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Spanking More Bad Girls

Following my post yesterday, it would appear that the model in question had not given up hassling said producer, but had instead started abusing him with multiple profanities. I have suggested that he forward all communications from now on to the Fetlife Support Admin – as at the very least I would see this as harassment along with threatening behavior. A few producers had already pre-emptively contacted me after seeing my post so I have shared the info on who she is – as I said, it is up to them if they want to employ her (if at all), maybe they will and good luck to them… I am just pointing out this behavior to one producer that I know and find it unacceptable (my opinion).
I’d have left it alone but when she wrote back saying “Do you know who you’re messing with?” and “Don’t fuck with me!” to him, then I couldn’t leave it alone, could I? I hate those tired old clichés!
I’d much rather write about spankings and girls bottoms being tanned for better reasons, so let’s do that and due to my extensive travels I had forgotten to check out Greg’s excellent follow up from Charlotte Webb’s glorious ass smacking in this series at BunBeatingFun.com where the last full video ended with the model’s agent arriving and going crazy over the treatment of her useless girl. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? & it didn’t end well for that agent… guess what, Nikki Brooks… the latest sassy modeling agent is going the same way… and how! Like her useless booking, she has an ass to die for and this spanking , like the last, is as good as it gets!

Charlotte Webb gets a much deserved spanking (last time)

Charlotte Webb last time at Bun Beating Fun

Nikki Brooks demands to know “what the fuck” (her potty mouth verbage) is going on?

what the fuck have you done to my model?

Time to get rid of the girl and deal with this agent these guys only know too well! Nikki is an unscrupulous agent who saw fit to send an unprepared model the way of “Red Hot Video” (trading as Bun Beating Fun). Needless to say, they made their displeasure felt… where it would do the most good! Stand by for some images of Nikki’s reddened sore butt – this is a great film follow up!

Charlotte Webb says sorry to her Agent Nikki Brooks gets her pants pulled down spanking for Nikki Brooks spanking Nikki Brooks bare bottom spanking ass smacking OTK spanking impact shot of spanked butt hard hand spankings

Go on… get out! & send us girls who KNOW how to behave!!!

Nikki Brooks red sore bottom

Check out the FREE Clip of Nikki & the other girls like Charlotte (on her books) HERE


There’s a fab series at NorthernSpanking.com with Amelia Jane Rutherford & Michael Stamp called “Come here!” – I didn’t know that this worked so easily with Amelia! (*makes mental note for next time)

taken over his knee for a spanking

When he beckons her to come sit by him, the last thing Amelia is expecting is an OTK discussion of her spending habits but that is exactly what she gets! What she also gets is stripped and leathered with his well used and well worn in tawse.

NSI083-MAB024 Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked otk spanked OTK dragged over his lap for a spanking spanked over panties hand spanking Amelia Rutherford spanking spanked on the bare bottom

For one of the best archives of Amelia Jane Rutherford (Spanking) Collections CLICK HERE

Northern Spanking


With all the catch ups I had been doing, I’m not sure If I had chance to show you new girl Lily at SpankedSweeties.com – in case I didn’t, you cab bow see this interesting film of them both role playing what happens if you bump into Lily at one of LA’s best known dungeons! This role play is on top of other introductory spankings already up as Lily explains who she is and how she got into spanking – the usual interesting formula that works so well at this site! Check her out with Snow mercy providing all the ouchie entertainment with her hand and some choice implements!

004 005 006 008 009 010 012 013 014 015

There are more M/F  spankings at this site too… Lily is appearing in one with “daddy” in the very latest video release… can’t wait for a preview? Check it out HERE



I also wanted to remind you about this old film, it was pretty hot, I had just finished watching it as a distraction… so go check out what happens to Alexis Grace when she is caught stealing! (Yes, it involves humiliation and spankings, how did you guess?) Video and images taken from SpankedCallgirls.com

002 003 006 009 010 011 012 013 014 015

Alexis Grace and Brandi are waiting for their trick Logan, when Alexis decides to steal his wallet. When he returns, Brandi tells on Alexis and suggests they gang up and spank the tall beauty. They do it hard with hand and hairbrush, otk and in the diaper position. Alexis learns her lesson… and the money, forced to watch Brandi earn her share of the money instead! HOT!


Callgirls & naughty young ladies who should know better get what’s coming to them HERE

These 2 sites are part of the hugely popular 5 site Clare Fonda Pass – see why (below)



Stay tuned for tomorrow’s awesome post as I cover “Tears & Pantyhose”

Images below should give you an idea of what is to come!

coming_soon momma-158-182 pantyhosepov


An Investigative Spanking Report

When Greg of BunBeatingFun.com informed me of his latest delightful victim  called Brandi Timmons, I asked him if she was a brat in real life. Sometimes these girls are… and it kind of justifies the harsh treatment they may sometimes get as it’s easier to punish and spank a bad girl than a thoroughly pleasant one… but Greg was at a loss for words this time as he mentioned that she was genuinely a nice young girl, very polite, charming and very professional. “Darn,” I thought… taking a look at the latest clip before downloading the movie, I had no idea… there she was trying to smoke a cheroot, using foul language and all… and she is in fact a very nice girl off camera!

This is Brandi… she classes herself as Native American and loves getting a sun tan!


However, I have dug a little deeper… and this girl now lives in Georgia, but before this, she was up to no good in Tampa, FL as my investigative nose took over and I uncovered all manner of illicit table top and lap dancing credentials which would suggest to me that this young madam is definitely NOT shy, loves the camera a little too much as you’ll see by her vain poses (warrants a spanking in my book) and of course has dabbled in various porn/adult/glamour type assignments too. So perhaps it was wise that this time, Brandi got her first ever spanking… and what a way to get it from Greg’s ever pissed off and grumpy “mystery spanker” that can in fact dish out a rather severe punishment when required!

Below are some images of Brandi I have uncovered on the wonders of t’internet! Showing off her vain and mischievous modeling and lap dancing side! *tsk*

1 3

(Above) incredibly sexy… and she knows it & below (lap dancing at Foxy’s)

4 6 7

8 9 10

OK, Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury… I believe Brandi is guilty of licentious behaviour…
Let the spankings begin!


This is what the guys had to say about Brandi and her time with them!!!


As they say out in the country, Miz Brandi Timmons here sure is as purdy as a peach.  Problem is she be a highfalutin’ city gal from up yonder and … Dawggonnit! She didn’t talk to us like no respectful young lady either. That’s why our boy got a hankerin’ to haul her britches down and whoop her fancy tail like a rented mule! Whoo – Wee!  You should have heard how she hollered!

Images below, including a rare heavy hairbrush punishment scene
courtesy of Bunbeatingfun.com

brandi-2 brandi-3

brandi-4 brandi-5

brandi-6 brandi-7

brandi-8 brandi-9

brandi-10 brandi-11

brandi-12 brandi-13

brandi-14 brandi-16




Right, I am off to heckle some local magician tonight… it’s in our village hall so he better be good or I’ll be guffawing… (yes… I live the high life here at chief towers!) as I have had a hard day gardening, toiling away in the sun (SUN! it’s been rather warm and pleasant today!!!) and I have had a few beers already, so let the fun begin. I’ll let you know if the guy was any good or not… can’t be any worse than the crap on TV on a Saturday night here in the UK!