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Reminder what’s showing at my other blog :)

Hey peeps… just in case you ever thought I was slacking (what…. me, moi?) check out some of the posts I have been showing at the Teen Spankings Blog whilst I decide what to write here today (as I have a bit of writer’s block… yes, it happens!) I’m sure you will not be disappointed! This is the blog part to the free site TEEN Spankings which also includes the very popular Tube that I’m sure you may have seen ūüôā

Incidentally if anyone want to do recip links to that blog, please contact me, I’ve been meaning to change the sidebar links and banners for a long time so that would be a great time to update blog and site links too! ūüėČ

The images lead to the posts they are covering, if you haven’t checked this other blog out then please do go have a look as it’s a regularly updated with yet more of the same naughty goodness you get here ūüôā

OK, I think you get the idea! ūüôā¬†Also as a bonus I re upped and revamped an old post from here which you can see below at BareBottom.biz

The direct link to this movie is found by clicking on the image below


Announcement: For Spanking Producers & prospective clients of PORNO POLICE! You may well remember the interview I had with Jim Weiss, one of the owners of Porno Police – reminder of this interview is HERE (including an offer he conveyed via this blog). He has asked me to convey this message to existing clients and those who may want to use his excellent services in future!

PornoPolice.net has added another feature for all our clients, after we remove the files from the torrents, we are having Google remove the listing on their search engines, this way the pirates lose all around, their files are all dead and they cannot be found online, our goal is when somebody types in “spanking” or their site name, our clients sites will show up 1st and not the torrents etc.

Thanks for reading and back soon with more updates and spanking stuff we all love so much!

The things women do!

Girls spanking girls, women punishing other women, ladies thrashed by ladyfolk – I think you will get the gist of my little update today as I bring you what’s new and hot and what’s been on my media player in the last 24 hours since I was last waffling here! It promises to be a Female spanking Festival of Fun – if you’re into that. Otherwise go check my other blog at TEEN-SPANKINGS¬†when I will be updating that later today with some good hard male dominated spankings of young ladies!

So onto my 1st update, I had been watching this again earlier, it was the last of about 7 or 8 films from the “Houseguest from Hell” series with Michaela McGowen at FirmHandspanking (last year) and this caught my eye as me and “Er Indoors” are planning a quick ski break very soon… seeing Michaela in her Snowboarding gear just infuriated me as I am an “old skool” skier who can’t abide these grunge kids and their fashions on the ski slopes, so seeing Miss McGowen thrashed by Aunt Cindy for slacking off with her snowboard instead of working at home was extremely¬†satisfying to watch!



See MORE of Michaela’s movies only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Elizabeth simpson crops up from time to time at SlutSpanking.com as this is an F/F dedicated site and I just noticed that there is a new full screen movie update there which has her caught out slacking (I sense a theme here) where she claimed to be too ill to turn up to a film shoot only for Miss Baxter (played by the infamous Miss Bradley) to give her a piece of her mind and a darned good OTK thrashing in full screen glory РF/F lovers will love this site as it has a massive archive of content all with Hi Res movies and HD wmv playback!



If you haven’t already, see the FREE Clip of Elizabeth spanked on the home page HERE


2 New girls are currently on show at Punishedbrats and feature the 1st and 2nd showing of these girls they’re that new… newcomer Becca goes over the knee of relative newbie Dia, so it’s refreshing to see these 2 at Punishedbrats giving us some excellent variety of the latest F/F themed punishment spanking! Exclusive images from this film “Sorority Vote ” below:



Becca refused to vote for Dia as sorority president. Bully Dia is going to make the underclassman change her mind by warming her bottom and making her comply with her every demand!

See more of cute new girl Becca & her amazing smooth butt only at PunishedBrats.com


Want to know why I love Japanese spankings? Well just check out some images taken from my own personal archives of Cutiespankee and I think these bikini spankings images taken from a great movie I had watched again earlier this morning will better explain why I consistently rate this site HOT HOT HOT!!! Dang!





Cute butts, squealing girls, real tears & some truly hard wooden paddlings – welcome to the whacky world of spanking in Japan – CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates as well as free movie previews!


Sarah Gregory has been busy and in these 2 very recent movie updates you’ll see Sarah spanked by the fearsome Dana Specht (mental note to Sarah: avoid titles with seasons like Summer and spring otherwise Miss Specht will appear like a wicked witch to spank your botty!) – then sarah gets to take it out on one of her girlfriends, Ashley, who many of you will know has appeared at Punishedbrats in the past!

SPRING BREAK: Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this 2 part long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment.



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley’s laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone’s privacy.



Click here to see ALL the very latest movies out now only from SarahGregorySpanking.com


Tomorrow I’m going to do a full review of what is available across the entire network of Clare Fonda’s great sites but until then, perhaps you might be tempted by this naughty film taken from Episode 49 of MySpankingRoomMate.com¬†which has one of my favorite stars, Kay Richards, once again getting a much deserved spanking… & I NEVER tire of seeing her spanked! (Which is why I was catching up on some lost episodes) This one has¬†a pissed off Make Up Artist, Nikki, turning up for an appointment only for kay to blow her out as she has just agreed to go work instead for¬†time & a half pay instead! Wrong! You made the agreement, Miss Richards… now you must¬†pay the price for being so selfish! Love it! & I have cut you an exclusive free preview clip with some images taken directly from the movie! Enjoy!!! (I most certainly did!)





This site is part of the famous Clare Fonda Pass network (see below)


Say “Aloha” to Amber’s latest girl, Kay, from Hawaii!

Finally here is a special “What’s Coming ” at Amber’s great sites as she proudly informs her blog readers of her recent film shoot with her first beautiful black girl and judging by the images which Amber kindly showed at her blog (I have them here too!)¬†these are courtesy of her iPhone at the time of the shoot! This ebony honey gets the full treatment that Amber has become so adept at – giving and receiving spankings! She admitted that Kay¬†spanked her harder than any other girl & of course Amber knows just how to get the most out of her newbies so¬†always treats us to some of the most erotic spanking visual treats (check out kay’s oiled reddened bottom below, and you’ll see what I mean!)


My pants are going to be in some serious trouble when Kay’s films with Amber come online very soon at the banners below! Nice one, Amber!

Marked Butts – movie previews

I still haven’t fully checked out this site MarkedButts.com, mainly because, as I mentioned yesterday I have been, um… busy sorting out other things in my life recently so although my schedule appears out please check out these little updates from full movies that I have seen which I liked starring Kyle (a deep voice for a young man!) he – who is Kat St James real life partner… and these 2 movies show him taking both girls shown below over his knee and in one he takes great delight in humiliating one girl with a completely naked embarrassing spanking that has her in tears!

Tracy is the tearful girl that he spanks completely starkers and you can check out the images I’ve cut from the movie below. In the middle of this post there are 2 instant play clips which I’ve hosted at my Teen Spankings Tube – Enjoy!

Tracy comes over to hang out with Kat and admits to Kyle that she cheated on her last boyfriend. Kyle takes exception to this as he has been cheated on in the past by ex’s and decides to embarrass Tracy like she embarrassed her ex by stripping her naked and spanking her until she’s kicking out in pain and full of tears with his hand before making her bend over fully exposed and strapping her bared sore bottom as well!

The 2nd film (the clip above right) stars adult porn star Kendra Kaine when she visited Kyle in the LA area – this is part of the Real Discipline Series where in this case she is spanked for drinking too much! The story is that this 22 year old porn star got in touch through mutual friends to see if his “discipline therapy” was real and was all it was cracked up to be. Though very well known and popular in the porn industry, this is just a regular small town girl who has problems, and one of her biggest is drinking!!! Kyle’s manner and the OTK spanking he dishes out ensures she thinks twice before guzzling down the demon drink and getting blitzed – I know I’d enjoy sorting her out as a drunken girl that age is not a pretty sight!!!

Check the site out for yourself HERE and enjoy Kyle’s work as well as their low site start up options!

Anger Shame & Blind Ignorance

Below is my latest blog post from my Teen-Spankings Blog

If you’ve never checked it out, please do so, as it contains lots of fascinating spanking content like the below! Hope you enjoy and don’t take my rants too seriously, it was fun raging at the time of writing it…but please do try to view the shocking interview mentioned below from a radio show, I was gob smacked when I listened to this last night!!! I think most decent people will be too!


Sometimes, I feel like having a rant and letting off steam on here is the only way I can cope with living in the same country as some of my fellow retarded Brits! I am getting sick to death of living in this country, working my ass off for pennies, trying to make my way whilst the stupid and the ignorant oxygen thieves trample over decent honest hard working folk like myself: I shall give you 2 examples!

ahem…Chief gets onto his “soapbox”

Number 1: Please listen to this radio interview held last night on Britain’s TalkSport (at 10pm, it’s a regular chat show) To be brief: It concerns¬†the¬†disgusting Facebook Tribute page set up of killer Raoul Moat who shot himself last week when confronted by the police after a week long manhunt – to those outside of the UK, this chap, freshly released from prison,¬†went into¬†hiding after shooting his ex partner in the stomach (so she could never wear a bikini, apparently). Then¬†he callously killed her new lover with 3 execution shots to the head and the attempted murder of a policeman (who is now blinded in both eyes for life).¬†Not to mention the huge cost to the Taxpayer and a small isolated¬†town¬†gripped in fear by this maniac on the loose….anyway, Siobahn O’Dowd, clearly a retard, decided it would be a “bit of a laugh” to set up the tribute page calling him a legend! The image in the Youtube clip below is not of this woman, however, it made me smile as she probably looks like that! Seriously, well done to Ian Collins, an excellent radio interviewer who has a cult listening audience, of which I am one! Well done,¬†Sir! (the woman has an uneducated, I’d say, North Yorkshire accent, so it may be difficult for those outside the UK to understand her, God knows I had difficulty listening to her inane replies but it is frighteningly addictive¬†– please¬†give it a go…this is what we have to put up with the dregs of our society in this country!

Give me strength! & my 2nd point is the way our immigration and our ridiculous asylum system is milked dry….excuse me, why should a Somali family who have 6 or 7 kids be allowed to move into a ¬£2M house in¬†one of London’s swankiest locations, Notting Hill? Who the hell authorised this for¬†the hard pressed local taxpayers to foot the bill of ¬£2000 per week rent (incidentally the rent was doubled up to the max ¬£2K that can be charged when the owning company realised¬†the council were going to pay, this is disgraceful racketeering!) This Somali¬†chap moaned that the previous place his family¬†stayed at was in a poorer area with less amenities!!! Well, it’s hardly Mogadishu, sir…I’m sure the residents of Brent in north London are glad a smirking “snob” like yourself has now gone and they don’t have to fork out keeping him in that property¬†which was costing their council ¬£900 a week! What has he given to the local taxpayers of these boroughs of London, let alone the UK¬†since he lost his Bus Conductor’s job 18 month’s ago? Stories like this, though sensationalist, make my blood boil. (I guess that’s the point, eh?)

You can see the news link here and decide for yourself.

Whoever approved this lunacy should be fired! Anyway…my rant over, I’m off the soapbox and now it’s time to vent it out on some soft fleshy female buttocks which is why we’re all really here!


First up, I do love ridiculous storylines from time to time¬†and this is an unashamed excuse to watch 2 girls lezz it up and also get some good hard spanking and caning action in, I have nothing against that at all, pure fantasy and this is available to OTK members who are probably watching this with their pants down at their desks as I have been discovered by my missus, but that’s another story… (LOL)

Please click on the filthy image below for more information:

In addition – click here for the free suckling clip HERE


2 Girls I absolutely adore seeing getting their punishments are Kay Richards and Madison Martin and when these 2 are together, the urge to view in my darkened room is overpowering! Why? These girls bicker and chat back when they are getting disciplined making things worse, and I also adore Kay’s cute accent, as well as her amazing ass when it starts to turn red and sore it speckles angrily!!! Now you may have seen this latest movie update advertised elsewhere, but if you are not a member of MySpankingRoomMate.com (why the hell not? It’s an awesome site) then you will NOT have seen these clips of both girls before with the full explanation and additional images! Don’t all thank me at once, eh?

You can see ALL of the episode listings, now standing at 55 full length movies of this continuing spanking soap opera HERE

This site is part of the excellent CLARE FONDA PASS Network (choose your options)


Now here’s a dilemma, what would YOU do if you got a call from school that your niece had just got expelled? (now she’s had a history of this but you have been forking out a fortune in schooling fees to keep her in the best education possible at great expense!) … so she’s dust in the wind…and there’s no refund of your fees…you’d be pretty upset, eh? Well, this following story is based on a true story and now this movie is available as a special one off download for those that choose the odd film that grabs their attention, well this is the latest addition and it’s a total cracker! Check out some exclusive images I have below – and the link that leads to the tour page that contains a decent preview clip! Go get the brat, Uncle!!! ūüėÄ

Images below are taken from this special low price schoolgirl punishment movie!


All the current movies & their previews can be viewed on the home page banner below


Finally today from Real Spankings Institute – here’s a place that KNOWS how to sort out their brats and troublesome girls! A few years back I wasn’t a fan of the paddle, god knows why, I have always been a slipper man myself, but over the last couple of years i’ve grown to appreciate seeing a good hard paddling of young madams and the resulting red bottoms and sheer pain it causes! Now that has cheered me up, I was rooting around inside the member area earlier and some of their archives are superb, luckily I managed to find some of this promotional content below that highlights just what I was revisiting again…makes my life easier, anyway!!! ūüėÄ

Some of these images contain severe paddling spanking and canings of teenagers that thoroughly deserve their thrashings, if offended by such material, please do not view the galleries below!
*sigh* Now that I’ve made the warning to the prudish Mrs W. of Okehampton, Devon (who wrote to me to complain about my spanking blog and the filth on here that it contains, well, she writes in regularly advising me of the thrashings and tearful girls telling me this is all wrong and she thinks she knows better on how to chastise foolish madams – she asked me to place a warning when she might be offended by more severe spanking porn I’m uploading recently such as very red bottoms or sex and spanking which she is disgusted with)¬†… well, I hope you’re satisfied, Mrs W. – you are obviously in need of a damned hard thrashing yourself – so if you want to meet up, I promise to fully humiliate and tame you with a hard spanking across your arrogant fleshy buttocks! How about it??? BRING IT ON!!!

For everyone else, get stuck in and admire some damned fine photography from these movies!

Seriously, if you’ve never viewed this site in any deatil, you’ll get immersed in their archives as well as the newer content which is in Higher Res playback…a perfect way to unwind seeing these girls get some very hard punishments! You can view all the most recent updates and recent movie additions HERE

This site is also part of a wider network (which is how I view these sites as it contains some excellent group of unique spanking content not found elsewhere so it saves me signing up to several sites and spending more money that I need to save towards paying my damned taxes, unlike some that sponge off our over generous Welfare State that rewards NOT working if you start to spawn silly amounts of offspring!)
Bitterly, Chief.

Real Spankings Pass – see the banner below for more info!

Weekend Spanking Waffle

Hi everyone, before I go on,¬† gotta say congrats to Holland¬†who “schpannnked”¬†Brazil in the Quarter Finals of the World Cup this afty, I was watching that and really enjoyed seeing you Dutch guys give one over on the arrogant petulant Brazilians…loved it! Here’s to a Holland v Spain final with any luck, that’ll be awesome…anyhoo, as I do the rounds on my spanking travels, I begged Dave at CherryRedReport if I could have the original of this amazing piece of artwork he had posted on his fine ass blog…this will have you staring and drooling like me!!!

Must…..¬† look…… *drool* a-waaay! (fails)

Feel free to stare at her red bottom and “feel the wood” *sigh*

So where was I? This is all a bit hurried as I have various family issues I won’t bore you all with but please check out me delving into Greg’s archives at BunBeatingFun as he gives a very beautiful brat called Taylor a very humiliating time! Check out the clips below, fans of BBF like me love the way he captures these bimbos in the sleazy motel locations of new Jersey then thrashes them when they turn all diva-like on him….this is the way to treat these stuck up uppity bitches for sure! Keep up the good work greg…and I’m looking forward to your next “captures” ūüėČ

See what happens when the girls dare question Red Hot Video Productions shoot location and tactics. It never ends well for them…heh heh!

Quit yer bitchin’!!! You can actually see what happens from these screen grabs below!




As a final and humiliating insult, Greg slaps some Dollar bills on Taylor’s already sore backside and tells her to get the hell out of there…a fitting tribute on how to deal with snivelling uppity brats! Check out my final clip of this naughty movie below:

View this FULL movie & more РCLICK HERE

I have also opened up a place where you can buy movie clips that many producers provide, sometimes they have hidden extras at these stores, so check mine out below if you like! These are a couple(click on images below to view the movies) from Red Hot Video Рthe same company that makes BUN BEATING FUN films



You can also view clips and review the low pricing deal to pick and choose what you want from this store below which is provided courtesy of my other TEEN-SPANKINGS Network – if you click on the banner below this will take you DIRECTLY to the Red Hot Video clips page (no messing about)

Ok, as I’ve run out of time tonight, I’ll get you some more updates from around the spankospere, so don’t go too far and have a great weekend everyone!
Regards, Chief

Teen Spankables

This is not strictly a spanking update today as such, but every now and then, I just have to let you know what I also view on my spanking days off and this site is my first stop. I could gush on all day about this teenage beauty site, it’s probably one of the the best known sites¬†on the planet and for good reason, ladies and gents, I present to you MET-ART.com

I’d not normally promote it here, jeez, they’re huge enough as it is, but in my recent experiment at my latest site & blog TEEN-SPANKINGS I had some nice email feedback off the stunners there (sharing a few pics of some of my fave girls) so I decided today to do the same here only I found something even better as I am able to do the galleries below via a TRIAL OFFER they sometimes promote, which is $10 off the normal price, so you can pay $19.99 for the whole month instead of $30 – you still get a whole month and you’ll need it, so¬†seriously, if you are into the most erotic pics of teens from all over the world showing us what they’re made of, including some utterly amazing tushy shots, then check out the galleries below to start with! I could be all day here waffling on, but their intensive tour pages from these galleries should let you know just what you’d get to see!

Apologies to spankos who aren’t into this, but from what I’ve seen, most of us don’t mind admiring genuinely breathtaking natural beauty, and these photographers are among the best on the planet to capture the spirit of these girls..go enjoy! I included these galleries as the girls have amazing arses as well as what else they are made of!!!

Fresh faced teen Mila enjoys showing off her feminine charms! Mmm

Jaclyn, Melisa and Rene are the 1st 3 girls below (Will cause TROUSER AROUSAL!!!)

Feeling uncomfortably aroused? Good, then feast on Lilly, Ornella and Venere!

Now remember that the above galleries (if you click on SIGN UP) will lead you to the reduced membership fee!

The links below are the normal links but you can still check out the amazing galleries shown, my advice would be to then go back to one of the galleries above and sign up there, seriously, you can’t go wrong with a reduction like this! ūüėÄ


Here is one dusky beauty I have from my own archives that I wanted to share with you, embracing girls from all over the globe, here is Marika, beautiful name and a beautiful girl, imagine her over your lap, bare buttocks fully exposed and her delightful pussy poking out from behind as you drink in the sight of that then tell her she is going to get a good old fashioned spanking because she’s a very naughty girl! Oh boy…. *drool*




Back later with more spanking news and updates
If you can’t wait, check out my latest post at the Teen Spankings Blog (click on the image below for a super update of gorgeous fresh faced cheerleader, 19 yr old¬†Marie spanked by Amber!), Regards Chief.

Spanking Updates & Blog News

Spanking searches – I hadn’t paid much attention to them until recently: However, judging by how some people find my sites and blogs by what people type onto¬†search engines like Google, I have always refused to let you know what some search terms are used to find my blogs etc¬†as they are either¬†hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) or downright filthy, even¬†frightening! Some of the odd 1 or 2 are just¬†mind numbingly surreal! So it’s nice to check that if I typed in “Spanking” today into Google (from my end at least) – this blog turned up first! (edit, I just did it again and it’s gone down, d’oh, but it’s still on the front page)¬†I was (earlier) shocked and surprised that it had somehow made it but I was more pleasantly surprised that if you currently type in “Spanking Blog” then my 2nd blog I’ve been running for 3 years is now Number One…I had seen it slowly creep up the pages but that was a real shocker. I have¬†decided to take a copy of it for my own posterity ūüėÄ

SpankingNews Blog РHow the hell did this happen? Click on image for my latest posts

I guess this means it might motivate me to post MORE posts there now ūüėČ

You may also have noticed that I have got the Bloggin’ bug again as there’s far more waffling here from me too so enough of my jibber-jabbering and onto some NEW Updates, some stuff I’ve been watching from the past and just some good hard decent stuff you may have missed¬†as well as latest industry news from the UK.

I have been meaning to put this up for days now, so apologies to Amber, as this is an awesome update she’s made for the last week with, what could be described as her long lost sister, however, it’s another HOT Redhead, a first timer, she’s from Romania and her stage name is a very anglicised Audrey Lords – seriously, loosen your pants gentlemen, Amber has surpassed herself (yet again). I had made and hosted a free gallery late last week but hadn’t promoted it, so, if you clicky-clicky on the image¬†below, be prepared to rise to the occassion!

Double Trouble – Redheads and RED RED Butts!

Remember that Amber offers $10 off if you join both her sites at once!
HIGHLY Recommended!

The next spanking I’m featuring here is from REALSPANKINGS.com and this vast site has so much to offer. I was digging around my RS Folder,(as you do) and came across this wonderful paddling, featuring Kailee Robinson as the spanker (looking f*cking sexy as ever) but check out the gorgeous girl and that rounded bruised rump as she is PADDLED in her pyjammas, this is a perfect “Pyjamma Punishment” the way she is forced to remove them after being battered across her cheeks then a long lingering scene as she feels the heat of her very red cheeks – another awesome film with many extra angles from REALSPANKINGS (taken from my archives) Enjoy!

The below movie clip is best viewed on VLC Player or Real Player (it’s in RM format)

There are plenty more cracking movies like this at REALSPANKINGS

Just in case you were not aware, I have been playing around with this blog which is a little edgier at times as it features a nice subject of mine as you’ll see. It features the teen and schoolgirl theme, teen spankables and beauty appreciation of girls, there’s a Home page with tons of content there as well as a blog (I updated it earlier today with a real tears update!!!)¬†I also intend to update the blog at least 3 times a week, maybe more! Click on the tearful girl for free access:


Finally, this special news announcement below – No bullshit, just 10 (YES TEN!) carefully handpicked Trial Memberships, all a FULL 2 weeks in length to fully check out the sites for a fraction of their normal costings. Many of these¬†I have had exclusivity to, so¬†if you fancy checking out a few premium quality British Spanking Sites then click on the welted sore bottom below (there’s more added)¬†and check out what’s available! It’s well worth a peek and there’s a TON of Free spanking content to compliment what you see! That should keep you guys going!!!

Have a good evening, back soon with some great stuff I was reviewing earlier today! ūüėÄ