so can you – at her site SarahGregorySpanking.com


Oh God damn it, now my server is playing up (just sent in a support ticket) so it’s pointless writing anything more… I will try to get back at another time, so until then, if you get to read this… I’ll be back when I can ūüôā

Saturday at the Spanking Theater

I felt compelled to write something a little different today and to show you just what is available via my¬†Spanking Theater after going out last night I finally got to watch “The King’s Speech” and it really is Oscar-worthy, hell, I’m so ignorant, I didn’t even know George VI’s 1st name was Albert (but during the 1930’s anything “Germanic” might have been a bit of a no-no – so he chose George, his last name, after his father for continuity when he had to take over from his brother and that “awful” Mrs Simpson (just kidding) during those hard times… (anyway it was an uplifting and often humorous film – please do go watch it!)


Now back to spanking – I occasionally treat myself to rare spanking films or stuff I know I can’t get from a membership site like the one below from Tasha Lee’s private network of Bum Rap Productions – it’s not a membership site but you can easily access her long play films which contains plenty of M/F and F/F humiliation, domination and spanking punishments to satisfy most of us pervs out there! Take her latest film “Behaving Badly” you can check out the way to download this and also if you sign up for an account you get FREE 10 minutes so you can at least watch part of this movie for free!

Below are some image stills from this movie and Tasha has brought in 2 girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll see! The story of this 52 minute movie is as follows: Tasha Lee is having some serious roommate trouble. Between the blasting of music, as well as their stubborn refusal to clean up after themselves, both of her roomies, the adorable Dawn Soul, and the sultry Magdelin Rose, are driving her crazy ‚ÄĒ not to mention, challenging her authority. In two incredibly red hot scenes, Tasha teaches her misbehaving roommates just who’s in charge in this household. This film mixes hard spanking action with an intense underlying sensuality between all three participants!

& indeed it does as you’ll see below from a few sample images which shows you what you can expect!






You can check out this movie alongside all the many others from Bum Rap HERE or at the banner below – I just highlighted the above movie as it was the one I’d seen and I can safely recommend these if you haven’t before! OK, it’s not HD quality but it’s immensely rewarding to watch and it’s a cheap fix of viewing Tasha Lee’s interesting films! Try them out as a tester if you’re one of those connoisseurs into buying DVDs only¬†– I tend to avoid DVDs as they just seem so expensive but this alternative is a great way to view any of the films from the Spanking Theater…

This production company is just 1 of 100’s featured, check out the Spanking Theater¬†and search for your favorite spanking house in the studio listings, there is a menu that is alphebetic so if, say you wanted to find “Drop Seat Productions” (another of my faves) check out the studios under letter D and you should locate it – you’d end up with the page below – and so on…

Dropseat Productions – (found by the studio search!)

Full listings at the Spanking Theater below

Don’t forget if you want shorter and cheaper clips then you can also check out the Teen Spanking Clips Store which are featured HERE or on the banner below.

OK, have a great weekend –¬†I am writing up something special on my other blog right now about our new format MP4 movies at AAAspanking and will¬†show you a comparison – it’s a simply stunning difference in quality! Don’t miss it!

!!! OMGZ Sarah Gregory – I haz wood !!!

Want something a little different for your spanking kicks? Well, I love seeing models who start up their own sites, they can either be very amateurish, or fulfill what we spankos are after, in either case, it all depends on what you’d want to see from the girls in question. To be honest, I think most people will associate Sarah as being¬†such a cute hot thing who isn’t afraid to make out with her fellow spankees!¬†So I’d be happy if she had an amateurish site with this content:¬†but it certainly isn’t! It’s clearly laid out, I like the¬†model profiles of who she has worked and filmed with on the site, so navigating to the most recent updates and archives are easy to find and the update schedules are amazing. For those (in America) who might wish to spank Sarah in person (do bears shit in woods?)¬†she has a 1-2-1 schedule where you can contact her etc, the personal touch, of course. Perhaps my only minor gripe is that the movies are all in Quicktime media playback (.mov format) but that’s me being lazy and used to seeing WMV everywhere. Nowadays, most Media Players like REAL PLAYER or VIDEOLAN will easily play these files without any hassle at all! (I use both to play all non WMV files).¬†I actually have a sneaky feeling that MP4 file formats too will be making more of an impact at various sites soon as their compression ratios, I hear, are better, but as I said, it’s a very minor quibble and to show you there is no problem viewing this I have cut a clip from the Lapdancer Punishment so you can judge for yourselves! (and I will also quit with the video format geek stuff before I bore you all to death).

OK, so 1st of all check out these images and the FREE movie clip from a fave movie I’ve seen at SpankingSarahGregory.com These include screens and reduced size photo shots (members will be able to view HQ images in full size, I can’t give away all her stuff!!)

OK, you might recognize, Tasha Lee with Sarah in this movie! Tasha is a professional actress in the mainstream and the spanking world. She is also a writer, director, and producer. She and her husband own “Bumrap Productions” a spanking video company. So Tasha is a spanking enthusiast who loves all aspects of spanking. She and her husband also participate often in the social spanking world by helping to run the Chicago Crimson Moon parties and run private spanking parties. Sarah explains on her site that she and¬†Tasha share a strong chemistry when it comes to spanking! & it shows in this film “Lapdance Punishment”.

The storyline: When Sarah’s girlfriend catches her doing a lap-dance for a strange man in their hotel room, she makes Sarah strip then punishes her with a very hard bare bottom spanking. You will also see Sarah’s first topless spanking scene! (mmm) See the FREE Movie clip below.

So what else does Sarah’s relatively new site offer? Of course there’s EXCLUSIVE content of Miss Gregory, (like above)¬†but she has control over her own storylines, plots and the various situations she finds herself in with some great co-actors, spankees and newbies working with her! I particularly enjoyed seeing Sarah’s “Summer Spanking Series” with the (in my opinion) pretty scary Dana Specht – a very well known Disciplinarian and I’ve cut a few images from the various movies and photosets that she and Dana have been in this entire summer (from memory there’s about 6 or 7 full length films in this partcular series!) Enjoy! As we here in the UK missed summer yet again *sigh*

I’ve featured mainly F/F spanking content, but Sarah is both spankee and spanker and also is topped by guys at her site as well so it covers everything we’d love to see of Miss Gregory. & I feel with ther current update schedule, being a new site, it’s still well worth every penny and I’d even highly recommend the longer term memberships as updates are coming thick and fast so it makes the long term deal highly prefitable and a decent reward for sticking with her! Check out what the site has to offer HERE – I shall be featuring much more of her in future from her own site, including Sarah being spanked by guys but as a member you’ll get to see ALL that now!¬†Oh, and as I like the city of Boston (having spent some considerable time there in my mis spent youth and re visiting the place a few years back), this¬†Massachusetts gal deserves all the success she can get! Thanks for a superb¬†spanking afternoon’s viewing, Sarah! & “Happy Holidays” to all in the USA!

I need a cold shower now *groan*




Some choice films from Bumrap are featured below: