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Weekend Spanking Updates – pt2

What a glorious days we have had this weekend. I had a fantastic day yesterday just visiting my local town and enjoying the Saturday open air market as well as a lot of people watching and a pleasant lunch outdoors! For a few days, at least, this weather will remain unseasonally warm, a fantastic start to Spring! I had a pleasant afternoon then lazing in the warm sun in our garden, drinking copious amounts of chilled Carlsberg Export lager before realizing I had promised to update the blog again today with more updates… but I was a little drunk so didn’t make it. (sorry) So, as I am now sober and I look outside and see the sun beating down, here is part 2. I hope you enjoy!


Where to start? Why not those gorgeous girls at Punishedbrats.com where there are a couple of new girls for us all to feast our greedy eyes on!

Here’s a catch up on all of the most recent OTK classics that are now available to download in full




Running in the Hall – the start of the “Prep School Brat” series:
Tara (one of the newest girls to appear at Punishedbrats) was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name. Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note which leads to a severe embarrassing bare bottom spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

This next film is available to view in full with Taylor Rayne cusring and struggling over the lap of Josh who coped well with her feisty behaviour in the film called “The Assualt” :- Taylor has gone too far and assaulted another student. She is to receive her most embarrassing school spanking yet – a bare bottomed paddling broadcast on the school’s network for all to see!



Taylor is sure to be the talk of the school after her bare bottom punishment is broadcast! See MORE HERE

Below, Joelle Baros is back in detention with Beverly Bacci – these 2 were made for each other!




“With Attitude”: It’s Day 2 Detention for Joelle with Ms Bacci: Joelle is hoping that by apologizing profusely she’ll be able to get out of her painful punishment early. But her sorries are insincere and Ms Bacci is having none of it and continues delivering the leather paddle full force across Joelle’s sore wobbling bottom!

Check out the very latest update now with a FREE preview HERE


OK, the next update is HOT as hell and features 2 unseen girls, both very different and the films Amber shot are great. One is so sexually provocative that I didn’t care if there was spanking or not (there was, lots of it… as it turned out) and the 2nd girl had the most awesome punishment which ended with her very real tears… something I don’t see often with Amber’s sites unless it is Amber herself crying when she is thrashed by Daddy… but that’s a whole other story 😉

Just take a look at what Amber got up to with AlyssaWARNING: Ladies, please pay attention to the gussets of your panties for any excessive dampness and gentlemen… please loosen your trouser garments before viewing these images, thank you.

Alyssa is an incredibly sexy girl, who possesses the largest labia I have ever seen on a girl spanked. I was quite fascinated when I saw the size of them and wondered how Amber would cope with that delectable lady-flesh, I needn’t have worried! Seeing her bent over, spanked whilst her labia hung there is an awesome sight… I have chosen some images below and they are vastly reduced screen image shots from the movie, but I have also teased you a little as I wanted to keep Alyssa’s magnificent labia all to myself and Amber’s esteemed members, but you’ll get to see what I mean in a couple of “sneak preview” shots… details of how to view this coming up.






See this very sexual & erotic spanking play of Alyssa and Amber HERE

Amber just recently uploaded a new film with another new girl, the tiny Aly (who is incredibly cute) and this is far more punishment orientated as Aly admitted she was in need of corrective discipline and she gets that release with some unusual spanking and flogging discipline positions (naked) carried out by Amber. Aly has a very tight body, so petite, I’d be scared of breaking her… and you’ll see just how small she is when she jumps into Amber’s arms, all tearful and hugging Amber for the much needed discipline she craved at the end! 2 Different girls, 2 different films, both awesome!

After Amber’s OTK spanking, Aly is stripped bare, her legs opened fully so we see (yet another large pair of labia!) and her nipples are clamped whilst Amber pussy spanks her and uses a flogger on those pert breasts before using a strap that finally brings the tears that had been coming before some cornertime, more tears, hugs and reassurance from Amber!






& if that isn’t good enough, becoming a member of Amber & Daddy’s sites s now gives you access to all 3 of the ones they run for the same price as a single membership used to cost! There is also a Trial Promotion if you are really hard up, but to be honest, there is so much stuff to see, you would need at least a good month or more of spending time to download all that wonderful content from the last 5 years – there are 100’s of films at both the spanking sites alone. Go check it out HERE


With all this new stuff, I thought I’d remind you about some classic spankings that haven’t seen the light of day and these are well worth a look, especially when you see that teh bottom in this case is Audrey Knight starring in a quite severe short sharp shock schoolgirl punishment role! Audrey is absolutely gorgeous in this and my only pet peeve from this particular movie was the teacher who hammed his role a little… but he did give Audrey a sound spanking and a hard strapping in a variety of positions… and anyway, just look at Audrey’s bottom for goodness sake! Lush!

Screen grabs below are from the actual movie!




I had originally decided to feature a girl from the past called Zoya… and then I shouted out “Damn!” when I saw a reminder of her recently at Dave’s great blog … but in the interest of trying not to copy anyone else (it’s hard since a lot of us choose the same sites we love, of course) I have a few additional images of this great OTK spanking. The guy spanking her is very attractive, almost in an arrogant way that he knows… but he dishes out a good spanking and it’s one we can all relate to between partners at home behind closed doors!



So I agree… let’s start a campaign to “Find Zoya… and that beefcake guy” – or you can just watch a few of their films and beefcake guy gets to spank other hot girls too as you can see below (damn!) I added these as a way of a bonus for “Beefcake Guy!” 🙂



Yup! Badtushy.com isn’t all about F/F spankings (as good as some of these are) you get gems like these too with yoru membership! & I’d rather be called “Beefcake Guy” than “Cake Boy”, that’s for sure! (lol)

Check out the extensive tour pages of Bad Tushy and see for yourself!


There is a great new episode added to the ongoing Spanking Soap Opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com starring 2 of Clare’s hottest uber babes (in my opinion) – Veronica Ricci (shown first below) followed in this film by Missy Rhodes (a native of Chicago who no doubt enjoys the winter sun of LA and the many spankings she gets as she is back again at Clare’s sites – yay!)

Alexis tells Veronica she MUST take her in as a roommate, but she already has a new roommate, Missy. Alexis spanks Veronica until she calls Missy to let her know what’s happening!



Veronica calls to say that she can’t be her roommate anymore. Missy gets the call while taking acting lessons from Miss Claw. This gives Claw an idea. Missy is forced to practice her acting while she is over Claw’s knee getting spanked! (For our viewing pleasure… of course!) Check out the great scenes of Missy’s Spanking in episode 103 making this one of the best double spanking clips I’ve seen in a long time at this site!




View all the most recent episode updates including a special 100th starring Missy Rhodes HERE


There is also a new girl just appeared at SpankedSweeties called Odette (nice name) this blonde girl is recently new to the scene in LA (where else?) and being her 1st introduction to Clare’s sites, she reveals more of who she is, what she’s doing and of course enacts out a spanking model roleplay for us all, which you can see now (images below from this enactment)




See more of Odette’s spanking punishment at HERE

Both of Clare’s sites featured above can also be viewed as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site pass (you decide!)



Finally, I didn’t want to ignore this site any longer, especially as it again has new girl Odette featured and a stunning aduly baby roleplay by Clare herself at Naughty Diaper Girls

Odette plays the adult baby role so well, sissified and pampered, sent to her cot, dressed up in her baby clothing and pacified… and if she misbehaves… well, there’s always one way to sort out a tantrum or 2, isn’t there?



Check out the latest films featuring Odette HERE

& as promised a role reversal, diapering and spanking for Clare with a rare chance to see Clare totally in the buff, blackmailed and made to toe the line like a good little girl… or else! (I think Clare *loved* playing this role, I could tell!!!) & to be dominated by Kay that she had earlier diapered and humbled, well… you just *have* to go see, surely?


The tables are turned and now Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment. 




Please do not forget – the Caption Competition. xx

Cream Horn Spanking Special

As promised today, I am bringing you some very special Cream Horn rated spankings which I hope you will enjoy! These are a collection of past and up to the minute spankings from across t’interwebz, so please do ensure that you are sitting comfortably and relaxed… please do ensure that you have been to the toilet (do so now as you could be some time gazing at this spledifera of spanking talent.

Have a glass of your finest vino, bubbly or milkshake (whatever turns you on) to hand… and remember to lock the door for that extra privacy as I show you some of what I have been viewing and downloading today… I’m spent, I’m sure you will be too! Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you today’s Cream Horn Spanking Specials! *drum roll*

Possibly my all time favourite spanking model from Punishedbrats in the past was Juliet Valentina, when she had that perfect girl next door look, with her long blonde locks and able to play a schoolgirl or naughty cheer girl at will! She has since come back… and depending on her real life commitments, so I understand, she could well do again (I can hope!) – But fear not, as you will (probably) already know, there is a vast collection of Juliet’s films waiting for you to discover her talents at PunishedBrats.com

Not sure who made this poster at the time – but it’s a giggle.
Edit: Just been reminded that it was Cutiepie of CutiePiesSexySpankings.com that made it (nice one!)

One of my all time fave films of Juliet is shown below, I think it was the combination of that school uniform, the OTK spanking and just how breath takingly beautiful she looked that day over one very lucky David’s knee!




“My Ass is AWESOME!” – Juliet Valentina (made up by Chief)

Currently at Punishedbrats.com there are heaps of great new updates with new girls and as you’ll see in the latest images below, this site, with it’s amazing archives just gets better and better!

Pixie was and still is my number one girl and the reason so many have stayed loyal to Punishedbrats.com – now that she also edits the films, when she can find  time to be in front of the camera… we get fantastic images that accompany this recent film called “Office Pal” – don’t miss it, it’s Pixie at her wriggling, yelping best over (the very fortunate) David’s lap!



the storyline: Ten had been taking advantage of her friendship with her supervisor, Pixie, by asking for a lot of time off work. Now she has left an important project incomplete and it’s Pixie who has to pay the price when her boss finds out! See how Pixie coped with fixing the problems at work with a very sore red bottom! Click HERE for the free preview


Amber Dawn has been a busy spanking bee recently… secretly acquiring newbies like insects to honey… this blonde waif came to Amber for a correctional spanking punishment… I don’t think this young lady will be back as she looks like she might just try to behave and avaoid those stinging hand strokes on her bare soft bottom… but I’m sure glad she gave her the “once over” as Amber has some private time, I’m guessing she might even have broadcast this as part of a webcam show – I’d like to think so 🙂

Amber Spanks Abbey Rhode (like the play on the name… were her parents Beatles fans? lol)





At the time of writing this I have just noticed that there is a new full movie just added, it’s a HUGE file and it’s called Amber spanks Alyssa… she looks f*cking hot and the file size is a humungus at 2.7 Gigs! I’m currently downloading it as I write up this post today (predicted to take well over an hour and then some) so I promise to get back to this but YOU can view this and Amber’s other sites on a Special Trial promotion for under $5! Sign up through SpankAmber and there are the member page links to all 3 sites! That is so cheap… but also, her long term memberships are worth every penny, you’d be hard pressed to even download a fifth of what Amber has in her archives in the trial period! Anyway, check out some teaser images of Amber and Alyssa below… this looks well worth it alone for a 2.7 Gig download!



Edit: I have just seen it – F*CKING HELL!!!! I will get you news of this SOON! See for yourself!


Things are hotting up, aren’t they? I have a ton more stuff for you yet and while I’m taking a break to waffle a bit, please take a break and get some fresh air, stretch your legs a while… as I aim to bring you what’s hot and new across Clare Fonda’s excellent sites… and at the 1st site I’m going to showcase for you, there is a theme running ever since they hit the 100th episode in this ongoing spanking soap opera… that of “female wrestling and powerplay” – Who wins, gets the power to spank the other… and I have to say I had to make a choice with this as these themes are in both episodes 101 and 102, so here is number 101 with Kay Richards and Ashli Orion (who is tall and athletic, whilst Kay is bosomly – I love the way her breasts hang like they do…but that’s another trouser busting distraction… ahem!) Let’s find out how they get on!

“Ding! Ding!” Round 1:  Kay and Ashli are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other’s bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is still bitter about the breakup, so she spanks Ashli hard and tells her “no fooling around!” – Go girl!





The next site with new content was the one voted most improved in 2011, so that means we are taking a quick look at SpankedSweeties.com

Why? Because it is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites. Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking. Clare uses the prettiest girls and a good array of newbies, first timers and established models – some have been spanked before and tell us all about what happened to them growing up and re enact some events and some have never had their bottoms spanked before – these girls often have very red bottoms, which I love, of course… take Lilia Spinoza… one of the stars of EE6 ( <<< click this link as it is a really good free gallery of Lilia in a cheer girl outfit!!!) as a convincing cheer girl, see her get a man spanking across the lap of Double Dan in that cutsie school uniform! Mmm!




See what makes this site addictive viewing – Click Here for the tour pages

Finally from Clare’s site GirlSpanksGirl.com today, tall slinky Elise is in trouble with her mother, Clare (again) home from school, Momma has a few things to say and Elise is humiliatingly stripped and given yet more demeaning discipline designed to make her daughter learn to avoid such bad behaviour in future! This punishment included a hand whacking with a wooden ruler which was kinda “ouchie!” (Oh, and Elise looks drop dead gorgeous over Clare’s knee, doesn’t she?)




This is part of the Disciplinary Section (with all the hour long movies and the infamous EE Series of schoolgirl films) – I just thought I’d also show you what I hadn’t seen in a while , which was amazing… this was the film between Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory in one of these home domestic discipline classics, this film is  one of Clare’s finest in my opinion and I forgot just how bloody good it was! (Thankfully I found a gallery with a complete explanation for you, so click on the image below and all will be revealed!)

These movies and the latest updates I have shown you of Elise can be viewed seperately at GirlSpanksGirl.com


All Clare’s above sites featured here today can be purchased seperately, for they are all HUGE in their own right… or you can get the BEST multi site deal around and get these sites in any combination YOU choose of 3, 4 or 5 sites in the CLARE FONDA PASS – saving a lot of money on monthly and further on quarterly membership deals!


That’s it from me, tomorrow I will be focussing on European sites and some that I haven’t for a while which I promise you won’t want to miss! Until then… cheers! Chief.

Pass the cream horns around, will you? 🙂

Classic Irelynn Logeen

Below is a feature I was asked about and I thought it was from this blog but in fact I wrote this about 18 months ago at my other blog – Teen Spankings & Discipline – so in case you missed it, check out my little homage to Irelynn Logeen… these images made me determined to get her to star in at least one film shoot at AAAspanking – and I was lucky enough (eventually) to be her last ever spanking house to film her before her online retirement!

The below is word for word what I wrote:
Here is a quick little featurette today in honour of who I reckon is one of the best spanking actresses around in the UK at the moment, and that (in my opinion) is Miss Irelynn Logeen. I was going to contact her and ask for an interview, I think I still may and then cover more of her fine work (and it is!) elsewhere. However, today I thought I’d share with you some of her more recent and stand out work which I found both amusing and of course helped fill that big empty spanko hole for all us greedy voyeurs (thanks Irelynn).

Irelynn’s bed time punishment in the attic

Yup, I’m sure you all know Irelynn, the red haired beauty with beautiful huge doe eyes and an amazing bottom that can take quite a punishment! However, if, like me, you also read her blog (link to her blog is at the bottom of this post or you can find it in my sidebar), then you may be wondering if she will do more filming! Why? Well she admits that she finds the initial spankings much harder to cope with nowadays, or, that should be that she is willing to complain more if it hurts ;)
Damn, these girls and their “growing pains” (heh heh – now I know I MUST just ask her a few questions!)

Irelynn in one of her earliest photo shoots with Northern Spanking last year

OK, as Irelynn has done a fair amount of work at NorthernSpanking this seemed a good place to start today and I have chosen 3 series and also got you a great paddling clip where I don’t know how the hell she (& her co star Lottie Kinsade) managed to act their way through a bonkers script, so I’ll start there…the movie “Sceance Fiction”. God knows what was going through Stephen Lewis’ mind when he dreamt up this one, but it worked on every level and I think, thanks to Irelynn, she made this film work!

Irelynn and Lottie come up with a plan to bring back Hollywood hunk Heath Ledger (a sad loss to female kind and “Brokeback” fans last year…) This is where Irelynn’s acting comes into it, I’d be embarrassed acting this out but she made it humourous and (almost) believable…that is until they do spirit someone into their living room…but it ain’t Heath Ledger…oh no…tis a very grumpy KEITH Ledger from 1960 with some stern 60′s values and he is naturally annoyed these 2 girls have dragged him into the present…hmmm, and this is where the spankings begin!!! :D



Check out the clip below which contains a good paddling scene! Clip is in MP4 Format

I won’t spoil the ending, but it has a great twist since Keith (not Heath) Ledger obviously wants to go back to where they took him from…

OK, can Irelynn iron? According to the following information, I’m not so sure! Trust your shirts with this ditzy gal at your peril, as Mr Lewis discovered to his cost!

Household chores can be so dull and Irelynn, despairing of ever finishing the ironing, allows her mind to wander with disastrous results. Look at that lovely iron-shaped hole in Stephen’s lovely pink shirt! Looks like Irelynn’s lovely bottom will be a dark shade of pink before too long! (see images below and decide for yourself)





My final featured update with Irelynn today

Irelynn really needs to pay more attention when washing up. She claims that granny’s hateful vase hitting the lino was a complete accident but Stephen is having none of it. It was the only thing she left him (apart from the debts) and he is very cross indeed with poor Irelynn! Cross enough to give her a very thorough smacked bottom. And then he tells her to fetch the clothes brush…enjoy these superb HQ images of Irelynn’s punishment below



To view ALL of Irelynn’s many films and photo sets at NorthernSpanking – CLICK HERE


Incidentally, if you missed my latest post at Teen Spankings & Discipline, it is well worth a look as it features Clover and Leandra (swoon!) from Spanked-in-Uniform.com and of course it feeds my addiction to seeing nurses spanked and pinished in uniform! (damn!)


I will be posting about my latest film which I have just uploaded onto the server at AAAspanking.com tomorrow when it goes live (it’s IN FULL and is the 2nd film of the week!), I will make sure you guys all get to hear and see what it’s all about here FIRST!

Have a great weekend!

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

Spankings that are too good to be true?

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Hmmm, I copied that exactly as it came into my mailbox. Now… should I respond to this unsolicited email? Or make a call? *chuckle*

*Disclaimer: By all means have a go yourselves but the Chief will not be held responsible when these idiots bleed you dry of funds for fees and such before you get your non existant cash!

Why am I posting this? Well, I just wanted to apologise to any prospective members who might have wanted to take advantage of my 1 Year Anniversary join up at AAAspanking.com… sadly I had to pull it as it got so abused by password traders and piracy which I had (unfortunately) discovered that I have removed this option and will no doubt never trial again! Well done to the idiots from Eastern Europe signing up with stolen details… bravo indeed!


Let’s lighten the mood with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings! 🙂

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Neice discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film from SoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


OK, that’s it from me today, I will be back soon with more updates as and when… take care

Spanking Forecast

I predict a weekend of frivolity, drinking and some moderate to severe spanking coming in tomorrow evening… how’s things at yours? After the recent blustery weather, the windiest I’ve known for some time where I am… it’s nice to relax tonight knowing that I can sleep and not worry about the tiles on the roof being ripped off, then having to get up at some stupid o’clock and face not 1 but 2 downed trees on my way to work in the dark… ah the joys of of mundane lives, eh?

So lets’ all celebrate the weekend (can you tell I’m not working at all, lol) with some well deserved spanking punishments that I can totally get and love watching… hmmm, where to start? Well tonight I want to remind you of a fantastic post I did on one of my other blogs and tomorrow I have a treat in store for you here, so don’t go far!

Want to see some incredibly cute girls spanked and humiliated? Of course you would…

Check out these fantastic images and access to free movie clips which will hopefully make up your mind. I’ve taken these from 3 different contrasting sites in an effort to be as varied as possible, all are F/F spankings and all feature from 3 well known spanking sites: Sites you might just want to check out in more detail after this update (and I don’t blame you after this little lot!)

Before I continue, please be aware that images and content in this post are highly erotic in nature and, my fellow spankos, your blood pressure may rise when viewing the following content, proceed with caution!!!
My fave Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee had recently surpassed themselves with a fantastic story arc of cruel old Mrs Kanda and an incredibly cute new girl called Azuki, so adorable in fact that in her amazing little sailor girl school outfit she really does look like she’s come straight out of an Anime Comic that the Japanese do so well!!! So welcome Azuki… in a series of films I will be showing you below, and bravo to Mrs Kanda, who I find strangely addictive to watch when she is spanking and chastising her girls as she is so obviously an old spanko perv that I can identify with, LOL!

Old Mrs Kanda & her latest victim, Azuki

Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Azuki (especially in that uniform) is this long play 6 minute clip courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE – just click on the video below as she patiently explains to us how to chastise girls and in particular the unfortunate Azuki who she takes quite a shine to (who the hell wouldn’t?) There are subtitles, naturally, I even love the little typo errors but then again, my written Japanese is naturally abysmal, but you will definitely understand what is going on and if you want to spend 5-6 minutes, I could think of far worse things than checking out this great little video! Settle down and enjoy! I’ve included images from this below the video.

Quote from Mrs Kanda:

“Every girls buttocks have 2 important uses. First, to sit down…. and second (wait for it) to receive spankings on them (I knew it! what a perv, lol)




OK, so you’ve seen Azuki at home, let’s take a peek into her bedroom where this lazy teenager, like so many, has a really messy room, well, this is another chance for Mrs Kanda to instill some much needed OTK discipline and of course the girl protests but soon she is ordered to pull down her school panties and get over Mrs K’s lap and the girl snivels and sobs as she is spanked!



Mrs Kanda is a traditional “old skool” disciplinarian and often will punish her girls in her comfortable Kimono outfits, just as we see here with Azuki’s ongoing home education and compliance, she is cruelly punished over the chair with a paddle to great effect, as you’ll see in this free view WMV clip and the images that accompany this recent movie update at CutieSpankee!



OK, there are MORE updates with Azuki, but I will let members of CutieSpankee enjoy those, I think you have seen enough of this beautiful teenager’s ongoing discipline sessions with Mrs K! Remember if Girl/Girl stuff does it for you (and why not?) then you might want to remember that you can gawp at exciting schoolgirl bitching & playfight and spankings between friends like this recent naughty update that gets old pervs like myself all hot and bothered… simply pure, shameless spanking erotica from Japan!



What further can I say? Check out all their latest updates with more free images etc HERE


OK, how the hell do I follow that? Well, I think I have found something in the archives from AmberSpanks.com which will make you beg for more of this cute redhead giving it good on her role reversal site where SHE gets to spank the girls! I can tell you over the years, Amber really has got damned good and sexy at spanking her girls, she should know, she spanks as she’d get it and it shows! There’s also some rather pleasing sexually explicit content which just makes the whole spanking erotica just super hot – Amber genuinely gets off spanking and bringing off the naughty girls that answer her ads, however, what I have here is something stuck and played often on my “hard” drive and it’s an oldie, something I may have featured yonks back, but it really needs airing again as I think this was by far the sexiest girl Amber ever had over her lap.

Harper – one of Amber’s sexiest girls she ever spanked? You decide!

Unfortunately, the girl was not a spanko, she only came for the money but this perky breasted, typically toned sun kissed Californian girl made up for it with her stunning looks and made a visual spanking feast with her over Amber’s lap! Sadly we will never see her again in a spanking role so Amber has the full exclusive on this beauty and though it was shot a few years back, I have always rated this one of my top sexiest spanking movies and you’ll see why from the images and the way in which the intro to the film was shot! Harper may have upped her modeling fee at the time which understandably irked Amber somewhat – but I feel over the long run, this girl was worth it… Ok, enough of my waffling, check out this hot chick below!

Check out the screen grabs from the longer movie, the quality is of course fantastic and this film is somewhere in the region of approx 400Mb for around 13 minutes of spanking joy!





Oh my goodness… that girl is just simply TOO HOT for me to show you more of… of course you can see all of Harper’s spankings in HQ-WMV & Quicktime playback formats and I promise you it is well worth checking out! Only from Amberspanks.com


& finally in this particular post, I’d like to show you this fine classic of a girl I don’t feature much of (God knows why as she is lovely, but I promise to show MORE of her if you want!) ladies and gents I give you the infamous Teen Brandi! This intro from me is a great film as she is spanked on her bottom and thighs in the ubiquitous “Diaper Spanking Position” and there is a free clip of this available below as well as some interesting screen grabs!




This cracking teen’s site makes up part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow 🙂

Weekend Spanking Hotties & more

This is a quick update today as I bring you some incredible new stuff from around the spankosphere, something for everyone, and there’s a fantastic review of what’s coming at Punishedbrats.com with Pixie’s ability showing as she gets to grips with yet more editing of their recent film shoot with the wonderful and uber bratty Lorraine Little… this time given a proper little sister thrashing by one girl you shouldn’t mess with! One Miss Beverly Bacci (I still miss seeing her as a sub, but she is an awesome Domme and once any unfortunate girl is across her lap… watch out!) Check out the free 3 minute clip below that Pixie produced on the free Pixie’s Reviews section of Punishedbrats.com

This is all coming soon and I had just found the above video at Pixie’s own blog HERE

What is currently out and showing at Punishedbrats.com are some new movies, one with Pixie taking a hard paddling… and the second movie with Angelina AGAIN naked over the lap of Azul… she of the frightening “Medusa hair locks!” Yikes!



“Not Here” – Pixie enters Mr Pierson’s office to find that he is not in. Knowing she is in trouble, she tries to quickly leave having fulfilled the request to report, but Mr Pierson finds her and delivers her punishment with a very large heavy school paddle! This large wooden school paddle with holes has left Pixie with a very sore bottom and a very sorrowful demeanor!



Azul is not pleased with Angelina’s performance at rehearsal and has the lithe dancer naked again for our viewing pleasure and her bared exposed bottom gets some stinging whacks with her riding crop! These films are now shot in a higher resolution playback for better quality.

All this and you can STILL access the entire site from as little as $15 a month! CLICK HERE


Continuing withthe theme of the riding crop, this rare use of it in Japan grabbed my attention recently from one of their latest films at CutieSpankee.com … imagine your boss keeping that in her office drawer when you didn’t bring the tea or reports on time… it was a behind the doors meeting with ol’ Whippy the Riding Crop! Ouch! (some stunning images as usual from their films as you’ll see below!)



If you liked that, then of course there are the amazing schoolgirl sets and films that are nearly always there and you’d expect to see these films come up with butt warming regularity… and they do! No one does uniforms like the japanese girls, they were made for school uniforms: It’s just a fact, we have to deal with it and accept it… view the stunning results and enjoy!


Check out the very latest FREE Movie preview HERE


Here’s something a little different from BadTushy.com – and they’ve gone overboard with the tushy overload and naughty girl count as there’s a really hot black girl, an Asian girl (looks like she’s of Thai descent) and a naughty West coast gal… put this lot together and it’s a real heady spanking pot-pourri! It’s not for everyone, but I can tell you getting these porno type spankings in is working… as my membership is still going strong and I seriously approve of this spanking frivolity… oh and of course if you want escapist spankings by porn starlets, then this is the place to see it… oh, and there is always Miss Law to come in and make her fearsome appearance… so it covers corporal punishments too! See what I mean with these hot naughty spanking pics from the latest film!





Stunning! Check out all the most recent movies with access to images liek these HERE

Cat Spankings, Stewardesses & Other Serious News :)

Edit:  before you read this post today, I wanted to inform you that it has been a bloody nightmare for me, an old draft from a month back with the cats, then adding to it today and losing a huge part of what I had written despite thinking I’d carefully saved the draft, in fact I hadn’t and lost the best part of an hour I’d been typing and adding images etc… I have torn my hair out over this and wasted yet more time so I hope you understand the love and care that goes into making a post like this. I know you may not think it’s much, but it was frustrating as hell to write but I’m just glad it’s up now – I had to rush the end and lost most of my train of thought which is so annoying… so please try to enjoy and any nice comments are always appreciated – or constructive ones too (yeh, I know, save drafts every few minutes, I usually do but got carried away… oops)


Today’s Spanking Topic: Cat Spankings, Stewardesses & Other “Serious” News

OK, now I have been arsing about and enjoying trolling t’interwebs for my fave LOLcats and such… well, I vaguely remembered people posting vids on Youtube of cat spanking and paddling… well, I don’t know if anyone has posted this on a so called “normal” spanking blog but here are 2 fascinating clips of a cat being paddled and another getting a good hard spanking… I kid you not, and these cats, like many of our female species… actually enjoy this… check it out!

WARNING: If you are Ceiling Cat or a feline, this material may be unsuitable viewing!

and of course check out the spanking of this female kitty below! 🙂


OK… back to human tushy now which is why most of you are here, I guess 😉

Well, since I started this post and kept it as a draft, I don’t think it ever got published so perhaps the below post from Clare Fonda’s site (yes I know I updated you with the latest news on her sites last time) however… the below post featured an old archive when I had been rooting around in the Spankedcallgirl.com archives again and came across this little beauty! There isn’t much of a description on this except that she goes by the name of Lyla, and Clare was once again caught perving out on one of her girls, checking out the merchandise and giving her bottom a spanking! I’m not complaining… far from it! Give me more Miss Fonda… give me more, I say!

You can see MORE of this amazing chica at Clare’s specialist Spankedcallgirls.com website


From something old to the very latest full movie updates now available at FirmHandSpanking.com as there is a return for Carey Brooks, who has an amazing secretarial look and a body to die for and just looks so so spankable, as well as another episode of OTK Air with bubbly Kat St James who was born to wear that uniform… I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the new series called Pan Am coming this Fall (I can’t wait!) about the halcyon days of when air stewardesses were oh so glamorous and virtually stars in their own right! Sneak trailer preview of what ABC will be showing and I’m hoping that either Channel 4 or Sky in the UK will take this up, I’m sure they will!

& so onto kat St James at OTK Air.

Corporal Air is a fun airline, but not when things go wrong. Flight attendant Katherine St James drinks alcohol on duty and a trolley runs down the aisle on her plane! Eric Strickman has to spank her bare bottom, followed by 45 with a wooden spoon: “That hurts!” she yelps.

I swear you will fall in love with Carey’s cute pert bottom, take a look at her perfectly shaped cheeks… OMG!

Carey Books has a booty designed for spanking! Full cheeked, bouncing and bare, she’s due 50 swats with a stinging leather paddle in The Office. Her offense? No virus software on a vital business computer. From creamy white to deep red takes minutes, ensuring she’s sore as hell!

Their description is perfect, I viewed this film previous to this write up and it’s awesome, her first full bare bottom punishment and I hope (well, I KNOW) there will be many more coming – all this and MORE at FirmhandSpanking.com


Right, as I was on a theme (briefly) of stunning air stewardesses, I have never forgotten this clever piece of advertising which celebrated the 25 years of Virgin Atlantic a few years back… I’m an 80’s guy anyway… so loved the sound track… LOL! Still, the advert below reminded me of something Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform has on his site… was he influenced by this commercial or the perception of airline stewardesses? I’d like to think so!

So to briefly celebrate this fact, check out some typical images taken from the airline stewardesss spanking section of this Uniform niche site – if you’re not into air stewardesses (or flight attendents as some like to call them nowadays) then fear not… there’s plenty more excuses to see girls in various specific uniforms thrashed for our viewing pleasure!

The girls of Europe Air have a unique contract that means their misdemeanors are punishable like below!

See can see more of these girls and all the other episode previews at Spanked-in-Uniform.com


There are some amazing new movies out right now at English-Spankers.com – a site I am really starting to fully appreciate and here’s 2 contrasting films, one with very popular spanking model, Clover, who takes a birching… Mr Stern even had it soaked properly… for those in any doubt as to the stinging qualities of the birch, go to any spanking model’s blig and enquire… those who’ve had it will tell you it is the ultimate CP sanction NEVER to be taken lightly! See the red marks and glowing damage done on Clover’s cheeks below!

& from Clover, to a girl I’ve not seen before called Holly, I think it was her first time in front of a camera and this buxom lass didn’t disappoint at all in a familiar storyline where Mr Stern catches his secretary (Holly) looking at spanking porn on the company laptop… “hmmm, interested in that sort of thing, are we , Holly?” What follows is a good OTK spanking and a great scene of Holly stood up, privates on full display as she is made to hoist up her skirt and receive the strap, then bent over so he can get a better purchase at thrashing her lovely behind and admire the view of her quivering cheeks!

Check out the FREE preview Clips of these films & all the latest updates HERE


& finally today (this part of the post I had to completely restart from scratch, dammit!) are a couple of old faves of mine from AAAspanking when I was thinking about 2 things… our first shoot location way back and the first time I had filmed with Pandora & Leia-Ann (which you’ll see below) and also why a certain film has become very popular on some Tube sites that I posted this to… though surprised, I replayed the film myself and loved it! (I actually don’t like seeing myself on cam and will normally let the girls take center stage, you don’t want to be seeing my ugly mug all the time!!!) So it’s an excuse to throw some more screen images from these 2 movies, recall a little extra and let you know where you can view them (I’m losing the plot now as I ad lib from what I’d orginally written so time for some images!!!)

Pandora & Leia have a week of punishments for getting caught setting fire to their local corner shop! Luckily the fire was put out before much damage but Paul had promised the shopkeeper to keep this between themselves as he is in charge of the girls & has told the shopkeeper that he will pay for the damages & take it out on both girls bottoms for a week! The girls go through some lengthy spankings all week before they go to school & we see one of the punishment sessions that both girls are having to endure. However, they don’t appear to be learning their lesson as they cheek & answer back to him despite having their bottoms spanked until both girls can barely sit down.

In my original post I said something about a big “shout out” to the girls for coming up at such short notice after my previous no shows on Day One, Pandora got up early so had a long day and Leia could be forgiven for not wanting to come after I had learnt that she had literally just split up with her partner that day… but fair play to the girls and thanks to Paul from Northern Spanking who helped us out & put up with me for those few days! That sort of kindness and help is something I won’t ever forget and gives me hope since there are so many shitty people out there at the mo that I have suffered very badly from… they know who they are! Oh, & I won’t ever forget that either!

& moving onto lighter things (I’m rambling now!) the final images taken from our little surprise hit which contained lots of banter and of course lots of good hard strapping and caning on a bad girl’s bare backside!

Cindy was bored at work but instead of finishing off the accounts she started surfing for some online spanking material. The office she worked in had a culture of spanking with her boss often dishing out some humiliating punishments, however Cindy would have wished she had been just a little more discreet as the noise of the spankings she was watching attracted the attention of Mr Osborne, her pervy boss! He had heard the tell tale noises of bare cheeks being smacked & was immediately suspicious when Cindy tried to hide what she’d been watching! She was soon stood up & made to remove her panties as he berated her for using his time that he paid her for to look at such online smut! She was given a taste of what she had been watching, bent over spanked with her bottom jiggling in pain, this was followed by a hard strapping & caning of her swollen cheeks for daring to abuse his trust, time & money employing her.

You can see a special FREE instant play clip HERE (taken from Teen spanking Tube)

OK, I better stop there…but do please check out what is available from the extensive tour pages of AAAspanking.com – this site has come a long way since its launch earlier this year already!

Back soon with yet more updates and a review or 2!

Monday’s Spanking Updates

Just over a year ago, we were all moaning about one of Iceland’s unpronounceable pesky volcanoes spewing out loads of ash that grounded most flights across Europe and the Atlantic for about a week… so as another of their bloody volcanoes erupts and the ash is due to approach the northern shores of Scotland any second… I’m wondering if we are going to suffer the same nonsense and disruption as last year… this time it concerns me closer to home as my missus is away and is due back this week so we’ll see! *sigh*

Anyway, you don’t want to read me ranting about Icelandic volcanoes… you want news and updates of the hottest spankings around to rival the molten magma… and I shall try my best and today I start with AAAspanking and the promised HOT punishment update that stars Leia-Ann Woods who got a hell of a spanking, OTK leather paddling and one of the severest hairbrushings I’ve seen her take on her bare bottom! This is one short film I am really proud to have been involved in and you can see how we have developed from our stumbling beginnings when we started filming last September… this was far better and the punishment just right with some interesting cam angles! Enough of my waffle, take a look at this clip below of a hairbrush punishment and you’ll see what I mean.

Leia had been in trouble before for wearing the wrong type of knickers underneath her school skirt. She was finishing her education at a posh all girls private school paid by her uncle who only insisted that she stay the weekends at his city apartment near to the school so he could keep an eye on her behavior and continuing education. So once again it came as a nasty surprise for him to receive reports that she had been flouting regulation knicker rules & a snap inspection when she got home confirmed his worst fears! Determined to finally shame and change her ways, uncle John puts his neice through some of the hardest punishments he had ever dished out including a hard OTK spanking & leather paddling which had Leia near to tears but he kept the best ’til last, a hard pounding hairbrush punishment with Leia’s bottom painfully exposed, hearing her gasp out in sheer embarrassment & pain at his unexpected ferocious onslaught on her quivering cheeks!



I feel I should mention a couple of stunning updates from FirmHandSpanking.com as they star 2 of my fave American spanking actresses, Michaela McGowen and Samantha Woodley… as well as a great contrast from English rose, Amelia Jane Rutherford, as her recent series there is again updated with the next installment and I will start with Amelia. I haven’t checked the images that others may have already shown since I have been tardy, so please check out a few choice images of mine that I appreciated that accompany this movie – I hope you appreciate these too!

Amelia Rutherford always produces original, entertaining content, devising and directing her videos for Firm Hand. Her Definitive Guide has her legs kicking and voice going ever higher as she endures 48 with a wooden brush, kneeling on the bed. Doctor Zaegler does the honors!

& of course, as promised below are the latest movie scene updates and a full image set that you can a see a small part of here. Sam has done many scenes in the bath and this one with Eric Strickman is a cracker as he returns home to find she is lazing in the bath instead of being at work… she’d dragged out and given a wet bottom spanking that has her kicking and screaming… ever been spanked hard on a bare wet bottom? Yup, this is a HOT update and Samantha looks incredible as always!!!

& finally from this site the lovely Michaela McGowen in her ongoing College Discipline series! You can see the free preview clip currently showing on the home tour page and some images I have for you below:

Study, don’t text, is the rule! Hottie Michaela McGowen bends over for 10 tough swats with a wooden paddle by her tutor in College Discipline. The sharp crack of wood on those jiggling booty cheeks in tight shorts, then thin panties, is enhanced by unmissable “Reaction Cam” replays of Michaela’s expressive beautiful face!


I highlighted the latest update from Japan recently but let’s not forget that there is another amazing and important website that has some of the best girl/girl photography I’ve seen – that is Hand-Spanking.com – Seems the Japanese know how to get the best from their beautiful girls and in this film 2 friends become rivals and a battle of wills takes place on the bed as they argue and suddenly one girl is subdued and she is being spanked then her knickers removed and her smouldering soft cheeks are spanked as her truimphant friend has her placed over her legs on the bed and taught a painful lesson of how to avoid defeat. Of course the submissive beauty hollers and snivels as only the girls from Japan (we all know) can whine so convincingly! I’ve got you a preview clip, if you haven’t seen this from Hand-Spanking.com already with some intimate spanking images that are a small part of the accompanying photo set that comes with all their movies!

Check out the extensive tour pages that contains lots of preview clips and pics HERE!


An amazing set from BadTushy.com and a quick WMV preview clip should help you decide just how hot this latest naughty spanking update is! Why do I like BT so much? Well…in between the real proper nasty spankings and real verbal humiliation and chastisement of Miss Law (and even Francesca Le who is getting better at disciplining girls whilst looking HOT!) … there’s a the plentiful movies of beautiful babes just doing their thing here, with no other excuse other than to tease and arouse my poor stretched Trouser regions and I’m sure many others too as these girls often wear the sexiest, most skimpily dressed outfits, naughty sexy panties, daisy duke shorts and of course damned fine tushy and butt grabbing, pussy play and making out in between the girls often playful and far from brutal spankings… it’s a pleasant distraction and of course is highly sexual catering to us chaps (and horny ladies) who like to see 2 beautiful girls get it on and play with each other in this way! … This latest sexy update does nothing for the stitching in my poor aching groinal area… so beware! 🙂

Enjoy this exclusive FREE preview clip below…

Check out all the varied spanking movie previews at BadTushy.com – Click HERE for more!


… & with that shameless excuse to see girls making out and playing with their spanked bottoms, I bid you good night (until tomorrow). I have just heard that Barack Obama is flying out of Ireland in Air Force One on his way to beat the impending closures of some airports so has left early… oh well, he could do worse than be stuck in London when he arrives 🙂

2 Rude Lewd ‘n’ Nude Spanking Films from Lupus!

Every now and then I feel the need (or is that the urge?) to watch some good hard spanking and sex, as they quite rightly go hand in hand…now this is usually in the realm of domestic discipline, so I was pleasantly surprised that LUPUS had decided to make some films with this theme, but also within the school girl realm (oh yes!) The 1st film shown below is both extremely erotic and with a great story and a twist that the crew of LUPUS do so well!

Indeed! Where do I start? Want to know what girls get up to in those school toilets? You know, when they discuss ways of wrapping their fingers round us fellas between fooling around with each other, we so weak, aren’t we? Now, if I was this teacher who is supposed to be disciplining the girls, and..say – as I’m spanking her, she suddenly falls to her feet pleading, begging even, in her state of semi nakedness and her head is moving closer to my bulge (I’m afraid I would be aroused by now, for sure!) well, we are just weak, aren’t we? & so it appears is this poor fellow who allows the girl to unzip his trouser fly & take his swollen cock into her mouth as she gets to work to take his mind off spanking her bare bottom. All thoughts of continuing the punishment are lost as he enters her tight pussy from behind and he brings himself off, spent! Well, this is what happens in part one of this very naughty film as you can see below:

Now as you’ll have seen so far, both girls have employed this tactic to try and get away with their proper punishment and, well, it seems to be working, avoiding a normal Lupus style spanking is no mean feat, with their bottoms only reddened, without any welts, at the Lupus Studio is something to be admired, however, there is a price to pay but these girls seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t you think? However, even though teacher is enjoying this double dose of joy himself, he knows something is up and it’s not long before the first naughty girl is blamed for this behaviour..seducing him and of course we also get to see a proper spanking!!!

Enjoy the Special Promo Clip (below) which highlights the action from this most welcome and unnusual addition to the Lupus production Studio which is now out to download in full…

Click here to view the FULL Movie

The 2nd movie below is typical of their lavish productions, attention to detail and of course, some damn fine spankings of very pretty girls! The following movie is rare for me to review because this film doesn’t contain a caning scene at all. However, what it lacks in any sort of caning, it makes up for with a very severe paddling and slippering of 2 girls and it’s well worth checking out as you’ll see from this review, the free images from the film and the free preview clip at the end! & also it’s a good old fashioned evil “Poppa spanks his girls” type movie! 🙂

The film starts with the daughter sneaking in really late after being at her friend’s place! However, her late absence isn’t missed and as she tip toes in sthe lights go on and she’s caught without any decent explanation. If you haven’t seen the scene where she is caught, check out the FREE Streaming clip HERE from the Teen Spanking Tube that shows this early scene where she is spanked & slippered on her bare bottom. The poor girl pleaded not to be thrashed but she only angered Him when she could offer no explanation why her dress was inside out and where the hell were her knickers? Imagine the shame on both sides, she for being caught like this and He for fearing his girl was a wanton slut!

The following morning, after a snap inspection and the full horror that their girl is no longer a virgin, witness an amazing scene where a metal Chastity Belt complete with the lock is used to try and protect their girl’s remaining modesty, safe in the knowledge that she can no longer get up to no good, she continues to go visit her friend, Dana…but one day it’s discovered that she has somehow managed to replace the lock and fool them both, this girl, how did she do it? and who was helping her? This is where the severity of the following punishment is upped as her Chastity Belt is removed and she is given one of the hardest paddlings I have witnessed on film. You will be blown away by the force of the wooden paddle and the real tears that fall from this pretty girls eyes until she admits that it was her friend Dana who had helped her replace the old lock to her belt!

Sobbing and pleading for mercy, she has made it all worse by bringing her friend, Dana, into this and soon her friend is frog marched into the house by an equally angry father who is keen to show his displeasure by spanking and slippering a tearful Dana in front of everyone! Once both men are satisfied that their girls seem to be suitably punished they devise plans for a new improved Chastity Belt but in a final twist, which I will let members at Lupus-Spanking.com see – Mother pipes up with an alternative plan when they realise that these girls are a little more than just good friends! It’s a great movie, not one of the longest (it’s around 20-25 minutes) but it compliments the VAST collection of movies you can download in full with one single one off membership from this site!

Click below for the Free Wmv Preview Clip

Currently, I think this site is STILL being updated daily so once again provides you with amazing value to download this and the other films whilst getting more new updates!

You might also want to check out the special VIP Spanking Site as you will also get 6 more PREMIUM sites (check them out!) along with this one and I just checked out their monthly pricing and was pleasantly surprised that this now costs just $59 a month for 7 Premium Spanking Sites (you can check out all the sites you get for this great price HERE and it’s certainly worth considering if you have the time and disk space to download a ton of top notch spanking content for LESS than $9 a site per month – and the longer term options work out even cheaper!)


Friday’s Spanko Frollicking

Well, here we are again, a weekend has loomed large and as I wonder about what to write about this fine evening here in England… wishing I’d actually be outside right now but I owe it to you, my friends to provide you with some inside knowledge on a new movie and of course some damned fined spankings currently viewed by me and my square eyes!

Friday night means that there’s usually a new film uploaded at AAAspanking and lo and behold, there it is… Emma Brown makes a very welcome return to filming online and in such a tight naughty cheer girl outfit too in this F/F schoolgirl scenario punishment! I actually liked the story of this movie, you can read the full description on the home page, alongside a free hairbrush discipline clip right now. But the punishment angle was good… imagine being brought up in front of the Headmistress for spiking the other cheer teams snacks and food with “hash cakes” and chocolate laxatives… now imagine the bedlam that caused… LOL, we were having fun coming up with this story! I love the “what ifs…” what if that really had happened somehwere, imagine the shame, the tears, the near riots as the girls… ah, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? * heh heh *

Emma Brown as cheerleader Nicky awaits her punishment from her Headmistress

Below are the first released screen images of this 15 minute film and you will see some interesting spanking positions and use of a really stingy hairbrush, apparently, this was one of the replacement brushes (I bought 3 new ones… just in case after Irelynn destroyed my favorite last time) and Emma said it really “stung like buggery”… I was encouraged by that, as I was elsewhere doing a photoshoot… and I can confirm that the noises and “thwacks” certainly bear testament to her claims. You’ll notice that the end scenes also had her photographed as these were to be sent to the other principals of the participating schools and cheer teams that this foolish but well meaning girl had so ruined in many horrible ways!

You can only see this brand new Cheer girl Punishment Movie HERE


Seeing Emma looking rather buxom here reminded me of Maggie from Girls Boarding School and she was always one of the highest rated girls for taking some of the most severe punishments, these images of her taking a belting only prove that… the actual film her ass was welted even more as these would have been the high end glossy images taken afterwards… but you definitely get to see what I mean… anyway, admire and behold Maggie.

When Maggie cried, you knew that she had been punished properly, it’s still the site that I come to for those authentic and nasty punishments that bad girls require from time to time… Headmaster Tom – a legend! 🙂

See all the latest updates at the unique Girls Boarding School HERE


Thinking of painful and deserving punishments alongside unique and I put together a collection of captivating images from SpankingServer.com featuring one of my fave subjects… pussy strappings! There’s a pussy strapping clip out this week at SpankingServer, but you can check out some from the archives and what you may have missed recently (below) – then resolve NOT to miss any more and check out the girls or the sites (remember my review on how to watch this site? I’ll post it at the bottom again in case you missed it!)

“Pussy Strappings Ahoy!”  … “and in I go…” 😀


If you missed my review of Spanking Server before – Check it out HERE as it has proved quite useful in helping you all to choose and how to view this wonderful site properly!


Finally, how about a stunning end with another round of Japanese girl spankings and this one, ladies and gents is HOT! My favorite girl on this site switches more than an AC/DC still play concerts… this girl, called Azuki, is something else and in this movie (in that oh so cute stunning school uniform) she plays with herself with a crop imagining the sting and feel of a spanking she desperately needs… so in steps the maid and the rest is a damned hot excuse of a movie that earns another excruciating “Trouser Arousal” high rating… so be careful… images and a FREE WMV clip are below for your delectation!


I just love the heat bumps appearing either side of her panties, and of course, Azuki is stunningly beautiful, like all the images at this site, it is consistently amongst the best around, a perfect compliment to their films! Check out more of Japan’s Cutie Spankee site HERE

& with that I bid you a brief fond farewell for now… back soon, as always.

Punishedbrats Birthday, Amber’s Roxy & other news

Seems I’m slow on the mark, I should have known when “Birthday Cat” came me-owing around mt feet the other day, cute thing… and the same age as Punishedbrats.com – being 5 years old… aww! So cute Birthday Cat and I celebrated with cake and much festivities, then I kicked him out and logged on to their site for some me (not me-ow) time… (see what I did there?)

Click on Birthday Cat’s happy face for a special celebratory gallery of all things PB!

To celebrate this – the good folk of Punishedbrats have still kept their pricing down starting from just $17 a month and now there is a special 90 day membership costing just $41!!!


Okey-dokey… I thought long and hard about what I wanted to show you next so it’s Amber at AmberSpanks.com that gets the nod here today as she has got back a really cute girl, one of the earlier girls she spanked, I think, from over 3 years ago, called Roxy, who really should have an extra x or 2 in her name, you know, like “Foxxxy Roxxxy” or something, as this chica is smokin’. So apart from me ruining this lovely girl’s name, I thought I’d take you down Memory Lane of their 1st time together as well as featuring the very latest movie of them together again! Sound fair?

Amber’s happy to have Roxy back but soon chastises this pretty minx for turning up late (she blamed “traffic” – yeah, that ol’ excuse) – and it’s not long before Amber does what she does best and playfully puts Roxy at ease before getting bolder and bolder and before we know it, Roxy’s lovely breasts are exposed and given a loving pinch and “booby grope” as Amber continues spanking her… this looks like it’s going to be another HOT movie and if you’re in any doubt just look at what both girls are wearing… I love it when attention is paid to sets and costumes which I know Amber pays attention to!

So this is from the very latest film, remember I told you that Roxy was a dancer, you know the type, those alluring girls that shake their bits and tease the hell out of us whilst extracting lots of Dollar bills whilst we sweat and gasp… (hmmm, I sound like I know more than I should…lol) well take a look at Roxy in action, there’s a whole long play dance film as an intro in the archives! The lighting and the original soundtrack in the movie (I guess that’s Amber’s Daddy using the excellent Garage software in their edits) adds to the hot intro of Roxy!

& onto the rest of the movie as Amber points out how naughty Roxy looked in her profile, and that dancing gets her a spanking over Amber’s knee to start with, then across the bare bottom as Roxy’s bum is warmed up. I’m not actually sure if Roxy had ever taken a spanking before this but she sure could take it after a while as Amber moved onto some leather implements and continued whacking Roxy’s delicious derriere stood up as she stuck her ass out for us all to get a better look! There’s also a free clip of a scene where Amber has oiled Roxy’s butt and legs (below) and gives her a sensual massage before starting to spank her again up close and personal! I’m glad Roxy is back, and I’m sure Amber was too, she sure looked like having fun making these movies in the past and present!

I have also had the help of a certain kitty below that seems to be stuck in the wrong tube… oh dear! Click on the Tube Kitty and it will take you directly to Amber’s 1st meeting with Roxy… it shows part of the aftermath as Amber oils her up, massages Roxy’s cheeks and spanks her some more, you can see Roxy’s red butt and also see that in comparison, both girls have changed their appearance a little but it’s all good!

Above clip hosted by the Teen Spanking Tube – friend of all types of internet cats & spankings

If you like what you’ve seen here I promise you will NOT be disappointed with Amber, or if you prefer you can see Amber’s Daddy give her a much needed thrashing when she’s bratty or see the girls get their own back on her at SpankAmber.com – and of course there’s a special price on sign up for BOTH sites that gives you 10 Bucks off which is damned good value for under 30 Dollars in these shitty depressing economic times & the bonus of having all exclusive content (of course) as well as 100s of films to download!


It just leaves me to add that in other news which I shall cover here tomorrow, there’s a brand new film going up at AAAspanking.com and it’s a new F/F schoolgirl cheer leader type punishment with Emma getting a hard thrashing from Headmistress for her crappy behavior (I will only say the words “cannabis and laxatives”… cheergirls will try anything nowadays to cheat their opposition, eh?)


I also thought you’d like to knwo at the revamped BareBottom.biz now back under my complete 100% ownership after the recent vandalism of year of posts… (I’m still working on the site as I will change the look of it when I have time) but for now there’s some cracking retro magazine perusals and images from over 30 years ago to check out, click on the cartoon below and it’ll take you directly to it! Have a good evening and back here tomorrow with more new updates and behind the scenes goss! Chief

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Cute girls given much needed spankings!

Hi everyone, I will just go straight for it today, less of my waffle and a quick look around the wonderful world of the spanking internet! You might also want to check my other blog HERE as I updated that earlier with some cool stuff… and the first update here is a continuation of that cool stuff elsewhere so if you like this, definitely check out the other blog as it contains a free clip and the previous spanking that beautiful maid, Corrine Gonzalez, gets at the hands of Allaura Shane who just can’t stop spanking this cute girl… I don’t blame her!

See MORE of Corrine & the hot new girls spanked exclusively at FirmHandSpanking


Next up is from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com and although there isn’t a lot of spanking in this scene I’m about to show, the movie does have this and the overwhelming theme of humiliation – as only Clare Fonda knows how. In this old classic with hot redhead, Vixen, she gives the girl an air enema and this makes her fart, this was when Clare played her evil alter ego “Aunt Gwen” and you can see part of this scene below and the obvious tampon Vixen is wearing too… which Clare playfully tugs at! (OMG!) With the spankings this girl gets, this is why a visit to the archives of this site is a MUST SEE!

If you thought that was hot check the archives again and you’ll come across another old classic from a model we all know so well who gets more similar humiliating treatment with bottom inspections/temperature takings and such – poor Amber Pixie Wells! Oh my!!!

Check out what is in the archives at spankedcallgirls.com HERE

This site is part of Clare’s infamous & top value CLARE FONDA PASS


You can never go wrong with schoolgirl spankings, their cute uniforms, the almost inexhaustible excuse to punish the girls in and out of their panties and all those institutional instruments of correction… it’s a spanko’s dream come true!!! So it is for Mr Johnson at St Catherine’s School for Girls where Stacey, Patricia & Sammie were getting an extra history lesson because they were quite lazy in class. That became quite obvious as their answers to the questions on WW2 were quite ludicrous! They got their bottoms spanked a few times and they earned themselves 18 demerits which got them a sound paddling AND a bare bottom birching before the lesson was over. They left with very sore bottoms under those school skirts – all this wonderment can be found at the most delightful Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Finally today from Russia (without much love) the unfortunate girls who experience severe spankings and harsh punishments for the first time often ends in tears… as it is here and no amount of stunning beauty can deter these guys from going easy on the girls! Some amazing images are below that accompany these movies, one of which I have watched several times recently… for, er… educational reasons on the cultural teachings of old Mother Russia (and such!)

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