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All About the (Bikini Clad) Ass #71

Before I get on with my spanking updates I just thought I’d give you all a warming spankable sister swimwear image special… courtesy of that well known bikini brand that you can see in the images… actually, it’s a great site to spot some stunning spankable babes (he said pervingly!) To all my chilly northern hemisphere readers, this should warm you all during our winter! Enjoy and imagine the possibilities of these 2 stunning sisters… oh my!

DSC_2970 DSC_2986 DSC_2987 dsc_3025 DSC_3093 dsc_3101 dsc_3120 dsc_3121 dsc_3175 dsc_3281 DSC_3349 DSC_3369

Post Thanksgiving Sch-paaankings

I hope those in the USA had a good Thanksgiving, I know how big this is and important it is to families and loved ones to be together, we in Europe don’t have anything like this and so attach far more importance to Christmas for family get togethers and such. Anyways, hoped it all went as you had hoped and are not feeling too stuffed on the poor turkeys, it’s a crap time to be a turkey at this time of year, with Christmas looming, most of us in britain still choose this bird more than any other to feast upon for our special dinner! Just think of the poor turkeys,, people!

Over in Holland there is no such thing as Thanksgiving or mercy on a poor gurl’s butt when she misbehaves or makes a mistake as Mike from Spanked-in-Uniform.com will attest to. below is the very latest episodes for your perusal including yet another new and interesting uniform spanking niche 🙂

This is a French maid and Secretarial uniform spanking in one go! Care of the Whippingsham Secretarial School section:





During their last assignment at a local business Angelique and Sidney did not keep their desks and workspaces clean and the Director called Mr. Johnson and told him he felt they both needed a sound spanking. That was not enough according to Mr. Johnson and he ordered the girls to change into French maid uniforms and Angelique had to do all the windows in the College and Sidney had to sweep the floors. They both did not do a good job and they both ended up over Mr. Johnson’s knee getting their bottoms soundly spanked!

A new micro niche is a school of wizardry and witchcraft at Hottbotts (this did make me laugh) – however, the spankings are very real even if the backdrops are not (with Mike’s clever use of a green screen… and the movies are now in much higher definition, which always helps!)

In the first episode Gendal addresses the school and makes it perfectly clear that NO spells are allowed to be used and tried outside the classrooms and there are certain areas of the school off limits to the girls especially the dungeons. Betty and Monique decide to ignore his warnings and they try a spell which takes them to the Alohamora dungeon. What they didn’t know is that the Alohamora dungeon is the domain of Olad the Dragon and he is not amused. He sends them straight back to Gendal who takes them to the punishment room for the Red Chair! Both girls are taken over his knee and get a sound spanking and one demerit each. Two demerits means a hard caning. Will they behave themselves and avoid the cane? (we think not!) Check out Mike’s  dodgy beard and of course the hard spankings you’d expect!





You can see more of what is going on in all the uniform sections – CLICK HERE


Briefly today, here is a new spanking movie update of a new and very lovely girl next door type with some adorably short skirts I approve of… pity her mother didn’t and this re enactment of her spankings growing up does it for me… as you’ll see below! This comes from the spanking interview and girl next door punishment site – SpankedSweeties.com (part of the Clare Fonda group of sites, of course)





Dixie Comet is the new girl and at 29 years old you’d think she would have passed her bratty phase, thankfully not and she has a delightful bum that cries out to be spanked, I can only imagine what went on in her house growing up, but these interviews and re enactments do help somewhat! Enjoy!

Check out more at SpankedSweeties.com – or via the better value 5 SITE PASS


Finally, a fantasy of mine, Japanese schoolgirls, and this erotic photography and movie site from Japan isn’t really anything to do with spanking but sure fuels my fantasies with some lovely shots, spankables… great locations… oh and the girls, like Mana Aoki (below)

Mana Aoki, a super beautiful Japanese teen/AV model wearing schoolgirl uniform and stripping in the classroom. With those perky little boobs, and a natural set of hair “down there” whilst wearing pigtails and that uniform completes it for me… this gets the Chief’s patented “Trouser Arousal” award of the day!



Check out more from this fascinating niche site that covers some of the most erotic uncensored photography from Japan


OK folks, as another holiday is over… the build up to Xmas begins (sigh) there are bargains to be had if you know just where to look! Like my own little site offering a Loyalty Reward membership for those that want to stick with us long term, thanks to the usual suspects I see (lol) and some new folk who have joined, I know you’ll get your money’s worth as testament to the many returnees! Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for the special offer

Spankable Catie

In the “All About the Ass” section, here are a few very sexy images of Catie for your viewing pleasure, I don’t have much time so I better get on with this and I’ll post a big weekend update tomorrow, whether you’ve seen the images or not, you know this blog ALWAYS gives you the best optimised pics… so it’ll be worth waiting for!

Catie isn’t a spanking model… but her ass is designed for such delightful pleasures, don’t you think? We can all imagine finding an excuse to spank this tight tushy, eh?

In other news, I have been busy offline as I have been mastering my latest additional software – yup, it’s editing software which I have been working on and now  the next films from my American filmshoot you’ll see are all my own work and it’s pretty damned good if I say so myself… continuing the style that my site has become known for, no pretentious stuff, just good stories and great spankings you want to download!


and remember, my next shoot, keep e mailing me at my website address, I’ve had some interesting things to think about!

Focus on Sorority Girls

Here’s a site that I haven’t featured as yet, as it is relatively new, but you will be seeing a whole load of rave reviews from me, if the opening movies are anything to go by! This was one of Clare Fonda’s parting gifts to us… after discovering Penthouse Pet, Veronica Ricci was far more versatile… and not just a passing beautiful model that she had ensnared… she has since become one of the best looking, gorgeous switches… and I don’t really care what others will say, in this case – looks matter for me as this is clearly what this site caters to. Veronica is just stunning, whether as a top or, as I prefer, a sub – and she also loves other girls, if you know what I mean! So expect lots of making out and pussy play which also feeds my vanilla desires as well as seeing her bum turn a beautiful speckled red (one of the best “specklers” in the biz!)

So they made a site around her, I hope this works long term, in my opinion, having sites revolve around girls can be risky (site start ups like Spank My Bottom and Slut Spanking spring to mind – I don’t even give them a link here anymore they are that lame!)  So unless the girl actually owns the site herself (you naturally have Pandora Blake and Sarah Gregory that spring to mind) I think that this will work as Veronica has more of a real say in what goes on than just a girl who turns up, gets paid and waits to be called for her next shoot and the tried and tested format of involving her and many other girls in a soap style ongoing storyline like the very successful My Spanking Room Mate means this site can do no wrong in what I have seen so far!

So enough of my continuing waffle, check out the storylines below that you can see advertised on the front tour page of the website, there are more, but for now, let me show you what you guys are missing!

1. Veronica Spanked By Mom First Time




Veronica arrives home in the morning, one shoe missing, after having been out all night. Her mother is waiting for her, having been contacted by the police about Veronica stealing a car. Mom has never spanked Veronica before, but does it now. She puts her over her knee and spanks her so hard that Veronica’s bottom turns bright red and speckles. Mom tells Veronica that she will be enrolling her into a private school for wayward girls.

2. Kat Spanks & Paddles Karina



New pledge Karina arrives to the sorority where new pledge Kat greets her. Kat explains that she has been left in charge of the sorority house while the senior girls are out. When Karina doubts her, then gives her lip, Kat spanks and paddles the curvy bottomed Karina, teaching her quickly who is in charge.

3. Mom Spanks & Belts Veronica for Masturbating




When her Mom catches Veronica masturbating to girl-girl porn, she puts her over her knee for more spanking. She then gives her a taste of what Veronica might be expecting at the private school when she bends her over and whacks her hard with her studded belt – leaving nasty marks on Veronica’s tender backside.

4: Karina Spanks Kat With Hand & Wooden Spoon




When Kat comes into the kitchen to ask Karina her opinion on her new top, she gets it stuck over her head. Karina uses this opportunity to yank Kat over her knee and give her a sound spanking for the one that Kat had given her. She spanks her hard with her hand, pulling down her panties to give her a bare bottom spanking. Feeling that Kat needs to really learn her lesson before the two become friends who can team up on the other pledges, Karina decides to give Kat 30 hard ones with a wooden spoon. She left her mark on Kat.

5. Veronica’s Move In Spanking & Paddling



Veronica moves in to the sorority and is greeted by upper classman Roxy Jewel, who quickly shows Veronica how strict the sorority is. She takes her over her knee for a hand spanking, then marches Veronica around in a headlock. Then it is back over the knee for a taste of the hairbrush. For the finale Roxy gives her three hard whacks with the pledge paddle, leaving welts on her already marked bottom!

So as you can see, this site has got off to a blistering start and veronica will be in approx 40% of the films, so fans of her (and I know there are many) will be delighted to see this gorgeous girl spanking and getting spanked exclusively at this site – you will not find this content anywhere else!

The added bonus is that there is already a growing support cast as you will have seen, below is a list of the “Pledges” in this Sorority – as well as Veronica’s no nonsense Mom who you will see dish out the punishment on a regular basis!

Penthouse Pet Veronica is the star of the site and will appear in approximately 40% of the episodes. The site follows her adventures from her first ever spanking from her mom while she is about to graduate from high school, to her joining the sorority that finds her getting spanked often, while she also explores her sexuality with other girls.

Kat is a spanking star that embraces her role as the sorority girl/cheerleader who schemes against all the other sorority sisters, getting them spanked hard and often.

Karina brings extreme energy to her slutty sorority girl role. She has Kim Kardasian looks, including the curvy, bouncy bottom. Karina has a hard spanking hand and unique style.

Riley is very tall, with a rock hard, round bottom. Her spanking level is low so her reactions are very real. She is in agonizing pain whenever she appears in a scene. She plays a sorority sister who is on the volleyball team.

Amaya is the alternative styled beauty who can give out and take hard spankings. A regular at Sanctuary LAX, she knows her way around a sound spanking. Her character is just trying to fit in, but will often be finding herself spanking and getting spanked in creative ways.

Roxy is small, but powerful. Her Brittish accent is super cute, especially when she threatens sorority girls with a “spanking.” Roxy plays the senior sorority girl who in in charge of the new pledges. She administers punishments with vigour!
Mistress Crystal, a regular at the Dominion, plays Veronica’s mom. She is a tall beauty with an extrememly heavy hand. She will be dishing out some of the hardest spankings you will find, often on Veronica’s poor bottom.
Check out the FREE Clip available to view and download HERE

Monday Galleries

Another new week as this year hurtles on… I don’t have much to waffle about today so will post some links and galleries for you to peruse and enjoy instead. But as you all know, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic… such a sad loss of life, I find it hard to believe that it was a 100 years ago…

I was brought up to believe about man’s folly, man’s arrogance… how could “any” ship ever be unsinkable? If ever there was an enduring story about the Class system, privilege and of course the almost dignified way that many accepted their fate early on before the ship’s frightening sinking at the very end where it broke up and the stern rose almost vertically in under a minute – I think any of us could then be forgiven for screaming for our lives… but earlier… as the realization that the ship was doomed… women and children were the first to the few lifeboats… it was a reminder that even in the new techological age of the early 20th century, with ever better cars being built and fledgling aeroplanes taking to the skies… one should never assume mastery over anything.

It made me reflect on things and how people nowadays might have reacted, if it was at all possible to create something so disastrous (thanks to this catastrophe no ship would ever again be allowed to sail without the required lifeboats for all crew and passengers). Now I know we are a much more equal society in terms of the classes, we are a consumer society, we want want want… and I fear that the stoic resignation of many including what would have been one of the richest men alive today, Guggenheim, who allowed his mistress to survive whilst he accepted his fate… I can’t help feel as a people, we are so selfish that we would trample over each other and fight it out in bloody mayhem once we realized our impending fate if the same thing had happened today in exactly the same tragic circumstances. How far we’ve come, eh?

& on that moral point… on with the spankings I have selected. Click any image below for the escapsim provided by the following sites.



Above galleries courtesy of Lupus Spanking



Above galleries courtesy of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking



Above galleries courtesy of the excellent Spanking Sarah



Above galleries courtesy of Girls Boarding School



Above galleries courtesy of Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls



Above galleries courtesy of the naughty Spanking & Shame

Finally I have a very 1st preview of the forthcoming film from AAA Spanking due out for release mid week. This is the introduction film of Zoe spanking Jessica… and this is the 1st time she was ever spanked by a girl and also you can sense her disquiet as Zoe starts to up the smacks a little… this film has some great nervous reactions of a newbie and also some very intimate poses of her reddened butt at the end as you’ll have seen from the previous pics in my preview post yesterday. This will appeal to fans of genuine 1st timers & F/F spanking, Jessica has that perfect girl next door look, but the “slutty” girl next door old pervs like me dream about (lol) 😉

This spanking clip shows the promise of what is to come! Enjoy the teaser!!!

By the way, this film is already available in special 7 minute action clip (just the spankings, nothing else!!!) and since I uploaded it just a few hours ago, I have had several downloads already, seems you guys really like it, it won’t disappoint!

Schoolgirl Spankings

Schoolgirl spankings, what’s there not to like? Well, it’s pretty much a required part of most spanking websites to cater in some part for this particular niche nowadays… some sites are simply named after schoolgirls (so it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be getting) others feature dedicated sections inside their members area (like mine… and I shall give you a quick preview of what is coming there at the end of this post). Now, just about the only spanking sites that don’t cater to schoolgirls are those that make sure you are clear of that by suitably naming themselves some domestic related name or that they cater to much older ladies etc which is an imprtant niche in itself and which I too am a fan of… and even then I find school uniform role play, age play and such… it’s an entrenched part of our spanko psyche, isn’t it? It’s not solely because we’re all enormous pervs wanting to see schoolgirls in uniform thrashed (as pleasant as that may be, lol) but also a reminder of our youth, the days many of us discovered we were into spanking, like some stolen moments, I myself remember being turned on at the sight of a female pupil in tears from a school next to mine, the girl in question I often walked home with and she recalled her encounter in the front of class with the slipper (over her knickers) from her math Teacher, who was apparently a real stickler. I never forgot this story and about 6 months later we started dating and I did manage to gently spank her once in a roleplay I “engineered” and never felt so alive until that moment… sadly she didn’t reciprocate as I had hoped, thinking of her humiliating punishment… but that memory of my first spanko spark is still very strong and I guess that is why so many of us, like me, LOVE to see school themes at spanking sites!

So it is with great pleasure that Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com has updated his schoolgirl section… and he did promise me it would be “right up my street” with the beautiful Landra (featured above), who I admitted to him I had a thing for.. and the equally gorgeous Clover (thankfully with some grown up hair “down there” as you’ll see as they are punished naked in the bathroom at one point!) I also have some exclusive images as well as the screen grabs, these are what members can also download, just be aware I have reduced them in size as that is only fair for those who might want to join this great site and see the larger images and the film for themselves!

Below are some screen grabs from the movie and the storyline behind this latest episode!






St. Catherines girls Leandra and Clover are having a hard day. The night before they stayed up late chatting with the result that the Headmaster stormed into their Dorm Room at 7:00 AM and rudely awoken them. He put both of them across his knee and gave them a sound spanking. They were then told to go and shower and be dressed in 20 minutes. When he went to check on them, they were again chatting instead of showering so he gave them both a good scolding and a sound nude strapping!

& as promised, check out some special previews taken from this movie for you here!




Wow! Leandra and Clover together look stunning, don’t they? You can see all their other collaberations together at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and I’m losing count of the uniform niches added… it’s a uniform lovers paradise 🙂

see more here


If you saw the Caption Competition (please do enter, you could WIN the FREE membership!) then this is taken from my next film at AAAspanking called “Pyjamas Canings” and it should be out for members this Wednesday! You’ll have seen details of this competition previously… and I will keep that post featured at the top of the blog’s main page until the competition ends (I’ll give you some notice, it will probably be around for a few weeks, so get your thinking caps on!)

I haven’t got any images from the film edited just yet… but I will give you an exclusive free preview in tomorrow’s blog post, I’m running out of time today, sorry! (I have an important meeting at work tomorrow so need to prepare for that!) *sigh*

Until tomorrow… and PLEASE do enter the competition… OK? 🙂

Classic Irelynn Logeen

Below is a feature I was asked about and I thought it was from this blog but in fact I wrote this about 18 months ago at my other blog – Teen Spankings & Discipline – so in case you missed it, check out my little homage to Irelynn Logeen… these images made me determined to get her to star in at least one film shoot at AAAspanking – and I was lucky enough (eventually) to be her last ever spanking house to film her before her online retirement!

The below is word for word what I wrote:
Here is a quick little featurette today in honour of who I reckon is one of the best spanking actresses around in the UK at the moment, and that (in my opinion) is Miss Irelynn Logeen. I was going to contact her and ask for an interview, I think I still may and then cover more of her fine work (and it is!) elsewhere. However, today I thought I’d share with you some of her more recent and stand out work which I found both amusing and of course helped fill that big empty spanko hole for all us greedy voyeurs (thanks Irelynn).

Irelynn’s bed time punishment in the attic

Yup, I’m sure you all know Irelynn, the red haired beauty with beautiful huge doe eyes and an amazing bottom that can take quite a punishment! However, if, like me, you also read her blog (link to her blog is at the bottom of this post or you can find it in my sidebar), then you may be wondering if she will do more filming! Why? Well she admits that she finds the initial spankings much harder to cope with nowadays, or, that should be that she is willing to complain more if it hurts ;)
Damn, these girls and their “growing pains” (heh heh – now I know I MUST just ask her a few questions!)

Irelynn in one of her earliest photo shoots with Northern Spanking last year

OK, as Irelynn has done a fair amount of work at NorthernSpanking this seemed a good place to start today and I have chosen 3 series and also got you a great paddling clip where I don’t know how the hell she (& her co star Lottie Kinsade) managed to act their way through a bonkers script, so I’ll start there…the movie “Sceance Fiction”. God knows what was going through Stephen Lewis’ mind when he dreamt up this one, but it worked on every level and I think, thanks to Irelynn, she made this film work!

Irelynn and Lottie come up with a plan to bring back Hollywood hunk Heath Ledger (a sad loss to female kind and “Brokeback” fans last year…) This is where Irelynn’s acting comes into it, I’d be embarrassed acting this out but she made it humourous and (almost) believable…that is until they do spirit someone into their living room…but it ain’t Heath Ledger…oh no…tis a very grumpy KEITH Ledger from 1960 with some stern 60′s values and he is naturally annoyed these 2 girls have dragged him into the present…hmmm, and this is where the spankings begin!!! :D



Check out the clip below which contains a good paddling scene! Clip is in MP4 Format

I won’t spoil the ending, but it has a great twist since Keith (not Heath) Ledger obviously wants to go back to where they took him from…

OK, can Irelynn iron? According to the following information, I’m not so sure! Trust your shirts with this ditzy gal at your peril, as Mr Lewis discovered to his cost!

Household chores can be so dull and Irelynn, despairing of ever finishing the ironing, allows her mind to wander with disastrous results. Look at that lovely iron-shaped hole in Stephen’s lovely pink shirt! Looks like Irelynn’s lovely bottom will be a dark shade of pink before too long! (see images below and decide for yourself)





My final featured update with Irelynn today

Irelynn really needs to pay more attention when washing up. She claims that granny’s hateful vase hitting the lino was a complete accident but Stephen is having none of it. It was the only thing she left him (apart from the debts) and he is very cross indeed with poor Irelynn! Cross enough to give her a very thorough smacked bottom. And then he tells her to fetch the clothes brush…enjoy these superb HQ images of Irelynn’s punishment below



To view ALL of Irelynn’s many films and photo sets at NorthernSpanking – CLICK HERE


Incidentally, if you missed my latest post at Teen Spankings & Discipline, it is well worth a look as it features Clover and Leandra (swoon!) from Spanked-in-Uniform.com and of course it feeds my addiction to seeing nurses spanked and pinished in uniform! (damn!)


I will be posting about my latest film which I have just uploaded onto the server at AAAspanking.com tomorrow when it goes live (it’s IN FULL and is the 2nd film of the week!), I will make sure you guys all get to hear and see what it’s all about here FIRST!

Have a great weekend!

Thank the Lord it’s “Spanking Friday”

As the weekend is upon us, and millions of Brits hurry down to the pub to drown their sorrows or celebrate surviving yet another miserable week in this present economic climate and can start to see the end of winter is in sight (lighter evenings and milder weather has started to cheer me up as I no longer go to work and come home from work in total darkness and today was amazingly mild and blue skies, it just makes one happy, don’t you agree? What also makes me happy is the sight of a beautiful girl and her bare bottom thoroughly punished that it is a tell-tale glowing red that shows me that she has been taught a lesson… and such! Anyway,  I have decided to celebrate the coming weekend with an excuse to show some good ol’ bare bottom punishments you’d expect from me! Help me celebrate my “Fine wine and cigar” moments that I have been viewing this week from my darkened, locked study!

Kat St James – need I introduce this So Cal babe further? Check out her interview and several spanking punishments that she takes courtesy of Clare Fonda, Kat recalls her childhood spankings and is interviewed by Clare before we get to see the movies of some scenes of her memories from growing up at home!

Kat is given a “Man Spanking” by Double Dan who played “father” in this film which members can now see!
Check out her tight pants which really show off her pert cheeks! Yikes!




As well as being spanked by dad, she was more often than not spanked my mom as she recalls in her interviews as he wasn’t around as much, I have included a quick look fantastic image set (all images liek th eabopve are in far smaller resolution than members get to see) along with a short 2 minute clip you can preview immediately of Kat talking about her spankings growing up… this is the very first part of the interview, but you get the idea, I hope… and not only is Clare playing her mother superbly in the subsequent film from this… but she is a top interviewer who gets some interesting replies from Kat in the full interview! This is what makes SpankedSweeties.com such a good site, in my opinion. See for yourself below:


Kat’s personality really comes out in these “family spankings.” As Clare reckons… “She is definitely one of the most gorgeous ladies in the scene” and this was shot at the Shadowlane Party they attended last Fall. Getting spanked in real life or “playing” is one of Kat St James’ favourite pastimes and she was disappointed that she could not play so much at the party (as she had to keep her bottom nice for shoots!)



You can check out MORE of Kat’s fantastic spanking punishments HERE

Whilst I am reviewing one of Clare’s sites, it would be rude of me not to show you the very latest hot slut spankings at SpankedCallgirls.com where Clare features her latest duo together as hooker babes chastised and thrashed by brothel owner of her naughty whoring franchise from “Momma Clare” who , of course, knows how to deal with girls that stray and try to rip her or her esteemed clients!

“C’mon… it don’t matter much WHO is 1st, you’re both getting it good across my lap!”

Clare has worked with Celia (in black) for a while and trusts her, but Celia seems to be quite the enabler when her perky-bottomed friend Moon bails. Slut spankings for both- hairbrush applied! Moon is a hot liitle gothy who is schooled by Momma Clare & Celia is of course no stranger to a solid thrashing as you’ll discover!





See how this spanking ends with a flourish – Click HERE

I couldn’t avoid any of Clare’s sites without my usual visit to GirlSpanksGirl.com (for my F/F spanking mega fix) and the much anticipated remaster of the early Exclusive Education Series to HQ-Wmv continues with season 2 (one of Clare’s most iconic films, I have always imagined her as that nasty nurse dishing out the punishmentsd alongside the cruel teachers to the 8 lovely girls that also includes an early performance by none other than Amber Pixie Wells… so please do check out these reminder images and be assured that teh quality of the playback now matches what you see here… well worth it, only EE3 to go and the entire 6 series so far will be available in best quality making thsi site a “MUST SEE” in my opinion, if you have never viewed it… now’s your time for lovers of F/F discipline and some very naughty and ruder intimate punishments!

Images below are taken from Exclusive Education 2
– now showing in higher WMV resolution playback! –




Check out all the hot glowing bottoms on display at this school of disrepute!

See the previews of this in more detail – CLICK HERE

All the above sites of Clare Fonda can be viewed seperately, which are already excellent value condsiering their vast archives at each site, but of course, you can also choose these sites as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site package at the awesome CLARE FONDA PASS network which will save you a ton of cash and keep you busy with daily updates, I dare you to try and keep up!!!


& now to something completely different… you all know how I admire Caroline Grey, I really do think she has one of the sexiest and most spankable bottoms in the British Isles (and I need to rectify that and get her at my site sometime this year!!!) anyway, at Bars and Stripes – Caroline’s latest punishment is with the cane!

Caroline Grey – Prisoner 4237


Sentenced to 12 years (that’s one of the longest terms at this reformatory) Caroline’s latest punishment is a harsh caning on her bared bottom in a really humiliating discipline session where no one can hear (or care) if she screams or cries out! No neighbours to worry about here! See why I rate Caroline so highly (below)




Check out what actually happens to Caroline in her latest embarrassing punishment caning HERE


& finally, in a way to celebrate the mild weather, perhaps the good folk of Northern Spanking feel the same too and have released another good feel outdoor production, despite it actually being rather bitter and cold (check out Leia’s thick overcoat in the pics!) there is a sweet new girl called Molly Malone – without a wheelbarrow (it’s an old Irish song adapted for us hoolies that love our football… or soccer as my North American chums would say)

“She wheels a wheel barrow… through streets broad and narrow!”

Molly Malone – before Leia gets hold of her!



OK, it’s a teaser, I know… but Molly looks absolutely fab, don’t you agree? & I haven’t seen her anywhere else, so a nice 1st show for this smiling spanking newbie!

One girl that Paul from Northern enjoyed filming over the years is the amazing Jadie Reece, I must admit I have rather a thing for her too, and Paul admitted that this scene with Lucy “cleansing” the filthy girl in the bath tub (and note where her fingers pry and interfere with!) was one of his all time faves… hard to not disagree, this is out for members of NorthernSpanking.com to peruse (and enjoy!) – Warning: Contains scenes of masturbation and female fingers intruding said nether regions where some disgruntled folk may be upset that this is not a purist spanking: “Fuck that, it’s Jadie Reece, naked, soaped, sudded, lathered and then fingered and spanked by a smiling, filthy minded Lucy!”

Jadie gets what’s coming to her from Lucy in the bath tub!!!



More of Jadie (much more!) and new girl Molly can be seen right now at Northern Spanking HERE


Have a great weekend, I have been drinking copious amounts of Shiraz whilst writing this so am a little “squiffy” – Have a good one! Chief.

Sunday Spanking Galleries

Hello everyone, just wanted to keep you updated with one of my favourite networks from Clare Fonda, the below galleries represent the 2 latest episodes or movie updates from each site featured, which you can check out at the appropriate link if you wish to see more – click on images for the free galleries… and enjoy!

This is the 100th episode of the continuing spanking soap opera!!! Congratulations!

Veronica sent her roomate Missy to see Lilia Spinzoa, who is looking to hire someone. Missy thinks it is for an acting job. But it is waitress work at Cleopatras, an Egyptian styled restaurant. Lilia spanks Missy until she agrees to put on the waitress uniform and take the job. And because Missy was so bratty, she spanks her again, this time with a hairbrush. Missy can’t sit down after this spanking.

EPISODE #99 Madison Spanks & Paddles Sinthia – 8 Minutes

Madison was spanked and paddled by Sinthia (played by Sinn Sage) not too long ago, and she has been waiting for her chance for revenge. Madison storms into Sinthia’s office and overpowers the smaller woman, throwing her over her knee and spanking her, then paddling her.



A New girl’s fantasies, interviews and recollections of childhood spankings: Tracie

Tracie is a very cute girl-next-door type who was spanked growing up by her mom and dad. She is very vocal when she is getting spanked and has a tight dancer’s body. The spankings we acted out brought back a lot of memories for this golden-haired girl.

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Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn’t done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves.

See much more of a real favourite Elise Graves in this 4 movie series HERE


Clare has worked with Celia for a while and trusts her, but Celia seems to be quite the enabler when her perky-bottomed friend Moon bails. Slut spankings for both- hairbrush applied! Moon is a hot liitle gothy who is schooled by Momma Clare. Celia is no stranger to a solid thrashing!

Audrey Tate and Ten Amorette have been cheating on Momma Clare with their former pimp. She tells them at the start of this scene they are in for a big punishment with Double Dan. He takes them over his knee both seperately and together for a heavy hand spanking. Of course he makes them kiss little too for his perverted pleasure!

See why Clare loves working on this site (I love it too!) – CLICK HERE


& for you ladies (or gents too!) that love to see a man get his comeuppance – check out the 2 latest movies to come from Clare’s very popular Femdom site ClareSpanksMen.com

When you marry a woman you had better find out if she has a family full of dominant women, that is unless you are like this man who knows damn well he needs a spanking and a session with a paddle.

Clare Fonda is a soccer mom on a rampage, unhappy with one of the other parents, the dad that is, played by Ace who finds himself over the knee of a dominant woman.

You can check out all the latest episodes (if that is your thing) at Clare Spanks Men


The above sites can be viewed or chosen as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site package, you choose and save money with this pass which you can join on a month’s contract or even better value on one of the long term deals (the sites will update daily between them and nothing is replicated elsewhere!)

Spanking Forecast

I predict a weekend of frivolity, drinking and some moderate to severe spanking coming in tomorrow evening… how’s things at yours? After the recent blustery weather, the windiest I’ve known for some time where I am… it’s nice to relax tonight knowing that I can sleep and not worry about the tiles on the roof being ripped off, then having to get up at some stupid o’clock and face not 1 but 2 downed trees on my way to work in the dark… ah the joys of of mundane lives, eh?

So lets’ all celebrate the weekend (can you tell I’m not working at all, lol) with some well deserved spanking punishments that I can totally get and love watching… hmmm, where to start? Well tonight I want to remind you of a fantastic post I did on one of my other blogs and tomorrow I have a treat in store for you here, so don’t go far!

Want to see some incredibly cute girls spanked and humiliated? Of course you would…

Check out these fantastic images and access to free movie clips which will hopefully make up your mind. I’ve taken these from 3 different contrasting sites in an effort to be as varied as possible, all are F/F spankings and all feature from 3 well known spanking sites: Sites you might just want to check out in more detail after this update (and I don’t blame you after this little lot!)

Before I continue, please be aware that images and content in this post are highly erotic in nature and, my fellow spankos, your blood pressure may rise when viewing the following content, proceed with caution!!!
My fave Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee had recently surpassed themselves with a fantastic story arc of cruel old Mrs Kanda and an incredibly cute new girl called Azuki, so adorable in fact that in her amazing little sailor girl school outfit she really does look like she’s come straight out of an Anime Comic that the Japanese do so well!!! So welcome Azuki… in a series of films I will be showing you below, and bravo to Mrs Kanda, who I find strangely addictive to watch when she is spanking and chastising her girls as she is so obviously an old spanko perv that I can identify with, LOL!

Old Mrs Kanda & her latest victim, Azuki

Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Azuki (especially in that uniform) is this long play 6 minute clip courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE – just click on the video below as she patiently explains to us how to chastise girls and in particular the unfortunate Azuki who she takes quite a shine to (who the hell wouldn’t?) There are subtitles, naturally, I even love the little typo errors but then again, my written Japanese is naturally abysmal, but you will definitely understand what is going on and if you want to spend 5-6 minutes, I could think of far worse things than checking out this great little video! Settle down and enjoy! I’ve included images from this below the video.

Quote from Mrs Kanda:

“Every girls buttocks have 2 important uses. First, to sit down…. and second (wait for it) to receive spankings on them (I knew it! what a perv, lol)




OK, so you’ve seen Azuki at home, let’s take a peek into her bedroom where this lazy teenager, like so many, has a really messy room, well, this is another chance for Mrs Kanda to instill some much needed OTK discipline and of course the girl protests but soon she is ordered to pull down her school panties and get over Mrs K’s lap and the girl snivels and sobs as she is spanked!



Mrs Kanda is a traditional “old skool” disciplinarian and often will punish her girls in her comfortable Kimono outfits, just as we see here with Azuki’s ongoing home education and compliance, she is cruelly punished over the chair with a paddle to great effect, as you’ll see in this free view WMV clip and the images that accompany this recent movie update at CutieSpankee!



OK, there are MORE updates with Azuki, but I will let members of CutieSpankee enjoy those, I think you have seen enough of this beautiful teenager’s ongoing discipline sessions with Mrs K! Remember if Girl/Girl stuff does it for you (and why not?) then you might want to remember that you can gawp at exciting schoolgirl bitching & playfight and spankings between friends like this recent naughty update that gets old pervs like myself all hot and bothered… simply pure, shameless spanking erotica from Japan!



What further can I say? Check out all their latest updates with more free images etc HERE


OK, how the hell do I follow that? Well, I think I have found something in the archives from AmberSpanks.com which will make you beg for more of this cute redhead giving it good on her role reversal site where SHE gets to spank the girls! I can tell you over the years, Amber really has got damned good and sexy at spanking her girls, she should know, she spanks as she’d get it and it shows! There’s also some rather pleasing sexually explicit content which just makes the whole spanking erotica just super hot – Amber genuinely gets off spanking and bringing off the naughty girls that answer her ads, however, what I have here is something stuck and played often on my “hard” drive and it’s an oldie, something I may have featured yonks back, but it really needs airing again as I think this was by far the sexiest girl Amber ever had over her lap.

Harper – one of Amber’s sexiest girls she ever spanked? You decide!

Unfortunately, the girl was not a spanko, she only came for the money but this perky breasted, typically toned sun kissed Californian girl made up for it with her stunning looks and made a visual spanking feast with her over Amber’s lap! Sadly we will never see her again in a spanking role so Amber has the full exclusive on this beauty and though it was shot a few years back, I have always rated this one of my top sexiest spanking movies and you’ll see why from the images and the way in which the intro to the film was shot! Harper may have upped her modeling fee at the time which understandably irked Amber somewhat – but I feel over the long run, this girl was worth it… Ok, enough of my waffling, check out this hot chick below!

Check out the screen grabs from the longer movie, the quality is of course fantastic and this film is somewhere in the region of approx 400Mb for around 13 minutes of spanking joy!





Oh my goodness… that girl is just simply TOO HOT for me to show you more of… of course you can see all of Harper’s spankings in HQ-WMV & Quicktime playback formats and I promise you it is well worth checking out! Only from Amberspanks.com


& finally in this particular post, I’d like to show you this fine classic of a girl I don’t feature much of (God knows why as she is lovely, but I promise to show MORE of her if you want!) ladies and gents I give you the infamous Teen Brandi! This intro from me is a great film as she is spanked on her bottom and thighs in the ubiquitous “Diaper Spanking Position” and there is a free clip of this available below as well as some interesting screen grabs!




This cracking teen’s site makes up part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow 🙂