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End of Summer & Outdoor Spankings

We’re promised an Indian Summer here in the UK… I remain skeptical… but hopeful, I guess. To be honest. weather patterns are changing here in my part of the world, we tend to have much milder and warmer Septembers and early Octobers than, say, 20 years ago. I like it… just as the leaves start to change, it is still possible to venture outside in a tee shirt! However, it won’t be long, the nights are already drawing in… and my memories of lazing by the pool in 100f heat in Vegas are but a happy memory now. & by the time it is Halloween at the end of October, I will know that it is winter here… it’s always cold then and only gets worse for the following months, lol! So here today, from my site, is the latest film – something I probably won’t be doing much of in the UK until Springtime now… filming in the great outdoors! I love it, there’s a sense of naked naughty freedom, so I try to film as much as I think I can get away with (the only other problem is the light as filming at certain times of the day is suicide for decent playback).

So to the update for today… it stars Lola Marie and Wynter Sky who think they are being clever by sneaking into my secret garden and sunbathing… it would have been ok but the girls always left a mess behind! Check out some sneak preview images from the film AND a free caning clip of Lola Marie and Wynter when I caught up with them! Incidentally, I had a heavy “Caneiac” Paddle which I used for the first time on these girls… they most certainly did NOT like it one bit! But you will!!!


Lola Marie & her friend Wynter Sky had been secretly using one of her neighbour’s beautiful yards to sunbathe in as it had a special “secret garden” that they both loved to spend time in soaking up the sun’s rays in private. However they always left litter behind and disrespected John Osborne’s precious well kept yard so he had been trying to find out who had been causing this mess until today when he caught them both in their bikinis. He had already taken their mobile phones and other personal effects found not far away from where they were hiding out in the garden and you can feel the tension mount as he sneaked up behind them both. The girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling. He had also made them attempt to use this heavy implement on each other as part of their punishment so that they’d remember the consequences of using the place without asking for his permission. However, he just whacked them harder with it after they feebly used the paddle hoping they would avoid further pain and suffering. Enjoy this end of summer romp to see the girls given a good spanking and whacking with their tiny bikini bottoms pulled down, looking extremely vulnerable as John took full advantage of this delightful situation!

dubtrubz002 dubtrubz003

dubtrubz007 dubtrubz017

dubtrubz034 dubtrubz050

dubtrubz060 dubtrubz081


dubtrubz095 dubtrubz123

dubtrubz125 dubtrubz139

dubtrubz159 dubtrubz172

dubtrubz179 dubtrubz190

dubtrubz199 dubtrubz203

dubtrubz209 dubtrubz212

Check out the FREE HD Clip below

You can see MORE of this film HERE – & take advantage of the my offer giving you full access for under $15!


This film is already available in 3 formats of your choice to download IN FULL at the AAA Clips Store



Ok, it’s late, so enjoy the film, I rather liked this one 🙂

More Spankings for the weekend than I can handle!

I have been busy getting inundated with offers of filming at the SL Party event – I placed a request inside the party event on Fetlife and now have so many I can’t possibly do them all, lol! Oops! It’s more about play so I doubt I will get to film more than a few films at a time with some ladies although I do have a 2 hour slot with a couple of rather nice ladies on the Saturday morning… I aim to try and film most of Saturday in between checking out the many parties after I have just seen a timetable of events… wow, it’s gonna be busy! So I can play at night and recover on Sunday… best laid plans and all that… I’m looking forward to the trip and it’s not long now! It means I also get a chance to renew ties with girls I’ve spanked over here in England… I’m really looking forward to the event… but first there is also the road trip we’ll be doing in Death Valley and then the Grand Canyon area before we get to the party event! Anyhoo… as you can tell, I’m getting rather excited about it all… so to those that read this blog and are attending, please do say “hello” – I might be a little shy in such surroundings but after a few stiff drinks I’ll be ok *ahem*

So here are some spanking updates to keep you guys busy too… so I better get on with it and I’m going to start with my own sites first (naturally). You may be aware that there is the gorgeous self “sch-paaaanking” video of Dutch beauty, Leandra in a hotel room… she wanted us to help her make this teasing spanky film for her army boyfriend… she told us he’s gonna thrash her good when he’s back from his tour of duty (amongst other naughty things!) – There are 2 galleries that you can view which show precisely what she did to tease her faraway boyfriend!!! Click either image below for the different galleries (one is the reduced in size HQ image gallery and the other shows screen shots – reduced in size too – of the actual film).



View the full film and take advantage of a SPECIAL OFFER HERE

or you can view this HD Film as a one off download at the Clips Store HERE


There is also a really good little POV film out – this time  exploring the pervy POV from YOUR perspective as a naughty spankee! Wynter catches you looking at her tits and ass in her tight outfit, she has to remind you to look at her face when she’s talking to you, how rude!!! A few more furtive glances at her legs and ass don’t go unnoticed and she has had enough of this so takes you over her knee but not before asking you to remove your jeans first so she can spank your bare bottom! Over you go, the camera sees what you see , this is purely 1st person perspective, no close up, no showing of a tired old man’s ass (mine actually) – she did indeed whack my ass doubly hard since she was there to get hers done… damn her! Much to the rest of the cam crew’s amusement… the things I do for the sake of our art, eh? The film ended soon after as my ass was burning, lol! However, I like the results of this and will be exploring this much more with more experienced models when I am at the SL event soon! We are definitely getting better at this and as I have always said, this is an ongoing project, we want to explore various POV angles, this view is just one of many! Enjoy… and remember my suffering!

pov001 pov002

pov003 pov010

pov011 pov005

pov006 pov007

pov008 pov009

Check out a free teasing clip and see the POV angle for yourselves…

[jwplayer mediaid=”27390″]

FULL movie can be viewed at POV Spanking only



There’s a new model brat at Bunbeatingfun.com that gets one of the hardest spankings I’ve seen there in a while… well, since the last film! I think each film is getting harder and harder… well this busty model presses all the wrong buttons and her fate is quickly sealed when TMS2 mutters under his breath “another one!”

Welcome the latest girl – a golden haired young tart who is sufficiently immodest who goes by the name: Insatiable Deziire.


Insatiable-04 Insatiable-05

Insatiable-07 Insatiable-09

Insatiable-12 Insatiable-15


Insatiable-18 Insatiable-20

Insatiable-22 Insatiable-24


Insatiable-26 Insatiable-28

Insatiable-13 Insatiable-29


want to see a free clip? click the image below and you will see more…

[jwplayer mediaid=”27418″]



More spanking updates are coming this weekend so don’t go far!

get em off for the tumblr blog

check out my Tumblr blog, lots of naughty images & spank related content… careful, it’s addictive

Pee Pee Spankings

Just a very quick update here until I get you a more detailed look across many more sites tomorrow… I have news today for you of a new long play film starring Lola Marie & Wynter Sky in their 1st collaberation shown at my site AAAspanking.com – Lola should have filmed with me way back in April/May but because of the tight filming schedule I had to delay that due to an overseas visitor (I grow more weary of these now as I know other producers do too as you never know whether they are filming with a dozen other people in a short period and so on…) sometimes you don’t mind, it depends on how you feel about working with the person so when they don’t turn up and you’re all ready to go, then it kind of sucks… but I’VE DONE THIS ROAD MANY TIMES… so you bide your time, regroup and meet someone you should have met earlier and make up with it with some great films… and why not throw in a girl you loved working with in the past too? Result: a great day’s filming!

Check out this new film with a twist… my famed twisted Girl Guides, disgracing their uniform by peeing their panties and walking along with wet knickers (and predictably) getting caught and punished! Ladies & Gents… I give you the lovely and aptly named new long play film “Gushing Girl Guides” – this was my 1st peeing and spanking film… and it was also Wynter’s 1st peeing action caught on film too!


The girls show off their pee soaked panties!

An awful lot of images compliment this film, there are around 200 screen grabs and about 100 HQ stills…all fully uploaded – the original images for members are 1800×1200 in size – all zipped: already along with the film so it’s a great new update this week and as some of you may well be aware, taking stills after the event, it compliments the film so when Freddy the cat wanted in on the action (I love Freddy… such a cute kitty) he wanted to say hello to the girls… I think he likes the smell of pee pee, not only a cute kitty but a pervy one too! So Freddy stayed in some of the images we took… the girls liked him too 🙂


*sniff* “What the deuce? I smell pee pee!”

ggg020 ggg023 ggg026

ggg036 ggg037

ggg038 ggg042 ggg044

Below are some screen images from the movie and the film plot so you know what it’s all about!


ggg020 ggg028

ggg039 ggg045 ggg050

ggg059 ggg079 ggg106

ggg098 ggg115 ggg128

ggg136 ggg154

ggg157 ggg163 ggg165


ggg183 ggg197

These 2 girl guides were a disgrace to their uniform as they wondered if they could make it back to the Guide HQ before needing to pee… they could hardly walk, their bladders were so full & each girl in turn relieved herself. Lola pulled her panties down & gushed freely, but the daft girl peed directly onto them! Wynter didn’t even have the luxury of that option as she couldn’t wait & peed in her panties stood up, the tell tale trickle running down her legs. Both girls returned to the HQ in shame but not before Troupe Leader Mr Osborne had guessed what had happened from their nervous walk & decided to teach these madams a lesson in humiliation & discipline on how to avoid such unladylike disasters in future. This film features wet panty investigations, spankings with humiliating gaze of the other & the final insult of a diaper positional spanking before being placed in an embarrassing reflective aftermath position both girls would not forget! This isn’t for everyone & hardly traditional, but for those that like something a little bit more kinky, we are sure you’ll enjoy this long play film.


View a free preview of this film HERE



Various short clips are being uploaded to the Clips Store… I have uploaded the pee scene only… as well as the 1st spanking scene of Lola. Tomorrow the spankings of Wynter followed by both girls finale of a humiliating diaper position  spanking will be available to download giving those who like to download one off clips a great choice!

1st 2 clips are below and available to view:

GGG1 (1) GGG2

Spanking Updates – part1

Hi everyone, I have had a real “mare” of a day at work so am waaaaay behind my preferred online activities… I will be updating my site with a new movie tomorrow when I have more time, sorry about that, but if you saw my post yesterday, you can either see the new film in full “Sarnies & Red Bottoms” from the Clips Store – or handg on to watch it in belting HD quality from tomorrow evening.

So that means I have a 2 part update for you today, as I am invited to a neighbour’s for a bite to eat and so will upload something else later as I only have 30 minutes here so enough of my waffle and on with what is a superb opening update from Sarah Bright’s site spankingsarah.com with this excellent retro bonus movie update of Wynter Sky in hussy red getting a carpet beater thrashing!


When Wynter Sky decides to steel her Mistresses clothes and jewellery she gets a bit carried away and lays on the settee playing with her pussy, very naughty especially as she is being watched by the butler. He gives her an ultimatum, punishment his way or she will have to go. Left with this choice she finds herself in a variety of the most revealing positions whilst he beats her hard with a rattan carpet beater this really hurts her pride, her pussy and her bottom.




This is a cracking movie of a girl I know well, lots of pussy play, exposed and humiliating spanking positions and *that* carpet beater wielded by Mr Stern! This film is worth the very fair entrance fee alone and you can see a wonderful FREE Clip HERE


& from another site in this network at English-Spankers.com Mr Stern is finalising his audition of voluptuous Holly (who you will have seen before cruelly thrashed by both Sarah and Mr Stern at this site and previously at Sarah’s) Check out her amazing wigglesome bottom that can take about anything thrown at it, including the cane! This is a girl that can take a hell of a thrashing, if you remember!

The final part of the story of the spanking life of Holly.

This is the series that you seem to love the best on English Spankers. We get a real live and honest insight into the lives of our favourite spanking models. This is the last part of the story told by young Holly, a lady very new to the spanking scene, indeed I think that these are her first films. Now the most severe punishments will be handed out. The crop and then a very nasty plastic paddle applied to the bare bottom before a good hard traditional caning. This has been a real insight into the life of a girl who loves to be spanked.




Yiu can see a very good free trailer of this final full movie installment by clicking the link below!


Finally, I had to let you see a little more of the extremely spankable, fuckable and whatever else-able Jadie “Trouser Arousal” Reece as Paul from Northernspanking.com admits this was one of his fave sets he took images of as you’ll see below: Lucy Maclean (who I have to say was looking scrummy and ALL woman, mmm… sorry Paul for coveting yet more flesh, lol!) decided that Jadie was just rather too dirty before her spanking and caning so a nice excuse below as you’ll see Lucy soap up the suds and give naughty Jadie a sopay wet groping wash before the spanking and caning… you can see the spanking pics at the site, I’m a rease and I hope you like these images I have of the “warm up”… and “Yes!” I… have… wood! 🙂

“Hello! Look at my eyes… not my gorgeous tits!”




Wanna see more? I don’t blame you!!! Check out NorthernSpanking HERE


OK, I am now hobbling off over to my neighbour’s on 3 legs… ahem! back later with part 2!