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Locker Thieves – revisited

I placed this film at the Clips Store HERE in the best quality possible – I hadn’t realized that it was never there for those people that like to choose the odd film… well, it is now! It was a great film, I liked the location and the punishment which was set in a believable circumstance where 2 schoolgirls were caught stealing from their classmates lockers. It has some mean scolding, embarrassment of strip searches and the punishment which included a frustrated slap in the face for Taylor from her annoyed Headmistress before both girls were ordered to remove their clothing for the humiliating part of their punishment side by side! OK, I’m a red blooded perv, so I get off to seeing this sort of punishment… and lovers of F/F content will enjoy this film immensely!


Locker Thieves – from AAAspanking.com


lockerthieves22 lockers2

lockerthieves05 lockerthieves19


lockerthieves34 lockerthieves35


lockerthieves43 lockerthieves47

lockers lockerthieves48

lockerthieves22 (1)

lockerthieves50 lockerthieves59

The girls have have been caught stealing other classmates cellphones from the lockers. A disgraceful act which would lead to a strip search & the offending items identified which sealed their fate. From smiles and arrogant laughter when they thought they had got away with their crimes… they soon faced a severe, shocking and humiliating punishment because this Headmistress was not afraid to slap her girls in the face when needed! & it sure was needed with new girl, Taylor! Both girls then realized just how much trouble they were in when they were both bent over with their white regulation knickers pulled down, bottoms quivering nervously high in the air as they took a variety of humbling thrashings beside each other designed to really teach them a painful lesson and make them both bitterly regret ever stealing!



or view it as part of about 220 full length films with a very reasonably priced membership option (below)

aaaspanking clips store updates



A brand new film is out later today… do NOT miss it… these 2 screen images (below) show you what’s coming!!!

Jasmine & Sophie in “They Never Learn!”




I’m falling asleep now… stay tuned for news of the updates and more later today! 🙂


Thumping Tuesday Spankings

I thought I’d spend some time looking at some stuff from the past on a few sites as well as bringing you news of what is current… that way, hopefully my updates shouldn’t clash with any other blogs you may or may not read (ahem… you mean you read OTHER spanking update blogs too?)

Edit: it’s just new stuff… I spent TOO MUCH time looking at older stuff… I shall save that for another time 🙂

Now, before I continue, I am seriously wondering whether to travel again to America later this year, I won’t say why but it’s East coast side this time…as it has just been made a possible option for me, but if I did, I know what I would film would be utterly awesome and different to anything I had done previously – my only issue is selling that to “Er indoors” as she would not be happy at my “jolly-ing” across The Atlantic whilst she stayed at home in dull and gloomy Britain… however, I can point out that I am paying her supplement to go stay and visit her grand kids in a French ski resort at Xmas (which is rather expensive since I’m not going anywhere) as she has not spent Xmas with them for yonks… whilst I have to work over the Festive Period so wouldn’t be able to take a week off over that time and have to stay at home – on my own FFS! So I think I will pull that Joker Card card out of the hat when the uncomfortable discussion about being away begins! (I hope she doesn’t read this blog or I’m toast, lol!)

I’ll start with updates 1st and then some films at sites I like or know you’d enjoy – starting with my own as a new film goes out tomorrow (in fact there are 2… as I will devote tomorrow’s post to an AWESOME POV film which will be coming out) and I promise you… this is teasing trouser arousal at its BEST! But first, a delightful film with a pair of girls I loved filming with who were just so damned cheeky (sassy) together… that was Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson (below)


They were 2 lazy maids who are paid a lot of money to look pretty and just do the housework… there are drawbacks to their job, they took the job and all the benefits of a very high salary knowing the chap that employs them, Harry Jackson, is a pervy spanko that gets to dish out some punishment of his own when he sees fit… to be honest, I think the girls loved being taken over his knee and lectured, I think they got a secret thrill out of seeing just how far Harry would go, especially that brat Jenna, lol! Check out the 2 girls with very spankable jiggling bottoms that get a good tanning – coming out at AAAspanking.com tomorrow! There will be a HQ image set, video screens and the movie to download. Below are some 1st show images direct from the film.

c01 c02

c03 c04

c05 c06

c07 c08

c09 c10

c11 c12

You can see MORE of Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson HERE (& don’t forget my pioneering Loyalty Offer!)


I love seeing what  Sarah Gregory & her momma Dana Specht get up to… I love seeing them interact with other gorgeous girls too for double or triple spankings which are a real treat! It’s a relatively new site but one you should check out if you love seeing brats get a proper Momma scolding then a good old fashioned spanking over Momma’s knee… there’s plenty more and sarah gets to play with many girls at various spanking parties and films the results… like we see here with uber gorgeous Christy Cutie!


005 006

007 009

010 011 012

013 014

015 016

Click here to see the latest films unique to MommaSpankings.com

This site is part of Sarah’s network, gain access to both at a reduced cost (banner below)



From The Clare Fonda Network of sites owned and operated by The Cameraman next… as I bring you news of some of the latest updates from this fab group starting with Spanked Sweeties, the newbie, first timers and spanking model fantasy site with a new introduction to Constance, a fetish model who was spanked often while growing up. She describes many of her experiences getting spanked by her mom and dad and how formal the spankings were. There are two re-enactments from dad and two from mom (played by Lorelei Mission) which you can now start seeing exclusive to this site (below).


039 040

042 044

074 075

077 078


This was a 1st for me… and most definitely on film for Constance… beaten with a breadboard!!!

CLICK HERE for all the latest newbie & 1st time gals recounting their spankings growing up!


One of the 5 important sites within this network (if you wisely choose the vastly discounted pass to them all) is My Spanking Room Mate – it’s a great site all on its own (as are all the sites in this network) as there is more than enough data to keep you busy… so I found this latest film rather refersehing, and a great excuse to see some new interactions between some damned fine girls such as Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci & Koko Kitten!


msr02 msr03

msr04 msr05

msr06 msr07 msr08

msr09 msr10

Missy Rhodes visits her former roommate Veronica Ricci in an attempt to get her to help work out her differences with her new roommate Koko Kitten. Veronica of course suggests spankings to solve the issues and spanks Koko, then Missy. But the two smaller girls then overpower Veronica to give her a taste of her own medicine, even using a hard wooden mirror to make sure Veronica has marks to remember.

CLICK HERE to see the full red ass spectacular of some very sexy girls getting their bottoms thrashed!


From the site that has the current Exclusive Education 8 series starting comes this long play film too… aptly named “Erotic Schoolgirls” (I’m sold, lol), check out the delightful pervery that goes on in college dorms of LA!

012 001

004 005

002 005

008 013 014

Ela Darling is in a teacher’s office about to discuss how she and Celeste Star cheated on an exam. Celeste storms in and begins spanking Ela till she once again agrees to keep her mouth shut. Then Celeste meets Ela back at the dorm room, where she rides her with a strap-on until Ela has had enough and bends Celeste over her knee for a sounds spanking… view this courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl.com


View all the sites from this network at a vastly reduced combined cost – see how HERE


A fantastic new domestic and workplace discipline film (and series) is showing at Firm Hand Spanking from the English side of the Atlantic as Belinda Lawson is in a new “grown up” ongoing spanking story… away from the Classroom… as she soon discovers Earl Grey’s speed and accuracy in the “Executive Privilege” series!

exec_b003 exec_b005

exec_b009 exec_b011

exec_b013 exec_b015

exec_b017 exec_b018

exec_b022 exec_b024

Belinda Lawson lifts her skirt to reveal sheer panties, stockings and suspenders as she bends over for a 216-smack spanking. “What I need from you is speed and accuracy, which I’ll demonstrate on your bottom!” he says. Buttocks bounce in Executive Privilege. CLICK HERE to view this film in full!


As I said earlier, coming out at POV Spanking soon is the awesome “Not the belt, daddy!” film with Christy Cutie (below) as she pleads with you she’ll be a good girl and wear appropriate clothing… but who could resist those big doe eyes and sexy pout? stay firm, Daddy…. YOU must show her who is in charge!!! Seriously, I loved this film, POV fans who want to see real interaction between imagining YOU spanking the subject and Christy… well, imagine no more… I will get you a clip and a few teaser images tomorrow… but until then… please feel free to let your mind wander and wonder!



More updates today!

Blimey, updating the site can be such an “arse” at times, especially where I am with my rubbish rural broadband connections slowing things down with poor upload speeds… however, I got there in the end and am proud to bring you this all female affair called “The Punishment Stairs”… I was messing around with some stills images so these aren’t up at the site (there is a large  colelction of cool video images which accompanies the film though). I just made these images available here but will think about doing a special complete bonus set for members if you think these “arty” ones look ok? (It will take some time as I think I went mad and took about 70 or 80 pictures!) There’s a free movie clip of this hairbrush and caning film with both schoolgirls Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson giving their headmistress a lot of work as the girls just refused to accept their punishment!

I liked this film, there were a few times I nearly called cut and would have a few words with Jenna… she’s a feisty girl and a loose cannon if not controlled… luckily the cane finally sealed her sassy lips and Taylor’s giggling stopped as she finally admitted she was “sorry!”

This was one of my fave locations to film in, it was vast and had lots of great features like this amazing staircase which was so institutional, I just had to film a few scenes on it, it also meant we could get some great 2upskirt” angles for those voyeaurs and also long shots and great close ups, filming on this landing was immensely rewarding…

The girls were made to strip completely out of their uniforms when headmistress couldn’t get a straight answer from them… she hurried them along as it was nearly time for the class changeover bell and she wanted the punished girls to remain there, naked for all the other pupils, so they would they had been dealt with on the infamous “Punishment Stairs”. Hmmm, a little implausible, perhaps… but I’d have loved to have imagined this *could* have happened. I wanted the girls to imagine they were really there and to wonder what it could have felt like when the bell would sound and desks would be pushed aside as dozens of girls from adjoining classrooms would use the stairs for their next classroom destination… imagine their reactions!!! Oh, the shame of it. They both got it and understood just how awful and embarrassing it would have been!

If you click on the final image below, it leads toa video gallery taken from the actuial film, I have reduced the size of the images as they are a free gallery for promotional purposes, but you will more than get the idea of what thsi film is about. members get the full size images and of course the 2 download options of WMV and MP4. Click image below for the Free Gallery

Don’t forget that there is also a Special End of Year Loyalty Annual Membership Promotion, this will be the last at this amazing price so those of you and perhaps some new folk that are interested, get it while you can as this will NOT be repeated once it is removed. Full details can be seen on the join page and how to get it, just click the banner below and all will become clear 🙂


 & so to news of other sites, their great new films and what I have been checking out recently!

I haven’t featured NorthernSpanking.com for a while as I had forgotten my pass which works on my PC but not on my laptop, which is a real pain (guess I better ask and get it sorted) … anyway, I am especially on my dying PC to bring you this bit as there are 2 updates you should at least know about!

The latest features a new girl called Mila Kohl (see below) a curvy beauty from America.

I’ll let Paul explain what they thought of her and then show you some early images of this lovely spankee!

Whilst attending Shadow Lane in Las Vegas back in August, we were lucky enough to work with some of the finest US CP starlets, all utterly genuine, fully-paid-up kinky girls! Our first introduction is the very lovely Mila Kohl, still relatively new to internet exposure we are delighted that we are the first UK site to be graced by her pretty face, wonderful personality and delightfully spankable bottom!



In her debut for us, we decided to give Mila as much exposure as possible… to the whole of Las Vegas in fact! Punishment, as is usual in these circumstances was left in the safe (and paddle-like) hands of Mr Lewis. To see MORE of curvy Mila getting spanked on her bare bottom – CLICK HERE

Another lovely recent update is an all girl affair with naughty Jadie Reece and Sasha Harvey… predictably fighting over a nice bottle of chilled Freixenet Cava Rose (absolutely lush in warm weather, by the way… or in fact at anytime!) I think you just know what’s coming… girls that can’t share deserve a spanking, eh?




See what happens in this outdoor catfight spankfest over some “bubbly” HERE


Next up is feature on Ten Amorette: She has recently been busy in the UK filming with other UK producers and here is the first to be shown of her. I would have wanted to work with her too (you know I’m a big fan) only I was already filming whilst she was here. I liked this film, I always like blackmail plots, I think I’ve only ever done one myself but here she is a blackmailed babysitter at the mercy of 2 pyscho parents (Ten has no UK Visa) – you can see this full 21 minute film at DreamsOfSpanking.com – congrats on a great production by Pandora Blake.

Working as an au pair without a visa, Ten is trapped with two psycho parents. They don’t believe in spanking for their child, but in spanking and paddling her. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy.





Ten features at one of her regular sites in America, David Pierson’s excellent Punishedbrats.com – easily one of my fave independent producers, I love their storylines, their energy and of course I have also been privileged to meet up with the man himself after 5 or so years since he was in the UK… I also can’t help but smile when I see the studio, the self same place I filmed my 4 girl spankfest this summer… I just hope it’s not as humid now as it was when I was there… Jeez that was hard work! Anyway, am I digressing? Let’s focus on Veronica’s punishment of Ten Amorette, shall we?



The complete film of Ten as veronica’s niece caught “Red handed” is the 1st in “Glorious HD”

Veronica catches Ten taking money from her purse. She is appalled to see that her niece would steal from her and then try to lie straight to her face. She selects a long handled paddle to teach her a lesson about the price of theft. Ten learns that Aunt Veronica makes it exceptionally clear that she will not tolerate theft, especially from someone close to her!

See the HD film of Ten – Click HERE

Also check out the gorgeous Joelle Barros, a very naughty young lady that I absolutely loved working with… so I feel somewhat jealous of Mr Pierson as he gets to film yet more stuff with this leggy beautiful brat… however, she also switches rather well… and I can’t wait to see what she and a girl I always thought would go well together (Pi with a bum that speckles red so beautifully) – I remember Pi having long hair and both girls could have been sisters for all I knew before! What do you reckon? I’d have loved to have seen some “sibling rivalry” films.

Below are some previews of what they got up to!!!

You can view Joelle’s latest film right now at Punishedbrats.com – images below compliment this movie



The chidren have gotten in trouble at school for using foul language and David confronts Joelle about watching her tongue in front of them. Joelle suggests the kids have learned them from David himself and quickly finds herself bent over receiving his belt for such backtalk.


See all the films and some FREE Previews of Joelle at Punishedbrats.com


& before I go… here is a sneak preview of what is coming NEXT week at AAAspanking.com as it co stars Joelle alongside Nyssa Nevers in a naughty girl guide uniform punishment! Yes, I just *had* to dust down the old uniforms and spring it on the unsuspecting girls… don’t they look great? I’ll get you some behind the scenes images soon before the release date too!

& some more “arty images” I have messed around with 😉

More Spanking News

Hello there… I have plenty of news today as I bring you some great spanking clips and pics to keep you all amused and entertained. Firstly, from my own site, a brand new film (which members can download in full right now) stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson getting spanked hard on their bare red bottoms in their dropseat pyjamas! I know there are a load of you that dig this type of thing, I know I do… so check out this latest offering from AAAspanking.com – this really is the Triple A rated stuff you have to be viewing!!! *wink*

Check out Jenna and Taylor getting a good hard hand whacking!


With their bottoms poking out like that, I felt that only a hand spanking would do, 2 pairs of burning cheeks got the personal touch as the girls got a rather harder than expected spanking. I remember this scene like it was yesterday, and considering it was filmed about 9 months ago… says a lot for me as I rather enjoyed this plot of a twisted bitter teacher fantasizing about how he’d treat the girls the way he could if it wasn’t for today’s overly zealous PC bigots! I hope you enjoy seeing some images from this movie, members get to see the improved larger images as well as a forthcoming HQ image set (I haven’t actually edited those yet but they will appear on one of next week’s regular updates and I’m sure you will be seeing a few example then!









Staying with Jenna for a bit, seems that Sarah has just uploaded a great film of her too, so you’re spoilt for choice, “Jenna fans” as she is further treated unfairly in the “Unladylike manor” series where I think you get to see sarah rather enjoying herself a little too much… I can’t blame her one little bit and of course it’s yet another excuse to see this jenna punished in the buff, I particularly like the scene where her tights were ripped off before she was made to stand there bared and subdued (rather difficult, I might add as this is one madam that likes to quip back!)

Check out Jenna’s latest film from SpankingSarah.com (images below)



Poor Jenna, when she applied for the post as housekeeper at Unladylike Manor she knew there would be a fair amount of discipline and punishments when she did not do her job to the satisfaction of Sarah the lady of the Manor but, she did not think her life would be one round of harsh punishment. Her tights are ripped from her and she is whipped and paddled. No sooner does this end than Sarah and Katie Didit produce two wicked canes and after bending her over the punishment stool they beat her bottom without mercy. A real hard double caning for Jenna Jay.



What’s new at Mike’s 50’s Diner? More naughty waitresses getting a good hard OTK spanking, that’s what! I love the idea of Burgers, Shakes & Sore Bottoms as Mike so gleefully advertises this section of his infamous Spanked in Uniform site!

Check out the latest episode: the Part Time Waitress

Amy, one of the regular waitresses and no stranger to a good spanking, showed up with one her friends. Chef immediatelly recognised her as the girl whom he spanked not so long ago. She wanted a part time job so he gave her one. Amy was told if Monique slipped up in any way, she would also be spanked and she agreed. After diner that night Monique was ordered to sweep the restaurant and Chef caught her sweeping the dust under the carpet. After a good scolding she went over his knee for a long, hard spanking and Amy got exactly the same!





If you liked this then you’ll love the latest Naval uniform spanking movie too! With the added bonus that these 2 Dutch girls have cute accents and very cute bottoms… I just LOVE those uniforms, don’t you? Check out the images below and the latest storyline where Commander Johnson finds an excuse to thrash his cadets!






Cleaning day at the Academy. Cadets Jolene and Scarlett were put on window duty and they had to clean all the windows in the Academy. Soon the sounds of other cadets being caned and spanked reverberated around the corridors. Cadets Jolene and Scarlett didn’t escape their officers cane either. They got a special caning for not cleaning fast enough. At the end of the day, all windows were inspected, and a few were not cleaned properly so the cadets had to bend over in the corridor and they both got a sound strapping. Then they had to hand in their knickers and clean the windows properly with their well strapped bottoms on dispay for all to see.


OK, that’s it from me for now but I will be back with some kick ass spanking films that not all of you will have seen, so don’t be a stranger and pop back soon for more of what you come here for! Cheers…


New film at AAAspanking now out!

A very quick announcement, the latest film is now out for members and I shall shortly be adding this film to the clips store before the weekend. I have just uploaded a new free gallery which shows both Jenna and Taylor fooling about before their mistress catches them and gives them a humiliating verbal chastisiement as well as the predictable spanking punishment for our excellent viewing pleasure!

Click image below and you can see the gallery:


Coming Next at AAA Spanking

Hello, as I had promised inside the members area of AAA Spanking I said there would be a full explanation of the next film coming out later this week! Well, I hope these (reduced size) images do more than I could waffling away, I’ll add some commentary and explain what it’s about, but as you will see, it stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson as 2 very naughty girls who get up to no good after another punishment session from their Mistress… Emma Watchful! The girls fool around with each other and with some floggers that they find under the bed until their Mistress returns – outraged… and decides to give both girls another punishment side by side!

This features some lovely lingerie, sore red bottoms, cream rubbed into soft sore cheeks (well, why not, eh?) and use of hand, crop, flogger and paddle on their upturned asses… F/F lovers will love this new film coming out later this week! Enjoy!

Jenna and Taylor discuss their recent punishment and make out under the bed sheets!








See 2 very naughty sexy girls get a bottom reddening punishment this week at AAAspanking.com


Just for your info, members will also be able to download a HQ image gallery as well as 110 video images (in full size) which will accompany this spanking movie, so this new update will be something special that caters to many of you F/F lovers out there, I hope you will like it, I enjoyed watching it… and just look at their glowing red bottoms! mmm! Toasty!

Oh, and of course, for new members – you WILL get to see this movie in full and a whole load of other films that these girls have made together, don’t miss both Taylor and Jenna getting more spankings HERE

Love Spanking Pics? Check this out!

Just a very quick update today as I still have to clean up the place and go pick up “Er Indoors” from the airport in under an hour – but I just finished a photo update on the site to compliment the latest Girl Guide film I showed you earlier this week and the images aren’t bad at all! Click the pic below and check out these images in another free gallery I have just added: They are about 1200×800 in size, so not too shabby but the members get even larger resolution and size, naturally. Hope you likey!

click here to view this gallery

Check out the FREE HD Movie Clip for your perusal HERE

As promised… let the Girl Guide spankings begin!

I’m knackered! I’ve had a long tedious day at my regular job and came home with having little sleep these past few days but I also sat down and spent time getting this update out as I had promised and I can see already from my stats that it’s a popular movie, and why the hell not as this features gorgeous Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson, spanked, paddled and thrashed with a bathbrush side by side and in the diaper position… in – those – uniforms! Oh, and of course, check out those naughty panties which “angered” me as well!!! (hmmm, well… possibly *not* angered!)

…& who do these panties belong to?

These magic panties foretold what was about to happen to Jenna!

Hmmm, and Taylor’s we’re any better with sizzling lightning bolts.

OK, the panties aren’t magical, but they didn’t help the girls when I had spied them both slacking in the kitchen, not making the sandwiches as promised…. and that is why this film is called “Sarnies & Red Bottoms”

Meet Taylor & Jenna in their uniforms, who are about to feel more than a little foolish!

I rather enjoyed making this film as you’ll see from the images below, it was a great kitchen location, the girls looked absolutely fab in my authentic guide uniforms and of course they got some unusual punishments which actually look pretty good on film, definitely a good spanking romp. The angles in the kitchen were really tight (as you’ll see from a few behind the scenes images and the lighting issues were almost making us pull our hair out with frustration, but in the end, it came out OK, as I hope you will agree!




Jenna & Taylor were 2 unhelpful Girl Guides who should have been preparing the sandwiches for the local Village Hall Fete but instead the girls gossiped idly and even prepared the food most unhygienically! Luckily, the ever suspicious Mr Osborne had been viewing their behaviour on CCTV (he always does that with potentially naughty girls, doesn’t he?) and he wasted no time confronting them both with evidence of their shambolic attitude and quickly took turns to spank both girls in front of each other. But worse was to come as he ensured they were thoroughly humiliated in their uniforms after seeing the disgraceful blight to their dresscode with racy panties, he whacked them both on the bare with the paddle and that awful bathbrush they really hated, their bottoms stuck out high in the air and in the embarrassing diaper position on the cold stainless steel kitchen table! Ladies & Gentlemen, you miss this film at your peril!



I have some images below which I took behind the scenes and the dilemma of the kitchen table as I had wanted to do a decent facial shot but it would have meant doing several takes and after what the girls went through, we decided it wasn’t worth it as this film needed to be spontaneous… which made it special… they didn’t know what was coming and had to endure the bathbrush and a paddling in the diaper position on that table! (Mean… wasn’t I?)


There is a free movie preview of this film shown HERE

click here to view the free movie previews

Happy Valentine’s Day “Schpannkings!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day ASS

As I said earlier, I’m back (at last!) … this is a late post but it is a quality one as you’ll see as it stars one of my most lusted after spankees from Holland making a welcome return, blonde babe, Leandra… alongside a newcomer for Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and that is beautiful brunette, Clover Rock… together these 2 girls make quite a two-some as I am sure you will agree… and they help celebrate the 9th new section of uniform punishments, and one I love seeing – that of secretaries! Just as you can never have enough schoolgirl or airline flight attendant niches, the “sexy secretary” (“take a note, Miss Jones… and bend the hell over!”) can never be overlooked, lots of excuses for tight black or grey tight fitting skirts covering fine hosiery and stockings… and of course, the goal of discovering a bad girl’s rump to play upon as you please when she has done wrong… the ultimate power play in a work place scenario!

Whippingsham Secretarial College - New at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Here is the premise of the new uniform section of Whippingsham Secretarial College:

The Whippingsham Secretarial College is well known throughout the business community as they train the best secretaries in the country. Through a very strict regime the girls are trained to be perfect secretaries. Hard working, dedicated, submissive and an asset to any boss. The methods used at the Whippingsham College are very old fashioned and include sound spankings, thrashings, canings and other punishments.
The dresscode is also very strict and the business uniform has to be worn at all times. The secretaries are also regularly sent out as temps to other businesses so they get work experience while being trained.


So let the “schpannnnkings” begin with this twosome! Clover & Leandra!
(in keeping with the new look, this latest update features HQ stills like the images above, a welcome addition, I’m sure you will agree… and below are the some sample screen images taken from the movie!)



Clover and Leandra want to join the Whippingsham Secretarial College and they are found suitable during their interview. They are told of the strict regime and they change into their sexy uniforms. Computer skills are very important at the College especially typing speeds. Now as some lie on their CV’s, the girls are given a speed test which they fail miserably. As a punishment Clover has to type it again and while she types, Leandra is spanked. Then Leandra has to type the piece again while Clover gets her bottom spanked. Excellent method to improve typing speeds.



See the new “Schpannnked secretaries” in this 17 minute movie RIGHT HERE

& of course, here is a quick reminder of Clover since I have been away, she has also starred in one of my other favourite niches, the very latest “air hostess” movie *swoon* and she gets it good in this deserted hangar as you’ll see below!




Stewardess Clover missed a very important private jet flight so Mr. Johnson asked her to meet him at the private jet hangar of Europe Airlines. She didn’t have a good excuse so he made her bend over, and gave her a sound paddling. Then he told her to hand him her skirt and knickers, pick up a broom, and as an extra punishment, sweep the entire hanger with her bottom bare!. He watched her and she earned herself another paddling and a hand spanking before she swept the entire hangar.


Staying withthe secretarial theme for a minute, I can’t remember if I showed you this or not, previously… one of Pandora’s many fantasies, and I know this is a popular theme anyway, the “punished secretary” (again!) and I have to say that she does this so well, certainly knowing how to power dress and look the part, in and out of her dark skirt, stockings and sexy panties!

A young, nervous secretary. Her stern, intimidating boss. There’s only one way this can play out. But is it real life, or roleplay? His fantasy, or hers? This is what Pandora wants to draw you in… see for yourself in these selected images. Full set and her latest films are available to download HERE




My favourite site of Clare Fonda has always been SpankedCallgirls.com since its inception about nearly 4 years ago and this time we get to see, what I think , is the very first MAN spanking of the ever so lovely and beautiful spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci, who plays hooker babe Audrey Tate alongside another of my spanking crushes… Ten Amorette (who you will see I feature heavily at another blog of mine… news of that coming up!). What can I say? Dan is a lucky man… and I just love the double spankings these girls get, images below are reduced in size, but are large enough for you to appreciate what happens in the movie! Enjoy! I most certainly did!






Clare has become so good at playing mother or aunty nowadays, so it’s not surprising that her latest series “A Mother’s Concern” with young Elise Graves being put through her paces in the home is proving to be so popular! After Elise’s recent mouth soaping…. this time, she bends over and presents her soft tender bum for one of Momma Clare’s favourite implements, her Mason Pearson hairbrush… reassuringly expensive and extra stinging! 🙂



Elise Graves

Both these sites can be viewed independently or, as I’m sure you all know by now, part of Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you the option of choosing 3, 4 or 5 of her sites with one set of codes and membership at a vastly reduced rate!


Ok, that’s it from me, it’s nice to be back… and in case you didn’t know where I was, check out my other blog HERE with a really cool and naughty update featuring Ten Amorette and a naked Taylor Rayne getting a good hard OTK spanking!

In other news, do also check out the TEEN SPANKING TUBE, I updated that with many new films clips today.

& Finally… if you click on the image below, you don’t have to wait for this movie to come out later this week at AAAspanking as it is out in FULL at the Clips Site already… it’s worth checking out as it still has some exclusive clips there and also a great option for those that just want to view the odd movie and nothing more!

click here if you want to view MORE of this film NOW!

Friday Updates & My News

This will be the last post on here for a week or so, as I am going away and won’t be able to write up anything, so I apologise, maybe it’s time for you to check out my generous archives of content? (this blog does go back to 2006, frightening, isn’t it?)  or check out the many free movie previews you can see at my Teen Spanking Tube or the accompanying blog HERE which has a lot of stuff I only post there which I shall be updating later today before I go away! I’m away visiting family and celebrating the birthday of “Er Indoors” who will be allowed out this one time 🙂

I don’t want to write blog posts or update the site whilst I am away but I will be able to check my mails, customer support and such – my  site has been generously updated, whilst I am away and there is an extra movie members can see which isn’t shown on the front page. I have also added a great bonus gallery of images as well as complete some other films, so members going in today will be overwhelmed with lots of shiny new content! The unseen film, called “Troublesome Remote” is an all female cast with new girls Jenna and Taylor as well as stern Aunty Emma… what happens when you break the remote control of Aunty’s old TV? Read on…

We changed the direction of this film when the bloody remote really didn’t work, LOL! I was off set going red in the face when the damned remote wouldn’t work for the girls so we had a little change of direction and decided to have them “break it” instead! Don’t you love the spontineity of filming? Keeps you on your toes, I can tell you! Some video images are below for your perusal, I will try to get up a short clip on the tube site later if I have time.





See Jenna, Taylor and Emma togther in many more films HERE

I love this free image gallery I have produced, it shows off the film perfectly, from Taylor’s magnificent curves, the hard face slapping scenes and Jenna’s wigglesome bottom, girls in and out of school uniform too? Check out the bonus gallery which has smaller resized images than the members, but you’ll get the idea…


& of course out THIS WEEK is a new film of Sophie Keagan getting a maintenance spanking she really didn’t want after being so maughty she turns up with an already sore red bottom… needless to say the punishment goes ahead and as well as a spanking, poor foolish Sophie endured the slipper and that awful bath brush as she wipes away a few inevitable tears as her bottom is stuck out presented in all its glory for me to thrash at will as she takes her weekly maintenance appointment stoically! (Bravo Sophie!) There is a free clip on the image below and I have cut you some promo images from the short sharp and very nasty shock movie that members can now download in full as well. (Generous soul that I am!)





more AAAspanking here

Don’t forget the NEW “Fair Price Deal” HERE offering you the best possible sign ups possible 🙂


& elsewhere? Well, Firmhandspanking.com have this delightful British girl, Belinda Lawson, this time dragged out of bed for oversleeping and given a hard whacking in the nude. It’s a particularly humiliating and embarrassing punishment for her to be dragged out like that, but it makes good viewing for us and I love the stern lectures she’s given… Belinda looks amazing as you’ll see and of course you just never know who might appear at my site in the future, eh? *wink*





& taken from the same site recently, probably the only place with GENUINE twins, Clarissa & Marissa Berkeley… don’t they look amazing in their dresses? The girls look even better getting a punishment off Earl Grey, in this exclusive punishment, Marissa Berkeley is in hot water for not keeping the sorority house tidy in Twins Trouble”. Kneeling on an armchair, homecoming dress raised, she’s strapped hard by Earl Grey. 24 of 35 strokes are bare bottom (check out her marks on that wonderful dusky behind)… and the bonus is that Clarissa is next!




& finally, what makes this site so good are the vast archives, and of course, anyone remember this unholy trio? There should be no introductions, just admire the girls in another British location shoot when Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker were in England all those years ago! (If only I had a site at that time I’d have bitten at their heels to do some films!!!) Fortunately you can see ALL of their stuff at Firm Hand Spanking




I am happy to report that David Pierson is much better, out of hospital and raring to go again doing what he does best, spanking girls bare bottoms over his knee and giving them a stern lecture as to why they are in that unfortunate position!

David back in action spanking his naughty girls!

These girls are liable to get the Chief’s heart all of a flutter too… as well as any complicated trouser malfunctions that could befall an unprepared individual! *ahem* However, before I show you what’s what with David and the girls, I had to let you see Pixie’s FIRST spanking since March last year, yes, it has been that long so to see her spanked OTK over Berverly Bacci’s knee alongside the gorgeous Joelle Barros (remember her making that big appearance in her Brazil soccer shirt last year? Oh my!)

Joelle below goofing around on set 🙂


This is a great schoolgirl spanking movie, see some special promo images of Pixie getting her spanking…



Talking of gorgeous girls, the incredibly pretty Charlie Sky makes another yelp-tastic appearance getting a belting and these images below should tease you enough… the film is so much better as you’ll see when Charlie’s tight panties are removed for the final part of her punishment!



OK, I was gonna post more but I have run out of time, so much to do and so little time as always nowadays! Hope you folk have a pleasant weekend and think of me away skiing, despite being unable to afford it, won’t you? (lol)

For the very latest updates of David & Pixie’s Punishedbrats – CLICK HERE


Cheerio 🙂

Usual Suspects

I have just updated the site with a brand new schoolgirl punishment film called “Usual Suspects”

This stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson who were waiting for their detention punishment from both me and Headmistress Emma Watchful! I am bang out of time so will edit this post later and give you more insight into it, but I hope some early preview pics below will give you and idea…



These girls are always in trouble and here they are again waiting for yet another detention punishment. The parents of both girls have now given the fee paying private school full disciplinary responsibility after Taylor and Jenna once got so drunk that Taylor had a set of tattoos as a permanent reminder of that shameful day! Ever since then, these 2 have got themselves into deeper and deeper trouble, perhaps they like being punished? We suspect they do as they almost enjoy taking their punishment as you will see in this latest episode. After the games practice was ruined by these 2 girls they had an unexpected surprise as Mr Osborne, the school inspector, was asked to accompany Headmistress this time and they both punish the naughty girls on their bare behinds in a frenzy of various straps and hairbrushes that happened to be at hand! Check out the Usual Suspects getting their deserved punishment .



Back later with more updates and the insider goss on this film 😉
Otherwise check it out at the site HERE

Locker Room Thieves

I have had to delay some anticipated updates from other sites today as I thought I had to let you all know about our next film coming out on Wednesday (tomorrow) at the time of writing. As I had let you know earlier, it has 2 unseen players, one a professional Domme, here called Emma Watchful… and a very cute sub, only 18 years old, by the name of Taylor Richardson. Alongside these 2 is Jenna Jay, one of our other new recruits and together, they make a really good F/F schoolgirl discipline film! OK, the plot isn’t much, the girls steal some keys to the lockers and rummage through them until they find a few items they are after, what every girl loves using … a smart phone (not what you were thinking you naughty pervs!)

So to save some time, I have just made some galleries available from this film for promotion so click on the images below… and if you check out the front page of the site tomorrow, you’ll see a very interesting short scene containing another first for us… face slapping! Short sharp and quite painful… but if you see the entire film you’ll understand why Taylor was slapped as she was just so giggly and naughty! Jenna would have got the same but I think she soon shut up answering back so much after she witnessed the face slaps! (oops!)

Click images below for the latest galleries!

Taylor is mainly featured below in the following image gallery…

& of course let’s not forget cheeky Jenna!

Please do check out AAAspanking’s HOME PAGE on Wednesday if you’re not a member as there’s a free preview going up which shows a scene of Taylor getting a slap across her face!

OK, short n sweet, I know, I will be away for a few days without a connection which is why I have been busy uploading the new film updates so they are ready to go “live” tomorrow before I go!



PS! Triple A Spanking has been nominated in the “Most improved” spanking site category, I know it’s a bit cheeky, but if you have liked my site, it would mean a lot to us to have our hard work recognised 🙂

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