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Spanking – Sexy, Fun & Quirky!

Thanks for the few emails and such regarding my birthday and wellbeing… I even got sent a nice graphic from Dave at CRR who obviously has too much time on his hands to be designing nonsense like this… but it made me smile!

Now then… Spankings aren’t always about severe punishments, there’s some light relief in between too and of course I’m going to show you that, but first, an awesome new movie update from Punishedbrats that took my breath away as the gorgeous pouty Lorraine gets what’s coming to her in her PJ’s on her bed from Aunt Veronica! Be careful you don’t go busting a gut watching this movie! Images only are below for your perusal… (and trousered safety)

Lorraine got a strapping for sneaking out of the house whilst Aunt Veronica was at work so the following morning Lorraine got a rude wake up call with Me Strap across her beautiful unprepared bare bottom…

Check out one of my favorite stars from Punishedbrats get a damned hard strapping HERE


A quirky series of movies were filmed by Dallas of the duo Venus & Darling. I’m not sure if I had featured these girls filmed by him before… so forgive me if I have but some of you might remember that I had met both girls way back when I used to work elsewhere and had filmed with them. They were great and made some excellent films, although I think I remember Venus having a couple more tattoos on her body than featured here, and Darling’s hair was longer so I reckon this must have been originally filmed by Dallas way back… perhaps 2003 or 2004 but it has been beautifully re-rendered as films at that time were often uploaded in lower res formats due to the restrictions of internet access at the time, of course. What I find ironic about this movie is that it’s based on a real life event where Venus and Darling became room mates… however, I had heard not long after they had filmed alongside me in the UK in 2005 that Venus had moved out… pity, these girls looked great together… as you’ll see from the movie images and the clip of Venus getting a good ass roasting thanks to the palms of Dallas! Wonderful!

There’s a special free preview clip of Venus being spanked HERE (courtesy of the Teen Spanking Tube)

To see MORE of what Dallas does so well with his girls… click here


Hmm, now here is something unnusual and it’s part of a great series of films of some of the most popular girls that have been highlighted in the past at SpankingServer – if you fancy seeing some new films from these film makers, check out films like this one featured below as hot Hungarian model Lea tries to tempt Peter with a sexy strip tease and lapdance… only he’s interested in the merchandise on her derriere as she soon finds out and the playful spankings soon turn more menacing as Peter gets his way in a really sexy romp that has him spank Lea in some very provocative revealing positions!

Check out the images below taken from the movie and you’ll see what I mean! Features hot ass grabbing and decent no nonsense spanking you’d expect and more! This is seriously sexy stuff but check out the site 2punish.com and you’ll see more hot punishments of some seriously good looking women! Damn those East Europeans and their sexy websites! All images taken from 2punish.com



Now then…You can’t get sexier than seeing spankings at the following site I’m reviewing… my favorite West Coast redhead, Amber is again up to no girly good at SpankAmber when her shopping spree is seriously disapproved of by Daddy who soon shows us what happens to naughty girls that overspend and for every precious Dollar over her budget (I won’t say how many… but it’s an awful lot!) Amber gets some extra whacks with his hand AND a nasty looking wooden spoon that has Amber yelp! Why didn’t she get those Jimmy Choos? Damn… the film would have been an hour long, lol!

As with any real life spanking couple you’ll see a lot of tender moments and intimacy that I so enjoy seeing in such situations, that lingering caress, or perhaps an extra swat or a bratty comment from Amber that might incite a further reaction. There are now over 400 films at SpankAmber and this latest addition with her Daddy (I do enjoy seeing him more and more involved with the spankings on film) as it’s nice to see who is in control when Amber needs a good maintenance spanking!

Amber reminds us she is best when she’s bad! Can’t argue with that 😉



Watch out girls! When Mike decides to wear his dreaded striped Polo Shirts… you’re in trouble and there’s no girl I love seeing getting into such trouble more in Holland than Angel (who certainly isn’t). Her quirky Dutch accent and gorgeous bottom make her addictive viewing for me and in this 2nd part movie Mike really gave her a good hard thrashing for using her cellphone whilst in traffic. Actually, this annoys me too, I hate seeing people using the phone whilst they are driving, they are inviting an accident and apart from that, here in the UK, it’s illegal if you don’t use a “hands free” piece of kit… & you know me… I’m a stickler for regulations and the law! *wink*

Love seeing naughty girls thrashed? Want to see more from Holland’s most established spanking site?

Of course you would! If you haven’t already, check out the extensive tour pages & see what is available from the vast archives that makes of Real-Life-Spankings.com and you’ll also get to see far more of naughty Angel (above) getting many a well deserved spanking too!

& on a lighter note…

Some spanking updates which I hope you will find to your tastes… enjoy this before you read my previous post, if you haven’t already!  🙂

This week I’m starting with the new movie clips that members of SpankingServer can upload – a personal favorite of mine, & it appears many of yours (some of my old pussy strapping clips from years back are still watched on a regular basis) – well, the girl below is called Lucie, she’s Hungarian, I think… and has definitely starred in various hardcore porn films as I… um… have seen a few that she had been in (there’s one where it’s filmed at a street cafe/restaurant in Budapest – a rather sleazy French porn producer takes her downstairs at the restaurant they are eating at… and he, a cameraman and her get at it in the tiny cubicle… BUT I DIGRESS!)

Lucie is a stunner and in this clip she takes a fairly hard pussy strapping, legs held apart on the Gyno Chair in an already humiliating position!

Another old fave of mine is seeing girls in authentic looking uniforms, and these girl scout uniforms that they have used at SpankingServer still do it for me everytime, take this update below with Heidi giving sexy Keira a good hard paddling across her bared cheeks!

I’m not afraid to say that seeing these girls in uniform spurred me onto finding real authentic girlguide uniforms at my site, but you’ll have seen those already, check out some of the hard paddling that members can expect to view this week!

For the other movie updates of the week, please check out SpankingServer’s home page HERE


Authentic Gym Class punishments wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate uniform or setting so this brand new release from English-Spankers.com fits the bill as she is given a proper humiliating spanking by her Gym Mistress, CJ.

Young schoolgirl Emma is in trouble. Her gym mistress is in a bad mood, Emma does not have the right kit and the mistress does not like her anyway. A spanking over tight blue gym knickers is given as Emma bends over the vaulting horse then it’s off with the knickers for a bare bottom spanking given with force by a strong right arm!

Having now worked with Emma close up and personal, I can vouch for the movies she has starred in… and this girl can take quite a sound thrashing when she has been a naughty girl! So having seen this movie at English-Spankers recently, I can heartily recommend her films here too… and there’s several for you to download!


The next girl needs no introduction nowadays, and I’m sure the good people of FirmHandSpanking.com had no idea just what a fantastic ASSet this girl has become… Adrienne Black, the ever so tall, lithe 20 year old makes me go weak at the knees and jibber on like a bumbling fool when I see her latest films… quite how Earl Grey managed to film the entire series with her without breaking a wry smile at being so lucky as to thrash such an impudent and beautiful brat is beyond me! (ah… I think years of spanking Rosaleen Young, another uber brat might have prepared him for such brattiness!) – Check out the clip below and some images that I hope others haven’t shown you as I know I have been tardy with this update of Adrienne, but nonetheless… she is worth writing about each and every time!

Stunning 6ft blonde Adrienne Black hides Earl Grey’s punishment implements in College Discipline. But he finds an old rubber-soled slipper to set her bare bottom on fire! Spectacular slow-mo replays show her cheeks wobbling! “The slipper stung so bad, 20 left me sore,” she said.


Finally on the subject of schoolgirls, & not strictly spanking, I just wanted to share this site with you. It’s called St Mackenzie’s as it has given me a lot of ideas for uniforms and these girls wear them so well… the girls are stunning and I can easily understand why it fulfills the schoolgirl fetish niche so well! I’m a sucker for schoolgirl punishments, I’m also a sucker for seeing beautiful girls in uniform like this Japanese exchange student below who is breathtaking, hope you agree too. I have provided the link to the website in case you wish to… ahem… peruse further and check out their amazing array of fillies (I promise you their tour pages will make you waste a lot of time). You ‘ll check out girl after girl and all the sexy teaching staff (addictive stuff) … so go grab a glass of red wine, settle down and ensure your other half is locked out as you view this site 🙂

Friday’s Spanko Frollicking

Well, here we are again, a weekend has loomed large and as I wonder about what to write about this fine evening here in England… wishing I’d actually be outside right now but I owe it to you, my friends to provide you with some inside knowledge on a new movie and of course some damned fined spankings currently viewed by me and my square eyes!

Friday night means that there’s usually a new film uploaded at AAAspanking and lo and behold, there it is… Emma Brown makes a very welcome return to filming online and in such a tight naughty cheer girl outfit too in this F/F schoolgirl scenario punishment! I actually liked the story of this movie, you can read the full description on the home page, alongside a free hairbrush discipline clip right now. But the punishment angle was good… imagine being brought up in front of the Headmistress for spiking the other cheer teams snacks and food with “hash cakes” and chocolate laxatives… now imagine the bedlam that caused… LOL, we were having fun coming up with this story! I love the “what ifs…” what if that really had happened somehwere, imagine the shame, the tears, the near riots as the girls… ah, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? * heh heh *

Emma Brown as cheerleader Nicky awaits her punishment from her Headmistress

Below are the first released screen images of this 15 minute film and you will see some interesting spanking positions and use of a really stingy hairbrush, apparently, this was one of the replacement brushes (I bought 3 new ones… just in case after Irelynn destroyed my favorite last time) and Emma said it really “stung like buggery”… I was encouraged by that, as I was elsewhere doing a photoshoot… and I can confirm that the noises and “thwacks” certainly bear testament to her claims. You’ll notice that the end scenes also had her photographed as these were to be sent to the other principals of the participating schools and cheer teams that this foolish but well meaning girl had so ruined in many horrible ways!

You can only see this brand new Cheer girl Punishment Movie HERE


Seeing Emma looking rather buxom here reminded me of Maggie from Girls Boarding School and she was always one of the highest rated girls for taking some of the most severe punishments, these images of her taking a belting only prove that… the actual film her ass was welted even more as these would have been the high end glossy images taken afterwards… but you definitely get to see what I mean… anyway, admire and behold Maggie.

When Maggie cried, you knew that she had been punished properly, it’s still the site that I come to for those authentic and nasty punishments that bad girls require from time to time… Headmaster Tom – a legend! 🙂

See all the latest updates at the unique Girls Boarding School HERE


Thinking of painful and deserving punishments alongside unique and I put together a collection of captivating images from SpankingServer.com featuring one of my fave subjects… pussy strappings! There’s a pussy strapping clip out this week at SpankingServer, but you can check out some from the archives and what you may have missed recently (below) – then resolve NOT to miss any more and check out the girls or the sites (remember my review on how to watch this site? I’ll post it at the bottom again in case you missed it!)

“Pussy Strappings Ahoy!”  … “and in I go…” 😀


If you missed my review of Spanking Server before – Check it out HERE as it has proved quite useful in helping you all to choose and how to view this wonderful site properly!


Finally, how about a stunning end with another round of Japanese girl spankings and this one, ladies and gents is HOT! My favorite girl on this site switches more than an AC/DC still play concerts… this girl, called Azuki, is something else and in this movie (in that oh so cute stunning school uniform) she plays with herself with a crop imagining the sting and feel of a spanking she desperately needs… so in steps the maid and the rest is a damned hot excuse of a movie that earns another excruciating “Trouser Arousal” high rating… so be careful… images and a FREE WMV clip are below for your delectation!


I just love the heat bumps appearing either side of her panties, and of course, Azuki is stunningly beautiful, like all the images at this site, it is consistently amongst the best around, a perfect compliment to their films! Check out more of Japan’s Cutie Spankee site HERE

& with that I bid you a brief fond farewell for now… back soon, as always.

Server Upgrade finally complete

Sorry about my absence on here, I couldn’t post anything and the damned transfer of data took longer than expected but I have just got news from the Hosts that it’s all OK (despite this poor blog having a 403 Forbidden error best part of a day… did you think the blog had gone? sheesh! I did!!!)

So, where do I start? I am MASSIVELY behind on everything, I couldn’t update my own site   AAAspanking.com – and am doing so right now (yes, girls… I am multi tasking!!!) This is just a brief post, and I just wanted to let you know… “I’m back.”

I also saw in my mail that there were a few comments received… as the transfer was started on March 30th (I just got news I can update now, so that’s a LONG time!) I will try to find the comments and reply if poss! Those comments are now dust in the wind on t’interwebz… innit?


Check out the new update from CutieSpankee.com

What I love about this site, apart from the uber gorgeous girls of Japan is that even their regulation school gym knickers tightly spread across this amazing girl’s ass is a total picture of erotic imagery!!! See what I mean below… I’m gobsmacked, CutieSpankee do it again with some stunning photography (there’s more of this for members of course!)

OMG! I am in lust!!! Those red knickers are like a rag to a bull… or a raging “Chief”… More stunning imagery & Japanese stunning, erotic and schoolgirl punishment spankings can be found HERE


Sorry it’s a short update, but I will be back later this weekend! have a good one. Chief

The Girl Next Door – Toasted Buns & Man Spankings!

Lily Anna is the girl next door I’m sure we’d all love to see spanked naked across her amazing full plump buttocks! Sadly for me, she is nowhere near my neighborhood but if you’re travelling between the East and West coast of America, then maybe… just maybe you’ll have the chance to see this gorgeous creature on her way to work at either Punished Brats or with Clare Fonda in the West.

Today I thought I’d bring you Lily Anna courtesy of Clare’s Spanked Sweeties site. Why? Here we see her interviewed and an old spanking memory re-enacted! & when you see just some of the images below you’ll admire my choice, those pretty colored bikini panties and her fabulous rear are keeping me warmed just looking at her toasted buns!

Disclaimer – this is NOT Lily Anna’s burger buns! 😀


However, the images below sure are!!!!!





Clare descibes Lily Anna on the home page from her latest update: ”She has a darling personality to match her cute little bod and beautiful features. She talks about the erotica of spanking and is spanked hard for the birthdays she missed. The girl next door looker also plays out a punishing little office scene that makes her cry!”


Want to see the movie that made her cry, click on the image below where she stars alongside Alicia.

Of course I’m sure you may recognise Lily Anna from one of her most memorable roles with Clare & co way back in one of the epic EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION SERIES in this case, number four EE4 (Exclusive Education 4) at GirlSpanksGirl.com and you can see the dedicated galleries from the schoolgirl discipline section of this below.

Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Lily Anna BONUS

Or you could also access both the above sites can also be viewed by Clare’s specialist multi site pass, access all her sites with a lower fee and one username/password for your convenience via the CLARE FONDA PASS

Thursday Tempters!

I’ve been incredibly busy recently so wasn’t able to update my blogs as often as I wanted, which is a shame but that should all change soon enough and to make amends here is a nice round up of some of the latest stuff out and about the spanking world incluidng some links to older stuff that I have been looking at too!

1st up from Holland is the latest excellent update from Spanked in Uniform – and boy do these 2 girls, Angel and Chervana, look HOT in their maids uniforms (in and out of them – as you’ll see!) Check out the images taken from this movie and in particular the scene where Angel gets a sexy spanking punishment over delicious Chervana’s lap! these 2 girls are amongst my top rated girls from Mike’s site, as I have raved about them both seperately in the past, so together… oh wow!

Angel was sent to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days and she was forced to watch Chervana get spanked for being late with the coffee that morning. During cleaning Chervana noticed Angel’s delightful spankable bottom so instead of reporting Angel’s bad cleaning to Mr Johnson, she took matters into her own hands and put Angel over her knee instead! That evening Mr Johnson was to paddle Angel for not cleaning the ashtrays in the bar but as he took her panties down, he saw that her bottom was already red and sore. Chervana was called and both girls got a sound leather paddling side by side after she admitted spanking Angel. Soon after that both girls dashed outside and sat in the snow to cool down their two hot bottoms! *sizzle*

CLICK HERE To see this full film and all the very latest movies of girls spanked in their uniforms!

If you liked the above, I won’t be held responsible for the “Trouser Arousal” events caused by viewing both girls again seen spanked and spanking each other in their nurses uniforms, understandably, I’ll only post 6 choice images, but you’ll get the idea! *phew*

“Nurse! Nurse? Can you help me with a slight problem in my trouser dept?”


I’m aware that this may be shown elsewhere but it needs showing as it’s a good movie and has a girl I am fast aching to see more of, especially inb that cute school uniform, that is Charlie, the blonde bratty bombshell exclusive to Punishedbrats.com and I love it when Beverly reprises her Domme roles as she takes no crap from her girls… as you’ll see below!

Charlie is at first very glad to see Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain she will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the Headmaster’s Office and gives the mischievous brat a thorough hairbrush spanking herself!



Since I seem to be focussing on seeing girls spanked in various uniforms today, the above reminded me of something from my huge Japanese Spanking Collection from Cutiespankee and I delved back looking for the waitress series with cute Mitsuki shown below! What I liked about this was the stern restaurant manageress who looked damned cute in her tight fitting skirt dishing out a spanking & paddling to the cocktail waitress!

Restaurant waitress Mitsuki had beed trained well, and had become better through her spankings. This day during morning preparation she dropped an expensive glass which shattered on the hard wooden floor and it attracted the attention of her manageress! Mitsuki knew what was coming and accepted her punishment as she was spanked then paddled across one of the tables on her full rounded buttocks!

You can see a ton more authentic Japanese uniform punishments of the cutest tearful girls HERE


& Finally today another new update from movie site SpankingDigital.com out just hours ago which stars another girl with a pair of very spankable cheeks in this interesting domestic discipline OTK spanking film between a spanko Husband and his young wife. You know the type, one of those “internet brides” you hear so much of that chaps who are unwilling or unable to go find a member of the opposite sex for companionship so they go get them from an agency from some backwater of the Ukraine or Southern Russia… bet she didn’t expect to be thrashed on her bare bottom so much, eh? LOL!

Check out other domestic discipline & spanking updates from this site HERE


Oh, before I go, in case you haven’t seen this gallery, I did it the other day after being impressed by the film that I hadn’t seen in ages and saw it advertised at SpankingTV.com – it features some movies taken from Strictly English as well as some old English Discipline Classics from the Jardale Group including all the Ivor Jones British classic movies at RedStripeSpanking

If you click on the banners of these sites they will take you to the tour pages where you can view an awful lot of streaming promo and preview clips – well worth a few minutes of your time 😀

The below gallery is taken from SpankingTV.com – “American Girl English Cane!”
Click on the image for the Special Gallery & WMV Clips

Girl Next Door Spankings

Hi everyone, I’m sick of the sight of turkey right now, I’m still so stuffed and bloated that even writing about it, the thought of one more “waffer thin mint” will make me explode, and I really would like to write about a cute girl spanked at home rather than pick up my entrails over the keyboard… the same goes for alcohol, I have found it is not the answer…or solution… to all my problems, unfortunately!

If you want to see the “waffer thin mint scene” go to 4 minutes and view!

Fortunately I knew when to stop so am merely just stuck in my computer chair, dribbling, as I checked out lovely teen girl next door of Amelie in some of her new films from Spanked-at-Home who are updating again, and how – so they get my “thumbs up” especially as if you’ve never joined this site there now are around 110 full length films to download and it looks as if Amelie is the latest fave (she is cute!) getting some very hard punishments courtesy of Alex. You will see her get a very real tearful OTK spanking from her latest film and a hard caning in her bedroom without much introduction… across her already previously spanked cheeks for another naughty previous infraction! Enjoy the images I have got for you and you’ll see why Amelie, with the other girls next door is very addictive holiday viewing!

Amelie in her latest film: “Budget Exceeded!”Amelie is spanked with her pantyhose on, then they are pulled down for a proper OTK spanking!

In these hard pressed financially difficult times, especially this time of year – This isn’t the 1st time that Amelie exceeded the budget set by Alex for her mobile cellphone. He had warned her about this before but obviously not forcefully enough as it appears she only learns when she’s given a proper spanking so Alex does what is needed and gives her an eye watering spanking that you can see from some choice images below!

See more of her pantyhose spanking & bare bottom punishment HERE

OK, want to see how Amelie’s bottom was already so red before this spanking? Of course you do! Check out her nasty caning punishment which is typical of so many films from Spanked-at-Home where many scenes of girls like her are filmed in their bedrooms, for me, the most “Holy of Holies” – in that punishing a girl in her safe haven environment is the sort of best deterrent to modify a naughty cheeky girl’s behavior! I love the humiliation angle of this and as you’ll see below, Amelie’s bottom is quickly exposed and she’s bent over and made to present it for the cane!

A dirty uncleaned kitchen means a very sore bottom for Amelie!

Amelie knows in Alex’s house that domestic duties are more important than her leisure & pleasure! She knows damn well from past experience what will happen, if she was to ignore this rule! So when Alex found Amelie on her bed, watching TV, while the kitchen was a disgusting mess, he didn’t attempt to chastise or talk to her about it, or the duties etc and being lazy… (blah blah blah) oh no, he just went into punishment mode and gave her a severe caning on her bare bottom, which, once again, was still sore from a previous spanking only the day before! Yup, Amelie really IS the naughty girl next door we’d ALL love to spank , strap and cane if we were given the chance, and who can blame me or you? Just look at her puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous meaty bum of hers that screams “SPANK ME!”



Finally just to show you what is available from the archives of Spanked at Home with Alex and his girls, here’s a couple of movie favorites of mine with he and Maggy (another girl with a fantastic spankable arse) that many will of course recognise from Girls Boarding School as she was one of the residents there. Well, she has already proved that she can take virtually anything dished out to her by Headmaster Tom, and at home, Maggy always got much more of the same, and she also showed us just what a naughty girl she was too!

Maggy is taught in the movie “A Time to Reflect” that playing with herself has more consequences!

Feeling horny and thinking that she was all alone in the house, Maggy jumped into bed with one of her ‘toys’ to play with herself a little. So imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appeared and made it clear that he was very unimpressed with her actions as you’ll see from some of the humiliating positions he places her in to take advantage of properly spanking her big rounded butt and being able to easily spy on her pussy to further shame her for her selfish actions!

Boyfriend/girlfriend punishments in the home are so much more intimate and explicit in the shameful discipline that is carried out, below is another example when Maggy pretended to be ill to get off going to an Exam, Alex took matters “into his own hands” to see if she really was faking it – or not!

Maggy wondered how the hell it came to this with another humiliating bare bottom caning!

Alex tried to get Maggy up and out of bed, as she had an important exam at school. Maggy told him that she was feeling unwell and that it wasn’t Exam Day so it wouldn’t be too bad if she stayed in bed. Alex was naturally suspicious and decided to take Maggy’s temperature inserting it into her anus (well, if she was faking, he’d better get a head start on humiliating the girl, eh?) He was right, of course, it became apparent that she was lying and therefore Maggy had to take a severe spanking and caning with her bottom stuck up high in the air for his (and ours) viewing pleasure!

See plenty more girls next door punishments only from Spanked at Home

& to those unfortunate folk caught up in the snow storms of East Coast USA… I’m feeling for you! Stay at home and relax in front of the warm fireplace and enjoy some spanking movies instead 🙂

Spanking sensation… Sophie!

Who’s this Sophie I’m on about? Dare I call some unknown girl a spanking sensation? Well, in my ignorance, I have missed one of the cutsyest, prettiest girls to have taken a spanking this year and it’s at a site I had almost forgotten about – no disrespect to the site owner, that was just me. Well, here I am to make amends and let everyone know about this little beauty from America that has stolen my heart with thanks to GirlsSpankedHard.com

Earlier I featured her at my Teen Spanking Tube, if you haven’t checked out the additions there recently, then check out the image below to give you a taster of just who and what Sophie is and what she is able to take… whether she likes it or not… watching Sophie taking her punishment is massively addictive and I’m having wihdrawal symptoms already!

Click below to see the instant 3 min 23 sec clip

The above film review is taken from her 2nd spanking punishment with a piece of wooden molding, I like the way that many various DIY implements are used to good effect, and of course Sophie’s expressions and reactions are pure gold!
This is what webmaster Scott had to say about new girl Sophie:
Sophie is an extremely cute, 5’0″ 22-year old who has done a few other videos previously, but never a spanking video. She is very athletic and said that she played just about every sport that she could in high school and college. She’s so cute and sweet, it’s hard to believe that she can take such a hard spanking. In fact, when she came to the shoot, she was so polite and mild mannered that we didn’t think that she would do very well. Boy, were we wrong! We brought her to tears by the end of the spanking and when you look at the pictures of her butt from after the spanking, you can see why. This is one of our absolute favorite videos to date and we think that you’ll really love it.

Ok, I would go to say that if Sophie wants to appear in many more films, she could easily become one of the spanking faces (and bottoms) of 2011! Check out some more images and WMV Preview clips below in the original quality of the members area content, as I said, she is highly addictive viewing: BEWARE!

Sophie’s feet are bound and held up so her bare tight bottom is exposed in virtually the embarrassing Diaper Position and she is given her first leather paddling on film! Below, Sophie is introduced to The Tawse, it is explained what this infamous leather implement does and you can see the painful results in this remarkable film where Sophie shows that her tolerance is far higher than anyone had expected, making this a highly viewable spectacle!

Finally in this little homage to Sophie, please check out the preview of her film taking a “pegboard” – I’ve never seen this before, but from what you’ll see you can easily imagine that this is quite stinging and a cross between a wooden paddle and a light leather strap – ouchy!!!

Of course this site is not just about Sophie and there are some equally excellent spankings of other young madams who should cater for all tastes. Check out this site for yourself, it is definitely worth the site entrance for Sophie alone and gets my highest recommendation and is the only site I am featuring in today’s post to back that up! Click HERE or the banner below for more details and more free images and clips of all the girls for your perusal.

Spankings at Regulation Knickers

Regulation Knickers is one of those British sites you might miss, but you really shouldn’t, as all their content is exclusively produced in house and what they were famed for, authentic school uniforms and girls in various states of undress, with those regulation knickers drooping half way down their legs as they got their bottoms spanked hard is still very much the order of the day!

Before you check the rest of the update, see a couple of Free Exclusive WMV clips that of course you lucky lot know and expect from The Chief unlike other places you might go read up on films and reviews etc but I have also included an extensive free gallery that I have had made specially for this blog taken from one of the most recent remastered full movies available for members! It stars one very naughty and very cute looking Emma Brown (playing mischievous schoolgirl Emma Cousins) caught smoking and slacking by Gym Mistress Miss Hastings earlier in the day on a cross country run and so she reports for her detention punishment after school! Seeing her in that old style authentic uniform with her bottom pushed out for her punishment is an amazing sight as you’ll see from the 1st spanking clip and images!

Taken from the movie: “That’ll teach her!”



Emma is a defiant cocky girl that still manages to snigger and giggle when she is being chastised by Miss Hastings, the slippering seems to do the trick and then Emma is told to report to her in her regular full school uniform and also to fetch the cane from further down the school in just her knickers as further embarrassment – the final caning scenes are typically severe and any smirks and smiles that Emma showed foolishly earlier are gone as her bare bottom took a series of stinging strokes as you’ll see from a short clip and from the images taken from this long play movie (typically the long play movies at RegulationKnickers are 4-500Mb in size!)



Check out some more typical storylines below which includes all our fetish needs, including a nice schoolgirl and nurse theme: loving the uniforms!

Nurses and Schoolgirls

Some new faces and as ever the schoolgirls are not only in full school uniform right down to their school regulation knickers but they are going to be thoroughly punished too!! You will be able to watch this great spanking movie develop from the beginning and really enjoy this spanking story as the title suggests like the movie I had featured with the added bonus of authentic school uniform action!


The Deputy Headmistress brings this highly attractive blonde 18 year old schoolgirl home from boarding school as she just can’t behave. Her mother, to the delight of this strict Deputy Headmistress is wearing her nurses uniform. As you will see as this movie develops, the interview with the nurse does not go well and in no time all she finds herself over the teachers knee whilst still in her uniform. She gets such a spanking and her daughter is permitted by the Headmistress to watch just to make her plight worse. You’ll also see a fantastsic scene of the schoolgirl strip so that her legs get a damn good slapping!

watching em get it

Things are not going well for either this tall attractive 6th form girl or the Gym Mistress. Both Matron and the Headmistress have both of them exactly where they want them …. lined up for this punishment! See how this schoolgirl is dealt with, and to create YET more embarrassment for the Gym Mistress, she is given the same punishment bringing her close to tears of shame and humiliation! View and download these excluisve films including sets of girls in their regulation knickers at school only from Regulation Knickers

The Ashes – Spankings & Thanksgivings

Whenever Australia wins or retains the Ashes, people call for “the urn” to be sent home with the team, believing it to be a trophy. It’s an understandable assumption, but as most Cricket fans will know, the actual urn is tiny and the original is safely locked away …

Most cricket fans know the story – after Australia beat England in an 1882 test match at Lords, the home of Cricket, a mock obituary appeared in The Sporting Times “in Affectionate Remembrance of English Cricket”. The final line of the obituary reads, “The body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia”. Thus began one of the most enduring sports legends and now the Ashes Test held every 2 years is one of the best rivalries between England and australia, yeah yeah, I don’t care that the rest of the world doesn’t get this, I just hope that when the 1st Test starts in Brisbane later today, we crush, yes… CRUSH and humiliate the Aussies, time to rub it in their noses and win the series on their soil once more, and as holders of The Ashes, I believe England have every chance of retaining them…


Oops, there goes my 30 readers from Australia… LOL! C’mon guys, only kidding, you know we’re closer to you than any of our so called pals and chums in Europe (well… apart from our Irish friends who we seem to be bailing out with a loan we can’t afford to make… but I shall stop there otherwise I’ll have to get my soapbox out… and you DO NOT want that!!!)


Now onto the spankings! There’s an awful lot of stuff to catch up on, and lots of cute bubble butts and surprisingly good stuff for you all to peruse over, especially from my American buddies who have been producing some kick ass stuff recently!!!

First up from PunishedBrats.com – Carissa is a gorgeous pretty thing that I am definitely having a hot flush over, I decided to check out more of her previous stuff I had after reviewing the latest hot movie where god only knows how Mr Pierson keeps a steely professional calm as this hot blonde babe wriggles and grinds over his lap as he spanks her, I’d surely be hopelessly explaining my sudden trouser bumpage when I should have been punishing her!!! See what I mean from this beautiful set of images taken from the movie below!

As you can see, carissa has an ass to die for, and I loved what she was wearing and the glasses made her look even more sexy, it’s something I like to see, prim and proper girls getting a thrashing! Check out MORE recent updates and all the sample clips including a couple of this movie located HERE


As I promised recently, I wanted to show you stunning blonde Adrienne Black’s latest punishment at the hands of Earl Grey from Firmhandspanking.com and this time it’s with the strap and spoilt daddy’s girl Adrienne admits that taking the car without permission was wrong and the subsequent scrape without having the car insured was going to cost her more than her Allowance for some considerable time, it was time for her to take this leathering! Well, Adrienne doesn’t brat about it, she is rather humble and accepts the punishment offering up her cute rump to earl grey for punishment without him asking!!! How this girl has changed! See who is fast becoming one of my most eagerly awaited of girls when I return to FirmHandSpanking – their girls are equally stunning… as we all know. Check out my special FREE clip and excluisve screen grabs that you will not find elsewhere – if you do then they were from here 😉

I could let you know that there is a whole new series of Samantha Woodley, Alison Miller and suchlike, but today’s update is about Adrienne Black, if you check out the Home Page of FirmHandSpanking.com then you can see sample clips of all the cutest additions, and it is of course well worth a look!


Clare Fonda’s sites, as always are just amazing and are fast filling my hard drives with great spanking content, after draining myself dry (ahem) watching the recent EE5 series come to a close, I thought it was nice of her to show some bloopers and out takes, making a production that long with that many girls, you just *know* that there’ll be the odd line fluff or 3 and tomfoolery!

As a bonus check out the bloopers clip below taken from GirlSpanksGirl.com – home of all 5 Exclusive Education long play spanking movies (and oh so much more!)

In case you missed the galleries of the girls turning the tables on Alicia, Lana and Clare – then you can check these out below, the final scenes and mayhem that is what is sure to become another classic legend of a long play movie from Clare Fonda!

You should have seen my many previews of the girls in the recent past (just click in Exclusive Education 5 or EE5 or Clare Fonda to check all the recent posts in the search box on the right hand side bar if you want to see more! >>>)


One of Clare’s favorite sites is her SpankedCallgirls.com site, and it’s hard not to see why! Maybe it’s the fact she can play the seedy madame, “Momma Clare” in charge of her hooker babes, maybe it’s the thought of treating the girls mean, I too, like the idea and it has been a real success with its sleazy themes and perfect excuses to humiliate and really punish some of these delicious tarty females… here in the latest movie, Amy Hunter is again chastised by Clare and she really takes no shit this time with our very own British Spanking babelette!

Money is missing and Clare Fonda is pissed. Amy Hunter is pulled over her knee for some fast and furious discipline from her angry madame! Warning: This is a proper nasty F/f spanking that gets right down to business! Yay!!!

You can, of course view all of Clare’s spanking sites through her top value CLAREFONDAPASS on a vastly reduced monthly rate and choose 3, 4 or 5 sites to view with one set of codes… see more on this option below:


OK, I’m just off to watch the Battle of Britain football (soccer) match as Rangers (of Scotland) take on Manchester Utd (of England) in the European Champions League… these games don’t come round too often!! I love the rivalry between anything English and Scottish! Then the cricket with the Aussies…yikes…sports overload!!!! I’ll go blind! 😀

It just goes for me to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to all my American readers, I never realized just how big this celebration was until I spent a Thanksgiving there many years ago! I’d say bigger than Xmas to some? … so have a good one y’all and may you all be with your loved ones tomorrow!

Spankings – Teens & just Plain Naughty!

As I seem to have a little more time on my hands without the distraction (ahem) of the World Cup (I’ll be lucky if I can be arsed to watch 2 or 3 more games now) my loss is YOUR gain and to show you I have been all over the spanking world today to bring you these, hopefully, varied, but essentially very erotic spankings and correctional discipline updates.

Brand new at StrictSpanking is this correctional schoolgirl video which has been tastefully remastered, I think I only ever saw this as a 360kbs Real media format movie many years ago, and then it wasn’t completely edited to what it is now! So, ladies & gentlemen, this is your starter today (the Hors d’ouvre, if you will) and what a delightful punishment this is of Jemma, alone and ashamed in her school uniform, sent away for some proper “Old Skool” discipline as only we Brits know how!!!

The storyline: Jemma is sent to the Countryside in a last ditch effort to try straighten her out. School work & attitude were both lacking & it was felt a few days away with the chance to give her some much needed discipline in private surroundings was needed. Shortly after arriving she was given a lecture on how things would be while she was there. Then she was told to lift up her skirt & lower her knickers. To start with she was given a hard bare bottom Spanking followed by a long dose of the strap. The start of Jemma’s reform was well and truly underway. Check out some early preview pics that I have grabbed exclusively for you SpankingBlogg readers!!!

Jemma is a “big” girl, who is also fiercely proud of her pubic bush, and who am I to argue with that? I think the only shame this girl showed was when she was ordered over his knee for the first spanking, truly a wondrous sight for lovers of girl bottoms that jiggle provocatively! Warning: The sight of Jemma’s bared wobbling buttocks will cause uncomfortable viewing for those gentlemen with tight fitting trousers!


The tour pages at StrictSpanking have a variety of wonderful spankings and strappings, and all films are of course in HQ-WMV formats


Next up for the main course is Hannah Crawford, one of the growing number of teenage tearaways we know all too well, however she appears here in several movies at ENGLISH-SPANKERS and what a welcome addition she makes to this spanking site!

In common with most teenagers our just spanked girl does not learn. She is supposed to be at work but prefers to spend her day doing sexy dancing. This does not meet with general approval. She is paddled hard on her bare bottom, first bent over and then in the humiliating diaper position. At the end of the punishment she is red and well marked on her bottom!

Mmm, the diaper position, it really does reveal everything, doesn’t it?


You can see many more excellent movies in this quality covering wives, girlfriends, schoolgirls and teenagers all disciplined and spanked on their bare bottoms as the obsessive English know how to!


and finally today, for the dessert…the very sweet and delicious Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com gives her very lucky man a blow job as he allows her to suck him off he plays with her freshly spanked ass and gets out his leather belt for some erotic playtime. Amber loves the feel of leather, she may be a Vegan…but she sure loves her man-milk and a leather belt rubbing over her swollen pussy and hot ass! I have a teaser clip and some naughty images so you’ll get an idea of what Amber is capable of, as well as getting her bottom truly reddened on a weekly basis!!! WARNING: This spankable dessert is very naughty!!!

Wanna know how Amber’s mouth ended up with a wad of cum?
CLICK IMAGE BELOW to see the Free Exclusive Clip

Check out all of Amber’s most recent HOT spanking updates HERE

Updates from around the Spanking World!

I have just watched an awesome match in the World Cup and it’s “Ciao Italia!” as underdogs Slovakia knocked them out winning 3-2 (the Italians almost looked like nicking a place in the next round but as defending world champs, they deserved their fate, this was a disappointing side who failed to qualify in possibly the easiest group of them all!

OK, I have featured this utter beauty before and I’m sure the good folks at RealSpankings and Real Spankings Institute know about her gorgeous facial reactions and have that camera trained on both her lush pert ass and her “to die for” good looks, I present to you Jackie, who I absolutely adore, and if you’ve never seen her before, first check out her last update at RealSpankings with Ms Burns, I also cut you an exclusive FREE clip showing off her reactions….(“I have wood”)

Click on the image below for the larger image of Jackie and Ms Burns!

Jackie Forgets The Dinner Reservations! Poor Jackie forgot to make some important dinner reservations for Ms. Burns. The LAST thing any young darling like Jackie should do is make Ms Burns angry and give her reason to order her girls to strip and bare their bottoms for a nasty reminder! So the gorgeous Jackie snivels and cries as she’s given a butt swatting hair brush spanking!

There’s plenty MORE of Jackie at REALSPANKINGS and there is also a fabulous new girl recently added at this network called Erin who I must admit just makes me go weak at the knees, you’ll see why below, her looks, her sassy attitude and gorgeous ass make her ADDICTIVE viewing! Below images are taken from REALSPANKINGS and I then have featured her most recent update taken from sister site REAL SPANKINGS INSITUTE

Erin’s Punishment Profile (taken in may this year): New Model Erin is interviewed in the nude and given her first OTK spanking on camera by a very lucky Betty! beautiful, youthful and busty…Erin has it all and you can view MORE of here HERE

The above image was taken early on from the movie “Erin’s Bare Breasted Teen Spanking!” You’ll see Erin bent over the chair and then strapped 12 times over her skirt by Betty as her breasts jiggle provocatively. Careful though, you’ll get lost looking into her mesmerising eyes, this girl is HOT!!!

Now if you want to see Erin as a naughty schoolgirl (in pigtails as well…OMG!), well, look no further than HERE and enjoy. Warning, viewing this beautiful girl’s punishment WILL cause SEVERE Trouser Arousal!

Erin is brought into The Assistant Dean’s office by Betty and told to disrobe and wait at attention for Miss Vaughn. Miss Vaughn enters to explain to Erin that she cannot go to gym in that skirt. She needs proper attire at all times. So luckily for us she takes Erin over her knee and spanks her and then marches her out to get her proper gym clothes. Note: the Chief particularly likes Erin’s trim bush and use of alluring pig tails, who couldn’t spank a beauty like that naked over your knees all day and being able to cop a look at that dark inviting crack, eh?? (I am such a perv)

Don’t miss Erin, you can see much MORE of Erin exclusively HERE

Options for both girls – make the choice, both sites are massive and will keep you occupied for an age or like me you can also use the much overlooked Real Spankings Passeasily the BEST way to view this network for a fraction of the total cost! See banner below for full details for access to all the sites in this network (not just the 2 I’ve featured here today)!


Back in England, a Brand NEW and EXCLUSIVE update at TheBareBottom features teenage “Posh Spice” lookalike, 18 year old Jenny, and her older troublesome friend, Linda.

This is a hot FF movie called “Girls that bare”. This movie has everything, a first time spanking for a very nervous but beautiful Jenny (above) who is play spanked by a predatory lesbian Linda who tries to take advantage of the naive Jenny. (below are EXCLUSIVE 1st show HQ images which show off Jenny’s curvacious teenage figure!)

Jenny is 1st spanked by a very pissed off Mrs B catching both girls bared and up to no good on her sofa so after jenny’s OTK, she’s forced to watch and told what happens to very bad girls who get a caning (like Linda) and don’t miss poor Jenny with her knickers at half mast and saying “she’s ever so sorry”…oh the joyous shame of it! Check out my additional movie images that I’ve got for you below, first shown here before anyone else, of course!



Finally today check out Daniela, in honour of Slovakia beating Italy today…this Slovak beauty shows you how the gorgeous East euro girls do it at SPANKINGSERVER – and don’t they scrub up well? Please be aware the Trouser Arousal alerts apply to all the sites featured here today, so don’t sue me for viewing all the content with an uncomfortable trouser bump…gents…please loosen clothing, relax…and if possible, view all content in a private darkened room, door locked to keep out prying partners, pets or mothers and with pants down – as I do! 😉

Ah, the trademark pussy strappings, anus canings, spankings, whipping and bondage restraints that makes SpankingServer just so damned viewable! & here is the latest Slovak beauty…Daniela, who will no doubt be out celebrating a few Budvars in Bratislava tonight!!!


Without wishing to alienate my Danish readers (and I know there are a few from my stats) I am rooting for Japan tonight in the World Cup…as that would give me the perfect excuse tomorrow to highlight some very nice Japanese spanking stories! Sorry, I haven’t got any Danish language connections, but will instead feature redhead Norwegian, Justine, from a few sites  🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoyed tofay’s offerings!!!! Chief