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Hot FF Spankings

It’s late but I wanted to give you something to read and check out or consider while I collect together more news and updates… I have never shown this awesome film or brought it to your attention until now. It’s available as part of the extensive membership at Shadowlane.com – I have exciting news about their 200th film (well, I thought it was exciting) –  see below – and I’ve seen the full film and they/we, myself and Sarah did a really good job as were the good folks, Tony & Eve … and I felt honored to become a part of the SL “family” – but I will get news of that very soon another time.

Sarah and John at Shadowlane

No, in the meantime, please remember that there are the likes of legendary Clare Fonda and one lady I’d have loved to have spanked in their ranks, before she disappeared back to the Bay Area… the incredibly hot Miss Zille Defeu. Today is all about FF spankings!

hot girl on girl punishments

Down Memory Lane – with SHADOWLANE – as Clare Fonda spanks Zille Defeu

lingerie female spanking

I loved this switch in spanking fortunes when Clare does what she does best…
Getting her own back on girls, and how!

spanking OTK Clare Fonda Zille Defeu

Iris (played by Clare Fonda) displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking! Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy from Shadow Lane.

FF spankings Hot OTK spanking


Clare spanks Zille OTK


Remembering this double feature next as we take a trip to SpankingSororityGirls.com for a hot double spanking of cute 1st timer, Lily by both Veronica Ricci and Sarah Gregory… but not before Lily had a go at Veronica’s peachy ass! I loved these 2 films and it’s part of the vast archives of this vastly under rated site!

Lily Banks & Veronica Ricci girl spankings spanked over her lap naked catfight Lily grapples in the nude with Veronica naked spanking OTK nude spanked naked Veronica Ricci spanked

Veronica Ricci sneaks into new pledge Lily Banks room to do some friendly groping, as a way of welcoming Lily to the sorority. But Lily is having none of it and resists. The girls struggle a while before Veronica gets Lily over her knee for a spanking that turns Lily’s bottom bright red (in fact the first ever spanking Lily Banks has received). Lily is feisty and she fights back and begins spanking Veronica until she agrees to help Lily get out of the sorority. Veronica hatches a plan, only Sarah Gregory catches Lily searching for transfer papers and gives her another spanking on her already sore bottom.

Lily runs from Sarah Gregory caught and bent OTK sarah spanks hard FF OTK spanking see Lily Banks spanked Sorority girls spanking a pledge is spanked by sarah painful OTK spanking grabbing her sore ass

View this classic from SpankingSororityGirls.com

Or as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
Giving you 5 sites together with the same codes for a fraction of the combined costs!

clare fonda pass - click here


Way back when… I used to have a real spanko crush on Sierra Salem when I first started blogging and she used to run a photo blog of her life which I really enjoyed following, it’s gone now, as is she from the online spanking community…  but fortunately she filmed a lot during this period and she did a few series with Firmhandspanking.com in 2007 and 2008. This latter one was all F/F – I often take notice of where people film too, and I loved this location, it looked like a nice retreat out in the mountains and can imagine the fun they all had here… Michaela McGowen (probably my all time favorite spankee) apart from Sarah, of course – “Hi darling!” (she’ll be reading this at some point!!!) – was filmed here and I remember blogging about the time she got chased around a pool table and spanked not far from where naughty Sierra is being spanked (below)

Sierra Salem OTK with the spoon wooden spoon spankings ouchie schoolgirl thrashing schoolgirl discipline Sierra pouts when spanked spanked hard spanking schoolgirls teenager given a spanking panties down and bathbrush

See the bathbrush to full effect in this hard “Discipline Tutor” series HERE

After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.


Finally for today… something brand new and so f*cking hot that it inspired me to change my schedule for the week (I had been wanting to get out an FF film anyway, to be honest and this was the perfect excuse) – as you will be seeing Joelle at Triple A Spanking later this week with buff Lily Swan in a long play F/F 2 parter which is awesome: but Joelle is the submissive in that one (to start with!) … so fans of this gorgeous feisty half American half Brazilian beauty are in for a double treat – starting here, spanking the stunning redheaded beauty, Bianca Rose.

Dark Dance of the HeartAttraction (pt.1)

Joelle strips beauty Bianca Rose naked

After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.

Joelle makes out with Bianca hot FF loving girls loving each others bodies Joelle spanks Bianca Joelle and Bianca getting naked Joelle barros Bianca Rose panties down naked loving OTK spanking

Check out this hot new film available & excluisve from Punishedbrats.com

hot OTK spankings


The Texas Lone Star Spanking Party registrations at the lower prices and availability on the best rooms will change May 1st – so if you’re in Houston, TX (end of May) – you can come along on the day too and pay the entrance fee… but wouldn’t you prefer to make it a hot spanking weekend? Lots of events, suite parties that stay open til the early hours (all on the same floor blocks so we have privacy) and lots of people to meet, models and dommes etc will be there partying, filming and sessioning too as well as open and private play it will be a great place for those who have never been to a party to see how it should be run by someone who has had years of experience with small and large party events… Current estimates place it at 200-250 people to turn up, that is incredible for a 1st time event like this in Houston. Be a part of something special – see HERE for more details!


& that’s why we’re holding it in Houston!
Don’t like it? Go to the beaches farther along 🙂

lone star spanking party

Throwback Thursday Spankings

Here’s some quality stories for “Throwback Thursday Spankings” and site updates from the past that I think you guys should check out while I get together my latest post, this is a high quality collection of spanking content from many varied sites over the last 3 or 4 years! Enjoy!

Beautiful redhead Amber Dawn from spankamber.com shows us how she spanks her fantastic girls she finds, like this submissive blonde called Anna… as you’ll get to see many parts of Amber’s site network with one set of codes, you can see Anna teasing and showing us what she is made of in the more “vanilla” solo girl section… and of course then there’s the hot spanking… I’m featuring this one today where Anna get’s spanked for continually eating phallic shaped candy… a perfect excuse for Amber to spank her… and of course get to grab and feel this natural girl’s body, perfect little titties and admire just how red her bottom gets… I loved the hair pulling and Amber’s lecherous demeanour throughout this film, she really got off on spanking this girl… it shows and it’s HOT!

Anna teases us and strips for the camera…



anna002 anna003 anna004

…then she is punished for eating too much naughty shaped candy!


anna006 anna007

anna009 anna010 anna011

anna012 anna008

See MORE HOT images & films of Amber showing us her spanktastic charms


Only from SpankAmber.com


A couple of really hot girl on girl updates coming to you from Punishedbrats.com now with some real fave spanking stars of mine, what is there not to like seeing Audrey, Joelle and new girls Adrianna & Cadence? I have filmed and been fortunate enough to work with Joelle and Adrianna a few times already and am hoping that I get to work with Audrey and Cadence too at some point soon… I am definitely filming with Adrianna next month away from any parties anyway and am really looking forward to that as she is infectiously funny and is one of those girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll soon discover on my site (coming soon) but today, let’s start with Audrey & Adrianna here in a film called “Overheard”


Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her over the knee on the spot.

overheard1-41 overheard1-91 overheard1-81

overheard1-101 overheard1-51


& a great schoolgirl film with a rare chance to see Joelle take on the role of being more dominant… I know she was nervous about this role on film, but seeing it, she is superb and should switch more in my opinion… I will try to get her to switch at some point for my site, though of course I love seeing her long legs kicking and wriggling when she is getting a good hard OTK spanking!!! With her most hated implement… the hairbrush!!! :)

This film is called: “As the hairbrush falls”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

 21 3 3-1


131 71

82 151 13-1

As the hairbrush falls , time and again, upon Cadence’s bare bottom the tears begin to flow. She promises to be respectful of her instructors from now on. After giving her little sister the spanking she needed, Joelle makes her sit on a hard chair that was painful to her freshly spanked bottom.



Next up, a great new film from my wonderful baby’s site… Sarah Gregory Spanking and it stars 2 other people I have a lot of time for… Amelia Jane Rutherford (I will be filming with her soon too, I can’t wait for that!!!) and Johnny… a good friend of Sarah’s and Fetlife stalwart FLApaddler … he’s a great guy and I will be meeting him at the BBW event in around a month… good times! I loved this inventive storyline and of course as it has Amelia, there’s plenty of drama and some (naturally) amazing spanking scenes!


The Mischievous Maid – this title was thought up by Justin… or J_ Doggg as some of you might know him on Fetlife – & I am mentoring him and so feel  naturally protective towards him too… “I Dom because I care!”

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-001 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-002


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-024 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-030


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-034 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-037


Johnny and Sarah are not happy at all to return to their hotel room after a nice evening out to the maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Johnny threatens to call security and Amelia doesn’t want that and says she will do anything. Well, I don’t think she knew that taking a hard spanking and strapping was what she was in for.

Click here to see the next updates from this new film HERE


Finally today, I had to include this old line up with Dani Daniels… she really is stunning and her recent appearances as a top at Firmhandspanking.com (for which she is doing a great job) hide the fact that she has been a sub a few times for Chelsea Pfeiffer… this punishment was a little harder but she gritted her teeth and accepted everything that Chelsea gave her… and she  didn’t hold back with the paddles… Dani is gorgeous and I hope that she decides to bottom again… she’s a lovely top but after you see these screen grabs… you will want to see MORE of her like this, I know I would!

danid001 danid002

danid003 danid004

danid005 danid006

danid007 danid008

danid009 danid010

danid011 danid012

danid013 danid014

danid015 danid016

Click here to see this EXCLUSIVE film only from GoodSpanking.com


As you know, this saying is legendary. Indeed, what happens there, stays there! I love Vegas, it’s just so sinful, so naughty, so in your face! & until I saw this latest offering from Northern Spanking, I had no idea they had filmed with Zille de Feu AND Bailey Sullivan (who I was actually about to do a piece on and also thought she had kind of backed off from the scene…maybe not!!!) but anyway – I have been totally stopped in my tracks with this film so had to add this here NOW to let those who don’t know about it see just how good it already is and WILL be when it’s complete within a week or so!

This film promises paddles and canings (members get to see this), which are great, some really delicious F/F action on the bed by both girls… made to do it by the out of pocket casino owner, Marcus Black! How did they end up in this situation? Read on….

Zille & Bailey have individually racked up considerable debt at “BLACK JACKS” – One of the huge Casino chains owned by mobster Marcus Black. Having no money to pay, and no idea how they got into this mess, Mr Black has the girls taken to an exclusive suite in the hotel by his henchmen and stripped to their underwear. Left wondering what fate might await them… these 1st preview images give you an idea (below) or the sort of humiliation that awaits as both girls are watched by Mr Black who instructs them to spank each other…. and you just KNOW worse is to come!!!

Both girls are full of shame but they know they have no choice…. members can see the unravelling storyline as they next face a sterner test as Mr Black involves the use of paddles and canes! I can’t wait! neither should you… members can view this great new HD-MP4 film HERE


The image below gives you an idea of what is going on, don’t you think? these are also full size images too if you click on them, they are bonus images that members get to see alongside the film images and the 1st long play part of this 3 girl spankfest!

Some promotional images below best explain what and how the girls ended up with such sore bottoms!

throwback thursday spankings

The Official site blurb is shown below:
This is the 1st of our multi girl films recently taken in the USA and there are stunning tearful debuts for Nyssa Nevers & Ashley Graham alongside Joelle Barros! The girls have been annoying other customers of the high class and much sought after Gym Club where new memberships are difficult to get approved and they are brought into a back office to meet the Gym Club owner, John Osborne. He issues these brats an ultimatum when he senses a chance to show them some old fashioned British discipline values. They accept a humiliating punishment in front of each other or he would have no hesitation expelling them all! The girls love this place & realize how difficult it is to find somewhere else half as good so they reluctantly accept their fate to learn to behave like proper ladies!

throwback thursday spankings 


Here are some behind the scenes info on this film: This was filmed early on in that particular shoot, it was Joelle’s 3rd film and both Nyssa and Ashley’s 2nd of the day (as they had arrived a little late caught in traffic from DC to Philly) However, as you’ll see from the images, both Nyssa and Ashley’s bottoms were reddening up quite quickly and Joelle had a tight pair of buns that refused to glow as red (to start with!) Nyssa was also the loudest to react to her punishment and started bawling and blubbing, which I have to admit I found quite a turn on… she was fine as she later confessed she was a bit of a crybaby (in the nicest way, of course). All the girls bottoms were showing those telltale speckling signs that bottoms were under severe duress, the film syill ends up being nearly 18 minutes long and has 3 distinct sections where each one gets the same treatment as the others watch!

For those of you who can’t wait and want to see some of the films from this shoot NOW rather than wait longer you can view the Clips store and download the full film or clips of your favourite spanking model from this film (each girl has many charms) … Nyssa is just gorgeous and THAT ASS and her tears! … Joelle takes a good hard punishment and THOSE LEGS that go on and on lead straight up to one of the trimmest butts known to mankind! … then there’s Ashley Graham with her smouldering looks and unbelievable figure, THOSE BREASTS! Oh my… and DAT ASS! jiggling under duress…. It’s a tough decision to take, of course you can wimp out and view the full film… your choice is below!

You can also see the amazing intro of Nyssa Nevers
getting a OTK spanking in some very sexy lingerie!

of course the fantastic spanking intro of Joelle can also be viewed here too!



Remember these interesting films from Danielle Hunt who I worked with again (in 2012!) but this time it was to make harder and more explicit films that I’m sure many of you will have already seen but here is a reminder… as well as blurring the boundary lines of what “Uncle” can and can not do and how to treat a never ending yapping schoolgirl by ball gagging her into silence then thrashing the hell out of her! This was one of my faves of that day! You’ll see the images referring to what I am on about below, we also did some great PJ films, including a dropseat spanking with Dani’s big dark bum protruding from the white cloth accentuating her ass even more…. some naughty toy play and a rather severe caning and carpet beating that followed with more raunchy storylines and a hilarious but rather severe film where farm help, Dani, is late to go milk the cows! Images below are unedited and far smaller than the originals but it is a nice reminder of what is out at the site from this time :)

Oh… & Dani’s bottom broke my favourite composite paddle :(


That ballgag sure did keep Dani nicely muffled and subdued!

throwback thursday spankings

The dreaded hairbrush, the one implement Danielle HATED!

and below some more films of Danielle in various naughty and painful poses!



There’s plenty more but for now I think you get the idea of what went on, right?

Check out all this at AAA Spanking

For those that like to download the odd movie… there’s a special movie sure to tempt those that love to see girls in school uniform properly thrashed with the leather strap and cane! It stars Sara Bergmann, she has always been one of my fave spanking actresses, it has been remastered and there’s some extra HQ images as well as the usual vid grabs which complimented the movie!

If you click on this link HERE it will take you to the actual preview page where there’s a description and a FREE caning clip so you can see precisely what the film is about! I have also added some images below from the film. There’s not much to add really, it’s a good length film, about 15 minutes and there’s no lengthy monolgue, it just quickly gets into the action with Sara leaning on the cold concrete slab in the cellar for her strapping over her regulation kncikers and her already throbbing punished bottom is then revealed for a bare bottom strapping and a final assualt with the cane! Sara really can take quite a punishment! I promise if you’ve never seen this movie before or wanted to buy just one this month…then this is definitely worth a peek for the strapping and caning content!


& here’s what I liked too… This film is a classic! (includes FREE Clip)

“Thank you for smacking my bare bottom!” with Alexandria.


Adrienne Black at FirmHandSpanking.com – she is possibly the tallest girl in spanking right now, outdoing even gorgeous Brit babe Amelia Jane Rutherford and I’d love to gaze at Adrienne’s bum and long…oh so long legs in person…but til then, I can do so with my membership from FIRMHANDSPANKING instead and it’s currently worth every damn penny as her first naked punishment in the bathroom at the hands of the diminuitive Earl Grey (did they deliberately cast him against Adrienne?…she must be 6 feet 4 at least!) See for yourself.

[jwplayer mediaid=”38949″]

or download the wmv clip (below)

Then I have a few Hi Res images also here for you, if she doesn’t blow your mind viewing this amazing new talent and make you want to see more at FirmHandSpanking then sadly, I think you may be dead from the waist down and my deepest sympathies go out to you – please be aware the HIGHEST Trouser Arousal Ratings apply when viewing Adrienne Black, thank you in advance!

This movie can be viewed in full only at Firmhandspanking.com


& Finally, check out the latest movers of the latest movies from my Spanking Theater (below) some real Throwback Thursday Spankings here. Enjoy! Chief.



Wet Dream Spankings


I have a treat for you today… I’m still buzzing after watching the Netherlands destroy Spain in last nights superb football match in the World Cup – 5-1!!! Those crazy orange Dutch were stunning (even though they played in dark blue) … I can only hope that England do the same to the Italians, but because of the oppressive heat and humidity in the middle of the Amazonian jungle in Menaus… this isn’t really going to happen. I predict a 1-1 draw, like the Spain v Netherlands game… each side dare not lose, so will it be cagey and tight, or open up if one team scores early? To be honest, I’d accept a draw right now, but I have a feeling we could do well in this tournament… time will tell and I’m just excited about tonight’s game. To celebrate early… here are some equally amazing and outstanding spanking films and updates for you all to check out! I’m starting with Clare Fonda and Zille Defeu in a double spanking film-fest you can only find at Shadowlane.com – So here starts my spanking wet dream of today. I missed filming with Zille a few years back in the UK and am still annoyed about that… as well as meeting Clare and her current restrictions, I would love to do just one eeny-weeny little film with her, even if it wasn’t entirely spanking related… you never know, eh? So for now, see these 2 in a fantastic 2 sided film, a tale of revenge and jealousy that sees both women get one over on the other!

“The Starter Wife – Trophy Revenge Match!”


When a beautiful suburban housewife (Zille Defeu) invites her husband’s first wife, Iris (played by Clare Fonda) to her home for mojitos, she harbors a diabolical hidden agenda. Having long felt cruelly snubbed by Iris, Zille informs the “starter wife” of her desire to return the humiliation by spanking her. Naturally Iris laughs at this suggestion, until Zille blackmails the somewhat shady lady into submission, threatening to close out the one credit card Iris still holds and constantly charges to, without her ex-husband’s knowledge. Iris agrees to take a spanking rather than give up the free income and Zille falls to with mad energy. She’s been secretly furious with Iris for her interior decoration choices as well as spending all of Duncan’s money so there’s none left for Zille to play with. This is the desperate housewife style spanking you won’t see on TV!

zillespanksclare002 zillespanksclare004

zillespanksclare005 zillespanksclare006


zillespanksclare009 zillespanksclare010 zillespanksclare011


But lo and behold, Iris displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking!

 clarespankszille001 clarespankszille004

clarespankszille002 clarespankszille006 f930fb3ef5f5aba45a5c9ad5db9b7652


After her over the knee bare bottom spanking, Clare subjects Zille to penetration by large, phallic toys in both of her dainty private places. In one of the most dramatic woman tops woman scenes ever, Zille accepts her invasive discipline with humility and shame, a willful spoiled brat undone in the most embarrassing way. Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy movie.

 clarebuutplugszille001 clarebuutplugszille003

clarebuutplugszille004 clarebuutplugszille005 clarebuutplugszille007

clarebuutplugszille006 clarebuutplugszille008

CLICK HERE to see MORE of this film and the other movies that both Clare & Zille have featured in!



There are 2 sites that might still get overlooked since both ladies have retired, however, they filmed an awful lot of content and the sites are under the stable of Michael Masterson’s multi site Real Spankings Network – so you can have confidence these are quality sites…

However, if you don’t want to pay for all those sites at once, there is a better option if you’re into Brandi & Jessica (like I am!) and there’s a secret sub group of sites which gives you access to each other that I am  showing here plus a couple MORE – all for under $25 a month if you join up at any of their respective pages AND of course you get access to all their massive archived data. If it’s a first time venture to either of the “Teen Brandi” or “Teen Jessica” sites, then you indeed are in for a pleasant spanking wet dream surprise! Check out a few recent examples from each site and decide for yourself! These are from May and June this year! #schwiiing!

Spanking Teen Brandi – I love the way she can take a spanking, with a cracking butt… her archives go back approx 15 years! there were rumours that she was to make a comeback as a young woman now around her early thirties… we can but hope this becomes a reality one day! See her timeless butt spanked for our viewing pleasure below!

Brandi spanked by Cindy in the Office

6476_011 6476_014

6476_019 6476_020

6476_032 6476_035

6476_041 6476_045

6476_077 6476_080

Brandi is given a spanking on the bare over Ms Baker’s knee after she is caught snooping through Cindy’s office. CLICK HERE to see the full remastered film and all the other recent updated of Brandi!

Jessica Caught having sex!

1717_002 1717_011

1717_021 1717_027 1717_065


Ms. Burns comes in to find Jessica having sex. She lectures her and the pulls her OTK for a hard hand spanking then places her in time out before returning to finish off the punishment with a hard heavy wooden hairbrush that brings tears to Jessica’s eyes!

1718_019 1718_029

1718_035 1718_043 1718_051

1718_095 1718_099

CLICK HERE for more info on Jessica’s site – remember that you have access to both the sites shown here plus 2 more FREE as part of the special unique 4 site package.


Here are some outstanding recent movie updates with their latest new girls is just getting better at Firm Hand Spanking – what can I say? Just take a look for yourself, these 2 young ladies are HOT!

Tara Somerville’s pert, smooth round bottom strapped red by request!

intern_cf001 intern_cf002

intern_cf004 intern_cf006

intern_cf010 intern_cf016

intern_cf021 intern_cf024

Gorgeous blonde Tara Somerville returns to college with a red, sore bottom after time as The Intern. She asks Frank Reed to punish her one last time! 30 strokes of the strap across those wobbling, athletic cheeks is hot! Slow-motion replays and an out-take too.

Sassy college freshman Amber Davies spanked bare for disrespect.

sisters_bb001 sisters_bb005

sisters_bb011 sisters_bb013

sisters_bb015 sisters_bb016

sisters_bb017 sisters_bb022

Sassing a senior costs freshman Amber Davies a sound spanking with a ping-pong paddle. Dressing in private school uniform and asking “Is that all you got?” earns her more swats, panties down – 226 in all! Watch for a butt massaging out-take too…



& finally we go full circle and to the remarkable girl/girl punishment film that Clare Fonda admitted to me she just LOVED making when she had made a brief but welcome return to help out Denn the cameraman’s sites with some much needed stern direction as only Clare could give… you will love this film if you’re into your Aunt/Niece or F/F style spankings… this is a must see at the aptly named GirlspanksGirl.com


This is part of their “Classic Discipline” series of films. In the first part, Aunt Jessica (played by Clare Fonda) lectures young Ashley Rose about the errors of her ways before giving her a long number of various and humiliating punishments which included varied and sustained hand spankings and an unwanted and terrifying mouth soaping.

002 005

007 010

011 013

015 016

017 018

…then later, Aunt Jessica spanked young Ashley Rose in the sanctity of her bedroom, with her own hairbrush, while Ashley’s friend (Snow Mercy) watched from the other room. This is where we’re at and don’t miss the altercations between Snow & Ashely as well as Aunty dishing out yet more scoldings and punishments coming very soon to GirlSpanksGirl.com

002 004

005 006

008 (1) 008

014 015


Don’t forget that this site (as massive in its own right as it is) – is part of the infamous and amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS giving you access to 5 of the sites for a fraction of the combined cost! See banner below for more details!



OK… that’s it from me, I am now preparing everything for the game tonight – England v Italy… I really hope we stuff them, one can but dream!



Sunday Schpannnkings & other news

Things are looking up… the weather is behaving, it’s calm, even bright  and I did see that warming orange thing in the sky at times… the birds are busy chirping and tweeting away (not on Twitter, of course), I shall be packing my bags in anticipation of my Vegas and LA visit later today (which I’m rather excited about, naturally) and it was good to chat to Mike the other day too and he has told me he has been filming again since his hospital visit… so we can expect many more “schpannnkings!” of naughty girls from the man that puts “rotter” into Rotterdam! Take these 2 naughty badminton players (below) … it’s a 2 part film… and they thought they’d got away with the second part – UNTIL Mike got back into the “schwiiing” of things again! (LOL) Below are both full length movie part previews in the SIU Badminton Girls Uniform section at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Stop Fooling Around – (Part 1 with Betty & Samantha)

With an important match coming soon, Samantha and Betty were expected to practice hard but instead they were giggling and talking about boys. Coach gave them two warnings but they didn’t listen. He had enough and ordered them both into his office. He scolded them and gave Betty a sound OTK spanking and marched her outside and placed her with her bottom bare against the wall… In part two – he will take care of Samantha!

ep4_1 ep4_5


ep4_6 ep4_7

ep4_8 ep4_9


ep4_10 ep4_11

Samantha’s turn – in part 2 (below)

… while Betty remains facing the wall, Samantha is taken over Coach’s knee and given a good bare bottom spanking. After this punishment both girls are told to remove their skirts and panties and continue practicing with their sore, red, well spanked bottoms on display for all the other girls to see. It was a perfect warning to the others to practice hard or have shameful sore bottoms like poor Betty and Samantha.

ep5_2 ep5_4


ep5_6 ep5_7

ep5_8 ep5_10


ep5_11 ep5_12

Check out all the other latest uniform spanking punishments as they happen – HERE


I thought I’d remind you of a stunning model that NorthernSpanking.com were fortunate to film with a few times, I’m not quite sure if she is still in the scene at the mo, as her Fetlife and blog accounts don’t seem to be updated anymore… I really missed out on Zille Defeu when she came over to England, not once, but twice, I believe… it was in the early days of me setting up my own site, so I won’t knock myself out over it, shit happens… and of course the spanking parties that she once attended before I had discovered such delights… luckily, you can check out this wonderful intro on her from 2010 when I believe this was filmed in sunny Cumbria (NW England)… well, judging by the leaf count on the trees, it certainly wasn’t winter, filming outdoors in Cumbria would have been suicide this time of year, lol!

NSI095-VZ016 NSI095-VZ024 NSI095-VZ036

NSI095-VZ037 NSI095-VZ052


NSI095-VZ053 NSI095-VZ071 NSI095-VZ081

Check out many more films with Zille at NorthernSpanking.com


Whilst I am reminiscing… perhaps you’d like a stunning reminder of Jenna Jay’s solitary confinement punishments (I have the 1st 2 days below) of her at Bars-and-Stripes.com – as you’ll see from her very sore red bottom, the prison warders, Zoe Page & Stephen Lewis like to play with their helpless victims in the confines of “Solitary”… where no one can hear their cries!

Jenna’s Solitary Punishment – Day 1


Prison Officer Stephen Lewis asks her if she’s enjoying her first day in solitary – and she nonchalantly tells him it’s all right. The unoccupied chair is put in the centre of the cell and she is told to bend over it. She does exactly as she is told – this makes Officer Lewis suggest that she may be learning to enjoy it. But when he starts hand spanking her – she is soon pleading with him to stop. However, he carries on with the spanking. Cruelly, he tells her to ask him to stop convincingly and nicely. He tells her to say pretty please – and when she does he tells her no and carries on spanking her very hard on her bare bottom.

jenna_solday1-31 jenna_solday1-35 jenna_solday1-42

jenna_solday1-25 jenna_solday1-56

jenna_solday1-55 jenna_solday1-59 jenna_solday1-66

Day 2 – Solitary Punishment

Prisoner Jenna Jay is gently rubbing at her sore bottom – still suffering from the previous day’s spanking. Now it is day two of being in solitary and she has a visitor – Prison Officer Zoe Page. As Officer Page has brought a paddle with her- it’s obvious why she’s there. She orders poor Jenna to stand up and bend over the back of the solitary piece of furniture that the cell has to offer. Jenna obeys and her short tunic rides up her back, revealing a pair of black regulation prison knickers. The tell tale signs of the previous days spanking are two rosy red bruised cheeks.

jenna_solday2-18 jenna_solday2-27 jenna_solday2-31

jenna_solday2-32 jenna_solday2-33

jenna_solday2-38 jenna_solday2-55 jenna_solday2-64

 Officer Page uses the paddle – from one cheek to the other, full strength and non-stop. Jenna is in pain and whimpers but Officer Page hasn’t a merciful bone in her body. Finally Officer page tires of thrashing Jenna and leaves her alone again – free to rub her bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness.


Check out all the inmates and their severe humiliating punishments at the unique Bars-and-Stripes.com


A couple of stunning updates now coming to the stage as I start to think about wrapping up today’s blog post… these next 2 are from Pandora’s site now… I like “Littles play” (thanks to Sarah Gregory as she is massively into it) and also I get the harder raunchy sexy images that Pandora produced with one of her lovers, D, for Valentine’s Day… as it’s something any lovers in our kink can easily identify with. So take a sneaky glimpse behind that stage curtain and see what Pandora has been up to!


Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora’s face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul’s lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen! A light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best. Her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you’ll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul’s knee!

image003 image002

image004 image005

image006 image007 image008

In the 2nd erotic set… Pandora explains that “We started out shooting couple nudes, but D and I can’t keep our hands off each other. Skin to skin, our bodies tangle as we kiss and the temperature rises. Real love, real lust, and real, spontaneous sex!” Enough said… check out these lower resolution images! #TrouserArousal


d002 d003

d004 d005 d006

d007 d008

Check out more of what Pandora is dreaming about this week – HERE


Finally, I had wanted to get this update out earlier this week, so better late than never… Ludella Hahn looks absolutely scrummy in these images taken from the latest film at English-Spankers.com – I know I’m an old daft git… but what I found more sexy than anything about this was the way her natural womanly bush complimented the burlesque style lingerie she had on… I am a massive fan of burlesque and Bettie Page in particular… so seeing this set the #TrouserArousal gauges soaring… thank you kind E-S peeps for an awesome update!


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.

npp6029013 npp6029014

npp6029022 npp6029033 npp6029035

npp6029042 npp6029043

npp6029050 npp6029056 npp6029057

npp6029060 npp6029066


Check out the FREE HD Spanking preview clip HERE


Enjoy what remains of your weekend everyone!





Hello everyone… before I start, I would like to remind you that at my site right now, I have added to today’s HD1080 full MP4 film release of “The Au Pair” with beautiful girl next door, Katie Brown’s very red bottom punishment. I have also added an additional 100 large file image set to accompany this film. Seriously, Katie’s bum in this film burned a brilliant red , I have added an actual image tot he size that they are that members can download, always via a zip file for their convenience, of course.


There is also the Full HD 1920×1080 movie to view now as well! This is genuinely encoded at this screen size and not just increased to fit the large screen and has an amazing variable playback rate giving you the BEST viewing experience of this film imaginable! As I said before, all filmshoots from this one onwards will always contain the HD1080 MP4 version from now on! Just as you’d expect since we are now in 2014!

Click image below for the actual members size image at over 1800 pixels wide…


For more info on all the latest updates: CLICK HERE



Indeed… and so to my fave surreal spanking site from Russia, I am starting to get addicted to their style of films, very naughty – and the girls are a delight to view. I have something a little different today as there is a rather attractive accomplice helping out our resident office manager/principal… and she is very easy on the eye… great viewing especially when you see the latest young lady stripped and spanked in a variety of humiliating positions!

001 001a

002 004

005 006

008 009

010 012

This is Katerina’s punishment at College… this pretty student is quickly stripped and whilst her punishment starts, one of the office managers overhears the commotion and decides to join in with the punishment…. I certainly hope that at some point SHE gets a spanking too for daring to be so bold! Check out more of the latest films now showing at SpankingThem.com



Here is something that really excited me when I watched this… Clare Fonda spanking Zille Defeu courtesy of Shadowlane.com at their new look membership site – I can not tell you how hot I have always found seeing Clare spank and get spanked…. and also Zille is one of those models I had always wanted to film with, pity no one told me when she was in England a few times… I have a horrible feeling she might be taking a break from the scene… but I can always hope and you’ll understand why when I show you some choice images and a clip from this film (below)

clarezille001 clarezille002

clarezille003 clarezille004

clarezille005 clarezille006

clarezille007 clarezille008

clarezille009 clarezille010

Iris (played by Clare Fonda) displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking! Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy from Shadow Lane.

Click here to view more and download this film and tons more content besides!




& so to the final updates for today… which have so shocked Lursa & Be’Tor (above)

This is what happens when a new girl, Poppy, is punished for her grafitti!

003 004

005 007

008 009

010 011

015 016

Poppy is new to the sorority and must learn not to partake in her favorite hobby, graffiti. Sheriff Star is right there to teach her this lesson, spanking Poppy with her hand and a mirror (using the glass and wooden sides). Poppy knows how to get a revenge spanking so we end up with two well spanked bottoms.

This is just one of many HOT schoolgirl and pledge type scenarios found HERE


& at Spankedcallgirls.com – this recent movie update is visually so appealing, perhaps it is the amazing dress that Gigi Allen wears, I haven’t quite seen anything like it, sexy as hell… and these 2 make this a great double sex and spanking update… this one features Gigi giving Cheyenne Jewel naughty sex lessons… like any good callgirl should know, eh?

001 003

004 005

006 007

009 010

013 014

015 016

The very sexy Gigi Allens has been tasked to teach Cheyenne Jewel about sex. She uses a dildo, and demonstrates, but doesn’t appreciate Cheyenne’s attitude. So she spanks some sense into her with her hand and a stinging paddle…

Check out this film and the 2nd part where Cheyenne gets her own back on sexy Gigi!

These 2 sites are featured as part of the top value 5 site Clare Fonda Pass



Ok, have a great weekend everyone… hope you enjoyed this quirky take on my updates today 🙂

Multi Spanking Site Updates in no more than 6 Pics!

I wanna get through a lot of sites today in an attempt to catch up and I hope these tasty teasers whet your spanking appetites as you feast your eyes on these gorgeous updates and a few that I have missed as well as some things I have been catching up on or watching recently… So no waffle from me today… let’s just get on with the spanking site updates with 6 images (MAX) or less per site (this is gonna be hard for me, lol)

I start today in no particular order, or preference or date of release… let’s just enjoy and if you like what you see,why not check out the sites a little more, their tour pages always offer more insight or how you might wanna become a member if you liked what you saw here – remember, the films themselves are often so much more interesting than mere images here can convey… but my bandwidth permitting, I couldn’t always provide you with detailed clips (I often do unlike many others, as you know) but the following sites often have preview clips which you can look at, ok?

FirmHandSpanking.com presents the finale of Valerie Bryant’s caning – topless… & provocative (I swear this is really HOT!)

tlc_bj002 tlc_bj010

tlc_bj012 tlc_bj019

tlc_bj021 tlc_bj023

It’s worth the wait! Valerie Bryant (the 36C Sabrina Scott!) goes topless for her grand finale: an 18-stroke caning from Richard Anderson. She requests a “refresher” from her Learning Curve tutor, but provokes him into taking things further, bare bottom and hard! You can see more of this HERE


From the naughty Russian spanking site SpankingThem.com comes this delightfully humiliating punishment of a hapless secretary, young Maria. She looks nervous and so she should be… doesn’t she know her boss is better known for his various Gyno and Examination videos that he makes? This has a cracking mixture of spanking, strapping and flogging of Maria’s pert bottom whilst also pandering to some anal insertion fetish play and pussy spankings which leave nothing to the imagination… the 6 images below try to do this film some naughty justice! It’s HOT!

maria001 maria002

maria003 maria004

maria005 maria006

See the whole of Maria’s fascinating ordeal HERE


Now here is something I was viewing earlier today courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com – I have always loved their work with both these girls, so when they worked together (with Stephen Lewis) then I just had to remind you of this – Ladies and gents, I present to you Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen beautifully thrashed in time for bed!

NSI095-ZSI022 NSI095-ZSI032

NSI095-ZSI052 NSI095-ZSI061

NSI095-ZSI119 NSI095-ZSI146

Check out more of redheads Irelynn & Zille’s many movies at NorthernSpanking.com


The final installment to the long play movie “Governess Reigns” (with Syren De Mer as the cruel governess) comes to an end with a double diapering and spanking of Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci – not everyone is into this sort of age play or even the diapering element, but I got off to watching it, the roleplays and humiliation with some decent hard spankings in between to keep these girls under control! & it’s got Veronica and Kay butt nekkid, godammit… heh heh!

governessrules001 governessrules002

governessrules003 governessrules004

governessrules005 governessrules006

Syren De Mer returns as the Governess in the third sequence of the Governess series. Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) and Veronica Ricci are under the care of Syren, who ups the humiliation factor this time, adding diapers to the girls punishment, as well as giving them hard hand spankings, and also introducing them to a large wooden paddle after she caught them drinking alcohol in their room. You can see how this played out in full – HERE


The next update from this 5 site Network features a welcome return for Pheonix Askani (now with blonde hair) in the hilarious scenario of undercutting other girls tricks for just charging an additional $5 for Anal (when can i come round? lol) This has understandably pissed off the other girls… so Veronica Ricci pays Phoenix a visit to spank some sense into her, turning her bottom bright red and speckled. Using her hand and a heavy  wooden bath brush.

003 004

007 009

014 015

Check out MORE of this recent update at Spankedcallgirls.com

Both sites are massive in their own right but also make up the top value 5 Site Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


& then there is also the conclusion to “Misbehaving Sisters” starring Sarah Gregory and (the now sadly retired) Kat St James… spanked by Momma Dana Specht and they both get a good hard tearful strapping and leathering as you’ll see at MommaSpankings.com

momma-64-001 momma-64-007

momma-64-023 momma-64-025

momma-64-032 momma-64-034

Mommy notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft. Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms.

MommaSpankings.com & SarahGregorySpanking.com are part of a special combined Pass



Coming to the stage now is another uniform classic spanking with one of my fave nurses, the very naughty Leandra James and her fellow cohort, Scarlett (I love seeing these 2 together, they always get up to mischief!), this was hard, but I managed to get their double spanking update compressed to just 6 images… but you really have to see the 2 films to appreciate these ladies and of course spanked in those nursing uniforms!

ep45_7 ep45_8

ep45_12 ep46_6

ep46_9 ep46_10

Mrs Rice was discharged from the hospital but nurses Leandra and Scarlett gave her half her medications. Dr Johnson found out and both nurses were soon in his office staring at his carpet as their bottoms were soundly spanked over his knee. Part 1 involves nurse Leandra getting her bottom soundly spanked & in part 2, it is nurse Scarlett’s turn to feel Dr Johnson’s hard hand on her rounded bottom. When their bottoms were nicely red, sore and stinging, both nurses had to spend some time in the corner and then had to give Mrs Rice her meds and show her their sore, well spanked red bottoms!

View sexy Leandra and Scarlett in this & many more films HERE


Finally for today… another classic and a girl much missed (you can only see all of gorgeous tearful Lisa’s fantastic spanking punishments at this site) can be viewed below as I found some stunning images of her belt punishment… I hope you like these… Lisa was one of those girls so easy on the eye and a bottom that cried out to be punished! Images below courtesy of the excellent archives from Girls Boarding School

pic05 pic02

pic11 pic07

pic06 pic15

Click HERE for MORE of Lisa’s hard tearful punishment films


Before I go… the full 1920×1080 film of girl next door, Katie Brown’s Au Pair interview, is available to download as a one off at my clips store HERE … along with some other recent stunning HD remasters recently… if you just want to check out the odd film, then this is the place to go! have a great weekend y’all!!! Stay safe in the snow storms and freezing temperatures in the NE Americas… we here in Britain remain mild but soggy & flooded from yet MORE excessive rainfalls *sigh*



Woo Hoo! MORE Spankings today!


I must be insane to sit here all day, multi tasking as best I can, updating my own site, editing and writing blogs posts. the next film is coming along nicely and should be ready for Wednesday… as for my 3rd update here today…. why don’t I just add an “Amateur Ass” special as well before I continue? I am sure you will love this naughty girl watching TV after her recent spanking… perhaps she was caught playing on the internet when she should have been studying hard? All I know is that this is an awesome image – please do enjoy!


Check out the other Amateur ass images in the tags at this site HERE


OK… and on with the spanking updates for today (“Part Deux”, if you like)

Some of our producer buddies here in the UK have been “uber busy” more than usual – I guess they are getting ready for the BBW event later this month at Atlantic City, NJ. Sadly I can not attend (I’ve visited A.C. before) and, as much as I wanted to, Paul from Northern was talking about this at our last joint shoot with Alex Reynolds. I must admit to being rather jealous but my finances are extremely tight and I have just had to spend a stupid amount of money on other non related spanking stuff recently as well as servicing a continued debt incurred to non payments from Xerotics that still harms me today and hangs like a noose round my neck (that is still a legacy I have to deal with and won’t waffle on about it anymore than to say that this hampers everything I plan to do currently – but as Paul mentioned, best I move on) – But it does kind of grate when I have to pay off a loan instead of receiving what was due to me for work I had done in the past over several years and it’s not a small amount either, £300 a month for the next 4 years just gets wasted paying off that debt and the difficult to budget for non payments I should have got, crap innit?

Oh shit, ignore the next paragraph if you don’t want to read me on a “hard sell” – sorry!

So, in order to keep finances to a minimum, I had to choose between one of the parties to attend this year, so have chosen the SL Event in Vegas (since I have always wanted to do this one) and will look forward to that in September. I don’t have anyone paying for me to attend, unfortunately…. (I’m not a model and I’m ugly as sin!) and with limited time away (“Er indoors” does not like the idea of Vegas, the party or anything related to it ) that also eats into precious vacation time and extra expense as she will no doubt expect me to visit the grandkids in France next month at the time I am trying to organize a film shoot and get another sorted a few weeks afterwards (it’s not a chore, but it is rather more expensive than taking a cheap sunny holiday to unwind and recharge) as well as some vacation somewhere no doubt and we have had a horrendous winter with increased heating fuel and bills (sorry to waffle on…) so if you feel you can help me out to continue spending too much time on here and at my own site, please do support me the best way you can by either checking it out and joining HERE – I have held prices as low as I can as our content is home produced as you know and we do spend a lot to bring you your promised minimum updates and films per week by updating or perhaps choose one of the fantastic sites I bring to you on this blog as it’s no secret that I get a fraction of that on affiliate programs for helping to promote the great sites I love to see continue as well as you guys do too!

I actively encourage my affiliates to do the same and help them as best I can if they ever have questions etc – no doubt you will see other blogs and sites promoting my content too… it’s what we all do to help each other and to bring you, our esteemed loyal readerships whatever site or blogs you choose to view, the latest and most up to date movies or site reviews – I don’t blindly promote anything I wouldn’t join myself… and in fact have had many memberships and currently am a member at 4 sites (I won’t say which ones in the interest of fairness) but that is my commitment as I know others, like myself , do the same!


As I had mentioned Paul at NorthernSpanking.com – let’s start there as there have been some incredible updates that I have not brought you so without further waffle, here are the 1st of today’s site news and updates!

NSI111-ST007 NSI111-ST008

NSI111-ST009 NSI111-ST018

NSI111-ST019 NSI111-ST028

NSI111-ST043 NSI111-ST046

NSI111-ST060 NSI111-ST062

The Travelling Disciplinarian & the Croupier: Ten works at a casino and her employers have booked the services of The Travelling Disciplinarian Agency, as they often do, to discipline one of their dealers after a large discrepancy.


NSI103-XPZ112 NSI103-XPZ121 NSI103-XPZ166


The Secret Garden (with Paul and Zille “schwiiing” Defeu): Behind an old stone wall and a crumbling wooden gate lies another world for Zille and Paul. Overgrown and left to run wild it is a delightful green place where they meet in the summertime. Among the wayward trees and untended flowers is a single beautiful rose. Her name is Zille and she is tended closely.

chosen01 chosen02

chosen04 chosen03

chosen05 chosen06

This is Part 10 of The Chosen: In this latest update you’ll see Lucy torment Sasha with electrical play, forced submission and soft but threatening promises with non compliance – a world of difference from Stephen’s continued caning punishment of Jadie as her bottom receives yet more very hard strokes and welting of her beautiful sore red bottom! This is an exciting project, one which, I have been told is several hours edited footage. If this doesn’t take the award for Spanking Film of the Year for 2013 then my “ass is a kipper” (I may live to regret that tagline more than Cakeboy, lol!)

Check out the very latest films and updates exclusive to NorthernSpanking.com



2579_020 2579_042

2579_035 2579_051


I know it’s not long before we get to see the much awaited return of “teen” Brandi… who is now, according to Mr M, a ravishing 30-something that I and many of you can’t wait to feast our eyes on… so please do check out her own dedicated site, still going strong, when she actually was a lot younger, they still have unedited footage and this site is part of a really cool 4 site multi package as standard that is super duper value, especially those who have never dared enter any of these member areas before – you are in for one hell of a treat! This latest update from SpankingTeenBrandi.com sees Cindy giving her a classic and painful OTK spanking!

Another site in this package belongs to retired Bailey Sullivan c/o SpankingBailey.com – this latest feature is a killer as it has a berserk Mr Daniels thrashing the daylights out of her with his hand as he discovers her messy room and entertaining her friend, Claire… who is made to watch this terrible punishment. the below are actual screen grabs from the film as you’ll see they are quite expressive!!!

bailey01 bailey02

bailey03 bailey04

bailey05 bailey06

bailey07 bailey08

bailey09 bailey10

Click here to see all of Bailey’s many fantastic and tearful punishments!

Remember join either site and you get access tot he other PLUS 2 more that you can find out about – and they are awesome sites in their own right too! This is one unsung spanking bargain you should check out if you’ve never joined any of the RS Network sites before… it’s well worth the surprisingly low entrance fee (works out at a little over 5-6 Dollars per site for the month!)


“Anikka Albrite  & Mary Jane spank each other”
The latest double update to come out at Spankedcallgirls.com


006 007

010 012

Two of the curviest, juiciest booties you will find anywhere, Anikka Albrite and Mary Jane square off over a disagreement, spanking each other over the knee. These are long hard, hand spankings that result in bouncing, red bottoms.

005 009

011 013


See all the latest mad, bad goings on at the renowned and infamous SpankedCallgirls.com

At another of the Fonda websites – the famous introductory and 1st time spanking site – SpankedSweeties.com – please welcome a real cutie called Ashley Rose who has THE MOST AM-AAAAZING bubble butt that cries out to be spanked often and hard! She re enacts several punishments at the hands of her dad, live in nanny and babysitter, this one is a good film with great reactions and a belting from “dad” Denn the Cameraman – (enjoying some work IN FRONT of the lens for a change!)


008 009 010

011 012

014 016 015 (1)

013 (1)

Spanked Sweeties contains genuine girls next door, 1st timers to online spanking and new girls/models and porn stars who try out this fetish – it’s an addictive site that is MASSIVE in its own right!

Finally from this special network of sites – there’s a delightful new long play film this site is known for starring one of my favourites, Veronica Ricci… check out her character Cindy and her new step mom and sibling do to her… before she turns the tables on them! This is a 7 part long play film – part 1 – the wedding day is out now to download!

“Cinderella spankings”


Inspired by the Cinderella story, Veronica Ricci stars as Cindy, a young lady who is getting a new step mom, played by Jennifer Best. On her wedding day, Jennifer takes time out to spank her new step-daughter and lay down the new rules, which Cindy must read while getting a spanking over “mommy’s” knee – while she is still in her wedding dress. This is just the first of many spankings for Cindy over the 7 scenes of this epic story.

Images from part 1 are below:


c2 c3


c6 c4 c7

c8 c10


Girl Spanks Girl out do themselves with this latest series – check it out HERE for the full explanation of this film!

The above “Fonda” sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – giving you 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!


Finally for today… a very kinky double 2 parter schoolgirl film (both out in full) from the SG section of Spanked-in-Uniform.com with Tiina and Fae getting up to all sorts of filthy behaviour… they are summoned to Headmaster Johnson (below) just wait ’til you see what they were up to! (Your eyes are already wandering down the page, aren’t they?)


Schoolgirls Fae and Tiina ran out of pocket money and Fae told Tiina that one of her friends made a lot of money by sending some dirty pictures of herself to a website. The dirtier the pictures, the more she got paid. The girls decided that they would do the same to make a few hundred! Unfortunately for them, the Headmaster found out and they both got severely scolded and spanked. In part one Tiina gets her bottom soundly spanked…

This is what the girls were doing!!!! *mock outrage!*


ep58_4 ep58_5


ep59_2 ep58_16

ep58_15 ep58_17

In part two of The Dirty Pictures film – it’s Fae Corbin’s turn to be taken over the Headmaster’s knee and she gets a sound spanking. As she is the instigator, she has to report the next morning before assembly on the assembly hall stage and in front of the whole school, she gets her bare bottom soundly birched and she gets 12 of the best with the cane.


ep59_1 ep59_4

ep59_5 ep59_7

ep59_8 ep59_9


See the schoolgirl updates and the rest of the uniform specialist spankings HERE


thatchOK, During all this I have not had the news on, not looked at a website, so to suddenly learn of her death was a little shocking… and out of respects, one of my country’;s greatest statesmen (or woman, should I say) has died, it’s not unexpected, after all, she was in ill health for sometime and she was 87… but as I see many a disrespectful comment on my own Facebook timeline and other sites about her controversial time in charge from 1979-1990, I feel a little ashamed that people can harbour such hatred and loathing. One of the longest serving Prime Ministers this country ever had, she was the 1st woman in charge, and did so much during her premiership, the highs and lows (and there were many) the victory in The Falklands may never have happened without her determination… likewise the disastrous Miners Strike of 1983/84 which divided families and the nation was also about breaking power of the Trades Unions (which were crippling the country with impossible demands) – she took on the loony left and won, critics will bleat on… those that do have, in my opinion… and it is only that – no respect. The 1980’s in Britain was a tough, horrible time… look at our fashion sense for goodness sake… but this country came out of it better and stronger… and like myself unable to sometimes forgive or forget past indiscretions against me, I know that I must move on… the mining communities are long gone and I do understand that it must have been Hell on Earth for these families fighting for their way of life… but they were delaying the inevitable and the loony left union leaders took this as a wicked chance to take on Thatcher… they lost and gambled horribly with their members lives! Maggie’s relationship with another great statesman from that era, Ronald Reagan, cemented what they called both our countries “Special Relationship” which I am proud that we (hopefully) still enjoy. She outlived Communism in Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union and also the the decommisioning of The IRA and this has ushered in relative peace in Northern Ireland for which we are all very grateful on the mainland and the whole area has been regenerated. I could go on, instead, I will just pay my respects…

R.I.P. Baroness Margaret Thatcher


Spanking Catch Up!

Well, now that I am safely back in the UK… imagine my surprise when I saw that warm yellow round thing in the sky! Yes, a beautiful warm day and a great September weekend ahead… I’m impressed, especially as my last few days on the eastern side of my American visit included torrential rain, mist, fog and some frightening thunder and lightening in the coastal resorts of the New Jersey shoreline… as you’ll see below in some self indulgence, we went to NYC for the day in case the weather remained bad (it behaved, actually) and did a few things like spend the day at the “Top of the Rock” (Rockerfeller Center) and visit Liberty Island in between my many mohitos and Jack Daniels (yum!)

Ah Ok, here’s a couple of pics that best showcased the weather at the end of my stay “gulp!”



Spot the “ass” pic too? (ahem!) OK, enough… please enjoy what else I have been checking out since my return!


Unfortunately Greg couldn’t make my shoot in the U.S. (next time, eh?) but I have since noticed that there is a new model brat called Stephanie getting the infamous “Bun Beating Fun” treatment as this uppity model gets what is coming to her! I was quite impressed withthis tearful girl as she stoically took a good hard relentless OTK spanking without the usual hissy fits… but towards the end of the film you could see it had got to her! Will she be better behaved in future? I doubt it… and who cares with an awesome jiggly ass like hers, I hope she is naughty again and gets another deserved spanking! Images below are of Stephanie, courtesy of BunBeatingFun.com







Ah… this is what I miss most on Spanked-in-Uniform.com – the airline stewardesses, or flight attendants as they are called nowadays. After my recent trip back from America and a rather hawt British Airways girl serving me my Jack Daniels (repeatedly) until she caught me drooling at the sight of her tight behind… I think she rather enjoyed showing off her booty as she lingered rather too long when bent over… oh, but I digress) “Yes” the stewardess spankings at this site always grab my attention… and when it is Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, I’m hooked every time, as you’ll be too!





See ALL of Amelia’s films in being spanked in the various uniforms HERE


Some great catch up spankings at Firm Hand Spanking starting with the impossibly leggy Adrienne Black in this great caning movie from an update of the entire series that I had never featured (she is currently in the schoolgirl series so another justification to view MORE of Adrienne!).




Likewise it would be only fair to show you one of the very latest films of stunning Belinda Lawson in a classroom I know so well… (I still have unreleased films of Kami from that place!) Check out why she infuriated her teacher, Mr Grey!


Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!



More new girls and great spanking films are showcased exclusively at FirmHandSpanking.com


Being away I had missed this brilliant outdoor series of Paul with Zille Defeu (schwiiiing!) at Northern Spanking – The more I watch Zille’s work, the more I am jealous of those who have had the sheer luck to have worked with her… so here is the next best thing… let’s just gaze upon her beauty and check out some amazing outdoor images where it is obviously NOT this summer in the UK, especially as I know where it was taken, I think they’d need wellington boots and umbrellas this year, lol! 😉

Poor Zille has the misfortune to snag her stocking whilst out walking in the country. Imperfect dress cannot of course be tolerated and Zille must be punished!



There is also new girl Scarlot Rose now featuring (as an added incentive below) –
& I’ll feature more of her very soon! But if you can’t wait to see her movies…


& finally for today, who can resist this cute little minx in her nurse’s uniform? Kiki gives me good reason to feel uncomfortable in the trouser department just looking at these images… the film is awesome if you like seeing good hard girl on girl spanking action! Images courtesy of English Spankers





Once again nurse Devine is in trouble. She has just been spanked and is laying on a bed stroking her bottom when matron walks in on her. This time it will not be a simple spanking but a heavy dose of the short strap that matron always carries with her. She is ordered to get her bottom in the air as matron measures her distance and then gives nurse Devine’s bare bottom the hardest beating she has ever experienced.

See the FREE MOVIE PREVIEW HERE of Nurse Devine’s paddling and starpping punishment


Just before I got, I will be updating my own Clips Store with many more movies and the 1st of those updates is going up about now, it’s the latest full film of Jenna and Zoe wrestling and spanking, it was a naughty little film that I really enjoyed making, I hope you like it too, now available as a one off download (click images below for the full details)

My Early Weekend Spanking Round-up

Sorry I haven’t been as prolific as some recently, there are only so many hours in a day that I can work, update the site AND attend to this blog. Right now, I just don’t have the time to do much as I am also attending various courses at my workplace and they take up even more of my time, so apologies in advance! I hate not being here and updating as often I I want but I will ensure this blog and my others get the attention they deserve, when I can!

So no more waffling, it’s straight onto the updates and I’m starting with Mike’s excellent Spanked-in-Uniform.com and the latest episode of the 50’s Diner series sees waitress Dani Hunt get what’s coming to her in the continuation after we last saw her spank a schoolgirl for not being able to pay before Mike returned and caught her at it… oops! Images and latest storyline are below:

After both girls got a good scolding, Monique was bent over the table and got a quick hard spanking with Mike’s spatula and she was sent back to school. Then Mike took Danielle, the cheeky waitress, over his knee and gave her a hard spanking and he also used the spatula on her bare bottom. Later that day Monique returned with a school strap and she told Mike that the headmaster wanted Mike to give her 6 of the best with it on her bare bottom. She got just that and left with a very sore bottom.





Check out what happens in the full length film RIGHT HERE


At NorthernSpanking.com – they have made me really jealous as I just missed out on filming with Lottie Kinsade (after meeting her previously at another filmshoot) and I had originally wanted her to appear in my first ever filmshoot (which, ironically, would also have been with Paul!) anyway, she had already retired by then, so I had missed out… so here is a fantastic short sharp shock film, their 81st and it’s all about Lottie “snaffling” (or underhandedly stealing) chocolate – time for a thrashing, methinks!




See MORE of Lottie’s excellent punishment spanking HERE

I couldn’t help but notice that Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu were also featured in one of their many regular updates at this site this week… I absolutely love this maid’s outfit, a real retro piece and Zille looks so damned good as the doe eyed maid getting a beating off the little rich girl played by Irelynn – seriously, what is there not to like about this? Stunning!



Click Here to see more from this naughty girl on girl punishment


I couldn’t help but notice (as you have no doubt seen by now as I’m probably the last to tell you, due to the fact I couldn;’t update my blog as often as I had wanted to) that Zille Defeu and Pandora Blake made an unforgettable film as you’ll see from the images below: Another period costume spanking, this time from the Jazz Age of the flappers and the Roaring Twenties…



A hard-hitting tale about the culture clash between two free-spirited young flappers and their repressive Victorian guardian. Rebelling against authority by drinking, dancing and smoking, the girls are thrashed with belt and tawse. Emotionally edgy and physically intense, with violent whippings delivered in anger, shouting, struggling and crying.

But these liberated young women find a way to turn the tables on Uncle Thomas, indulging in an extensive girl-on-girl comforting and petting scene and soothing each other’s red and welted bottoms.

Click on the image below to take you to an excellent free HD movie preview of this latest film

Film (running time 19:32) with gallery of 113 high quality photographs in the style above!


That’s all I have time for now, I shall be back tomorrow, for sure, so stay tuned as I have so much catching up to do!!! Have a great start to the weekend everyone! Chief.

Sunday’s Soap Box Rant & Spankings

Before I show you some spanking updates today, I haven’t done this for a while, so please sit back or just scoot over the next few paragraphs as the Chief’s infamous “Soap Box Rant” is back! & I have darned good reason to let off steam today as you’ll discover if you read on…

I’m in a depressed mood, after the relentless onslaught of stolen card sign ups this month (which causes me no amount of grief with CCbill, the online card processor, btw)… these past few days, it seems the pirates have finally got what they came for, all my latest films and some never shown before. No doubt these will be posted on various site rip threads which really kills my site off. Are they under the impression the AAAspanking.com is some huge ripe website ready to be plucked? Nothing could be further from the truth, I have just filed my tax returns for the year and it makes depressing reading, I actually lost money in the 1st year making movies, this will reflect in next year’s returns, but this year I had to pay extra as I pumped in a lot of my own and borrowed cash, some of which I haven’t been able to claim for. The reality is that it means a film shoot I was intending to do in a few days or so has had to be postponed and the Tax Man to get his cut instead. Anyway, I have already spotted some of the new films appearing on the usual suspects boards so they are already reported, and as long as I can reduce the idiots to private posts and messages then so be it as my site is not there to provide them with a stable income, let them feast off the others that can’t be arsed to protect their hard work (and it IS hard work!) Copyright infringements are finally a serious business under scrutiny as larger film studios and such have rightfully had enough… for without any income coming in at my site, then I can not hire new girls, pay for editing, locations and all the other expensive stuff that making films is about and of course that is on top of me doing it all for free my end to start with, the promotions, the time spent uploading stuff and so on when I’d rather spend it with my loved one in my little remaining spare time… this year will be a defining year whether I continue with blogging, and being a webmaster. I have to say that this past month’s experience has been draining and upsetting to say the least. If the pirates that rip off my site ever read this, please take note:  You are killing it and making me ill with worry about why I should continue at all! This month, personally and workwise, has been dreadful, I’m glad to see the back of it.  January is traditionally a month of lower sales, but even so, it hasn’t been great this month 🙁

Anyway, to recap, I have every right to try and protect what I have made, as surely anyone would if the tables were reversed. Amusingly, in a dark way,  I had noticed on some messageboards that there are those who got upset if another pinched “their content” and posted it as their own… no honour among thieves, I guess, lol. Well triple how that would feel, my pirate chums, and you might then start to understand what it feels like for me, and the despair when a site rip or whatever appears, the odd film or 2, yeah ok… I understand – but a fucking site rip? It’s fucking disgusting.

I have also decided, since I am English, to write in MY English (you’ll see “honour” instead of honor), For me, it is tiring to guess how it should look in American English, so please accept this quirk, I am, after all… a no good Limey and should be expected to write it in my own language… OK rant over 🙂


To those who have skipped my rant, welcome… and here are today’s spanking updates from the Chief’s perspective! You’ll see naughty girls and those in dire need of a spanking, whether it’s a punishment spanking or a little more sexual, I think I have some interesting updates and stuff I have been viewing these last few days to amuse and arouse you all 🙂

Private school can be tough when a girl’s grades are down and she fails exams. Richard Anderson puts pretty blonde senior Belinda Lawson back on track in End of Term. Belinda proves her bare buttocks can take a harsh 265-smack spanking: “It stung a lot, but I got through it.”




Do not miss your chance to see a preview clip of stunning schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson HERE


 A brand new series of home discipline films has begun at GirlSpanksGirl.com with Momma Clare the concerned mother of schoolgirl Elise Graves in this typical Fonda production we all love so much! Clare is the ultimate scarey “Mom!” for any of her girls as you’ll see below, she doesn’t tolerate Elise’s behaviour one little bit and even after the 1st spanking punishment, she is walked upstairs for part 2… the mouthsoaping (which I absolutely love watching) and a further spanking over Clare’s knee!




Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn’t done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves. There are many traditional spankings that take place over this summer, and even a mouth-soaping that.


See all of the Concerned Mother series at GirlSpanksGirl.com


Another new movie update at the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com is now out and has 2 of my favourite girls together for the 1st time and it’s a real winner! Sierra Salem (remember her?) and husky voiced Kay Richards (mmm!)

Sierra Salem was trying to move out on her sugar-momma Clare, but Kay helped to track her down. Kay spanked Sierra to convince her to stay with Clare. Sierra finally agreed, but only if she could spank Kay too! Yup… mad, bad and crackers… but as usual, it works! How could it not with these two?




There are now nearly 100 full length movies in a story arc that covers the main characters Kay, Madison and Chloe with many guest spankee and topping  appearances from many of America’s best known spanking stars! See more HERE


Finally from Clare’s group of sites, her wonderful Spankedcallgirls.com continues to entertain and tittilate in all the right sleazy spanko areas as her girls face yet more humiliation and punishment! As you’ll see below, whenever the super slinky Alice Wonder and her naughty real-life friend Nena are in town… Clare is gonna need a hairbrush and some solid OTK chastisement to handle these real hussies! I think she does a good job with this sexy twosome, don’t you?



First it was Nena, then Alice is told to strip and get over Clare’s lap!



I cannot recommend this naughty OTK spanking movie highly enough! Just what I needed to view 😉

& don’t forget that you can see these 3 sites together if you so wish as part of Clare’s best value CLARE FONDA PASS network which gives you access to 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice at a fraction of the combined monthly cost! Check out the site and options below!


I’m staying on the west coast of California, but gonna concentrate on 2 models who come from further up north, San Francisco, to be precise… and many of you will instantly recognise both ladies I’m featuring… as I prepare how the hell I can go and live out in the Bay Area as if these 2 amazing spankees are anything to go by then… OMG, are all the woman in the Bay Area as gorgeous and hot? So, to my current crush and long term crush… starting with Zille Defeu and I thought I’d remind you of this great set below with her in our glorious English countryside when she first visted the good folk of NorthernSpanking.com

If you go down to the woods today… You might be lucky enough to spot gorgeous Zille Defeu showing her underwear! But I doubt it. Stephen however enjoys just such a treat and, not only that, the naughty little minx encourages him to spank her! So you can imagine that they were proud to present to you Zille… a delightful person and a well-known fetish model and photographer, as well as a dedicated San Franciscan spankee!




This was the 1st of many Zille Defeu updates that you can see exclusive to Northernspanking.com


& as promised, my long term spanko scrush, Amber Dawn, a fellow San Franciscan and all round naughty pain slut by her own admission that now has an amazing offer:

See all 3 of her sites, in effect – A Special AMBER PASS including her naughty nude modelling site where she just can’t help showing off her amazing 40″ bubble butt ass, here you’ll see more flawless images of her butt but of course you can see her thrashed at her regular site or her dishing it out in her unique fashion spanking and fucking so many pretty exclusive young newbies and she’s been online for nearly 5 years! Unbelievable… I remember the moment she went live all that time ago and was hooked from the start… er, perhaps because she’s a redhead and you *know* how I dig redheads… right?

Below are a few selected images from her “Purple Panties” collection at Amber Dawn Nude





& with that, I bid you “goodnight” as I contemplate scraping ice off my car windscreen early tomorrow morning – in the dark… will it snow? It’s been forecast again *groan* so I’m looking forward to work as always 🙂

Have a good one, what is left of your weekend, everyone! Chief.


Hey! Don’t forget, those who don’t want to sign up for memberships… I have just uploaded in full the latest film currently out at AAAspanking – Usual Suspects! It is at the Clips Store – check it out below!

Seriously Smoking Hot Spanking Updates

Yay! It’s Friday, I need to get this update done today so I can relax and enjoy a glass or 5 of finest vino in front of the log fire since it’s still a little chilly where I am… (but nothing like last year’s big chill or the blizzards way out north west in America, so small mercies and all that!) – So as the title suggests, lets take a look at some red hot stuff I have for you today, including a look at some old faves of mine you may not have seen before to add some old in withthe new!

New and now complete at Punishedbrats.com is an awesome OTK spanking movie with the newly cropped Pi, who looks so alluring with her tomboy looks that I can’t keep my eyes off her and her wiggling red bottom! Check out the images below and you’ll see why David was such a lucky fellow to be spanking this total hottie!

“The Confrontation” – Pi is surprised and not at all happy to see her father David at her door. But David is not about to leave until he has had a serious discussion with his daughter and he instills some tough love with a good hard hand spanking across his lap with her panties pulled down for an especially humiliating OTK session…




You can see the full uncut spanking movie of Pi (or 22 divided by 7, as I like to call her) at the link below


Next up is my favourite movie so far from Pandora’s new site DreamsOfSpanking.com – I haven’t had much time to view her site yet and will be doing a full review when I can but I highly recommend that you check it out, especially as she has options to join for just 5 days so you can see for yourself at a much lower price. She also told me that she is trying to attract more women surfers to the site, so my female readers (yes, there are still a few of you lovely ladies here… lol!) – please do go take a look (and of course, gents, please do NOT feel left out as there is plenty to view and gaze at with bleary spanko eyes…)

Just take a look at what I have for you , the 1st a 24 minute film with the awesome Zille Defeu (who I have definitely got a thing for now, OMG! I so want her to come appear at my site when she’s next in the UK!) she stars alongside Tom Cameron and Pandora in the film “Caned in Jodphurs” and following this I have some amazing Pandora fantasy images of her as a rather sexy, scantily clad secretary (should there ever be any other types?) some great photography as you’ll see, so check out what is going on at Pandora’s site from my gaze… below.




Pandora and Zille together *swoon*

Pandora the secretary

Check out the secretary images that I mentioned earlier… you can tell that Tom and Pandora both enjoyed making this for us to see… why? Well, whose fantasy is this? Tom’s or Pandora’s?

It’s a theme we all know so well and love (I certainly do) so I hope you enjoy these selected images I have for you. The website gallery has nearly 100 and they are in a much higher resolution than what I am showing here.

& the storyline? A young, nervous secretary. Her stern, intimidating boss. There’s only one way this can play out. But is it real life, or roleplay? His fantasy, or hers?

Why don’t you decide?  🙂




OK, I think you get the idea, right? Frankly, you’d be mad NOT to check out Pandora’s site. There are a bunch of nifty features that help you navigate around the site, you can leave comments just like on a blog on each and every update or section there is, which I like and I have to admit it was something I wanted to place on my site but because we use Strongbox (a security programme, which I will never give up as it is amazing) – it changes the actual web address to each unique user at that time and I tried setting up an interactive comment box but it wiped away comments as anything placed by members at the unique web address stayed there and didn’t show up the next time anyone would enter when they logged in… bummer, but I’m still working on that my end… Pandora already has it – and a whole load more which I will get news of to you in my own review sometime soon. In the meantime, go check it out.


For those who are wondering what I have updated at my site, as promised, I uploaded the 2nd part to the F/F film “When the Boss is Away” – go check it out, it’s a beaut! 🙂

click here to view the 2nd part of this movie

What’s hot & worth watching!

I’m sure these are all valid questions you would like answered out there in the kingdom of spanking… so I shall try and answer a few of these pertinent questions as I haven’t been online except to update my own site and I have been working hours in my regular job that are alien to me, like starting at 5am (getting up at 4!). I didn’t even know there was a 4am! So I have been just too tired – like poor little kitty below…

and I’ve been fed up with these mad hours but as I’m getting used to my ridiculous hours this week, here’s a welcome back post from me so I hope you like it… I’ll start with what is out at my own site as there is a brand new film with Sophie, the new girl I showed last week and a return for Jasmine… back by popular demand and she made a whole heap of new stuff with us which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate in time! This is a particular fave of mine as it’s a pyjamas film and one of the girls are wearing white panties underneath their PJ bottoms (shock horror!) I see to it they get an additional unfair punishment for that!

Jasmine is in Sophie’s private Dorm Room in an unauthorized stay under the blankets & they talk about various girly things until Jasmine admits she’s been “wanking” in Sophie’s bed!

If you haven’t already, click image above for the free gallery I just made public – it explains the movie as well in detail – there is also a great strapping clip which you can view and download HERE

So what can I tell you about the film? I don’t know why, but I found it amusing to have the girls talk about “wanking” – it’s not a word many women often use and I guess it’s also more of a British word, and since the girls are English, then why not?  Which is why I asked them to say it, some might think it rather childish of me, but it actually came across quite well in the film as they bicker about it and I come in and talk about “self defilement” which is what the title of the film is loosely based on! I hope my American members enjoy their arguments and accents before we get down to the strappings and leather paddling which left both girls bottoms nicely sore and a perfect shade of crimson!


& now to Amber’s sites – I had to ask her for my membership codes again since I had lost all my passwords recently… and so when I went back in the other day, I was in for a real treat… so whilst I’m on this “wanking” or “self defilement” theme (lol)… here’s a naughty film of Amber at SpankAmber.com as she gets off on what she describes as a “Sex Bench” – masturbating and jerking off her sweet pussy up nice in close after teasing us to start with… & Daddy joining in to fondle and stroke her tight buns before Amber fucks her aching pussy hard with a dildo and slaps her ass for us all! It’s a great diversion from her spanking films and one which captures the essence of what Amber as a person enjoys doing… receiving pleasure! She admitted to me that she web cams a lot, I think you could expect to see her do pretty much anything you’d want if you were to have a 1-2-1 session! Images below are from the latest movie series at SpankAmber.com






You can see MUCH MORE of Amber wankin’ & a spankin’ at SpankAmber.com

Meanwhile at her site where she gets to dish out the sexy punishments as only she knows how (lots of female play, foreplay, oil, ice cubes and of course her firm hand and myriad of implements both for punishment AND pleasure) we see a welcome return of Jolene, another redhead submissive slut that Amber loves playing upon… as you’ll see below… and I have to say that Amber is fixated with nipple play and clamping both on herself and her sub spankees…. I love it! I’m sure you’ll get a taster of what is going on in this latest series, prepare for double redhead overload!






Delightfully rude, tantalisingly naughty… that is how Amber loves to play and spank her girls!
CLICK HERE for more of this latest series & how to join both sites with one membership for a whole heap less!

Oh, and a big “Shout Out!” to Daddy who films Amber and her girls, how the hell he does this in a room that must smell of sweet female scent when these girls are on heat… my oh my… bravo, you’re a lucky man to then have Amber all to yourself afterwards!


Staying in America why not visit Punishedbrats.com – withtheir new large screen format movies and stunning girls like Pi, or as I called her first… “Twentytwo over Seven” (I’m such a geek I’m thinking about Jeri Ryan who played “Seven of Nine” from the Star Trek Voyager series…. but I could seriously digress… as you will too looking at Pi’s gloriously red bare bottom in these images taken from the film “Art Exhibit Failure”



Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom and you can see that Pi’s bottom turns red with shame as the leather strap licks her soft cheeks bringing her close to tears as the embarrassing punishment continued without mercy.

Another fantastic OTK spanking by David Pierson sees one uppity brat, Taylor Rayne, getting what she deserves in this movie now out in full to download as you’ll see below, these images show her off to perfection, a perfect wigglesome ass and one which I’m sure the “Cast Iron Protective Underpants” ® Chief – were deployed by Mr P. for some serious OTK discipline to stop any distracting wriggling onto his lap! I swear by them 🙂




Call From School – Wild child Taylor Rayne was still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked, but spanked she was… and hard across david’s lap as she kicked and cried out for him to stop, blubbing like a brat until he had had enough of her tiresome behavior and made her kneel on a stool in the corner, whilst snivelling, to reflect on the situation!

You can see these movie updates and of course awesome residents like Pixie and co only at Punishedbrats.com


OK, I have just noticed at NorthernSpanking.com just jow lucky one Mr Stephen Lewis has been recently…. have you seen the movie updates he’s involved in? Well, if you’re not a member, then perhaps you might want to see what this lucky git chap has been up to… 🙂

So… in no particular recent order and magnitude of “Gittiness” (Moi? Jaloux? Pas de tout!)
The Git Files #1: PJ Punishments of not just Zille Defeu… but Irelynn Logeen as well!



Hey, Stephen… if you’re reading this, just kidding! Awesome films as always, and you can see MORE of Zille & Irelynn with Stephen in the latest film just released…

The Git Files #2: Coach caned, bus blamed.

Just how DID Irelynn manage to win a race in world record time? Mr Lewis gets to the bottom of this (literally) with the helpful report of the busdriver on a route almost identical to the race itself! (Hmmm….) You’ll see both girls getting a deserved spanking and a special caning will be reserved for coach Zille Defeu!




Another movie at the same site currently being updated with Stephen red-lining my patent pending “Git-ometer” is with one of my favorite ladies who I’d “love” to have featured at my own site soon, even though I’m unsure she subs anymore (maybe just one film in amongst her domming the girls? Please???) I could hope, I suppose 😉 – anyway, I am getting distracted again, which is easy with Andi… as she disturbs Stephen’s late time reading…. beware of things that go “Bump” in the night!

The Git Files #3: Beware things that go bump in the night



Don’t forget to check out their vast archives which you can locate easily by model – CLICK HERE


Next… this site and model really need no introduction, but in case you have been living on Mars… then it is Amelia Jane Rutherford’s latest “Marriage Guidance Counselling” series from FirmHandSpanking.com where Amelia is advised on the perils of trying to drive after just a few hours sleep… this spanking is indeed for her own wellbeing, I should know after being tired and having an accident that wrote off my car end of June this year… it ain’t clever, kids… wise up! Some superb images from this movie are below for your delectation and fine early evening perusal:




See the free Movie Preview of this full length film HERE


OK, I wanted to do more so will be updating my other blogs with a movie review coming from this producer tomorrow (I’m not going to tell you which film but it’s a real cracker!) as well as a full movie review from Lupus, I’ll let you know where these reviews will be as well as a weekend update here from some European based spanking sites tomorrow, it’s gonna be busy! Have a good one! Back soon. Chief.