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Volleyball Girl Spankings

The latest film to show at Cheerleader Spankings features a subject close to my heart… seeing pretty girls spanked in those tight volleyball uniforms. These are always fun to make when we have a large gathering of ladies together and are able to make a special one-time film. We’ve had multiple girl spanking films at this site before, some featuring opposing volleyball girl teams too… this one is a little different. In this film… the coach punishes the top members of her squad who went out, partied ’til the wee hours, and are woefully ill-prepared or unable to practice the following day with little sleep. Looking at the state of them, Coach Zoe has to cancel the special games later with local schools for that day… it is embarrassing and this goodwill tour has started off badly.

So this is where the film starts, it’s a good 30 minutes long and features some incredible girls we love working with as well as the mean, scolding British accent of Zoe Page who uses her full evil wit and sarcasm to get inside the heads of her messed-up team! Like, WTAF were they thinking???
Enjoy… I have procured many images from the site, made some GIFs, and got you a special free spanking preview at the end. The full film is now available to download at the site HERE – or you can purchase the full film direct at the Cheerleaders Clips Store HERE

Look at the state of them… the 4 miscreants from L. to R.
@Twitter Bios: Dacey HarlotTen AmoretteCara DayAnna McConnell

This is the tale of 4 naughty volleyball girls who thought it would be a good idea to go out and party all night after just hours of arriving at their exclusive hideaway retreat. Of course, the whole reason they were there was that their team was invited to participate in a few goodwill matches to set an example. Well, they set an example alright… their coach, Zoe Page, is appalled to find them disheveled and looking worse for wear when she calls them in for their morning meeting! It was obvious the girls had hardly slept and had been partaking of one too many adult beverages whilst out partying! Zoe is particularly unimpressed with Dacey, the team captain… for those that wear the red shorts should show responsibility and it was clear this tired captain had none remaining! Coach shouts at the girls loudly and punishes them in her own unique and humiliating way.

otk spanking hand spanking volleyball girls

First, Cara takes her place over Zoe’s lap as she spanks her hard on her tight shorts and bare bottom in front of the girls. Ten and Anna incur Zoe’s wrath for talking in line and have to watch whilst in an uncomfortable position on the floor, losing their privilege to stand up. Ten is next for the same spanking treatment, then Anna and finally the team captain, Dacey. She takes the longest hand spanking of the girls and her bottom is looking swollen, sore, and as red as her shorts.

otk spanking spanking

The girls think it is then all over but coach Zoe has one final demeaning punishment in mind as she asks the girls to pair up as “Paddle Buddies”. Cara and Ten are first, bent over side by side as the other girls look on horrified seeing the heavy leather paddle being used swiftly and mercilessly! Dacey and Anna, receive their paddling afterward and by now it is obvious the girls are learning a valuable, painful lesson. Zoe tells them that the team matches will be canceled so these foolish girls can recover and new plans can be made.

volleyball girl paddling spanking and paddling

In the meantime, the girls are left to stand facing the wall for an hour, bottoms on full display, whilst their coach remedies this embarrassing situation and explains why the games will have to be rescheduled.

aftermath spanking

Watch the free spanking preview of the 4 Punished Volleyball Girls (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”62425″]

View this & 100’s more specialist cheer & volleyball girl spankings as part of one low membership fee – you will be able to download all the films, images and additional content as part of your membership to Cheerleader Spankings – and don’t forget, this site is updated regularly with new films every week.

cheerleader spankings

Or go to the CLIP STORE & choose your clips as and when you want – CLICK HERE

Spanked and Mouthsoaped by Mommy

This is a very special featured film which came out at AAA Spanking this past week! Members can currently view this new video starring Ten Amorette and Miss Anna. It’s a fantastic maternal discipline film and when we were making this I was unsure as to how it would end up – but seeing it now, I think we made the right choice! The spankings are hard and mean with Miss Anna scolding Ten constantly (who has no answers to her questions). Of course, the mouthsoaping scenes in the bathroom are also very memorable! I’ll let you decide with a look at these images taken from the film including some exclusive animated GIFS… I am having to watermark them clearly now as some sad individuals use these to promote piracy of our content (sigh). These dullards will steal anything nowadays to promote their damaging content theft. Anyway, if you like what you see, then a membership really doesn’t cost very much for access to 400 movies and 1000’s of images to download. Support like this is what keeps us going. This film is also available as a full length clip at the AAA Clips Store too!

Ten is Spanked by Mommy…


Warning: This is an intense “Mommy/Daughter” hard hand and hairbrush spanking with a finale only foul mouthed young ladies deserve. Ten Amorette is on the receiving end of a long, tearful and brutal mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry. Mom (played by Miss Anna) takes her daughter over her lap for an overdue spanking with the continual disrespect and poor attitude capped by that filthy mouth of hers. When Ten swears and cusses further, Mommy takes her to the bathroom for another spanking whilst reminding her to take a look in the mirror at herself during the punishment. Ten shows no remorse and swears some more forcing Mommy to take the bar of soap, froth it up and make her daughter taste that awful sudsy, cleansing soap bar deep inside her mouth whilst being scolded. Ten finally learns her lesson after several cleansing sessions, her face and mouth a soapy, shameful mess. She will think twice about swearing in front of her mother in the future!

otk spanking   spanked in the bathroom 

& Mouthsoaped by Mommy!

 mouthsoaping      mommy mouthsoaping her daughter



aaa spanking

You can also view this film in full – at the Clips Store – Direct link HERE

spanked and mouthsoaped by mommy

Please also be aware that voting for the first 2 categories will come to an end this Tuesday (see below) and the results for these will be shown soon after. There is also one more category for you to vote on – PRODUCER’s CHOICE – which should come out as soon as I hear back  from those interested in having their films showcased and put up for the vote.

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Adriana Week at Cheerleader Spankings

We’ve made it to the final installmemnt of “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and this was with the new addition yesterday at Cheerleader Spankings. The previous roles for Adriana shown were all as a “sub”, but she is an accomplished “switch” too. So, in this cheerleader tale, co-starring another equally alluring and accomplished switch, Ten Amorette, we have the best of both worlds. I have to say, I loved these black cheer unifrms and they look absolutely stunning on both girls. Check out the many images and GIFs that I have for you that showcase these two lovely ladies perfectly!

Adriana Evans week

So, for the final time this week, I have collected a decent amount of screen and stills images, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best show you this spanking film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. “CLS” or “Cheer” as Sarah & I like to call this site has really come into its’ own over the past 6 months and I love helping out on it, mainly because for us both, it is a core kink to see girls in these cute uniforms getting a spanking! Some of the hardest films we’ve ever made are here too, don’t let those cute uniforms fool you! The 100th video release is coming up very soon and it will be fantastic… I can’t wait to show you all – I’m not saying anything about it now, but it is a multi girl, multi top, very colorful “Cheer Discipline Camp” style film. If you sign up today to see the film I’m showcasing below, you’ll see the 100th in less than a few weeks too!

No Pain, No Gain

Cheerleader Spankings - No Pain No Gain

Adriana and Ten are rooming together on a long distance Cheergirl Championship play-off and are concerned that some of the girls are getting spanked far more. They are wondering if they’re next as they have both been spanked by Coach before and the stess of the Championships is affecting him! So they make a pact to get each other used to his punishments by spanking each other. That way, they concur, their bottoms will be more accustomed to it… no pain, no gain… right? They are both nervous, so decide who is the lucky girl to get spanked first with “Rock Paper Scissors” and Ten loses – so she goes over Adriana’s lap.

The spankings are hesitant at first but soon Adriana is spanking her team mate harder and without her panties… as Coach always spanks on the bare! Ten really feels this and Adriana reminds her that “no pain no gain” is a good motto for them. They switch and Ten does the same to Adriana, over her panties and then on her bare, bouncing bottom. They both decide to spank each other harder so their bottoms get used to the hard hand swats and both girls spank like it was Coach. Now each girl yelps out in pain but afterwards, as they inspect their swollen reddened bottoms, they know that if they keep this up, his hard spankings will hurt them far less! What devious girls they are!

panties down spanking girl girl spanking Adriana spanking Ten Amorette over her lap Cheerleader Spankings Adriana Evans spanks her cheerleader roommate pulling down her panties for a spanking spanked over her white panties spanking over panties spanking ouch, that spanking hurts! OTK spanking Ten Amorette spanking Adriana Evans inspecting her freshly spanked bottom sore red bottom Adriana Spanks Ten Amorette hard spankings spanking aftermath


Cheerleader Spankings - click here

Or view this film in full as a one time download to keep & play back as often as you wish HERE

The Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Step Daddy Spanking Update

Just a quick spanking update for you today! Unless you didn’t know, I am back in the USA and I had a great time at Six Flags earlier… the weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun on the rides! Anyway, you’re not here to know what fun I had … you’re here to know what is happening in the spanking world and the latest film from AAA Spanking is a bit special. Ten Amorette makes a welcome return – this time as a shamed daughter who was waiting for her dad, or in this case, step dad (I often think that is more taboo… a personal thing of mine, I guess) to come pick her up from the hotel at his time and expense as she was no longer welcome on the school trip. So lets delve right in… I have included some great representative video screen grabs and stills that showcase this latest film now available for members of Triple A Spanking

Spanked & Strapped Hard by Stepdad – starring Ten Amorette & John Osborne

Ten Amorette stars in this latest schoolgirl spanking movie. She is about to receive a very hard, humiliating hand spanking and leather strapping. Her stepdad, John Osborne, was called to come pick her up from the school educational trip and take her home from where they were all staying overnight. This was a 300 mile round trip for him and he was angry that she had let down her school, herself, her mother and himself. She wouldn’t admit to her behavior at first (but those who will view the full film are able to find out what she did to warrant sending her home immediately). Stepdad had brought with him a leather strap that they used at home and he wastes no time telling her she is going to get a hard spanking and strapping to make the journey home as uncomfortable as possible for her!

Ten is embarrassed that he is spanking her on her bare bottom, her panties pulled down whilst still in her school uniform. Spanking her over his lap is just the start as he finishes with a relentless strapping of her sore red bottom, bared and bending over. She takes her punishment, close to tears and when he knows she is feeling totally humiliated… tells her to get ready for the long ride home. Just wait until her mother finds out!

otk spanking  

Below: Images taken directly from the HD film – see more below



If you only want to view this as a one time option to download and keep then check out the AAA Clips Store (below)

Spanking Updates

A few more recent new video updates from some of the sites closest to me and a few faves that never fail to please… I don’t have time to make any GIFs today so I have chosen some excellent images (8 images per site) with the description of the film update for you all to check out!

AAA SpankingTen Amorette’s Spanking party Punishment

Ten promised to get the suite ready for a spanking party that she was co-hosting but all the essentials like liquid refreshments, beverages, snacks and tidying for a large gathering hadn’t been done and the first partygoers were due soon! John was really unimpressed and Ten had no excuses but bratted him anyway! She had also been playing way too hard and up until the wee hours which he hadn’t failed to notice. John wasn’t putting up with ten’s precocious behavior and was just going to spank her and help her get the place ready but she pushed many of the implements resting on the counter to the floor and he told her that everything she had pushed off the counter would be used on her bare bottom. Poor Ten’s choice meant all the nastiest heaviest and most stinging leather straps got picked up and used including his AAA Canadian Prison & 3 Tailed Straps! The countertop was used to humiliate Ten further with an “on all fours” position, panties down whilst she got strapped relentlessly and then the final stinging swats were given with her clutching the side of the counter, bottom stuck right out, as the meanest straps reddened her bottom a beautiful color just in time for the first guests to admire!

Click here to see the free spanking preview

Momma Spankings – Naughty Aysel

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy’s lap for a spanking.


From Real Spankings – Nuna’s Strapping

Nuna is given a bare bottom leather strapping at the hands of Mr M. (this was an older update from February but I only just around to bringing you this “latest” post from my update schedule. Nuna has appeared in many films at this network since.


Punished Brats – Sneaking In

Kitty was supposed to have been studying for a test the following day but instead went to a club. When she returned home, she found her father waiting for her. He removed Kitty’s innocent looking skirt to reveal a leather party dress underneath. This was not Kitty’s first such offense. She was promised a severe spanking upon her next offence. She believed these were hollow threats, clearly she was too old for a bare bottom spanking. Soon Kitty found herself over her father’s lap with tears streaming down her face as each hard spank found its mark. Once Kitty’s hard, over the knee, spanking was over, she was made to stand for further punishment. The tearful girl was then sent to bed naked from the waist down. No matter how hard she tried, she could not rub away the fiery pain from her bottom.


 Spanking Sorority Girls – Who’s the Toughest Bad Girl? (Part 1)

Briella Jaden claims to be the toughest girl in the sorority. But new girl Savannah Fox says she’s tougher. So the contest begins, who is tougher, but seeing who can take a harder spanking. In part 1, Briella is the first to take a spanking, going over Savannah’s knee. At first, Briella laughs, but as the spanking gets harder and longer, she fights, kicks and protests as her butt turns red.


My Spanking Room Mate – Clare Spanks Madison and Kay

Clare Fonda is posing as the church counselor who gets Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) to agree to go to a religious retreat. But first they must have their sins cleansed with a hard hand spanking that turns their bottoms bright red, speckled and causes them to cry. When Clare is finished, the girls can’t sit down. They repent.

More updates coming out very soon , but in the meantime, do NOT forget this: If you are at all interested in attending a National Spanking Party that caters to newbies more than any other and also happens to be the largest in the USA – the Lone Star Spanking Party – is held in Houston , Texas. All I ask is that you REGISTER, pay your fee and get your special code for the Hotel as rooms are selling out fast! This isn’t some lame tactic to get you to come or sign up like I’ve seen in the past with other party mailers… it’s genuine and I really do want those who are interested in coming – including those models who I know haven’t paid their registration or booked their rooms yet *cough cough, ladies*DO IT NOW before it’s too late and of course – prices do go up on May 1st so those who procrastinate will find their choice of rooms more limited… there, I said my bit 🙂

Auditions, Fun & Hard Play Spankings

Part 2 of this weekend’s spanking updates is a look back at some interesting playtime and hard play films from AAAspanking.com – these are usually made at spanking parties or events as there are models there who are into the various play fetishes (Fetishcon) and of course various national spanking parties where we are guaranteed to meet those into our kink! Johnny (FLAPaddler on Fetlife) has appeared in a few films of this nature as you’ll see below and with some fantastic girls we love a lot! I have got a selection of pics and clips of a scene from each of these long play films I’m showcasing below. Enjoy… I hope you are having a great weekend y’all!

Party Playtime – featuring Ten Amorette & Johnny Lake

spanking Ten Amorette

Spanking parties are about a gathering of like minded people and the national parties in the USA are very special. Spankos from all over meet at these events and form real bonds of friendship, comraderie and of course doing what they love the most – being kinky spankos! Two good friends hung out in our room for a while and caught up on news then we asked if they could show a behind the scenes look at some consensual playtime between friends. Please welcome Ten Amorette and Johnny Lake, once again, who took time out to play on film for you all. To start, Ten waited naked on the bed and Johnny wasted no time warming her up thoroughly with a firm but sensual hand spanking, ensuring she would be ready for the next stages of play. She was given the Reformatory Strap and some attention seeking strokes of his sturdy cane which woke Ten up out of her dreamy state. In between this Johhny had expertly used his favorite Floggers on her back, bottom and thighs with his florentine motion just lightly caressing the skin enough to make her feel warm and tingly. The finale was a pre arranged hand spanking which brought Ten to orgasm. Not even the housekeeping maid (which you might just hear in the background) at her point of climax could stop this! Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of a national party held in a large hotel… if you feel unable to attend one soon then check out this film and think again on what fun you could be missing out on!

001 intimate spanking 003 spanked in the diaper position flogging 006 007 008 009 reformatory strap 011 hard caning 013

[jwplayer mediaid=”48395″]

Player or Poser – featuring Isobel Wren & Johnny Lake

playtime with Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren is a beautiful and well known fetish actress, so when she answered a call for a spank casting, she met Johnny Lake, one of the many producers at the hotel event they were attending. Johnny was well known in the biz as a “Pleasure Dom” – taking time to ensure that his ladies and ultimately his membership got the most from filmed content that was being made! Isobel was not a complete stranger to spankings and some similar core kinks. However he wanted to see if she was a Player or a Poser! So she was given a warm up OTK hand spanking followed by a harder cropping to test her reactions. Isobel admitted that she wanted to experience more pain & pleasure derived from a session and so Johhny used his trademark deer skin Floggers, expertly caressing her with just the tips of the flails before she experienced his preferred Reformatory Strap and canes… used not to punish but to continually give Isobel a buzz whilst ensuring her bottom turned a dark speckled red without her even knowing! This is the 1st film featuring the alluring Isobel Wren, who had great scene chemistry with Johnny Lake.

003 otk spanking 007 008 spanked with a riding crop 010 013 caning her ass 017 018 strapping Isobel 021 024

[jwplayer mediaid=”48394″]

Zooey Zara’s Audition – featuring Zooey with Johnny Lake & John Osborne

spanking Zooey Zara

Filmed at Fetishcon 2015 – we came across this amazing young lady almost by accident. Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & ushers in a new era for 2016. This was a very special audition to see just how much pain she said she could process. Being a painslut, Zooey welcomed the challenge & had a fantastic warm up spanking by Johhny Lake (who was testing her out) after he saw her playing in the Fetishcon Dungeon the night before. Her marks soon re-appeared & she welcomed the chance to take the new Ouch(UK) AAA Compliance Discipline strap. Johnny didn’t miss a spot & called for help. John Osborne used a stinging stiff leather tawse on her hands & a thick wooden ruler that would make most girls recoil in horror. Zooey? She just smiled beautifully & took more treatment on her feet too! After a wooden paddling on her now sore red bottom, which she took without a murmer, it was decided that she was the one to take a double caning including extended play & hard relentless strokes on the back of her thighs. This showed the guys that this fantastic young lady could take anything! Remember, this was strictly an audition & not a real life punishment so that is why you see Zooey smile. This was indeed a hard, severe test that most girls would be unable to take during this 18 minute video. It’s a bit special & we hope that you think so too. Witness an incredible young lady showing us her amazing tolerance & appreciation of the pain that she gratefully received!

002 005 OTK 007 008 010 STRAPPING 015 016 017 019 CANING 023

[jwplayer mediaid=”48393″]

All images and clips are taken directly from the movies at AAAspanking.com

Check out the best deals & offers still available for longer term membership




So much spanking catch up to do!

coldI want to apologize for not being here giving you updates and spanking news as often as I’d like, I seem to be doing that a lot recently. Other things like extensive traveling or helping with many film shoots recently didn’t help with me being on here and blogging. I am also suffering from a really bad cold, I don’t get that many but when I do, I moan like feck about them and it’s generally the “End of the World” as far as I’m concerned. I hate suffering illnesses like this even more than seeing stuff from any of the sites I help Sarah run ripped by a content thief using a stolen credit card (really, guys, I know some of you “love” reading my blog – LOL) However, it’s just a double whammy, shitty thing to do to the poor card holder and any producer who has to make the decison to void the transaction or have it charged back which incurs more costs (and is in no way justified at all!) When they got rumbled and kicked out, they used another stolen card only we were alert to it so stopped that immediately – sigh. Well… that kind of pissed me & Sarah off as that was, as we Brits would say, totally “taking the piss” – Anyway, that’s the only negative… that and my damned cold so I won’t grumble anymore as in the grand scheme of things that’s a pretty low priority for me and I leave that crap to others to sort out nowadays. So instead, I will try to catch up on some outstanding film updates from some of the favorite sites I love viewing and helping you guys know more about who will hopefully support their work instead of stealing their stuff for personal profit!

Cute Alice Michaels stars in one of the recent films (there’s another new one released… but I’m catching up, remember?) This is the aptly named “Naughty Little Cheerleader” & I particularly enjoyed helping to make this as it involved real public shaming in a hotel window (we were only on the 2nd floor) – it was filmed at last year’s Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, TX.

Alice Michaels at cheerleaderspankings

This was Alice’s first trip away with the cheer squad and she had got carried away the night before making so much noise with her youthful excitement of leaving home for the first time. However, the coach was disappointed that she was so poorly behaved so he gave her a reminder of what happened to naughty little girls. Alice got an OTK hand spanking with her panties pulled down and then he used a variety of painful implements including a wooden paddle and hairbrush whilst still over his lap to teach her a lesson in behavior. The end of this video saw him position Alice in front of the large hotel window so everyone could see her glowing red bottom on full display.

CLS-48-004 CLS-48-006 CLS-48-015 spanking the cheergirl panties down spanking CLS-48-028 CLS-48-032 CLS-48-049 CLS-49-002 CLS-49-003 CLS-49-004 CLS-49-006 bare and exposed after her spanking CLS-49-015



I had the pleasure of helping out on the last ever Northern Spanking filmshoot in the UK recently (well, for a few years at least, I would imagine!) Like Paul, I transfered ownership of our sites to our partners thanks to the ATVOD ruling at the time in 2014. I guess since he and Alex want to spend more time in America (as do I with Sarah) then a more permanent move could also be on the cards for us both. It means the “Englishness” of the sites does dilute somewhat but I never think that is an issue as I have noticed how more American-centric sites seem to fare better… probably due to the market audience. Of course it doesn’t hurt to include our English eccentricities and use English girls where possible, right?

I’m waffling, so here is an excellent uniform spanking video that I loved and it is one of my core kinks anyway… along with cheer girl uniforms, seeing girl guides or girl scouts getting spanked: It’s an offshoot of schoolgirl fetishes for me and would cover gym kits and other tasteful uniforms based at school (hopefully vintage or authentic). When done correctly (no Halloween costumes, please!) it is superb… take a look at Dorothy (below) caught out in a girl scout “Cookie Con”.

girl scout spanking

Girl Scout Dorothy begins the delivery of this years cookies. However, a discrepancy is noticed in the ordering, all have had an extra zero added! Could anyone really spend $5,000 on Girl Scout Cookies? Apparently John Osborne could but, before deciding what to do, and how to pay for her fraudulent activity, Dorothy must be spanked!

girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking girl scout spanking OTK girl scout spanking girl scout spanking



Next up, from Firmhandspanking.com – a very sexy all girl discipline video that I adored featuring beautiful Dani Daniels spanked by Melanie Taylor.

Sexy Dani Daniels soundly spanked by Melanie Taylor for sunbathing nude


“You were sunbathing NAKED?” snaps Melanie after seeing stunning Dani Daniels lying out nude in Sorority Sisters. Dani’s jiggling bare buttocks are soon red from a flip-flop spanking and Melanie’s hand. See Dani grit her teeth as the sting gets to her! Melanie admits: “I love spanking Dani’s bouncing booty, watch it in slow-motion!”

sisters_ck002 sisters_ck005 sisters_ck008 sisters_ck010 sisters_ck013 sisters_ck015 sisters_ck018 sisters_ck020 sisters_ck021 sisters_ck024



When I was in Las Vegas at the end of last month, it was to attend a private spanking party where many of us know each other or get invited. Well, it just so happens that Michael Masterson was invited (due to the awards that he had won which Dr Lectr had purchased in advance of the party). He had admitted later that he never attended a party since around 2002 – so had no idea what to expect. You can check Michael’s account of this at his blog HERE. It wasn’t what he expected and was a great intro on to what larger parties are like too. Anyway, I got to briefly assist him in a strapping punishment of Adriana Evans who was being uber bratty (surprise!!!) – and I am sure he enjoyed the shenanigans that went on! Ten Amorette was also there and we had planned to film her, she is wonderful and a hard player. I hadn’t seen her for over a year & had seen online just how she had become far more athletic… running religiously 3-5 miles a day… she is super toned… “but what about that infamous butt of hers?” I thought. You’ll find out she still takes a mean punishment (as we were happy to report when Sarah and I filmed her too!) – but first, check her out at RSI!

This was literally filmed just before that event…
check out Ten in her introduction to the Institute!

13411_007 13411_024 13411_038 13411_052 13411_055 stripped for her spanking 13411_100 13412_018 13412_023 caning 13412_038 schoolgirl cane 13413_009 strapping schoolgirl strapping bent over for her spanking 13413_040

Ten arrives at The Institute full of attitude, and refusing to follow directions. Miss Betty quickly pushes Ten over the arm of a chair and delivers a hard hand spanking to get her attitude adjusted, and then into uniform before meeting The Dean. The Dean comes in to meet Miss Amorette, who is in “time out” with her bottom bared. He puts her through a series of instructions and drills her with a lot of questions. He immediately busts out the big guns and decides a caning is in order for her extreme bad attitude and disrespect. She is bent over, bottom bared and given a dose with the cane. For disrespecting Betty, the Dean allows her to punish Ten as she sees fit with the strap. Betty tells Ten to remove her panties, grab her ankles and widen her stance. Betty straps her and then leaves her with The Dean who puts Ten in a very uncomfortable time out position.

Ten Amorette at RSI


Also available as part of the 8 site Real spankings Pass
Real Spankings Pass


Finally for today, I have the latest film update from Punishedbrats.com which features super exotic Penny Stone over the lap of sexy redhead, Bianca Rose. This is the video called: “Coming Out Party”.

4 6 7 3 9 10 (1) 10 11 12

Bianca was anxious to present her pet to those in her social circle. All was going well until a powerful senator made a sexual advance on Bianca’s pet- to which Penny responded with a loud blistering rebuke. Penny was unaware, but this was a major political defeat for Lady Bianca. After their arrival home, Bianca took her pet over her knee for a hard spanking. After Lady Bianca finished spanking her pet, Penny suffered the greatest pain of all. She was denied the comforts of her mistresses’ bed and was sent to spend the night in her cage.



Stay tuned for an aabsolutely awesome 3 part multi update tomorrow featuring these scenes! I can’t wait to let you know about them!

cheer1 momma1 sgs1

Hot Spanking Updates

A quick image rich content update for you good people today as there are 2 amazing new updates already out at POVspanking.com and AAAspanking.com which I think you ought to check out!

In the new style of POV style spanking films (with interactive text which we are still pioneering for your immersive experience) check out beautiful Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert (this is the 1st of many videos from the Los Angeles trip) as a couple of spanko camgirls… we join this at the end of their stunning double cam session. YOU are the person paying and instructing the girls to do as you want, helping to get yourself off before the credits run out! These girls look phenomenal and the video is awesome too!

Webcam Girls do Spanking

POV Webcam Spankings

You are finishing your online webcam session with the gorgeous Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert who are together doing as they are told by you. See them react to your instructions as you get excited watching them play with each other, grope and fondle their ripe asses as they giggle girlishly. But they aren’t innocent despite you asking them to dress up cute… Oh no, you know they are both naughty girls who enjoy spanking each other and love showing off! You are getting your money’s worth with these two as first Christy spanks Casey with her panties down, then you watch her use a stinging bathbrush to redden Casey’s pert behind as you had asked. It’s not over as you want to see Christy getting a naughty girl spanking one more time too! You aren’t disappointed as she takes the same delicious spanking and bath brush whacking as her cute camgirl friend. By the time these girls say goodbye you are well and truly “satisfied!” – See this HOT new spanking clip exclusive to POV Spanking!

webcamspankings002 webcamspankings003 webcamspankings004 christy spanks casey calvert panties down spanking girl on girl spanking casey calvert spanked by christy cutie webcamspankings009 webcamspankings010 webcamspankings011 webcamspankings012 spanking webcamspankings014 bathbrush spankings webcamspankings016 lesbian webcam girls grabbing ass hot spanked girls


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The latest film from AAA Spanking stars Ten Amorette alongside Johnny Lake – they are good friends in the spanking scene and attend as many spanking parties in the USA as they can… this video came about with that association and made a really cool introduction to some of the shenannigans that we all get up to at such events! It’s hot and features a naked Ten getting a terrific sexy warm up spanking in the revealing diaper position as well as a more intimate spanking that would bring her to climax at the end… Johnny also showed off his skills with his fave floggers, heavy reformatory strap (which also got used sensually!) as well as a fantastic caning combo before ten’s big “climax” at the end… with a twist! Read on!


Party Playtime – starring Ten Amorette & Johnny Lake

partyplay018 partyplay027 partyplay047 partyplay050 partyplay076 partyplay083 partyplay097 partyplay113 partyplay119 partyplay126 partyplay128 partyplay130 partyplay139 partyplay149 partyplay156 partyplay159 partyplay171 partyplay181

Spanking parties are about a gathering of like minded people and the national parties in the USA are very special. Spankos from all over meet at these events and form real bonds of friendship, comraderie and of course doing what they love the most – being kinky spankos! Two good friends hung out in our room for a while and caught up on news then we asked if they could show a behind the scenes look at some consensual playtime between friends. Please welcome Ten Amorette and Johnny Lake, once again, who took time out to play on film for you all. To start, Ten waited naked on the bed and Johnny wasted no time warming her up thoroughly with a firm but sensual hand spanking, ensuring she would be ready for the next stages of play. She was given the Reformatory Strap and some attention seeking strokes of his sturdy cane which woke Ten up out of her dreamy state. In between this Johhny had expertly used his favorite Floggers on her back, bottom and thighs with his florentine motion just lightly caressing the skin enough to make her feel warm and tingly. The finale was a pre arranged hand spanking which brought Ten to orgasm. Not even the housekeeping maid (which you might just hear in the background) at her point of climax could stop this! Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of a national party held in a large hotel… if you feel unable to attend one soon then check out this film and think again on what fun you could be missing out on!


Check out the free clip and full film update exclusively HERE

Not even housekeeping maids can stop this awesome spanking epic!!!


A Spanking Easter Weekend!

I still have to get round to posting about my last American trip – I am having some of the film data edited for that as we speak and some of the forthcoming footage which you will see at AAAspanking.com and SarahGregorySpanking.com is quite something!!! You will already have seen a few fantastic new style films appear recently from our most recent efforts… a reminder of those are below:

aaa01 aaa02 aaa03 aaa04

Real Tears, Severe punishments, an interesting Fantasy/Reality schoolgirl film and a hugely popular traditional Mother/daughter style discipline in a new role which Ella Hughes had never performed before – which was a real change from what you may have seen her in elsewhere and I know many of you loved from the feedback I had! (thanks, by the way) – Of course, Triple A is also known for the humiliating wheelbarrow spankings of young ladies and next week’s update is a longer play film featuring just that in one of the hottest and sexiest spanking scenes made of a cheergirl, Chessie Kay, by Michael Stamp (see the teaser image below) – fans of Chessie will be pleased to see her in this vulnerable position! This was a first for both Michael AND Chessie (who won the best British Porn newcomer for 2014 – Well done!)

Next week at Triple A Spanking – Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking


Access Triple A via a cheap Trial/5 Day Membership or longer term from just $12.50/month!

AAAtrial aaa6001250


& so to other sites and a few I haven’t showcased for a while, but are deserving for their fine efforts! There was a recent series of 4 short films showcasing a punishment series in the Dean’s Office at Realspankings.com where 4 girls refused to admit to their cyber bullying offenses until the first girl, Alyssa, cracked when she was being paddled HARD over her jeans… the other girls could hear everything and were disgusted by her betrayal as it meant each of them would get the same horrific punishment. All the girls were paddled hard across their jeans one by one and and some buckled and were tearful, as you’ll see… a nice finale has all girls pulling down their jeans and panties to reveal the true extent of their wooden paddling!


Alyssa breaks under the intense swats of the Wooden Paddle

paddled001 paddled002 paddled003 paddled004 paddled005 paddled006 paddled007 paddled008 paddled009 paddled010 paddled012 paddled014




& the very latest video release at sister site RealSpankingsInstitute.com features a cold no nonsense spanking and strapping session with one of my current faves from this network, Syrena… she really does take a hell of a short sharp punishment… images below will emphasize exactly what I mean!


Syrena: Black and Blue Bottom

blackandblue001 blackandblue002 blackandblue003 blackandblue004 blackandblue005 blackandblue006 blackandblue007 blackandblue007a blackandblue008 blackandblue009 blackandblue010 blackandblue011

The Dean has a little private punishment session with Syrena and really wears her bottom out with his hand and two heavy prison straps. CLICK HERE to see the FULL Film only from Real Spankings Institute


A new prisoner intake next at Bars and Stripes – who have me to thank for telling them to contact Ella Hughes when they were looking for new girls to film with (before it all changed hands in December because of the stupid laws back in the UK). This was filmed last November prior to any law changes or model tolerances, of course… I will be honest and say I wouldn’t have been so helpful now as Michael & Zoe are good friends of mine so I let them film Ella before I had planned to earlier this year as they said they needed content. Anyhow, here it is… Ella is, of course, always worth watching!!!

ella_intake1_IMG_2233 ella_intake1_IMG_2240 ella_intake1_IMG_2243 ella_intake1_IMG_2264 ella_intake1_IMG_2277 ella_intake1_IMG_2289 ella_intake_scr5 ella_intake_scr6  ella_intake1_IMG_2291

The very beautiful and sexy Ella worked in a bank and was the “Insider” enabling a gang of bank robbers to steal £567,000 from the bank where she worked. The gang got away but the authorities found out that Ms Hughes had given them all of the bank’s security arrangements. Naughty girl! In this first video the Governer spanks her for the first time!


Don’t miss this latest HOT spanking film!


I haven’t featured the many sponsored canings that Pandora and co have been carrying out all in the aid of providing support for sites based in the UK who might fall foul of the ridiculous amendments to a law that the rest of the world is laughing at. Of course, it is no laughing matter to UK based producers, as I know all too well – and had to relocate the entire business courtesy of Sarah (who now owns AAA outright in the USA). However, there are some producers still based in the UK who don’t have that “option” – Check out Pandora’s site HERE for the updates on the canings, so far which have raised approx £3,800 directly to BACKLASH – I also urge any of you that want UK based producers to survive – but a membership or support backlash and donate to them in case this needs to be fought in a court of law one day!

In other news at Pandora’s DreamsOfspanking.com – I LOVED this F/F schoolgirl film  with a difference and enjoyed how mean she was to Ten Amorette!

Ten Amorette Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirl-takedown015 Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirl-takedown033 Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirl-takedown048 Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirl-takedown058 Pandora Blake

Stripping Ten of her tight school skirt, using her tie to restrain her, and shoving her gym knickers in her mouth, Pandora’s soon got the younger girl right where she wants her: bound and gagged hand and foot, and thoroughly at her mercy. Ten struggles against her bonds, and squeals at each sharp smack on the bare bottom, Pandora has stolen a harsh leather strap from one of the teacher’s offices and she intends to use it to its full extent. She doesn’t make Ten count the strokes – there are far too many of them. Ten just has to endure the hair-pulling, humiliation, and painful lashes with the strap – knowing full well that there’s no way she can escape.

Check out this FREE video clip too (should play on most mobile devices too!)


Finally for today… the very lovely Satine Spark finishes off this post with an awesome naughty and rude spanking which was rather embarrassing for the poor girl (as you’ll see). This is found at English-Spankers.com

npp7127006 npp7127010 npp7127017 npp7127021 npp7127022 npp7127029 npp7127031 npp7127035 npp7127039 npp7127043 npp7127045 npp7127048

Satine Spark has had her interview spanking for the Sexy Cleaning Company and she has given herself a good paddling whilst waiting to meet her first customer. This lady makes it clear that it is not so much the cleaning she is interested in but the fact that she gets to spank and paddle a naughty bottom. Satine agrees to let this nasty lady give her a real hard paddling in some very embarrassing positions. Now Satine can take a real hard spanking and in this film she really does demonstrate this ability. Various paddles are used to good effect on her lovely young bottom. Once again you can see why she is one of our favourite ladies.

See the FULL naughty film HERE



Not everything sucks in Houston – especially May 28-31 2015

Girl on Girl Punishment Special

I’m gonna get you few images of who I filmed with and what I got up to at Crimosn Moon & Fetishcon in my next post but since I have a few extra hours to kill this afternoon, I thought I’d bring you a special round up of some hard hitting girl on girl spanking action… some are recent updates, others are from my own archives I may not have shown but I will provide any necessary links for you to locate this material… so without further ado, let’s get on with the action clips and pics I have for you today!

From Shadowlane.com – Step Mommy Severest: Starring Ten Amorette and Miss Chris Grey.

Spoiled brat Katie (Ten Amorette) takes too much for granted, including the cushy job she holds, courtesy of her stepmother, Chris. The pretty brunette seems to think she can act any way she likes, but this isn’t the case at all. Chris has spent the whole morning doing damage control at the conservative consulting firm where they work, pleading with her bosses to let her stepdaughter keep her job. Katie has been a little too casual about her comportment both at work and after hours, getting in late, taking extra time off and worst of all, posting naughty photos of herself on every type of social media. Katie’s lack of respect for both her position and her hard working stepmother is obvious and will not go unpunished a moment longer. Clearly, if Katie wants to hold onto her job security, to say nothing of a rent-free situation at home, she must submit to traditional discipline from her stepmom, starting with an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking, on her skirt, sheer panties and bare bottom. Chris is a vigorous and righteous spanker with a memorable swing and penetrating follow through. But no amount of whining or leg kicking will spare the erring stepdaughter the full measure of hard whacks that she has earned and deserves.

9e0af65735cff58055a9a0bed8d92a0e 576a6f491cf390aa81fbe105e1cd255b

e5ffaf10c4207dbe30a1ab003a6ba271 b2a393a72586ebd44407df8fb0ce74b3

147b3e92604738ee1fb6316a5d0ec0ae 70739d1378ba04c1910f0ede04e41f5f

c0f3c2a13402ea0555f23262f50788b8 ead7246460c52ad8931a0f904c9bad75

Not satisfied that Katie has sufficiently repented her bad behavior both at work at and at home, Chris orders her rosy bottomed step daughter to strip completely nude for a face down continuation of her lesson. Chris grabs a thick and wide leather strap and begins to lambaste Katie’s upturned rear with it, leaving swatches of dark rose color behind. Katie cries out in pain and humiliation as the strap falls relentlessly across her punished seat. Next, Chris takes out her flogger and administers a classic whipping to her stepdaughter, up and down her back, concentrating on Katie’s curvy buttocks, of course. Finally, for a grand finale to the corporal punishment session of her mischievous stepdaughter, Chris inflicts a parting hand spanking that leaves the bad girl with a sore bottom radiating heat. The sound punishment concludes with a warm and affectionate embrace between stern stepmom and her rueful charge as both agree a fresh start is in order.Running time: 36 minutes

You can check out MORE of this film and the latest hot spankings HERE from Shadowlane


Yay! Next up are a great 1st time pairing of Pandora Blake and Madison Martin, one of the originals (alongside one of my all time faves, Kay Richards) in the ongoing spanking soap opera site that is MySpankingRoommate.com – Pandora helped film this on her last West coast Cali trip in April… and the wait is worth it as she plays a rather useless lawyer unable to help Madison in her apartment woes as you will soon see below: What I like about thsi site is that the stories arc and as the title suggests, it is more of a spanking soap opera, so if you like recurring themes and core characters with a growing list of spanking celeb and character appearances… this is the site for you!

01 03

05 06

07 08

Pandora Blake debuts on my spanking roommate this week as a slightly incompetent lawyer. Madison seeks out legal advice about getting kicked of her apartment by Kay. Pandora doesn’t offer much sound advice, so Madison gives her a sound spanking across her ever so spankable big plump bottom, with hand and a wooden ruler. When Pandora has had enough, she spanks Madison’s glorious bouncy ass, who struggles to no avail. Two cute, curvy bottom ladies square off.


10 11

13 14

16 17

Check out more of these 2 bountiful booty whackings HERE


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Staying with Pandora, at her own site recently DreamsOfspanking.com – was a fantastic meeting between her and award winning porn star, Zahra Stardust from Australia (they met whilst attending a Fem Porn Convention in Canada earlier this year) – and this is the result of one of their films they made together… a hot queer girl on girl spanking film made from their own perspective of what hot girl spanking porn should be like.

“Spanking Zahra Stardust”

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra002 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra004

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra016 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra021

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra012 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra032

Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra023 Dreams-of-Spanking_zahra026

Award-winning porn star Zahra Stardust joins Pandora Blake in this orgasmic spanking film. A warm up over the knee spanking is followed by soft and hard strokes with the strap, all while Zahra moans with arousal. Pandora orders Zahra to pleasure herself, while she continues to smack and squeeze her gorgeous bottom. Zahra begs Pandora to choke her as she brings herself to a sizzling orgasm! #HAWT!


I just wanted to remind you of an old but popular update of mine involving Zoe Page & Alex Reynolds in a fun but hard hitting film about girls who fight over the daftest of things… Alex was not impressed by Zoe’s selfish behaviour over her soft toys and especially Mr Bear, a huge cuddly thing she wouldn’t share with Alex… all hell breaks loose and poor Alex ends up on the losing and humiliating side, even taking a token spanking punishment from Mr Bear after Zoe had finished with her!

nb07 nb11

nb14 nb17


nb18 nb19


nb23 nb24

nb25 nb32


The full HD film can be seen along with extensive stills and video images at AAAspanking.com



Another classic old film I remember is called “See How sally likes it” from SpankingSarah.com


Sally has made some spanking films already but feels she was not pushed to her limits, Sarah is happy to discuss this with her and then see just how far she can take this young blonde beauty. She decides to use a variety of implements on the soft bottom and breasts of Sally, the martinet, a strap, a paddle and the riding crop. Sally takes it all, much harder than and punishment she has ever experienced but what a great film of this teenage lovely.

npp4063031 npp4063038

npp4063084 npp4063086


npp4063103 npp4063106

See MORE of  naughty Sally’s films unique to SpankingSarah.com – #HAWT!



& finally for today, another classic that I have not shown from MommaSpankings.com where fearsome Momma Dana has to intervene between warring sisters played by Sarah Gregory & Kat St James in the long play film “Misbehaving Sisters!”


Mommy notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft. Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms.

momma-60-020 momma-60-032 momma-60-033


momma-61-003 momma-61-026 momma-62-011


momma-62-004 momma-62-030 momma-62-038

momma-64-001 momma-64-004 momma-64-021


momma-64-016 momma-64-039

See more of this film along with an extensive update of the latest severe spankings by Mommy!



How many spanking days left ’til Xmas? The Santa pics from July’s Crimson Moon
More images of what I filmed and got up to in Chicago & Florida next!


Apres Crimson Moon!

This is just a quick update after Crimson Moon – I have massive “Party Drop” – I am staying on for a few days after the CM Party which was amazing. I got to meet so many new faces and experience yet another gathering of genuine kinky people as well as meet new opportunities for filming which I did a lot of over the weekend. I really can’t wait to show you the results of this and will post a few pics next time or when I can, I think to do so right now would be hard for me after the last few days as I have experienced what it is when they refer to “Party Drop” – I had grown used to and rather enjoyed the mayhem and sounds of laughter and spankings on the top floor of the hotel… the various events and the hectic filming schedules. Now it’s raining hard here in Chicago and my one full free day to go sightseeing tomorrow is in jeopardy… come on… think glass half full… not empty! After all, I can kind of breathe OK again which is a bonus after that horrible asthma episode last week! So I will bring you news of what is being updated at my site as well as others this past and present week!

Oh heck, here are some images from the party, I can’t post too many as they might involve people that are not wishing to be seen online… but these include myself, Sarah, Justin (J_Doggg) & Uncle Givan (who did another great Santa spanks… can’t think why!)

cm2 cm4

cm3 cm1

cm5 cm6

I have just updated my site with the full film of the Thieving Cheerleader in both WMV and MP4 playback starring new girl Lily Swan… I have many more great films with her coming soon, but here is a reminder below (click image for the FREE Movie image gallery) – and below that I have a few reduced size stills images you won’t have seen before but members have access to!


Please welcome our latest addition to our site, hot new girl, Lily Swan, dressed in her cute cheerleading costume. She was summoned to meet her English coach, Mr Osborne. Only that wasn’t her costume, she had forgotten hers for Cheer Practice… she had selfishly stolen one of the other girls outfits but this caused a lot of upset as the girl that she had taken the costume off was in a flood of tears, scared stiff that she would be punished! Lily had forgotten that Rebecca’s costume had her name sewn in to it so it was obvious that Lily had used Rebecca’s costume instead. In brief, Lily was not in the least bit remorseful until Mr Osborne gave her an ultimatum: Accept the punishment & return the uniform, teaching her the consequences of her actions… or get kicked out of the best cheerleading troupe in that area instantly! She reluctantly chose the 1st humiliating option, resulting in her tight fit toned buttocks spanked and strapped long & hard as she wriggled & bucked wildly from this painful discipline session. Lily then had to go to Rebecca as agreed, all humbled… & genuinely apologize for what she had done, showing Rebecca her bottom to prove that she had been thoroughly punished.






All new and full film releases are also available individually for your choice at
The AAA Clips Store – Click HERE


In other news elsewhere… it was great seeing Ten Amorette again this weekend, along with Joe… so here’s a nice surprise for me at Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking site as she tops Pandora in this excellent F/F spanking film! (below)

Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan005 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0151 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0081

Ten Amorette takes a no­-nonsense attitude to her job as a big sister. Pandora Blake is about to marry Ten’s brother, so she wants to make sure that Pandora is treating him with the respect and fidelity he deserves. When Pandora and Ten sit down to finalise the seating plan for the wedding, Ten confronts her. She has heard that Pandora she has been texting and flirting with other men, and Ten decides to give her a taste of what happens when big sister steps in.

She pulls a shocked Pandora over her knee for a hard hand spanking through her sheer tights. As Pandora squirms and protests, her eyes watering from the pain, Ten scolds her for not taking her commitment seriously. She knows that Pandora has cheated on previous boyfriends and is determined not to let her break her little brother’s heart. Ten reachs in her handbag and pulls out a heavy wooden hairbrush, and starts applying vigorous smacks to Pandora’s upturned bottom. Pandora tries to wriggle away, squealing and struggling, but Ten won’t be deterred, and pulls Pandora’s tights and knickers down for a hard, fast and thorough hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. Pandora certainly won’t be sitting comfortably any time soon, but will this firm punishment make her see the error of her ways?

Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0181 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0231


Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0311 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan033



From Holland comes a great secretarial spanking film at the infamous Spanked In Uniform website – this is a special Dutch Dictation film which you can now see in full with hot new girl, Milena. One of the 17 spanking uniform niches covered at this site!


ep13_4 ep13_5

ep13_6 ep13_8

ep13_10 ep13_11


A Dutch contract needed to be typed up quickly so Milena was called as she needed the extra practice. It soon became apparent that the normal way of dictation wasn’t going to work so Milena was ordered to bare her bottom, lay over the desk and take the rest of the dictation. With the help of her teacher’s hard hand and clipboard, she managed to finish the contract but her bottom was quite red and sore when she went to the printer.

You can see the FULL FILM HERE!


& finally, a fantastic slut shaming video c/o my fave of the “Fonda Group” of sites – Spanked Callsgirls – this is made better by the fact it’s Paris Kennedy getting the treatment, I have always loved seeing her receive a good hard spanking… and she is so damned sexy!!! #hawt

01 02

03 04

05 06

 08 09

10 11

12 13

14 15

16 17

Paris Kennedy has been really bad, so mamma Clare kicks her out of the cat house and sends her to work for Double Dan, who will tolerate no incompetence at the work place. Dan paddles Paris, canes her till her bottom is striped up and down and then spanks her over her already sore, red bottom. Will Paris continue after 2 days of severe punishment?


View MORE of Paris at SpankedCallgirls.com

or via the best value 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass


Weekend Catch Up

countdownThe countdown to the World Cup Final is nearing an end… those of you who are Brazilian or hate soccer will be breathing a collective sigh of relief as it will soon be over for another 4 years. However, I promised I wouldn’t drone on about that (it’s easy when only Germany and Argentina remain) so… here’s a good round up of what you good folk may or may not have missed… this is gonna be a mega post, so take a deep breath and enjoy the visual spanking treat that lays ahead! This also includes anything I may have been perving over from my own archives of other sites I have which might just interest you too 🙂

On my way back home, I met up with Sarah Bright & Mr Stern at their place… I would like to say “thank you” to them both, the company and conversation was amusing as we put the world to rights and had lots of stories to share with each other! Good to see both of them were in far better shape than I had feared reading her blogs recently… so it was a nice break on the way home despite the traffic being an utter nightmare on my southwesterly bound travels, with accidents and busy weekend traffic making the journey through the Midlands and M5 southbound (initially) rather tedious! Here’s what Sarah got up to most recently taken from her great site SpankingSarah.com

New intern Vicky arrives at Katie’s “House of Correction”

npp7018010 npp7018022

npp7018028 npp7018034

npp7018043 npp7018054

npp7018063 npp7018067 npp7018070

Vicky arrives at the House of Correction with a big attitude problem but Aunty Katie knows how to deal with even the most recalcitrant of girls. First she is made to strip naked, then she has to bend over for an intimate inspection and then she is told that she will be spanked, hard. Her arguments get her nowhere and she is soon bent over the punishment stool. Aunty Katie has a very hard right hand and she knows just how to use it on this bare bottom. By the time she has finished with Vicky’s bottom this young lady knows she has been well punished.

There’s a free clip of this film below for your viewing pleasure…



& then over at Mr Stern’s main site English-Spankers.com he makes a welcome return with the gorgeous Bell Calder getting a good hand and bare bottom leather paddling punishment (see below)

npp7028015 npp7028025

npp7028037 npp7028050

npp7028056 npp7028064

npp7028065 npp7028072

npp7028073 npp7028074

Another great story featuring The return of Mr. Stern, this time he is called upon to discipline a lazy, idle teenager, Bell Calder. After a severe dressing down he proceeds to spank her bottom over her shorts before having these removed and spanking her bare. Next he selects a slipper paddle, this is a very stingy and rather nasty little paddle that can inflict quite a lot of pain to those bent over receiving its attentions and Bell is no exception. She does not like the paddle and lets us know this but she has to take her full quota.

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film (below)



One girl I never tire of seeing spanked anywhere online is the lovely Miss Kami Robertson. So it is good to report to you that there is now the full update of all parts of a young stunning Kami getting caught shoplifting underwear. She’s caught by store manager, Mr Kennedy, which leads to his own unique method of keeping this out of the hands of the police… I have to say, I’d go for this option too with a cute girl like the very tempting and oh so spankable Miss Robertson! This is courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com

NSI081C-PK001 NSI081C-PK022

NSI081C-PK062 NSI081C-PK103

NSI081C-PK107 NSI081C-PK128

NSI081C-PK154 NSI081C-PK164

NSI081C-PK172 NSI081C-PK182 NSI081C-PK184

See much MORE of Kami in her many films and photo sets exclusive to NorthernSpanking.com


Next is a film I remember helping to make very well… it was at the last BBW event in Atlantic City and I don’t know what it was, but that room was just PERFECT for lighting that day, between Sarah Gregory and myself, we shot some of the clearest, naughtiest detailed HD spanking films we have ever made. I kid you not, the images were so sharp… you know what? I can’t wait to film there again… those colour styles of the room, though dreary, and obviously looking like a hotel room, made it perfect to film our main subjects… and that is what is most important in these films. So often I hate filming in hotel rooms, like we producers all know, you limit yourself to storylines but we adapt and make some great stuff sometimes… this is definitely one of those times and Sarah should be proud of what we did here… Oh, and plus the fact that Johnny gave Ten so many REAL orgasms during this punishment we lost count.

Seriously, Ten Amorette can orgasm quickly if you spank her right… the compressed air against her butt cheeks and pussy is all it takes and with a furious assault on that area, Johnny spanks her until she begs him if she is allowed to cum. “Do it!” he says… and she does…. again and again! This “Party Play” film also features what Johnny is known for in the scenes, excellent use of reformatory straps and floggers to make this an unforgettable playtime experience that outsiders might not always see – ever wondered what we get up to at Spanking Parties? These are one of those times!!!

0167_party_play_gal1-010 0167_party_play_gal1-020

0167_party_play_gal1-038 0167_party_play_gal1-058

0167_party_play_gal2-006 0167_party_play_gal2-007

0167_party_play_gal2-013 0167_party_play_gal2-015

0167_party_play_gal2-034 0167_party_play_gal2-036

0167_party_play_gal2-051 0167_party_play_gal2-056

Images & special free clip only shown here courtesy of the excellent Sarah Gregory Spanking website!

See this film in FULL HD along with the other great Ten Amorette & Sarah Gregory features


Time for a few wonderful films you may have missed from the Clare Fonda Group of sites – as always all the sites can be viewed via the top value CLARE FONDA PASS for a fraction of the combined costs but each site is massive in its own right…. so if you don’t have the time or hard drive space, check out which site you’d like to view more of…. or as part of the PASS 🙂

Spanked Sweeties continues with new girl Christie Stevens who recalls many stories of growing up and some of her wildest spanking experiences in her life including this one which co stars Veronica Ricci as she recounts a tale of when she had spanked many customers (including females!)… one re-enactment which you see below has Veronica playing the “victim”.

stripper001 stripper002

stripper003 stripper004

stripper005 stripper006

stripper007 stripper008

stripper009 stripper010

stripper011 stripper012

I love this site, it introduces all their new girls and some of their wildest stories and fantasies… Veronica also interviewed Christie in this film and got her to make some very, very sexy revelations…. members can see what that was HERE!


& so to GirlSpanksGirl.com with Jenna Rose as a nurse receiving a wicked spanking off another recent addition to the sites, the lovely, tall and athletic Maddy Marks who has made several great films at my own site! Here, in “Nurse Spanking – part 2”, Jenna plays a hot, stern nurse who had recently spanked a very slutty Maddy for showing up late. Well, turns out Maddy got fired and she blames Jenna. So the tall, powerful Maddy yanks Jenna over her knee for a strong revenge spanking that leaves Jenna quivering, and having difficulty sitting down. #mmm

nurse001 nurse002 nurse003

nurse004 nurse005

nurse006 nurse007

nurse008 nurse009

nurse010 nurse011 nurse012

You will see in the film just why nurse Jenna could hardly site down!!! CLICK HERE


These 2 sites can be viewed as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS



There’s more but I have run out of time as this post will go live around half time in the World Cup!


“Glückwunsch Deutschland!”

Congratulations Germany!

Here’s a fantastic closing montage of the World Cup that viewers saw on the BBC tonight!