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Merry Xmas from AAA Spanking

Well, it’s nearly Xmas so I thought I’d pass on my good wishes to all our supporters and members… I have been away and travelling a lot in December and only really had time to ensure updates were up as normal at AAA Spanking and helping with the other sites that Sarah runs rather than writing any promotional blog posts. So better later than never… also please be aware of the special offer that I am running UNIQUELY from this blog for new members to AAA – check it out and click on the banner below.

It is a Loyalty Membership offer which means you’ll pay $32.95 for the 1st month, and then the following month pay the same price for 3 MONTHS and every 3 that you’d remain a member after this. The longer you remain a member will mean the equivalent of paying just $11/month – now THAT is a heck of a deal!!!

As a special catch up, I have got you some promotional images and every image is clickable (go check them out). My Xmas present to you… and of course, DO check out the OFFER that is only around for a few more days (unless you purchase the ANNUAL membership that works out at the equivalent of $12.50/month on the normal join pages.)


Mothers instinctively know when their daughters are lying and Madame Samantha B is no different. When Lily is called to come down for breakfast, she feigns illness so mom comes up to see what is wrong. Of course, there is nothing the matter with Lily as she doesn’t want to go to school that day. Mother assesses the situation quickly and mentions she will get the thermometer to check if Lily has a fever… the daughter is puzzled and discovers that Mom is serious, bring in a thermometer, vaseline, and wet wipes… “what the deuce is going on?”, she thinks! Mom explains temperatures are taken rectally… Lily protests, but caught in her own web of lies she reluctantly presents her bottom for inspection and having the thermometer inserted rectally. This proves to Mom that she is faking and she grabs the nearby hairbrush next to Lily’s bed insisting her daughter be punished for lying to her. What follows is a hard-hitting, bottom reddening hairbrush spanking that has Lily yelping out in pain. Her PJ bottoms are pulled down to ensure that a bare bottom punishment hurts the most! The lying daughter is left to contemplate her foolish actions… and she is still going to school that day with a very sore reminder that “Mom knows best!” This film features Lily’s first-ever, and possibly only, rectal thermometer temperature taking scene!

hairbrush spanking



Delta has been summoned by her boss, Johnny Lake, to his residence for a meeting out of hours. She knows he is upset about something… she is nervous, as she thinks she might know why he is so displeased with her! It is not long before he tells her that he knows she held a party at his place without asking. He is not so upset that a party took place, but rather the deception at how she organized it… hiding it from him. For Delta’s boss, this is a matter of trust. He tells her that she has been a fantastic employee over the years and this deception has really hurt him. He even considers dismissal but in the end, gives her the choice at how he has dealt with things in the past… discipline! However, this time, not only will Delta be spanked on her bare bottom, he will cane her too… and he won’t hold back. Watch Delta receive a humiliating scolding and mean hand spanking over the lap of her boss as her bottom turns a colorful, shameful red. Then she is bent over the couch, bottom stuck out, vulnerable and exposed. Delta is to be given some hard signature strokes of the cane from the boss, Johnny Lake which you will see in close up detail.

spanking caning



We are very happy to bring you another fantastic new girl to AAA. Please welcome Charlie Ten, who has a charming girl next door look, but don’t let her innocent looks fool you. She has a hidden naughty, saucy side to her that is sure to get her into trouble, fortunately! Charlie has been invited over to Zoe’s place for a sleepover… she is very happy as she has been furiously flirting with Zoe’s daddy. This is something that spiteful Zoe has noticed and she is very possessive of her father… so this sleepover is a trap for unsuspecting Charlie! In their PJs, Zoe brings up the subject of said flirting and Charlie gets defensive but Zoe is a hot bully that always gets her own way. She decides to punish and humiliate this flirty slut with a hard hand spanking! Zoe is further shocked that Charlie isn’t wearing any underwear as she pulls down her bottoms to smack Charlie’s bouncing bubble butt an angry shameful red! Zoe is not content with spanking and scolding Charlie so she uses one of Charlie’s slippers with the poor girl bent over (face down ass up) as the slippering proves quite painful. This is a Christian household, so Zoe reminds the dirty flirt that she should slipper her sore bottom whilst reading Scriptures with the help of Zoe’s “pillow bible” for Charlie to read from! What an awesome debut for Charlie Ten opposite the inimitable Zoe Page, we are sure she will gain many more fans.



Or if you prefer, you can download any of the above featured recent movies as a one-time, full-length clip to keep and playback as often as you like via the AAA Clips4Sale store HERE – featured movies below are all MP4 (click on the images for the direct links to the description, preview and how to download the full HD clips) but there are also WMV and MOV versions available if you so wish…

MerryXmas from us all at AAA Spanking!

Sassy Xmas Spankings

xmas_bells_holly_ribbon_pngWell, Christmas is almost here and this will be the first of a couple of Festive spankings posts for you to enjoy! This first update today is the very latest film that Sarah Gregory “insisted” go up at AAA Spanking – and since she’s the boss and owner… that’s what happens, he he! What we did was make a fun, tongue in cheek video for Christmas viewing. Now you will know that I really am not the jolly holiday type of guy, usually. She was wearing a pair of tight cute Grinch leggings and a fun shirt… which I gotta say was incredibly hawt… and I enjoyed spanking her butt over them as you’ll see! I should’ve worn that (well, not those leggings!) seeing as I was more of a Grinch (the original title was going to be called the Grouch & the Grinch) but in the end “Sassy Christmas Spankings” prevailed. All in all, this was one film I just loved watching, I know I’m biased… as Sarah was over my knee and the spanking was actually far harder than it appeared. I have been told by many ladies that I have a very stinging hand so it doesn’t require that much effort… however, I did play around with Sarah and we fooled about with tempo and intensity (just see her face scruch up!) and made fun of ourselves… well, anything to keep Sarah happy, right?

Sassy Xmas Spankings

Sassy Sarah also discovers that the Santa sweater has a musical button – greeeaaaat!

I also didn’t mind that much since I got to spank her again. I also tried to keep my mouth shut, which made a nice change, only speaking when needed. I think I will be doing MORE of that (well, I already have, LOL). So Merry Xmas from AAA… to all the members who have supported the site over the past year, thank you… and I have news of what is coming NEXT week…. which is a complete contrast to this more fun loving spanking session which contrasts nicely as it is far more severe. But for now, relax, drink eat and take it easy over the Festive Period… we had fun making this at least. I hope you like the images (Sarah DOES look incredibly cute in this 14 minute video) and there is also a link at the end to where you can view a speical 3 minute compilation preview clip too! – the far more intimate stuff we did (which you’ll see in some images) will be for the members to view only, naturally…. but you’ll get the idea 🙂

Sarah Gregory - bare bottom red and spanked

Sassy ’til the end… sarah is incredibly cute in this Festive spanking video!

“Sassy Christmas Spankings” starring sarah Gregory – out at AAAspanking.com

Sassy Sarah Gregory spanked at Xmastime

grinchThis is the official description found on the site: Sarah wanted to do a nice Christmas spanking video for AAA and since she now owned the site she dressed John up in a Santa sweater whether he liked it or not. She wore cute tight Grinch themed leggings & a tee shirt then more or less told John what was was happening. He wasn’t a fan of this holiday season and felt a little annoyed that he had to do this so he decided to enjoy the fact that Sarah was across his lap… asking him to spank her. How could anyone resist that offer? This 14 minute HD video features lots of banter and is an intimate portrayal of their real life relationship. It is a very watchable film as John actually shuts up and spanks his lady the way she wants it. See the fun and some spankings only he could get away with on Sarah as she attempts to bring a little pervy Christmas cheer to all those who support their work at Triple A Spanking. Merry Christmas & a very Happy Spanky New Year to you all!

Sarah gets spanked again pulling down her leggings for a spanking bare bottom spanking hand spanking sarah Gregory ass grabbing taking off her sexy leggings spanking her feet spread and spanked spankings OTK hand spanking otk spankings Sarah Gregory at AAA spanking close up ass spanking sarah shows off her spanked butt spanked for Xmas holding her sexy ass


Sarah bares her bubble butt up close and personal

Available to download in full from the AAA Members Site or via the Clips Store HERE


In contrast to this, next week sees the debut for Zooey Zara in a long severe audition test, filmed at this summer’s Fetishcon… Zooey shows just how much she can take with a fair few leather strappings, hand punishments, wooden implements and of course a DOUBLE caning including her thighs – thsi is something to end the year on with a HIGH! (see below)

Zooey Zara - marked on her AAA Spanking audition

Stunning Zooey Zara makes her debut next week at AAAspanking.com


Also PLEASE be aware if there is anyone who has NOT voted for the following category, it closes later today. So get in quick before it gets closed as the next post will be the Winner & Results Announcement for:


Christmas Spanking Films 2014

Here is another round of Festive Spanking films from a couple of sites that have appeared over the last few days, I will update with more tomorrow including one from AAAspanking.com though it isn’t strictly a Xmas or festive film as such (no Santa or Elf hats, trees and such) but it is very special long play film which members will be able to download in one go – it’s what AAA do every year, giving members a chance to download a fantastic full length film in one go on top of the other updates this Festive week! So it is also a great present for fans of Sarah Gregory – starring in one of her most intimate and sexy spankings she has ever filmed this year (FYI – it was the anniversary film of when I met Sarah last year and she is in a stunning formal red dress) – anyway, you’ll see more of that tomorrow… I can hardly believe it is that time of year already and the sleigh bells are certainly chiming! It looks like being a rather mild Xmas here where I am writing this blog from today but I should be travelling a bit over Xmas and I’ll be keeping an eye on sign ups and customer support, of course (as usual).

Am I naughty or nice?


It’s Christmas morning and Sarah tells her sweetie to wait for him in front of the tree while she gets his last gift. She makes him wait and cover his eyes. She surprises him by being dressed as a super sexy santa and jumping over his lap for a spanking. He gives her a yummy good girl Christmas spanking in this fun loving spanking film.


Sarah Gregory getting an OTK spanking

0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-004 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-010 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-022 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-034 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-038 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs1-039 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-007 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-009 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-013 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-026 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-037 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-038 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-044 0187_am_i_naughty_or_nice_grabs2-046

You can see all the naughty detail of this full HD version
from this rather fun and naughty good girl spanking film HERE

sarahgregoryspanking sarahgregpass

Also check out this recent post I did HERE for another of Sarah’s sites!


The Xmas film from English Spankers co stars Imogen Darcy & The London Tanner as Santa… in the film “Do you believe in Santa?”

npp7113003 npp7113005 npp7113007 npp7113011 npp7113013 npp7113017 npp7113020 npp7113025 npp7113028 npp7113030

Do you believe in Santa, well that’s what Christmas is all about. Imogen and Kodders are getting ready for a visit from Santa, well Kodders is as Imogen does not have the belief that is necessary for good girls to get a nice present. When Santa does arrive he has something of a surprise in store for this naughty lady. This will be a Christmas to remember for Imogen.

Click HERE to view and access all the films available



It wouldn’t be Xmas without a naughty elf somewhere getting a spanking, so “thank you” to the folks behind My Spanking Room mate and the ever excellent and ever present stalwart of this site, Kay Richards (aka Kimberly Jane) getting a mean spanking off her mom in this festive film release…

001 002 004

Kay is supposed to be an elf for Christmas, but she throws a tantrum about it. She didn’t learn the elf song and she hates her elf costume. Her mom is not tolerating the bratty behavior. She puts Kay over her knee for a sound spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle until Kay agrees to behave and be a good elf. But she’ll only learn the song if she gets to spank her mom. That is, of course, exactly what happens.

005 006 008 009 011 012 013 015 016


Or view this site as part of the awesome 5 site Clare Fonda Pass which gives you access to massive site archives and latest releases for a fraction of the combined cost of the sites joined – bargain! See more HERE or the banner below on what you get…



Spanking Awards 2014 – Don’t forget to make your votes count!

I’ve had a few people leaving comments of what should have been nominated or whatever or feel unhappy… remember I had this whole thing up for nomination all last month and said “quit the bleating” if your fave person/site or whatever it is you are voting on isn’t there. Many producers, bloggers and models have also promoted themselves via social networks and such and asked fans/members to nominate and vote… I can’t influence anything as the host, I have tried to stay impartial. If you or your faves aren’t up for nomination, that’s not my fault… you had been warned MULTIPLE times. There are some interesting  results coming your way… and there will be another round of voting on the next set of nominees coming very soon! Thanks for taking time to vote y’all!




& in other news…

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Merry Xmas Spanking Everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz, so here’s a quick seasonal round up of what I’ve seen so far on the spanking internet this past week and I’ll naturally start with my own site AAA Spanking (& why not?) as it features a lovely and funny long play HD spanking film starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone alongside a very naughty “Uncle” Dodgy Dave who receives a rather nice spanking surprise gift from the girls… their unblemished bare bottoms for him to spank before giving him some saucy presents in which the girls help fulfill a schoolgirl spanking fantasy for ol’ Dodgy as a very naughty and sexy finale. Lots of laughter and lots of fun making this slightly bonkers film, but I enjoyed making it… I hope those who are members enjoy watching it too! See some exclusive first show images (these are raw unedited images – reduced in size) and some screen video pictures which show the action from the film,… there’s a free movie preview link at the end of the text explanation blow 🙂






Dodgy Xmas Presents: Amelia & Molly have had an eventful year living with their friendly but sometimes strict landlord, David, who the girls love to call “Uncle” as he is there for them in their times of need and also to sometimes guide the girls when they have misbehaved, some would say they all lead a dysfunctional lifestyle, others would be jealous of their cosy relationship with kindness and spankings never far from their minds. The girls decide to give Uncle David a special treat… quite what it is you will see as the girls allow him to spank them both over his knee on Christmas morning, it’s a great start to the day, but much more naughtiness is to come when they hand him their tempting presents! Check out this special long play Christmas video for you all to unwrap & enjoy… Happy Holidays!

xmas005 xmas052

xmas054 xmas068

xmas075 xmas081

xmas090 xmas099

xmas116 xmas119

xmas129 xmas147

Click here to see the FREE Movie Clip of Amelia & Molly’s Xmas video



OK… here’s a lovely twisted Xmas film from Spanking Sorority Girls and it stars Veronica Ricci, some anal beads *ahem* (thanks Clare!) and a laughing friend and her mom… you’ll get what happens with the images and storyline below (I loved this!)

001 004

005 009

010 011

013 015 (1)

Veronica and Koko are decorating for Christmas when Veronica’s mom overhears an anal bead story. Mom gives Veronica and a sound hand and hair brush spanking. Koko laughs the entire time. So when Veronica’s long spanking is finally finished and she has been sent to her room with a sore bottom, it is Koko’s turn for a trip over this stern lady’s knee.

002 005 (1)

006 007

009 (1) 015 (2)

Click here to see this Xmas film and all the other great episodes for members…


One of the best films at My Spanking Room Mate happens to be this Christmas Spanking movie and it also starred Sierra Salem in what was (sadly) her last ever spanking appearance… so make the most of her in the santa outfit… it also has Clare Fonda and Julie Simone as the dommes and co stars my ever fave member of this site, Kay Richards! Check it out below!

002 (1) 003

005 008

011 013

015 (1) 009

At their Christmas party, Clare and Virginia (played by Julie Simone) are playing games with Kay and Sierra. Spanking games of course. Cards lead to plenty of spankings in different positions and with hands and implements. This is the last ever new spanking scene from Sierra Salem.

010 012 (1)

Click here to see this full film!

Don’t forget you can view both sites above via the CLARE FONDA PASS


& finally a FREE Xmas movie courtesy of English Spankers and Spanking Sarah – both excellent sites, and a generous offer this Yule time to non members to check out a film they obviously enjoyed making with the help of plenty of vino!!! Mr Stern makes a suitably nasty Santa and I loved seeing Suzy Smart AND Sarah Bright getting some bare bottom punishments together. MERRY XMAS… if you do have any pennies left over after this time of year, please do try to support the spanking sites you like by becoming members to view and download the films I have shown here… being a member is so much better than grabbing a few images or clips or the odd stolen link you might come across (that’s really sad by the way, but hey ho… what do I know?) Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry spanking Xmas everyone!

948x580xspr-1067-06.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-VzDURY-ID 964x580xspr-1067-01.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-IWYJU7_eW

964x580xspr-1067-05.jpg.pagespeed.ic._l-y0KYco8 964x580xspr-1067-14.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9FjvtF_Vb_

964x580xspr-1067-17.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Yiso8Ni9vR spr-1067-07

spr-1067-09 spr-1067-11

spr-1067-15 spr-1067-21

Check out English Spankers or Spanking Sarah for more info on how to download this FULL film FREE



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