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Female Spankee of 2014


Here are the results, this was by far the most voted on section showing just what a popular category this was… so without further ado, I give you the Winner and her fantastic runners up as follows.


Winner: Alex Reynolds

1st alex1st

Runner Up: Amelia Jane Rutherford

2nd 2ndamelia

3rd: Pandora Blake

3rd pandora3rd

Full results can be seen HERE

Well done Alex! Capturing nearly a quarter of the vote out of ten places is quite an achievement! & again, to all the ladies in this year’s awards, what a difficult choice you all made for everyone, you were all real contenders and i had no problem seeing any of you in this line up at all! I now get that this is a very big deal with the numbers that voted in this section… amazing!


Spanking Site 2014 Nominations

This is the final nomination, and one of the biggest prizes for producers (I’d love to win this one, lol) it shows that others in our niche like what we do, that we must be doing something right. There are so many sites, please don’t shout at me when I had to make the final cut, these are, as I have said from day one – based on YOUR nominations sent via comments and emails. It’s been hell collecting them altogether but here are the 10 sites, and in this case, just one vote, so make it count everyone… and the winner will be announced in a little under 2 weeks (Jan 12th 2015) – again, sites are in alphabetical order. In around 2 or 3 weeks I will put out an alternative Awards Nomination request… more on that coming soon but in order to make this work I’ll need support from producers so I will be contacting them to submit THEIR fave choice of films they have made AND their fave films they have seen or heard about from a rival producer… as well as a Spanking CLIPS Store nomination too (since there are so many nowadays, I will need your help on this too!)


Still, in the meantime, below are the 10 Spanking paysites you have nominated – get voting and spread the word that it’s on via your own Twitter accounts, blogs or other social media etc… Results of the BEST Female Spankee are out tomorrow – New Year’s Eve!


Dreams of Spanking


English Spankers


Firm Hand Spanking


Girl Spanks Girl


Northern Spanking


Punished Brats


Real Spankings


Sarah Gregory Spanking


Spanked Sweeties


Spanking Sarah


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Good luck to the sites nominated! Please feel free to promote and blog about your sites to your fans and prospective voters, I have included links to your sites here so they can be looked at for those who are undecided… voting ends Monday 12th January 2015


Check the FRONT top pages of this blog for any outstanding polls that are still open!


Spanking Awards – More Results


Voting is finished, here are the next results. Well done to those nominated getting this far and of course a fantastic “well done” to the winners and runners up in each of the categories below!

Best Long play Film 2014

Winner – “All her fault”MommaSpankings.com

1st 1stallherfault

Runner Up – “Exclusive Education 9 Cheerleader camp”GirlSpanksGirl.com

 2nd 2ndee9

Male Spanker of 2014

Winner – Paul “Tubaman” Rogers

1st 1stpaulrogers
You can see more of Paul at his own clip store website – Spanking 101

Runner Up – David Pierson

2nd 2nddavidpierson
You can find David at his own website – Punishedbrats.com

Female Spanker 2014

(This was a heavily subscribed category so it is to 3 places)

Winner – Sarah Gregory

1st 1stsarahtop
Sarah has topped at many sites but check out her own at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Runner Up – Dana Kane

2nd 2nddanakane
Dana has topped at many sites but check out her own at DanaKaneSpanks.com

& 2nd (very close) Runner Up – Pandora Blake

3rd 3rdpandoratop
Pandora features at many sites but check out her own DreamsOfSpanking.com


At the time of writing, voting is still open for the following categories



& Still to come in the next day or so – BEST Spanking Site 2014!

Spanking Awards – 1st results


As promised: Here are the 1st results for the following categories (to 3 places).


1st blog4
Winner  CHROSS Spankologist BLOG

2nd blog6


Creative Spanking Blog

1st b1

Winner Alex in Spankingland

2nd b7

Runner Up Pandora Blake – Spanked not Silenced

3rd b3

3rd place Erica Scott – Life, Love & Spanking

Best Facial Expression in a Spanking

Winner – Sarah Gregory

Runner Up – Amelia Jane Rutherford

3rd adriana3
3rd place – Adriana Evans

Best Spankee Newcomer 2014

Not sure if this has happened, I hadn’t looked at this category as a few days ago Penny was leading but Stacy made a storming comeback and maybe left it too late to clinch the overall title, both girls are worthy of the title JOINT 1st! They each gained an impressive 23% of the vote in this busy category!

Congratulations to Penny Stone (left) & Stacy Stockton (below)
penny stacy2

Runner Up – Maddy Marks

3rd ELLA2
3rd Place – Ella Hughes


Well done to the winners and those gaining a top placing. In fact, I would like to say well done to all those nominated and making this a difficult choice for you all! That was an exciting announcement… Don’t forget to vote in the other categories, these are still open (for now).


Christmas Spanking Films 2014

Here is another round of Festive Spanking films from a couple of sites that have appeared over the last few days, I will update with more tomorrow including one from AAAspanking.com though it isn’t strictly a Xmas or festive film as such (no Santa or Elf hats, trees and such) but it is very special long play film which members will be able to download in one go – it’s what AAA do every year, giving members a chance to download a fantastic full length film in one go on top of the other updates this Festive week! So it is also a great present for fans of Sarah Gregory – starring in one of her most intimate and sexy spankings she has ever filmed this year (FYI – it was the anniversary film of when I met Sarah last year and she is in a stunning formal red dress) – anyway, you’ll see more of that tomorrow… I can hardly believe it is that time of year already and the sleigh bells are certainly chiming! It looks like being a rather mild Xmas here where I am writing this blog from today but I should be travelling a bit over Xmas and I’ll be keeping an eye on sign ups and customer support, of course (as usual).

Am I naughty or nice?


It’s Christmas morning and Sarah tells her sweetie to wait for him in front of the tree while she gets his last gift. She makes him wait and cover his eyes. She surprises him by being dressed as a super sexy santa and jumping over his lap for a spanking. He gives her a yummy good girl Christmas spanking in this fun loving spanking film.


Sarah Gregory getting an OTK spanking

0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-004 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-010 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-022 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-034 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-038 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-039 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-007 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-009 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-013 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-026 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-037 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-038 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-044 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-046

You can see all the naughty detail of this full HD version
from this rather fun and naughty good girl spanking film HERE

sarahgregoryspanking sarahgregpass

Also check out this recent post I did HERE for another of Sarah’s sites!


The Xmas film from English Spankers co stars Imogen Darcy & The London Tanner as Santa… in the film “Do you believe in Santa?”

npp7113003 npp7113005 npp7113007 npp7113011 npp7113013 npp7113017 npp7113020 npp7113025 npp7113028 npp7113030

Do you believe in Santa, well that’s what Christmas is all about. Imogen and Kodders are getting ready for a visit from Santa, well Kodders is as Imogen does not have the belief that is necessary for good girls to get a nice present. When Santa does arrive he has something of a surprise in store for this naughty lady. This will be a Christmas to remember for Imogen.

Click HERE to view and access all the films available



It wouldn’t be Xmas without a naughty elf somewhere getting a spanking, so “thank you” to the folks behind My Spanking Room mate and the ever excellent and ever present stalwart of this site, Kay Richards (aka Kimberly Jane) getting a mean spanking off her mom in this festive film release…

001 002 004

Kay is supposed to be an elf for Christmas, but she throws a tantrum about it. She didn’t learn the elf song and she hates her elf costume. Her mom is not tolerating the bratty behavior. She puts Kay over her knee for a sound spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle until Kay agrees to behave and be a good elf. But she’ll only learn the song if she gets to spank her mom. That is, of course, exactly what happens.

005 006 008 009 011 012 013 015 016


Or view this site as part of the awesome 5 site Clare Fonda Pass which gives you access to massive site archives and latest releases for a fraction of the combined cost of the sites joined – bargain! See more HERE or the banner below on what you get…



Spanking Awards 2014 – Don’t forget to make your votes count!

I’ve had a few people leaving comments of what should have been nominated or whatever or feel unhappy… remember I had this whole thing up for nomination all last month and said “quit the bleating” if your fave person/site or whatever it is you are voting on isn’t there. Many producers, bloggers and models have also promoted themselves via social networks and such and asked fans/members to nominate and vote… I can’t influence anything as the host, I have tried to stay impartial. If you or your faves aren’t up for nomination, that’s not my fault… you had been warned MULTIPLE times. There are some interesting  results coming your way… and there will be another round of voting on the next set of nominees coming very soon! Thanks for taking time to vote y’all!




& in other news…

IMPORTANT: Please note THIS week is your LAST CHANCE to change to our unique LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP – 1st month $32.95 then every 3 months $32.95 until YOU cancel giving you an $11 monthly membership option that will never increase in price! Check it out here before it is removed at this low price!


Spanking Awards 2014 – 1st Nominations



Here we go… the 1st 4 categories are ready for you to vote on. I’m a little behind so that is why you have 4 sections to vote on, covering the best blogs and the best facial expressions in a scene and the NEW Spankee of the Year (which looks set to be rather interesting as I have included 2013/2014 since there were no votes made last year. the Spankee/Spanker and site nominations are always the most difficult and hotly contested so I thought I’d introduce one early to get you going! All nominations are the top, I have discarded many that just had 2 or 3 as the list would have been endless and I need to condense this to no more than 10 which is a wide choice indeed but I have discovered that around 6-8 choices should suffice as they tend to be the stand out nominations. OK get voting, show your support for your favorites.

All nominations are in alphabetical order and in no order of preference:

Best Spanking Blog (News) – please check out the chosen blogs & decide for yourselves.

All Things Spanking

Best Spanking Blogs

CherryRed Report


Cutiepie’s Sexy Spankings

Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking blog

Richard Windsor

Voice in the Corner

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Best Spanking Blog (creative) 

Alex (Reynolds) in Spankingland

Bonnie Gets Spanked

Erica Scott – Life, Love & Spanking

Hermione’s Heart


Over the Desk 

Pandora Blake’s Spanked not Silenced

Snowflake Roasting Service 

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Best Facial Expression during a Spanking

adriana1 adriana2 adriana3
Adriana Evans
images c/o Sarah Gregory Spanking & Punishedbrats

amelia1 amelia2 amelia3
Amelia Jane Rutherford
images c/o SarahGregorySpanking DreamsOfSpanking English-Spankers

belinda1 belinda2 belinda3
Belinda Lawson
images c/o FirmHandSpanking.com

joelle1 joelle2 joelle3
Joelle Barros
images c/o SpankedCallgirls.com SarahGregorySpanking.com

mandie1 mandie2 mandie3
Mandie Rae 
images c/o Sarah Gregory Spanking & Punishedbrats

sarah1 sarah2 sarah3
Sarah Gregory
images c/0 Sarah Gregory Pass

stacy1 stacy2 stacy3
Stacy Stockton
images c/o FirmHandSpanking.com

veronica1 veronica2 veronica3
Veronica Ricci
images c/o Clare Fonda Pass

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Best Spankee Newcomer 2014

chessie1 chessie2

Chessie Kay images c/o SpankPass.com

elektra0 elektra1
Elektra Rose
images c/o SpankedSweeties.com


Ella Hughes images c/o SpankingSarah.com


Gigi Allens images c/o SpankedCallgirls.com

fiona fiona1

Fiona Murphy images c/o DanaKaneSpanks.com Spankedcallgirls.com

maddy1 maddy2

Maddie Marks images c/o GirlSpanksGirl.com

penny penny1

Penny Stone images c/o Punishedbrats.com

stacy2 stacy3

Stacy Stockton images c/o FirmhandSpanking.com

[polldaddy poll=8520790]



This has taken longer to set up than I had realized so I hope that you take this in the spirit provided and vote for your faves – more nominations for other categories coming soon! Have a good weekend. I will be reporting on news footage of what happened today in London, England (regards the ongoing #PornProtest and there were some female faces from the spanking that you will all recognize too!)