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Madams we should see MORE of!

I’m in a cheeky mood! “Er Indoors” is currently well away and outdoors, running amok as she is still abroad with the grandkids and comes back tomorrow! The place is a mess, a typical lazy bloke like me has take away meals strewn all over the place and I am about to clean up and hide my utter sloth… she’ll nag, of course, as I haven’t recycled this week, we had a power cut while I was away at work which has totally screwed the heating and I haven’t changed the timers and I haven’t washed all my dirty clothes just yet from coming back earlier than her from my hols… and I still have some clothes from the last film shoot I did in one of the spare rooms out on the bed waiting for a wash and iron… she’ll go nuts, but I deserve it this time… and I thought… “who else should I watch that DESERVES a good thrashing?” and I retired to my extensive collection of spanking erotica courtesy of SpankingTeenJessica.com and you can see 2 examples of her “getting it good”, I have a couple of clips below and some reduced vid grab images from another movie that highlights just what this gorgeous little madam could take in the past! Oh… and check out her rump… OMG that’s sweet tushy!!!

want to see her rump getting it? Click to play the other angle (below)

Yikes…. short and sweet, you get the idea though and check out this great punishment (below), Jessica was made to take a paddling with various implements on one cheek at a time before a much bigger nasty strap and paddle were finally used across her burning cheeks, the end was unusual and cruel as she had to sit awkwardly against the wall with her hands strected out clutching what had just made if difficult for her to sit down!!!






The Teen Jessica site is still updated and the remastered films look even better, well worth a look!

Monday’s Spank Related Gossip

The start of another week, as we hurtle towards Xmas… at work we have started taking sweepstakes on whether the Euro will collapse by then, or not. My date is 19th December. The prize? 30 Euros (lol) – this lack of respect for what was and is supposed to be a decent currency stems from the fact many of us feel resentful how the rest of Europe treats our island nation. I remember the shameful day Britain was knocked out of the exchange rate mechanism (the ERM as it was called) in the early 1990’s when the major European currencies were trying to stay within a narrow band to see if the forebearer of the Euro could actually work. Of course, George Soros made $2 Bn Dollars off our country in a day (when $2Bn really was a lot of money then) when he forced the Pound out of the system when the markets sensed a killing.

It caused untold havoc with employment and national shame as our currency devalued nearly 20% overnight! I’m sure the Germans and French are secretly printing their previously precious Marks and Francs as I just don’t see how the industrial stable economies of northern Europe or the peoples of these nations can sustain the wasteful “Mediterrean economies” that have recklessly borrowed beyond their means for years and whose countrymen list pastimes as “Tax Evasion” as a way of life! Why should the hard taxed Germans pay for all those lazy, tax avoiding Med types chilling out beside the beach? I resent the fact Britain has had to indirectly bail out these basket cases via the IMF (yes I haven’t forgotten the 1970’s when our country humbly went cap in hand to the IMF, but that’s another story). So here we are, Europe really is on the brink, the markets are closing in for the kill, like wolves circling a wounded Bison, it’s far from over… but one wrong move now and the wolves will tear the beast apart…

The Euro may well go down the crapper just as Sterling was kicked out of the ERM all those years ago, and for once, I won’t gloat or be smug as Europe is our largest trading partner… to put it in terms here, European customers will not be thinking about renewing their memberships or buying new ones as they wonder what the hell has happened to their savings and pensions and earning power outside their country! So, I actually hope I lose my bet, not because my prize would become even more worthless overnight, but because this is something the world just can not take anymore, we’ve had years of hardship (well, I have) – it won’t get any better and of course what does that mean for producers of our fave subject? It’s a disaster too, as people have less money to spend… more sites may cut back or close altogether as the margins to continue are at breaking point for many already!

So on that happy note, why don’t I just get on with what is out there and let you decide what to maybe purchase to escape from all this financial doom and gloom as some sites nowadays are better value than ever, but you have to watch out for those that promise a ton of sites for little – as that is the sort of updates you will get – little overall – and I don’t actively showcase any sites with these policies here so fear not as I take you to Dallas and his punishment of one gorgeous Samantha Woodley!

Seeing her latest punishment right now – her first genuine comeback to the scene after a few years out (yes she is still showing as new updates as she had filmed a lot of stuff years back) but to see her with Dallas again, I will show you some scenes of her 1st day from the movie as her facial expressions show off perfectly what she goes through with her paddling and hand spankings!


I hope Dallas doesn’t mind this clip I cut as it is a small part of what I hope will be enough to capture the respect and friendship between these 2 as Dallas gives her a punishment that it sppeared she badly needed! Below is the description of the series of films to come from the man himself!



This is what Dallas had to say about this outstanding return punishment: Now regardless what some will say, this is the first on camera spanking she has received in two years. She exited from the scene for her own personal reasons. When she called requesting a spanking where she could not run away, I felt I owed it to her… and you.

This was a spanking punishment that took place over a two day period. I started with an over the knee hand, hairbrush & paddles. You will love the way she squirms and eventually cries from this very real punishment. Anyone knowing Samantha also knows that tears are few and far between with her and spanking. She felt jaded and wondering if she was even into punishment spankings still. I guess she found out. Sent to the corner (which she hates), Samantha was MADE to say ‘Sir’ (which she also hates). There she was MADE to relinquish control.

She spent the night in handcuffs and was awakeded to continue her punishment fully nude the next morning. I clear wrapped her to the bench to really make the ‘running away’ message loud and clear.


Next, she is given a riding crop whipping, the belt, a long severe strapping and a super hard hand spanking that she admitted was the worst over the two day period). YOU WILL LOVE THIS SPANKING BECAUSE IT WAS REAL! See it all exclusively from Dallas Spanks Hard


 Ok… and onto my friends in Euroland and beyond as I took out a membership to Girls Boarding School again recently to see what Headmaster Tom has been up to… and “boy” has he been busy! You’ll be seeing a lot more of their stuff here as his site gets back to basics as only Herr Headmaster knows how… severely! Witness the state of Elin’s bottom (below) afte a rather severe bedroon dorm style strapping and some excellent snivelling cornertime! Now if only he’d find Micaela and tharsh her (it was one of Michael’s finest triumphs, for me, but alas… I think beautiful Micaela may not be back but as a member you can download her films she did make and this was possibly one of the best looking girls to have been given the GBS treatment… still Elin’s trim scholastic figure (below) is a visual treat for those that like to see their naughty girls given a proper hiding!



You can much more of Headmaster Tom’s craftmanship with hand, cane and tawse HERE


In Russia, no one hears the schoolgirls scream anymore, or at least, I don’t think anyone cares if the latest tear jerking thrashings  are anything to go by! I used to avoid this site like the plague, but since their excellent makeover a few years ago and the better quality films and editing, this site is one of those I try to keep to myself, if you know what I mean…. some of their punishments are very severe, but they are in no way as brutal as some I won’t mention here (which I just don’t get, to be honest. ) Me? I like to see pretty girls on the internet getting realistic punishments, if that involves shame, humiliation, nudity, very red and sore red bottoms and some simple storyline I can get and be taken into, then… *sigh* – so be it 🙂 I’m a simple man with simple tastes… but only taste the good stuff *wink* (Didn’t Winston Churchill say something similar once?)


& if the girls ever thought safety in numbers was preferable, they could be right – as some of the detentions like this one featured below are to be avoided at all costs, hard no nonsense discipline at lunchtime then sent back to class without anything to eat to reflect what a thoroughly miserable afternoon in class this girl would endure trying to sit comfortably! Ouch!




Tears, nervous girls & very hard punishments from Russia – Click HERE for the full previews


OK, onto something a little lighter as I bring you one of my fave models from Punishedbrats.com -another of my must see sites that you always see me harping on about! Lorraine Little, ever since she burst onto our screens courtesy of PB some 18 or so months ago (possibly longer as my abillity to tell time is appalling) she was bratty, pouty, cried and complained a lot… and of course, that butt of hers, O-M-G! So perky, so spankable, just aching to be tanned as she wiggled and squirmed over whoever was punishing her (usually sister Beverly if it wasn’t Aunt Veronica or Uncle David) – well, feast your eyes on her most recent film, her hair is still short, I have gotten used to it now, but that pout, that ass, that sassy bratty behavior, it’s still there…. begging for her to get punished!

Lorraine pouts and brats – but she still gets a spanking!




Check out MORE of pouty Lorraine’s brattiest movies alongside her tormentor Beverly Bacci HERE


A brat film with a different perspective? Well, check out Brandi’s humiliating punishment as she is stripped and made to kneel on a stool whilst she is spanked and strapped from behind!

Such was the force of the strapping and the sheer shame of knowing there were others peeping at her discipline session, tears ran down her cheeks! See what I mean from a few images cut from the movie below, Brandi’s pert trim body is timeless thanks to film… forever one of my fave spankees from the past, captured on film for all (internet and domain name) eternity 🙂





See the vast archive of teen Brandi’s many severe and excluisve spanking punishments HERE

You can also check her out at the sites below where she also featured quite heavily, especially with her fellow naughty girl at the time, redhead Jessica who was my first redhead spanking crush online many moons ago!



& of course let’s not ignore Jessica paddled on her own, she had the tightest perkiest ass that could take a hell of a wooden paddling, seeing her punished still like that I just find an awesome sight to watch! (Especially in her uniforms!!!)


Check out Teen Jessica’s equally alluring site – STILL updating with new content and images like these above!


& finally today, as promised, I got my act together and have been uploading a film to our Clips Store HERE whilst writing this (yes, men can multi task… sort of) and it’s a great bratty film with Sarah Gregory, not seen anywhere and I doubt it will be shown at the main site in all its HD glory for a while so this is a great preview for anyone obsessed with all things “Sarah G”… and who wouldn’t be? I re ran this film earlier and it made me smile so much, she was just so sassy and gave me “lip” at every chance, mocking my accent, our chocolate, being a complete Diva… hence the name of this film “Diva Spanking” (yes, boring title, I know… yawn!) What isn’t boring is the hard stinging paddling I gave her with our very stinging composite paddle that Sarah later confirmed in her best “Queen’s English” … “Hurt like buggery!”

Click image below to access this latest film



Holiday Spankings

OK, I know it’s Labor day in the USA… which means that I should have been attending the Shadowlane Party… but as you may recall, events conspired against me when what little funds I had spare for this went on something else instead after I had my near fatal car accident in June. So as I bemoan that fact and that I REALLY need a vacation (it would have been the perfect spanko vacation in Vegas… bare bottoms, filming new models, networking and meeting some of my distant fellow producers and of course the casinos and nice warm weather… damn damn damn!) I’ll have to make do with updating my blog (bitterly) as I bring you the first spankings of the week… forgive me if I’m not full of beans today… however, these following updates and stuff I have been watching should more than keep you occupied!

& where better to start than the simply stunning Adrienne Black with her white blonde hair makeover, she looks simply stunning bent over Mr Reed’s knee for a paddling as a naughty secretary that even asked him for a maintenance punishment! Well… No need to ask him twice as you’ll see below – & she gets it good! *swoon*




Hmmm… already a strong contender for image of the year there, eh? It’s a great no nonsense paddling film and Adrienne’s bum really does get quite red by the end! I have got you a small snippet of her paddling so you can see for yourself! No wonder I nominated her 1st before anyone else as top newbie of the year *sigh*

Check out all the latest stunning girl spanking updates including this one of Adrienne HERE


Since it is the Holiday season, I remembered I had this amazing film tucked away thanks to RealSpankings.com – it’s a real classic and I’m sure you’ve seen parts of it or know it well, so apologies in advance, but to those who haven’t seen any of it, well… this was the infamous Real Spankings Institute “Road Trip” which ended in very severely welted bottoms for these 4 girls, and yes… it starred 2 of my faves… Jessica and Brandi who are awesome in this film!

This is the basic plot to the long play film: 4 girls (Jessica, Tess, Jill & Brandi) who have been on their best behavior at the Institute have earned a vacation to help with their re-integration into society. On day one, the rules are set for the girls, and they have a hard time keeping out of trouble. Punishments are administered often and severely, by both the Dorm Mom and the Dean! What you’ll see will be:

  1. OTK Handspankings for leaving trash in the Institute Van.
  2. Hard spanking with wooden spoon in front of all of the girls for not keeping up with kitchen duties.
  3. Punishments on a hillside with a bundle of switches for not keeping up with the group on their hike.
  4. All of the girls are caught late at night in the hot tub, after it was forbidden by the dorm mom.
    They were left outside with cornertime in below freezing temperatures before their eventual spankings!
  5. Disappointed in the girl’s general behavior over the course of the weekend, the Dean and the Dorm Mom decide to paddle the girl’s bottoms for the ride home.
  6. This contains naked spankings, strappings, wooden paddle punishments and lots of tears!

 Check out some images that highlight more of this movie at RealSpankings.com






Remember this is a classic from the archives – check out what is showing right now! CLICK HERE


Back to the present and a glorious new widescreen HD Movie update (yup they’re uploading films 1280×720 at last) at BadTushy.com and stars Madison Martin, who I have to say got my trouser parts rumbling when I watched this…! *mmm* such a cute ass, one of the finest rumps to get a good hard smack-quivering spanking in that gym outfit… I also liked this movie because of the less gaudy bedroom scenes, this is far more believable to my dowdy, blinking, impoverished English eyes. I don’t understand the need to see every American home as being furnished with total bling, the sort of house that is the size of a small English rural town and the perceived idea that everyone lives this Hollywood style! So I’ll take a large sumptuous kitchen without the ornate gold headboards and paneling I’ve seen in some of their other movies anytime! (I feel this sometimes detracts from the action). Still, a minor criticism, but I always try to shoot scenes which will compliment and not detract from the spankings… hopefully! This is one such movie… thankfully! (note: they couldn’t resist with the overly ornate and out of place chair, lol!)






Jill (played by Madison) was grounded for 2 weeks because she was caught given her boyfriend a blow job by her mom, well she wanted to blow off some steam and went for a run! When she got back home her mom confronted her and was pissed. She wanted to teach her a lesson so she starts off by bending her over her knee and spanked her bare handed! She then took her panties down and really spanked her bottom hard!

You can see this full HD movie and some outstanding F/F OTK films located HERE


I got totally sidetracked at my next port of call earlier today, I have decided there’s plenty of time to tell you about a very naughty, rude amply proportioned spanking between a real life couple (I’ll let you know about that when part 2 and the eye watering “toy” comes into view) Anyways, I am digressing and decided to take a look at Mrs NorthernSpanking, aka Lucy Maclean in what I think was her last sub role on the site. I’m hoping that if Paul sees this he’ll persuade Lucy to bend over again and take one for the site… but I’m sure he has a whole load of her on stand by!!! (Anyway, this was an amusing film, easily located by their model search function) this struck a chord with me as I felt the same disappointment the other day when I was promised something good to eat when I got back only to find nothing! Er indoors did indeed feel the slipper that evening!!! At least Stephen (below) got more than me when he got back!

After a gruelling day at work, Stephen is looking forward with great anticipation to a warm, homecooked meal by his wife. Therefore he is unimpressed to come home to find his new bride has spent most the day in bed instead of the kitchen and presents him with a meal that is not at all fulfilling for a grown man who has been working hard all day. Stephen looks to satisfy his craving by disciplining his wife most thoroughly.





I loved this, I know you will too! You can see the films right here!


& finally, as I mentioned “Port of call” it only seemed apt to end with a uniform spanking, yup… a naval Cadet spanking update from Spanked-in-Uniform.com and the bonus of it co-starring Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford in what I think was their most intriguing film that Mike took of them so far… I particularly enjoyed the caning salutes during this film, I know you will too… read on for the full story behind this latest movie now out to download in full!

A class of cadets went on a field trip taking a tour on a Navy ship. Before they embarked, cadets Amelia and Pandora were warned: “misbehave on board and they will be spanked right there and then!”… and they were! The little madams broke away from the tour because they had spotted a few Dolphins. They were caught and they both got a bare bottom spanking on deck. When they returned to the Academy, they were both sentenced to the Academy’s special salute caning. A humiliating 12 strokes each in front of each other as they saluted their fellow spankee! A truly embarrassing punishment discipline for any young lady to endure!






Check out all the latest uniform spanking shenannigans found at Spanked-in-Uniform.com


OK, before I go, I have had a spate of enquiries for models at my site recently who are older and, what many might consider perhaps larger (or in my case, I like to think of them as real people! We’re not all stick thin!) Anyway, personally I like to see REAL women spanked too… the sort who are your neighbors, that late 30 or 40 something lady with a sparkle in her eye that you might just think is a little kinky… well, Id like to start up a new section at my site with such ladies. So is this a good thing? It would compliment what we already do and wouldn’t affect what we already film but I need to know before I start filming anything else and your views – either by a comment here or, as ever by mail (I get a lot that way and welcome that too) either at my Gmail address shown in my profile on the top of the blog page or at the webmaster address or customer support address shown at AAAspanking.com would be most welcome! Remember, whatever you might think of me on here (I let off steam and generally lark about as you might have gathered from my often irreverant and occasionally immature rantings) …. “ocassionally immature?” I hear you moan? Anyway… I am deadly serious about our spankings when it comes to it and I hope that shows on our site. Feedback is important, so please give it to me (but not on the bare!)  😉

Regards, Chief.

Spanking Armageddon

Seems my soapbox rant did the trick… finally it appears American politicians have realized that they MUST sort out some sort of deal, put aside their differences and deal/compromise/accept something which will stop the country defaulting on its bills…  and it appears there could be something tangible in agreement. Far be it from me to continue ranting about it, but of course if America DID default and was unable to pay the bills, interest rates on mortgages and credit cards would rise sharply as the Triple A (AAA) credit rating would disappear below that of Greece (which is, well, frankly embarrassing ) and we’d all suffer the double dip recession… especially here in Britain as we rely heavily on trade between ourselves and the USA so it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I am of course wanting this to be resolved, I want people to have more money in their pockets, so they can buy luxuries once more like spanking site memberships, I want them to particularly buy MY site’s memberships so we can continue making more films – I have already told you we were precariously close to the edge, like many producers feeling the pinch… I have no shame in admitting that… so have worked my socks off behind the scenes to address our issues to avoid that catastrophe and it benefits those who now want to sign up to the site. I have tried to encourage those to join up with our BEST ever deals for both non recurring one off payments and longer term membershps which, for the content we now got… is pretty damned good! So will we avoid our own Spanking Armageddon? I would have said a 100% “No” if America defaults tomorrow… but as that is looking unlikely now, and 70% of my market is American… with the cheaper prices available, I implore all my hard working affiliates and those who are just reading this blog, maybe for the 1st time… please do go check out AAAspanking (yup, we still got Triple A rated girls… but they come at AAA rated prices) but without our wonderful membership’s support, things will obviously look quite bleak for the future… so we thank each and every member that joins, you are helping us to commit to producing yet more content and I have my next schoolgirl filmshoot booked and confirmed for around 2 weeks time, I won’t say who it is just yet, but she is VERY popular, a girl we have filmed with in the past and I have so many things I want to film: We have a great school location lined up… I’m looking forward to this… and I know that when we edit and upload our kick ass HD-MP4 movies courtesy of my hard working and undersung Editor geezer who really does miracles with our stuff… I know you will appreciate it too!

Or if you prefer, our ever increasingly popular Clips4sale Store goes from strength to strength and you can order as many or as few clips to download and keep if you don’t want to sign up to our new cheaper membership options. See below for the latest films added there today!

Incidentally, if you have any schoolgirl scenarios, here are some of the props/location we will be using so please do send in suggestions for stories and ideas! We will be filming in an authentic looking classroom with desks, we will have use of an old fashioned Gym Horse (I love those things) so Gym wear, school uniform and of course PJs for Dorm Detentions will be the norm… We also have use of an office, I won’t be focussing on bedroom scenes at this film shoot, but as I said, that doesn’t stop me punishing the girls in their PJs!!!


& onto my first spankings elsewhere that I have had a quick look at so far… and as producers worldwide continue to ignore what is happening financially throughout the world, it means no let up in the ass thrashing departments, as one very sluttily attired Miss Francesca Le discovers when the (noticeably buxom) Miss Law confronts her over messing around with the students at BadTushy.com … she takes a thrashing off her or gets fired by the Dean, the choice is simple! Fortunately, Francesca chose to take the former and we get to see a great F/F teacher on teacher discipline film… Beware, Francesca’s bubble butt is rated “TA” (will cause Trouser Arousal). I have images and a snippet for your perusal!





You can see MORE of this hot sexy faculty punishment movie right HERE


I haven’t shown you anything of Amelia Jane Rutherford for quite a while so it is with some relief that I finally get to show you the very latest movie update of her in this TV style spoof documentary with Dr Zaegler in the continuing series at Firmhandspanking.com called “The Definitive Guide to CP”. This week Amelia experiences the cane and these are quite hard and powerful strokes that scared her… but she took them and the film is unedited to include the reaction and facial shots which reveal the intensity of the strokes!





Fans of Miss AJR will NOT be disappointed with this at all! Out now from FirmHandSpanking.com


I saw there was a very watchable movie starring naughty Kisa recently who was running away from home… I would too if it meant I was being spanked by the infamous and stern Lily Starr! You can see what happens below in this footage taken from the amateur spanking specialists MarkedButts.com from when she’s caught and I will show you where to find a free preview clip of this new film:





“Runaway Gets the Hairbrush” – Frustrated Lily drags Kisa back into the house after having to go fetch her from the police following her third attempt to run away this year. Kisa’s attitude is terribly snotty and rude. She insists that she will just keep running away because she hates it at home and doesn’t want to follow any rules. Even though she has never been spanked before, Lily decides that it’s the only way she can think of now to deal with her and much to the girl’s horror pulls her right across her lap for a much needed bare bottom spanking followed by the hairbrush that has Kisa howling in pain!

You can see a free preview clip of this film HERE


I have to admit I do love seeing girls dressed up as cheerleaders and such… so when I delved into the archives of Spanking Teen Jessica I knew that she would be wearing this trademark uniform, so tight and trim in it… it almost seemed criminal to see her paddled severely… but of course I wasn’t finished with thinking about that, I knew there was a double cheer girl movie (in fact, there are plenty actually) with her other sometime co-spanking star, Brandi… so here is a double paddling special of both Jessica and Brandi together, for failing and cheating their Test Papers! Enjoy!






Finally, since I was feeling nostalgic, one of my fave all time Rosaleen films is available to download for just $5, no hassle or sweat, just the price of a good cup of coffee and this uber brat is yours to see thrashed again and again in a rather humiliating film in and out of her uniform courtesy of her nemesis, Elizabeth Simpson. Click on any image below and it will lead you to the special preview and download page (there’s a decent freeview clip too!)


See one movie that made Rosaleen Young’s many punishments so addictive & evocative to watch! This is a schoolgirl classic co-starring Elizabeth Simpson who shows Rosaleen no mercy as her pert bottom is thrashed severely with the cane. Note the added humiliating twist with posture training courtesy of the bell that has consequences for sounding it through unwanted movement! the caning scenes are heavy and given hard across Rosaleen’s soft ample buttocks! Download & keep for just $5!





Oh, before I go, I haven’t asked anyone to do this, but if you don’t mind and you already have a Google account activated whilst browsing this… would you mind just clicking on the +1 button at the bottom of this post? I’m not sure what this is supposed to do, exactly… but as this blog has mysteriously always been a little touch and go with the Google rankings, maybe this will help… I don’t know. I have used the WordPress SEO optimizer, but I actually think that is a hindrance rather than a help and is probably penalizing this site… if anyone knows, I’d sure appreciate it. I just find the random rankings bizarre, sometimes I can be right up there, even number one on the (odd) occasion if you typed in “spanking” or “spanking blog” on Google, and then other times, like now… nowhere to be seen… it sucks! Anyhoo… have a good ‘un. Back tomorrow, Chief.

Hot & Cold Shower Spanking Roundup

I’ve got to share these little gems with you as the Chief rushes off for a soothing cold shower moment and an eyesight test after ogling these lovely girls!!!

cold showers and more

First up is the very latest updates from my fave Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee – In the movie clip and the sample images it’s a great scene where younger sis, Yuka, stole and ate her older siblings cake. Listen and watch Yuka cry and plead pointlessly as she blubs over her angry sister’s knee

click here to play

Check our my free images from this naughty FF dscipline movie!


CLICK HERE to see this FULL Movie and 100s more at CUTIE SPANKEE


Next update is one girl I haven’t featured much recently, lovely redhead lass, Jessica.
Spanking Teen Jessica – the red headed girl next door we’d ALL love to spank when no one’s looking!

click here for Teen Jessica

I have found some classic paddling pic, probably one of the girls best known for taking such a red butt thrashing!


There’s plenty more free pics and clips of teen Jessica at her own site – CLICK HERE


& how can any of us forget this lovely red headed beauty, Amber from California! Star of SpankAmber.com and AmberSpanks.com
There’s not much to be said that I haven’t already so take a look below at this stunning spanking sensation as she spanks, get spanked by great looking girls and of course by her partner, “Daddy” (or as I call him… Lucky Git!!) Spankalicious!!!!








SpankingServer is of course still banging out Kick ass updates and features such stunning girls as pussy strapped Nicoletta (below), strapped caned and spanked for our considerable viewing pleasure! check out her varied and exposed punishments, this is one HOT Hungarian Honey!!!

click here for more Nicoleta


Wow, if you liked those pics, then check out Nicoleta in her pussy strapping punishments…


MORE of Nicoletta and her disciplined sexy friends courtesy of Peter & co at SpankingServer.com

click here for more girls


& Finally for today I wanted to remind you of this brilliant film I just watched earlier today, I hadn’t seen it in an age and forgot which site it was loccated at until I went through my stash and found it under FETISHFLIXX on my External hard Drive. This is one of my faves and I raved about it before, I found my old post and have replicated it here for your benefit, and to those who may never have seen it, it’s a JOY to watch!!!

here’s the reminder of a total old classic that members of this site can view in full. The caning of Emma Brewster (I think it’s listed as Emma Brewster in the “schoolgirl section” of the website) – it ranks alongside probably the ultimate FetishFlixx movie “Caned & Shamed” which was probably Emma’s best know movie and is also at this site. However, you will NOT be disappointed with this movie either! Emma could take quite a pounding with the Rod on her bottom and you can see the welts becoming visible during the punishment!

Emma Brewster

Check the 3 free clips below which I managed to locate – so feel free to download and enjoy, these clips are typical of the entire movie, so you’ll see the quality of this film which was one of the first to be uploaded several years ago!

Emma Brewster

clip1 clip2 clip3

So as you’ll now have seen, this girl can and will take quite a thrashing! If you haven’t seen this movie, then It’s an absolute must, along with her other classic “Caned & Shamed” You know I like this site so do please check out what is available at FETISHFLIXX.com


PS! Go take a peek at SpankingSpot later as Mr Brushstokes has promised to get a review of AAA Spanking up today! I can’t wait, I hope he isn’t too nasty about it 😉

Classic Multi Girl Spankings

So here we are, a new year and I’m trying to get used to writing ’11 instead of  ’10 for the year end , oh and make sure those writing you checks/cheques (wherever you may be) if you are lucky enough to get any payments owed etc are written in the correct year as I had discovered yesterday (Luckily it’s a friend so I got hold of him and he wrote me a new one). As a first post of the year, I thought I’d delve way back from a classic long play film produced by RealSpankings.com starring some of RS’s biggest spanking starlets (like Jessica and Brandi). Here is a brief introduction (with some excellent movie images) taken from the long play classic called “ROAD TRIP” and the 2 ways in which you can get to see this epic which in total can come up to nearly 4 hours (yes… I said up to 4 hours) of viewing from this one film alone!

The RS Institute for Learning is a school for troubled girls, aged 18-21. There is strict code of discipline that the girls must adhere to. Any deviation results in Strict Corporal Punishment. Four young ladies, who have proven themselves, earn a vacation to the mountains of Colorado. They quickly learn that any infraction of the rules will leave them with very sore bottoms!

Punishment at the Colorado Chalet for the Girls’ Road Trip is swift, humiliating and depending on their infraction… severe! Here you’ll see Brandi lectured, pants down with her delightful tuft of girl-hair showing, but as you’ll see after a severe paddling the girls are subdued and more demure and ladylike (if that were possible!) One feature of this film is that all girls get to see the other punished, there is no hiding place, and often, if one is punished then they all are as further deterrents for bad behavior!



The girls can smile, after all, they’re supposedly on a Road Trip, learning about the great outdoors and as they discover, learning about various trees, branches and suchlike, they soon discover other useful impromptu tools of correction can be used if they play up outside in the beautiful Colorado countryside… where only hardy hikers and bears (probably) can hear their cries as they are thrashed with a makeshift Switch!

The girls learn about the fact they should never “act up” outdoors as nature has a habit of providing us useful tools of correction to provide us spankos with the ammunition to carry out stinging discipline to a girls’ bare exposed bottom! As ably demonst



The following punishment (I have to be brief here as there were so many scenes I could choose, but as I am a confirmed lover of redheads, then I couldn’t miss out Jessica!!) stars a fantastic scene of a tearful Jessica spanked and paddled in the kitchen with a wooden spoon in front of the other shocked girls and to this day Jessica STILL remains one of my favorites when she is spanked on her bare bottom as you’ll see below!

Jessica’s pale skin and red hair contrast perfectly with her toned tight sore butt cheeks!



The girls are given time off, of course, as the object of the trip was a reward from performing well at the Reform Institute but again when they misbehave, as they do in the outdoor hot tub, they are dragged inside, after being made to stand up in the chill early evening cold to remind them of their place before their bottoms are given a further spanking!


Finally there were many scenes that included all 4 girls thrashed together, especially when they were bent over for the heavy RSI Paddle which you will see below! Enjoy some choice images and then the 2 ways in which you can view this movie series (as I said, it spans out in the archives of RealSpankings and is also available as a movie download option too!)



Option 1: You can view this Road Trip series from the vast archives of RealSpankings.com

This site is also part of the excellent Real Spankings Pass!

Of course this option means you also get to view all the very latest movies and get to view the entire archives for the same reasonable price! Or if you just want access to this film then it is available from my Spanking Theater which has the option to download ROAD TRIP for a very fair price compared to the amount of data it contains including bloopers and out takes as well as close to 4 hours, and you can also just view your favorite scene/s (some of them are described above) and from just 8c a minute (if you sign up with your email account then you can get a 10 minute free preview of your choice which is a special way to introduce you to whichever movie scene you’d like to view in full!)

CLICK HERE for the Road Trip page or click the image below

I Spy “an Offer” & other update news

Howdy! Just a quick one today, I know there won’t be many American readers today, as no doubt the USA contributes yet more CO2 emmissions with millions of BBQs on their national day of Independence (A big mistake in my humble opinion, of course, lol) So they’ll miss out while the rest of my worldy readers see there’s a new offer at THEBAREBOTTOM which I saw had appeared this morning. I’m not sure how long it will last, but for a limited time you can access the entire site for just $9.75 (that’s nearly a third of the normal monthly price!)

Click on banner below and you’ll get to see all the latest updates and the link to the offer if you’re interested


Whilst I’m here, it would be rude of me not to let you know there’s a brand new movie just uploaded to SLUTSPANKING and as it stars that “Posh Spice” teen looky-likey, I thought you’d like to see her spanking and being spanked…awww, she’s so cute 😉

Check on some images I’ve blagged off the webmaster (these are not shown anywhere else) and a link on how to download a free clip of these naughty madams!






Another site that has an ongoing offer, apart from their low sign up price of $19.95, is REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE – Anyone who knows this site will realise their archives are vast so this price is very fair, what’s more, as it would take a while to fully downlaod this site to yoru PC or external hard drive, there is an ongoing offer of $45 bucks for 3 months, which is quite fair! Anyway, enough of that hard sell, take a look at the recent stuff coming out – if you’re into seeing snivelling girls paddled, this really is THE site to view!

The latest update features Jade paddled in the school hallway!
Stripped of her dignity and her bottom fully thrashed!

Now I know that I’m not the biggest fan of seeing girls heavily tattooed, especially if they cover all their arms legs and back, but I still find Jade attractive, and I know that there are loads out there that love heavily tattooed girls anyway… however,. what I find highly arousing about Jade, apart from her perfectly trim ass, is the fact this girl has a high tolerance for pain, obviously with those tatts … and she had already taken a severe spanking which would make most girls cry uncontrollably and had also faced the dreaded “Robo Spanker!!!”


… and of course there are plenty of very pretty girls and teens at Real Spankings Institute that are not covered in tatts such as the lovely Erin and Riley featured below!!!


You can view more of these girls HERE or sign up through the better value Real Spankings Pass which covers all their sites including Teen Jessica which, as a Real Pass member myself I find is a fantastic bonus site and still has stuff of hers updating even though this gorgeous tight buns redhead retired years ago…loving her work as always ( I tend not to promote Jessica as I like to keep her all to myself, lol) However that’s not in the spirit of things and you can see more of her here if you’ve been living on Mars the last 10 years and don’t know who she is then her SITE alone is well worth a peek!


Finally, I was rooting around the archives of HDspank.com checking on Jodie who I wanted to see in crystal clear playback resolution. I felt she deserves a final mention here today as she’s such a doll – after…ahem…I decided on this after spending some time viewing her earlier as the Missus has popped out to visit her mother (I decided to stay at home instead) … and I know many people agree with me, this is one brat that I never tire of seeing bent over someone’s knee getting a darned good thrashing!!! & yes! I did watch it in a darkened room…Havana cigar and loose fitting garments was indeed a requirement! 😀

Click on images below which lead to free preview content of what I was getting “wood” to earlier


You can also see all the other HD updates with real HD spanking clips HERE