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Spanking Blitz

A futile attempt, I know, but I aim to catch up as best I can in between my hectic work schedule and travels, so while I have a few moments… please do go check out these rather awesome spanking sites that I have featured below for you today in a “blitz” of spankings and lots of images to gaze at! Feel free to support the sites, as without any of our support through memberships, these sites (mine that I am associated with, included) won’t be around producing wonderful content like you see below! Thanks, and have a great day!

The Punishment Master – at English Spankers
Featuring: Emily Jane & Aegean

This is the first of a very evocative schoolgirl series with young Emily Jane back in her school uniform. The headmaster has no time for naughty girls and she has taxed his patience to the limit. He is determined that she will be taught a lesson and one she will not forget. A strict no messing spanking, over the knee, over her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Real marks… real pain. A classic.

otk spanking


Learning About Discipline – at Northern Spanking
Featuring: Harley Havik & Apricot Pitts

Previously, Harley had been punished and was told to report back a week later. The week is up so I decided to show what happens when she returns to see Apricot… please do read on!

A week later, Harley is back in the office, proudly showing off her completed work and test scores. She has done much better this time, and she knows it, but without being told to, she takes her jean shorts down and stands to one side of the chair where Jane spanked her last time. She looks apprehensive, but not necessarily in a bad way. Jane agrees that Harley needs to be spanked again, for…um…encouragement to keep up the good work. There is chemistry and tension between the young teacher and her gorgeous student as Harley is spanked over the knee. Once again, she opens her legs to invite a more sensual touch and moans when Jane runs her hands over her luscious body.

female spanking bare bottom spanking

When the spanking is over, Jane leads Harley to the bedroom. She tells Harley that since she has been such a good girl, she will get a reward. She does so by rubbing baby oil into her sore, red bottom. Harley moans and wriggles under Janes tender touch. Hopefully, she will be getting more spankings before the year is over.

Apricott Pitts and Harley Havik - post spanking aftercare


northern spanking

Zooey’s Sorority Spanking – at Sarah Gregory Spanking
Featuring: Zooey Zara & Sarah Gregory

It was Zooey’s job to set up the catering and the hall for the social. It is their turn to host and all the sororities and fraternities will be attending. Zooey has slacked off and not done this. Her irresponsibility will earn her a very hard spanking from senior girl Sarah. Zooey is spanked and strapped for her forgetfulness and lazy behavior.

Sarah Gregory spanks Zooey a hand spanking strapping Zooey Zara after her spanking


sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory pass

Annabelle Spanked for Drinking – at Real Spankings
Featuring: Annabelle Lily & Michael Masterson

annabelle strapped at realspankings

Annabelle has taken one of Mr masterson’s beers withoput asking. She is laid out on the ottoman and is spanked hard ober her jeans with the belt then they are removed for a furious belting on her bare bottom!

leather belt punishment bare bottom belting


real spankings real spankings pass

More Mid Week Spanking Updates

So little time, SO MUCH SPANKING to catch up on… so here’s the latest “cream of the crop” – so to speak, as I start with a wicked jodhpurs and riding crop film from Northern Spanking featuring beautiful Maddy Marks punished by Paul Kennedy! This is a delightful spanking film, check it out!

 Without Her Helmet

Maddy has just gotten back from her morning ride. When greeted at the door by her boyfriend, Paul, her heart sinks when she sees he’s holding her riding helmet. The helmet without which she is forbidden from riding, the one she has promised him before that she absolutely will not forget. Well, last time she was given a spanking and a warning of what would happen if she put her safety at risk again. So it’s not just a smacked bottom on the seat of her tight jodhpurs this time, Maddy is going to be horsewhipped, with her own riding crop to remind of her responsibility and of how much she is cared about.


See plenty more films with Maddy marks exclusive to Northern Spanking


The brand new video (with extensive image gallery & vid grabs) is available, featuring Zooey Zara in a fantastic Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline role (in pajamas!) – oh yes… now showing at AAA Spanking

 Spanked and Slippered by Daddy

Zooey has been sent to bed very early after her mother found out that she had been punished at school yet again. “Just wait until your father gets home” she told her daughter… “A spanking at school always means a spanking at home!” However, Zooey’s daddy is so disappointed that his daughter has brought shame to the family name that this time she will also get a nasty stinging, leather slippering. That is on top of the humiliation of going over daddy’s lap for her embarrassing bare bottom to be spanked red raw again! See Zooey, in her cute pajamas, take yet another punishment at home across her already sore cheeks which has her yelping, squirming and begging Daddy to stop. He stops, only to deliver that slipper that he had promised earlier. This is a good old fashioned home discipline film that will appeal to those that love this father/daughter dynamic.

otk spanking


Stunning Zooey Zara also features in more exclusive films only from AAA Spanking


A new girl called Rae is introduced in the now standard format with an interview and spanking from the expert Miss Betty Blaze! Now showing at Real Spankings

 New Model: Rae

New model, Rae, is given an introduction to the RS network via the capable hands of Betty Blaze. She interviews Rae (who is not shy and is a beautiful young lady). Just as well, as this spanking over Betty’s lap is going to be Rae’s first… naked! She strips and gets over a smiling Betty…any hint of embarrassment she might feel is soon replaced with feeling her beautiful bottom getting a resounding OTK hand spanking. Full interview with Rae’s introduction now showing for members!


See more new girls at Real Spankings – “Spanking Site of the Year, 2016” (2nd year running)

This site is part of the Real Spankings Pass network giving you access to a multitude of sites for a fraction of the combined cost. Make sure you have a spare hard drive! (click the link or banner for more info)


Finally today, I was feeling a little nostalgic so please do go check out sites like this one often overlooked. Featuring the best of British spanking from the 1990’s and early 2000’s – archived for you to download and keep! Still worth checking out the previews, including this one you can find on the front tour page (one of my favorites) at Spanking TV

Dinner of Just Deserts

A dinner party for eight is in full swing when the host suddenly stands up to make an announcement. He informs the other guests that his wife has been having an affair for the last two years, which has also been covered up by one of the other guests. Humiliation, public discipline among friends and lots of spanking, with use of the strap, the cane and some very real tears at the end! This is a long play movie like they used to make them!


All Good Things come to an End

laptopwoesDon’t put out the bunting yet, I’m not leaving or shutting up shop. I know that would please some of the trolls out there, LOL! No, I am referring to my trusty laptop that I have taken everywhere these last 4 years. It is practically at an end from constant travel and being switched on so much. I gave it about 4 years for a replacement (it’s what I aim for to be honest… I usually get about 4 good years use). It was just a pity it couldn’t quite make it to 4 this time since I purchased it in Aug 2012! I’m using it now but researching new laptops, I’d have got the latest Macbook Pro (expensive but worth it, probably) but all my backed up external hard drives (HDD) are formatted in Windows and that would be a pain so am looking at a Windows replacement. Editing and website work means the “specs” have to be higher and I’d love a 17″ screen again. However, I will live with one at 15 if it’s got amazing clarity. Any ideas, people?

I have been looking: Cost is a factor, obviously. Reliability another. I’d at least want to use the latest generation of i7 Intel chips (6700 series or higher). This is for Dreamweaver and Photoshop apps etc. whilst opening other windows to multitask like formatting video and so on. I’ll keep looking but I doubt I’ll be using this laptop I’m on now for much longer! I spent all of yesterday trying to get it to run as it just got so slow, deleting junk files and defragging drives has helped but it’s a short term fix.

click here to see of the error persists

Anyway, enough of my woes… on with a few spanking updates. That’s because afterwards, I need to get outside and enjoy that rare burning orange ball in the sky I see here in the UK! It’s going to be in the 90’s where I am today – yay!

Whitney Morgan will soon be appearing in a film at AAAspanking.com but first you can catch her in a more dominant role from your POV perspective. See this popular girl up close and personal (below)

Spanking Silly Little Boys like You – featuring Whitney Morgan at POVspanking.com

w03d whitpov

Imagine it’s your first ever visit to a huge convention like Fetishcon – you have a arranged some time for a femdom roleplay situation with one of the biggest models in the biz – this place is the ultimate location to find the hottest fetish girls of your dreams! You’re a switch deep down; you have fantasized about being put over the lap of a hot young girl and smacked hard and scolded. But you also LOVE to spank girls and have second thoughts when you visit Whitney Morgan’s room, seeing her dressed oh so provocatively, you want to see if YOU can spank her instead! Oh dear… this girl is a professional and doesn’t take too kindly to your late request. You think you can mark her when she has several fetish shoots coming up later that day? You inconsiderate selfish fool! Of course… how could you know? She is pissed at you for even thinking you could just come out with that and scolds you some more.

You’re turned on anyway, you tried to turn the tables and failed, watching her tell you off is getting you all hot and bothered. She tells you to remove your pants for your spanking over her lap but as you remove them you show her that you’re not wearing any underwear and have a little boner peeping over your shirt! How cute, she laughs! Now she ridicules your manhood as well as your attempts at trying to change the goal posts. Oh boy… is she going to enjoy telling you what she will do to your bottom and your naughty “little man”. She whacks the implements that she has set out before your eyes telling you precisely where they will land on yourself and how much it will hurt. You’re such a deviant, good job you are at Fetishcon… these girls know how to deal with silly little boys like you!

whit001 whit008 whit1 whit012 whit014 whit016 whit018 whit019 whit021 whit1 whit2 whit035 whit041




Another girl appearing soon at AAAspanking.com is the lovely Kajira Bound in more fantastic story driven spankings but let’s just check out where we  first discovered her from this recent awesome OTK spanking video at RealSpankings.com (images are watermarked “Institute” but they are actually from the RS site!)

KJ Spanked OTK – featuring Kajira Bound & Michael Masterson

KJ waits in corner time until Mr. M is ready to give her a spanking. She is taken over his knee for a long hard bare bottom hand spanking before being told to go back to her corner.

13554_004 13554_009 KJ gets a spanking more spanking 13554_022 13554_023 spankings 13554_038 13554_042 kajira's OTK spanking 13554_051 13554_053


realspankings realspankings pass


Here is an excellent new film! Don’t ever piss off or embarrass Cheer Coach, Miss Gregory! Next feature today from Cheerleaderspankings.com is this awesome new video released yesterday. It co-stars the amazing Zooey Zara, another fab girl appearing again at AAAspanking.com soon, are you getting the theme today? LOL.

Slut Shamed Zooey – Now showing at CheerleaderSpankings.com

cheerThe assistant cheer coach, Sarah Gregory, had a delicate matter only she could deal with after hearing about Zooey’s antics on the squad bus during the last trip. She had to hear this bizarre and dangerous story from the girl herself. then she had to decide if she was truly remorseful. Zooey had almost caused a pile up on the highway after showing off her pussy, masturbating out of the rear window! What a slut! Sarah wanted to know why she would do such a wanton act of reckless behavior. This endangered other drivers as well as lowering herself in such a demeaning way.

Sarah decided the only way was to “slut shame” her when she was certain Zooey was not at all sorry. She made her take off her panties and play with herself like she did on the bus. Zooey was embarrassed but did it anyway. This was unbelievable, Sarah had her cane and was definitely going to use it now! What followed was a very humiliating punishment, Sarah shamed this slut, grabbing her cheeks apart, spanking her hard and intimately. She then caned her without mercy, long and as hard as she had ever done! This was a severe caning punishment with Sarah reminding Zooey what a nasty little slut she was! This severe, hot, explicit punishment of a girl in her full cheerleader uniform has to be seen for yourselves!

slut_shamed_zooey_001 slut_shamed_zooey_014 shaming and spanking a cheergirl slut_shamed_zooey_021 slut_shamed_zooey_023 cheerleader spanking slut_shamed_zooey_035 otk spanking of a cheerleader slut_shamed_zooey_051 slut_shamed_zooey_078 slut_shamed_zooey_092 slut_shamed_zooey_106 caning slut_shamed_zooey_138 slut_shamed_zooey_142




& finally today… Sarah Gregory showcases a lovely new local talent who she’ll be working with more in future. She is called Elle and is now one of the local girls on Sarah’s Custom Video Page. This has grown rapidly with more custom work lined up. More people are listed close to and out of town, including Kelly Payne (who isn’t too far from Sarah’s base in New England!)

Behind the scenes info: Sarah edited this beautifully, she tried something different. It’s an introduction for a girl never spanked in front of a camera before. She interviews & discusses some of what they’ll do whilst warming her up with a decent OTK spanking. You’ll get to see what’s coming and what they actually filmed. Well done, Sarah, on a fantastic introductory film. It’s one of the best I have ever seen when it comes to showcasing new talent! Check it out below! Hmmm, guess where she will also be appearing later this year too! heh heh!

Elle’s Introduction – Now showing at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Meet new spanking model, Elle. She did her first spanking shoot ever with us and loved every minute of it. At the end even though her bottom was very marked, she still wanted more so we will have her back soon. In this introduction film, I give her a good warm up hand spanking and introduce her to you. She also gets to feel the strap, cane, and paddle. Learn a bit about her and also see some previews of the films we did with her to come later.

0263_elles_introduction_grabs-005 0263_elles_introduction_gal-003 0263_elles_introduction_gal-004 OTK spanking 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-031 spanking new girl Elle Elle's sore red spanked bottom 0263_elles_introduction_gal-016 0263_elles_introduction_gal-022 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-042 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-054 spanking 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-059 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-064 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-070 0263_elles_introduction_grabs-073


sarahgregoryspanking sarahgregpass

Weekend Spanking Updates are here

The weekend is here, lots of spanking news & updates for you! Also when Sarah & I have time, we’ll let you know about our most recent shoots we were involved in (awesome stuff, I promise). However, until then check out these awesome new films and such. Have a great weekend y’all!!

Bare bottom epic strapping for naval officer Belinda Lawson tests her resolve.


“Is that really the best you can do?” goads stunning naval officer Belinda Lawson to Earl Grey as her bare buttocks take 42 strokes with a leather tawse for off-the-record Military Discipline. Stripped to bra and stockings, flat on a gym vault, her bottom is relaxed and ripples spectacularly as she calls off the count. Reaction Cam replay tells the painful truth!

military_ce002 military_ce006 military_ce009 military_ce012 military_ce016 military_ce018 military_ce020 military_ce024




A great schoolgirl feature from Real Spankings Institute with the awesome Kajira in this new film is shown next… it’s called “Spanked by a Teacher, Spanked by The Dean!”


The Dean drags KJ into a nearby classroom to deal with her. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle a high chair. She is then spanked hard on the bare bottom and left in time out. The Dean returns with a cane, and applies it to KJ’s bare bottom. She is then told to put her panties back on, and return to time out on her knees with a big wedgie.

13462_031 spanking punishments 13463_003 13463_015 13463_030 13463_007 13463_042 13463_057 13463_061



At sarahgregoryspanking.com this week, our friend Zooey Zara graciously found time to film with us during our stay in Los Angeles recently and we made some great spanking films with her including this schoolgirl punishment film. Doesn’t she look awesome in this authentic British schoolgirl uniform? Oh my… the film features lots of good hard OTK spankings and use of a leather paddle and an old fashioned caning.

Spanked & Caned by Headmaster


Zooey has been a very bad student, sending obscene texts while in class. Headmaster is quite displeased and explains to her that students who display such foul and unladylike behavior get spanked and caned. She is very upset and protests but takes her punishment like the naughty deserving school girl that she is.

0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-044 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-063 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-015 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-021 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-086 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-097 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-024 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-025



This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network giving you access to more sites for less than the combined cost of them together with one set of codes.

sarahgregpass spanking


The concluding part to Spanking Daddy’s Little Princess is now available at AAAspanking.com which finishes with a hard leather strapping with lots of follow throughs, tears and a wicked caning of the new wife, Anna… caught out spanking her step daughter too severely. Some reminder images and a GIF (below) showcases what happens at the end.

003 (1)

This is the 2nd part of the “Spanking Daddy’s Princess” long play movie. This entire scene is devoted to how Stevie’s daddy finds out that his precious little princess got an unfair spanking punishment from her step mother, his new wife! He is far from pleased and really upset. He decided to carry out some severe discipline of his own on her, spanking her hard and mean before using a Compliance Discipline Strap and a heavy 12mm cane. This punishment leaves visible welts and markings as well as real tears from Anna. His new wife quickly learned that spanking daddy’s princess was NOT an option.


004 (1) 005 (1) 006 (1) 007 (1) 008 (2) 009 caning 012 (1)




Finally today, who can resist sexy sorority girls spanking each other? Another HOT spanking update has just been released at Spanking Sorority Girls – part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – oh my, these are cute girls spanking the bejeezus out of each other!

Who Has the Map? starring Lana Lopez & Amelea Dark


Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark are staying in a cabin and are about to go on a hike when they realize that neither has the map that Veronica said they must carry. They argue about it and end up giving each other a hard spanking in an effort to resolve the issue.

003 (2) spanking 006 (2) 007 (2) 008 (3) 011 (1) 013 (1) 014 (1) 015 016 (1)


This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – access up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost of the sites together withthe same set of codes for your convenience. See more info on this HERE

clarefondapass spanking

Auditions, Fun & Hard Play Spankings

Part 2 of this weekend’s spanking updates is a look back at some interesting playtime and hard play films from AAAspanking.com – these are usually made at spanking parties or events as there are models there who are into the various play fetishes (Fetishcon) and of course various national spanking parties where we are guaranteed to meet those into our kink! Johnny (FLAPaddler on Fetlife) has appeared in a few films of this nature as you’ll see below and with some fantastic girls we love a lot! I have got a selection of pics and clips of a scene from each of these long play films I’m showcasing below. Enjoy… I hope you are having a great weekend y’all!

Party Playtime – featuring Ten Amorette & Johnny Lake

spanking Ten Amorette

Spanking parties are about a gathering of like minded people and the national parties in the USA are very special. Spankos from all over meet at these events and form real bonds of friendship, comraderie and of course doing what they love the most – being kinky spankos! Two good friends hung out in our room for a while and caught up on news then we asked if they could show a behind the scenes look at some consensual playtime between friends. Please welcome Ten Amorette and Johnny Lake, once again, who took time out to play on film for you all. To start, Ten waited naked on the bed and Johnny wasted no time warming her up thoroughly with a firm but sensual hand spanking, ensuring she would be ready for the next stages of play. She was given the Reformatory Strap and some attention seeking strokes of his sturdy cane which woke Ten up out of her dreamy state. In between this Johhny had expertly used his favorite Floggers on her back, bottom and thighs with his florentine motion just lightly caressing the skin enough to make her feel warm and tingly. The finale was a pre arranged hand spanking which brought Ten to orgasm. Not even the housekeeping maid (which you might just hear in the background) at her point of climax could stop this! Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of a national party held in a large hotel… if you feel unable to attend one soon then check out this film and think again on what fun you could be missing out on!

001 intimate spanking 003 spanked in the diaper position flogging 006 007 008 009 reformatory strap 011 hard caning 013

[jwplayer mediaid=”48395″]

Player or Poser – featuring Isobel Wren & Johnny Lake

playtime with Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren is a beautiful and well known fetish actress, so when she answered a call for a spank casting, she met Johnny Lake, one of the many producers at the hotel event they were attending. Johnny was well known in the biz as a “Pleasure Dom” – taking time to ensure that his ladies and ultimately his membership got the most from filmed content that was being made! Isobel was not a complete stranger to spankings and some similar core kinks. However he wanted to see if she was a Player or a Poser! So she was given a warm up OTK hand spanking followed by a harder cropping to test her reactions. Isobel admitted that she wanted to experience more pain & pleasure derived from a session and so Johhny used his trademark deer skin Floggers, expertly caressing her with just the tips of the flails before she experienced his preferred Reformatory Strap and canes… used not to punish but to continually give Isobel a buzz whilst ensuring her bottom turned a dark speckled red without her even knowing! This is the 1st film featuring the alluring Isobel Wren, who had great scene chemistry with Johnny Lake.

003 otk spanking 007 008 spanked with a riding crop 010 013 caning her ass 017 018 strapping Isobel 021 024

[jwplayer mediaid=”48394″]

Zooey Zara’s Audition – featuring Zooey with Johnny Lake & John Osborne

spanking Zooey Zara

Filmed at Fetishcon 2015 – we came across this amazing young lady almost by accident. Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & ushers in a new era for 2016. This was a very special audition to see just how much pain she said she could process. Being a painslut, Zooey welcomed the challenge & had a fantastic warm up spanking by Johhny Lake (who was testing her out) after he saw her playing in the Fetishcon Dungeon the night before. Her marks soon re-appeared & she welcomed the chance to take the new Ouch(UK) AAA Compliance Discipline strap. Johnny didn’t miss a spot & called for help. John Osborne used a stinging stiff leather tawse on her hands & a thick wooden ruler that would make most girls recoil in horror. Zooey? She just smiled beautifully & took more treatment on her feet too! After a wooden paddling on her now sore red bottom, which she took without a murmer, it was decided that she was the one to take a double caning including extended play & hard relentless strokes on the back of her thighs. This showed the guys that this fantastic young lady could take anything! Remember, this was strictly an audition & not a real life punishment so that is why you see Zooey smile. This was indeed a hard, severe test that most girls would be unable to take during this 18 minute video. It’s a bit special & we hope that you think so too. Witness an incredible young lady showing us her amazing tolerance & appreciation of the pain that she gratefully received!

002 005 OTK 007 008 010 STRAPPING 015 016 017 019 CANING 023

[jwplayer mediaid=”48393″]

All images and clips are taken directly from the movies at AAAspanking.com

Check out the best deals & offers still available for longer term membership




Sarah Gregory website Spanking News

As promised… and without any waffle on my part, here are the latest spanking film updates from some of the Sarah Gregory network of sites. I’m starting with real life couple, Kajira Bound and her husband, Ulf Sayer. This is “aboot” a Canadian lumberjack who disciplines a bratty American girl littering his property, and country… eh?

An Old Fashioned Lumberjack Lickin’

See the new debut of Kajira & Ulf – exclusive to Sarah Gregory Spanking

Kajira is on vacation in Canada. One day while taking a walk she comes across a lumberjack. She is very rude to him, makes fun of his “old fashioned” ways, and litters on his land. He grabs this american brat by the arm and drags her into his cabin to give her some good old fashioned discipline. Anyone who makes a mockery of him and his culture will get a very sore bottom.

0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-002 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-006 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-015 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-025 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-031 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-047 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-058 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-065 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-085 spanking 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-090 0246_old_fashioned_lumberjack_lickins_grabs-096


sarah Gregory Spanking


There’s another double debut at Momma Spankings with stern and mean looking Zooey Zara, playing the perfect mean “Mommy” to a cute looking Harley Havik. This is a real maternal punishment treat for fans of this genre, check out more images and GIFs below.

A Spanking from Mommy

Full title: A Spanking from daddy means a spanking from Mommy


Mommy is very disappointed to get a call from daddy that Harley had to be spanked for being rude to her step-mom. When Harley gets home from the week with her dad, Mommy has her sit on the bed to scold her before taking her over the knee for a spanking and hairbrushing on her bare bottom. Harley knows that a spanking from daddy also means a spanking from mommy.

cute Jarley over mommy's lap spanked momma-212-006 momma-212-010 momma-212-019 spanking by mommy bare bottomspanking momma-212-037 momma-211-009 momma-212-044 momma-212-045 momma-212-051 momma-212-054


Momma Spankings

Both sites above can be viewed as part of the better valued Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally from Cheerleader Spankings a thieving cheer girl gets a just punishment from her coach for causing an issue at the hotel they are staying at… more is explained below.


panties down spanking

Melody was the treasurer of the Squad and had been summoned to Coach Osborne’s hotel room to explain why he couldn’t pay for the team’s rooms. She quickly admitted to “borrowing” some of the funds but could have them back in an online transfer. That didn’t entirely satisfy the coach who was so disappointed with her that he felt she needed a damned good spanking like the little thief she was and he gave her a hard embarrassing, panties down, punishment. Then he used the wooden paddle on her aching behind until she could hardly sit down. Melody was genuinely remorseful and took her severe punishment before being told to get that money back in time.

CLS-51-008 CLS-51-015 CLS-51-024 CLS-51-027 CLS-50-018 CLS-51-041 otk spanking exposed and spanked cheerleader paddling wooden paddling CLS-51-071 CLS-51-083




That’s it for now… later I will get you the latest update news of the F/F spanking film starring Alex Reynolds and Chelsea Pfeiffer which will be showing at AAA Spanking (see the preview image below)

coming soon to AAA

aaa spanking

Debut Spanking Paddling & Caning Audition



I hope you all had a great start to 2016… I can hardly believe how the years have flown by! It’s also nearly 5 years since the launch of AAA Spanking and with almost 300 films it has grown tremendously! Yes, I don’t now own the site anymore (thank you ATVOD) but of course I am close to it, I still promote it along with Sarah’s spanking sites which are growing and growing and getting better too! & with that, I have news of the very latest new film to see in the new year with a fantastic debut of Zooey Zara. We met her at the Fetishcon event earlier this year and we made a few films for the SG Sites including this one you’ll see here today at Triple A.

Hotels are always difficult to film or script for, so we went with an audition, a casting and Zooey (pronounced zoh-ee) had shown that she was a self confessed painslut… we had seen her at play in the resident dungeon the night before… hence the marks on her bottom when we filmed her… so this casting would check out what other things she would process and take for any future filming projects. I must stress that this isn’t a role play discipline film, that’s why she is smiling, testing us, enjoying the pain (it was incredible) – We just tested out her fantastic butt with various spanking and implement styles without being overly brutal but this was still severe at times! You’ll notice there are various hand and foot paddlings & tawsings which would make most girls cringe and be unable to take what she did! I also got a chance for my good buddy and co star, Johnny Lake, to try out the new “CDS” – Compliance Discipline Strap from Ouch UK – safe to say… it’s a stinger! I have used it a lot in private since and can HIGHLY recommend it… check out Mike’s site if you haven’t already – for his fine quality discipline implements << Click HERE! >>

Images below are taken directly from the 18 minute video – members can view approx 200 images as well as the HD1080 quality video! Zooey Zara stars in “Zooey’s Special Audition” – out now at AAAspanking.com

Zooey is spanked OTK

Filmed at Fetishcon 2015 – we came across this amazing young lady almost by accident. Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & ushers in a new era for 2016. This was a very special audition to see just how much pain she said she could process. Being a painslut, Zooey welcomed the challenge & had a fantastic warm up spanking by Johhny Lake (who was testing her out) after he saw her playing in the Fetishcon Dungeon the night before. Her marks soon re-appeared & she welcomed the chance to take the new Ouch(UK) AAA Compliance Discipline strap. Johnny didn’t miss a spot & called for help. John Osborne used a stinging stiff leather tawse on her hands & a thick wooden ruler that would make most girls recoil in horror. Zooey? She just smiled beautifully & took more treatment on her feet too! After a wooden paddling on her now sore red bottom, which she took without a murmer, it was decided that she was the one to take a double caning including extended play & hard relentless strokes on the back of her thighs. This showed the guys that this fantastic young lady could take anything! Remember, this was strictly an audition & not a real life punishment so that is why you see Zooey smile. This was indeed a hard, severe test that most girls would be unable to take during this 18 minute video. It’s a bit special & we hope that you think so too. Witness an incredible young lady showing us her amazing tolerance & appreciation of the pain that she gratefully received!

spanking OTK spanking zooey_audition040 zooey_audition047 zooey_audition048 zooey_audition053 hard strapping zooey_audition059 zooey_audition061 zooey_audition073 zooey_audition086 zooey_audition092 leather strappingzooey_audition097 zooey_audition115 zooey_audition124 hand tawsing zooey_audition136 zooey_audition152 zooey_audition154 zooey_audition156 zooey_audition174 zooey_audition178 double caning zooey_audition203




See the new video of Zooey Zara at the main site – or via the Clip Store (see below) for immediate full HD1080 download. This is a cracker of a film!


aaaspanking clips store - click here

Do I hear Spanking Noises?

I see and hear spanking

It’s okay.. see? I’m back! However, after the last spanking party (which I just wrote about) all I am hearing are spanking noises in my head… I find it difficult to sleep! It’ll pass… I just have to catch up on the many spanking updates I will inform you about! I’m biased, naturally, when it comes to Sarah Gregory, but her latest film release alongside Miss Chris at MommaSpankings.com is a perfect Mommy/Daughter bedtime punishment film that has the right amount of scolding, oh so cute pajamas, and a wonderful spanked bare bottom with real tears as a final release of emotion. Check it out – I have images and a free clip for y’all! It also happens to be one of the films Sarah had just made last week and she edited this one herself in double quick time… she loved this so much, it got inside her head (hence the real tears) and she wanted to share this with her members. She also looks fricking HOT!!!

Naughty, Sorry & Spanked – starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Chris

scolding momma-179-021 spanking in pajamas spankings spanked on her bed shocked and spanked in her pajamas removing her panties crying and spanking Sarah's real tears punishment sore bottom comforted by Momma

Little Sarah has just been an all around bad girl. She has been playing with her food at the table, wondered off at the playground, and been a real brat. Mommy has told her to go to her room and wait for a spanking. Sarah is pouty and upset. Mommy spanks Sarah until she is a very sorry and sobbing little girl. Mommy knows Sarah won’t be sorry until she sees real tears.

Check out the free Clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43044″]

The website has just had a minor upgrade with playable HTML5 clips on the main tour pages (like the one above) accessible on any device. This will be rolled out as an option INSIDE the members area too for full films and she is currently working on that which will make the site far more appealing to mobile users or those who want to stream content only! You can see MORE HERE

Momma Spankings


There is a new debut girl at SarahGregorySpanking.com and she was one of the surprise finds at this year’s Fetishcon. Her name is Zooey Zara (1st name pronounced Zo-eee). She is a genuine BDSM lifestyle player and somewhat of a painslut – “Yay!” we all yelled at the time. Johnny Lake was rooming with us and he helped out with some filming which we did just on the last day (models there don’t want to be marked until the end) that’s if they do BDSM, extreme rigging … or in this case, “Spankings, Straps…. and STICKS!” Zooey stood at just over 6 feet tall so Johnny is of similar height… not that she remained upright for long! She took a hell of a strapping and caning, as you’ll discover in the images and clip to follow. Rest assured she will be appearing again in Sarah’s group of sites (most probably the one she had to take control of & run with her business, no thanks to ATVOD… I think you know which one that will be, right?) – However, we shall see. For now, enjoy stunning new girl Zooey Zara as an incompetent secretary getting a severe whacking from her hard pressed boss Johnny Lake.

caned and given a hard spankingA full set of Stills & screen grabs (all images here reduced in size) are available with the vid

Slacking Secretary Thrashed – starring Zooey Zara & Johnny Lake

0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-014 OTK spanking 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-060 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-079 removing her panties leather strapping strapping a female secretary Zooey takes the cane severe caning 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-150

Meet secretary Zooey. She has been slacking and not doing her job. Mr. Lake is very upset with her and calls her into his office for some “talking to.” This includes a HARD spanking and caning to teach this naughty secretary a hard lesson in work ethic.


See the clip below… the full length video is AWESOME!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43045″]

Sarah’s signature site has also been upgraded on the tour pages so do go check it out, there are lots of free to play streaming clips viewable on any device on her tour pages – See MORE Here

Zooey Zara holds her sore spanked and caned butt

sarah Gregory Spanking

Or visit BOTH sites for less with one set of codes for your convenience (see below)

Sarah Gregory Pass


That’s it for now… I *WILL* be back later (promise) – In the meantime why not check out the Clips Stores below that contain all the latest releases and a VAST library of content, choose the films you want to download and also check out Sarah’s FetishPlay Store … providing customs and other things away from spanking that you might be interested in!

Exclusive Triple A Clips Store

AAA & POV have also just opened new stores at SpankingLibrary.com – providing better and longer freeview clips although the playback is in Flash and the quality reduced, the actual films are usually HD1080 or HD720 – these will be updated on a daily basis from now on… check out the urls below and see for yourself (POV has only just started uploading films and is the newest store featured there!)

AAA Spanking LibraryPOV Spanking Library

POV Spanking

Naughty Bottom


Okay, I better go to bed now… the “slap smack whack” noises are calling me!

Fetishcon Spanking Shenanigans

Hi everyone… this is just a quick update (as I always make promises about when I attend an event to post pics or let you know what we got up to with friends and the like). Well, Sarah had so many good pictures taken of the event that I chose just a small sample to let you know what went on behind the scenes including a few spanking shoots I was lucky enough to be a part of that went on for the SG Group of sites including Sarah Gregory Spanking & AAA Spanking – I’m sure you’ll like what went on with a real surprise at the end of someone I never thought Sarah would ever pull off filming (but she did with the right good people who must remain nameless, sadly!)


Sarah Gregory at the Fetishcon – Poolside

Fetishcon changed venue this year and so it moved across the bay from Tampa to St Petersburg (St Pete to the locals). The pool was larger, the hotel rooms smaller and the A/C much colder. This was my second Fetishcon and I recognized many faces and we had some fun at the Meet & Greet and Red Carpet events including a sumptuous buffet banquet laid on by Clips 4 Sale which we were lucky enough to attend (I enjoyed this part immensely… stuffing myself on good food!) Check out some pics below, I have tried to name the girls (from memory) where possible.

DSC_5037 DSC_5059


Angela Sommers with Sarah Gregory
Angela performed 2 stunning shows at the Sunday Fetishcon Ball

DSC_5069 DSC_5073

Sarah with Jacquelyn Velvets (right) – we were due to film with her but will arrange something for another time (at my insistence… she is hot and we got to at least spank her booty at the Pool Party!!!)


Bedroom shenanigans with friends old and new!


Sarah & I love watching Saharra Huxly perform her stuff… her whole troupe are kinky as hell and put a heck of a lot of work into their productions – we really admire their work!

DSC_5095 DSC_5124

More pics of Sarah at the pool and for various other events!

Below we have a few choice images taken from a few spanking shoots… the Fetishcon is a great place to meet other models and producers but for spanking it is always a little harder… filming, if any, tends to take place on the last day as the girls are not so bothered about getting marked if they are involved in other more “glam” orientated fetish work or rope and feet etc… because, as you’ll see, we ensured these ladies got a good bottom reddening. I was impressed, I think you will be too!

Whitney Morgan will appear at both sites and our good friend Johnny Lake spent a lot of time with us so he helped in many productions too! I have become a big fan of Whitney… she was a lot of fun to film and took some pretty hard spankings too!

DSC_5176 DSC_5201

Johnny Lake appeared for both sites and I did one film with Whitney… she and Sarah know each other well, and the AAA storyline came from seeing poor Whitney staggering along our corridor the night before, having drunk a few too many and partying hard… she got a reminder the next day about this sort of poor behavior! She was actually fine and we laughed about it… she is one of the most professional models I have had the pleasure to work with! 🙂

Next was a real surprise! Zooey Zara (pronounced Zoe or Zo-ee… you know) was new to us and a real pain slut! She demanded we cane and thrash her severely… I think from the next 2 images you’ll see we did just that… including a double caning at AAA and a great “On all 4’s” secretary scolding and severe caning for the Sarah Gregory Spanking website

DSC_5232 DSC_5236

Zooey Zara was also over 6 ft tall so we had to get some storylines in that had her horizontal in no time at all, LOL! Trust me when I say this will NOT be the last you hear of this amazing find for both sites, she will be making a return in more films for both! Those long legs and thighs took a hell of a caning as well as her butt…

This was not the only surprise for both sites as somehow, we got Christina Carter… who is famed for playing the kinkiest Wonder Woman. (I was genuinely star struck!!!) – Sarah and Christina knew each other and had played at a spanking party in the past… I can’t say how this happened that I helped to film her, but schedules and timing coincided so Sarah got her and she took a really sexy naked switch spanking with Sarah and then had a fantastic Wonder Woman-esque style cosplay spanking storyline with Johnny Lake in a wonderful red hot OTK spanking film I can’t wait to see! You can of course see her at her own fantastic site ChristinaBound.com

DSC_5257 DSC_5259 DSC_5274

So that was Fetishcon for us… there are plenty more stories and plenty more images from the shows that were shown on Sunday including the always unmissable Reverend B Dangerous – just Google him, I don’t have images of his show but they are always “entertaining”!!

Sarah is still updating the sites and I will assist her too but we are currently on vacation though we both have excellent access online everyday so any support/sign up issues etc are dealt with as normal. Back later with a full update post for the SG Group with 3 new films updates for you, these are all worth checking out!