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More Exclusive Spanking Updates

Hello again… here are some more exciting and exclusive spanking updates for you all, most are fresh off the press, so to speak. A couple others are classics you probably haven’t seen before but are typical of the sites I have featured so you have a great idea what each producer’s films (shown below) are all about! Enjoy!

Amy’s Caning for Credit Card Fraud
Starring: Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Gifted wild child, Amy Fox, has been sent to a special reformatory institute by her parents (at great expense) so that she can stay out of “Juvy” and continue her education. However, the institute has harsh methods of correction if any of the girls fall foul of the strict rules. In this case, Amy has gone beyond that, as she has been caught “up to her old ways,” when she was discovered stealing credit card numbers… using them to make fraudulent online purchases. Her parents have given the principal, Miss Gregory, the means to carry out correction as she sees fit. Unfortunate Amy earns her first cold caning punishment for her serious infractions. Amy’s sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The first 12 strokes are carried out with her panties pulled up, making them wedgied and feeling uncomfortable. Then the remaining 12 (after yet more withering and harsh scolding from the principal) are carried out with them down. Poor Amy loses what little dignity is left as these final 12 strokes really drive the point home. This cane is one of the most fearsome Miss Gregory possesses; A straight, knotless, dense Dragon Cane nicknamed “The Bequeathed” as it is so precious! The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes… cold, from this most feared implement! The results speak for themself… Amy’s poor bottom is welted and an angry red from the top of her bottom in uniform lines all the way down to her sore, burning backs of her thighs.

spanking and caning caning and spanking punishment welted caning welts and cane marks

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Riley Breaks in and gets Spanked Paddled Caned Birched and More
Starring: Riley Laroux & Stevie Rose

Cat Burglar Riley is caught by the lady of the house and must submit to a long, humiliating punishment. It starts OTK and goes to a hard paddling over a chair bottom stuck out. Then she bends over the couch wide legged and looks between her legs for 12 from a cane. The lady of the house tells her to take off her clothes, except her mask and gloves and report upstairs for the rest of her punishment. When Riley strips, she is told to undress, except for her mask, hat, boots and gloves. The lady of the house meets here in garters and thigh highs giving a very hard birching with a 6 rod birch across her bare ass. She gets on all fours and stick out her naked ass for 24 hard lashes on the bare. Then Stevie Rose climbs on her and gives her 5 bare pussy swats for cursing and finishes with 15 Penalty Swats on her bare and open butthole!  This is a very erotic and strict punishment from a beautiful redhead.

spanking and birching spread and spanked pussy spanking penalty swats

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Sasha: Shackled & Paddled on the Bench
Starring: Sasha, Peter & Heidi

Sasha undresses and is shackled to the spanking bench by both Peter and Heidi. She is placed in a vulnerable position with her ass cheeks spread. She waits for him to begin the wooden paddling. Her unmarked bum soon reddens as the paddle hits her full force. Soon, her delicate cheeks are a deep blushing red from the assault on her backside. Sasha is released and allowed to reflect on her punishment during corner time… rubbing her perfect sore bottom.

bare bottom wooden paddling spanked and paddled spanking

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Spanked in Uniform series: D – Lucy’s classic OTK
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Dodgy Dave

Lucy Lauren about to get a spanking

Spanked to the max in school uniform, panties pulled down: Lucy Lauren fantasizes about it…now she’s experiencing being Spanked in Uniform. Lying over Philip Johnson’s knee, plaid school skirt raised, panties pulled down, her bare bottom bounces beautifully as his hand teaches her the value of obedience and good behavior. The slow-motion replays of this brat’s spanking are stunning!

otk spanking spanking

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Reverie is caught snooping
Starring: Reverie & Mr. M.

Reverie finds a box in Michael’s closet and discovers that he had bought several canes as a gift for her. Having gotten into them without permission costs her and she receives an 18 stroke caning for her troubles.

spanking and caning

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Spanking Stuff to start your week!

Howdy! Here are some different spanking updates for you today, they are varied and cover many websites I love to catch up with. If you like what you see, please go check out their tour pages and see the other latest content from the links I have provided for you to view! Have a good one… and here’s hoping this makes for a better start to your coming week! Enjoy!

Correctional Institute – Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

Prison officer’s bare ass paddled as revenge: red hot punishment scene! The painful, stinging smack of a wooden paddle across prison officer Zoe Page’s bare bottom can be heard outside her office as inmate Lucy Lauren exacts revenge for months of abuse in Correctional Institute. Awesome 20 swats counted out, plus many more before and after, leave Zoe’s bottom red raw. Check out the slow-motion bouncing booty replays!

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A Friend’s Loyalty – Introducing Veda Rose

After a friend’s night out, Veda comes home alone. Refusing to rat out her friend, she is soon bent over the bed for daddy’s belt. Still refusing to talk, her pants are pulled down for a spanking across his knee. Veda whimpers as her bottom gets spanked swollen and red.

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Jill And Britney Caught: Spanked And Penalty Swats

Jill Kassidy and Britney Light, the two prettiest women in spanking today, are caught spanking and playing with each other by Daddy who spanks those pretty naked bottoms hard and gives Penalty Swats too.

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A Proper Whoopin’ after Getting Paddled at School

Michael receives an email that Kiki had been paddled at school, so upon her return home, he demands to see her bruised bottom. He then follows up with a bare bottom whoopin’ that she will not soon forget.

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Business studies – with Bambi Belle

Bambi is an industrious school girl who has started running a small business from her dorm room. Unfortunately, some of her stock was intercepted by a concerned mail room staff member…since one of the boxes that arrived for her was clearly labeled as coming from a sex shop. The headmaster has come to Bambi’s room to have a word with her. Bambi seemingly has no idea why her new money making scheme of selling vibrators and lingerie to the girls in her building should be a problem…but the headmaster definitely thinks it’s a problem!

Bambi is about to learn the limitations of on-campus commerce via a sore spanked bottom and a taste of the Headmaster’s strap.

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A New Week – Another Spanking Showcase

Today I thought I’d feature some different websites which you’ll see more of on a regular basis. Especially one to which I have a new membership right now… so enjoy all the sites showcased today, I promise a membership to any of these will not leave you disappointed! I hope you’re all having a fine weekend!

Boss, I’m Ready to Have My Ass Strapped

This dreamlike fantasy spanking film takes a beautiful young woman to a resort where she reports to the Executive Suite for a hard, 50 lash strapping and then Penalty Swats on her bare butthole. She moves across the resort while she imagines the leather biting her naked bottom up high in the air. She walks slowly, upstairs, down the hallway, and into the suite. Sage quickly gets down to her sexy underwear, masturbates, then it’s off to the bathtub for a bubble bath before she reports to be strapped. The strapping is slow, hard, and mostly on the naked bottom. This film is highly erotic and the look of her beautiful bottom being strapped is glorious!

spanking sage pillar

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Lola in the Diaper Position

East European beauty, Lola, experiences a humiliating punishment, tethered to an infamous Server contraption. This time it is to hold her in the Diaper Position. Peter crops her bared, exposed bottom and private parts as she takes the stinging punishment. Afterward, she is unshackled and allowed to caress and inspect her sore, marked cheeks.


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Naughty Babysitter Anal Hook Discipline- Ashley Lane

Defiantly clenching her cheeks leaves him no other choice but to deal with her rebellion. Determined to teach her a lesson with a large stainless steel anal hook. Her Tightest naughty little hole will be stretched and punished to put her in her place. Further caning adds additional discomfort to her predicament. Removing her top she is completely naked for the remainder of her discipline. A thick paddle punishes her cheeks as she sobs.

spanking spanking

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Arella’s Institute Arrival

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. He returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.


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Various Spankings to kick off the week

Hello again… here’s an interesting selection of spankings from various websites that you will be able to view and download as part of any membership chosen. Each of these sites has more than enough content to keep you busy downloading content to your hard drives to playback to your heart’s content. The added bonus is that you HELP these sites, the original makers of the content you love. I have provided links to all the LEGITIMATE websites… as a fellow producer you can trust the links I give rather than some of the awful piracy download sites that I have seen recently including ways in which they will take YOUR credit card number as part of their own nefarious membership. Do you want to give your credit card numbers to Russian thief? I know I wouldn’t! I’ve included some animated GIFs for some added interaction… enjoy!

Short Term Employment

northern spanking

High schooler Apricot returns home from the second day of her summer job at a movie theater… and reports that she got fired! It took Paul calling in a huge favor to secure that job for Apricot, because he was sick of her slacking off during the summer holidays. Well, he’s going to find ANOTHER job for Apricot and she is going to keep it. And there’s a price to pay for losing this one, a price Apricot pays with a spanking followed by a good leathering.

spankings apricot pitts spanking otk beltings and spankings


Chores not Done

punished brats

Serenity’s stepdad had given his princess a list of chores to be done while he was away on business. She resisted, complaining that it was exam week. Stepdad was unmoved and informed his brat that should she fail to perform her tasks a sound spanking awaited her upon his arrival home. She smirked at the idea that a girl her age would be spanked.

When her stepdad arrived home and found the house in worse shape than when he left. As promised she was taken over her stepdad’s lap for a spanking. She protested and then sassed then man over whose lap she currently found herself as he spanked her bottom.  After one word of complaint and disrespect too many Serenity’s bottom was bared. She gasped in horror as she felt spank after hard spank land upon her naked bottom.

otk spankings red bottom spankings sore spanked bottom


Boss Takes Wet Panty and Penalty Swats

spanked and exposed

After giving spanking newcomer Kat a good paddling on her wet panties and on her bare bottom sticking out over the end of a chair, the boss finds that she is going to receive the very same punishment including penalty swats. We get to see her watch her paddling between her legs and at the end of the punishment she is on all fours with her bottom spread wide open to be spanked on her bare butthole.

stevie rose shows how it is done spread for more spankings butthole spankings


Yana’s Special Spanking Day

sensual otk spankings

This 22-year-old Russian beauty wants to try a different type of spanking, one which she has been told will make her emotional. She promises to do as she is asked, so she strips slowly until naked, waiting for him to inspect her and use her as his plaything. She becomes totally submissive, taking a sensual spanking, flogging, and a leather paddling which she must do bent over and exposed for his viewing pleasure. Yana’s loss of control turns her on and excites her beyond expectation, bringing tears of pain as well as tears of joy.

sexy yana needs a spanking otk spanking otk spanking spanked over his lap


Cum Whipping for Ivy

ivy sherwood spanking

After a lengthy erotic flogging on her most sensitive princess parts, Ivy is once again turned over to present her ass for discipline. She is overjoyed to be handed the Hitachi to pleasure herself as she is whipped. The lash of the whip falls rhythmically as she luxuriates in the buzzing between her legs. Her ass and thigh jiggle under the heavy whip, begging to cum. Finally given permission, she collapsed in ecstasy. She crawls to the edge of the bed, frantically unfastening his pants to collect her reward in her eager mouth.

ivy sherwood spread for pussy spanking spanking and masturbating cum whipping ivy sherwood gives head