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Vicky Vixxx gets a Spanking

Vicky VixxHere is the very latest update from BunBeatingFun.com – the folks that ensure the rudest models and (even better) some of their disgraceful agents that send these girls to Red Hot Video (BBF) getting the sound punishment spankings they so richly deserve! Welcome Vicky Vixxx to the (Agent’s) Hall of Shame. She was responsible for the last girl (Mya) who you can see here on my last write up – needless to say Rick & Greg were far from impressed with this foul potty mouthed individual who had some of the treatment that her crappy models with attitude had dished out previously! Sit back and watch a very satisfying spanking punishment which was pretty brutal and relentless at times… this uppity madame “got what she was due” alright!


Vicky Vixxx: Now starring at BunBeatingFun.com

02 Vicky gets a spanking 05 otk spanking 10 bare bottom spanking

Models say the “darndest things”. Take Vicky here for example. No sooner did the wench find herself sprawled across their man’s lap, then she started going on and on about how she was a grown woman, that this was “silly”, that this was outrageous, that this was humiliating, that it hurt like the dickens and so on…

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Vicky Vixxx: Cute as a button she was. And oh so precocious. Her transgressions weren’t so cute however. Vicky doubled as an agent and, in that capacity, she had sent Mya and a few of her other more disagreeable “model” friends their way.

38 spanking 41 43 Vicky gets what she deserves

This is a great spanking video, see the full film HERE (but do watch the trailer below 1st!)

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