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Mandie Rae’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

It’s been a while since we had one of these spanking positions showcased anywhere, so where better than AAAspanking.com with a killer new update this week starring the beautiful and very talented Mandie Rae. Now Mandie is anything but shy, and didn’t seem fazed by this at first… but as so many ladies find out when they’re in that position, it all changed. mandie admitted later to feeling a little more vulnerable and exposed with the knowledge that there were implements she hadn’t seen withthe promise they’d get her sweet spots a normal spanking can’t reach! It all then started to become a little more difficult not to worry about what lay ahead! Well, Mandie looks great, as you’ll see… but even she felt hesitant once she realized how vulnerable and submissive she felt! Perfect! The Wheelbarrow position can do that to even the hardiest of girls! So please welcome the latest member of the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – Miss Mandie Rae.

Mandie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

A double whammy, not only did Mandie face the prospect of her 1st ever Wheelbarrow Spanking, but it was in this cute uniform too! Oh my!!!

Another member joins the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club and this is a hot, intimate spanking of sexy Mandie Rae dressed provocatively in her British girl guide uniform. See Mandie explore just how embarrassing it is to feel exposed like that while her most tender sweet spots are vulnerable in this spread position. The use of specialist implements to create a maximum spread of humiliation, pain and redness that spreads all across her pert bottom are used to great effect! Fans of this unique spanking position will not want to miss this awesome rare opportunity to view Mandie Rae in a new film.




Jasmine Lau – back getting a spanking!

I will be writing to Jasmine Lau tomorrow as both Sarah Gregory & I are filming her near the end of the month for our own spanking shoot with her. We are excited and I have told Sarah how cool she was when I used to film with her in my early days with AAA. We’re not filming much in the UK, but with the return of Jasmine from around 4 years of not doing porn or fetish work, no doubt she will be in high demand! We would also have been filming someone else who was equally as cute as Jasmine, but unfortunately the company she worked with put her off. I’m not going to mention any names but I was pretty pissed off as we had talked a lot beforehand about filming together and arranged a date… but she won’t be doing any spanking work: I won’t be promoting her stuff I have seen either – out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Though I have certainly have nothing against her, of course, and have extended an invitation should she ever want to try again we will be there for her. Then we promise to have more range and take advantage of what we saw she was capable of rather more than just beating her because she “must be punished” (yawn).

So let’s return to Jasmine – I filmed a lot of stuff with her in the early days and she had always been popular, I’d have easily filmed more content with her but she disappeared for a while so I didn’t push it (you get a feel some girls don’t want to continue so out of respect I left it) but as you’ll see, Jasmine is back and looking as hot as ever, she is still in her 20’s and physically very fit (from the martial arts training, I guess)


This first film is courtesy of Sarah Stern at spankingsarah.com – a kind of two part film where Jasmine self spanks and then gets a spanking from Sarah Stern afterwards in a humiliating position we all know so well. It’s a great intro film and something I would  have most probably done (I have a double plot planned with the girls but more punishment based… trust me, it hasn’t been done on AAA like this and it’ll be a knock out!) However, in the meantime, I can definitely recommend that you take a look based on these images (below).

DSC_9814 DSC_9820 DSC_9824 DSC_9828 DSC_9834 DSC_9838 DSC_9843 DSC_9844 DSC_9849 DSC_9852

Jasmine Lau had been spanked many times so Sarah wanted to get something a little different when she came over to see her. She asked her what she would like to do and she said could she start off by spanking herself. Sarah asked if she had a reason: she did, she had been quite naughty over the week end so Sarah told her to think about that as  she spanked her lovely bottom. She made a real good job of it, and did not hold back and delivered some real hard spanks to that bare bum.

In the latest installment: Jasmine has been doing a bit of self spanking, she thinks she can do it better than Sarah can, silly girl! Sarah soon shows her that not only can a spanking be painful but it can also be very humiliating. She gets her into the most revealing position and then you will see from her POV just what a spanking looks like when it is really hard and when the girl is stretched out with everything on display.

HC330-01001 HC330-01003 HC330-01004 HC330-01005 HC330-01008 HC330-01010 HC330-01012 HC330-01031 HC330-01033 spanking


Spanking Sarah

Wheelbarrow Spanking for an Angel

Sarah was going through some of the edited and archived data on the AAA external drives she owns and she came across this naughty little wheelbarrow spanking. She asked me if this was up on the site, I couldn’t remember so I checked the casting page of the site in the members area (always a useful function for old fools like myself) and saw that it hadn’t gone out!
“I’m putting it up!” She said… “It’s hot!”
She was right, naturally, and of course I do remember it well… in fact Sarah was on “Ass Cam” that day – so all the memories came flooding back! Phew… that was a hot spanking video… We both love Angel Lee to bits, and I remember this being filmed at last year’s Crimson Moon Party near Chicago (I wouldn’t forget that… not after I had a near fatal asthma attack!). We are both planning on meeting Angel next year to set up some quality film shoot time for Sarah’s site network… well, I hope so, at least. Plans never seem to go as you want them to in this business! Anyway, I have droned on long enough. This is a good HD film that shows both Angel’s facial reactions and side impact shits of her glorious butt… and of course a great rear cam angle, almost POV in style – getting up rather too close and personal (I blame Sarah for that, lol). Either way, it’s a fantastic addition to the growing section of Wheelbarrow Position films so please welcome Angel as the newest member of the “Triple A Wheelbarrow club!”

Angel Lee - her first wheelbarrow spanking
“Oh my! What have I let myself in for?” Angel pondered…


Angel's Wheelbarrow Spanking - side view

This is the official description from the site: Angel Lee had never been spanked in such a submissive and embarrassing position before. She had heard about it and asked if we could film this with her. She wanted to see if she had what it took to join the infamous “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – Angel’s exposed cheeks and private parts were bared and spanked as she was reminded just how awkward she must have been feeling to have her bottom presented like that in such a revealing position! See for yourself what a fantastic sport Angel was in experiencing her first ever wheelbarrow spanking position where you get to see her bottom up close and personal showing all her facial reactions captured during the video!

Angel assumes the wheelbarrow position spanking intimate spanking rear view of wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing spanking handprint hand spanking OTK intimate spanking

Above images were the video screen grabs… this video also had some complimentary stills images taken from this film session too, which you can see below… members get to download the full size images.

Angel Lee spanked bubble butt spanking Angel's pretty face painful spanks warm red spanked bottom spankings hot spanked ass and handprint




This video can also be downloaded as a ONE TIME option from the Clip Store (see below)


This clip and all the other AAA Wheelbarrow Videos etc can be found HERE

Isobel Wren’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

There have been 2 fabulous new films released in full this week at AAAspanking.com – and this is the second, just out a few hours ago, as promised (that is because Members get to see who is featuring next week on the home page – as they can right now for the following week, but that would be telling *wink*) 

Isobel Wren

wbIt stars the very lovely Isobel Wren, who was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon in Florida… I was hoping I could get to meet her again at this year’s event (next month) but she might not be attending, so this is the last of any content that was filmed of her for AAA (make the most of it… as there are also rumors she is leaving porn and online fetish for keeps due to her personal career in her private life). I fully understand that though it’ll be a great loss if she does “retire” – but nothing in this biz lasts forever, eh? Okay, so to this video update… Isobel confided to us that she was intrigued about the “Wheelbarrow spankings” she had seen – and wanted to try it out for herself, even though she was a bit nervous and feeling a little embarrassed about just how vulnerable and submissive this position made her (that is the point!). Sarah & myself shot this footage and Isobel was awesome… there was a great range of spankings, from warm up to harder and also her barely touched sweet spots were able to be spanked too… which she later admitted stung like hell!

Below are a collection of images taken from the film, these are only 1280×720 in size but the actual film is in full HD1080 so you don’t miss a thing! Get up close and personal with Isobel in this latest spanking video now out to download in full at AAAspanking.com

seeing what Isobel is made of exposed bare ass for a spanking ass grabbing Isobel Wren wheelbarrow spanking spanking her intimately spanking Isobel Wren grabbing ass in the wheelbarrow spanking asshole exposed and bottom spanked isobel is spanked exposed ass spanked hard

Isobel knew about the “Wheelbarrow Club” and had seen some videos so had some idea of what this special membership meant! She was a little nervous at being in such a submissive and revealing position… which she confirmed how it felt like being unable to anticipate or imagine her spankings and how she must look from the rear angle. This, as we have always said, is part of the attraction and why we do this position so well as we “get it” and pass that knowledge on to our ladies. Isobel was naturally submissive and this was one to tick off her “Bucket List” having never done anything quite like this before. After we ensured that Isobel was comfortably positioned, her spanking began, lightly at first, gauging how she would respond with the rushing to her head. Then her spankings got harder and more stinging as her pert bottom was open to having her vulnerable “sit spots” spanked and turned red in front of our eyes for the very first time. She got what she wanted, more new headspace sensations as her bottom was spanked, caressed and played with. Welcome Isobel, to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club.

spanking stroking her ass in the wheelbarrow position intimate spanking position for Isobel smacking her bare bottom face down ass up Isobel is embarrassed at being spanked like this ass grabbing spanking her exposed butt

Check out a short clip of this film… it’s lower spec but you’ll get the idea!

[jwplayer mediaid=”42083″]


Isobel Wren

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Hot Spanking Releases

I have been busy behind the scenes upgrading the websites quietly and… slowly. I have a stinking cold that came out of nowhere which is making me feel really miserable, so I won’t bleat on about it, just get you these amazing new films and some recent updates I have missed so you can check them out for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory’s site had a mini revamp recently with a new header (above) – we’ll get some new banners out too (soon). I think when I have more time I will work on the header some more but for now I think it looks better than the previous one which had been there for some time. Sarah’s latest film stars 2 good friends of ours, Adriana Evans and her real life partner, Dom King. I love these guys so it was heartbreaking that we couldn’t all catch up together and “do shenanigans” at the last BBW Party in Atlantic City – but I’ll see them soon enough. This was an awesome spanking film that Sarah made as it was from a real life scenario that had some meaning to them both and the resulting punishment released a flood of tears from Adriana. It’s pretty intense… images are from the new film at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Dominic King & Adriana Evans

This is a real life punishment between a real life couple. Adriana had royally screwed up. She has embarrassed her dominant by taking drugs and drinking at their house in front of company. He teaches her a lesson by giving her a hard spanking and strapping until she is crying real tears of remorse.

Dom chats to Adriana before her spanking pulling panties down for her spanking bare bottom leather paddling paddling otk hand spanking 0210_adrianas_real_punishment_grabs-051 0210_adrianas_real_punishment_grabs-055 0210_adrianas_real_punishment_grabs-063 0210_adrianas_real_punishment_grabs-075 spanking very sore red spanked bottom real tears Adriana cries real tears kiss and make up after the spanking

Wow! Check out those images of Adriana’s tears! You can see the full HD film HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Pass


A gorgeous brunette called Renata gets her spanking and strapping discipline punishment across her bare bottom at Spanking Server (next up) the images (like above) are taken from the film itself so you can capture real moments of action as you’ll see it.

renata001 renata002 strapping Renata renata004 Renata at Spanking Server renata006 renata007 renata008 well spanked ass renata010 renata011 renata012 renata013 renata014

See MORE of naughty Renata exclusive to SpankingServer.com



This time of year means it’s Tennis at Wimbledon – I can’t stick it personally… I don’t mind the little tennis uniforms and those traditional white short skirts the girls used to wear though (that’;s all ruined by advertisin… and I certainly approve of how Paul & Alex did their little homage to “Tennis Season” with this recent update from NorthernSpanking.com co starring Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake

VIDNSI115401-002 VIDNSI115401-007 VIDNSI115401-010 VIDNSI115401-017 VIDNSI115401-024 VIDNSI115401-031 VIDNSI115401-032 VIDNSI115402-002 VIDNSI115402-003 VIDNSI115402-007 VIDNSI115402-015 VIDNSI115402-016 VIDNSI115402-022

Don’t miss this and many more excellent spanking shenanigans – CLICK HERE


Finally… a brand new film with Satine Spark… she is an epic stunner and loves being spanked. I was due to film with her early this summer but we couldn’t get a date decided on before my next American trip so will now have to wait until I get back… I can promise you that at the SG Group of sites there will be plenty more of what Sarah Bright did to her at Spankingsarah.com  – that is for sure! Check out this film and the archive of excellent films starring this gorgeous British girl available from this site already.

Taking care of Satine Spark


This is what Sarah Bright had to say about her latest film: Oh dear, I can be very wicked sometimes especially with my flat mate Satine Spark. She is such a beautiful girl and in reality is quite well behaved, so I have to invent reasons to be able to punish and play with her. I am inventive and it does not take long for me to have her agreeing to be punished anyway I wish with some new implements I have purchased. I give her a quite gentle, loving pussy spanking and then a much harder whacking whist she is in the wheelbarrow position on my bed. I do make up for this by rubbing cream into her bottom. I am a good girl really!

npp7167004 pussy spanking Satine Spark npp7167011 npp7167013 npp7167016 npp7167018 npp7167022 wheelbarrow spanking npp7167028 npp7167035 npp7167037 npp7167042 pussy whipping

More naughty girl girl spankings of beautiful Satine can be found HERE



Stay tuned when I will bring you the latest news of “The Spanking Therapist” – the Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory film coming next to AAAspanking.com – it’s well worth the wait! 🙂


Another Fantastic Wheelbarrow Spanking

Members at AAA Spanking have a treat when they next log in as the full 12 minute HD video of Chessie Kay’s 1st ever wheelbarrow spanking experience is now available along with a HQ Stills gallery and the HD video screen shot gallery too. Quite an impressive mid week update, one of 3 a week at the site… this video is also available as a one time download option in 3 formats of the same HD quality HERE

You may remember Chessie previously perved on by fellow Girl guide Zoe Page
Click image below to access the free video image gallery of this naughty film

Chessie Kay is spanked and punished by Zoe Page



Chessie is a very busy girl and I’m happy to say that she likes the spanking work that she does (she is naturally submissive in real life though you’d never guess from her increasing credits in the porn world). It’s very different to her porn acting and such… before I show you a fun example of her work… there’s a cool interview of her I found, she is exactly like this in real life… full of the joys of life right now – SEE THE INTERVIEW HERE – Okay, take this example which I found on Youtube which made me giggle… I might just have to see how this ends up as she is “The Sperminator” (uh oh… I see where this is heading) sent back from the future (hmmm, lol!)

Youtube preview of “The Sperminator”

Chessie has appeared at a growing number of established European Porn houses, as well as her regular spots on various TV/Internet Shows in the UK… she has also dabbled in spanking several times which I’d like to think was all my fault as I got her into appearing as a spanking model in the 1st place away from her more established roles as a hot up and cumming porn star and so here she is in the latest sexy spanking video from AAAspanking.com doing something she never would have dreamed of a year ago and making one of the hottest, intimate spanking films in the process! It was also a first for Michael Stamp who had never tried this before… I am wondering if he now does this with his wife, Zoe page at home nowadays? (LOL)

Michael & Chessie make their 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking Film together

Wheelbarrow Spanking

I got Chessie to dress up as a hot cheerleader (well, why not?) There is no story to this, the 12 minute video opens with Chessie already in the position and waiting to take her spanking. Michael has a few implements perfect for this position… and this isn’t a light spanking at all, she takes quite a punishing session with the small leather paddle and bathbrush, the perfect implement of choice for the most stinging effects which you really don’t have to do much with in this position. Anyone who argues differently hasn’t tried it and received the bathbrush when your butt cheeks are more taut and exposed as well as the inner part of the tenderest cheeks (or sweet/sit spots) which are not easily accessible, can be agony if smacked too hard which takes little effort from the brush! Trust me, this was a HOT spanking, there were 3 cam angles to catch it all so nothing was missed from Chessie’s facial expressions to the reddening of her cheeks and her vulnerability, all fully exposed and caught on camera.

Chessie Kay

Check out the images below taken from the film – followed by the official explanation of this latest update for your understanding.

assuming the wheelbarrow position ass on display spankings spanking butt cheeks leather paddle OTK cheerleader spanking revealing spank position spanked OTK wheelbarrow spanking of Chessie hand spankings shamed and embarrassed

Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD!

See Chessie get spanked in the wheelbarrow position

and I have a special long play feature from SpankingTube as well, which was uploaded, so you can view this in more detail (I apologize in advance for Mobile device users as Flash is used so may not show on them).

You can also view a short HD1080 WMV clip of this spanking from the tour pages HERE

Well done, Chessie… she made it – Welcome to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club!

Chessie makes it through her 1st wheelbarrow spanking

click here for AAA Spanking access special offer at AAA Spanking

This film is available as a One Time Download at The Clips Store

Download the full HD film at the AAA Clips Store here

aaa spanking clip store


cats love Triple A too!


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How Texans deal with Ebola

How Texans fight Ebola! Don’t mess with Texas! 🙂

Lone Star Spanking Party

Latest Spanking Updates

I haven’t much time today as I’m on a busy schedule and would like some more relaxing pooltime later… so I have just about enough time to let you know what is out at the site and other upcoming news!

This was released earlier today at AAAspanking.com and features a debut at this site for Stevie Rose who really displeased her man in this film when she forgot to ensure his “Lucky” gambling jacket had been pressed and cleaned before they were due to go hit the card tables of a Vegas hotel/casino. It features some great OTK spankings followed by a rather embarrassing punishment when Stevie had shown she wasn’t learning her lesson…. maybe next time she wouldn’t promise to have his jacket cleaned when he had said he’d do it himself. It’s a great debut spanking punishment and fans of Stevie (I know there are many) will like this one for sure!


Superstitious Spanker – starring Stevie Rose

superstitious009 superstitious018 superstitious023 superstitious027 panties down spankings superstitious044 superstitious047 superstitious056 superstitious073 spanked with a leather strap superstitious088 superstitious098 OTK spanking superstitious106 superstitious109

Another debut, this time for Stevie Rose who is well known to viewers of spanking erotica in America. Stevie forgot to get John’s lucky jacket cleaned before their night out at the Hotel Casino & he felt he couldn’t go gamble because the jacket looked too dirty & creased. He was not best pleased, as Stevie soon found out, so told her this would be no simple OTK hand spanking this time… He had something far more humiliating planned for her as he wanted to ensure she wouldn’t forget this chore in future. She was spanked her on her bare bottom including a leather strapping across her cheeks… but this was far from the full punishment… At the end he told her to assume the “Wheelbarrow Position” – something she had dreaded since he informed her earlier that her “sit spots” were far more vulnerable in this position & he had no intention of missing them to make sure she’d be rather uncomfortable for some time after!

superstitious114 wheelbarrow spanking superstitious126 Stevie Rose in the wheelbarrow spanking position

Check out the free HD OTK Spanking Clip of Stevie Rose HERE


This film is also available to download as a one time – in full HD1080 in the format of your download choice from the Clip Store HERE



Along with this film release at AAA this week there is also a bonus stills gallery from the hugely successful long play film “Bathtime Bullies” – this was a joint collaboration between Sarah Gregory and myself when we had an all girl spanking fun-fest in one of the bathroom suites at the last Shadowlane Party… if you have forgotten then you will remember that it starred Amelia Jane Rutherford picked on by bullies Joelle Barros and Sarah. Here are a selection of images (reduced in size) that members can see in original format – the full bonus gallery has about 60 images – as well as the full film, of course.

bathtime_bullies_001 bathtime_bullies_012 bathtime_bullies_020 bathtime_bullies_022 bathtime_bullies_031 bathtime_bullies_036 OTK spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a spanking bullies spank Amelia bathtime_bullies_049 bathtime_bullies_053 bathtime_bullies_056

Amelia was sharing a hotel suite at a busy Spanking Convention with Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros to save on costs but had begun to regret this decision as the girls were just so darned loud. This break was what she needed away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and her fellow party girls. First Joelle, then Sarah ruined Amelia’s alone time by jumping into the bathtub and they ganged up on Amelia, making out in front of her and mocking her need to relax. Amelia tried to defend her right to privacy but the girls just got ruder and naughtier spanking each others bare soapy bottoms until they turned on her taking turns to prey upon Amelia who protested which only made them do it more! This all girl 30 minute spanking extravaganza of a film in full stunning HD should NOT be missed! Features lots of angles, close ups, hot girl on girl spanking in and around the bathtub in a superb location. We are sure this film will make the Honors as a contender in the Spanking Awards 2015, here is your chance to see why right now.

View the film in full HERE or check out the Clip Store if you want to view this separately (see below)


Since this is a little homage to Sarah (sigh) I had also forgotten to ever upload the very first spanking film she starred in at AAA (in 2011) alongside a very strict and stern Mr Kennedy. Sarah confided to me that she still loved that tacky St Trinians outfit we used for the first part of her punishment… I guess I still have it somewhere as I have learnt she is a serious hoarder of cosplay outfits and costumes 🙂

View the free gallery below taken from the film…

Sarah Gregory is spanked in her schoolgirl uniform

or download the film directly at the Clip Store HERE



Next week there is a fantastic film we did at the end of 2013 which we both saw again recently and decided that I should get this one out as it covered one of Sarah’s core kinks of naughty girl playing up to authority figures… and it also co stars part of her VAST collection of dolls! Seeing her collection can be a bit overwhelming!!!

Coming soon to AAA Spanking“Creepy Doll Spankings”

Coming soon to Triple A Spanking


Have a great day y’all!

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Feature on Chessie Kay


I’m not sure if this is an English girl many of you are familiar with… however, she is a rather (new-ish) performer/actress whose talents you’d expect to lie elsewhere. Chessie is a hard core porn model based in England and as well as being a regular on Adult TV shows produced in this country… she does varying fetish work too which is where we fit in.

chessie008Chessie meets girl guide, Zoe, for the first time

I’ve met her several times now and she is as bubbly and fun as you’d expect her to be from her online cam persona. Some girls are reserved off cam, or quiet, but not Chessie (lol) – She’s certainly not shy and I don’t think that much fazes her. I had one person ask me if she did spanking for the paycheck… I can most certainly say “no”. Of course she’s not going to film for free, she’s a busy girl… but she gets what we do and she is into spanking. It makes it so much easier to work and produce content with people that know what to expect. I have had issues in the past so try to avoid using what I’d describe as “Adult” stars… Chessie admitted that she gets spanked in her homelife and is naturally submissive. members of my site will be aware that there is a new film and it is a F/F spanking with Zoe Page in the hot bully role that she makes her own.

chessie016Oops… Zoe has Chessie topless and feeling vulnerable in no time!

I always encourage Zoe to camp it up and she exceeded herself this time… oh my! We did a purely fantasy related film where Zoe is the dyky Girl Guide who accepts girls into her little gang (or clique) by way of a ritual or hazing. In this case… Chessie is no stranger to being spanked and desperately wants to join the gang and the girls have told her Zoe is calculating and mean and will no doubt find ways she never though about to humiliate her. But Chessie is ready and wants to try… good job, as that is the film. I have to say, Zoe has new found body confidence too (she looked stunning in this) and of course the girl guide uniforms are a personal favorite of mine, it’s always nice to get them out 🙂

chessie057Chessie thought Zoe could be nice but she could also be incredibly bullying!

I have also included a longer than usual free Hd clip for you to check out on the website, it’s in WMV format and please do try to save it first, you’ll get a better viewing experience. I will include it here too, but the HTML5 viewer doesn’t always work in every browser but I’m working on that (works best in Chrome and does work on mobile devices too!)


Images below are from the film “Chessie’s Initiation” – think that is self explanitory 🙂

chessie025 chessie035 chessie048 chessie064 chessie071 chessie086 chessie094 chessie098 chessie114 chessie118 chessie128 chessie138 chessie144 chessie153

Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of Zoe’s fearsome reputation, but was willing to undergo what some might say were lesbian powerplay hazing rituals. Chessie was no stranger to being spanked and was always in trouble at school, fresh from a recent spanking she waited with anticipation. Why did the girls accept Zoe’s Hazing Rituals? It was a badge they couldn’t put on their arms and all the cool girls wanted to be in this clique! Zoe was into the powerplay and enjoyed spanking, groping and checking out the “new meat” for her little band of delinquents! Either way, this makes for a very naughty girl on girl spanking film with Zoe using her hand and a wicked looking riding crop, one of her favorites, to excellent effect! This is Chessie’s stunning debut to the site – and what a naughty first film she finds herself in! Watch out for the amusing scene at the end where Chessie gets tongue tied and shy… which is very unusual for her!

View the HD download HERE if unable to view (above)

You might also be aware that there is a Special Trial Offer which gets you access tot eh site for under $15! It’s to celebrate just over 4 years of the site being online and to those that might want to try the site out it’s an excellent chance, 5 days access and a really low rebill rate if you stay. Or check out the usually hot longer term memberships for great value and rewarding those who stay long term!


If you only want to watch the odd film then this full length version is already up at the Clips Store for your convenience as well. Check it out and all the other films which you might see there is also ANOTHER special Chessie film released ahead of the main site. I will be doing more of that and also putting up some wholly exclusive films there too! OK… remember I said that Chessie wasn’t shy? Well, she knew all about our little “Wheelbarrow Club” which was so expertly phrased by Katie Brown when she tried it out (see Katie’s film below – click the image)

Katie’s Wheelbarrow experience


Back to Chessie… on a private shoot we did a few months back, she mentioned that she wanted to try it out. I wasn’t going to ask her as I thought it was too obvious but Chessie really wanted to do it and so I relented and said this would go on AAA to which she was excited about… so I set up 3 camera angles as the studio we were in had far more access and opportunity for better lighting for the 2 cams on tripods and using one for some “arty” side shots trying to catch her long legs draped over Michael who had the hard task of carrying out this duty! This was also one of the longer wheelbarrow films we made and poor Chessie took some wood on her bare behind too… the bathbrush (especially) in this position is devastating…it doesn’t require much at all and can be placed exactly where you want it each and every time! Michael soon caught on, and the gasps and facial reaction caught on cam 3 said it all! I have a few images below and the descriptor of the film taken from the clips store. I didn’t look on my schedule for AAA, but I think it is due in around 5 weeks… so check this out early, it’s in HD1080 and the image quality is pretty awesome too…. definitely one of the best WB films we have made and I know how popular these are on the Clips Store (as I think 3 out of the Top 5 were WB films!)

Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

Images below are taken from the film – members will also get a HQ Stills gallery when this movie is available at the main site in due course.

wb001 wb002 wb003 wb004 wb008 wb005 wb006 wb007 wb009

Chessie makes a stunning debut in an early exclusive to our clips store as she appears in this revealing & intimate spanking position well over 6-7 weeks ahead of this film’s schedule at our main site! So be the first to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 11 minute ordeal in this position with some great facial reactions close up and you won’t miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouible! Chessie grabs hold of her teddybear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – She gets a harder than expected hand spanking and also gets a leather paddling and some choice very stinging strokes of the dreaded bathbrush (which is superb for accuracy in this position!)

Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular WB films to date


The Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival

I’ve been busy away from the promotional side of blogs and such and have only just had time briefly to update you on this as promised! The Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival is out this week at AAAspanking.com and I have to say it appears to be proving to be very popular – I can’t think why! Perhaps that heady intoxicating mixture of the delightfully pervy, along with the embarrassment and humiliation factor of knowing that everyone can see themselves exposed and vulnerable in such a submissive spanking position could have something to do with it? Well, if you’re a member then you’ll be enjoying 3 new films this week, and they aren’t little short 5 minute films either, oh no… all the films are also in full 1920×1080 HD MP$ & WMV versions (MP4 is also at an incredible 50 frames per second giving you crystal clear clarity of the action!)


Add to that the fabulous long play Cold Caning film of Zoe Montana is due to conclud this Friday too! It’s quite a week at Triple A!

wheelbarrowSo as I said, 3 films and 3 girls – never before shot in such a revealing  position. Not every girl is willing or able to join the AAA Wheelbarrow Club … but for those that do, there are strange bragging rights… this has taken on a whole world of its own at the moment… when there’s a new girl, she’ll say “I’ve seen that wheelbarrow position… I can do that! Let’s do it like this… blah blah blah” There is almost a type of one up (wo)manship now with these films now as the girls are asked how they’d want to be portrayed or are keen to try it or how they’d want to be shown (Mandie Rae, for example, who is not featured here today wanted to try the UK Girl Guide’s Uniform in it… who were they to argue? LOL) In a behind the scenes expose… they work out how they’ll be positioned, where cams are placed so the ladies look their best… being face down, ass up is not the most glorious of positions to find yourself in, I can tell you! Luckily, there’s not that much scripting or dialogue, of course, it all sounds quite technical etc but it’s actually trying to work out the lighting aspects of this which always proves tricky and time consuming and it can often take twice as long as a normal film to set up so these films are done early as they aren’t the type of films to rush or hurry if short on time etc… as it can be really hard sometimes in such a position. personally, viewing these movies… I admire each and every girl for trying it out. There are plans to do more F/F wheelbarrow spanking films too… you will be able to see one with gorgeous Candle Boxxx and that will be coming out in the New Year at some point soon (I took a peek at the full edited version and can tell you it is amazing!!!)

OK, so to today! First out is Sarah Gregory – ever shy and retiring (lol) this one was a little too easy for me, but we had fun and she had never been spanked in this position – it’s one we do in private quite a lot and it always makes us laugh… definitely NOT a punishment spanking and one that makes spending time in America so much more interesting 🙂

Sarah Gregory – Good Girl Wheelbarrow Position Spanking

a001 a002 a004 a006 a003 a005 a007 a008


Lily Swan’s into gym & fitness, showing off her body & trying out membership of the “Wheelbarrow Club”

a009 a012 a010 a011 a014 a015 a013 a016

See Lily Swan’s bottom redden before your eyes HERE in this excellent wheelbarrow spanking film!

Finally from the Festival line up, new girl, 18 year old Rosie Ann really was keen to try this out!
She was limber and very supple and didn’t mind this at all, even in her school uniform!

a017 a018 a019 a020 a021 a022 a023 a024

See the FREE Video preview of Rosie Ann’s revealing wheelbarrow spanking HERE

These films are also available at the AAA Clips Store for those who want to download the odd film or two! (at the time of writing, Rosie Ann’s film clip is the only one not yet up… all formats of MP4 WMV and MOV will go up as usual) 


Don’t forget the deals currently available for new and existing members! (see below for more details!)



A Weekend of Damn Hot Spankings

I hope you have all had a good weekend… later sees the “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” kick off at AAA Spanking which I will all let you know about in due course, but I want to keep that separate and let you in on a couple of seriously HOT spanking updates I watched this weekend! The 1st is from SarahGregorySpanking.com and stars Sarah giving the “oh so hot” Candle Boxxx a “good girl” spanking. This was filmed earlier this year at August’s Fetishcon in Tampa, FL… I was there of course and got to film Candle too which you will see soon enough. But, oh boy, are you all in for a treat with this hot movie first! We got the lighting in this hotel room just right and managed to film some HOT spanking action that fans of Sarah and in particular, Girl/Girl action will just ADORE! From the moment Candle smiled and begged for Sarah to give her that “good girl” spanking, I knew it was gonna be awesome and erotic with the girls having a fantastic chemistry (having worked together a few times). Now, before I show you some awesome images from this film, I have to say what a pleasure it was to work with Candle, a genuinely decent fetish model I can’t praise highly enough and she is just so darned nice away from the cameras too 🙂

OK, so here it is: needless to say, seeing hot spanking action like this rather caused some uncomfortable viewing so please do loosen undergarments and for you ladies who love this sort of action too… please do switch on your dehumidifiers before ogling such naughty, erotic imagery! Thank you

Candle Boxxx’s Good  Girl Spanking – at SarahGregorySpanking.com


Candle has laid out all her favourite spanking toys for Sarah. She sits submissively waiting for her dominant/girlfriend, Sarah, to come in. She asks Sarah for a good girl spanking, this is the kind she likes. A lot of grabbing, touching, warm up, and all different toys. This is not a punishment or hard spanking. Just two girls having some very sexy fun together.

0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-001 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-003 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-004 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-007 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-009 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-011 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-016 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-020 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-024

& I also have some screen shots from the movie, these are in lower spec as the actual film footage comes in at a whopping 1920×1080 HD playback (likewise the images above I have chosen are reduced in size and quality to those that members get too!)

0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-030 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-063 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-069 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-026 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-049 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-056 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-068

You can much more of Sarah & Candle (plus their other work they have done together) HERE

This site is part of Sarah’s Special Pass giving you even better value to join both her spanking sites!


Remember later today comes the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival of kink – basically you’ll get 3 amazing and naughty films showcasing this marvelous position starting off with Miss Sarah Gregory, followed by a very trim and buff naked Lily Swan… and finally young Rosie Ann, in her school uniform, no less… getting the same embarrassing and revealing spanking that makes the wheelbarrow position either the most dreaded or most fun (depending on the girl and the situation!)

Check it out later… this week also sees the conclusion to Zoe’s amazing cold caning film too!


Wheelbarrows & POVs

I think it’s time to introduce you all to another member of the Triple A “Wheelbarrow Club” – Adriana Evans is not a shy girl so I knew this wouldn’t bother her. However, given enough scolding and placed in embarrassing or humiliating situation then I believe you could finally get an edge over this feisty young lady and make her a little more contrite! Actually, I love working and playing with Adriana… at the time this film was made, I didn’t know her that well… I’m not sure if she will be reading this, but all I would say is god help her if we did this film again! I joked with her earlier that I think I need to do a good old fashioned film with her which included an OTK spanking start (to appease the traditionalists… but I like that too, lol), followed by a temperature taking, a humiliating diapering, a wheelbarrow spanking and possibly a figging finale! Now what a film that would be! heh heh… but in the meantime, let’s just tick (or check off) the fact that she got her 1st ever wheelbarrow spanking caught on film – which you can see below!

Adriana’s 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking – or “Hide Your Shame!”


We filmed this in Las Vegas much earlier this year… it is now finally available to download in full. The film comes with an extensive video image set and a bonus stills gallery.

hideyourshame01 hideyourshame02


hys03 hys04


hideyourshame03 hideyourshame04

hideyourshame05 hideyourshame06 hideyourshame07

hideyourshame09 hideyourshame08

hideyourshame10 hideyourshame11

Adriana Evans asked about joining our “Wheelbarrow Club” after hearing what indignities the girls had gone through… she was curious & wanted to see what all the fuss was about as no-one had ever placed her in such an embarrassing & revealing position before! We were only too happy to oblige & fulfill a personal fantasy of hers. However, naughty Adriana loved being spanked in this position, so much so, that we thought this young lady really ought to have “Hide Your Shame” as the title of this film. She was given quite a hard red bottom spanking, as hard as we could give in this position, remember it wasn’t only about severity, it was difficult to spank anyone really hard like this. However. it did give a different insight & view as well as an opportunity to reach those “sweet sit spots” that weren’t always easily available in a normal spanking position! Welcome Adriana as the latest enrolled member of the Wheelbarrow Club.

Check out the free movie clip of naughty Adriana’s wheelbarrow spanking (below)
If it doesn’t play – CLICK HERE to view it

Check out these select galleries of other Wheelbarrow style spankings that I have filmed at AAAspanking.com over the past few years! Click the thumbs below and they will lead to a gallery of your choice.

01melody 02katie

03ten 04casey

05festival 06amber

07sophie 08carrisa

09amelia 10mishka


All wheelbarrow films can be viewed independently at the AAA Clips Store – including the latest film with Adriana Evans in the format of your choice, MP4, WMV or MOV..




Earlier today I also added a new POV style Spanking film – this is taken from YOUR perspective as the submissive to Mistress Jessica who is NOT very happy with you and scolds you before taking you over her lap, pants and underwear down, for a hard bare bottom hairbrush punishment. This was no virtual spanking, I like to try and ensure that the spankings take place – “Boy! I’ve seen and downloaded some shit from elsewhere” on C4S… it would be unfair to name names, of course. This is a good film that subs who can identify being punished by Jessica Wood could get off to! I have included a short clip would should help you see from YOUR perspective what exactly is going on and you’ll get a good idea of what to expect. Oh, and the things we do for our art, this bloody punishment really did hurt, lol!

messy01 messy02

messy04 messy05

messy07 messy09

messy11 messy13

messy15 messy16

messy17 messy20

messy21 messy22

messy23 messy24

In this POV film – YOU are scolded & punished by your Mistress, Jessica Wood. She ensures that you will experience a humiliating spanking & hairbrush punishment. Why? If you had bothered to follow her simple instructions and help clear up the messy house that you wouldn’t be in this situation now, would you? She had left for 3 hours to go shopping, telling you the chores that needed doing, they weren’t difficult. Do you do this deliberately? Do you WANT to be punished, is that it? She is furious and this time she is using the hairbrush, that’s right, the heavy wooden one that YOU HATE! You’ve still got to do the household chores after your punishment too… starting with the washing up!

If you want to see more you can CHECK OUT THE FULL LENGTH FILM HERE




Spanking Updates You Should See

I don’t feel that great, I have been fighting off an end of Summer Cold and seem to be winning (finally thanks to wonderful Zicam) but I’m going to take an early night to ensure I get enough sleep, as that is one thing I never get enough of nowadays… probably my problem right there! Feeling lousy, even for a bit, I feel crap and whiny so am not great company, we men are useless at such things, aren’t we? OK… where to start today? let’s visit Punishedbrats.com today as there is an amazing Finale and full film available with Joelle Barros spanking Erica Corvina – it IS as good as it looks, I promise!


Artist’s Model: Joelle had picked Erica from the many models at the agency to do a commercial shoot to sell computers, despite her reputation of being difficult, Joelle decided to take a chance on Erica under the assumption that if Erica couldn’t make computers sexy, no one could. To Joelle’s horror, Erica just wouldn’t put out any energy during the shoot. Joelle knew how to get her money’s worth out of this problematic muse. To motivate her, she took Erica over her lap and spanked her. She started the discipline over her dress. After a time the aggravated artist lifted the dress and spanked the exotic beauty on her panties. Erica let out a gasp as Joelle lowered her panties and spanked the model on her bare bottom.

artist1-12 artist1-51 artist1-61

artist1-81 artist1-91 artist1-101


Many of Joelle’s colleagues believed that she was thinking with an organ other than her brain when she selected Erica for this assignment. Joelle was perplexed by this herself. As she spanked the ill-behaved model, in many ways she seemed to be pleased in providing this act of discipline. After the spanking was over Joelle decided to shoot the spanked model in the nude. All would see that she was spanked.


artist2-4 artist2-5 artist2-6

artist2-7 artist2-8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



At NorthernSpanking.com – I decided to find something nice for you today from their extensive archives… I don’t think I have ever shown you this girl, called Alana Rowan, and she is a lovely cute next door type too that did a few films for them a while back… here is the result of Alana being far too sassy when she decided to go that extra step in dusting Paul Kennedy’s piano whilst he was there trying to play it, how annoying…. needless to say this girl got what was coming to her!!! & rather good viewing it was too! Thank you to the vast archives from NorthernSpanking.com for this update.

NSI075-PAX065 NSI075-PAX112

NSI075-PAX154 NSI075-PAX156

NSI075-PAX159 NSI075-PAX161

NSI075-PAX169 NSI075-PAX184

NSI075-PAX190 NSI075-PAX227



There’s not much that you can say is wrong with this next update from Sarah Bright’s site – SpankingSarah.com with the beautiful Ella Hughes – this was her first punishment film and as you will see, Sarah used a variety of implements including one of my faves, a very stinging bathbrush!


The beautiful Ella Hughes has had her first spanking with me and I have to say I did enjoy administering it. I have now given her the freedom of my toy bag and asked her to chose some toys that she may like to be spanked with, or maybe she will not like them. When she had a good selection I had her kneel in the chair her beautiful bottom well presented and then I set about making it as red and painful as I could and I think I did a pretty good job

npp7054010 npp7054018

npp7054024 npp7054027

npp7054032 npp7054036

npp7054037 npp7054039




I just watched the 1st part of this film again… Sarah had the original raw data and she thoughtfully remastered it so it is in full 1920x1080HD – well worth the time and effort as this was one of the hardest spankings I have seen Momma Dana give her, and she knew that too! The story behind this long play film is simple: Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears at the end! Images below are reduced in size from the originals that members can download alongside the film.

001 002

005 008

013 014

016 006

009 011

015 016



Which kindly brings me onto the conclusion of today’s post with both Dana and Sarah again featuring at my own Clips Stores in 2 exclusive previews that you will have only seen here first, and probably only here at this time! First off, I had a special “Momma Boy Deal” with Dana which got me an amazing set of short clips which will go up at POVspanking.com – the first is already up and it is a story arc of a personal punishment that she carries out on YOU! As this is from YOUR perspective as the naughty punishee!!! I know the previews at C4S are crappy, so I have generously hosted a short clip so you get an idea of what is in store as you will identify with the hapless miscreant that Dana is about to spank… but not before she gives you one of her trademark scoldings as only she knows how to!

danapov1_003 danapov1_006

danapov1_007 danapov1_009

danapov1_013 danapov1_015

danapov1_024 danapov1_026

Check out a short scene of what Dana does best! Scold!



Then…. at the AAA Clips store there is a real treat, not only have I been updating this clip site recently with a whole load of new formats and remasters on top of the new updates… here is a special early preview that members will have to wait some time for… one of my best and naughtiest wheelbarrow spanking clips which sees Sarah Gregory getting quite wet and excited at the end… though from the clip you will see (I’m not giving it all away, lol) you will think otherwise… but you get an idea from the image shots as well, ok? Remember, this is NOT available to members at AAA Spanking for at least 6 weeks! So it’s worth it to feel smug if you are one of those guys that likes to only download the odd interesting clip!


sarahwb001 sarahwb006

sarahwb008 sarahwb018

sarahwb024 sarahwb032

See the free clip below – the full film contains more twerking, more intimate spanking and explicit close up ass and pussy shots from this naughty view angle you see in the images above!



I also updated another blog with some great content you may not have seen before, click image below and it will take you to my post…