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Happy Spanksgiving

Just a quick note to say “Happy Spanksgiving” everyone from Sarah & I here in New England! We discussed her films and she asked me to remind you all about the film below which she says is one of her most memorable (I will explain why later)… I hadn’t realized just how massive and important Thanksgiving is here in America until I have become a part of it. I would say it is more important than Xmas-time for families… and of course the Black Friday sales events that follow too (I’m looking forward to the mayhem of that and have lots of electrical items and clothing in mind for some incredible bargains which Sarah said she’d help me find). But I digress.. so here is her film that she thinks of at this time of year, and to all my American readers, a genuine heartfelt “Happy Thanksgiving” to you and your families!

Sadly for Sarah… this film had consequences and I think the title of it is a bit of a giveaway (hehe!) – It’s called “A Not So Happy Spanksgiving”


Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving.

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Here are some behind the scenes tidbits of the film that you will not have heard about…. this film included Sarah’s first ever real face slapping scene by Momma Dana. She told me that this put her into a crazy subspace, it was just the one slap, but it was HARD… and if you view the film, you will see that she lost her balance – it was that severe! There were no lasting marks, it was just scary at the time but it was agreed beforehand that this would take place… and it ended up being an emotional release. Another fascinating fact: If Sarah calls Momma Dana a “bitch” or swears at her, this now gives Momma permission to slap her in the face… this is their tagline for such events and you can see this in action in other films such as “Mommy’s Rebellious Brat”

momma-35-048 momma-35-065 momma-35-071 momma-36-010 momma-36-011 momma-36-020 momma-36-061

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Happy Spanksgiving from us all here in America!