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Clare Fonda Updates for the week!

Hi everyone, here is a post where you’ll find what’s being shown across Clare’s sites (I won’t include her ClareSpanksMen.com site this week since it invoked a furious response last time but I will cover another of her favorite fetishes which you can see later…). Also back by popular demand from my mails is CEILING CAT (yay!) and this kittycat is getting a close up view of the action from his ceiling cut out vantage point…. has anyone told Clare just how big this feline is? He’s HUGE!!! Thankfully this pervy kitteh can look after himself so won’t need Clare’s help in the housing department (besides… he’s “Ceiling Cat!” and can do whatever he chooses to do, which is looking at girls punished bottoms!)

So in the first of today’s updates see what Ceiling Cat has been busy watching (yup, it’s one of my fave girls “Ten” getting a good hard ass slapping at the hands of Alicia Panettiere) at SpankedCallgirls.com – read more about this latest film that also has Momma Clare get involved too!!!

You can tell  Clare loves making these type of films… Ten & Alicia are 2 of her call girls who she has booked for various jobs… but after dishing out some punishments last time, it seems the girls can’t keep their hands off each others bottoms and Alicia soon finds an excuse in Clare’s absence to get this gorgeous girl over her lap for a hard hairbrush punishment. I love Ten’s muscular thick thighs and her amazing bottom which is made for spanking and that soon turned a shameful shade of naughty red… but Momma Clare returns to find Ten’s ass on fire, fully bared and exposed so Alicia gets some of the same treatment from Clare after a good scolding for being a dirty switcheroo that can’t keep her hands off her property! For good measure, Clare can’t resist spanking Ten’s addictive sore cheeks either (who could?) – man… I love this naughty spanking site!!! See some images which accompany this movie below so you get a better idea:

See this very latest film at the unique & very naughty Spankedcallgirls.com


OK, I might be a little obssssed with Ceiling Cat but this little caption below made me giggle as I wrote it up… I love that nosey Kitty and I’m sure you’ll love seeing the latest punishment movie update showing at Clare’s multi themed GirlSpanksGirl.com website where it covers punishment, erotic and sensual spanking sections… as this lovely thing is given a good hard chastising punishment as only Clare knows how with her cutting put downs and eager hand to solve the mysterious problem of her niece’s bad behavior!

Taken from the sensual spanking section of this website, here is a punishment given by a no nonsense aunt to her niece! The punishment is as follows: Samora has been sent to her strict Aunt’s house to live for a while. When Samora slacks off and doesn’t do her homework (doodling instead of learning), she is made to realize the consequence of her actions. Aunt Clare takes her over her knee and spanks her hard until Samora’s bottom turns an angry red revealing the nasty spanking discipline carried out by her strict elder!

See sassy Samora getting a spanking off her Aunt Clare below



It’s time I introduced “Basement Cat” – this kitteh has had limited access to the Interwebs * is really pissed off as you might be able to see…. I can understand why if he was to miss the next full episode from Clare’s spanking soap opera site!

The spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoommate.com continues this week with a new episode starring one of the original girls, Madison Martin, who I think has one of the jiggliest pair of cheeks that make viewing her getting a spanking so mesmerising… it’s great to see her back and this time over the knee of the well endowed Jewell Marceau… I watched a film of hers recently which I’m going to review soon, but that’s another day and another story… here, she replaces Madison’s boss on holiday, but the spankings don’t let up for Madison as you’ll discover below: (no wonder basement cat looks so pissed… I would be too if I missed this!)



All the above sites can be viewed via Clare’s best value CLARE FONDA PASS Network offering you a decent chance to view 3, 4 or 5 sites (it’s your choice) at a fraction of the cost spread over a month or for even better value on a 3 month deal! Check out the full info which makes this one of the most popular multi site options that are not too ridiculously big and pointless, especially over a month or 2… all her stuff at each site is NEVER replicated at another site, another BIG bonus to remember! It’s late here and I was going to ramble on about more of Clare’s sites but I can save this for another time… have a great end to the day wherever you are and watch out for Basement Cat!

PunishedBrats – Old & New!

Hey everyone… we’re still here!!!

After all that apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo I heard about the world ending last night… I guess there are a few red faces and shame as some devout Christians or other have to face going back to work (if they haven’t spent their savings on whatever cult it was etc). I’m sorry, being British, I was SO disinterested in this claptrap that I have skimmed the stories. I, like many other of my fellow Brits, fail to understand how in the USA these “Preachers” on TV and in everyday life can con individuals and hoodwink vulnerable people so much… over here they’d be hunted down or hounded out of communities by a very angry mob of people or just plain derided as a lunatic and shunned… maybe it’s because we’re such a small land mass that it’s getting harder to hide in our over populated, over regulated and overly CCTV controlled society (put that soap box away, Chief…)

So here we are on a bright new day and I thought I’d celebrate with a small mini review I did way back, a little reminder about just how awesome Punishedbrats.com is – hardly surprising, they’ve been going 5 years now and of course you may have noticed that to celebrate this they are offering a special Birthday pricing (I think this is a first time that there has ever been an offer so take advantage of it whilst you can!)

Current Birthday pricing: (Get this before they revert to their normal price structure)

  • $15 for 30 Days (recurring)
  • $19.99 30 Days (non recurring)
  • $41 for 90 days (best value at 13.60/month – non recurring)

First of all, I want to let you know that there is a new girl by the name of Pi who will be appearing at the site very soon (I guess that at PB they are now only taking on girls who have number references, I am of course referring to the gorgeous Ten who I will let you see in her latest film in a mo). They called her Pi as it was easier than “TwentyTwo over Seven” – I’m hoping she will also star with Ten and then we can have some Spanking Equation fun 🙂

Pi… or 22/7 with a very sore bottom – coming soon to Punishedbrats.com!

OK, as promised, below is the very latest episode featuring Ten, and I’m sure you’ve all seen her many times on here before so take a look at ten’s amazing posterior and as I’ve said before, I just LOVE her thick, strong amazonian legs, I bet she could crush a walnut with those thighs, I’d love to see that!!! But guess what…. I digress! 🙂

Ten was pulled over by police officer Mike Smith. She thinks she has the cop wrapped around her finger after she pulls the crying routine and gets off without a ticket, but Officer Smith is going to escort the girl home for a crying routine over his knee instead!

Now I live Lily Anna, she can pout withthe best of them and of course has a marvellous great butt that reddens beautifully! You can see what happens when she pisses off her lawyer Susan below!

Lily Anna recanted her entire statement in the middle of courtroom testimony making a fool out of her lawyer, Susan. Susan doesn’t feel the girl understands the severity of her actions and gives her a well deserved lesson in real life discipline she won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Finally, the film I really liked recently of a girl I hadn’t seen in a while was of David and Bronte… these images below really capture what went on in the movie as she has a pretty face and of course an amazing bum that David ensures is glowing red by the time he’s finished with her over his knee!

Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled! Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner with her cheeks on fire?

OK, let’s not forget what you can find in the archives of this site, check out the images below from an old post I did and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the site even more again! Enjoy! I certainly did re-reading this all 😉


Punished Brats

OK, to those I doubt many of you will remeber this post I did so enjoy the images of a younger Pixie and blonde Juliet amongst others!

Girls at Punished Brats taking it easy

Wowser! I gotta say that David is a lucky fella getting a chance to punish these brats!  😀

Also, to you TV buffs or perusers of teen sites (ahem) don’t you think that Juliet (below) has a similarity to…

The cheerleader Claire (below left) from TV Series “Heroes” and Teen Minx “Tiffany Teen” (below right)

…and Pixie, well, she’s just adorable and unique, isn’t she? (below)

OK, I am seriously digressing here, first OTK from PunishedBrats naturally goes to Pixie!

She has been caught out texting whilst driving (actually an offfence in the UK now you know!) so is given a torrid time and all privlieges revoked at home! See the pics below for that magnicent derriere splayed over Paul’s knee as he administers the bath brush on her rump!

click here to play this free clip

Check the FREE Spanking images from this movie below

click here for more Pixie

Next up, Aunty Chelsea has had a lot (A LOT) of trouble with bratty Juliet but in this part of the movie we see Juliet broken and beginning to realise aplogies might be a good thing! Some great camera angle work and a seriously spankable arse, these ae a few great pics and free clip! Enjoy!!!

click here to play

Oh boy! Where’s that cold bucket of water? and I’ve got Helen and Violetta to come yet!!!

more hot girls and brats punished here

David Pierson gets to have these brats over his knee, the first is the very latest update OUT NOW.

It stars the simply delectable Helen Lei, who I’m guessing has either Chinese or Singaporian heretage, oh my! Anyone of you here know my feelings about Asian girls (well, women in general I suppose…heh heh)  😉 This gorgeous brat, Helen, finally starts to come to her senses as step dad David removes her knickers and continues to show her who’s boss!

click here to view this FREE Clip

Miss Lei, you may only be 19 years of age, but it appears you are never too old to be taught this lesson!

Loving those yellow panties as well, I hope if you are reading this David, that you get Miss Lei back soon!

more brats punished here

Finally I found this movie and the girl, called Violetta who surprisingly in this day and age had a refreshing tuft of hair between her legs!
Ah, just like the old days, no harsh tatts in sight as well! Bliss! Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but I find this girl very attractive! Lucky David gets to have her cry and squirm over his knee in this workplace scenario as she fails to come up to scratch!

free movie clip of Violetta's punishment

With those boots, her legs look like they go on forever! And what a lovely arse! A joy to watch!

OK, I think you get the idea, right? & as I mentioned earlier… please be aware that there is a special Birthday pricing that means for the short period this offer is available – you can get access to Punishedbrats – IN FULL – for less than at any time over the last 5 years, it’s their way of saying “Thank you” to those that have supported them over the years… so if you liked what you saw above, then this is just the tip of the spanking iceberg. Check it out HERE – ‘cos the Chief said so!  😉

OK, have a good weekend, safe in the knowledge that The Earth and all life on it have survived another day!

Regards, Chief.


Sex, Spanking & Sexy Spankings!

I’m slowly catching up on everything here and just updated my other blog with some really good stuff HERE – so if you have already seen that today, watch out for this theme I thought I’d embrace today (I’m in a better mood, heh heh) and why not embrace sex and spanking and sexy spankings? A heady mix indeed and I promise you some of the stuff you’re about to see is very naughty or just very sexy… so please loosen undergarments and read on!

I have a few grown women today who I find incredibly sexy and I know from some mails I receive that you do like to see attractive MILFs and such as well as teens and young twenty-somethings, so I have some real treats for you today and I’ll start with dirty, horny, cock sucking Sarah who has proved on her own site at SpankingSarah.com that she can take any punishment and puts younger girls to shame with her slutty antics… and will do virtually anything, especially if it’s naughty or very filthy! Well, below in this old classic that I just watched again (you can’t see this on the tour pages so it’s well worth a peek!) she agrees to suck off the Chef for more money whilst she is being caned and fingered… I think I’ll let the images explain what is happening, these are actual full size image grabs when you click on the thumbnails so you will know the quality of the actual movie is clearly HD and top rate!

Go check out a massive free preview of HD movies HERE starring Sarah & friends in some very naughty films that she has amassed over the years! From memory there are about 3 or 4 full tour pages of films and descriptions, so it’s well worth checking out!


Ok, I’m waffling so less writing, more images and clips! Staying with the MILF/Cougar theme briefly, I have to admit I have a thing for Andi Switch and seeing her in this latest movie at NorthernSpanking only makes me want to try and get her to at least star at some point at my own site (I’ve heard she longer longer subs… but I can live in hope!) The images below of her as a lazy drunken wife getting a good thrashing from hubby Paul are a tease, but I think you get the idea! I know this scenario all too well! My missus, “Er Indoors” is a bit of a lush too….”More wine, darling?”

Members can see much more of this movie update with Paul and Andi HERE

Meanwhile there is another complete “Cougar/Diva theme” with Erica Scott getting a good thrashing courtesy of Stephen Lewis! & I have to say he looked rather smug in this movie sorting out Erica’s diva-esque behavior and fabulous derriere which puts many teens to shame… I can tell you I’d be in a long queue to spank Erica’s buns over my knee, that’s for sure, and you can see why below!

Oh… here’s the actual storyline 🙂
Theatrical Agent, Stephen Lewis, is at the end of his tether with actress Erica and her petulant, diva-esque ways. Demanding champagne, candy and being fussy about her co-stars and entirely delusional about what kind of part she ought to be playing. When Erica fails to show on set for filming her latest part, Stephen decides to give her a bit of a reality check with the help of his hand and a hard heavy wooden hairbrush! This film is out in full and can be viewed HERE


Fancy some incredibly cute Girl/Girl cuteness and spankings as only Clare Fonda knows how? I thought you might! There’s a brand new movie just released today at GirlSpanksGirl.com in their hard discipline section and it has strict cousin Alicia Panettiere visiting Mary Jane & Ten (MJ is Clare’s incredibly cute exclusive honey and Ten is an amazing girl from the east coast who I have seen mainly featured at PunishedBrats.com until now and I loved her work there!) Have you seen her legs and butt? They could crush walnuts… toned and incredibly strong – I actually find well built girls like this very very sexy! Oh and these girls both end up getting thrashed in their pajamas as well… enough, see for yourself below! Alicia starts by mouth soaping ten’s “potty mouth” – I love these sort of punishments!

& as promised the girls get a (rare slippering) punishment before bedtime in their pajamas!

Lindsay Meyers was an unknown to me until last summer when she appeared in Clare’s last Exclusive Education series as 1 of the 10 unfortunate pupils in EE5 – well, I have since grown to really love seeing Lindsay, I like to see girls look a little different, she wears glasses sometimes on film (did you see the gallery shown for EE5 above?), or in this case, is one of Momma Clare’s “dirty Hoe’s” at Spankedcallgirls.com and I love Clare’s biting put downs and wit when it comes to belittling her girls, it’s nothing personal, she’s far more clever than that but what she says can humiliate a wayward girl at 300yards and poor Lindsay gets a hard hairbrush punishment when she displeases her madame by not being entirely truthful with her! See some images taken to compliment this latest movie of Lindsay’s punishment!

This is one of my favorite sites as I love this theme (it’s also the one that Clare enjoys working on)
See the Tour Pages to see why it is so popular with naughty girls thrashed for our viewing pleasure!

& finally from Clare’s group of sites today the awesome Kay Richards squeals and complains in the most wrigglesome way only she knows how over the adorable but very stern Mary Jane at Spanked Sweeties – this is part of the introduction series of many films of Mary Jane (MJ) and she is starting to show just how versatile she actually is and I am sure Clare is creaming herself at such a “find” (I’d actually like to see that, if it were possible, lol!) Anyways, this is an incredibly sensual and sexual series of spanking images between 2 very hot girls and Kay totally submits to MJ! 2 words… F*cking Awesome!!!

Spankedsweeties showcases hot new girls next door, real fantasies enacted out with 1st timers spanked and interviewed alongside more experienced and well known popular cuties making this a site well worth checking out!


All of Clare Fonda;s sites featured above can be viewed as part of her infamous Clare Fonda Pass Network which NEVER repeats any content from one site to another unlike some networks I won’t mention. If that isn’t reason enough to choose this option, check out the pricing options which are very fair and not overly suspiciously cheap so if you have a few extra Bucks and plenty of time and Hard Disk space, you will know this option is the BEST VALUE which is what I have and am kept busy with the massive various updates across the sites I have chosen (you can choose up to 5 of her sites!) For MORE info CLICK HERE or the banner below.