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An Extra film & More Updates

OK, I promised myself I wouldn’t moan on here, but where else can I? The last couple of weeks have probably been the WORST sales wise I have ever had the misfortune to endure. I don’t know why or what I have done so wrong that perhaps nobody is promoting my sites anymore – so less traffic, I am wondering whether I should just knock all the other site promotions on here and other blogs I do and concentrate fully on my own and boost revenue that way: which is a great  pity. I love promoting and showing what others are doing as I love this so much, I think it shows. However, what is a fact though is if I have another week or 2 of this – I am in deep trouble financially. This is no idle bleating, I am at meltdown currently! I am also getting a little depressed over the current state of affairs.
soapboxrantRemember, I gave up my job so I could concentrate on the site and also because I’d be pretty much unemployable currently flying over to meet up with Sarah often (that isn’t helping financially, of course, lol). OK, so I can try and laugh it off right now, but it really doesn’t help when I see a couple of determined individuals sharing my content across the internet forums along with many other spanking producers they are targeting. I am also having to put up with some Dutch prick who keeps trying to get in and download my content with stolen credit cards, occasionally this jerk gets in until I see it and kick him out and inform the billing company some poor person’s card details are being used as I void the transaction so they never know about it. It makes me laugh (actually I am being ironic) when one uploader pleads for the freeloaders to sign up to his affiliate link (in effect like a membership, oh the irony) so he can continue to upload more stuff… er, it’s a fucking STOLEN card each and everytime… maybe he has to pay for a list of cards? They obviously do alright in whatever backwater authoritarian or totalitarian ex Soviet Bloc country and rock they crawled out from under. I have often wondered how they do it… whatever it is – it is CRIMINAL: FACT!
We are also all well aware of their behaviour and where they mainly post to and the filelockers they use so all I will say is that negotiations are ongoing with the filelocker companies they use (the filehosting company concerned) who are cagey about such things as they make money off these guys as well as they are making money off us but in the end we will win and they will lose their accounts and monies – but they are coming to some sort of arrangement. I hope the idiots doing this read my blog or some freetard can pass it on because although I am not blaming loss of income/sales as such due to this, I have devoted a lot of time to trying to protect my content and I am sick to death of it. this is where I suffer when I could easily post more updates on other blogs that I have let go dormant or promote myself in another way, as well as paying others to look after this shit. It is copyright theft pure and simple. Without protection how am I supposed to continue if it is out there unfettered and free to download, what is the point of a protected membership site when MINORS and those under 18 can now download the films in full?

piracy-pirateThe knock on effect, thanks to these selfish uploaders, (I wonder if they ever think how hard it is to run and maintain a site in today’s current harsh economic climate and if their livelihood was threatened, would they stand for it?) I have suffered so badly the past few weeks that a planned shoot I had for next month looks like being shelved as I just can not afford to do it now: It was something I needed for my POV store too just as we were getting somewhere with this project and really starting to get these POV films right! I had great plans – but I simply can not afford to do anything at the moment. All I can ask is that you PLEASE support my site if you want me to continue without fear of wondering if and how I can currently pay my bills… Xmas is coming and that means car tax and insurance for me on top of any additional expenditure that we all suffer, it’s a shitty time of year to have to think about that PLUS my tax returns for January. I have nothing saved for that so will have to add that to a credit card hopefully that isn’t maxed out. I am at critical, like another site that has been mentioning this and I know there are other spanking/similar niche sites in the same circumstances.
samurai-cartoon-schoolgirl I don’t mind telling you my membership level is near an all time low too (so recurring memberships are less which is hurting me when my sales have plummeted)… it’s not quite as bad as in 2011 when I nearly quit when the levels were just unworkable – I came within a month that summer of giving it all up and felt like I had come so far only to see it starting to turn full circle currently. I am working on the site and design and other things hard behind the scenes, but something has to improve, extra income would mean a new site design but that has had to be shelved too – this is currently my worst ever October by far… even if I was to recover, this month has wiped out any gains I may have made earlier in the year (September wasn’t that brilliant for me either) so bringing me back to square one. So now you know where I am at… do I discount my membership? I have tried that in the past and I am not sure the Trial option’s working anymore (that will be pulled without warning): one thing is NEVER to devalue what you are worth, I know that from one particular network of sites that had ripped me off – you know the ones I am on about, the dodgy Italian Brothers that ran that well known network… and ran it into the ground until they sold it in 2011 owing people like me and other producers/workers £1000’s). I think my pricing levels are pretty fair considering how much sites used to charge, you DO get value for money like most other sites I promote here… and I know I make some really cool spanking porn erotica… I just have to convince you all that I do! LOL!

I honesty don’t know how the present membership model continues if this outright and wholesale copyright abuse continues at our loss and profit and greed of others. Membership sites were set up in the late 90’s early 2000’s when file sharing networks weren’t as prolific or as sophisticated. Of course all that has all changed when those sharing for the sake of it (which I can understand) suddenly realized with the help and complicity of such former bastard filelockers like Megaupload, Hotfile, Filesonic, Oron etc encouraged file sharing and gave incentives and cash for affiliate sales and per 1000 download quotas etc… even image hosters do it and new companies set up all the time as these copyright infringement companies make millions! I have always done this for the love of it, I am a spanko… I also have the RIGHT to earn money, I have the right to profit and make profit, plough funds back into my business, employ others and grow organically and pay my taxes that are due. Currently this is not happening and without a fallback job, it is impossible at the moment as I had described… things are looking grim. So I ask again, please, if you are thinking of getting a membership, support me and my site: I really do have some amazing content coming, I have unedited films which I did this summer which are just amazing, i want to be able to share these with you at my current site!


OK, I think I have bleated long enough. This week for example, as part of the FREAKY FRIDAY Event, which I have kept going (but understandably am pissed off as this is EXTRA work my end for no obvious gain at the moment)… anyway, I said no more moaning *ahem!* – so again, this is the Friday lucky members get a film IN ADDITION to their usual update. it is out in full and is a rather sexy close up spanking of Ashley Graham in some rather fetching tight stretching gold shorts – or hotpants as we call them here in the UK!

So here is a special free exclusive clip, it’s a short teaser clip of the spanking on her tight golden lycra pants… you’ll get the idea, along with some screen images (this short film has over 130 pics for members to download too!)

If you can’t view this clip – download the WMV version HERE

gp001 gp006

gp016 gp022

gp032 gp039 gp047

gp053 gp066

gp081 gp093 gp100

gp105 gp116

gp133 gp135

Ashley wore a very sexy tight fitting pair of golden lycra shorts or hotpants as John loved to call them! This film contains little dialog, it’s a gratuitous spanking film with some nice close up angles and shots with lovely Ashley’s spanked bottom being the star of the film as it should be. Watch her take a very sexy spanking across those tight golden pants then with them pulled down revealing her bare reddening bottom as her spanking was finished with a hairbrush that grabbed her attention. It’s a great short film which you won’t want to fast forward, admire one of the sexiest bottoms getting a spanking in a variety of great close up angles without the distraction of a top talking too much! Perfect!




This full film was in addition to the regular update at the site earlier today as I had mentioned it was part of the “Freaky Friday” monthly bonus – the other update was the concluding part to the long play film “Double Trouble” with Lola Marie & Wynter Sky… they both had a hard wooden paddling and caning as you’ll see in this reminder…


dubtrubz122 dubtrubz126

dubtrubz139 dubtrubz171

dubtrubz191 dubtrubz198 dubtrubz203

dubtrubz206 dubtrubz212

dubtrubz214 dubtrubz220

Lola Marie & her friend Wynter Sky had been secretly using one of her neighbour’s beautiful yards to sunbathe in as it had a special “secret garden” that they both loved to spend time in soaking up the sun’s rays in private. However they always left litter behind and disrespected John Osborne’s precious well kept yard so he had been trying to find out who had been causing this mess until today when he found them both in their bikinis. He had already taken their mobile phones and other personal effects found not far away from where they were hiding out in the garden and you can feel the tension mount as he sneaked up behind them both. The girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling. He had also made them attempt to use this heavy implement on each other as part of their punishment so that they’d remember the consequences of using his place without asking for permission. However, he just whacked them harder with it after they feebly used the paddle hoping they would avoid further pain and suffering. Enjoy this end of summer romp to see the girls given a good spanking and whacking with their tiny bikini bottoms pulled down, looking very embarrassed and vulnerable as John took advantage of this delightful situation!



of course, the film can be viewed as a one time download for those that  only wish to view the odd films (this version is WMV but as usual other formats of MP4 and MOV are available)


Other updates this week, in case you didn’t need reminding was the usual new film (Wednesday)

They Never Learn – (last ever appearances from Jasmine & Sophie)


Concluding part to “Reckless & Feckless” (cute tearful Mandie Rae’s debut!)


All good stuff, these films are also – as you’d expect able to be downloaded at the CLIPS STORE if needed.

For a limited time, you can still purchase a full access Trial Membership for under $15 – Is that a lot to ask for my site? I think not. Help support me or my fellow producers by becoming a member of my site or the site of your preference… seeing some of these idiots pleading for content to my site when they could spare just $15 and download to their heart’s content… I don’t get it *shakes head* “sigh!”

Without your assistance, none of us can continue, so please don’t let those that share our content for their own greedy ends harm our sites, thanks. Have a great weekend y’all!

Get this Pricing while you can!

This post was written a few months ago but I wanted to remind you all as it is still relevant… and because of the continued decrease in the US Dollar against the Euro and Pound – it would appear I am being priced out of keeping a promise I made. I have tried, I really have… to all those locked into lower recurring or existing memberships, then you are fine and these won’t change for the life of your membership (or until your card expiry or some bullshit changes it) – I had even thought about changing the currency to UK Pounds Sterling… But I know that this sometimes causes confusion so as I used to work in Retail ForEx I’ll take away some of your confusion (there really are some people out there that believe there is only the Dollar and any other pricing is just wrong – sigh) so I will keep it as it is… but I think within the next month or so I shall have to up the pricing again… even at just a Dollar extra, it’s still amazing value, however I think it is more than likely to be a couple of Dollars at this rate. I have upgraded the dedicated servers that the sites I run are hosted on at considerable cost too behind the scenes (believe it or not… the transition went so smoothly no one has noticed!) Anyway, just wanted to forewarn you guys… get in NOW while the pricing is cheaper, I don’t think it will be at the price it is currently ever again…. unless of course the Dollar gains considerable value and gives me a chance to offer concessions where possible… these are the joys of being a European based webmaster!

Check out my original post (below)
A new post with what is coming up THIS WEEK will follow shortly!


I know the Dollar is starting to become weak and rubbish again… typical, just as I had introduced my special lower price promises too which some of you have been taking up, including a new trial promotion which you can only find out about by clicking on the sign up page (I’m not going to tell you so you will just have to see for yourself). I will honour this new pricing structure for as long as I feasibly can… I can’t say fairer than that! I have approx 75% of my sign ups now from North America, so I shall continue to increase this share where I can as you lovely people seem to like what I am doing. However, because my site is based on the US Dollar as the primary currency, for those accessing from outside America, you are always encouraged by the billing software to use your own currency and I know some people moan and bitch that it appears slightly more expensive (it deliberately marks up the US rate to encourage you to use your own currency as you are not from America), but the fact of the matter is your market share of sign ups to my site is nowhere near what I have from North America… it’s a fact of life.



One good thing is that sign ups have become remarkably cheaper for you all without me doing a single thing, in fact, over the past 4-5 months signing up from Europe, Japan or Australia, for example, means you already are paying around 15% less than you were before (yay!) – Add to that the recent lowering of prices across ALL options and the site has not been this cheap for years and the content and archives are growing at a fantastic rate… so naturally I am pleased that I think i really am offering you one of the best priced independent and originally produced content sites out there with the customer focused as number one. All new filmshoots now have HD1080 MP4 films and the older ones will all have MP4 and WMV720 as standard by the end of the year (I am going to go back and re upload the older 960×540 sized WMV films into 1280×720 formats where possible in my own time) these are mainly from the first year and within that time period I stopped uploading them in this smaller size, though of course they still look very reasonable, I want better – I won’t say anything, it will just happen over time.

ms-exch3-2873So what does the cheaper Dollar means to me? OK, not so good for me, of course as I have to get the processing companies to wire me the amounts weekly and that costs in the region of 50$ a week between banks (sigh) just for that privilege alone… nice eh? On top of the extra fees (around 20% off gross) on average plus increased hosting costs, as my hard drive space is running out fast, makes it more difficult to break even when I have to pay models on top of all this as I don’t do that much trade or am a model that can waive “her fee” like some, and of course I seem to be using all my spare time to update the site and write on my blogs etc… so why do I do it? It certainly isn’t for the money, of course, even though I wish it was – as this is now my only source of income (frighteningly) so when I see my stuff pirated , it depresses the hell out of me and makes me want to stop there and then, go find a regular mundane job again and just continue on with my life and make some real money… it’s something those leeches don’t understand. I do this for the love of it, I get a thrill out of making porn and spanking content, I love the whole process from planning through to editing and promotion in general, it’s like a drug… this is my sole job now, how would they like it if I took a portion of their income away, threatening their very life they lead, worrying if they can afford the mortgage or dreading the next car repair bill? That’s what I go though each and every month at the moment, I try to be upbeat about it as I chose this lifestyle when I left my regular job a few months back.

Remember all prices at my site ARE LOWERED across the board
including a secret Trial Offer I had placed up there!


As you will know, I am spending more time seeing Sarah Gregory in America. I love this girl and want to spend the rest of my life with her, that’s how I truly feel… that’s who I am at the moment… sgregoryso in case I know she will read this, it certainly is not your fault, baby… I made this decision and together we will work it out in the long run… I am rather hopeful as Sarah is a clever girl, full of ideas and we feed off each others… It’s just hard when I sometimes look at the current figures but I am upbeat about my future. Anyway, sales have been much better this month, I don’t mind telling you that I had a terrible February (one of the worst months I ever had since starting) and it got me really worried… I ask myself all sorts of questions, pore over stats, check like for like against last years etc… so this year, thanks to February, I am doing the same as last year… so March has saved my quarter… again I look at what went out in March against February, are there signs or was it just a winter blip? Did you know I go through these insecurities ? LOL! The joys of webmasters and producers! It’s a challenge but I get off on the fact that what I might make is what others, from both sexes, might want to view and support what I do by taking that plunge and becoming a member.

Well I have come up with another little “wheeze” for my valued members, it’s the sort of thing I’d like to see if I were a member, so I have decided to go for it and see if this helps at all. As you will see below starting from April (until further notice) I am introducing a “Freaky Fridays” event once a month (I was going to call if Fappers Friday… but do women fap?) I decided against “fappers or fapping” in case this was offputting (if you know me you will know from my films as well, that I am probably one of the most self deprecating guys out there, I am usually laid back and joke a lot… make fun of myself… maybe get a little emotional at times… it’s something Sarah finds hard as she told me she is “literal” – I could tell her nonsense and lies and she would take it seriously (literally) whereas my English counterparts would know I am joking or fibbing outright, so I am teaching Sarah to deal with my “un-literal-ness” – if there was such a word!


A brand new unseen film, uploaded in full on one random Friday without notice every month! I will announce it on Saturdays what was uploaded, but I want these to be nice surprises for my members. This rewards those who are on longer term memberships, but those one month fees should see at least one film too!

As I said, I have also noticed a pleasing increase in lady customers and emails sent to me supporting what I do, giving feedback, as requested from the members area, which I am acting on. Perhaps too, that is Sarah’s influence, I don’t know… in some of our films she has certainly changed what I do on occasion as you will see soon enough (spanking in onesie pyjamas, for example) – and I like the variety that I am producing now… you are going to see another new girl very soon in possibly one of the hardest films I had ever made – and that looks really good! I also have a vast archive of content that has not been released, so in amongst the new stuff there will be films from a few years ago popping up, I like to keep things as varied as possible 🙂

If you have any feedback, it is always best to mail me at the official web address:
webmaster (at) aaaspanking dot com <<< I think you can work that one out!


 I will be back with my usual promotional blurb later… until then, I hope you are all having a great weekend! Feel free to support me and my efforts HERE to bring you far more Anglo American spankings that I know many of you do enjoy! Chief x


I like to think that  as the site gets older, bigger and better, it provides us all with real value
unlike some things I’ve seen in our time, eh?


Teen Spankables

This is not strictly a spanking update today as such, but every now and then, I just have to let you know what I also view on my spanking days off and this site is my first stop. I could gush on all day about this teenage beauty site, it’s probably one of the the best known sites on the planet and for good reason, ladies and gents, I present to you MET-ART.com

I’d not normally promote it here, jeez, they’re huge enough as it is, but in my recent experiment at my latest site & blog TEEN-SPANKINGS I had some nice email feedback off the stunners there (sharing a few pics of some of my fave girls) so I decided today to do the same here only I found something even better as I am able to do the galleries below via a TRIAL OFFER they sometimes promote, which is $10 off the normal price, so you can pay $19.99 for the whole month instead of $30 – you still get a whole month and you’ll need it, so seriously, if you are into the most erotic pics of teens from all over the world showing us what they’re made of, including some utterly amazing tushy shots, then check out the galleries below to start with! I could be all day here waffling on, but their intensive tour pages from these galleries should let you know just what you’d get to see!

Apologies to spankos who aren’t into this, but from what I’ve seen, most of us don’t mind admiring genuinely breathtaking natural beauty, and these photographers are among the best on the planet to capture the spirit of these girls..go enjoy! I included these galleries as the girls have amazing arses as well as what else they are made of!!!

Fresh faced teen Mila enjoys showing off her feminine charms! Mmm

Jaclyn, Melisa and Rene are the 1st 3 girls below (Will cause TROUSER AROUSAL!!!)

Feeling uncomfortably aroused? Good, then feast on Lilly, Ornella and Venere!

Now remember that the above galleries (if you click on SIGN UP) will lead you to the reduced membership fee!

The links below are the normal links but you can still check out the amazing galleries shown, my advice would be to then go back to one of the galleries above and sign up there, seriously, you can’t go wrong with a reduction like this! 😀


Here is one dusky beauty I have from my own archives that I wanted to share with you, embracing girls from all over the globe, here is Marika, beautiful name and a beautiful girl, imagine her over your lap, bare buttocks fully exposed and her delightful pussy poking out from behind as you drink in the sight of that then tell her she is going to get a good old fashioned spanking because she’s a very naughty girl! Oh boy…. *drool*




Back later with more spanking news and updates
If you can’t wait, check out my latest post at the Teen Spankings Blog (click on the image below for a super update of gorgeous fresh faced cheerleader, 19 yr old Marie spanked by Amber!), Regards Chief.

Valkerie Spanking & Caning Previews

Not that this spanking blog condones the use of SEVERE Spanking and caning Discipline (cough cough!), if only the poor girls shivering with fear, bottoms bared here today were Icelandic blonde bimbos, but alas, they are not…
So, as our great country is brought to a stop by a hovering volcanic cloud ready to cause havoc to us Brits….here’s the very latest update coming out at CanedSchoolgirls and it’s a joy to announce the sadistic Miss Valkerie has been lovingly remastered with tons of new video images and HQ pics as well as the actual movie, this is the best film by far I have watched for cruelty and the severity of the cane inflicted on poor Sarah’s buttocks below!

First, enjoy the amazing HQ images I’ve hosted in a new gallery…

I’ve watched the whole remastered movie and it’s a Back to SEVERE Basics in this marvellous film! Sarah is a unique girl that can take a hell of a punishment and not many girls could take this sort of caning without breaking down in tears, check these exclusive first show images from the movie:

Just check out the concentration and pure joy that Miss Valkerie relishes when wielding the cane, she is surely one of the most fearsome and most beautiful Dommes ever to have been filmed giving such severe punishments? I had often fantasized about seeing her stripped and gagged then humiliated with a bare bottom caning, but als, she is no switch or sub so this would never happen…but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about it 😉

Below you will see part of the ferocious caning, this scene is milder than many in the film, I think members of CanedSchoolgirls deserve to see it in full for themselves!


As it is Valkerie Appreciation Day, in case you haven’t seen this Free Gallery (another set of beautiful images) I had this made earlier, not knowing that the above update was coming out…SpankingOnline has a load of her movies in their archives, so if you were thinking of checking out this site, there’s another incentive and also, there’s a great deal advertised on the HOME PAGE HERE

This poor girl suffered with the strap by Miss Valkerie
(she didn’t do mild or patty cake spankings!)

This is Chief, hunkering down under the blanket of volcanic ash 😀

Spanking Updates & Blog News

Spanking searches – I hadn’t paid much attention to them until recently: However, judging by how some people find my sites and blogs by what people type onto search engines like Google, I have always refused to let you know what some search terms are used to find my blogs etc as they are either hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) or downright filthy, even frightening! Some of the odd 1 or 2 are just mind numbingly surreal! So it’s nice to check that if I typed in “Spanking” today into Google (from my end at least) – this blog turned up first! (edit, I just did it again and it’s gone down, d’oh, but it’s still on the front page) I was (earlier) shocked and surprised that it had somehow made it but I was more pleasantly surprised that if you currently type in “Spanking Blog” then my 2nd blog I’ve been running for 3 years is now Number One…I had seen it slowly creep up the pages but that was a real shocker. I have decided to take a copy of it for my own posterity 😀

SpankingNews Blog – How the hell did this happen? Click on image for my latest posts

I guess this means it might motivate me to post MORE posts there now 😉

You may also have noticed that I have got the Bloggin’ bug again as there’s far more waffling here from me too so enough of my jibber-jabbering and onto some NEW Updates, some stuff I’ve been watching from the past and just some good hard decent stuff you may have missed as well as latest industry news from the UK.

I have been meaning to put this up for days now, so apologies to Amber, as this is an awesome update she’s made for the last week with, what could be described as her long lost sister, however, it’s another HOT Redhead, a first timer, she’s from Romania and her stage name is a very anglicised Audrey Lords – seriously, loosen your pants gentlemen, Amber has surpassed herself (yet again). I had made and hosted a free gallery late last week but hadn’t promoted it, so, if you clicky-clicky on the image below, be prepared to rise to the occassion!

Double Trouble – Redheads and RED RED Butts!

Remember that Amber offers $10 off if you join both her sites at once!
HIGHLY Recommended!

The next spanking I’m featuring here is from REALSPANKINGS.com and this vast site has so much to offer. I was digging around my RS Folder,(as you do) and came across this wonderful paddling, featuring Kailee Robinson as the spanker (looking f*cking sexy as ever) but check out the gorgeous girl and that rounded bruised rump as she is PADDLED in her pyjammas, this is a perfect “Pyjamma Punishment” the way she is forced to remove them after being battered across her cheeks then a long lingering scene as she feels the heat of her very red cheeks – another awesome film with many extra angles from REALSPANKINGS (taken from my archives) Enjoy!

The below movie clip is best viewed on VLC Player or Real Player (it’s in RM format)

There are plenty more cracking movies like this at REALSPANKINGS

Just in case you were not aware, I have been playing around with this blog which is a little edgier at times as it features a nice subject of mine as you’ll see. It features the teen and schoolgirl theme, teen spankables and beauty appreciation of girls, there’s a Home page with tons of content there as well as a blog (I updated it earlier today with a real tears update!!!) I also intend to update the blog at least 3 times a week, maybe more! Click on the tearful girl for free access:


Finally, this special news announcement below – No bullshit, just 10 (YES TEN!) carefully handpicked Trial Memberships, all a FULL 2 weeks in length to fully check out the sites for a fraction of their normal costings. Many of these I have had exclusivity to, so if you fancy checking out a few premium quality British Spanking Sites then click on the welted sore bottom below (there’s more added) and check out what’s available! It’s well worth a peek and there’s a TON of Free spanking content to compliment what you see! That should keep you guys going!!!

Have a good evening, back soon with some great stuff I was reviewing earlier today! 😀