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24 Stroke Cold Caning

Hi! Sorry I wasn’t around sooner… I have been really busy and offline so not been on the net much at all until earlier today! The new film starring Zoe Montana is now out at my site and this is simply AWESOME! Fans of Zoe and those that want to watch somehting a little different, a bit edgy but consensual… take a look at this! We filmed it when we were at the Shadowlane Party a few months ago in Vegas… and Zoe was fine for us to do a film around cold caning, both her thighs which we knew would mark up… and of course her bottom. Zoe had already played a little but wasn’t too marked up… I was a little nervous, if truth be told, as I knew if I messed up with the caning strokes then everyone at the party would see! I didn’t bring any canes over with me (no room in my luggage) but I borrowed a heavy 14mm Dragon Cane from Johnny (aka FLApaddler on Fetlife) and both Dodgy Dave and Sarah helped me film this.


I had in my mind what we would do when we talked this through and agreed on 24 strokes and we’d do 6 at a time, reflect and continue… I also wanted Zoe to let us know what she was feeling, let the endorphins kick in and I wanted to keep her on edge as the final six strokes she knew would be harder… but I also mixed it up a bit and I realized instead of tapping her skin and giving her something to anticipate where I was aiming… I wanted to see how she’d process that if I tapped the bottom of her thighs and then hit her on the top (as most of the time she was unable to see exactly where I would be landing the cane). It was rather interesting and also I was very pleased with my technique… the caning strokes were hard and thuddy as agreed and nice and straight and pretty much every time, even when I nominated hitting her sweet spots… I got it right each time (phew!). That was pretty darned satisfying, I have to say!
The film ends with much aftercare, we had lotion on hand and this brought out the welts but soothed Zoe’s aching skin. All in all, I really loved making this impromptu film… sometimes these unscripted adventures are just the best. I gave this film a high end production value… as there was tension and drama unfolding, there is music in the background to reflect this and I used split screens and various cam angles to capture Zoe’s reactions – you can see the endorphins kicking in later on, it is rather awesome to watch back! I also used a few (not many as they can be annoying) “slo-mo” action shots where I thought it would enhance what was happening. The film is around 22 minutes in length and now available to members at AAAspanking.com for download. This film is also available to view in full from the Clips store and has been quite popular since it went up a couple of days ago, hardly surprising, I really think this film is fabulous.
This is all about Zoe and when she has finished discussing what we were about to do… the focus was always on her as this was Zoe’s deal, she requested that we do this and, of course, I was more than happy to film this! I have a fair few screen images and a free link to the film, the HD1080 version is only available to members – or Clip Store downloaders! Enjoy! I have also included the official descriptor blurb of Zoe’s caning so you know exactly what it was about!

zoe001 zoe006 zoe020 zoe027 zoe039 zoe057 zoe087 zoe112 zoe160 zoe161 zoe171 zoe211 zoe217 zoe237 zoe244 zoe247 zoe253 zoe264 zoe275 zoe276 zoe278 zoe279

Zoe’s 24 Stroke Cold Caning

John had a blast playing with Zoe Montana at the last Shadowlane Party and this film collaboration took place when they agreed on what she wanted… a good hard cold caning session for which he just happened to have a heavy 14mm Dragon Cane to do the job. Zoe requested that the cold caning should be on her thighs too and they arrived at a round number of 24 strokes delivered hard and cold. This film introduces Zoe to the site followed by the canings which took place in groups of six. After each stroke, Zoe wanted to process that feeling and in this film, for the very first time, mood music was produced with background tension music too with various camera angles, split screens and a few “slo-mo” impact shots as her bottom and thighs showed signs of the cold caning. As Zoe anticipated and processed the strokes John changed this a little by randomly chosing a spot without tapping to aim beforehand, making this particularly edgy for Zoe who admitted it got more intense! This film also includes the scenes of aftercare, with lotion carefully rubbed into her sore welts as well as plenty of hugs. This is a totally unique and amazing film that admirers of Zoe Montana and good hard caning techniques will enjoy immensely.

Click image below to view this free clip – if it doesn’t play in your browser or device CLICK HERE to view an alternative downloadable clip from the main site tour pages

View the FULL HD1080 film as a member at AAAspanking.com

Or view it as a special one time download at the CLIP STORE HERE


Now with over 225 full films – and we have another special Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival to look forward to next week with 3… “yes 3 films!” on top of our updates making it an awesome super week indeed! What with this film, the conclusion to the Amelia Jane Rutherford shower scene (which I promise you is worth the entry fee alone!) what else have I been doing this week? Oh yes, I managed to find how to make sure my European prospective members get the best deal from CCbill by turning off their preferential rates, so please… no more bleating, on a long term membership, this will save you money. Of course I shall monitor this and see if I get an increase in European sign ups now 🙂


& don’t forget the extra incentives I have currently at the site – the Loyalty Membership scheme is one of my most popular and no other site has dared do this quite the way I have – rather than an annual sub, this gives you the freedom of joining long term but YOU decide when you want to stop, if at all… as you get billed every 3 months at the rate of an equivalent $11/month after the initial month’s sign up. It rewards Loyalty… (and now this rate applies to Europeans/Asians/Oceana too without CCbill’s rate fixings!) and I promise you I have some AMAZING films coming up between now and the New year I know you will all enjoy very much. I am getting excited thinking about what is coming!!! LOL


Signing off today, I found a couple of images taken of Zoe with us after the Shadowlane Party when she stayed with us (or Dodgy Dave’s room, to be exact) when we were at the Elara Hilton hotel… chilling by the pool… you can clearly see the aftermath of Zoe’s thigh caning marks and bruises about 5/6 days after the filmed event. I loved that she didn’t give a flying shit who saw her marks, I was proud they were still there… it was a nice way for us all to relax and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. Of course, Zoe would be able to tell you far more naughtier stories of what she got up to in the evenings before her trip to San Francisco (when we all parted our ways at the end of that week), but I am a gentlemen… and we never spill the beans unless told to *wink*

Sarah & Zoe relaxing poolside…


Zoe chills and checks her messages as I get a photo taken chilling by the pool with a well earned rest!


Hope you enjoyed this insight into an incredible film we made, please enjoy it and I look forward to bringing you more exciting news coming soon for members of AAAspanking.com


poppyLest we forget, it was Remembrance Day (or Veterans Day as it’s called in America) on November 11th which was especially poignant here in Britain since it marked just over 100 years since the start of the First World War – in Britain alone an entire generation of young men were wiped out with the loss of over 880,000 lives! We respect and remember those that gave their lives in this and all the other conflicts since that dark time. In London, the poppy appeal has really taken off this year with a special display of ceramic hand made poppies planted by hand (over 880,000 of them representing every fallen  soldier from that first awful war). It has made an awesome tourist attraction as well as bringing awareness to this year’s appeal!


Your chance to choose a film at AAA

OK, this is YOUR chance to tell me what film I should release on Monday 3rd November… that’s just over a couple of weeks away and the earliest I can give you guys a chance as the next film is already to go this week and then I have my specific Halloween themed film in place. As you will see (above) there is a choice of 3 films, 2 of them are being edited now and will be more than ready by then… so what I have done is given you some screen images with a brief descriptor and why this film should be chosen ahead of the others. So, in no particular order of preference… here are the 3 films: I promise you whatever one you choose, it is special!

Amelia Jane Rutherford – Showered & Shamed


Amelia is a lazy girl… spending her time in bed all day when everyone else is up. Not only that, she doesn’t always take a shower when she gets up and this has not gone unnoticed in the house! When she plays up and refuses to be told that her behaviour is not acceptable… John knows exactly what to do. She is spanked in her bedroom, her pyjama bottoms pulled down and her bare cheeks spanked with his hand and leather paddle. However that isn’t enough, Amelia is being such a brat, John drags her into the bathroom and shames her with a cold showering in her PJs… she is shocked and this ordeal finishes with her learning some important lessons with a further embarrassing spanking, naked and shivering in shame!

a002 a003

a004 a005

a006 a007

Why should you vote for this film? – Ok, it has Amelia Jane Rutherford… “Yeah, she’s great” you say… “but why should I pick this film ahead of 2 others not shown on your site yet? That’s a good question, in reply… I believe no one has ever shamed Amelia in such a way as to place her into the bath tub and shower her down in her pyjamas with cold water! This was a special submission and spanking film you will enjoy seeing!

Zoe Montana – 24 Stroke Cold Caning


This is a long play film with the amazing Zoe Montana. We met at the recent Shadowlane Party in Vegas and came up with this cool collaboration. Zoe trusted me with a hard cold caning with a Dragon Cane… not only that but they were to be on her thighs as well as her bared bottom. On top of that, I was a little nervous as Zoe was playing later with other guests and would no doubt show off the cane marks… I had better be accurate and straight! I enjoyed the chemistry we had, the fact that we would talk through each part of the caning, Zoe would let us know what was happening as her endorphins kicked in from the painful strokes. It’s an amazing debut performance for Zoe on AAA!

b002 b003

b004 b005

b006 b007

Why should you choose this film? OK, Zoe is a fantastic player, everyone loved her at the Party. This is a rare cold caning film with the consent and blessing of Zoe. It is a bit special, great facial reactions and special action shots, slow motion impacts, lotion rubbing and the focus being solely about Zoe! It’s a great film that I can’t wait to see myself!

Stevie Rose – Superstitious Spanker


Another amazing debut at AAA from Stevie Rose. As we were in a hotel casino we played the role of a couple and Stevie had forgotten to ensure my lucky gambling coat was cleaned for our night out! I was understandably upset and her reasons for not doing it were only making me angry so she ended up over my lap instead of us going out! Stevie got a hard hand spanking as that is the only lesson she learns. However, something about Stevie’s behaviour made me believe she was taking thsi punishment too easily so I decided to place her in the embarrassing wheelbarrow position. That made her a little more submissive and contrite… she had never been spanked like this before in such intimate detail!

c002 c003

c004 c005

c006 c007

Why should you choose this film? Stevie is a very popular model, she had taken time out so I was honored to be one of the few new sites to showcase Stevie! It’s a great OTK spanking, I loved the way she struggled and wriggled but of course she also got a wheelbarrow spanking too and you lovers of this position will obviously LOVE this film seeing Stevie as never before!

So that’s it… make your choice, I won’t reveal the results until closing which is at the end of this month! Whichever film you choose, it’s going to be a great start to November and I promise that you will get to see the other films featured here BEFORE Xmas! Also grab the Trial Offer before the end of this month as it won’t be around after that!!!


Starships, Friday 13th & Spankings


World Cup mania has begun In Brazil…
but at Spanking Blogg I also have my mind on other things too!

Thank you to a couple of you who mailed me to see if I was alright… I am feeling better, if somewhat annoyed that I really don’t want to be venturing outside (and risking complete exposure to more pollens after such a bad episode) on what is probably the warmest and nicest day of the year so far where I live…. as you may recall, I mentioned my severe Hayfever attack I had yesterday, I am pretty much recovered from it, but feel weak, like I am recovering from a really nasty cold! Anyway… onto some cracking updates elsewhere away from my own site (it would seem Lily Swan is attracting a lot of attention since my sign ups have tripled to what they usually do after a new film release… seems you like her, i know I do and hope to work with her again soon!) – Anyway, as I was saying… lets get on with various spanking news and updates.


As it’s the World Cup in Brazil… this olden but golden Brazilian spanking classic is very hot once again, if you haven’t viewed these films in the best remastered formats available only at one place, then check out these films as a special one off download event with added and unseen images from NaughtyBottom.com – click image below to see the preview gallery pages for yourself. Each image shows a new gallery of the film it is showcasing 🙂

01 02

03 04


Satisfying my geek side is the latest offering from Spanked-in-Uniform.com – it has been a while since this section was updated but the Disciplinary Ship Genesis is back! I was wondering if the starship was marooned surveying the moons of Uranus *titter* – but it’s back and I just LOVE those uniforms! – and the spanking, of course!



episode7_P1010542 episode7_P1010555

episode7_P1010549 episode7_P1010550


The Genesis is on the way back to Earth after a science conference on Vulcan. It is a long journey and some of the crew will get quite restless and indulge in naughty behaviour. Two of these are ensigns Fae and Tiina who did indeed indulge in some “hanky panky” in their quarters but Captain Rogers caught them and gave them both a sound paddling followed by a few hard swats with the Captain’s Stinger.

ep7_7 ep7_11

Click HERE to view the full series of geek-tastic spankings plus 16 more styles to choose from!



Earlier this week from English Spankers, beautiful young wife Ashley had to repay in full what she owed!

npp7022008 npp7022012

npp7022020 npp7022025

npp7022034 npp7022037

npp7022041 npp7022044

npp7022047 npp7022049

Ashley is determined not to repay certain loans she has taken out but has at last been caught alone by the debt collector. She protests that she has no money and that she will try to pay when she can, not a very good story. The debt collector decides that what is needed is a short sharp shock and that is what Ashley gets on her bare bottom. Bent over the knee this lovely young wife is spanked first on her panties and then very hard on her bare bottom.

See the free clip of this below


I can’t remember if I had shown some of these here, I maybe did, but the full series is now complete so I just wanted to let you know that Zoe Montana’s update is now out at Northernspanking.com featuring what happens when  rude young girls are caught reading unsuitable material!!! Borstal was a young offendor’s Institution in the UK, I’m not sure they have these anymore (I think they are called young offendors institutes, lol) but the austerity and bleakness of these places were often said to give these inamtes a short sharp shock! “Hear Hear!”


Borstal girl Zoe is caught with a very naughty magazine in her room. If she likes spanking so much, thinks the Warder, lets see how much she enjoys a severe strapping.

NSI107-MZX019 NSI107-MZX029 NSI107-MZX039

NSI107-MZX052 NSI107-MZX056

NSI107-MZX064 NSI107-MZX071

NSI107-MZX081 NSI107-MZX087




I know just how much of a naughty brat Sarah Gregory can be… (LOL!) so it came as no surprise on their recent trip together in Texas that this got filmed between her and her “daddy” Paul Rogers… lots of these events are remakes of what happens in real life. This is a very believable event and makes it more interesting for this fact, though I love fantasy of course… I also like when I can base something on a real life event close to myself and films it, just as Sarah did here. Below are the video images from the film “bathed & Burned” which is out now to download at SarahGregorySpanking.com


0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-010 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-012

0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-017 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-021


Paul is not happy when he can’t access his Fetlife account. This is because his bratty Babygirl, Sarah, has changed the password. While she is enjoying an afternoon bath, he marches into the bathroom, pulls her out of the tub and spanks her hard on her bare wet bottom. She doesn’t think it is so funny now.

0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-002 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-013


0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-019 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-032


See ALL of Sarah’s fantastic spanking movies in full HD HERE


Right, I’m off… it’s Spain v Holland in the next game on TV in the World Cup… interesting this one, 2 of the best teams in Europe… and a REPEAT of the actual final of 2010 in South Africa. Beers are ready! Tally Ho!


Best of British Spankings this week

I had already updated my site earlier this week with a new film ahead of my schedule, it’s proving popular and for a good reason since it was the last ever double collaboration with Irelynn Logeen & Leia Ann Woods. That is an end of an area for my site… I doubt I will ever work with either girl again so it was rather sad to see the last of their work from over 3 years ago finally up on my site. Still, if there are enough email requests for future work with Leia then I shall consider it… but I spend so much time in America nowadays my direction is moving towards that country, even if it has a distinctly English kink to it (which it would appear is popular) I won’t stop hiring English girls as I love the way they act and take on the roles… but I appear to have found a good niche of American girls who do EXACTLY what the girls I’ve worked with in the UK do so well… so I am happy either way. What I don’t like doing is working with girls who feel they need to – just for the money or don’t get our niche… it makes me feel bad when they get upset that the spanking is hurting or something (well… it IS a spanking after all!) – Fortunately this is rare as I try to warn all new girls that I have hired in the recent past exactly what they will let themselves in for…just as I know Sarah & Mr Stern do at their group of sites. They tend to go for new girls, many untried, sometimes it works, other times the girls decide it’s not for them… but in every case the girls get a very sore red bottom… as Vickie, the naughty maid, finds out to her cost with a double caning from Aunty Katie and Sarah at English-Spankers.com – this is one of my favourite English spanking style websites and is well worth a visit…

The Maid & a Double Caning


Aunty Katie and Sarah are rather enjoying celebrating Katie’s birthday, a few glasses of wine and a nice bottom to punish, what more could you want? They have now decided that the last present that Katie will receive should be put to good use. Two new canes. Poor maid Vickie has to bend over again and despite having a very sore bottom the two celebrants cane her hard.

npp7002006 npp7002009


npp7002013 npp7002015


npp7002022 npp7002027




& in case you missed it, in another maid themed severe punishment… Sarah Bright takes it out on her maid, Imogen, at her own excellent site SpankingSarah.com in another “House of Correction” film now available in full to view and download.


The second visit by Sarah to the house of correction and she has a very nasty surprise for the newest inmate Imogen. This young lady has already suffered a very hard paddling at Sarah’s hands but now she has much worse planed. Suzanne the maid has to watch and even assist by holding Imogen down while Sarah beats her bare bottom with two leather riding whips. This is a hard beating and brings young Imogen close to tears.

npp7000027 npp7000028


npp7000041 npp7000047


npp7000051 npp7000054




One of those most English of Institutions was “Borstal” – a place where young delinquents would spend their formative years in harsh and often very strict prison like conditions, since they were unable to behave or function in society. Like anything nowadays, this has been watered down to appease the beardy Politically Correct Greens and European tree huggers who prefer to “talk or reason” with their bratty offspring who quickly learn this is an excuse to get away with even more poor behaviour… but I digress. here is a nice update from Northernspanking.com reminding us of bygone years of a girl (Zoe Montana) caught with illicit reading materials and the punishment she would get for this “crime”.


NSI107-MZX006 NSI107-MZX027


NSI107-MZX038 NSI107-MZX052


NSI107-MZX055 NSI107-MZX064


Borstal girl Zoe is caught with a very naughty magazine in her room. If she likes spanking so much, thinks the Warder, lets see how much she enjoys a severe strapping!

You can view this and the many authentic British punishments from NorthernSpanking.com



Staying with strict and authoritarian for a moment… please do go check out Pandora’s site DreamsofSpankings.com with a great cold caning film just released…


This office scenario will appeal to fans of traditional cold caning. Pandora Blake makes a mistake on a report, and strict boss Paul Kennedy needs to teach her a lesson. He makes her strip from the waist down and bend over to touch her toes, displaying her naked bottom and black stockings as he flexes the cane. The caning makes Pandora wince and gasp in pain. But her boss insists she must stay still, and take every single hard stroke. By the end her bare bottom is decorated with bright red stripes. After this harsh punishment she won’t make the same mistake again.

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning005 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning010

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning014 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning017

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning023 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning025




Finally today, although these guys are Dutch (they speak perfect English, of course)… we kind of consider them close enough and similar enough to our style of discipline to count at “Brits!” so I will include what is happening at another disciplinary institution which is taking shape in a new section of Spanked-in-Uniform.com – the “Masonfield Prison for Women”… below are the latest episodes from the two-parter which you can review in glorious HD playback… like any of the other sites I have featured here today!



ep3_12 ep3_13


Inmates Jolene and Amy were on Toilet Duty and when the Warden inspected their work, He found them laughing and joking instead of cleaning. He took them both into the open area of the prison and He spanked them both soundly where every inmate could see. He then told them to clean the toilets properly or it’s another sore bottom before lights out! – Warden Johnson inspected the toilet but it was not clean. He told inmates Jolene and Amy to be in punishment position two 15 minutes before lights out. This meant they had to lay over the edge of the top bunk in their cell, bottoms bare. The warden showed up on time and gave them both a good paddling. They both slept on their stomachs that night.


ep4_4 ep4_11





In other news, I’m just off to the airport to take Sarah there so she can fly back to America… it’s rather sad… and I’m being told off now by her for writing this “Commando” as I had to go buy a 3 set of Boxer underwear from Sainsburys (or sains-bear-rees as she pronounces it in her cute American accent) as I had none clean to wear today… to my worldwide readership, and not just that from the UK… Sainsburys (pronounced sains-burries, by the way) is one of our larger supermarket/grocery chains here. Oh… & I rather liked this “Going commando” malarkey… hehe! Anyways… be back soon! 😉


Gorgeous Spanking Punishments

It’s late, I had planned to get this out on Tuesday, so now there will be 2 updates dated for Wednesday…oh well. I had been out earlier shopping and sorting out all my stuff which is still in boxes and black bags, a lot still are packed up and looking incredibly messy but at least I have made a start. I also found out that I have “tennis elbow” thankfully in my left arm… I had my suspicions, but the Doc confirmed this earlier, and I can tell you it is damned annoying and painful!!!

So kicking off today’s site updates you should take a look at… see Laura’s intimate and stinging bare pussy strapping… she gets it right across her poor pussy with a specially designed softer leather strap… but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t hurt… as any lady will testify, anything hit with reasonable force “down there” is gonna hurt! It also looks damned HOT!

laura011 laura012

laura001 laura002

laura005 laura004

laura009 laura010

laura007 laura008

Check out more intimate and specialist punishments at Spanking Server


The continued series of Zoe Montana spanked by Paul Kennedy in an industrial kitchen sink is addictive viewing from NorthernSpanking.com and I have to say these are the best pics I have seen of Zoe, it was original and quirky and of course the soap suds got everywhere. From memory, I think this was Paul’s first visit to the place… it’s such a shame it is no longer available as a venue, the place was massive and we had all barely scraped the surface with filming here…

NSI107-PZ186 NSI107-PZ188

NSI107-PZ190 NSI107-PZ203

NSI107-PZ206 NSI107-PZ207

NSI107-PZ214 NSI107-PZ218

Check out the full series with Zoe Montana only at NorthernSpanking.com


Amber Dawn’s massive site network is nearly 7 years old, I will post a special feature on her site later this week when it IS 7 years old, but get in early and take advantage of a special offer she is making to celebrate this landmark… and for now, why not enjoy the sight of Crystal Cat… a gorgeous exclusive first timer that Amber played with… these are images taken from her first spanking film over Amber’s lap… I liked the split screen action… and if you like Crystal, there’s plenty more of this young lady inside the site too!

cat001 cat002

cat003 cat004

cat005 cat006

cat007 cat008

Enjoy their  7th Anniversary with a special limited offer – Join now for only $13!

See Amber’s 42″ white ass up close and personal. See her spankings, her facials, the suckings and her orgasms every week. Membership includes 7 years of movies and stills, exclusive live feeds and weekly movie updates. Movie Galleries include:

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Finally , I have decided I want more follower on Twitter, so if you guys have accounts, please try to follow me, I am gonna post news and links and images not seen anywhere else, so it will be worth it 🙂

just click on the image below for my Twitter account. Night Night!

A scatterbrained start to the week!

Oops! I forgot to renew the domain for this site, and I thought it was next week… and, as I do, I ALWAYS leave things to the last minute (God knows why, I am like that with commuting to work… it’s only 8-9 miles away yet I think I can get there across some rather nasty country roads in 10-15 minutes which often has me driving like a lunatic on the long straights at times to make sure I get there just on time! I really ought to change my ways… so the latest example of my forgetfulness just proves the point that I should “DO” and not “DITHER” or procrastinate. ‘Er indoors has me sussed as she quotes me with “I’m just going to do…” which I often say. Anyway, I’m back here, and I renewed the domain for longer than a year this time so I won’t have to worry about it next year!

So, time to bring you some more of what I have been watching, these aren’t all brand new updates (some are) but as I have just said… why not take a look at what I have also been watching, past and present, it’s a glorious spanking mix and my way of saying “oops… sorry, enjoy these ripe red bottoms for your viewing pleasure!” – I know I did!

I’m starting with the resident perv that loves humiliating and spanking his girls in his own unique fashion, all the way from Russia at Spankingthem.com – This latest young lady has an inkling of what is to come, she is nervous and knows what he is like as it is the talk of the office… I loved watching her remove her clothes (slowly), she is a tall, lithe fit thing, with enough flesh on her backside to receive a good red bottom spanking as you’ll see when she is spanked, strapped and flogged…

Natala strips as she is told what will happen to her!


natalya002 natalya003

natalya004 natalya005

natalya006 natalya007 natalya008

natalya009 natalya010

natalya011 natalya012


natalya014 natalya015

See the free clip below of Natala’s spanking…
she spends a lot of the time crawling in this submissive position!



From NorthernSpanking.com is the full complete update to the wonderful duo/duel between Zoe Montana and Molly Malone, these 2 together were an awesome pairing as you can see in this very sexy, highly erotic spanking action that has Zoe giving her lover, Molly, a painful surprise (oh… goody!)


Zoe bides her time waiting for Molly’s “Homecoming”

NSI107-MZ009 NSI107-MZ037

NSI107-MZ054 NSI107-MZ071

NSI107-MZ084 NSI107-MZ106

NSI107-MZ096 NSI107-MZ110

NSI107-MZ120 NSI107-MZ130


OMG! There are plenty more HOT girl on girl updates waiting for you at Northern Spanking!


New this past week at Spanked-in-Uniform.com was a great sexy French maid niche update with naughty submissive Adreena falling foul of Mike’s wrath as you will discover below… I love seeing girls dressed in lingerie and skimpy sexy uniforms getting spanked, don’t you?


French maid Adreena Winters was sent out to a customer who wanted a submissive slave maid. He was not satisfied with her so he sent a letter to the owner of the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency. After reading the letter he told Adreena to come to his office and he gave her a lesson in submission which included kissing his shoes, face slapping, lots of spanking and the riding crop. Adreena is now a much better and submissive sexy maid!


ep5_5 ep5_6

ep5_8 ep5_9

ep5_14 ep5_11




What’s there NOT to like about this wonderful and severe spanking film courtesy of the twisted mind of Dallas? I watched this again earlier today, I liked the little added touches like the music that brunette Natasha danced to (very authentic) and the finale where she wiggled, gyrated and belly danced, with her red bottom burning for us all to see! there were also some great facial angles and split screens to showcase her tear stained face and the hard strapping across her poor sore bottom! Just one of the many films you can see with your membership at DallasSpanksHard.com

Natasha the belly dancer gets more than she bargained for!

cora001 cora002

cora003 cora004

cora005 cora006

cora007 cora008

cora009 cora010

cora011 cora012

Cora wiggling at the end of her spanking…
Check out the FREE clip (below) of

See the full punishment of the bellydancer HERE


& here are 2 films I watched recently from SpankingServer.com – the 1st with Heidi paddling naughty nurse, Ines… in one of their wicked restraining benches!

ines01 ines03

ines04 ines05

ines06 ines07

ines08 ines10

Followed by a naughty French maid, Cora, given a cropping punishment by Peter in a no nonsense punishment before being sent back to work to finish her cleaning job.

c001 c002

c003 c004

c005 c006

c007 c008

c009 c010

Check out the latest punishments on offer incl. access to free Pain 4 Fem films with your membership!


Finally for today, be aware that I have an awesome film coming out later this week with the precocious but very lovely Lola “pee pee” Marie who has a detention punishment outdoors with a twist, or rather I have to endure her losing bladder control whilst being spanked over my lap as she pees all over my trousers… which results in her getting a rather distressing caning and carpet beater punishment instead of a simple spanking! Ok, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea…. but I promise you it’s a good hard punishment film if you don’t like the peeing scenes…. just think of it as getting her own back on her nasty punisher (me!)

Oh, I can confirm if was quite warming… tee hee!

lolapeepee001 lolapeepee002

lolapeepee003 lolapeepee004

Coming soon to AAA Spanking!


Today’s update at AAA is the massive full files of Unwanted Friendship (see the free gallery if you have missed it) with Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone… or you can view this, along with the full file upload as a one off downloadable option at the CLIPS STORE

A Great Start to the week!

Good news! Well, it is for me today! I have a day off and this morning I will devote time SOLELY to bringing you a mega update of spanking erotica and news to keep you all MORE than happy! I must apologize for my brief absence, being away from this blog is a real pain… as I love writing here, moaning, ranting, letting you guys know what’s happening in the online scene and of course sharing some of my content and other producers films that I rate! (legally!)

unhappyfaceIt has also been a week where I know some other producers have had one from hell… and are continuing to – as the greed and piracy of some are literally ripping the heart out of our tight knit UK community! “Oh no! Not harping on about piracy again” I hear you mutter… well, yes, I really think some of these individuals either have no idea how badly it affects us… or plain just don’t care and do it solely for their own personal profit. In one of the latest attacks, for example, forum members are provided with only paid links (why not pay a membership to US instead of this lowlife?), so they can get more money from the various filehosters or filelockers. I won’t bore you with the detail, but right now I live in fear that my site is next, I have had a number of increased fraudulent/attempted sign ups recently… as have my fellow producers here in the UK. We are being targeted by someone/several people using stolen card details, they will get in eventually… they always bloody do! I’m not going to give away how I monitor what I look out for from potential thieves of our content but it does irreparable harm! I know one producer actually cried, I know how she felt as I had a “site rip” earlier this year – it is utterly soul destroying to see it happening in front of you, you feel helpless, exposed, violated… you really do! & the filehosting companies are complicit, they know this illegal activity (I will not argue, it is!) and hide behind a law that they eventually comply with but know that the links have been downloaded and then allow the illegal file sharer to re up them again almost immediately. Some companies are working on closing down the monetisation of filehosters… this is the new way that has seen 100’s of would be scammers and thieves of content worldwide stopped before their file hosting companies can really take off… We spend time removing these links, time we would much rather spend on producing more content for our own sites. It takes away the joy and creativity we all have and this is a very real threat to some of us smaller producers as more and more hard pressed people turn to free links.

If you are one of these, everytime you download a link, you are helping to fund many pirates at OUR expense. I have said it once, I’ll say it again, I don’t want to continue if this is the future  – I would rather try and sell up with what content I had spare and leave this hassle to others, as much as I hate to admit this and I know there are others who feel the same – is this what you want? Small producers forced out? – Leaving only big ones in their wake and the odd clips 4 sale snippets from any Tom Dick or Sally making a few Bucks here and there? I’d be interested to know if any of you have done this in the past, we try to keep our memberships competitive, I even have a great idea on rewarding loyalty which will be coming soon at my site… but I think I have said enough… please just remember the best way you can support any of us is to buy a membership of the site you like the look of, we appreciate your support, contrary to some ignorants out there, we do not make a vast fortune from this! I barely break even (of course I do but only just) but I still have a full time job elsewhere which often takes over my life and I spend so much time updating, helping to edit, promote and deal with customer queries (I had 2 this morning) and not including spending more time on my much neglected blogs – I am burning myself out! Seeing a site rip of my own site would just break my heart and make me question why i am doing any of this! Remember, i am not alone in that thought 🙁

OK, let’s try and cheer us all up and check out some great updates that I have missed this past week to bring to you!

The New Master – starring Pandora Blake & Tom Cameron at Redstripe Films

english-spankersnpp-830058 english-spankersnpp-830059

english-spankersnpp-830061 english-spankersnpp-830064

english-spankersnpp-830041 english-spankersnpp-830043

The Spanking Mansion can now feature the very first initiation of Pandora Blake into the world of domination and pain. Her new and her first master take her to a secret location in the heart of the countryside where her initiation will take place over a number of days. The lessons she will learn will be instilled upon her with a variety of punishments for transgressions, a detailed account is kept and the appropriate punishment administered with a harsh reality that will leave her bewildered. Why is she here, why does she submit and give her body freely, how much of the punishment can she take. You have to see this collection of films and watch the progression of this beautiful young lady – CLICK HERE to see a freeview clip of this classic film!


I will be flitting across The Atlantic (not literally, unfortunately!) between various spanking sites – as an example, here’s some of the latest films coming out from Michael Masterson’s websites, filmed in Colorado as a rule! the 1st features a recent collaboration with one of the nicest brats with a very spankable bottom that I have personally had the “pleasure” of thrashing…. Miss Alex Reynolds!

11867_006 11867_013

11867_025 11867_029

11869_0041 11869_0081

11869_0141 11869_0341

11869_0401 11867_0362

Alex is waiting nervously to be punished by Mr. M. He arrives and takes her OTK and spanks her hard with his hand on her bare bottom. She is then made to wait for him to return with an implement. He returns and spanks Alex with his belt on the bare bottom, bent over the bed. She is then left in her room with a VERY red, sore bottom! Check out this great film and many more like it only from RealSpankings.com


& over at the sister site RealSpankingsInstitute.com – a double punishment of Harlan and Abigail in the lunge position caught my eye! I love seeing this position used… it is embarrassing and painful for the spankee in a proper old fashioned discipline setting!

Below images are taken from the HD film “Room Inspection Fail”

11906_002 11906_014

11906_020 11906_024

11907_001 11907_003

11907_016 11907_025

After long hand-spankings, both girls are left in time out. The Dean returns with a leather tawse and straps Abigail in the lunge position. With her bottom still sore from her handspanking, the Dean then makes Miss Harlan assume the lunge position, while fully naked, and straps her long and hard with the tawse too!

& below, I couldn’t resist showing you some images from Kiki’s latest punishment at the institute!

Kiki scored unusually high on an exam she took. She is required to retake the test in the Dean’s presence and she misses 7 answers that she had previously answered correctly. She is required to take three strokes with the leather punishment strap for each missed answer. This punishment leads to tears and a sore bottom, followed by a very uncomfortable time out.

11912_007 11912_016

11912_023 11912_028

Kiki’s long hard strapping punishment on her pert cheeks can be viewed in full HERE


I love seeing grown women given a spanking, maybe because I always think they “should know better” but there is an element of embarrassment and shame that accompanies a grown up punishment spanking… along the lines of “I am too old to go over your knee or get the cane” etc… well, this isn’t the case for Sarah Bright & Katie Didit… and this is a wonderful, hard punishment film I know you will enjoy!

Taken from the ongoing “Dare You Dine with Me” series (I liked this one!!!)
Sarah & Katie get caned!

npp60001004 npp60001006

npp60001012 npp60001020

npp60001021 npp60001027

npp60001041 npp60001043

npp60001054 npp60001062

Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner.  (You can see a special gallery of that film HERE – remember?) The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behaviour decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked and then caned extremely hard on their sore bare bottoms!

Click HERE to view the special free caning preview


Sarah Gregory’s visit to Florida produced this stunning F/F spanking film during her “Blonde period” as she gets to grips (again) with stunning model Galas (having a change of hair colour too) the sexy curvacious brunette… (I can’t keep up with the hair changes, lol) – all I know is that this is female spanking erotica at its kinkiest, I love seeing girls spanked in the bathtub… seeing TWO is even better! Taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 004 007

008 009

011 015


004 006

012 016

Sarah and Galas are in the tub together comparing the spankings they got at school from their hot teacher. When Galas says she kinda has a crush on him, Sarah is not too happy. Sarah spanks her girlfriend on her wet bottom for crushing on someone else. Then Galas decides to spank Sarah for the hell of it, which turns them both on.

Full naughty film can be viewed at Sarah’s site HERE


& at her sister site MommaSpankings.com – a rather odd time for this film to come out as it is “Thanksgiving” themed… but nonetheless a welcome addition to the new site as it’s a great double punishment of bratty Sarah by mom & dad! Taken from the film “An Unhappy Spanksgiving”

014 016

008 016 (1)

005 016 (2)

003 010 011

008 (1)

009 015

Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE to view the new site MommaSpankings.com tour pages and see for yourself!

Or view BOTH sites as one at the banner link below
(giving you a very generous discount off the sites) & you can use the same codes!



Mike takes time off this week (just this week!) from spanking his naughty girls and here’s a chance to see 2 new models interact in the new uniform niche on the site – from the Sexy Maid Cleaning Company section… there’s MORE to come from this and members will see it all – welcome Adrienn and her hapless new maid, Timi.


ep3_6 ep3_8

ep3_9 ep3_12

ep3_14 ep3_15

ep3_16 ep3_18


A businesswoman, Adrienn, wanted a sexy maid to clean her house so she booked Timi for the day. She paid for her to clean only but when she saw young Timi bending over, showing off her delightfully spankable bottom, Adrienn couldn’t contain herself any longer and she ordered Timi over her knee and spanked her. Adrienn also took a leather paddle to her bottom and a riding crop. Timi obviously told her boss what happened and in part 2 we will see what happens to Adrienn! (hmmm, can you guess, I don’t think Mike will be far away, do you?)

Check out all the latest updates across the excellent and extensive tour pages HERE


I’m going to show these images, even if it may be an error on the part of the great folk at NorthernSpanking.com – mainly because the images I have here are so f*cking HOT! (I had to swear… sorry!) You’ll see why in a mo… however, this page was supposed to be for another update and I know that Zoe Montana was again over here in the UK… and I have most probably (once again) missed a chance to film with her but my filming schedules were all tied up and I had little leeway but seeing Molly Malone and Zoe together… well, take a look for yourselves at these teasing images and make your mind up – this looks awesome, does it not?


NSI107-MZ003 NSI107-MZ010 NSI107-MZ027

NSI107-MZ008 NSI107-MZ015

NSI107-MZ022 NSI107-MZ025

I encourage you to investigate MORE at NorthernSpanking.com


& finally today, from the world of Sorority girls getting the spankings, initiations and other various hazing and rituals dished out to new pledges located HERE… I (sadly) see one of the very last films that Kat St James will ever appear in (unless someone has a vast hidden archive of her stuff)… now this is what is said at the site and I am not sure whether that means she is retiring from good from the online scene… I presume she is, as I don’t wish to blow her cover, but she is older than she appears and has a kid (well… most of us do, I guess) so perhaps she wishes to retire gracefully before some unkind idiot like me blabs and says she is looking old (* she isn’t by the way, she looks HOT and I will miss her presence online greatly!) – Kat has played that innocent doe eyed girl to perfection for so long now, I guess the day would come when she said “no more”  – so it goes without saying that this is a cool finale in 2 parts on the road to Vegas of which Kat makes her farewell in style outside in the warm  sunshine!

002 003

004 005

010 013

015 016

In Kat St. James last ever spanking shoot, she and Veronica Ricci run away from school. Veronica tries to talk Kat out of it, she even agrees to take a spanking half way to Vegas if that will stop Kat. But it doesn’t. Veronica spanks Kat, but that doesn’t work either. Sister Mary Alex (played by Alex Reynolds) picks up Veronica in Vegas and of course, must spank Veronica for running away, even using a paddle (see the conclusion below):

005 (1) 007

008 009

012 014

015 (1) 016 (1)

See the whole series of excellent F/F spanking films that makes Spanking Sorority Girls addictive viewing!

This site is part of the Clare Fonda 5 Site Network – access the sites together for a fraction of the combined cost!


& in case you’re wondering what kinky spanking films I am coming out with soon… I promise you there are 2 amazing films showing the next couple of weeks you will NOT want to miss! I promise you they will be worth the entrance fee… and of course your memberships help keep us making more films!!! Thanks for reading and have a great start to the week! I hope this post makes up for some of what I have been trying to catch up on!




Also… see if YOU would like to get over Leandra’s knee at POV Spanking 🙂

The film is in HD-MP4 1280×720 playback.

Doctors & Nurses – Spanking Fantasy

Hi everyone, I got this in my mailbox this morning from Paul at NorthernSpanking and it’s about their exciting new movie out today, starring Zoe Montana, Nick Wackford (Zoe’s husband) & Stephen Lewis.

Below is what Paul had to say about this new movie:
This is one of our “Model’s Fantasies” series.  Newlyweds (really!) Zoe and Nick came to our shoot with hopes of doing a scene together on film as a real couple, something that showed their shared loved of corporal punishment.  What we ended up with is certainly original and possibly the most charming spanking film we’ve ever made!

Friday night is Kink Night for Nick and Zoe, when sexy Zoe usually gets her pretty bottom thoroughly spanked.  Tonight, it’s Doctors & Nurses!  And, to spice up their weekly role-play sessions, both have brought something extra to the party.  Zoe has brought a brand new, wicked-looking leather strap and Nick has brought his mate, Steve!


Steve comes equipped with his new video camera to record the proceedings for the couple and does an admirable job as Nick sternly tells skimpily-clad nurse Zoe that she’s taken her flirting with the patients too far this time. A lovely spanking ensues, revealing Zoe’s sexy cotton knickers and then her increasingly red bottom as the spanking becomes very forceful, at Zoe’s insistance!  Use of Zoe’s new strap is a must and it doesn’t take long for Dr Nick to master it but there’s more…



Kink Night always ends with young Zoe feeling the cane across her gorgeous bottom and tonight is no different, with two-dozen sternly applied strokes making her incredibly horny! We, and presumably Steve, leave them to enjoy themselves (shame!).  But we do have Steve’s edited version of “Nick & Zoe’s Home Video” to look forward to!



Paul also sent me a link to a promo clip, the quality isn’t the same as the original which can be downloaded from the members area of Northern Spanking today – but you get the idea of this awesome new movie which compliments their many varied and fantastic films being constantly produced by real spankos that enjoy their work…as you’ll have no doubt seen in this preview!



Ok, this is a bonus update for you all today as I thought I’d get this done first since it’s quite an event for NorthernSpanking (and Paul did contact me) Check back later for my usual updates previews and news which I have which you will also not want to miss!
Regards, Chief.