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Sarah: Exposed Wet & Buttplugged

An exciting new film was released earlier today at AAA Spanking starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Bernadette. It’s probably one of the most explicit and erotic spanking films released at this site thus far… and although the main theme is the wheelbarrow position it comes with the added anticipation and act of sarah receiving her first buttplug on any spanking site. To be honest, I was surprised she decided to film this but her releationship with Miss Bernadette is such that she had the power of persuasion… and the other unexpected thing was just how excited she got during the spanking itself… oh my! The full film comes with 240 images at the website and some of these images are way too explicit for me to share here… the images and Gifs that I have for you easily showcase this 15 minute film. However, I’m not going to give away all the best bits for free, of course, and there are so many, but you’ll get the idea, I’m sure!

I hadn’t seen Sarah so excited about editing a film in a long time… she also came up with the film title and was rather proud of her very obvious “excitement” during the making of this… so who was I to complain? See for yourself (below):

Sarah: Exposed, Wet & Buttplugged

spanking and paddling

Witness the sensual and very sexual side of Sarah Gregory as Miss Bernadette not only spanks her in the wheelbarrow position, but Sarah is aware that she is going to be butt plugged as well! She is apprehensive and excited at the same time. This video features amazing multiple camera angles and this spanking film doesn’t miss a thing! You’ll see Sarah’s reactions, her embarrassment and growing excitement as this spanking is also turning her on. You’ll see up close and personal as her pussy glistens and Miss Bernadette spanks this too in that most delicious, vulnerable position. Add some implements to grab Sarah’s attention, such as a leather paddle and hairbrush, then there is the slow deliberate plugging. When it is inserted, her bottom can feel the cold metal as she has no choice but to hold it as she is spanked further. Her pussy is again exposed some more to reveal that she is secretly loving this spanking despite her feeble protestations! If you only ever want to view one sexually provocative wheelbarrow style spanking film between two women, this one has to be your choice. This is seriously hot!

wet and exposed bare ass spanking wheelbarrow spanking  buttplug insertion buttplug in Sarah Gregory exposed ass with a jewelled buttplug exposed butthole spanking

Also features wet pussy play/slapping, ass and finger play/spankings, buttplug insertion & both a leather paddling and hairbrush spanking that reddens Sarah’s bottom perfectly…

The FULL HD film can also be downloaded NOW at our Clips Store HERE


Alternatively, this film, and more than 420 others – at the time of writing – (with their image galleries etc) can be downloaded as part of  the membership site starting at approx $25/month (the Annual Rewards membership works out at just $12.50!). This is fantastic value considering the content that is produced!

AAA Spanking

Hello again!

My apologies for not getting back sooner but the truth is I have been so busy these past few weeks that I had no chance at all to write anything meaningful (ha!) apart from tweeting stuff. In between the travel, the parties, the extensive filming (oh, the filming!!!!) and a horrible cold which I caught in my precious downtime at the end of our Vegas stay (grrrrr) I’ve been too busy and unable to give the attention this fine blog needs. So here is a very quick pictorial update post with some all new girls that I have been so very lucky to film personally… partly some of the reasons I have been *ahem* … busy. I will also let you guys know what Sarah and I have been up to on our travels to Las Vegas, San Francisco/Bay area and… the tour continues into next week as we venture down (eventually) to LA! So I better get this out before I feel even more tired!

Introducing Delta Hauser – in her 1st ever online spanking appearance

new at aaaspanking

We are proud to present to you our latest new girl at Triple A Spanking (the 1st of at least 2 this month) who we met recently at a spanking party in Las Vegas. Her name is Delta Hauser and she is a lifestyle switch who has been in the scene for a while but had never ever appeared anywhere on film… until now. This is a long introduction video which features plenty of varying spanking styles that she is familiar with, and we gave this beautiful rock chick a plausible role play for her to be punished (for being drunk and letting people down). More importantly is her debut performance… She is spanked over her tight daisy dukes, then her tight black yoga pants for a long time before they are pulled down revealing her bare bottom turning a shameful burning red. Delta gets to experience the wheelbarrow position (trust us, this is a good one) which we are so well known for – before receiving plenty of leather strappings including a double leather strap finale that adds thud to the sting of the 2 straps used. This is an impressive showcase of a new girl we know you all will be seeing a lot more of over the next few months. We have many more films featuring this lovely lady coming soon, but just enjoy this fantastic introduction for now. How could you not? Just look at her!

spanked in yogapants spankings and wedgies otk spanking Delta Hauser wheelbarrow spanking bare bottom handprint spanking bare bottom spanking leather strapping

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

You can also view this full film in the format of your choice at the AAA Clips Store

delta hauser 1st ever online spanking

Also most recently in Las Vegas we were very fortunate to be the first production company to film with uber gorgeous Veronica Weston. She is a stunning young lady, who is a successful cam girl, but is genuinely into spanking & has the potential, in my opinion, to be a very special addition to new finds of 2018 if she so wants. I get a little concerned when I meet new girls who claim they are into spanking when in fact it’s a boyfriend tapping her butt playfully style light slapping etc. However, I need not have worried – Veronica is the real deal and proved that in our very enjoyable filmshoot. She appears this week (it’s just out, in fact) at Sarah Gregory Spanking followed by an all female super sexy wheelbarrow spanking next week at AAA Spanking – so stay tuned, folks!

Veronica Learns Her Lesson – in her first online appearance anywhere

spanking Veronica Weston

Dad is shocked to find his precious daughter at the door of his hotel room when he was expecting an escort for the evening. He can’t believe his own daughter is working as an escort. He brings her in the room, sits her down on the couch to discuss how disappointed he is before taking her over his lap for a well deserved spanking. He is mortified that his own daughter would be working in this line of work. She is going to learn the hard way what happens when her true profession is discovered by her dad.

panties down spanking leather belting by daddy   spanked by daddy

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

I was going to write more but that will be for next time… until then, I hope you all have a fantastic time wherever you are! I will be back 🙂

Clare Fonda Wheelbarrow Spankings

In a bid to catch up, starting today with the most recent film to come out from AAA Spanking – you’ll see is quite a coup! Finally, Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster from her own fetish and cougar porn website) makes a rare appearance for the SG network and a first at AAA… and what an appearance it is! A special double wheelbarrow spanking video. I asked her what she hadn’t ever done and this was it! I was more than happy to help film this (ahem!). It was hot seeing both Clare and Sarah Gregory go at it with each other taking turns in this naughty and embarrassing spanking position. Multiple angles captures all the exposure and action you need… check out some featured stills and screen grabs below. Do NOT miss the special free preview located at the end of this section!

Clare Fonda & Sarah Gregory – Double Wheelbarrow Spankings

This is a one time opportunity to see Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory spanking each other in the wheelbarrow position. What a debut for Clare at our site. She has never done this before… either as a top or bottom. So it is only fair that she experiences that now familiar, yet embarrassing, position that we have pioneered over the years! Clare is spanked with her panties on to start with (to help protect her modesty) but that doesn’t last long and you will see Sarah spanking and grabbing Clare’s bare exposed bottom in this most revealing of spanking positions. Then it is Sarah’s turn… she isn’t shy but is excited that Clare gets to be her first test subject in this position. Sarah enjoys the feel of Clare’s hand as she is spanked, panties first, then on the bare and fully exposed in this naughtiest of OTK spankings! This is a hot, exclusive double wheelbarrow spanking which is bound to be one of our most popular in this genre.

clare fonda gets a wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing

Below are actual scene grabs from the video: The 1st six features Sarah who is the one to welcome and introduce Clare to the AAA Wheelbarrow Club 🙂

Which is then followed up with a role reversal as Clare accepts the ghallenge of spanking sarah in this position… I think Sarah “enjoyed” this!!!

wheelbarrow spankings

For this and many more exclusive wheelbarrow spankings on the interwebz, look no further than AAAspanking.com – now with over 375 full length spanking films, with video and stills sets all zipped for your convenience – why not check out the tour pages for the free previews?


This film is also available as a one time download in various formats of your choice at the AAA Clips store

clare fonda and sarah gregory spank each other

Wheelbarrow Spanking of Elle Bea

Hello again… I have to be quick as I should be in bed (it’s late here and I have a lot to do tomorrow). However, I wanted to get this update out featuring gorgeous green eyed Elle Bea. She can take quite a punishment generally, but what got to her most was this spanking more than being caned HARD! Tears were welling, the shame and embarrassment of being spanked in such a position was a little overwhelming for her… but she crossed it off her “bucket list” of spanking things to do and Sarah Gregory was her preferred spanker for this!

This is actually a really hot wheelbarrow spanking movie and this video also has plenty of extra angles, it is constantly on the move, as you’ll see from the images. Both screen grabs and stills that compliment this film are all representative of what it is about. The free preview clip (link at the bottom) doesn’t do the film justice, but I chose a couple of moments… but, to be honest, there were so many. The only way to appreciate it fully is to become a member or view it via the Clip Store as a one time purchase (all links for this are shown at the end).

In the meantime, enjoy the images of this latest film now showing at AAA Spanking

Wheelbarrow Spanking of Elle Bea

Elle Bea in the wheelbarrow spanking position
Elle Bea faces her “spanking demons” in this challenge provided by Sarah Gregory

 wheelbarrow spanking  exposed and spanked  bathbrush spanking otk spanking opened bared and exposed for her spanking

Sarah Gregory is so upset with Elle for cheating on her that for them to remain a couple she must show that she is sorry and submit to any form of punishment Sarah deems necessary. Elle has already been caned and she didn’t seem to mind that, so Sarah knows exactly what to do next! Perhaps a little humiliation and embarrassment would help focus Elle on her poor behavior? So Elle is placed in the wheelbarrow position, the most submissive and tear jerking position that Sarah knows for her cheating girlfriend! Elle’s panties are ripped off and her bare exposed parts are on full display as Sarah uses her hand and the bathbrush to really get the point home. This video has multiple angles which has never been filmed like this before anywhere on The Internet and the sight of beautiful green eyed Elle taking one of her most humiliating punishments to date is not to be missed!


aaa spanking

You can also view this film via the AAA CLIPS STORE – Click on the image below for the direct link, this also contains a free spanking preview!

wheelbarrow spanking at the AAA Clips Store

Joelle Barros gets a Wheelbarrow Spanking

Hello. Here’s a nice way to wake up on your Sunday morning! The sight of gorgeous Joelle Barros caught again in the wheelbarrow position. This was a requested spanking which we were only too happy to comply with! It’s an awesome, naughty revealing spanking video which is available in full for members of AAA Spanking with oodles of images. I have got you some screen grabs and GIFs with a link to a fab free clip for your perusal! Hope this makes a great start to your Sunday!

Another Requested Spankingstarring Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros wheelbarrow spanking

If you can remember, there was a requested wheelbarrow spanking of Amelia Jane Rutherford at the hands of Joelle Barros some time ago. For your information, you can see that film HERE – Well, unsuspecting Joelle had a surprise in store as there were many requests to see this beautiful, latina brunette given a longer and more embarrassing spanking in this position too. To add to her humiliation it was to be performed by John who delighted in telling her how exposed and vulnerable she had to be feeling! They are good friends so he knew exactly what things to say and how to spank her like this. A more traditional OTK spanking fails to get those vulnerable sweet spots that can be deliciously painful with the best placed smacks that only work in this position! It’s another fantastic wheelbarrow film and as we say, “practice makes perfect!” So welcome back to Joelle in this familiar yet very uncomfortable position that includes some interesting double handprint shots of her visibly reddening cheeks. This video includes great facial reactions with special slower motion views from behind that capture more of the action!

humiliating spanking painful spanks   ass grabbing  wheelbarrow spanking gif wheelbarrow spanking spanked and exposed wheelbarrow spankings  handprint spanking


click here for AAA Spanking free previews

There is also the usual option to download this movie in full HD via the AAA Clips Store
Click HERE to view the film via the store

clips store wheelbarrow spanking

Angela Sommers: Spanking Showcase

If you haven’t checked out the latest new film at AAAspanking.com this week and love all things “girl on girl” in this niche, then you are in for an absolute treat! Stunning & beautiful fetish model/performance artiste, Angela Sommers, is the showpiece stopper this week with Sarah Gregory as the lucky spanker. In fact, both ladies LOVED making this, Angela actually DOES enjoy spanking but wanted something less “roleplay” and less “punishment” so I came up with a showcase special to highlight the beauty of these two girls enjoying each other. Angela has played roles as a top but she is definitely more sub and loves to have others take control in a situation like this. Angela enjoyed Sarah pushing her to her limits and also taking a more sensual spanking with Sarah having an amazing range to bring Angela to her peak tolerances before taking her back down with erotic play in this film (it’s about 25 minutes long with no intro and gets down to action from the start!).

Angela hails from San Diego (another reason I love that place!) – she describes herself as:

Mistress of the Erotic…  Self Expression, Exotic Dancer, Newcomer Entertainer of the YEAR for PlayBoy, CyberGirl, PenthousePet. Also Pet of The Year Runner Up!

Angela has her own naughty and very sexy website (visit the banner below) and of course you can easily follow what she is up to along with her huge Twitter following HERE (& yay… she follows me!)

& back to the reason we are here today!
The Spanking Showcase of Angela Sommers!

Angela Sommers spanked by Sarah Gregory

Some behind the scenes info on this film: We were fortunate to even get Angela this day, it just happened that between our busy schedules our paths crossed when we were in Los Angeles last year… and Angela knew a mutual friend of Sarah’s (which really helped break the ice) so the shoot date was arranged and she did NOT disappoint! I remember seeing her at one of the Fetishcon events a few years back and she was one of their “Guests of Honor” … and she is as stunning and beautiful in real life (more so, I’d say) – and very down to earth. I hope that Sarah & I can work with her again in the not too distant future – as she is rather special!

This film is in 3 distinct parts as you’ll see from the images and official site description. Honestly, if F/F spanking is your thing, then this week’s new film update (always in super clear HD1080) is a “Must See”. Check it out for yourselves. 

Stills images from Angela Sommers: Spanking Showcase

OTK spanking Angela Sommers at AAA Spanking bare exposed ass and pussy spanking wheelbarrow spanking spanking

This is a very special showcase starring one of the fetish world’s beautiful stars, Angela Sommers. Spanking her throughout this 24 minute sensual and erotic video is “Female Spanker of the Year 2016” (third year running), Sarah Gregory. She knows exactly how to push Angela’s buttons and take her to her limits with a wide range from sensual and erotic to relentless bottom burning. Sarah keeps Angela guessing how each stroke or swat will play out in three wonderful positions. The film is divided into three distinct parts: The first covers the OTK spanking and a fantastic warm up. There is no dialogue or story, we just witness the spanking of a beautiful young lady in very sexy lingerie getting spanked by an equally alluring female spanker! In Part Two, Angela assumes the Wheelbarrow Position, sprawled out on the bed. Her bare bottom and pussy are fully exposed, our camera angles capture all the action in detail including Angela’s wonderful facial expressions. The final scene sees Angela spread on All Fours, as she is given various leather implements. This includes a sensual cropping, leather paddling & a stinging slippering. All parts come with bonus footage & slower motion captures making this a visual treat – a “Must See” for lovers of beautiful female spanking erotica.

Below are some screen images and a GIF from each scene:

The OTK Spanking

 OTK AAA Spanking grabbing her spanked ass

Wheelbarrow Spanking

 wheelbarrow spanking of Angela Sommers spanking and groping ass cheeks soothing a well spanked bottom

On All Fours – Leather Implements

leather strapping spanking and cropping  pussy cropping Sarah and Angela at AAA Spanking


AAA Spanking - Triple A

If you just want to download this movie right now as a one time option, then you can do that at the link below (via the AAA Clip Store).


Angela Sommers at AAA Spanking Clips Store

Mandie Rae’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

It’s been a while since we had one of these spanking positions showcased anywhere, so where better than AAAspanking.com with a killer new update this week starring the beautiful and very talented Mandie Rae. Now Mandie is anything but shy, and didn’t seem fazed by this at first… but as so many ladies find out when they’re in that position, it all changed. mandie admitted later to feeling a little more vulnerable and exposed with the knowledge that there were implements she hadn’t seen withthe promise they’d get her sweet spots a normal spanking can’t reach! It all then started to become a little more difficult not to worry about what lay ahead! Well, Mandie looks great, as you’ll see… but even she felt hesitant once she realized how vulnerable and submissive she felt! Perfect! The Wheelbarrow position can do that to even the hardiest of girls! So please welcome the latest member of the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – Miss Mandie Rae.

Mandie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

A double whammy, not only did Mandie face the prospect of her 1st ever Wheelbarrow Spanking, but it was in this cute uniform too! Oh my!!!

Another member joins the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club and this is a hot, intimate spanking of sexy Mandie Rae dressed provocatively in her British girl guide uniform. See Mandie explore just how embarrassing it is to feel exposed like that while her most tender sweet spots are vulnerable in this spread position. The use of specialist implements to create a maximum spread of humiliation, pain and redness that spreads all across her pert bottom are used to great effect! Fans of this unique spanking position will not want to miss this awesome rare opportunity to view Mandie Rae in a new film.




Wheelbarrow Spanking for an Angel

Sarah was going through some of the edited and archived data on the AAA external drives she owns and she came across this naughty little wheelbarrow spanking. She asked me if this was up on the site, I couldn’t remember so I checked the casting page of the site in the members area (always a useful function for old fools like myself) and saw that it hadn’t gone out!
“I’m putting it up!” She said… “It’s hot!”
She was right, naturally, and of course I do remember it well… in fact Sarah was on “Ass Cam” that day – so all the memories came flooding back! Phew… that was a hot spanking video… We both love Angel Lee to bits, and I remember this being filmed at last year’s Crimson Moon Party near Chicago (I wouldn’t forget that… not after I had a near fatal asthma attack!). We are both planning on meeting Angel next year to set up some quality film shoot time for Sarah’s site network… well, I hope so, at least. Plans never seem to go as you want them to in this business! Anyway, I have droned on long enough. This is a good HD film that shows both Angel’s facial reactions and side impact shits of her glorious butt… and of course a great rear cam angle, almost POV in style – getting up rather too close and personal (I blame Sarah for that, lol). Either way, it’s a fantastic addition to the growing section of Wheelbarrow Position films so please welcome Angel as the newest member of the “Triple A Wheelbarrow club!”

Angel Lee - her first wheelbarrow spanking
“Oh my! What have I let myself in for?” Angel pondered…


Angel's Wheelbarrow Spanking - side view

This is the official description from the site: Angel Lee had never been spanked in such a submissive and embarrassing position before. She had heard about it and asked if we could film this with her. She wanted to see if she had what it took to join the infamous “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – Angel’s exposed cheeks and private parts were bared and spanked as she was reminded just how awkward she must have been feeling to have her bottom presented like that in such a revealing position! See for yourself what a fantastic sport Angel was in experiencing her first ever wheelbarrow spanking position where you get to see her bottom up close and personal showing all her facial reactions captured during the video!

Angel assumes the wheelbarrow position spanking intimate spanking rear view of wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing spanking handprint hand spanking OTK intimate spanking

Above images were the video screen grabs… this video also had some complimentary stills images taken from this film session too, which you can see below… members get to download the full size images.

Angel Lee spanked bubble butt spanking Angel's pretty face painful spanks warm red spanked bottom spankings hot spanked ass and handprint




This video can also be downloaded as a ONE TIME option from the Clip Store (see below)


This clip and all the other AAA Wheelbarrow Videos etc can be found HERE

A Requested Spanking

Last week, I helped film some new content and we had the pleasure of hosting both Joelle Barros & Amelia Jane Rutherford at Sarah Gregory’s place. We had some fun times, even though Amelia was virtually on her way back to England and quite tired, it was really nice to see her and we filmed some fun and harder stuff which I am sure you’ll all like. This was one of the first edits to be completed and it was an all girl spanking from a request, or several requests asking for Amelia to be placed in the wheelbarrow position (again)! So thank you to Amelia for doing this although having Joelle spank her helped as they looked stunning together – thanks ladies for helping to make a fun and interesting wheelbarrow spanking video! Images below are taken from the film and reduced in size as the playback is in full HD1080!

A Requested Spanking – starring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Joelle Barros


This is a stunning all girl spanking film with a difference. Several members at the site had requested that if we ever worked with Amelia Jane Rutherford once more, then could we have her placed in the wheelbarrow position? Well, their wishes have been granted by way of this lovingly crafted video. Poor Amelia hadn’t forgotten how embarrassed and vulnerable she had felt the last time but Joelle was persuasive and very keen to have this 6’2″ beauty over her lap in this revealing position. See Amelia in sexy lingerie over Joelle’s knees in this most submissive of spanking positions getting the same treatment as before. This film is a sheer delight to watch for those that enjoy watching high quality all female spanking erotica!

requested001 requested003 requested007 requested011 requested014 requested019 requested023 requested031 requested047 requested051 requested059 requested063 requested076 requested092 requested098 requested103




This video is also available as a one time download at the AAA Clips Stores below

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

Whitney Morgan’s New POV Wheelbarrow Spanking

Ever wondered what it might be like to place a hot young madam over your lap in the intimate wheelbarrow spanking position? Can you imagine the embarrassment, even possible shame or humiliation that a girl in such a vulnerable and submissive position might feel? You have all the power as you look down at your prize, that bare booty just waiting to be spanked, slapped and stroked… oh, and you probably can’t resist telling your “victim” how much this pleases you that she is unable to see how she might look in such an awkward position. Well, Whitney Morgan was one such lady, willing to try it out… how humiliating could it be? We’ll let you decide as you are now able to view this special download at POVspanking.com in a unique perspective from YOUR point of view… spanking Whitney’s glorious cheeks as they bounce and heave under your hands! WARNING: Such viewing and imagining a hottie like Whitney over one’s lap could cause severe #TrouserArousal in certain gentlemen.

Whitney Morgan – POV Wheelbarrow Spanking

Whitney Morgan

Whitney is spanked in this position for the very first time!

spanking whitneyWB_002 otk spanking wheelbarrow spanking whitneyWB_005 whitneyWB_007 Whitney Morgan Wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing whitneyWB_012 whitneyWB_013 whitneyWB_018 exposed and spanked


Whitney Morgan POV Spanking



Watch out for MORE films of incredible fetish star, Whitney Morgan at POVspanking.com and coming soon to SarahGregorySpanking.com as well as her debut appearance in some unique videos from AAAspanking.com

sarah Gregory Spanking

Don’t forget, nominations coming out THIS WEEK for the #SPANKINGAWARDS2015

Spanking Home & Away

I have 2 very different updates that have just come out this week from the sites of the Sarah Gregory Pass and they are, I have to say, pretty darned good! Sarah had been dying to meet Rosie Ann for some time after seeing some of her spanking films from the UK so when Sarah visited the country earlier this year we set up a shoot with Rosie and of course made some fantastic little films. Sarah is very selective about her Momma Spankings website and knows what she wants for that site… she is versatile and enjoys switching between playing a mother or daughter figure herself. Rosie is a “Little” and naturally submissive so Sarah wanted to be the “mother” figure and I have to say she and Rosie both looked the part… as you’ll see!

Rosie’s bedtime Punishment – MommaSpankings.com

Rosie Ann momma-184-007 momma-184-009 Mommy spanks OTK otk spanking spanking spanked by mom momma-184-050 momma-184-059 momma-184-078 naughty daughter spanked momma-184-083 spanking aftermath

Rosie is having a bath and mommy has asked her repeatedly to get out as it is time for bed. Finally mommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.


sore bottom spanking

Momma Spankings


& away from the home environment… Sarah wanted to film Adriana Evans shaking her beautiful “booty” in a naughty spanking film and she got that – and more – when she thought up this enjoyable romp. She got Adriana to play a sleazy stripper shaking her booty in a private lap dance ina back room at a Strip Joint. Naughty Adriana got caught trying to steal her client’s wallet which ended up with her receiving some rather unusual and humiliating retribution by him… read on!

sleazy stripper lapdance

Sleazy Stripper Spanked – SarahGregrorySpanking.com

lapdance spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-009 Adriana Evans 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-020 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-021 OTK spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-032 bare ass spankings 0223_sleazy_stripper_gal-025 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-057 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-066 hand print spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_gal-041

John is getting a lap dance from sexy stripper, Adriana. He is shocked when she tries to steal his wallet. He threatens to tell management and get her fired. She doesn’t want that, so she agrees to do things his way. This entails an over the knee spanking on her bare behind as well as a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position while she jiggles her big bouncing behind for his enjoyment.

spanking the stripper

See the Free Preview Clip of this new movie

sarah Gregory Spanking


These sites are part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – 2 sites for less than the cost of them combined with the same set of codes for your added convenience. Access 100’s of exclusive HD spanking films produced from Sarah’s unique perspective on the kink we all love so much!

Sarah Gregory Pass

Isobel Wren’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

There have been 2 fabulous new films released in full this week at AAAspanking.com – and this is the second, just out a few hours ago, as promised (that is because Members get to see who is featuring next week on the home page – as they can right now for the following week, but that would be telling *wink*) 

Isobel Wren

wbIt stars the very lovely Isobel Wren, who was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon in Florida… I was hoping I could get to meet her again at this year’s event (next month) but she might not be attending, so this is the last of any content that was filmed of her for AAA (make the most of it… as there are also rumors she is leaving porn and online fetish for keeps due to her personal career in her private life). I fully understand that though it’ll be a great loss if she does “retire” – but nothing in this biz lasts forever, eh? Okay, so to this video update… Isobel confided to us that she was intrigued about the “Wheelbarrow spankings” she had seen – and wanted to try it out for herself, even though she was a bit nervous and feeling a little embarrassed about just how vulnerable and submissive this position made her (that is the point!). Sarah & myself shot this footage and Isobel was awesome… there was a great range of spankings, from warm up to harder and also her barely touched sweet spots were able to be spanked too… which she later admitted stung like hell!

Below are a collection of images taken from the film, these are only 1280×720 in size but the actual film is in full HD1080 so you don’t miss a thing! Get up close and personal with Isobel in this latest spanking video now out to download in full at AAAspanking.com

seeing what Isobel is made of exposed bare ass for a spanking ass grabbing Isobel Wren wheelbarrow spanking spanking her intimately spanking Isobel Wren grabbing ass in the wheelbarrow spanking asshole exposed and bottom spanked isobel is spanked exposed ass spanked hard

Isobel knew about the “Wheelbarrow Club” and had seen some videos so had some idea of what this special membership meant! She was a little nervous at being in such a submissive and revealing position… which she confirmed how it felt like being unable to anticipate or imagine her spankings and how she must look from the rear angle. This, as we have always said, is part of the attraction and why we do this position so well as we “get it” and pass that knowledge on to our ladies. Isobel was naturally submissive and this was one to tick off her “Bucket List” having never done anything quite like this before. After we ensured that Isobel was comfortably positioned, her spanking began, lightly at first, gauging how she would respond with the rushing to her head. Then her spankings got harder and more stinging as her pert bottom was open to having her vulnerable “sit spots” spanked and turned red in front of our eyes for the very first time. She got what she wanted, more new headspace sensations as her bottom was spanked, caressed and played with. Welcome Isobel, to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club.

spanking stroking her ass in the wheelbarrow position intimate spanking position for Isobel smacking her bare bottom face down ass up Isobel is embarrassed at being spanked like this ass grabbing spanking her exposed butt

Check out a short clip of this film… it’s lower spec but you’ll get the idea!

[jwplayer mediaid=”42083″]


Isobel Wren

Access the site with a special long term Annual Membership effectively making it only $12.50 /month or check out the other excellent long term offers from AAA Spanking including the popular 5 day membership/trial options with lower rebills too – CLICK HERE



This video is also available to download at the Clips Store