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A Week of Hot Spanking Updates – Part 2

This is the 1st of 2 short pictorial updates of my recent trip and filmshoot to Vegas before I left for LA – As you’ll see, I filmed with Erica Scott again and Adrianna Evans for the first time as well as doing some films for my own site with Sarah Gregory. In between that as we were attending a great little get together in Vegas so there was plenty of time to party and meet other spankos from all over the country…

20140220_125915 20140220_140525

 20140223_183007 20140220_140808

Sarah playing with Uncle Givan and Momma Dana Specht


Sarah and I taking time off before a night out to the Stratosphere…

& the view from the top was awesome!


Filming with Erica Scott was a blast and I made a great film with her!

IMG_8965 IMG_8971

Then I filmed with Adrianna Evans for the 1st time, a wheelbarrow Club film and a very severe punishment as a cheergirl who had defied me once too many times (this was a good old fashioned and tearful discipline for Adrianna who I was really impressed with!)


a02 a03

Then Sarah and I played and had fun whilst filming and going out to her favourite chain restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory which wasn’t very far away from the hotel we were staying at. I gave Sarah a very light caning before we went out, she just wanted me to leave a few little cute marks on her bottom as we were filming later after our night out! I had fun thouigh 🙂




We played in this and of course I got to spank my naughty monkey!!! It is also being made into a film… it should be fun to see!


… the last night in Vegas at a great meal with Uncle Givan, Dana and Miss Chris (below)


Then we left the next day.. we met Kat St James for lunch (a late lunch) just outside of Vegas  – sorry I don’t have a pic but I think Sarah does… then after Sarah & I had our photo taken below the famous Welcome sign which was about a mile away… then it was onwards through the desert to LA!


Tomorrow you’ll see the results of our film work with Alex and Paul, some behind the scenes of our trip and the full day filmshoot of filming Casey Calvert and me meeting Clare Fonda a couple of times which also made my trip! Night night! 🙂

Goodbye Vegas… Hello LA!


Just a quick update note to let you know I’m still around… I’m now with Sarah at Paul and Alex’s place in LA… she is planning on letting me being the tourist and we will hopefully visit Santa Monica later… I’ll post some pics when I can as the internet connection is touch and go at the moment. So far, internet is cool… here is the low down on some fun shots and part of the trip on the way from Vegas to LA!

DSC_4365 DSC_4552

Our messy room and one of the films we shot with onesies… I promise it is very good, lol!


Sarah & I before the night out in Vegas…

DSC_4594 DSC_4642

From the top of Stratosphere to the Welcome sign… spanking Sarah in front of a baying crowd!

DSC_4655 DSC_4665

I have a palm tree fetish… and the sunset on I15 to LA was gorgeous!

DSC_4678 DSC_4678a DSC_4681

& a very risky stop… we took some pics and drove off rather quickly!!!! heh heh

Back soon and more images and updates featuring Sarah at my site later this week 🙂


Coming out this week at Triple A Spanking


Dodgy Dave does it again!

I don’t know… you can’t take this chap anywhere. Our latest little trip on The Strip involved much sightseeing (as you’d expect) but naughty Dave just had to take it one little bit further… much to my “mock” indignance… lol! You’ll see some normal sightseeing pics… and can you spot the more raunchy ones too? *sigh*

OK… the 1st one below is actually MY fault… as I got distracted by these cuties and so just had to play some Blackjack, as I took this on my cameraphone the girls took turns to climb the tables and dance… needless to say I didn’t care if I won or lost… (I was up slightly… and I’m not talking about my patented “Trouser Arousal” either, lol)


& out on The Strip at night!





“Hello…. what do we have here?”



tut tut! He can’t resist it (I don’t blame him, actually!)


Back tonight with a blog post on some actual spanking site updates, I have been checking them out and there’s some good stuff you won’t want to miss! I’m off to the pool now to relax, it’s a hard life!