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Lost Bare Bottom galleries

As I said, you lucky people are gonna get updates from what are essentially some of my long lost galleries or posts which means you get twice as much content for now and here’s a cracking review of TheBareBottom which only contains exclusive unseen content from these producers so it’s actually worth looking at! Remember, I’m also doing this at my TEEN-SPANKINGS Network too – so I can’t stress enough that you should all bookmark this site as it contains a blog, tube and will soon contain a realm of freesite information and become a one stop “Spanking Emporium” for all we love most about spanking on the internet! It’s already busier and more read than thsi humble blog so I must be doing something right! But today, the lucky site that gets a mention with some long lost galleries reborn is The Bare Bottom – I’m only showing this as that site still contains exclusive content that isn’t shared elsewhere & you’ll see why members there have been spoiled with High Quality spanking content – so it continues to get my seal of approval!

See these never before viewed images of Paige, told to open up and show us all what she was made of before she was spanked for the very first time! These images have laid unseen until new site THEBAREBOTTOM.com had got them inside the members area. The full size images are far larger than what I have here and compliment some of the fantastic EXCLUSIVE spanking content that you can see for free on the Home Page HERE



 See MORE of Paige shamefully exposed HERE

Sp from Paige to Jasmine who is a real stunner (as you know) and here she plays the girl next door beautifully. A spanking at home is the only thing to keep this delinquent teenager in check as she returns back to the family household in shame after failing miserably for the 1st time away from home at University, dropping out because of her hedonistic lifestyle! Well, all that is over for Jasmine as she soon finds out and the Rules in this House have become all the more severe! If you click on the image below it gives you a nice preview clip and some cracking images, I just LOVE the way Jasmine’s toned teenage legs are splayed across dirty Pop’s knee…I’m sure he does too – can you see the box of Kleenix tissues nearby in the images?

No doubt he’ll be in need of those, I know I would with Jasmine’s wriggling bare crotch and bottom pressed into my groin!!! All images and clips are courtesy of THEBAREBOTTOM.com – where all movies are totally exclusive to this new site!

As a tribute to the very sexy Jasmine, I have provided you with a short scene of her spanking, this movie is a long play one and the spankings are simply stunning, from the moment you see her bottom to the end when it is completely red and sore 20 minutes later! This clip below is EXCLUSIVE to SpankingBlogg’s readership!

You can see this whole movie and ALL the latest film updates at this link HERE

There are more galleries from this site exclusively available below!

New Girl Carla given The Belt

First up – many apologies for not updating my blog – I have had many personal issues recently which basically gave me very little time to update the blog but as the situation seems to have eased then here I am again… still attempting to catch up, so I promise that over the next few days I will be getting you some monster updates to make up for that and am aware of what other folk are writing about so will try to avoid doubling up, unless I have new images or, as you have come to expect, even better, I provide you with my own personally edited clips which I know many of you really like (judging from my mails, and thanks to those who do take time to write rather than leave comments as it is a little more personal, eh?) & yes, I’m fine, it’s just everyone else around me seems to be falling apart *sigh*

Right, please go check out THEBAREBOTTOM.com – thankfully they still live up to excluisve movies not found anywhere else and here’s a great little movie with very naughty newbie Carla who is in her bedroom waiting for her bare bottom to be given the belt! From the free clip you can view and the images taken from the movie, I think you’ll agree that Carla has a very delightful wobbling teen bottom that just cries out to be spanked, don’t you think?

The story behind this movie: Carla arrived home in the early hours of the morning drunk out of her head & shouting abuse waking up the whole house. Early next morning she was told to “GET DOWNSTAIRS!” At just 18 she really thought there was nothing that could be done to her. Surely she was past all that? She couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she was told to get up to her bedroom & bare herself. She was going to be given a belting! Suddenly it was not so funny anymore as she bent over the bed and was given a very severe thrashing across her bare bottom! Chief’s Trouser Arousal Warning: This contains scenes of a blessed hard domestic belting of a teenager in need of much discipline!

Don’t miss your chance to see this very naughty uppity teenager with a most wobbling pair of globes given a proper thrashing – this movie is not found anywhere else – out now for download for members of THEBAREBOTTOM

Don’t go far as I will be updating this blog tomorrow with a “mother” of an update!!! 😀


Don’t forget to check out the TEEN SPANKING TUBE (4 new long play movie clips added today!)

Chief’s Friday Spanking Memories

I’m rammed at the moment and was going through some of my various posts – I have other update at TEEN SPANKINGS which has some nice content there and below I hope you enjoy these spankings from around the world and share with me some girls that have really encouraged some severe woodage “chez Chief’s undergarments” 😀 Mike from REAL LIFE SPANKINGS is a very lucky man, why? Have you seen some of the naughty girls he has had the “pleasure” to spank and strap on their bare bottoms? Mike is a stickler for punishment and correction and he always ensures that his girls will end up over his knee with their knickers down, blubbing away as he gets to grips with these excluisve movies. It’s a refreshing change to see videos of this quality and some of the girls are just stunning, all mainly from the Netherlands (Holland) – and don’t worry, all the movies are shot in English, this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites. Just take a look at 19 yr old Angel’s punishment pics and clip which I have exclusivelygot for this blog, you’ll understand why it’s such a popular spanking site!

Angel's OTK punishment

angel02 angel03 angel04

angel05 angel06 angel07

CLICK IMAGE BELOW FOR A FREE CLIP FREE Clip - click here She really didn’t like this spanking, did she?

Doesn’t Angel have a wonderful bottom? and the way she complains and starts to blub, simply awesome! You’ll see MUCH MORE in the FULL film along with loads of amazing and exclusive girls not shown elsewhere only at REAL LIFE SPANKINGS(check out their tour pages and see for yourself)


This squeaky voiced teenager is HOT, so hot that watching her bare bottom getting spanked and worse should come with a health warning! I have managed to download a really HOT preview for you, it’s in RM format, so those hating Real Media, I’m sorry, it’s my download software. I might upload this to my TEEN SPANKING TUBE SOON, that might help. Anyway, the original films are all in Wmv, as are a couple of sample clips that I have got for you. However, what you’ll see and remember of Mischa is that PunishedBrats, in my opinion, are damn lucky to have got hold of her, I still think she is by far the sexiest creature I have seen spanked in a long long time!


Punished bratsis the site that has some of the cutest teens getting thrashed on film. Based in Pennsylvania, they are blessed with mainly East Coast girls getting a good hard thrashing along with beautiful resident Pixie who is back to her best and just adorable with one of the cutest firm rumps that turns a fantastic shade of red when she is punished!

Below I had gathered some Mischa pics from her roles during this year, OMG! Check out her cheer girl outfit, I’m head over heels!!! (I have a gallery of this later!)





The image above is taken from the very latest update out today at Punished Brats called Locker Room Pranks, and poor Mischa is punished by cruel Gym Mistress Veronica, you can check out a couple of sample clips below of the wriggling, squirming Mischa as she is naked over Veronica’s knee getting a good hard hairbrushing across her strangley addictive red cheeks…

previewclip1 previewclip2

Fortunately Punished Bratsis one of the most cost effective sites about (with access from just $17 a month with full unrestricted access to their vast growing archives)

Ah, I almost forgot, I was so impressed with Mischa (by impressed I mean given the “Last Rites” on my “Severe Wood” issues) that I made 2 very special galleries of this uber minx! Click on the images below carefully and take in the sight of this stunning teen minx wriggling over her tormentors laps! *sigh*


I watched this movie again earlier today which is available in this stunning format from CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS (I love this site)

An early remastered classic of Erica Delemar, yes, also known as Leia-Ann Woods…this was one of her earliest and most severe films she had shot and this caning film is excellent as you’d have seen from the FREE Presentation above! Filmed when she was just 19 or 20, I think…it’s an absolute classic now and especially that it’s in this High End WMV Format!

See MORE movie samples and extensive TOUR PAGES Here


This fantastic schoolgirl punishment film is following in the Lupustradition of the very successful Stalin series and this harsh communist based tale from the 1940s and 50s when Soviet style discipline of teenagers sent to these special Reform Schools for re education and respect of all things “Red” is loosely based on fact from the history of the Czech Republic, a matter close to the Czech producers of Lupus (naturally)

I have managed to gather 20 images from this movie as well as provide you with a special FREE Preview. This is one of the latest films to appear at LUPUS, fully remastered and ready to download in FULL. This film is called the “Teddy Bear” (Red Reformatory series) and stars with a nervous blonde girl sent to the institution, she is given a medical examination by the horrible doctor, an utterly humiliating experience as he leers at her privates and enjoys taking her temperature with a rectal thermometer! She is then sent to her Dormatory and meets her 2 bunk mates, however, inside her suitcase is a treasured Teddy Bear which is confiscated, for her tears and tantrums, she is given a horrible spanking. The other girls are all too aware of the nasty discipline that goes on here at The Reformatory, and the poor newbie snivels and cries herself to sleep but this is how it goes on night after night so they steal the Teddy Bear and this comforts the distraught girl…and gives them all a peaceful night’s sleep….

That is, until the Teddy Bear is discovered and of course this is where the real nasty discpline begins! Each girl is horrifically thrashed, tied down to the punishment bench and forced to watch each other caned and spanked until their arses are a seething mass of angry red welts! I’ll let the images below better explain what follows, as well as the excellent Preview Clip!


With your membership you’ll be able to view films like this and countless more to download and keep and playback on your PC or laptop as often as you wish, and seeing pretty girls like this, well, you’ll be busy downloading their many unique and award winning severe punishment films!!!


This site is even better value now that they are updating it DAILY and there are also added bonuses such as Lupus Dreams included withthe membership making this one of the best sites from this network of sites, if you have the time and Hard Disk Space, you could do no worse than check out the Multi site VIP Pass!(below)


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Latest Spanking News & Goss!

Well, unless you’ve all been living on Mars recently (I should trademark that expression, dunno why, but I love it), as I said, unless you’ve “all been living on Mars” (™ Chief) then you’ll know that Clare Fonda had been planning her annual Exclusive Education series (now number 5) and this will now be out for release by September latest, so I can hardly wait.

I have managed to glean some info and some images from the film shoot so here you go and here’s what to expect in the finest traditions of the EE series!

The Tops are, Clare (of course) and ever present Lana returns again joined this time by Alicia Panettiere!

The following excerpts are taken with thanks from Clare’s own blog at ClareFondaSpanking letting us know what has been going on:
These are the models that starred in the latest EE5 series! Some you will know and Clare got in a couple of cute newbies from her recent castings, I have to say, personally from the images below and what some of these girls are capable of, I can’t wait! So there is Katee Calaway, Marie Elle, Elise Graves, Lindsay, April O’Neal, Nikki Rouge, Sandy, Katherine St. James, Hollie Stevens, and as a late addition and a fantastic surprise… Sarah Gregory! As Clare pointed out, for those of you who really pay attention… you may remember that Sarah was in the schoolgirl spanking video two years ago but at the time of this shoot this month she was due to be in LA so what a great time to have Rachel Gregory, younger sister of EE3’s Sarah Gregory, to be part of the class of 2010. Those two could be twins! (hmmm)

5 out of 10 bottoms reddened and displayed from EE5

Most of the girls on the cast list have either worked for Clare Fonda or other fetish/spanko companies in the USA but there are some video virgins too, such as Marie Elle and Sandy, two friends of Lana who work with her at The Dominion. The large cast of ten bottoms and three tops went ahead and you can see some mouthwatering images below!

Hmmm, Sarah…why are you topping Ms Panetierre? Love the pic!!!

Clare admits she could not be happier with the actual shoot. She said that she had an excellent group of spanking models, many of them being professional submissives and/or lifestyle ladies. They took their spankings from Lana and Alicia Panettiere with kicking and screaming but for a group of ten they were very, very easy to work with. Now Clare’s editing team are going to be busy!!!

Katherine St.James cries out beautifully over Lana’s lap!

This I can’t wait to see!!! Nikki Rouge paddled by Lana as Principal Miller (wow!)

Elise Graves has her panties pulled down by Miss Panettiere

I fully expect that EE5 will be showing by 20th August as Clare promises with the films clips to follow shortly after that! There is plenty of reasons to get used to the site and check out GirlSpanksGirl before that though and there is also the special longer term pricing (eg check out the 3 month options) giving you a chance to view all the previous 4 movies and plenty more great stuff that makes this one of my Top 10 sites easily!

& in anaother treat, I found this from Clare’s archives from this site, check out Clare’s pigtails…nice! I also think this film probably gave her the idea of a working storyline for her fanatstic Spankedcallgirls site (check out the clip and you’ll see what I mean!) but I will take a look at Spankedcallgirls another time!

In this very naughty long play film, Clare berates Dana for not playing with herself as she promised she’d do in her friend’s GoGo Bar – Clare is pissed by the fact she provided this uppity “I won’t touch myself down there” Dana and teaches her a lesson then makes her finger her pussy til she cums as she should have done for the clients that were cheated by this prissy student! A very naughty film that includes some great dialogue, great OTK bare bottom spanking and some arousing finger work by Dana at the end! Phew! 😀

For more very rude intimate girl on girl spankings look no further than GirlSpanksGirl.com


I also uploaded a clip recently to my TEEN-SPANKINGS TUBE (have you not bookmarked it yet? it’s updated daily!!!) and sadly the clip below doesn’t do the scene justice but I hope these images below will…compressing Clare’s HD format into something playable on Flash format is something I’m not good at yet…so it’s not the iffy quality of the movie, just my compressed Flash playback, but I think you’ll get the idea of this playful spanking that turns nasty from the latest episode of MySpankingRoommate as you’ll probably remember a few films back naughty Kay Richards had blackmailed her gorgeous bi-curious boss, Layla into being spanked after she snapped pics of them kissing together…well, Layla grabs the cell phone back and all hell breaks loose – this is the start of the mayhem below….I can tell you Layla gets to paddle Kay’s bum in the end! Bravo!!! (& I love the way Kay squeals!!!)

Fortunately: Playback quality at MySpankingRoommate is HD Quality 🙂

You can see the full movie and all previous episodes at this spanking soap opera HERE

Of course these reviews are only part of her many sites and there is also the option of viewing them all by Clare’s amazing ClareFondaPass network – and is my preferred way of viewing all her naughty spanking sites, check out their pricings and you’ll see why!!! Click banner below for the full details!

Damn! I’ve run out of time again…LOL! I was going to review some more sites with brand new movies! I shall try to get one of these up from THEBAREBOTTOM.com which stars Elizabeth Simpson and new girl Wendy in an interesting F/F discipline movie by tonight either here or at my Teen Spanking blog! It’s well worth it and there is a FREE preview now on the Home page HERE which should get you F/F lovers out there warmed up!!

I Spy “an Offer” & other update news

Howdy! Just a quick one today, I know there won’t be many American readers today, as no doubt the USA contributes yet more CO2 emmissions with millions of BBQs on their national day of Independence (A big mistake in my humble opinion, of course, lol) So they’ll miss out while the rest of my worldy readers see there’s a new offer at THEBAREBOTTOM which I saw had appeared this morning. I’m not sure how long it will last, but for a limited time you can access the entire site for just $9.75 (that’s nearly a third of the normal monthly price!)

Click on banner below and you’ll get to see all the latest updates and the link to the offer if you’re interested


Whilst I’m here, it would be rude of me not to let you know there’s a brand new movie just uploaded to SLUTSPANKING and as it stars that “Posh Spice” teen looky-likey, I thought you’d like to see her spanking and being spanked…awww, she’s so cute 😉

Check on some images I’ve blagged off the webmaster (these are not shown anywhere else) and a link on how to download a free clip of these naughty madams!






Another site that has an ongoing offer, apart from their low sign up price of $19.95, is REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE – Anyone who knows this site will realise their archives are vast so this price is very fair, what’s more, as it would take a while to fully downlaod this site to yoru PC or external hard drive, there is an ongoing offer of $45 bucks for 3 months, which is quite fair! Anyway, enough of that hard sell, take a look at the recent stuff coming out – if you’re into seeing snivelling girls paddled, this really is THE site to view!

The latest update features Jade paddled in the school hallway!
Stripped of her dignity and her bottom fully thrashed!

Now I know that I’m not the biggest fan of seeing girls heavily tattooed, especially if they cover all their arms legs and back, but I still find Jade attractive, and I know that there are loads out there that love heavily tattooed girls anyway… however,. what I find highly arousing about Jade, apart from her perfectly trim ass, is the fact this girl has a high tolerance for pain, obviously with those tatts … and she had already taken a severe spanking which would make most girls cry uncontrollably and had also faced the dreaded “Robo Spanker!!!”


… and of course there are plenty of very pretty girls and teens at Real Spankings Institute that are not covered in tatts such as the lovely Erin and Riley featured below!!!


You can view more of these girls HERE or sign up through the better value Real Spankings Pass which covers all their sites including Teen Jessica which, as a Real Pass member myself I find is a fantastic bonus site and still has stuff of hers updating even though this gorgeous tight buns redhead retired years ago…loving her work as always ( I tend not to promote Jessica as I like to keep her all to myself, lol) However that’s not in the spirit of things and you can see more of her here if you’ve been living on Mars the last 10 years and don’t know who she is then her SITE alone is well worth a peek!


Finally, I was rooting around the archives of HDspank.com checking on Jodie who I wanted to see in crystal clear playback resolution. I felt she deserves a final mention here today as she’s such a doll – after…ahem…I decided on this after spending some time viewing her earlier as the Missus has popped out to visit her mother (I decided to stay at home instead) … and I know many people agree with me, this is one brat that I never tire of seeing bent over someone’s knee getting a darned good thrashing!!! & yes! I did watch it in a darkened room…Havana cigar and loose fitting garments was indeed a requirement! 😀

Click on images below which lead to free preview content of what I was getting “wood” to earlier


You can also see all the other HD updates with real HD spanking clips HERE

Sneak Preview from TheBareBottom!

Forget multiple updates, forget the same old )and sometimes spammy) drivel that you might see at other blogs, here’s an update you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE apart from HERE at the time of writing! So much so, that Quality this time outweighs Quantity, I have decided to give this little movie, which should be out this weekend, the Chief’s Fine Wine & Cigar Award to spankovision!

Image taken from my garden table after enjoying some spanking movies 🙂

I was so impressed with Louise, as I knew this girl was a bit of a wuss when it came to getting spanked, but fair play to her, this is a good hard strapping movie and from the short clip you’ll see below, he really is belting her good and hard!!! I also like the camera lighting, which, I know at this location – was a real pain in the arse (no pun intended) so to capture Louise’s red cheeks so perfectly as they were thrashed is indeed worthy of my new award! AND…you get to see this and the preview images BEFORE the members of  THE BAREBOTTOM.com

Louise only made things worse for herself when she didn’t give a damn that her swearing (or cussing as you guys say in North America) using the F-word (who does she think she is? Gordon bleedin’ Ramsey? Can this young tart cook and rescue restaurants? I think not!!!) So the smiles are soon wiped from her face as she is spanked and spanked HARD when she continues to swear when she feels the stinging from the spanking over her knickers, which only infuriates Him more….leading to a good hard bare bottom strapping session! Anymore swearing and it’s the cane!!!

“Louise! Will you keep your smirks and your potty mouth in check?”

“Regulation knickers down, I’ve had it with you, let’s see if this works!”

Was that not a beautiful set of images of an attractive but foolish potty mouthed girl? the FULL movie will be out any time now only at THEBAREBOTTOM.com – the home of all exclusive and hard hitting teen and schoolgirl punishment films!

Have a great weekend and a good holiday period – As it’s cold dark and grey here in my part of the UK, I wouldn’t expect it any other way, since it’s a bank Holiday weekend 😉

Regards, Chief