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More Spanking Punishments

Another update post: No waffle… so let’s review 2 different sites you might want to check out! The first is Sarah Gregory Spanking and she has a great new film with Dodgy Dave, who is the uncle of bratty niece, Rosie Ann… who really plays up in her cute pajamas. It took a lot to get Dave riled, but when he was… poor Rosie’s bare bottom took the brunt of his frustrations with a good hard sound spanking (see below).


Annoying Rosie – with Rosie Ann & Dodgy Dave

0213_annoying_rosie_gal-005 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-007 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-008 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-012 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-013 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-015 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-018 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-019 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-026 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-027

Rosie is spending the weekend with her Uncle. He has been nothing but nice to her and she has been a real brat. When he is trying to read she just keeps pushing his buttons until he snaps and gives his naughty bratty niece a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking she won’t soon forget.


See MORE of many fine punishment films like this from SarahGregorySpanking.com

sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Pass


Here’s someone I thought I’d never see spanked again… seems they unearthed the footage of Xela Chaste’s further punishments (at last!) from renowned prison punishment site Bars and Stripes in this week’s excellent new HD film update! I guess it was worth the wait!

Xela’s Solitary (Day 3)


This is the third day inmate Xela spends in solitary and every day she gets a sore bottom. This time it is prison officer Page who tawses her bottom soundly with the stinging two tailed implement.

xela_solitary3_3  xela_solitary3_2 xela_solitary3_4 xela_solitary3_5 xela_solitary3_6

below are some actual screengrabs from this film:

xela_sol3scr_1 xela_sol3scr_2 xela_sol3scr_3 xela_sol3scr_4 xela_sol3scr_5 xela_sol3scr_6


Playing Spanking Catch Up

StGeorgeFirst of all, I would like to wish all my fellow Englishmen and women a happy St George’s Day – our patron saint and national day that is thankfully starting to be celebrated and not ridiculed by some as some sort of racist thing for daring to fly the St George’s Cross as it could offend muslims or some such rot (seriously!!! some barmy local councils in the past decreed that flying our own national flag… in our own country might be offensive – FOR FUCKS SAKE!) Am I getting annoyed yet? (lol) Well, I get annoyed when I see some English people getting drunk on St Patrick’s Day (nothing really wrong with that, any excuse for a party, I say) but what rankles with me is how some are so clueless about their own national identity and the day that we celebrate it… it really should be a national holiday here in England… I think St Andrews Day in Scotland is celebrated, and I’m not sure about St Davids Day in Wales… but they might have a day off too… but in any “normal” country, the national day is a holiday… right? (Take July, for example: The 1st for Canada, 4th for USA and 14th for France and so on…) These are all national holidays… I know there are many English who are now campaigning for 23rd April to be one too! I am one of them 🙂


Slay that Dragon, St George – & I don’t mean Madame Presidente de Kirchener (haw haw)



& on with the catch up spankings that I have missed, and news of one coming up, even if it involves one of those pesky colonials! However, I’m sure you won’t mind as I get all patriotic and show you some of the best stuff coming out at the English sites today!

English-Spankers.com start by having the most patriotic of names and there’s a double visual treat for you as I missed out their AWESOME and I do mean AWESOME self spanking feature of Kiki Devine last week. This caused me all sorts of unwanted trouser bumpage as you can imagine… and the gorgeous thing really did belt her wet glorious behind as hard as she possibly could!


npp40594033 npp40594054

npp40594049 npp40594059

npp40594067 npp40594075


Spank Cat says: It does not get any hotter than this!  It is just about the most amazing and sexy self spanking video you will ever see. Starring the beautiful Kiki Devine beating herself on her beautiful bare bottom till sit is red and she is in tears, you can’t see the tears as she is in the shower whilst doing this and at the same time stripping  off and showing her amazing body! This top British glamour model had never been beaten this hard and yes… she did it all to herself.


You can check out a FREE Clip of Kiki’s amazing self spanking HERE

& if that wasn’t temptation enough… check out who is there THIS WEEK! One of my favourite English spanking models, Leia Ann Woods… she looks stunning as a maid, and of course, even more so in this latest humiliating punishment courtesy of Mr Stern… images below are from the very latest film out today!

npp5001004 npp5001014 npp5001016

npp5001020 npp5001025

npp5001029 npp5001033

npp5001037 npp5001045 npp5001047

This was what Mr Stern had to say about the latest film: The latest recruit to the Sexy Cleaning Company is Leia Ann Woods and right from the start we knew something funny was going on. She chose a very old fashioned maids outfit with big bloomers as her sexy cleaning clothes and then she did need a lot of persuading before she posed in the sexy way required, bare bottom well on show. Still, it did give us a good reason to give her a real hard over the knee spanking with the bloomers opened to reveal her very spankable bottom.


A free preview of Leia Ann’s spanking and the very latest updates can be seen in more detail HERE


I did a special feature for Northern Spanking at one of my other blogs HERE a few days back (that was a stunning film with 3 very naughty girls getting punished!) & I was really happy to see a film from the vast archives that the good folk at Northern have built up over the years bring us this film of a 1980’s parody (my fave decade) as Nicole Reina gets the deserved spanking and punishment coming to her in “Oh Whatever!” *sch-wiiiing!*

NSI089-NX011 NSI089-NX025

NSI089-NX030 NSI089-NX035

NSI089-NX048 NSI089-NX049


What do you mean there’s more to come??? “What-evvvva!”

NSI089-NX055 NSI089-NX066

& a peruse through the archives on this fine day brings me to a set of images I loved and of course, I think Paul did too – there can never be enough nursing staff punished, especially when they wear such cool uniforms and stockings… here is Ingrid Bose getting the “Kennedy” treatment in this dark and chilling image set I know you will get!

NSI076-IX002 NSI076-IX011

NSI076-IX016 NSI076-IX043

NSI076-IX056 NSI076-IX065

NSI076-IX147 NSI076-IX176

NSI076-IX197 NSI076-IX227

NSI076-IX248 NSI076-IX279

Nursing Manager Paul is so annoyed at nurse Ingrid’s constant lateness that, after several phone calls and no appearance, he decides to pay her a visit in the nursing quarters. Its not a visit Ingrid will forget in a hurry as a result of the furious spanking she receives. Deciding she is not fit to wear the uniform, an incensed Paul then roughly strips Ingrid, first to her panties and then losing even that small scrap of protection, she is paddled very hard indeed!

Enjoy one of my fave sites that I visit often… you will too if you’ve got the spanking bug! CLICK HERE


Now talking of dark and troublesome updates… how about this latest from England’s premier Prison Punishment site, you know…. Bars and Stripes which has Officer Zoe Page using one of the inmates, Xela Chaste for her own amusement! These girls have only themselves to blame as they get treated like dirt and are often punished for no reason other than they can be! Xela performs humiliating exercise routines in this latest episode of “Confrontation” until Miss Page can stand it no longer and thrashes her because she can!

Some info on inmate Chaste: and why she is incarcerated (below)

xela_chaste01 xela_chaste02 xela_chaste03

Sentence: 6 Years Imprisonment
Background information:
Chaste is inside for running a bordello, a rather low brow establishment with illegal imports from foreign shores, in collaboration with a foreign ambassador, who happens to be a personal friend of the Governor. The Governor knows nothing of this so Chaste thinks she has a lever to bend the guards with. She has always been threatening to reveal the names of people who have “turned a blind eye” on her release, including the Governor’s friend and the guards have a suspicion that she has spoken to the journalist who has been allowed access to The Prison to do a feature on Prison life.
So the Prison staff embark on a programme of “retraining” to ensure that she is suitably contrite upon leaving and sympathetic to the establishment. She maintains her arrogant attitude from the outset but finds that maybe she will have to adjust to her life inside rather more compliantly or things will become even more uncomfortable for her. She has been given 6 years to think about things after all…

xela2_confrontation - 047 xela2_confrontation - 054

xela2_confrontation - 063 xela2_confrontation - 074

xela2_confrontation - 084 xela2_confrontation - 087

xela2_confrontation - 099

xela2_confrontation - 106 xela2_confrontation - 110

xela2_confrontation - 113 xela2_confrontation - 118

xela2_confrontation - 131

See what is currently happening to other foolish inmates HERE incl. a fantastic movie update with Irelynn Logeen


& finally news of my update coming out tomorrow sometime tomorrow (I’ll be starting on the uploads and images after I write this post). It stars Joelle Barros, Ok, she’s not English, her roots from the old world are Germanic and her Latina good looks come from Brazil… mix that with the brash New York lifestyle and you’ve got quite a heady volatile spanking cocktail which I really warmed to! I still hope to work with her again and while we were waiting for the other girls to arrive at this particular filmshoot (tardiness… hmmm!!!) she, David Pierson and I filmed this great PJ romp. I deliberately gave her the PJs to put on without saying anything to see if she’d commit the heinous crime of putting them on over her delicate white knickers and I quietly scowled and clenched my fists together (Mystery Spanker style) as she put them on over her panties and bra and I knew EXACTLY what needed to be done as she waited for her punishment… what’s more, she confided in me that the heavy hairbrush was one of her most hated implements…

Hmmm, readers, can you guess what implement I used? Bearing in mind this was her 2nd film of the day? I can tell you this spanking punishment hurt loads… and it showed, but both Joelle and I agreed it looked HOT when we played back some of the raw footage whilst waiting for the other girls to turn up and her yelps and reactions were 100% genuine as she suffered for her art early that day! So here it is! “Joelle’s Hairbrush Punishment!” This will get some of you PJ lovers in a real tizz (or is that jizz? lol)… but fear not, I will also get it out on the Clips Store as soon as I can and I will inform you here when it is – this is going to be a best seller, I can feel it in my water, & I have only had one beer so far today! 🙂


Images below are early and not entirely edited, but I think you get the idea of what is coming!!!
Warning… Joelle is f*cking HOT in those PJs!!!


tarousal11 tarousal11

IMG_6037 IMG_6038

IMG_6042 IMG_6043

IMG_6046 IMG_6049


Coming very soon to AAA Spanking AND the AAA Clips Store!


Happy St George’s Day (what is left of it here in England!)


Tempting Tuesday’s Updates

soapboxrantWARNING! – Before I ramble on about various spanking updates and such, I’d just like to point out to a couple of individuals (oh God I’m pulling out the soap box… yes, I really am, I’m dusting it off and standing on it now… so ignore this next drawn out angry paragraph if you came here just for the spankings… sorry!). As I was saying… like the crazed and nutty president of Argentina, Miss Cristina ” I need a damned good spanking off the Chief” de Kirchener… and that deluded American actor Sean“I hate Brits” Penn who seems to think that the islanders of The Falklands have no say in their future… well after yesterday’s resounding and wholly expected endorsement in their referendum to remain British… the leader of Argentina and ignoramuses like Sean Penn will no doubt bleat on about we colonialist redcoats. “Give the islands back to Argentina! Give them back!” Er… if you have time, this illuminating early history of The Falklands on Wiki is most fascinating. The islanders have a say, I don’t give 2 figs about if there’s oil there or not… it is more than that and in any democracy, a real democracy, like our multi cultural society here in the UK, despite its many flaws… we will respect the rights of those there… and not for cynical reasons. If there is oil there and the islanders become far more self sufficient and wealthy, then I can see them being able to finance their own state and protection so would have no problem with them becoming independent, maybe it will never happen, maybe it will in 40 years or so… just like so many colonies and protectorates in the past. 439t8ywhrjtghThe islanders have a close relationship with us despite the distance, that conflict in 1982 brought us closer even still. Today, they still rely on the UK’s protection from a bullying and not entirely stable “democracy” (which, I might add, came about at the expense of the last Military Junta  in Argentina – just in case Madame Presidente has forgotten, along with the 1000’s of her own people who were ruthlessly tortured and “Disappeared”.) But I digress… my mini rant is over and let’s continue with what you’re all here for. SPANKINGS! #yay!


With a proud Brit theme to start today… I’m going to begin with Pandora’ Blake’s latest offering at Dreams of Spanking as she receives a 100 lash belting off Thomas C in the film “Thrashed & Forgiven” out now for members to view and download in full HD. Check out some choice images and a free clip of this latest film #HAWT


Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed010 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed014

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed022 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed025

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed031 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed036

Not only has Pandora lied to Tom about having a work do when really she was at a friend’s party, but she’s been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid, and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of her partner’s leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.




Naughty housekeepers are always on my “To Spank” list so when I saw the gorgeous and very talented Masie Dee at English Spankers in their latest film out yesterday… one word described this – “Wow!” – You will be glad to know that Masie and I have been in contact several times and I WILL finally get a chance… after sending her an email over 2 and a half years ago to come film in our very 1st filmshoot (as I had always rated her very highly) – to which she replied 2 years later (seriously!!!) By then, I just thought she just didn’t like me or what I did etc. (so we have had a laugh about that now) but she had genuinely just missed my mail and replied anyway… surely that has to be a record? … and definitely a real life plot/storyline for her when I do finally film her. No doubt that’ll probably be with her in a further 2 years time (LOL) … but until then, check out her latest work HERE if you can not wait that long – oh… & it is rather “naughty” 🙂


englsih-spankersnpp8782763 englsih-spankersnpp8782770

englsih-spankersnpp8782779 englsih-spankersnpp8782783

englsih-spankersnpp8782801 englsih-spankersnpp8782804

englsih-spankersnpp8782807 englsih-spankersnpp8782809 englsih-spankersnpp8782818

Young housekeeper Masie Dee has been spanked for her unruly behaviour but now things are getting much worse. Her poor employer finds himself on the end of a campaign to seduce him, this naughty girl will stop at nothing to get her way! Will he resist? Armed only with a large leather spanking paddle, he puts up a good fight giving Masie a red and painful bottom but not before she gets herself into some very revealing positions! #HAWT


You can check out a very naughty spanking preview clip of Masie – Click HERE


Do any of you remember Xela Chaste’s incarceration at Bars-and-Stripes.com ?? In the images below you may well remember her embarrassing and humiliating cavity search and punishment at teh hands (quite literally) of sadistic Matron Lucy MacLean and officer Jessica Wood…

xela_madamscavity_017 xela_madamscavity_025

xela_madamscavity_038 xela_madamscavity_048

xela_madamscavity_066 xela_madamscavity_079

Xela’s second incarceration at this unique centre of punishment fares no better as her continued introduction to officers Lewis & Page prove equally painful and unfair as they punish her at will and for any minor infraction they see fit worthy of a bare bottom correction!

xela2_introductions - 147 xela2_introductions - 151

xela2_introductions - 157 xela2_introductions - 161

xela2_introductions - 198 xela2_introductions - 200

xela2_introductions - 206 xela2_introductions - 210

xela2_introductions - 218 xela2_introductions - 227

Check out these awesome punishments totally unique to BARS AND STRIPES


The conclusion to Classroom Chaos is now available for members of Northern Spanking – and in case you’ve missed a couple of episodes (as they have been coming thick and fast since my last update on this fine long play film) You can check it out below… the girls once again play up and make a real cacophony of noise attempting to play the simple “Mary had a little lamb” nursery tune in Miss McLean’s class but their terrible rendition attracts the unwelcome attention of a very annoyed Mr Lewis who is appalled at the sound he is hearing until the girls once again replay their recorders for a near perfect rendition after his punishment of them all with a caning across their backsides.

NSI100-CCX205 NSI100-CCX236

NSI100-CCX245 NSI100-CCX248

NSI100-CCX258 NSI100-CCX274

NSI100-CCX278 NSI100-CCX282

The girls are dismissed but Mr Lewis is far from impressed at the way the girls behaved and the apparent lack of control exhibited under Miss McLean’s tutelage… she knows what’s coming… and herself takes a tearful grown up caning, it’s been a while since we have seen Lucy take the cane on camera… let me tell you the pictures here do not do her tearful punishment justice… (I’m afraid you’ll have to see that for yourself!)

NSI100-CCX285 NSI100-CCX297

NSI100-CCX302 NSI100-CCX317

See this entire long play film only from Northern Spanking


Another concluding storyline , but with a less happy ending for one poor little fellow…the tortoise!
“The tortoise? What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you grumble.

Allow me to explain in images and the storyline below which is the very latest new movie update courtesy of Sarah Bright at her own spankingsarah.com website 🙂

npp4098001 npp4098009

npp4098014 npp4098016

npp4098024 npp4098026

npp4098027 npp4098030

Schoolgirl Clover has killed the tortoise she stole from a zoo and her headmaster insists that she is punished at home. A good spanking has already been administered and now it’s time for the hairbrush. Bent over she gets it first on her white school knickers and then these are lowered to enable her Aunt to whack her bare bottom. Good hard strokes of the brush soon make her a very sorry young lady.

See a special free clip of this latest movie exclusive to Sarah’s site HERE


Finally, in news of my next film out tomorrow at AAA Spanking … you’ll be able to see a very irritable and naughty young madam with the wibbliest, jiggliest bits getting spanked over my knee in some very sexy lingerie! Having Ashley Graham wriggle over your lap is hard enough at the best of times so it took all my powers of professionalism and concentration to see this one through! (who am I kidding? lol)

A couple of teaser images directly from the film are below….

Image19 Image8

Image2 Image11

Can’t wait? Click Ashley’s sore bottom (below) to see the full movie elsewhere!



Oh… and below is the current TOP SELLING MOVIE CLIP in the SPANKING SECTION… and rightly so!!!
Thank you to those who have purchased this – it’s a great movie, isn’t it? *proud*


Don’t cross matron!

The following images of a routine cavity search carried out in sickbay at the Prison Reform Institute of Bars-and-Stripes.com should tell you all you’d need to know if you were a foolish young girl sent here! Matron is a sadistic authority figure reviled and feared by the inmates for her cruel and unusual punishments including many humiliating and intimate searches carried out on their person as you’ll see below…

Matron gets ready for another cavity search of the most troublesome inmate Leia-Ann Woods

preparing for the cavity search



Inmates enter the Sickbay on suspicion of carrying contraband, where the matron strips and searches to find whatever the girls are hiding, to their obvious humiliation… Matron is also capable of dishing out many severe punishments upon inmates who do not obey as you will see below in another incident of prisoner Xela who is close to tears & really upset that she is restrained by guard Jessica Wood as well!





Michael Stamp (the owner of the site) contacted me earlier to see if there was a problem with the CCBill sign up my end as he had received several complaints about not being able to sign up via this method.. and I confirmed (for now) that there seemed to be an issue, however, this seems to have been resolved so I am able to link properly to this site and if you should decide to look a little further into the site and join (and it’s well worth it!) then there should be no problem! If you have any difficulty at all, please do let me know at my mail address eubilling (at) gmail.com or leave a comment and I will pass this on to the site owners. But as I said, this should now not be an issue 🙂 Hope you liked my little peek into the murky world and sub section of Matron.  I will be featuring her and many of the unfortunate inmates from now on in a rather exhaustive and investigative review of this site over the coming months which is why this post today only features Bars-and-Stripes.com

click here for more

Have a good weekend everyone. Chief.

Northern Spanking updates

Wanted to know what’s going on at some selected sites? Well, the images below are all taken from what is being uploaded over the last few days at NorthernSpanking.com – just to give you an idea of what is available, and of course they also star some faves of mine that I have spanked personally so I am indeed loving what is going on at this site this week! You’ll see what I mean when I mention kami Robertson, Irelynn Logeen, Zelle Defeu and new girl Xela Chaste… and these are just some samples of what’s going on, there’s so much more but I’d not find time for other sites if I continued, here is a taster of what members are downloading this week so far!




Irelynn and Zille are given a humiliating spanking punishment in their pyjamas… here I have selected the 1st few images of Zille having her wondrous bottom spanked… members can see Irelynn’s red rump HERE




Music teacher Amy Hunter is taking no crap off kami Robertson in this adorable and beautifully shot film. Amy is a great Domme and Kami is one of my fave subs, her bottom is the wiggliest, most awesome sight close up when spanked (I should know!!!) I heartily recommend ANY film with Kami in so have no hesitation in showing this today! OK, one more image of the girls?

If only all piano lessons ended up like this…



Hot newbie Xela at NorthernSpanking.com made this amazing OTK spanking film with Paul. She is a very buxom and naughty young madam… I now fully understand why Paul was raving about her and you can definitely see a very wry smile on his face as she is getting a good thrashing over his knee! Lucku git! Check out this full movie HERE





The latest film is out now and stars the legendary Niki Flynn – a blast from the past as Paul & Lucy give us a special movie kept until now and explained by them as to why this is a little different! Enjoy this and the free clip I have for you below, a fitting end to today’s update and something I’m sure you will appreciate as this was co-operation in the spanking industry in the UK at its finest! Just as we are apparently pissing off some pirates who really don’t like us poor producers trying to protect our copyrighted stuff that we have worked damned hard to bring you all… this film represents the good side of the spanking industry as well (read on…)

Novelist, Miss Flynn, persistently misses deadlines. When Mr Byron Richards, The Travelling Disciplinarian, arrives at her lush apartment she is horrified to learn he has been appointed by her editor to address her lack of commitment.

Paul wrote: This footage was written and shot by our dear friends Hywel and Amelia Jane at Restrained Elegance/Elegance Studios for a spanking project they decided not to pursue. When we at NS hit bad times which some of you may remember, our amazing friends kindly donated this raw footage to us to edit and release under the Northern Spanking banner. It has taken a few years for Lucy to edit it together as the formatting was very different from what we are used to and she found it a little bit scary so had to wait until she had more skills in the editing department to do it justice. This is the first of several unseen films from that footage, which include this, and several other films of the now-retired Niki Flynn. We are very excited to be able to share this with you, and are very grateful to our friends at Elegance Studios for their generous contribution. Proving the UK kink scene, and the people involved, are really the loveliest, most genuine people one could ever hope to know.

 Check out more of the latest updates unique to NorthernSpanking HERE