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Mishka Devlin’s last ever spanking film

I received rather a lot of mail responses about Mishka, and it is just sad that she won’t ever do any filming of any sort again. I really enjoyed working with her a few years ago… and if you can remember, Mishka is the girl that started off my fascination with the “Wheelbarrow” spanking position and she did a series of 5 films which have always been popular on top of her other films we did together. This one is the last, it is rather good and we had a lot of fun playing a rather twisted sort of family where I get to play the put upon step dad who spanks and punishes her in a variety of ever more humiliating ways. This latest involved a good old fashioned rectal temperature reading before she got a whacking for pretending to be ill and trying to get off school! It’s been done a 1000 times but NOT with sexy Mishka who looks amazing in this film… now out called “Caught Faking It”


You can see a long play clip of Mishka and the images from her latest film right here… and I will bring you news of just what is released this week… seems I had some troll recently moan on a review site I placed my site on (probably some dickhead I had removed using a stolen credit card as it was around that time that I had loads of stupid fake sign ups) accusing me that I didn’t update much. What a piece of work…. well, for the sum of a recurring membership price of $23.95 (long term memberships are FAR CHEAPER than that but that’s the basic monthly and most “expensive” recurring fee) I find this offensive – as you’ll see just what you’d get to view this week alone. Also remember that as I’m primarily European based, the weak Dollar is really hurting me and I really should up the prices but am trying to keep them as low as I can. Also later this week, it’s the special “Freaky Friday” event, which REWARDS my valued members with an additional full film and gallery at no extra cost… I don’t announce which Friday it will happen each month, as that is part of the fun of it…. and before anyone says “what a crock…” I don’t *have* to do it…. ok? Right, onto some stunning images of Mishka’s temperature taking punishment, eh?


f010 f012

f014 f022


This is to be Mishka’s last ever appearance anywhere on the internet so we saved this humiliation special which featured a twisted home domestic discipline style film with a difference. Mishka was caught out faking an illness once too often so the only way to be sure she was telling the truth was to inform her she’d get a rather humiliating rectal temperature taking if anyone thought she was making things up but of course she would deny this and try to avoid being caught out but the Digital Thermometer never lied with the numerous normal readings. Again, Mishka was given the option this time of owning up and just getting out of bed but she refused and failed the honesty test once more and assumed the position she was accustomed to, on all fours, bottom out for a spanking and strapping across her bared cheeks first thing in the morning! One could almost imagine that it was her intention that she be treated in this way. Such a naughty young lady, we shall miss showing her off so please wish Mishka a “fond farewell” in this naughty rude explicit “Spanking Finale”.

f024 f034

f036 f043 f048


Some more images taken from the film are below
followed by the long play clip courtesy of AAAspanking.com

faking041 faking060 faking069

faking027 faking120

faking134 faking137 faking177

Attn: American viewers and those who only use Farenheit temperature measurements, when I said 37.2 degrees in this clip was “normal”… it is – if it’s in Celcius… this is the equivalent of being 98.8f (which for body temperature, as you know… IS quite normal!) Just in case it appeared odd to anyone… *wink*

You can still view this via the Trial Offers & Low Pricing Deals I have HERE (do check them out!)


The final Mishka film is naturally available at the AAA Clips Store if you want to download it that way



I once got asked if she had ever appeared elsewhere, this is what I remember from her telling me and I remember blogging about it… you can see the full details of the films she appeared in, when she was just 18 years old. This was the only other time she had done any spanking work, the rest of her work, limited as it was… remained in the online hardcore porn and glamour industry… it is worth noting that Mishka was a far more “worldly” 19 years of age (LOL) at the time she filmed with me.

There is a really interesting review of a Lupus Spanking Film which co-starred Mishka in her native Prague as a wide eyed 18 year old… but don’t let that fool you, she may have been new to the online scene but she was certainly not shy (nor has been since!)

Check out the review from my other blog HERE (it’s well worth a read) and there are lots of pretty pics and clips to keep you occupied if you find my prose rather tedious :)

You can see how Mishka ended up with such a sore bottom!


& what else is being shown for AAA members THIS WEEK?

The full true 1080HD 1.15Gb file in WMV or MP4 (my preferred format) was made available Monday of “The Music Teacher’s Detention” with awesome Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Gregory… it was beautifully set and there is so much happening in this film… an image gallery of this, if you needed reminding, is below:


Then today we had the new film with Mishka, a HQ Photo Stills gallery with 52 images uploaded and the video screen image gallery with a whopping 189 to view. So, Mr Troll, I don’t update much currently, eh? Well, there’s more, you spiteful idiot… on Friday the conclusion to a wonderful hard OTK spanking of Adriana Evans as the mad bad Brazilian Au Pair… swearing loudly in Portuguese concludes with a very red bottom punishment on all fours with her delightful jiggling bottom getting a thrashing with the hairbrush and leather paddle… there are of course a ton of images already showing this, see the sample from this gallery. the new movies are in a very high spec and 20 minutes will often now be in excess of 1Gb if these were filmed AFTER my Shadowlane trip last year…


& the Freaky Friday event sees gorgeous Jessica Jensen in the bath tub getting a very soapy and painful spanking (the poor girl couldn’t take much more and this shows but it is a great little movie and she requested that we film in the bath… little did she know the wet hand spanking would hurt too… oops! It’s over 8 minutes in full with about 100 images too… I won’t release the gallery images until Friday here… but I think you get the idea below, right?




It will also be available at the AAA Clips Store this weekend! How’s that for an eventful week? & you could join right now from the princely sum of LESS THAN $15.00 – so please, no more about the site being poor value… there are now 207 films on it, with the HD1080 versions growing weekly… there, I felt better for saying that. I don’t ask much, but if you like your spankings, and I guess you do (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog) do try to help support what I do, it’s a site with alot of content which is wonderfully varied, just check out the tour pages and you can see what you will get… there’s nothing to hide from the 7 page tour! I also try to give the best customer service experience where possible, I do try and look after my members as I appreciate the help a membership gives to keep me doing this. Thank you for reading 🙂


In other news… Russian authorities have banned their female police force from looking “too sexy” – skirts and shiorts are NOT to be shortened – which is such a shame, another reason I detest Putin (along with a certain female Argentine president)… so in the interests of blatently pissing off Putin (and giving me ideas to film naughty ladies in similar such uniform in future), I give you some images he would rather the world would not look at regarding the lovely lady police officers and recruits…



Russia Parade Rehearsal

I have seen comments on various sites where people have said they’d want to be arrested by the girls… I think in practice, you wouldn’t want to spend one second in a Russian jail…


Hmmm, that saying, I do appreciate the sentiment and can understand our foolish lack of reasoning seeing these lovely beauties strolling around…lol! OK, have a good one!

Temperature takings & Spankings


This is going to be a revised blog post, as I got the promotional stuff out late, I just wanted to let you guys know that this film at my site AAA Spanking is now out and it is AWESOME! It stars Sarah Gregory in a role you won’t have seen her take on very often… getting her temperature taken, not once, but twice in a film, however, the 1st time she was trusted with taking it orally after she had complained to me of not feeling well. Being the decent sort of guy that I am, I went and fetched a thermometer for her and left her to it as I was actually working online next door… I said I’d come back and check, so imagine how pissed off I’d be if she was trying to fake her illness all because she didn’t want to go to “boring” Bible Class! Hmmmm!

bible008 bible013

bible014 bible015


The film shows her deceit, I come back and look at the temperature, it’s almost breaking the glass at 108f … that is ridiculous, she should be dead!!! I smelled the tip of the thermometer while she wasn’t looking… of course, it was that coffee that I had made for her just 10 minutes ago… the little minx had dipped the thermometer in the coffee, but she wasn’t so clever, leaving it in there too long, no one would be running a temperature of 108f and behaving like she was… I gave her one last chance to admit she had lied to me but she was having none of it!


Basically, I had enough too… and so the only way to tell was to give her a rectal reading and be present whilst I did it… she was aghast at the thought, telling me how gross it was and that I couldn’t penetrate a sick person… however, she wasn’t really sick… as I was about to find out. She protested but I was not going to accept anything, she had lost that right as far as I was concerned! The temp reading came up as normal (98f) and I told her I knew she was faking and she’d get punished, not just with my hand on her bare bottom, I’d get the paddle she hated so much too for wasting my time in such a foolish attempt to bunk off from Bible Class! So this is what you see throughout the rest of the film as I add to her earlier humiliation of taking her temperature in a most unwanted place to a good hard mean OTK spanking followed by her being paddled on the bed with her bottom getting more and more red with shame… matching her flushed embarrassed cheeks. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be caught out in this manner… it really wasn’t very clever of her!


bible056 bible070


bible082 bible101


bible102 bible108


The Finale saw Sarah trying to recite books of the Bible, from the Old Testamant, to be exact… she started off hesitantly … “Genesis, Exodus… Levit… Lev… Leviticus…” and it all went downhill from there as Sarah had clearly NOT been paying attention at Bible Class so this meant in future she would be tested on what she had supposedly learnt at this special class. Check out Sarah’s unique Bible Class uniform too… I found that in a thrift store in LA and just HAD to get her punished in it… I think she looked rather cute, don’t you?

bible113 bible114



This full film is also available in 1920x1080HD-MP4 (at a remarkable 50 frames a second playback meaning it’s crystal clear imagery) – the HD-WMV version is also top quality and looks fantastic on all PCs, laptops and tablets as you should know by now playing at a standard 1280×720 resolution which expands beautifully on monitor screens with little loss of quality. This film is also available right now as an HD1080 MP4 version at the Clips Store – the film is 17 minutes long and just shy of 1Gb… that’s some video file! See image below for this option if you only want to watch the odd film from time to time!



If you liked this, just wait til you see what I have in store for you next week… Casey Calvert makes her stunning debut as a cheerleader who gets the dreaded “Special Punishment” she has heard some of the other girls mention that their coach dishes out when he is really angry with them… this is no simple spanking either. I’m sure you will enjoy what I had been filming in Los Angeles recently!


Back soon with more updates from all across the globe… this will be an epic post for you all… good night & I hope you enjoyed this special early freeview of my latest film now available for members along with the film they can access a stills gallery and the video image gallery too!


Girls Diapered, Playing baby & Spanked!

I’m absolutely shattered, I can hardly type and will get this update out today as soon as I can… I was going to rant about something or other, oh yes… British (in)justice as my scumbag neighbor – (who had been put away in prison end of March this year for a serious assault crime)well… he was given 20 months and also additional time for deception, insurance fraud, drink driving and other nastiness in a different case. Those seperate sentences were to run concurrently and only amounted to 4 months even though he got 4 plus 4 plus 2 for the various offenses making at least a total of 2 years together so we all thought he’d stay behind bars for at least a year (which was too short for what he’s done)… but no! – oh, he really is a complete TWAT… well, he’s out, after serving just seven f*cking months and has already upset one neighbor and made her cry! I am absolutely disgusted, I know our overcrowded prisons here are full to capacity, but this is just a joke, it doesn’t teach scum like him a lesson at all. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t rant on, so I won’t… suffice to say, I and all our decent neighbors are totally appalled and really upset this piece of bullying lowlife is free again so soon! I expect he’ll be building bonfires as he used to do right next to our property, just for the hell of it to wind me up, cos he’s a total ignorant c*nt!

So, moving swiftly on… *sigh*

I decided only to showcase one site today and in my angered state, choose some well meaning galleries that best highlight this interesting and unique site run by Clare Fonda, she admitted to me that her interest in this genre grew and grew over the years until she had enough content to start up a spanking and diapering site for adult baby girls and of course Clare has done this so well, just like her other sites. I give you Clare’s delightfully barmy Naughty Diaper Girls

What you get is diapering girls, adult baby stuff, girls in real cribs, temperature takings, girls wetting their pants and spankings inside and out of the diapers as well as the humiliation and submissive aspect of the whole ABG thing…it’s a nice distraction and all of Clare’s models love working on this… I talked to Sarah Gregory about it when she worked with us and she loved doing it, so much so that she told me she was filming with Clare again and you can see the results of that below: Just click on the images and they lead to seperate galleries which best showcase this site rather than me waffling on.









Ok, you’ll also see in the final galleries that there were some features from new models Missy and Tegan who are now showing at Clare’s spanking sites, they were first shown here and these fetish models look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? You’ll also recognize all of Clare’s main stars she’s used recently such as Kat St James, Kay Richards, Ten Amorette and hot porn and fetish stars like Addie Juniper and Isobel Wren (Isobel looked awesome in diapers and got a good OTK spanking too!)

If you want to see any more, please do check out the update pages HERE

Tom Fires Michael & other Spanking News

I could hardly believe it, I knew there was unrest with members at Girls-Boarding-School.com – comments left by disgruntled folk wanting to see more of Headmaster Tom doing what he did perfectly… but they had endured Michael for too long. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I liked seeing Michael punishing the girls, I had featured his paddling & spanking of the very tearful (and absolutely stunning) Micaela… a fellow Swede, as I recall – he actually got some praise in this one, although there were the voices against him who didn’t care what he did, he would always be wrong… but if you have forgotten, take a look at the posts I wrote about her punishment HERE and decide for yourself if Michael did a good job!

So, back to the momentous occasion, whether it’s a publicity stunt, or what… we will see, but Tom is back! Watch out girls! (No, seriously…. watch out, he’s mean!) So to mark this occasion, my tube site at Teen Spankings has the full movie of Michael’s dismissal (or you can view it right now below), it’s both humorous and has a final bitter bath brush punishment from Michael on one smirking girl who says “Goodbye” to him as he is packing his bags! Don’t miss it… it’s a good way to spend 8-9 minutes whilst having your morning cup of coffee! I’ve included a couple of scenes of Michael taking it out on one of the gloating schoolgirls as well! 🙂

See who Headmaster Tom has punished since Michael’s firing – CLICK HERE


OK, next up is a post I was going to do yesterday but I had so many issues with a failing power supply due to excessive thunder that I cut the post short (which annoyed me somewhat) still, today it’s back to normal so here is the little homage to Sarah at SpankingSarah.com where I attempted to and am now writing about her various roles at her site: From spankee to spanker and a very naughty girl that just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy ?(often trimmed NOT shaven, which I like), or in fact embraces all manner of sexual activity included in her spanking punishments… if you like to see sex AND spankings, then this is one site you should bookmark! Check out some varied content I found to showcase what I’m blabbering on about, these are just some of the High Quality images taken from the films (they are not screen grabs but represent what’s in the films!)

Sarah is a keen photographer and takes no crap from her models that mess her around!

Sarah caught playing with herself whilst camping by the grumpy farmer who has other ideas!!!

Sarah’s 1st ever bare bottom birching – these are HD screen images from her groundbreaking atmospheric movie!

There are some great free preview clips and I still think the one with the birch is available on Sarah’s tour pages HERE


Now I love Clare to bits… so if I get my act together and can afford to go to the Shadowlane Party in September, I shall be sure to look out for “Momma”… even if it’s just to say “hello, and spank you very much!” – Well, here’s a little taster of what Clare has been filming recently and also a wee little delve into her archives at her gorgeous GirlSpanksGirl.com website for which I am always hovering in and around for my fix! Check out these little gems and treats I have for you today!

1st up: From GirlSpanksGirl.com – a classic girl bottom spanking and temperature taking in and around the time she shot one of her Exclusive Education series of films, I think this was from the 2nd… and of course, I love temp takings mixed with the spankings! A very short clip and some images are below, enjoy!

Check out the 3 sections of Erotic, Sensual & Discipline that make up GirlSpankedGirl.com HERE

I had mentioned before that Snow Mercy had brought in one of her real life friends, Sophia Locke… who was kind of new to all the online spanking stuff, but she is a genuine looker that has that girl next door feel about her which is such a seller and of course with Snow being there, she was at ease to recall her spanking stories as she grew up and here we see Snow playing her Mom in a classic “get out of bed” spanking that so many naughty girls received! For me, it’s an excuse to show you in & out of her bed getting an OTK spanking, mmm!

I also had a little delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com earlier today and since I was writing about temperature takings, I thought I’d share this little beauty of a film with you starring Clare and a hot girl I’d never seen before (how did I miss this?) called Makenzie! The californian surfer chick look and tanned , toned skin couldn’t stop Momma Clare from checking this naughty girl’s temperature… rectally and giving her a chastising spanking for her troubles! Check out the images below and then the news I have for you which I’m excited about!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Clare once again meets her match with Miss Chris making a welcome return!

This movie has just been released at Spankedcallgirls.com and is a classic role reversal as Miss Chris confronts Clare about the treatment in the past (again) of her daughter, who is now well out of Clare’s clutches… and also she knows about some of the other girls under Clare’s control so gives this Momma a real hard nasty spanking of her own… which looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more but I’m out of time to write here today, but you can view this movie now online at SpankedCallgirls.com

Two years ago Chris found out her daughter (played by Jenni Mack) was dabbling in prostituion. She spanked Jenni and her friend Sarah Gregory very hard and made Clare take a thrashing right next to them. This was very humiliating for Clare. She has never forgotten it and she is horrified to find Miss Chris waiting for her in her living room for a little catch-up visit which includes a slut spanking to die for!

Girl Next Door Spankings

Hi everyone, I’m sick of the sight of turkey right now, I’m still so stuffed and bloated that even writing about it, the thought of one more “waffer thin mint” will make me explode, and I really would like to write about a cute girl spanked at home rather than pick up my entrails over the keyboard… the same goes for alcohol, I have found it is not the answer…or solution… to all my problems, unfortunately!

If you want to see the “waffer thin mint scene” go to 4 minutes and view!

Fortunately I knew when to stop so am merely just stuck in my computer chair, dribbling, as I checked out lovely teen girl next door of Amelie in some of her new films from Spanked-at-Home who are updating again, and how – so they get my “thumbs up” especially as if you’ve never joined this site there now are around 110 full length films to download and it looks as if Amelie is the latest fave (she is cute!) getting some very hard punishments courtesy of Alex. You will see her get a very real tearful OTK spanking from her latest film and a hard caning in her bedroom without much introduction… across her already previously spanked cheeks for another naughty previous infraction! Enjoy the images I have got for you and you’ll see why Amelie, with the other girls next door is very addictive holiday viewing!

Amelie in her latest film: “Budget Exceeded!”Amelie is spanked with her pantyhose on, then they are pulled down for a proper OTK spanking!

In these hard pressed financially difficult times, especially this time of year – This isn’t the 1st time that Amelie exceeded the budget set by Alex for her mobile cellphone. He had warned her about this before but obviously not forcefully enough as it appears she only learns when she’s given a proper spanking so Alex does what is needed and gives her an eye watering spanking that you can see from some choice images below!

See more of her pantyhose spanking & bare bottom punishment HERE

OK, want to see how Amelie’s bottom was already so red before this spanking? Of course you do! Check out her nasty caning punishment which is typical of so many films from Spanked-at-Home where many scenes of girls like her are filmed in their bedrooms, for me, the most “Holy of Holies” – in that punishing a girl in her safe haven environment is the sort of best deterrent to modify a naughty cheeky girl’s behavior! I love the humiliation angle of this and as you’ll see below, Amelie’s bottom is quickly exposed and she’s bent over and made to present it for the cane!

A dirty uncleaned kitchen means a very sore bottom for Amelie!

Amelie knows in Alex’s house that domestic duties are more important than her leisure & pleasure! She knows damn well from past experience what will happen, if she was to ignore this rule! So when Alex found Amelie on her bed, watching TV, while the kitchen was a disgusting mess, he didn’t attempt to chastise or talk to her about it, or the duties etc and being lazy… (blah blah blah) oh no, he just went into punishment mode and gave her a severe caning on her bare bottom, which, once again, was still sore from a previous spanking only the day before! Yup, Amelie really IS the naughty girl next door we’d ALL love to spank , strap and cane if we were given the chance, and who can blame me or you? Just look at her puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous meaty bum of hers that screams “SPANK ME!”



Finally just to show you what is available from the archives of Spanked at Home with Alex and his girls, here’s a couple of movie favorites of mine with he and Maggy (another girl with a fantastic spankable arse) that many will of course recognise from Girls Boarding School as she was one of the residents there. Well, she has already proved that she can take virtually anything dished out to her by Headmaster Tom, and at home, Maggy always got much more of the same, and she also showed us just what a naughty girl she was too!

Maggy is taught in the movie “A Time to Reflect” that playing with herself has more consequences!

Feeling horny and thinking that she was all alone in the house, Maggy jumped into bed with one of her ‘toys’ to play with herself a little. So imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appeared and made it clear that he was very unimpressed with her actions as you’ll see from some of the humiliating positions he places her in to take advantage of properly spanking her big rounded butt and being able to easily spy on her pussy to further shame her for her selfish actions!

Boyfriend/girlfriend punishments in the home are so much more intimate and explicit in the shameful discipline that is carried out, below is another example when Maggy pretended to be ill to get off going to an Exam, Alex took matters “into his own hands” to see if she really was faking it – or not!

Maggy wondered how the hell it came to this with another humiliating bare bottom caning!

Alex tried to get Maggy up and out of bed, as she had an important exam at school. Maggy told him that she was feeling unwell and that it wasn’t Exam Day so it wouldn’t be too bad if she stayed in bed. Alex was naturally suspicious and decided to take Maggy’s temperature inserting it into her anus (well, if she was faking, he’d better get a head start on humiliating the girl, eh?) He was right, of course, it became apparent that she was lying and therefore Maggy had to take a severe spanking and caning with her bottom stuck up high in the air for his (and ours) viewing pleasure!

See plenty more girls next door punishments only from Spanked at Home

& to those unfortunate folk caught up in the snow storms of East Coast USA… I’m feeling for you! Stay at home and relax in front of the warm fireplace and enjoy some spanking movies instead 🙂