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Naughty Lola Marie

It seems people just can’t get enough of naughty Lola Marie at the moment… I like to make rude films with the right girls from time to time… and Lola is definitely one of those sexy naughty girls that make that task so easy! This was one of the first films I had ever shot with Lola and I wanted her to be the sole attraction… no nasty distractions with me or another person spoiling it, Lola was to be the star of this film completely! So how did I make that happen? She recalled how she’d get bored at home… you know, that itch that just had to be scratched – Lola is a very sexual girl and has her needs like any of us, so she thought she would steam up our camera lenses and show what she got up to in the privacy of her own place when she was alone and bored… fortunately I was wearing loose fitting garments which did not cause too much uncomfortable trouser arousal, as you could well imagine! Lola also recalled how she REALLY loves to get spanked for being naughty… so we combined her filthy toy play with some self spanking implementation courtesy of the bathbrush, several NEW hair brushes and straps for her approval. The results are below… these images are a little extra to what I have made free outside of the members area… I don’t want to give away all my content  as that would be unfair to those that have decently taken the plunge and become a member… but there are plenty of really naughty and far more graphic images for my members who are now happily downloading all this lovely spanko smut… but I think you’ll get the idea. All images shown here are reduced in size, even though they are at a decent resolution already… so imagine the clarity that members get! (lucky bastards!)

Below images are from HQ photo stills… followed by some HD screen video images showing you parts of the film – there is a link at the end to how you can view a free clip as well as news of a special offer that has been received rather well since I pioneered this to reward longer term membership which no other site has dared implement! 🙂

Naughty Lola Marie (out now at AAA Spanking)










& below are the actual video screen images (which are also high quality!)


lolamarie027 lolamarie032


lolamarie042 lolamarie072


lolamarie105 lolamarie117


You can CLICK HERE to view a brief free HD clip of Lola marie’s latest film

& don’t forget the Loyalty Membership scheme that I have pioneered beats every other website for real value… I’m not sure how long I will continue offering it at the moment… but it has been quite popular and it’s not difficult to see why! Pay $32.95 for the 1st month on a recurring deal and then it rebills at the same price but for every 3 MONTHS! That is until you decide to cancel (which is easy peasy… or you can contact me and I’ll do it for you, simples!) – So the longer you stay, it becomes top value like those that purchased the annual deals that I did previously (which I won’t be doing again, btw) – this is the new loyalty alternative and gives YOU the freedom to choose when you want to stop or continue saving money! Can’t say fairer than that, eh? & of course you’re gonna get to see ALL of the forthcoming Lola movies… as well as the fantastic ones I filmed in Las Vegas which I can’t wait to start showing the week after next… so plenty of stuff coming out from my site, that’s for sure!!!

Or if you prefer, then just download the film on its own (see more details below)

This film (click on Lola below) is also available as a complete HD download

click here for this film


The AAA Clips Store now has over 200 clips and films to choose from!




Cake Kink Cats & Spankings!

cakeI am all “caked out”, I have one more chocolate cake to devour “apres anniversaire” and intend to see that one off tonight… because I have been allowed to! So…, in no particular order today… please delight in the following images from various websites for your fine perusal before I stuff myself with 3000 calories worth of nom noms… all approved by none other than the almighty “Spank Cat” – all seeing and all knowing feline that has replaced even Ceiling Cat in all that was known by kitteh-kind! Spank Cat is a feline fetishist, a marauding moggy that isn’t satisfied until he (or she – we dare not ask!) is satisfied that the human females shown on this ‘ere veritable spanky blog have had their rear ends well and truly tanned! “me-owww!”

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you some cracking images courtesy of Spanking Server – I have always loved their use of implements and contraptions, I guess that the girls here, including the gorgeous Sandra Sanchez… would disagree!


pic_2 pic_3

pic_4 pic_5

pic_6 pic_7

pic_8 pic_9

pic_10 pic_12

pic_13 pic_14

Check out the very latest wicked punishments of East European girls from SpankingServer.com



An oldie from Northern Spanking as this schoolgirl is caught touching herself instead of studying… she is quickly punished for her filthy behaviour!!! Part of the VAST archives of spanking material from over 10 years of non stop spanking updates!

NSI058-KLE006 NSI058-KLE007

NSI058-KLE008 NSI058-KLE009

NSI058-KLE019 NSI058-KLE023

NSI058-KLE027 NSI058-KLE029

Click here to see more naughty and excellent punishments only from Northern Spanking



Ok, a little reminder treat for you as you get to see this great OTK spanking of Veronica Ricci over the knee of a twisted nurse played by Asphyxia Noir… check out the clip and a few reminder images (and Veronica’s revenge) – I liked this as it had a genuine good hard OTK spanking as you’ll see!

Or if you are viewing this on an Android device, Flash doesn’t show so click link HERE for the WMV clip

002 004

005 008

Veronica goes in to get tested, but the nurse behaves rather strangely. First, she takes Veronica’s temperature anally. Then she begins spanking Veronica super hard, lecturing her on how to change her ways. She even breaks a large paddle over Veronica’s ass. Finally, Veronica has had enough and fights back, getting Nurse Asphyxia over her knee and teaching her just how tough and strong call girls can be. Both ladies leave with very sore and red bottoms.

012 002 (1)

007-2 008 (1)

014 015

Check out one of the best and naughtiest sounding spanking sites that lives up to its name – SPANKED CALLGIRLS – it is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass network giving you access to 5 of their best sites for a fraction of the total cost. If you have never considered this option then do take a look, it will save you a lot of money but it’s an addictive hobby as you’ll be downloading content until the cows come home!


Have a great weekend… and today’s final spanking aftermath image was 100% approved by Spank Cat! Enjoy!


Spank cat also approves of the naughty POV angles and spankings at the site below 🙂


The next AAA Spanking film update!

Tomorrow sees the latest new film to be uploaded for members at Triple A Spanking and it’s a corker which has naughty 20 year old Jessica given her first “man spanking” on film by John Osborne for being an extremely rude lady! As you’ll discover from these preview images… Jessica got bored and decided to play with herself… “What’s the deal in that?” you might think, “so what?” Well, she could have used somewhere a little more suitable rather than the breakfast table that she was supposed to be clearing up in the kitchen as a hired maid rather than wank all over it where John’s kids dined at the weekends… I rather suspect he is a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to relationships after his somewhat bitter divorce… but that would be another story… eh? (lol)

This is what Jessica was doing before she got caught (it’s too rude to show you in full intimate detail, but members will get to see this HQ photoset and of course the HD film)

Of course what she should have been doing was the cleaning in her uniform, provided by John, as he liked to see his maid looking the part when he was around. Of course it is all about trust and she breaks this with her selfish need to “have a wank” instead of doing the job she was paid to! As John pointed out, he wasn’t so bothered by the sight of her, just that she was doing it in his time!

Jessica doesn’t like cleaning up in the kitchen!

Bringing herself off on the breakfast table before getting caught!

Quote of the film:
“You were wanking on my breakfast table, I have to eat off that, my kids have to eat off that!”

Stripped of her clothing and dignity, it’s a spanking next for Jessica!
Her 1st man spanking caught on film!!!

Jessica gets a spanking and has a very low pain threshold which members will see in detail.
Maybe she’ll think twice about defiling herself on his table!

Hmmm, are we enjoying this? Absolutely not (harrumph!)

The film also contains a good hairbrushing punishment as well as a more intimate moment at the end when I was not convinced she had learnt her lesson so I gave her another spanking stood up as she was bent over the kitchen counter top.

You’ll see more of this tomorrow when the film goes live later in the day… and don’t forget that there was a stunning photo update earlier this week and a full film file being uploaded at the end of this week so lots to see at AAA Spanking for members and prospective members.

By the way, thanks for the kind emails those who do write to our support address and the feedback we receive we try to implement (inside the member area there are more features to help you find the films and girls you want as well as what is coming up and such which I think you all like!)

Cheers… I’m off out for something to eat 🙂

Mishka’s introductory Spanking

Well, as promised… here it is! The very 1st film we did with naughty girl Mishka who was so horny and couldn’t wait to get spanked, she just wanted to play with herself and show us her brand new wand  (I felt this thing and it was powerful… and this devilish masturbatory instrument had variable settings – I felt pretty inadequate after holding that damned thing, lol).

Anyway, the full film in both WMV and MP4 is now out for members, who have been spoilt this week with 2 new films and a concluding part to the very popular Kami film in her PJ’s. Anyhoo… moving on, Mishka teased and played to the cameras, dipping her fingers into her moistening honeypot, and it wasn’t long before she used that black wand , as it throbbed and vibrated her to a quick and powerful orgasm! Then she wanted spanking after she had recovered from her 1st climax of the day!

Below are some exclusive images not seen anywhere except this blog as I give you a quick behind the scenes look at what happened!


Mishka prepares for her first film of the day, her introduction… after she had rushed out of the bathroom declaring herself freshly shaved below, asking me to help her clip on her white suspender belt to her stockings…all the while she is telling me and the crew how “excited” she is… “yeah, I thought…. someone else below is too!” *cough!*

The first scene was Mishka introducing herself to you all, whilst she (genuinely) explained how turned on she was and had to do something about it… silence from behind the cams as we gawp and watch this not at all shy girl tease, strip and play with herself then bring herself off with that evil big wand thing I had mentioned earlier. The 2nd part of the film is her spanking… and before we continue, it wasn’t brutal, it was her first spanking for a while and also the first of the day… I was hardly going to get out my tawse, canes and straps and beat the crap out of her, was I? Instead, you will NOT be disappointed, as her bottom DOES indeed turn quite red after a sustained hand spanking across my lap… she really did have a dinky perky little butt… and to be honest, in those white stocking anmd suspenders, they actually hindered where I wanted to hit the mark… so for the rest of the day, I filmed her without those and you’ll see Mishka looked as sexy as ever in school uniforms and various outfits we had lined up for her!


So without any more waffle, check out the free gallery taken from the film which has the 2 parts mentioned that members can now download in full as a complete 12 minute intro film. Enjoy!

You can also see a free preview clip available on the Home Page HERE

What’s hot & worth watching!

I’m sure these are all valid questions you would like answered out there in the kingdom of spanking… so I shall try and answer a few of these pertinent questions as I haven’t been online except to update my own site and I have been working hours in my regular job that are alien to me, like starting at 5am (getting up at 4!). I didn’t even know there was a 4am! So I have been just too tired – like poor little kitty below…

and I’ve been fed up with these mad hours but as I’m getting used to my ridiculous hours this week, here’s a welcome back post from me so I hope you like it… I’ll start with what is out at my own site as there is a brand new film with Sophie, the new girl I showed last week and a return for Jasmine… back by popular demand and she made a whole heap of new stuff with us which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate in time! This is a particular fave of mine as it’s a pyjamas film and one of the girls are wearing white panties underneath their PJ bottoms (shock horror!) I see to it they get an additional unfair punishment for that!

Jasmine is in Sophie’s private Dorm Room in an unauthorized stay under the blankets & they talk about various girly things until Jasmine admits she’s been “wanking” in Sophie’s bed!

If you haven’t already, click image above for the free gallery I just made public – it explains the movie as well in detail – there is also a great strapping clip which you can view and download HERE

So what can I tell you about the film? I don’t know why, but I found it amusing to have the girls talk about “wanking” – it’s not a word many women often use and I guess it’s also more of a British word, and since the girls are English, then why not?  Which is why I asked them to say it, some might think it rather childish of me, but it actually came across quite well in the film as they bicker about it and I come in and talk about “self defilement” which is what the title of the film is loosely based on! I hope my American members enjoy their arguments and accents before we get down to the strappings and leather paddling which left both girls bottoms nicely sore and a perfect shade of crimson!


& now to Amber’s sites – I had to ask her for my membership codes again since I had lost all my passwords recently… and so when I went back in the other day, I was in for a real treat… so whilst I’m on this “wanking” or “self defilement” theme (lol)… here’s a naughty film of Amber at SpankAmber.com as she gets off on what she describes as a “Sex Bench” – masturbating and jerking off her sweet pussy up nice in close after teasing us to start with… & Daddy joining in to fondle and stroke her tight buns before Amber fucks her aching pussy hard with a dildo and slaps her ass for us all! It’s a great diversion from her spanking films and one which captures the essence of what Amber as a person enjoys doing… receiving pleasure! She admitted to me that she web cams a lot, I think you could expect to see her do pretty much anything you’d want if you were to have a 1-2-1 session! Images below are from the latest movie series at SpankAmber.com






You can see MUCH MORE of Amber wankin’ & a spankin’ at SpankAmber.com

Meanwhile at her site where she gets to dish out the sexy punishments as only she knows how (lots of female play, foreplay, oil, ice cubes and of course her firm hand and myriad of implements both for punishment AND pleasure) we see a welcome return of Jolene, another redhead submissive slut that Amber loves playing upon… as you’ll see below… and I have to say that Amber is fixated with nipple play and clamping both on herself and her sub spankees…. I love it! I’m sure you’ll get a taster of what is going on in this latest series, prepare for double redhead overload!






Delightfully rude, tantalisingly naughty… that is how Amber loves to play and spank her girls!
CLICK HERE for more of this latest series & how to join both sites with one membership for a whole heap less!

Oh, and a big “Shout Out!” to Daddy who films Amber and her girls, how the hell he does this in a room that must smell of sweet female scent when these girls are on heat… my oh my… bravo, you’re a lucky man to then have Amber all to yourself afterwards!


Staying in America why not visit Punishedbrats.com – withtheir new large screen format movies and stunning girls like Pi, or as I called her first… “Twentytwo over Seven” (I’m such a geek I’m thinking about Jeri Ryan who played “Seven of Nine” from the Star Trek Voyager series…. but I could seriously digress… as you will too looking at Pi’s gloriously red bare bottom in these images taken from the film “Art Exhibit Failure”



Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom and you can see that Pi’s bottom turns red with shame as the leather strap licks her soft cheeks bringing her close to tears as the embarrassing punishment continued without mercy.

Another fantastic OTK spanking by David Pierson sees one uppity brat, Taylor Rayne, getting what she deserves in this movie now out in full to download as you’ll see below, these images show her off to perfection, a perfect wigglesome ass and one which I’m sure the “Cast Iron Protective Underpants” ® Chief – were deployed by Mr P. for some serious OTK discipline to stop any distracting wriggling onto his lap! I swear by them 🙂




Call From School – Wild child Taylor Rayne was still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked, but spanked she was… and hard across david’s lap as she kicked and cried out for him to stop, blubbing like a brat until he had had enough of her tiresome behavior and made her kneel on a stool in the corner, whilst snivelling, to reflect on the situation!

You can see these movie updates and of course awesome residents like Pixie and co only at Punishedbrats.com


OK, I have just noticed at NorthernSpanking.com just jow lucky one Mr Stephen Lewis has been recently…. have you seen the movie updates he’s involved in? Well, if you’re not a member, then perhaps you might want to see what this lucky git chap has been up to… 🙂

So… in no particular recent order and magnitude of “Gittiness” (Moi? Jaloux? Pas de tout!)
The Git Files #1: PJ Punishments of not just Zille Defeu… but Irelynn Logeen as well!



Hey, Stephen… if you’re reading this, just kidding! Awesome films as always, and you can see MORE of Zille & Irelynn with Stephen in the latest film just released…

The Git Files #2: Coach caned, bus blamed.

Just how DID Irelynn manage to win a race in world record time? Mr Lewis gets to the bottom of this (literally) with the helpful report of the busdriver on a route almost identical to the race itself! (Hmmm….) You’ll see both girls getting a deserved spanking and a special caning will be reserved for coach Zille Defeu!




Another movie at the same site currently being updated with Stephen red-lining my patent pending “Git-ometer” is with one of my favorite ladies who I’d “love” to have featured at my own site soon, even though I’m unsure she subs anymore (maybe just one film in amongst her domming the girls? Please???) I could hope, I suppose 😉 – anyway, I am getting distracted again, which is easy with Andi… as she disturbs Stephen’s late time reading…. beware of things that go “Bump” in the night!

The Git Files #3: Beware things that go bump in the night



Don’t forget to check out their vast archives which you can locate easily by model – CLICK HERE


Next… this site and model really need no introduction, but in case you have been living on Mars… then it is Amelia Jane Rutherford’s latest “Marriage Guidance Counselling” series from FirmHandSpanking.com where Amelia is advised on the perils of trying to drive after just a few hours sleep… this spanking is indeed for her own wellbeing, I should know after being tired and having an accident that wrote off my car end of June this year… it ain’t clever, kids… wise up! Some superb images from this movie are below for your delectation and fine early evening perusal:




See the free Movie Preview of this full length film HERE


OK, I wanted to do more so will be updating my other blogs with a movie review coming from this producer tomorrow (I’m not going to tell you which film but it’s a real cracker!) as well as a full movie review from Lupus, I’ll let you know where these reviews will be as well as a weekend update here from some European based spanking sites tomorrow, it’s gonna be busy! Have a good one! Back soon. Chief.