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Spanking news for this week

I’m sorry that I have not been here as often as I’d like (um… I am always saying that recently, LOL) – however, apologies aside, I think the wait is worth it as I show off a few things that Sarah & I have been up to at our various sites! These latest releases are (pardon my French) frickin’ awesome!

This update post contains some great images AND free playable spanking previews so you can check out exactly what I’m describing! Also, if you do decide to choose to be a member of any of these sites (to access 100’s of exclusive full length films) do check out our longer term memberships, they offer amazing value such as the first – AAA Spanking (shown below) that you can access from the equivalent of just $12.50/month! (based on an annual membership).

During the summer, it was a genuine pleasure to catch up with Whitney Morgan once more when I was at Fetishcon – she is one of my favorite ladies to work with and this “daddy daughter” film shows this… 

Drunk Daughter Disciplined – at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Whitney Morgan & John Osborne

Whitney Morgan is back and this time she really has got herself into a lot of trouble. On a family roadtrip across America, Whitney’s dad has allowed her full privacy and she has her own hotel room. This freedom and trust is thrown back in her father’s face when he can’t get hold of her in the morning and uses a spare key to discover Whitney slumped over the bed, smelling of alcohol. It was obvious she had been out partying and passed out, still in her slutty clothes from the night before! He is shocked and disgusted at her behavior. Whitney has no excuses and she is dragged over his knee for a reminder that she is never too old for a spanking! Shameful Whitney starts to sober up and is embarrassed that at her age, a bare bottom, panties down hard hand spanking is the only lesson that she still learns! Daddy hasn’t had to do this for such a long time and Whitney remembers just why she tried to behave when she was younger! This was a hard spanking, leaving her bottom dark red and swollen, it is going to be a long uncomfortable car journey for Whitney attempting to sit down in the car in such a tender state!

spanking spanked over daddy's lap otk spanking by daddy

Want to just view this film seperately? Available HERE from the AAA Clips Store

[jwplayer mediaid=”54407″]


aaa spanking

I helped film this next film not too long ago and, quite frankly, it was awesome. I am a big fan of mean sudsy mouthsoapings during a punishment and so I knew EXACTLY how to get the best angles during filming… and Miss Elizabeth knew exactly how to mouth soap naughty Cassy! As you’ll see!!!

Foul Mouth Punishment – at Momma Spankings
Featuring: Cassidy Lau & Miss Elizabeth

Mommy had received a very upsetting phone call from Cassy’s teacher the day before. Cassy had used very foul language towards her teacher! Mom was shocked and humiliated that her daughter would do such a thing. The next morning (Saturday) Cassy thinks she is going to have a nice relaxing morning. Little does she know Mom is waiting in the bathroom for her and has the perfect punishment in mind for this naughty cursing girl. A swift over the knee hard hand and bath brush spanking precedes a mouth soaping ,in fact the first mouth soaping Cassy has ever received! She is a very sorry, regretful little girl when mommy is finished with her!

bare bottom spanking mouthsoaping

[jwplayer mediaid=”54408″]


momma spankings

We love Stevie Rose, so having her real sister, Vada Rose co star in a film with her is really special! This is the first from a few films they made for us and there is another coming to AAA later this year, but for now… check out this awesome video below!

Real Sister Spanking – at Sarah Gregory Spanking
Featuring: Stevie & Vada Rose

Stevie and Vada are real life sisters so we were so excited to have them appear together in films. Stevie was saying how there were so many times she wished she could have spanked her sister and so now it is finally her chance. Mom has gone out of town for the weekend and left Stevie in charge. Vada is having such a sassy attitude with her older sister, not cleaning her room, and just being an all around brat. Stevie has permission to spank Vada, so she does and she does it hard, over her dress, over her sheer panties, and on the bare bottom. She doesn’t stop until she believes her sister is actually going to change the attitude and do what she is told.

stevie rose spanking her sister vada

[jwplayer mediaid=”54435″]


sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory pass

Momma Spankings & Sarah Gregory Spanking are part of the best value SG Pass – which gives access to both sites for a fraction of the combined cost with the same codes… Find out how MORE INFO HERE


Watch out for a special feature later about Cheerleader Spankings – as I will bring you the remander of the extensive review of the Special 100th multiple girl video that I believe has to be THE most colorful spanking film ever produced (LOL)

cheerleader spankings cheerleader camp

All Good Things come to an End

laptopwoesDon’t put out the bunting yet, I’m not leaving or shutting up shop. I know that would please some of the trolls out there, LOL! No, I am referring to my trusty laptop that I have taken everywhere these last 4 years. It is practically at an end from constant travel and being switched on so much. I gave it about 4 years for a replacement (it’s what I aim for to be honest… I usually get about 4 good years use). It was just a pity it couldn’t quite make it to 4 this time since I purchased it in Aug 2012! I’m using it now but researching new laptops, I’d have got the latest Macbook Pro (expensive but worth it, probably) but all my backed up external hard drives (HDD) are formatted in Windows and that would be a pain so am looking at a Windows replacement. Editing and website work means the “specs” have to be higher and I’d love a 17″ screen again. However, I will live with one at 15 if it’s got amazing clarity. Any ideas, people?

I have been looking: Cost is a factor, obviously. Reliability another. I’d at least want to use the latest generation of i7 Intel chips (6700 series or higher). This is for Dreamweaver and Photoshop apps etc. whilst opening other windows to multitask like formatting video and so on. I’ll keep looking but I doubt I’ll be using this laptop I’m on now for much longer! I spent all of yesterday trying to get it to run as it just got so slow, deleting junk files and defragging drives has helped but it’s a short term fix.

click here to see of the error persists

Anyway, enough of my woes… on with a few spanking updates. That’s because afterwards, I need to get outside and enjoy that rare burning orange ball in the sky I see here in the UK! It’s going to be in the 90’s where I am today – yay!

Whitney Morgan will soon be appearing in a film at AAAspanking.com but first you can catch her in a more dominant role from your POV perspective. See this popular girl up close and personal (below)

Spanking Silly Little Boys like You – featuring Whitney Morgan at POVspanking.com

w03d whitpov

Imagine it’s your first ever visit to a huge convention like Fetishcon – you have a arranged some time for a femdom roleplay situation with one of the biggest models in the biz – this place is the ultimate location to find the hottest fetish girls of your dreams! You’re a switch deep down; you have fantasized about being put over the lap of a hot young girl and smacked hard and scolded. But you also LOVE to spank girls and have second thoughts when you visit Whitney Morgan’s room, seeing her dressed oh so provocatively, you want to see if YOU can spank her instead! Oh dear… this girl is a professional and doesn’t take too kindly to your late request. You think you can mark her when she has several fetish shoots coming up later that day? You inconsiderate selfish fool! Of course… how could you know? She is pissed at you for even thinking you could just come out with that and scolds you some more.

You’re turned on anyway, you tried to turn the tables and failed, watching her tell you off is getting you all hot and bothered. She tells you to remove your pants for your spanking over her lap but as you remove them you show her that you’re not wearing any underwear and have a little boner peeping over your shirt! How cute, she laughs! Now she ridicules your manhood as well as your attempts at trying to change the goal posts. Oh boy… is she going to enjoy telling you what she will do to your bottom and your naughty “little man”. She whacks the implements that she has set out before your eyes telling you precisely where they will land on yourself and how much it will hurt. You’re such a deviant, good job you are at Fetishcon… these girls know how to deal with silly little boys like you!

whit001 whit008 whit1 whit012 whit014 whit016 whit018 whit019 whit021 whit1 whit2 whit035 whit041




Another girl appearing soon at AAAspanking.com is the lovely Kajira Bound in more fantastic story driven spankings but let’s just check out where we  first discovered her from this recent awesome OTK spanking video at RealSpankings.com (images are watermarked “Institute” but they are actually from the RS site!)

KJ Spanked OTK – featuring Kajira Bound & Michael Masterson

KJ waits in corner time until Mr. M is ready to give her a spanking. She is taken over his knee for a long hard bare bottom hand spanking before being told to go back to her corner.

13554_004 13554_009 KJ gets a spanking more spanking 13554_022 13554_023 spankings 13554_038 13554_042 kajira's OTK spanking 13554_051 13554_053


realspankings realspankings pass


Here is an excellent new film! Don’t ever piss off or embarrass Cheer Coach, Miss Gregory! Next feature today from Cheerleaderspankings.com is this awesome new video released yesterday. It co-stars the amazing Zooey Zara, another fab girl appearing again at AAAspanking.com soon, are you getting the theme today? LOL.

Slut Shamed Zooey – Now showing at CheerleaderSpankings.com

cheerThe assistant cheer coach, Sarah Gregory, had a delicate matter only she could deal with after hearing about Zooey’s antics on the squad bus during the last trip. She had to hear this bizarre and dangerous story from the girl herself. then she had to decide if she was truly remorseful. Zooey had almost caused a pile up on the highway after showing off her pussy, masturbating out of the rear window! What a slut! Sarah wanted to know why she would do such a wanton act of reckless behavior. This endangered other drivers as well as lowering herself in such a demeaning way.

Sarah decided the only way was to “slut shame” her when she was certain Zooey was not at all sorry. She made her take off her panties and play with herself like she did on the bus. Zooey was embarrassed but did it anyway. This was unbelievable, Sarah had her cane and was definitely going to use it now! What followed was a very humiliating punishment, Sarah shamed this slut, grabbing her cheeks apart, spanking her hard and intimately. She then caned her without mercy, long and as hard as she had ever done! This was a severe caning punishment with Sarah reminding Zooey what a nasty little slut she was! This severe, hot, explicit punishment of a girl in her full cheerleader uniform has to be seen for yourselves!

slut_shamed_zooey_001 slut_shamed_zooey_014 shaming and spanking a cheergirl slut_shamed_zooey_021 slut_shamed_zooey_023 cheerleader spanking slut_shamed_zooey_035 otk spanking of a cheerleader slut_shamed_zooey_051 slut_shamed_zooey_078 slut_shamed_zooey_092 slut_shamed_zooey_106 caning slut_shamed_zooey_138 slut_shamed_zooey_142




& finally today… Sarah Gregory showcases a lovely new local talent who she’ll be working with more in future. She is called Elle and is now one of the local girls on Sarah’s Custom Video Page. This has grown rapidly with more custom work lined up. More people are listed close to and out of town, including Kelly Payne (who isn’t too far from Sarah’s base in New England!)

Behind the scenes info: Sarah edited this beautifully, she tried something different. It’s an introduction for a girl never spanked in front of a camera before. She interviews & discusses some of what they’ll do whilst warming her up with a decent OTK spanking. You’ll get to see what’s coming and what they actually filmed. Well done, Sarah, on a fantastic introductory film. It’s one of the best I have ever seen when it comes to showcasing new talent! Check it out below! Hmmm, guess where she will also be appearing later this year too! heh heh!

Elle’s Introduction – Now showing at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Meet new spanking model, Elle. She did her first spanking shoot ever with us and loved every minute of it. At the end even though her bottom was very marked, she still wanted more so we will have her back soon. In this introduction film, I give her a good warm up hand spanking and introduce her to you. She also gets to feel the strap, cane, and paddle. Learn a bit about her and also see some previews of the films we did with her to come later.

0263_elles_introduction_grabs-005 0263_elles_introduction_gal-003 0263_elles_introduction_gal-004 OTK spanking 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-031 spanking new girl Elle Elle's sore red spanked bottom 0263_elles_introduction_gal-016 0263_elles_introduction_gal-022 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-042 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-054 spanking 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-059 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-064 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-070 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-073


sarahgregoryspanking sarahgregpass

Whitney Morgan gets spanked by Sarah Gregory

This is the first of two Whitney Morgan updates this week as I’ll be covering another different one tomorrow that sees a more dominant side to her… but today this is an excellent and very colorful update that is available in full at Sarah Gregory Spanking – It was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon and I have to say that the imagery from this video is awesome… as well as having Sarah Gregory looking mean and dominant, even in her panties! Check out the GIFs and images taken from the video (below) which helps describe just what a visual treat Whitney’s punishment spanking turned out!

Whitney the bad room mate!


Whitney and Sarah are sharing a room at Fetishcon and Whitney is being a complete slob. Sarah is pissed as she cannot find the dress she wanted to wear in the mess of a hotel room. Whitney doesn’t seen to be all that concerned so Sarah threatens what she does best. Whitney doesn’t want to be spanked, but Sarah is determined to spank her with her arsenal of implements. Whitney cries out in pain as Sarah uses each and every one of her toys on her sore bottom until it is bright red.

0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-007 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-014 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-016 spanking Whitney Morgan whit1 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-036 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-047 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-051 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-052 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-056 paddled and given a hard spankingspanking with a paddle whit3 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-065 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-066 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-075 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-086 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-090 whit4 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-095 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-098 0259_whitney_the_bad_roommate_grabs-099


This movie can be downloaded in full with 100’s more exclusive videos produced by Sarah Gregory at her signature spanking site HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking

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Spanking Updates You Should See!

I’ll be bringing you a few more categories to vote on tomorrow and also getting you the first results with the announcement of the Top Placings for Best Creative Spanking Blog – so if you haven’t voted for this – DO IT HERE (and do it quickly as the Voting closes in around 12 hours or so from time of writing).
In the meantime, let’s check out some terrific new spanking updates that you may not have seen just yet! The first is from Sarah Gregory Spanking and stars the very lovely Whitney Morgan and our friend Johnny Lake (who is an awesome spanker). I loved helping to film this when we were together at Fetishcon earlier this year and the subject matter was perfect… as naughty Whitney LOVED to party so we got her to, ahem… “act” out this – in fact, she loved it and had a great time despite getting a butt blistering! She said it was what she deserved! I agree!!!

Breaking Protocol – starring Whitney Morgan & Johnny Lake


Whitney has broken protocol. She has fooled around with Johnny’s submissive without his permission which is against the rules in the BDSM world. She claims she was drunk and wasn’t thinking. This is no excuse and this earns her a spanking. What other way should a disappointed Dom deal with a naughty brat like this?

0232_breaking_protocol_gal-006 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-017 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-020 0232_breaking_protocol_gal-008 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-026 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-029 0232_breaking_protocol_gal-010 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-036 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-048 0232_breaking_protocol_gal-017 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-058 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-052 0232_breaking_protocol_gal-018 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-066 0232_breaking_protocol_grabs-068 0232_breaking_protocol_gal-020



I can’t remember if I showed you this and it’s too late to check so at the risk of repeating myself, here is Sarah playing a real brat at MommaSpankings.com with the maternal figure in this being the awesome Miss Chris! I helped film this at the last Shadowlane Party a few months back where we really did make some excellent films together… this is one of those good old fashioned scolding and OTK spanking films I know a lot of people LOVE to see, especially with these two ladies featured!

Bikini Bottom Blistering – starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Chris


Sarah is being a stuck up little brat. Mom is waiting for her spoiled daughter to get back to the hotel room as it is time to check out. Sarah is taking her good old time at the pool trying to get a nice tan. When she gets back to the room, mom is very upset. Sarah continues to have attitude with mom until she earns herself a spanking from mom over her skimpy bikini and then on the bare bottom. This isn’t exactly the kind of tan Sarah was hoping for.

momma-189-014 momma-189-015 momma-189-024 momma-189-028 momma-189-043 momma-189-050 momma-189-054 momma-190-001 momma-190-007 momma-189-064 momma-189-072 momma-189-083 momma-189-087 momma-189-098 momma-189-105



Both these sites can be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you access to both sites for less than the combined cost! Check it out HERE and see for yourself.

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally today… another new hot spanking film is just released with Dani Daniels & Richard Anderson from Firmhandspanking.com (I think it will come as no surprise that both have been nominated in the spankee/spanker categories when time comes to vote!)

Super-hot, sexually charged Dani Daniels gets it off with a spanking.


There’s only one Dani Daniels and you can see her soundly spanked right here! In her super-hot Legal Penalties series, Dani’s ready to accept her mentor Richard Anderson’s leather paddle on her bare bottom, first bent over then lying topless on her back as he spanks her long and hard until she achieves what she really wants. Watch and find out!

legal_bd002 legal_bd003 legal_bd004 legal_bd006 legal_bd008 legal_bd009 legal_bd010 legal_bd012 legal_bd016 legal_bd019 legal_bd022




If you like to download the odd full HD film, check out the previews and top featured and downloaded films from this clip store (shown below)

redginghamdressfull sss2 pinksocks rosieroutine SHOWDOWN sophiepersonal

Whitney Morgan’s New POV Wheelbarrow Spanking

Ever wondered what it might be like to place a hot young madam over your lap in the intimate wheelbarrow spanking position? Can you imagine the embarrassment, even possible shame or humiliation that a girl in such a vulnerable and submissive position might feel? You have all the power as you look down at your prize, that bare booty just waiting to be spanked, slapped and stroked… oh, and you probably can’t resist telling your “victim” how much this pleases you that she is unable to see how she might look in such an awkward position. Well, Whitney Morgan was one such lady, willing to try it out… how humiliating could it be? We’ll let you decide as you are now able to view this special download at POVspanking.com in a unique perspective from YOUR point of view… spanking Whitney’s glorious cheeks as they bounce and heave under your hands! WARNING: Such viewing and imagining a hottie like Whitney over one’s lap could cause severe #TrouserArousal in certain gentlemen.

Whitney Morgan – POV Wheelbarrow Spanking

Whitney Morgan

Whitney is spanked in this position for the very first time!

spanking whitneyWB_002 otk spanking wheelbarrow spanking whitneyWB_005 whitneyWB_007 Whitney Morgan Wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing whitneyWB_012 whitneyWB_013 whitneyWB_018 exposed and spanked


Whitney Morgan POV Spanking



Watch out for MORE films of incredible fetish star, Whitney Morgan at POVspanking.com and coming soon to SarahGregorySpanking.com as well as her debut appearance in some unique videos from AAAspanking.com

sarah Gregory Spanking

Don’t forget, nominations coming out THIS WEEK for the #SPANKINGAWARDS2015

Sexy Girl on Girl Spankings for the weekend

Nothing wrong with some sexy girl on girl spankings… is there? God knows, right now I needed cheering up, with family matters overseas that I am unable to help with close to my “heart” – I had a really stressful day returning from our latest vacation spot to discover a good 90 minutes into the journey that I had left my passport and large amount of cash in our hotel room. Sarah was there for me as I envisaged worst case scenarios of Housekeeping discovering the cash/passport etc and not being honest or the room cleaned and new people checked in – doing the same etc… at the same time we were rushing back, I received really distressing news from home… which just compounded things at the time. Thankfully, I found my money and passport, the nasty French guy in the hotel was chastised by senior management for disbelieving our distress and causing us both more at a time I had received the awful news from afar! Thankfully “that news” (I won’t elaborate anymore as this is, after all, a spanking blog but it affects how I feel and decide to write etc.) of back home may yet be good in the end so I am praying and being hopeful. I am sorry to unload on you like this, but needed to do it somewhere and this was the only place I could. My head feels like exploding at the moment (like the nasty Martian – left) so I need a few days to chill out, recoup and start again.

Ok, here are some new spanking updates from a group of my fave sites you will know so please do check them out and give them your support in the links to discover more about the sites if you like what you see.

From the Erotic Spanking Section of GirlSpanksGirl.com – Sexy Tub Spanking

001 002 spanking a bare butt 004 005 girl hand spanking 009 012 013 bathbrush spanking 015

Veronica Ricci plays a Russian school ballet instructor who catches two American students (Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark) making out in the tub. Veronica gives them each a sound hand spanking, then some with a wooden bath brush, and even makes them spank each other while kissing.

Click here to view more of this hot erotic girl on girl video

Girl Spanks Girl


At Spankedcallgirls.com you’ll see sexy callgirl Lana given her hardest butt blistering spanking by Veronica (who also got a good return whacking) in the latest episode of “Hoes spanking Hoes” and such!

01 spanked in boyshorts 04 06 07 presenting her bottom after the spanking 09 11 spanking her ass 15 16

Lana and Veronica smack each other hard fast and all over their butts!The girls really give it to eachother really darn hard!!! Resulting in 2 throbbing bright red and very sore bottoms. Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the callgirl business. Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not. This is Lana’s hardest spanking yet!

Spanked callgirls


Veronica again features at Spanking Sorority Girls and this is a good hard humiliating and mean punishment by a nurse who doesn’t believe she is faking an injury!

001 003 nurse spanks student rectal temp taking 007 008 010 012 OTK spanking 014 016

Veronica tries to fake an injury and must visit the strict nurse (played by Asphyxia Noir), who takes her temperature anally, then spanks Veronica hard when she decides she’s faking it. The nurse puts Veronica over her knee for a hairbrush spanking, then bends her over for the strap. After, Veronica goes back to the sorority house where she secretly cams, doing some sexy posing.

Click here to view the latest film in a sorority setting


Finally today… I thought I’d finish on a recent classic OTK spanking with Whitney Morgan (who I had the pleasure of meeting at Fetishcon and will be appearing at the SG sites very soon!) and… of course, Veronica Ricci at Spanked Sweeties – the 1st time and growing up spanking site that features true life stories and events re-enacted for our benefit!

001 002 hard otk hand spanking 004 005 Whitney Morgan spanked by Veronica Ricci 007 008 spanked with a ruler 010 011

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci) – Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.


This site and all the others featured above can also be viewed as part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access withthe same codes to all the sites for a fraction of the combined cost! Check it out for yourselves HERE



Have a good weekend wherever you are and enjoy life, it can sometimes be shorter than you think to do those things you want to! Say NO to procrastination and go do what you have been putting off!


Fetishcon Spanking Shenanigans

Hi everyone… this is just a quick update (as I always make promises about when I attend an event to post pics or let you know what we got up to with friends and the like). Well, Sarah had so many good pictures taken of the event that I chose just a small sample to let you know what went on behind the scenes including a few spanking shoots I was lucky enough to be a part of that went on for the SG Group of sites including Sarah Gregory Spanking & AAA Spanking – I’m sure you’ll like what went on with a real surprise at the end of someone I never thought Sarah would ever pull off filming (but she did with the right good people who must remain nameless, sadly!)


Sarah Gregory at the Fetishcon – Poolside

Fetishcon changed venue this year and so it moved across the bay from Tampa to St Petersburg (St Pete to the locals). The pool was larger, the hotel rooms smaller and the A/C much colder. This was my second Fetishcon and I recognized many faces and we had some fun at the Meet & Greet and Red Carpet events including a sumptuous buffet banquet laid on by Clips 4 Sale which we were lucky enough to attend (I enjoyed this part immensely… stuffing myself on good food!) Check out some pics below, I have tried to name the girls (from memory) where possible.

DSC_5037 DSC_5059


Angela Sommers with Sarah Gregory
Angela performed 2 stunning shows at the Sunday Fetishcon Ball

DSC_5069 DSC_5073

Sarah with Jacquelyn Velvets (right) – we were due to film with her but will arrange something for another time (at my insistence… she is hot and we got to at least spank her booty at the Pool Party!!!)


Bedroom shenanigans with friends old and new!


Sarah & I love watching Saharra Huxly perform her stuff… her whole troupe are kinky as hell and put a heck of a lot of work into their productions – we really admire their work!

DSC_5095 DSC_5124

More pics of Sarah at the pool and for various other events!

Below we have a few choice images taken from a few spanking shoots… the Fetishcon is a great place to meet other models and producers but for spanking it is always a little harder… filming, if any, tends to take place on the last day as the girls are not so bothered about getting marked if they are involved in other more “glam” orientated fetish work or rope and feet etc… because, as you’ll see, we ensured these ladies got a good bottom reddening. I was impressed, I think you will be too!

Whitney Morgan will appear at both sites and our good friend Johnny Lake spent a lot of time with us so he helped in many productions too! I have become a big fan of Whitney… she was a lot of fun to film and took some pretty hard spankings too!

DSC_5176 DSC_5201

Johnny Lake appeared for both sites and I did one film with Whitney… she and Sarah know each other well, and the AAA storyline came from seeing poor Whitney staggering along our corridor the night before, having drunk a few too many and partying hard… she got a reminder the next day about this sort of poor behavior! She was actually fine and we laughed about it… she is one of the most professional models I have had the pleasure to work with! 🙂

Next was a real surprise! Zooey Zara (pronounced Zoe or Zo-ee… you know) was new to us and a real pain slut! She demanded we cane and thrash her severely… I think from the next 2 images you’ll see we did just that… including a double caning at AAA and a great “On all 4’s” secretary scolding and severe caning for the Sarah Gregory Spanking website

DSC_5232 DSC_5236

Zooey Zara was also over 6 ft tall so we had to get some storylines in that had her horizontal in no time at all, LOL! Trust me when I say this will NOT be the last you hear of this amazing find for both sites, she will be making a return in more films for both! Those long legs and thighs took a hell of a caning as well as her butt…

This was not the only surprise for both sites as somehow, we got Christina Carter… who is famed for playing the kinkiest Wonder Woman. (I was genuinely star struck!!!) – Sarah and Christina knew each other and had played at a spanking party in the past… I can’t say how this happened that I helped to film her, but schedules and timing coincided so Sarah got her and she took a really sexy naked switch spanking with Sarah and then had a fantastic Wonder Woman-esque style cosplay spanking storyline with Johnny Lake in a wonderful red hot OTK spanking film I can’t wait to see! You can of course see her at her own fantastic site ChristinaBound.com

DSC_5257 DSC_5259 DSC_5274

So that was Fetishcon for us… there are plenty more stories and plenty more images from the shows that were shown on Sunday including the always unmissable Reverend B Dangerous – just Google him, I don’t have images of his show but they are always “entertaining”!!

Sarah is still updating the sites and I will assist her too but we are currently on vacation though we both have excellent access online everyday so any support/sign up issues etc are dealt with as normal. Back later with a full update post for the SG Group with 3 new films updates for you, these are all worth checking out!

Multiple Spanking Updates


I had some fun attending the second day of MTV Crashes in Plymouth this week, I have to admit I felt my age bopping with 1000’s of 16-20 year olds and was generally grumpy at some of the dickheads there, I only thought these kids threw bottles of piss at Kanye West… I was wrong. Kanye-West-weeI avoided most of the flying bottles but being there for 5 or so hours, I was bound to get some splash back, lol! Fuckers! The reason I put up with the wasted youth around me was because I was there to watch Steve Aoki’s set… and with this event becoming bigger every year (apparently over 57,000 turned up over the 2 day event on the famous Plymouth Hoe) it was a stunning backdrop and I love how the biggest talent on the DJ-ing circuit want to come to this event! I won’t bore you with any more, I was just psyched about it… images and clips are from my cameraphone… then of course there are the spanking updates you want to see!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”42163″]

Unseen Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen at AAAspanking.com

This was updated earlier today, it’s a photoset (not a movie but a great idea for one) – it’s hard to believe but this was taken four and a half years ago… how time flies! I have the storyline and a few of the reduced size images. There might be a return for those that like the odd dedicated image set, I know that there are more with other girls at AAA but it’s a matter of letting Sarah know where to find them from all the raw image data. I’m sure when we are together next week I can help her locate it all for future updates! In the meantime, check out Leia and Irelynn, the only time they filmed together, I think, was for AAA (I could be wrong, and sure if I am will be told!)

No Head for Heights

h001 h002 h003 h004 h005 h006 spanking handprint spanking h009 h010 h011 h012

Irelynn was staying with Leia at her luxury city apartment and both girls had some time to kill before going out to meet friends. They decided to play a game of Dare as they both wanted to see who could stand on the window and look down the longest without feeling queazy. Both girls were deadly afraid of heights so this was not easy for them, but as it was a Dare they both decided to do it. The loser would get a spanking… now they are no strangers to this form of play and it was really just another excuse for the girls to play and get another chance to spank each other! Leia went first and Irelynn seemed impressed at first but Leia started complaining so Irelynn pulled her panties down and gave her some hard smacks to take her mind off the dizzying height below! Irelynn was a little turned on by this and couldn’t wait for it to be her turn. She squealed far too early when she was facing the window… hoping Leia would take the bait and give her some “spanking punishment” for her apparent cowardice. Job done, leia quickly obliged and enjoyed getting one back on her close friend. Both girls passed their ordeal and fell into each others arms to feel safer away from the city view high up in the air.

h013 h014

See this latest update & the many unique films with Leia & Irelynn together HERE



Sarah & I will be meeting Whitney Morgan later this summer and I can’t wait… the girls love working with each other and I have already sent her a few friendly private tweets, she sounds like she is just going to be awesome and she has worked with Sarah at her site before… but if you want to see her first time appearing out west for the Clare Fonda Network of sites… then check out Spanked Sweeties as she gets the usual treatment, her interview and some re-enactments of spankings when she grew up… this girl is seriously into spanking so it’s worth checking out, the images I have below are her teacher /pupil re-enactment with Veronica Ricci playing her scholastic nemesis!

002 003 005 006 007 008 009 010 012 013 014 015

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci shown above) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

Remember this style is unique to Spanked Sweeties.


From the same network of sites come a new naughty spanking film at Spanking Sorority Girls called “Star & Alyssa’s Anal Adventure” – Okay… I was sold… see why below (this is hot and the film is way more revealing than these images FYI!)

001 002 004 005 006 008 009 011 013 014 015 016

Star needs to practice taking someone’s temperature anally. When Alyssa resists, Star tries to convince her with a sound spanking and paddling. But Alyssa holds out for more. She’ll do it if she can give Star a spanking too. Good scene with anal thermometer, kissing and lots and lots of naked spankings.

See the whole naughty spanking film HERE

Both these sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network, giving you up to 5 sites combined for a fraction of the cost… just remember to have enough hard disk space and time to download all that content!



The next brand new update at Sarah Gregory Spanking brings back memories… it was our first time back in Las Vegas since we met and clicked way back in 2013… unfortunately (for me) Sarah had in mind to be a rude, bratty hotel guest and have me dressed in a bellhop costume (um, okay… I thought). The result was that I spanked her harder than she probably imagined as I really got into my part as the pissed off Brit worker who was leaving the hotel so didn’t give a damn about what the guests thought anymore… and then his last job is this brat to “really” make his day… oh my! I let her have it, lol!

The Rude Hotel Guest

001 003 004 005 006 007 009 010 011 014 015 016

Sarah has called the bell hop to bring her fresh towels. When he shows up with one one set, she is upset as she needs more. She is very rude to him and even throws the towels on the floor. When he asks for a tip, she refuses so he gives her something; a spanking to show this rude brat a thing about manners.

See Sarah spanked like the naughty brat that she was HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking

Or check out both her sites for less when purchased with The Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally today… from Spanking Sarah – nurse Ella Hughes is given a near tearful punishment she won’t forget in a hurry by Matron. This is the latest film at this site and it’s called “Nurses Bottom for Hire”

npp7077004 npp7077008 npp7077011 npp7077013 npp7077018 npp7077019 npp7077021 npp7077024 npp7077025 npp7077027 npp7077028 npp7077030

Nurse Ella Hughes has been accused by some of her fellow nurses of letting the doctors at the training school spank her bottom in return for money and for giving her higher grades. Matron also thinks that she is not up to scratch on her ward work and in general is a very bad example of what a nurse should be. Ella confesses to what she has been accused of and so punishment follows. This is a harsh punishment which leaves her close to tears as the leather paddle does its work on her bare bottom.

See this and MORE of Ella’s films with Sarah at her site HERE

Spanking Sarah


I will be back tomorrow and will let you know about a new POV film coming out this weekend starring Adriana Evans as a naughty stripper from our perspective. Teaser images below! 🙂

stripper002 stripper001



Please do pop along to our friends at Ouch.uk.com – seriously among the BEST purveyors of their own handcrafted discipline implements anywhere! This is QUALITY stuff!


Updates across the SG Network!

I have been so busy filming and sightseeing that I have not had time to even  think about doing a full industry update – so I’ll let you know what has been released closer to home this week at the following sites… I have also not had time to let you know who we have been filming with… but when I do get a spare moment then I will let you know about the amazing shoots that both Sarah & I did for the SG sites these past 2 weeks with Chelsea Pfeiffer (a first for me), Christy Cutie, Casey Calvert, Alex Reynolds and not forgetting Lily Swan & Joelle Barros when we were in freezing New England… I also got to meet the face behind ATP and he took some great image stills from our most recent shoot we did (after all, he is Christy’s Daddy!) – there are plenty more shoots coming soon from us both… so I better try to find time!

Sarah & I also filmed for the Clare Fonda sites with “The Cameraman” … who I liked a lot… he is incredibly calm and I understand how girls love filming with him! There will be some pleasant/unpleasant surprises for some… LOL!

Sifting through and deciding what images to choose takes too long but I promise to do an update on that including a lovely surprise belated birthday party thrown by Alex for her man, Paul Kennedy, you’ll know from Northern Spanking. I miss those guys.

Just so you realize how busy we are, later today we meet up with Clare Fonda and we’re filming some fetish trade content and we’ll be hanging out with her later too… can’t wait. Clare is incredibly funny in person!!!


OK, on with the updates – just released at AAA Spanking – a great new long play film with Rosie Ann in an unusual film that opens with her waiting by the lockers for her punishment detention to begin. While she is waiting, her mind wanders to what might happen…

f001 f002 f003 f004 f005 f006 f007 f008

She daydreams about 2 possible scenarios, the first is erotic and inappropriate as she fantasizes that her teacher spanks her with his hand more intimately than a punishment and also uses a crop to “punish” her… these thoughts soon disappear when she has a darker fear that he could use the heavy wooden paddles that she has seen…

f009 f010 f014 f015

These are nasty and she imagines what this might be like! The finale of this film sees a traditional caning punishment… I suppose in the real world, it could appear “boring” as the cane was applied 12 times, without feeling and given quickly when the time came and her [panties were not not pulled down for this punishment… she was made to stand int he corner of the room after the caning…

f019 f020

Rosie and I discussed and came up with this interesting and quirky film. We hope that you will enjoy it, it is now out for members to download as well as being available to view via the Clips store as a full film straight away!


Check out the free clip & don’t forget you can still view the site from just $12.50/month!


See “Fantasy or Reality” at the Clips store (below) – OUT NOW!



I ‘m running out of time and our hotel connection is a bit iffy at times  (though I did manage to upload over 3 Gb’s worth of data earlier, lol) – so here are the latest updates from SpankingSarahGregory.com and MommaSpankings.com

Drunk on vacation – Again! at Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 003 004 006 007 008 011 018 019 022 025 032

Sarah and her cousin Whitney are at it once again. While on vacation they stay out late drinking and getting up to no good. Daddy isn’t happy to find his daughter and niece at this same naughty behavior once again as in the previous film, Drunk on Vacation.


Finally, from Momma Spankings  I helped film this a few weeks ago… Lily Swan was Sarah’s old girlfriend (for real), and although they remained friends after their break up a while ago… Sarah still felt awkward being the dominant one here since originally it was Lily who was this way in their original real life relationship…. however, Lily loves age play and loves playing a little and is actually naturally submissive… and can take quite a spanking (as you will all discover over the next few months within the SG network!)

Here is Sarah’s 1st film with Lily (together) in “Lily’s Dropseat spanking”

001 003 006 008 010 011 018 022 023 024

Mommy is not happy that her daughter has been misbehaving. Lily has been drawing on the walls at home, running in the house, not putting her toys away and bullying the other kids at school. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter over her drop seat Pjs and then pulls the drop seat down to spank her on the bare with hand, hairbrush, and spoon.

View either site, they are unique and have masses of content, but you get a deal with the SGP – getting both sites for less with one set of codes… SEE HERE for more info!


Bye from LA for now… (panoramic view below from the Griffiths Observatory)