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Getting up to date at AAA Spanking

Well, it’s been a while since I got all the very latest films and updates from AAA Spanking (featuring new styles of filmed spanking or new performers) so it’s been a very interesting start to the year… as you are about to see. I have a whole bunch of images taken from the following films (I’m starting with the most recent) and I also have an animated exclusive GIF to this blog as well as a direct playable link to the free preview for each film featured. So without further ado, let’s catch up with what AAA’s valued members have been able to download… and I have also featured the one-time download URLs for those that just want to view an occasional film that might possibly pique their interest from the specialist AAA Clip Store – please read on!

Lily’s Well Deserved Punishment

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is the latest in our “Exercise & Discipline” series of films and once again we have the stunning Lily Swan in another exclusive domestic discipline film for you. Fans of Lily are well aware of how fit she is, with hard abs and a super hot figure… but that never stops her from getting a good hard spanking, of course! Lily’s mom (played by Madame Samantha B) is waiting for her girl at home after she has been out training at the local gym once more. Lily arrives home and is confronted and scolded about her excessive exercise regimen and the fact that she is ignoring her studies and working out instead! Lily tries to be dismissive of this but it only infuriates mom further. She is reminded that in this house, the punishment is a spanking… and mom wastes no time taking her over a chair to spank Lily’s bare toned cheeks. They quickly turn a shameful red and the family strap, a new stiff leather implement is then used on the insolent girl’s sore buttocks. Lily yelps and cries out in pain as the leather turns her bottom a darker crimson. By now, she knows the lesson has been learned, along with the threats of the removal of her exercise equipment in her room. The final scenes are a delight as the camera follows her up the stairs (including some extra slow-motion captures) as a half-naked Lily walks up to her bedroom with her exposed bottom jiggling in shame!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64667″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Instructed: Kajira’s Spanking & Figging

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is a special self spanking punishment film with a POV twist. Beautiful Kajira Bound presents herself and shows off a very painful-looking result of a severe caning of her bottom and upper thighs. She is to face further discipline, but with the caveat that she must spank herself; and the spanking will be hard and mean… as she is instructed at every point on how to carry out her own punishment. She is also given a thick looking piece of fresh ginger root that has been shaped like a forboding buttplug to go inside her anus. Kajira knows that this will burn, a new searing sensation on top of the fire she feels when told to spank and paddle her aching bottom. The crimson cane welts appear again, angry and swollen, but all that is superseded with the ginger entering her bottom. She is told to convey exactly how it feels, so we understand her predicament. It is so big that she struggles to take it. Kajira is instructed to hold it in position and further paddle and spank her sore cheeks. Again she is asked how this feels…”Fire! Burning, excruciating fire!” This is a first for us as we discover new and ingenious ways to ensure our girls feel thoroughly punished and this POV style experience watching Kajira is extremely addictive viewing!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64666″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Charlie’s Embarrassing Office Discipline

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

Charlie is one of the latest office employees who has been given several chances to show real improvement but it would seem her managers are unable to get through to her using traditional methods. She has real potential… so when they have had enough, she is sent to the boss, Miss Zoe Page, for a make or break “Disciplinary Meeting”. This will not be any ordinary meeting (as Charlie discovers) after her poor work rate, missing duties, and failures are highlighted as areas needing vast improvement. Charlie is given the choice of being fired or accepting Zoe’s unique bare bottom hand spanking discipline right there and then in the office! Charlie takes the second option and is all of a dither as she is chastised further, told to strip… and it isn’t long before she is bent over touching her toes to have her bare, exposed, quivering bottom spanked hard. It’s embarrassing as the sound of this spanking reverberates throughout the building. To add to hapless Charlie’s humiliation, she is told to read the list of duties whilst being punished but she is unable to do this well, which angers her boss further. So now, Charlie ends up over the lap of her employer, leg locked as she is placed over the desk! The boss spanks harder, all the while berating and reminding the poor girl where she will improve otherwise it will be right back over her lap each and every time further mistakes are made. Afterward, Charlie is left to reflect on this embarrassing discipline meeting, still in the office, knickers and pantyhose down, with her hands on her head like a naughty young girl. Her red sore aching bottom is on full display serving as further humiliation of what she can expect next time!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64665″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

A Bathtime Soapy Spanking

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

Jayda Blayze makes her stunning debut at AAA in an amazing domestic discipline spanking film. Jayda’s dad is beyond upset and disappointed with his precious girl. He has received all the reports from school and doesn’t take this decision lightly in order to punish her with a bathtime spanking and mouth soaping. Jayda’s rude mouth, sassy attitude and the fact that she has been blowing the boys with that slutty mouth means she immediately receives a mouth soaping she won’t soon forget. It is one of the soapiest, nastiest punishments carried out and it shows as Jayda tastes that foaming bar of soap in her mouth for a full 10 minutes. She is made to savor the cleansing suds and to bite down hard on the soap bar before being told to strip before she takes her bath. Then she is spanked with dad’s wet, soapy hands which he knows will sting her bottom more and he gives her yet another mean mouth soaping punishment during this spanking punishment. That has her drooling in utter shame… and only then is she allowed to take her bath before being sent to bed early.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64663″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Veda Rose spanked by sister Stevie

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is a special film from our “Positions” series featuring real sisters, Stevie and Veda Rose. The eldest (Stevie) puts the middle sibling (Veda) in her place with a spanking maintenance punishment. It is a no-nonsense spanking, with little dialogue but big on 3 styles of punishment that Veda receives starting across Stevie’s lap. Veda’s bottom is already bared and vulnerable as Stevie lifts her hand and keeps up a momentum of hard, severe hand spankings… not stopping until her younger sibling’s bottom is reddened. Next, Veda is shown the leather paddle, this stings and you can see Veda’s reactions as she grits her teeth and clenches her bottom in anticipation of each mean swat. The final part of this punishment features her placed on all-fours across the ottoman, with her bottom an inviting target for Stevie’s heavy Reformatory Strap. Veda is barely able to take the continual swats, and tears well up in her eyes but she is determined to see this through to the end. They are siblings and Stevie shows compassion and understanding at the end. All in all, this is a great spanking film and those who enjoy seeing any of the “Roses” spanked by the other will not be disappointed with this latest feature!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64664″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Trouser Arousal Spanking – My Little Pet

I had seen this film a few weeks back in full when Sarah Gregory was editing it ready for release this week. I was away in England at the time when she made this with beautiful redhead, Bianca Rose late last year. She had sent me some images and I was amazed at what they did together. Anyone who doubts Sarah’s range as a female top should check out this uber sexy spanking/female domination film!

The fact that Bianca was up for this too makes it a very special film between two of the hottest spanking stars – this is truly a “Trouser Arousal” moment for me – and I hope, many others too. Of course, I am jesting so to all the ladies that will find this extremely “hawt” (and I know there will be many) please enjoy this too!

My Little Pet – now featuring at Sarah Gregory Spanking

This is what Sarah had to say about this latest film…

“I am so excited to have my little pet naked, on the cross, and ready for me to play with her. I love the way she squeals when I grab her bottom, play with her perky tits, and spank her. Don’t miss this super sexy film starring me and Bianca Rose.”

spanking tease pussy spanking spanking and cropping cropping pussy and titty play  hand spanking pussy cropping female domination spanking sarah gregory and bianca rose all girl spanking

Below are some amazing video grabs from this awesome all girl spanking & domination film

 leather strapping bare and exposed cropping and spanking ass grabbing flogging and spanking


naughty pussy cropping and grabbing by Sarah Gregory

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The Sarah Gregory Pass – Home of “Strictmoor Academy”

Spanking Site Updates

Where the hell did that weekend go to?


Another weekend has come and gone, the weather is getting better and the spankings continue non stop… here is a great start to this week with some new and continuing spanking reviews that you may not have seen elsewhere!


Riley has always been one of my favorite RSN girls. She can take a good hard strapping, and really does fit the girl next door look I so love. This latest video from RealSpankings.com checks all the boxes for me, as I’m sure you will appreciate her good looks and Michael’s no nonsense strapping technique, following through hard to ensure she feels the leather across her beautiful bottom!

Riley is strapped before bedtime

12943_007 12943_011 12943_017 12943_024 12943_026 12943_030 12943_036 12943_038 12943_049 12943_057

Riley is laid over a pillow, her panties are lowered and she is strapped hard on her bare bottom before being sent to bed!

…or view this via the amazing 8 site RSN Pass (working out much cheaper for their premium sites giving access withone set of codes! CLICK HERE for more info.


The final part to this amazing schoolgirl film at AAAspanking.com with a fantastic double act of Kami Robertson & Danielle Hunt is now available for full download… do check out the free clip I have provided too… Kami is spanked to tears!

Saturday Detention – these images are exclusive to this blog and scaled down from the members area “photo” section which compliments this video release.

sat_detention003 kami Robertson hand strapping sat_detention030 hairbrush spanking sat_detention036 strapping tears for kami robertson otk spanking sat_detention045

Danielle has a lot of empathy and consoles a very tearful Kami in her last ever appearance, that I know of,  as a sub – this clip sums up what a mean Saturday Detention punishment was all about – personally I think it was awesome, as the girls really got a thorough double punishment! All parts to this movie are now available to download.

[jwplayer mediaid=”40397″]




The Double Spanking Punishment – from the Montgomery Military Academy


Army cadets Scarlett and Julie report for their bare bottom salute tawsings. This means they have to bare their bottoms, touch their toes, and they get a hard tawse stroke. Then they have to salute the officer and step away.  Both cadets were soundly tawsed by the Colonel and Lieutenant Page and left with very sore striped behinds under their uniforms.

ep23_2 ep23_9 ep23_10 episode23_Figuur2 episode23_P1010116 episode23_P1010118 episode23_P1010120 episode23_P1010121 episode23_P1010123


View other video updates for other uniform niches below


Sometimes you just have to love Clare’s wacky antics… a new film from GirlSpanksGirl.com is out and I love the fact that The Cameraman AND Kymberly Jane (playing Clare’s baby girl) encourage her when she mixes this up with spanking and humiliation punishments. I get this – and I like it a lot… it’s not for everyone, but Kymberly ALWAYS plays the best babygirl brat… her sexy husky voice, her pouting, demeanor and seeing her naked (of course – diapered) do it for me everytime. Both she and Clare have a fantastic understanding which makes this video release really interesting. Kym’s bare spanked ass has been off my screen for too long… so welcome back you lovely jiggling buns! 🙂

01mother-daughter 02mother-daughter-humiliation 03diapers 04inspecting-diapers 05mother-daughter-otk 06spanking-otk 07spanked-by-mommy 08kimberleyjane-spanking 09naked-spanking-assgrab 10clare-fonda-diapering 11girl-put-into-diapers 12diaperbabygirl

Kymberly Jane returns home from work and Clare Fonda wants to inspect her diaper. Clare is not satisified with the state of the diaper or Kym’s bad attitude, so she puts Kym over her knee right there in the kitchen for a very firm spanking. Then she takes Kym into the living room where she puts on a fresh diaper and even a new baby outfit, complete with bonnet.


Click here to start viewing this latest film now!

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Finally for today… the 2nd video appearance of newcomer, Karen Hughes – I featured her HERE in her debut performance recently and am still catching up with Firmhandspanking.com as they have 3 new films a week on average. This is her second and it’s great… I am really looking forward to seeing her next films!

Bottom bouncing, Karen Hughes is soundly spanked for her second tardy to work

sitter_h001 sitter_h003 sitter_h006 sitter_h014 sitter_h015 sitter_h017 sitter_h019 sitter_h021 sitter_h023 sitter_h024

House-sitter Karen can’t get to work on time and has to bend over for a long, 250-smack spanking from good-looking boss Jonny Stockton. Hips swaying, bare red cheeks jiggling, she takes it like a champ. Spectacular ass quivering slow-motion!

Check out the free preview of Karen’s jiggling bottom getting spanked!
WARNING: Will cause SEVERE Trouser Arousal!

[jwplayer mediaid=”40446″]

Click HERE to view the full film



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Mommy’s Spanked Schoolgirl

There’s a great new film at MommaSpankings.com with Sarah playing the mom of Alex Reynolds. It’s a nice role reversal and of course she looks damned hot as a stern young “yummy mummy” as we say in Britain… and Alex looks amazing in her school pinafore dress getting a much deserved spanking. This was filmed at the recent Shadowlane Party in Las Vegas… and at first I couldn’t remember the film but then realized why – I was on one camera and I chose some rather dangerous angles to get some great shots and was concentrating on not falling over… the above ass shots were courtesy of me! (the things I do, lol) – and I think the cam angles make it far more interesting, especially when Alex is kicking and wriggling over Sarah’s lap and her legs and shoes are flailing wildly… it really looked HOT! The whole film is… below are the screen images from the movie and the official blurb on the storyline!


Mommy’s Spanked schoolgirl

Sarah plays Mommy to Alex. Mommy is not happy to get a phone call from her daughter’s teacher. She learns that little Alex has been using bad language at school. Mommy is sitting on the couch waiting for her naughty daughter to come home from school. She gives her a good scolding, then bare bottom spanking and hairbrush spanking. Alex is one sorry little girl.

momma-120-023 momma-120-026

momma-120-040 momma-120-048

momma-120-050 momma-120-052


momma-121-006 momma-121-016

momma-121-018 momma-121-023

momma-121-029 momma-121-053

momma-121-054 momma-121-061

View a special Exclusive early preview of this movie (below)


#TrouserArousal 🙂


Updates & Countdowns

countdownI’m counting down the day(s) and hours until I finally get on that plane and head off to Vegas once more… as I said before I’m extending the trip to Los Angeles too, which I’m rather excited about seeing as it is my first time to this massive metropolis… and I’m sure the weather will be kind too, it can’t be any worse than what I have been enduring here in the south west of Britain recently… just take a look (below) at what happened to my beloved hometown’s most famous landmark on the world heritage site of Plymouth Hoe… damned winds… that lighthouse had stood unscathed for generations! smeatonsleaningtowerOK, it was photoshopped… but I did think it was a giggle from the guy that made the image… the lighthouse remains as solid and dependable as ever! 2014 is turning out to be a rather weird year so far, and it is frightening that the month of February is just about into its third week… where the hell has all this time flown since I remember ushering in the new year… they do say that the older you get, time seems to pass faster, which is rather mean, being that we are all mortal and it feels like we are heading towards our demise that much quicker… which is why we should all embrace #YOLO in my opinion… if we do indeed only live once, then why hang around putting up with something or watching the world go by and living for a 100 years when instead you can burn that much more brightly and do so much more in, say… 50 or 60 years of your life.


I can’t remember who remarked on that, but it is true. Life is precious, life is a gift… and I am now waffling on and probably boring you so I shall give you what you came here for… some spanking updates, from my site, Sarah’s and a clip you may not have seen on the Clips Store! they are all good stuff!!!


As promised, the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival begins today with 3 short films shown throughout the week… here’s the full line up of the films members can view along with an extensive full size image gallery. Some behind the scenes “goss” on these, I filmed these on my first visit to America for more than 5 years at the end of Summer 2012… in fact it was at about the same time as the Shadowlane Party that year as I had filmed this a day after Labor Day (Sept 4th 2012, if I remember correctly – near Philadelphia). Unfortunately I didn’t have all my lighting, since I had travelled across the Atlantic to go to a wonderful family wedding and such just beforehand… also David Pierson had to leave early which meant I was on my own with 4 girls… trust me when I say that was difficult… I had to improvise and get a couple of the girls (Carissa and Nyssa to be on cams behind me for the wheelbarrow shots and they did a pretty good job). These have never been released as a set like this until now… I have made far superior quality wheelbarrow films since… but what you get here is 3 girls who are well known in the fetish industry, all amazing in their own right… and not one of them had done this position until this day… so enjoy these exclusives! I have 4 images each of the girls in their various embarrassing positions during their spanking!

Ashley Graham – Monday’s Film (today)

wb_festival002 wb_festival016

wb_festival031 wb_festival011

Nyssa Nevers – Wednesday’s Film

wb_festival037 wb_festival055

wb_festival059 wb_festival062

Joelle Barros – Friday’s film

wb_festival095 wb_festival115

wb_festival129 wb_festival133

We have 3 short films which kicks off a special “Festival of Kink” here at Triple A Spanking. All 3 of these girls may not be shy and certainly not afraid to show off their most private parts to us, the eye bulging viewers… but they had never been spanked in this position before and soon realized just how embarrassing and vulnerable they would feel as they laid over John’s lap, legs akimbo, with their bottoms high in the air and the blood rushing to their heads. Only now would each girl realize the full extent of what they had let themselves in for… Sensual, fun and erotic with the feel of a very submissive good girl spanking scenario, please congratulate these 3 marvellous ladies who dared to bare all in this most revealing of delightfully intimate spanking positions!

You can see a FREE clip of Ashley’s spanking in the wheelbarrow position HERE

At the Clips store you will be able to see these at the POVspanking.com section throughout this week as one offs: I had decided a while back that all wheelbarrow films would now be uploaded at POV Spanking as they have a sort of perspective of the spanker/spankee… and they are damned well sexy 🙂 – They will also be cheap as they were not too long, being more short sharp humiliating punishment clips! So check out the Clips Store below and you will find your fave wheelbarrow girl if you prefer to download just the odd clip… all clips are now always at least in 1280×720 WMV or MP4 so the same as the main website…


Another film you may not have seen stars Aleesha Fox at teh main CLIPS STORE HERE in a special custom made film we did, this licence was for 6 months exclusivity before we placed it on the store, so the customer had this film, to their specs without any of you knowing until now 🙂 If you wanna do the same (I have some more on this style of custom movie as it is cheaper for you) Just email me: eubilling at gmail dot com (sure you can work that one out) if you have any questions about us doing customs, we are very reasonable and I am sure I can do customs with a model of your choice (but best to give me a ball park figure of who you would like in reserve) if you give me enough notice of who it is… I will let you know if it can be done if you email me with an enquiry, ok?


& so to the Reflections movie… Aleesha got whacked with a carpet beater and got a good cropping in front of a mirror… the custom was that she had to see it coming and also get fooled a few times ruining that awful anticipation… I think it worked out rather well in the end… as you can see from these movie stills…

reflections001 reflections002

reflections003 reflections004

reflections005 reflections006

reflections007 reflections008

reflections009 reflections010

This film and 100’s more clips – many remastered to full HD like the website can be found HERE


& a quick update as to what is happening at Sarah’s site HERE – you can now see the full film of Johnny & Isobel’s naughty film, where she is spanked over a throbbing Sybian machine, as he spanks her harder and harder, her bottom turns quite red, but she is heading for her sub space as that heady mixture of pain and pleasure intermingle and she becomes oblivious to the state of her poor bruised red bum, concentrating instead, on grinding her pussy into that Sybian for all it’s worth … it’s very hot as you’ll see from a few choice images accompanying the movie!

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal5-007 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal5-009

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal5-015 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal5-026

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-001 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-007

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-016 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-023

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-026 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal6-030

Yikes… that was hot, wasn’t it? #TrouserArousal

& it doesn’t get any better for my undergarments as the very latest release (it just came out yesterday) has me with Sarah… but just LOOK at what she is wearing! Oh my, I *love* Hooters uniforms and this looks perfect on Sarah… so damned sexy, don’t you think? I also love the way I got her half undressed looking rather awkward with the trademark tights yanked down… that’s causing me #TrouserArousal alright!

Here are just a few sneak images which accompany the film
it’s late here (4.40am so I need to wrap this up)

Sneaky Sarah Spanked

0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-005 0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-007


0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-011 0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-013

0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-019 0152_sneaky_sarah_spanked_gal1-020

John is not very happy when he catches his girlfriend, Sarah, attempting to sneak out to go and work at “Hooters.” He is very disappointed in her. The worst of it was that she was trying to be sneaky about it instead of honest. He teaches his girl a tough lesson with an over the knee spanking.


See MORE of Sarah’s work via her main site or as part of the 2 site Pass 🙂


Goodnight everyone!