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Kim Jong-un is watching… #3

Youtube Clips today – (outdoors, for some reason)! Kim Jong-un and pals like nothing better to do than enjoy clips of girls showing off their ass like this young lady on the back of a motorbike in Serbia. Want to see? Click the picture to see the 6 minute Youtube clip!


Today’s post sponsored by high kicking N. Korean Army girls legs.

Kim Jong-un is watching… #2

What’s our favorite North Korean “chubbster” (the only one – since the rest of the population are starving or imprisoned) checking out today? We know he has an eye for a pretty girl and a nice ass… let’s hope it’s something nice! Do as your told below and you’ll be rewarded by what he is perving on! That is all!


Brought to you by the DPRK – in association with Taedonggang Brewing Company
(for all your ale needs north of The 38th parallel)